The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 25, 1892, Image 6

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?4 '
A. O. HSMtPuCllhr.
- J
Irri.And seems to bo going into thn
ticep business. Tho "Etnertld lo"
now hns 1,000,000 mora Bliecp than in
1889. "
CosTKAnv to previous rcporU tho
-prottircur-Runernl of France has decided
to prosocnto tho doctors of tho I'ttli-
'.Wifc.Cftnttl company,
i - ,j f. 'i '. -i : '
TNiiionTnodiiNK,' a Motluxllnt tnln
Jtcr, 'created a sensation at n Now
York ministers' meeting by declaring
that ho believed in agnosticism. October only 4.0U1 Atccrnjre
passengers landed at New York, tho
lowest number since 1877. In tho samo
month In 181)1 thcro were 30,708.
.' 'i, ,
ItoWAnp Muftrrir, .la, denies Mr.
Shearman's statement that President
elect Cleveland Hald ho would "dd"
if ho would kIvo any pledges to bhee
haii. v
.Tkssk Oiunt, tho youngest son of tho
potiernl, hns made a success of tho min
ing business, and, lias settled down in
riedmont, Cab, with his wifo and chil
dren. A cam. 1ms been issued by lalmr or
ganizations asking worklngmcn every
where to glvo tho wages earned on
Tuesday December 13 to tho strikers
t Homestead, l'n.
At a meeting of tho Mersey Docks
Uonrd in Liverpool It was decided to ex
pend 12,600,000 in furnishing extra ac
commoijutlon for Atlantic steamers and
in imp'roring tho hnrbor.
Thk presenco of tho Emperor Francis
Joseph of Austria at tho banquet given
in Vleniia,i6 tho czarewltch of Russia
is much commented upon, as he had not
attended such n ntato function since
William Wai.tkii I'iiklto, United
States minister to Germany, will build
s magnificent country house on his
1,000' acre farm in New Jersey as toon
as his diplomatic duties aro over and
settle down for a whllo as a country
PnixcNftLout?' of Hattcnburg, com
mander in Iho royal rinVy, has been ap
pointed naval adviser to tho inspector
general of fort works. The post, which
la a sinecure, will add I4,4h0 a year to
his income. His appointment was duo
to tho queen.
Okn. Cassius M. Clay, the veteran
diplomat, sold lor and anti-slavery ad
vocate of Kentucky, lias given Ids fine
library and his statuary and paintings
to tho county in which Ue lives for tho
nucleus of iv publlo library. Tho gen
eral Is nearly 80 years of age.'
TiiRcsoterla London society known
as "The Souls" will soon begin the
publication of a puper, with Miss
Margaret Tcnnnnt as one of its two
editors. Theso two souls will soon dis
cover that It will bo necessary that
they should,' hava more than a slnglo
thought If they hold out lii an editorial
career, jf
Onk who went dpwn into tho low
land soys Death valley. Cat, not
wlthstandlng Us suggestivo name, Is
tho abode of moro curious and wonder
ful specimens of animal creation than
any place of its slto within tho limits of
tho United States. Tho oddest of tho
cjvatures, perhaps, Is a species of rodent
called tho "kangaroo rot"
Amono tho candidates for favor under
the coming Cleveland administration Is
8am Morns, of tho Indianapolis Sen
tinel. Mores wnnU to go to Loudon
and All tho place now occupied by Con-aul-Hcnoral
John C. New. In case
Isaac Pusey Gray falls to find a place in
tho cabinet It Is predicted that Morss
will engugo his passage soon after tho
4th of March.
8KNATOH Kvlk thus accounts for tho
small populist vote in South Dakota:
The day before tho election a blizzard
act In, with tho wheat standing In
ahocks in fields all over tho sUito. As a
result hundreds of populists did not go
to the polls, but worked' steadily
throughout tho day In their effort to
gflt tho crop threshed nud out of tho
way of tho weather. Thaso who worked
ia tho field were populists."
John D. Rockkkkm.kii is having a
inasslvo oaken case, similar to a book
case, put Into his bUblo. It has doors
of polished oak, with brass hinges and
heavy plato glass. The lnsldo will bu
lined with nurnle nlnxli .i ,., in
completed, tho bits which shlno In tho
Mouths of his trotters and couch horses
will bo arranged iusldo of this magnifi
cent caso in rows, ready for use, as well
as an appropriate ornament for tho
NAtkasubl S. Uaiiuv, of Hrlstol, N.
H., Is tho oldest living ox-governor in
the United States; If ho survives until
September. 1, 1800, ,ho will bo a cen
tennrlun. Ho was a boy of very humble
parentage, beenmo a tanner, as Gun.
Grant did, and in 1801 was elected gov
ernor of Now Iliimohlilriv Id, la ..tin ..
man of considerable physical urn! of un
usual raontnl vigor, partlyi ho thinks,
- iofr tho reason that he has not touched
tobacco for thirty yours nor spirituous
liquors for more than sixty.
Tiik lato election was considered re
markably quiet; nevertheless, some
thirty murders wero reported. It seems
that nothing can bo done in tho United
State without murder. It Will bo a
good thing when tho blunt criticism of
some foreigner stings m into a sense of
abamo at occupying tho position of the
mast bloodthirsty mtlnn on earth.
With over soven thousand murders re
ported in tho census year comes tho re
flection that 'wo arc losing more lifo by
jBurd(r,,tlmm other, countries loso by
Gleaned By Tclofraph and Mali
Clkvrlamd received f00 plurnltty in
iDeliVvfttro.gCnJicy' (dcm.) was elected
ftivernor. fs
. . Four alllnncemen and thrco demo
crntH wero returned to conirrcss from
SohUi, Carolina: ,
, 'Slid whlpjtjpf Itnlph Waldo Emerson
died at Concord, Mass., over 00 years
North Dakota woret democratic ox
cept congressman 1nd secretary of
state. K , ! ,
A call of a mcctlngof the house an-
proprlntlotis conynlltco Is to bo issued
for November C& It Is alleged that tho
national treasury is menaced seriously,
tho dollclency on pulsions nlono run
ning up to (30,000,000.
Tun annunl meeting of tho Farmcrn'
Alliance commenced at Memphis, Tenn.,
on tho Kith.
Maiioaiiet Matiikr emphatically do
nles tho truth of the report of her mar
riage with Gustavo I'ubst.
Ton.v Hiikv, cx-presldent of tho
Adams Express Co., died at Now York
on tho 14th. t i
Tun president has appointed William
Potter, of Pennsylvania, to lo minister
to Italy; David P. Thompson, of Oregon,
to bo minister to Turkey, and Kdwurd
C Little, of Kansas, to bo consul-general
ut Cairo, Egypt.
many notables wore guests at tho an
nual dinner of tho Now York chamber
of commerce given at Delmnnlco's.
Latkst returns from all tho counties
of Oklahoma show that tho republicans
havo ti majority of ono in tho legisla
ture on joint ballot.
Sk.vatou ICknna was reported alurm
Ingly ill at Washington.
It. F. Komi, people's pnrty candidnto
for governor of Alabnma, announces
over his own slgnaturo that ho will con
test tho elcotlou on tho ground of
fraud. Tho legislature of that state
ban met, but took no action.
Tiik complexion of tho Ncbniska leg
islature will depend on tho result of a
number of contests which have been
Tiik king of Dahomey is Bulng for
pcttce. i
Cait. Montkll, tho French explorer,
will arrive shortly at Tripoli, after tra
versing tho desert of Sahara from Sene
gal by way of Lako Tchad. Copt. Mon
tell has been eighteen months making
tho journey.
The New York Sun says that Cleve
land will not call an extra sceslon of
Cojir-LKTE returns from Ohio show
tho republicans successful with an
average plurality of 1,000.
Donald W. IUix, present and recently
re-elected treasurer of North Carolina,
is dead . n '
Prksidknt Harrison says tiiat all
purported interviews with hlnVslnoo
Uio election are fakes nud that ho has
not uuthorized any of them.
Gkn. Isaac 8. Catlin, of Brooklyn, Is
mentioned for commissioner of pensions
under Cleveland.
Gkn. J. Q. HuniminoK, of St Louis
died recently nt l'lwunlx, Ariz. Ho was
a confederate brigadier.
The coming tory congress ut London
will consider a very Tiberal programme
of reform.
One republican was elected to con
gress in North Carolina.
The populists failed to elect a con
gressman in any of tho southern states.
Tub bitter light betweon tho demo
crats and the populists in tho Farmers'
Alliance at Memphis, Tenn., culminated
in an open rupture.
Mr. 1!i.aink has been suffering from
a severe cold and high fovor but 1 oot
Diphtiieiha Is reported fatal ut Reeds,
north of Mltcholl, Ind.
Five cases of cholera wero reported
on board tho Allan steamship Circas
sian on, arrival off Father Point Or
ders wero given to Btop her nt G rosso
Isle quarantine.
The Itelgiun government, through its
consul, has protested against herding
bnck thu thirty-seven Itolglan glass
blowers who arrived nt Now York en
route for Pittsburgh, Pu,, and ponding
a decision from tho secretary of tho
treasury they will bo held ou Kills
Democrats of Mnspeth, L. I., object
ed to the bunging of an etllgy of Presi
dent Harrison during iv ratification cel
ebration and It was torn to pieces.
On tho night of tho democratic jubi
lee thieves raided a Chicago establish
ment and stole 15,000 worth of billiard
Tub London Graphic says that tho
admiralty Has decided not to build any
moro L'llIlH wolirhlnir liver nttv titiiu it
has also decided Unit every gun must
bo mounted In such a manner that it
can bo loaded, trained and run in and
out by hand power. '
During the past week 23 deaths from
cholera occurred at various places In
John Schumann, a young fanner' of
Towunda, 111., has been kicked to death
by a horse.
Tim cavalry that wero sont from
Suakim, Soudan, to drive the rebel
chieftain. Ostium Diirim. huAc Intn tim
desert havo returned from Sliilmt uftor
burning the, camp that Osinan Dlgnu
hud deserted.
The schooner Minnie DnvU was sunk
in collision with tho schooner Hunter
Savugo, olY Amherstburtr. f)nt. Th
crew escaped.
Hns now natural history hall of tho
University of Illinois was dedicated
with uddrchses by President Jordan, of
Lehuid Stanford university, and Prof.
Greleus, of Wushlngtou university, St
Louis. '
A FiitK at West Water lu.d Clybarn
streels, Milwaukee, destroyed 150,000
worth of property.
Illinois bankers dcslra to havo tho
three days grace law repealed.
Tin: southern wholesulo druggists aro
perfecting un organization.
Senator Galliniieu and Poller, of
the i minuto Investigating committee, uro
In Chicago ooklug into tho PinkertonV
purt in tho Homesteud utl.vlr."
1 . '.'j i i i i i " ! tii - - llww.lM,llln,l' i iifMi.i. k-
f,M& - I, -ii-i . 'iim a i is' 1' ''ilH ' T J issfTB """""MST11 MS
ItKDHun. 111., wns swept by a tornado
on tho 17th. All tho houses were
wrecked and many persons wero In
jurcdf a baby being killed. Tho storm
of tho date mentioned wns widespread
and was very destructive to telegraph
Irish and German Catholic priests of
Newark, N. J., aro engaged in a bitter
Tin: Washington Park hotel, at Cin
cinnati, collapsed, but all the four per
sons who were in tho building escaped.
At a democratic ratification at Mount
ain View, Ark., explosives stored in n
school houso exploded and four persons
wero killed.
The National browery ut Baltimore,
Md., burned. Loss about (300,000.
There aro fears In Brooklyn of an
epidemic of small-pox.
Tkleohai'II companies In Georgia aro
exempted from liability for failuro to
deliver telegrams on Sunday.
The advance in cotton nt Camden,
Ark., hns had a most bcucUcunt effect
on business In that section.
The Illinois Btccl mills ut .Toilet. 111..
Is arranging to shut down to adjust
wages. Over '-',000 men will bo without
Plate glass companies aro forming a
The United States attorney nt Chl
engo has no hope of securing a convic
tion of Swift or others in thu packing
houso combine, charged with violating
the Intcr-stato commerce law.
Aiiout B3 per cent of tho Iowa fnrms
aro mortgaged according to a census
office bulletin.
IN un accident on tho Atlantic fc Pa
cific railroad, In Arizona, William O.
Walker, of Trenton, Ma, was killed
and flvo other passengers injured.
, Cleaiuno houso returns for tho weok
ended November 18 showed nn nverngo
lucrcnM) of 0 (J compared with tho cor
responding week of last your. In Now
York thcro was a decrease of 3. 'J.
The missing British Bhlp Lodoro has
arrived safely at San Francisco. Shu
was Ut7 days from Nowcastlo, England.
Her delay was caused by heavy weather.
Moro than onco sho appeared to bo go
ing to tlto bottom. ,
Tin: ranks of tho Homestead Btrlkcrs
aro reported breaking.
The Catholic archbishops, in conven
tion at Now York, have concluded their
People of Arizona wero much alarmed
over a threatened outbreak of Navajocs
under Black Horse.
Amherst defeated Williams at cot
lego football at Wllllamstown, Mass.
Score 00 to 0.
The "llttlo blaclc trunk" which
figured lu tho legal proceedings ngutnst
ex-Prestdont Potter, of the Maverick
bank, has been opened und thoro was
not a single paper In it which would
criminate Mr. Potter.
The mining congress which was to
havo been held at Salt Lake, Utah, De
cember 0, has been indefinitely post
poned. Tin: caso of tho city of Cres'ton, la.,
against Grceland Cemetery association
for tho possession of tho cemetery was
decided against tho city.
Ivan Pktrofp, who deceived the
United States governmont about tho
Behrlng sea statistics, has been seon in
Sun Francisco, but cannot bo found.
The largo British steamships Ame
thyst nnd Cactus havo penetrated for
miles up tho Brazos river in Texas.
After discharging their cargoes they
will load with oil cako for Europe.
Oyhtkr bout slavery In the Chesa
peake bay is onco moro rampant Ig
norant immigrants arp inveigled on tho
bouts and subjected to tho grossest
London building trades havo secured
a forty-eight hour weok.
A i)At;mtTi:u of Mrs. Asa Johnson
dropped dead in Hchonl at Casey, 111.,
whllo working an example ou tho black
board. A woman put a dynamito cartridge in
tho oven to dry at Holland, N. Y. Her
son Ralph was killed and tho woman
was badly Injured. Tho houso was
Bernard Muller, a Russian Jew,
died ut Bcllovuo Hospital In Now York
from anthrax, n dlscuso in which tho
veins and muscles become infested
with nnlmnlculu).
The Swarthout brothers, charged with'
killing their father uud burning him in
a haystack, have been held to tho Feb
ruary term of court ut Morrison, 111.
Senator Jones, of Arkansas,'says tho
next senate will bo democratic and that
it will repeal tho McKlnloy bill and
pass tho freo coinage of silver bill.
Rev. IL M, Wharton, of the Baptist
church, has commenced a cru-tuda
against thu dives of Baltimore, Md., a
la Dr. Purkhurst, of Now York.
HimiT suspected nihilists havo 'been
arrested near Lublin, Russlun Poland.
A wo discovery of gold has been
niado ut tho Caribou mines near Truro,
N. S.
L. L. Allen and Miss Mnttlo Withers,
of Ilopkinsvllle, Ky., each 14 years of
nge, went over to Dover, Tenn, and
wero united in mnrrlago the other day.
Gilmokk'h bund disbanded nfter play
ing at Cincinnati.
Official returns of tho congressional
vote in tho Fifth Arkansas district glvo
II. A. Dlnsmoro (dcm.) n plurality of
3,t:3 over J. II Bryan (pop.).
The Homestead strike has been of
ficially declared olf by tho Amalga
mated association.
Tiik friends of Tom Watson, tho
Georgia iilllaiico congressman, buy that
ho was beaten by fraud, and they aro
raising a purse for tho purpose of con
testing tho election.
Through tho fatul neglect of a sleep
ing train crew two heavy freights col
lided in Chicago und thrco men were in
stantly killed.
yVN Oklahoma Christian scientist who
believed that a rattlesnake hud no
power to harm him picked one up nud
got a bite, from whjeh'be died.
Owing' to Uie recent death of Mrs.
Harrison thore will be no festivities nt
the Whlto houso until after the holi
days. Tiik steamer Rosa Loo was burned at
the Memphis wharf und it wns feared
that four men perished In tho lira.
Yai.k defeated Harvard by tho score
of U to 0, in the great football gumo at
Springacld,MW "$.$$
Vote on Uovcrnor.
Following is tho vote for governor at
tho late election:
8 55
a . H
: : n
! : ""
Adams.., l,M7 cos 1 ,08S
Anlrlolio 7.! fl a IMI
Iilnlnc r8 .11 4R
Hurt.. i,09u am Rin
llox lluttc ,. 41A l.1 tttri
Drown 3 It3 tt)t
lloorio , 810 17.) 9H
llannrr...... , p ai ITU
DutTala , l,Ct CS0 ,Wi
Duller Ulb ASi 1.181
llojrtl ro
Cain I,A 1,10 PJ5
Cuming oil 1,018 tits
ciuy I.mii &u ,mi
Collar 0 r.71 AT?
c.'imo ;w too :bi
Cherry l m? 4.11
Oicyonno i-je. xc ins
Ciintpr t i,&ru sw 2.ur
CoHux M3 CTO Ul.l
Dakota ,,,. 3A0 400 JII0
Dawson l.o.W ;IH)
DoJ'o 8 1.18.' IS)
Dixot fVlil 4Vk rn:i
Dimes 7.', KM) m
DDUKlas., 0,VH 7,37.1 4,30)
DctKi ' no mr,
Dumir xm to roa
I'Vlltilttln fi".'l M 7-rt
I'tirnni. m jii ots
Klllmoro 1,3ft', JI7 l.idi
Frontier ,. ih) kw k):
(Iniro 3.HKS I, KM l,1C9
GnrllclU 'isi 'm
(Ireelcy U.1I 317 431
CI rant i M7 :
Oosixt ,t,7 M MO
Itnmlltdii 1,'iSt; bi DV)
HlKllUT () g ,1
llownnl.1t 4i sac un
H-ivrs 310 l?4 7
Hall t,3!)t ll.S Wi
Holt Hit 46 I.0IH
Harlan , M4 m TUI
mtciicoci: 4in r.7 w.t
JeRcrxon t,?IH 180 7 V!
Jolinnnn 1.00) 4.VI 7V0
Kcnrnay 771 IM ni'J
Kulth toi mo !
Knox. TU'J 4' r,7,i
Kovn l'aylu. lor, w 3H
Klniliall fi G 0t
Lancaster 3,H0 1,3 ?,1"1
I-opati, ai lt in
Ixiup. I8 P 131
Lincoln p.'.' 2i l.wi
Mad loon t.tiQS H' 703
Mrrrlck 7n !!F0 Cl
McI'hron ;u In i!l
Nancp. SA (n (VII
Krtnaln l,oc,.l Am 1071
NucKolli on .177 1.1 10
nioo 1,0W 1,427 1,7.1.1
lMwnco ,.., ,... inf, xt tioi
I'lerro :iu 4V 308
I'hfltM Mr 182 1,0 0
1'latto ?ro 071 1,024
Polk ,.. 077 101 1,070
IVrklnn im 1 42t
Jtlclmrilion 1751 737 1.34H
Hock .108 100 101
IUmI Willow , 71' Mi 71CJ
Stillno. L4C1 861 1,021
SlotlX 121 S3 187
Howard 1,237 OM LOW
ScotlH Hluft v 109 71 Kll
Sarpv I.r.2 M) 1,701
Hnunders !,W 8(0 I.7BI
Sherman 4'.r, im mo
Stanton sin r rn
Hharldtn A23 221 0'4
Tlmrmon 4" 04 104
'llmyer ,f8 CT 8K)
Tlionmi ,, .1, rs 18
Vullov tS! 177 7W
Washington. OKI 7.t) an
Wayne 01 0 A8I
Webitor Ki Si3 0M
Wlrolur 10 ih 148
York I.09 431 1,301
Total 78.C82 43.4C4tB.421
tProuablr not correct
Trie amo counties guvc on president! HarrN
son, 8H,o;l; Weaver, KI.780; ClovcUnd, S5,3lt
Harrlon' plurality, 4,8.13.
,, MlarrlluneiMia.
On his return homo Minister Esjnn
was given an enthusiastic reception at
Lincoln by his friends.
At tho late election Douglas county
cast nearly 25,000 vote Lancaster
county east about 15,000.
Tiik "unterrillcd" jollified atOmnhn
over tho election of Cleveland, nnd, ac
cording to tho lice, "kicked up nn In
fernal racket."
Ai'I'I.ication wnsmado In tho supremo
court for a writ of mandamus to compel
tho clerk of Clay county to issue cer
titlcutcs to the republican candidates
for tho legislature on tho grounds that
tho Independent candidates, who re
ceived a majority of tho votes, had been
Indorsed by tho democrats, and In print
ing the otllclal ballots tho names of
tho Independent candidates had been
placed on tho ticket twlco. At the
same time nunther contest from Knox
county was started which, if successful,
will unseat an independent representa
tive und seat a republican. If thcY.o
changes uro made tho legislature will
bo tied on joint ballot
Gov. Uovd has commuted tho son
tcneo of John and Virgil ltcddlcl: from
Imprisonment in the state penitentiary
for ono yenr to Imprisonment for seven
months nnd fifteen days. Tho boys
were placed in tho penitentiary on tho
15th of May last and were sunt up from
ono of tho counties in the northwestern
part of tho state for stealing a quantity
of wheat from their employer. It seems
that the boys had some difficulty in col
lecting their pay from him and they
took thu wheat and sold it in order to
get even. Their mother is a widow and
in destitute circumstance. Sho wrote
a very affecting letter to tho governor,
and the judge and prosecuting attorney
In the case united in seconding her ap
peal for clemency.
Juno r. Joseph It. Claukbov, whose
body was snpposed to bo resting nt tho
bottom of Honey Creek lake, lu., arrived
In Omaha the other day the picture o,f
health. His story of his wanderings
reads like a romance. He says that to
all intents and purposes his mind has
been a blank for thu past thrco months.
Whllo at tho lake ho was seized with
an irresistible desire to tramp over tho
country. When ho went to the lako ho
took a second suit of clothing, and,
leaving his old uloUitng and all his val
uables in a boat to throw his frlunds olf
the scent, ho disappeared. During his
wanderings ho know who 10 was, but
concculcd his idoutity, und refrained
from writing homo. The day before
his return proofs of his death wero sent
to tho insurance company.
(loon luck was too much of a surprise
for Churles F. Kuggles, a laborer on
tho new bridge at Fast Omaha, and he
dropped dead from joy during a game
of cards the other night. A number of
'laboring men were Bitting IH a ciulot
game in tho boarding honso office on
the island and nearly everyone had
put up his pile, Ilugglcs staked Ids
lust cent Ho held three, aces', and on
thclast round drew tho fourth. One
glance at the hand was enough. With
out a word he fell over onto the Hoot
dead. '
A LIVKLY snow storm prevailed in
nurts. of tho state on the nirrht oftht
Ml .'. . ' ii.
, Nebraska lfqislature.
Tho Democrat and 1'opntliU Have a M
Jorltv In lloth (tranche.
Tho republicans havo elected 10 sen
ators and forty-eight rcprcscntatlvco,
tho denocrats 4 senators nnd 11 repre
sentatives, nnd tho populists 13 sena
tors and 41 representatives. Tho fol
lowing is tho result by districts:
I. Itlchardson and Pawnee A. It Scott. It
Z Niniaha nnd Johnson-J. E. Harris, P.
3. Oloo-John Mattes. Jr., V.
4. Cast Orlando Tclt, It.
5. SaundorsnndSnrpy-WllllamSaundorg, P.
a Douglni-Charles IL Clark, It 0. O Lo-
fceck. Itt W. N llabcoclc, I).
T. Cuming nnd Hurt Fremont IJvcrett, It
8. Dixon, D.tltota, Knox, Cedar und Thurston
-U. V. McDonald It
0. Antcloiie, Uoouo and Greeley S. Pack
wood, P.
10. Wushlngtonnnd Dodpo-John Thomson, V.
II. Wayne, Mndlson nnd Pierce-J. M. Ab
den, It
J2. Platte nnd Coltax-Janiet K. North, D.
11 Holt Uurlleld und Whcclcr-J. P. Mul
len. P.
11. Drown. Kcva Paha. Chcrrv, Sheridan,
Dawes, llox IluttoundSloux-II.O. Stewart P.
Hi. CiiHtcr, Vullcy, Loup nnd Hlalnu-Wllllatn
3 ray. 1.
It). HuffalonndShcrmnr O irRoN.Rmlth.P.
17. Halt nnd Howard-'!", t. McCarthy, P.
18. Polk, Merrick und Nunce J. N. Camp
bell, V,
1R llutlcr nnd Soward-OcorRa V.
5.0. Lnnwistcr-Hobcrt E. Moore, It; Uoorge
W. EffRicston, It
81. (LiRo-Alcxander Graham, It
22. Salino-.T. D. Pope, It
21 Jefferson nnd Thaycr-R. M. Correll, It
24. York nnd rillmoro-J. P. Miller, It
2. Clay nnd Hnmllton-ri. I Johnson, P.
!4 NuckolK Webster and Franklin Wil
liam Dyscrt, P.
87. Adams Leopold Hnhn, It
VR, Kearney,1 Pholps and Harlan-W. P.
Dale, 1.
89. Furnas, lied Willow. Hitchcock. Dundv.
GoDpcr, Frontier, Chuso and Hayes -Lewis W.
Young, P.
30, Dawon. Lincoln, Keith, Perkins, Chey
enne, Logan, Kimball nnd Hooker Henry St
Ilayuer, It
1. Hlchardson John M. Hrockman,H. Henry
Oerdes, D.t Jula Smith, P.
. Pawnce-C. A. Schapiwl, IL; W. M. Olf
ford, It
1 Nemaha Church Howe, It: U. J. John
son, P.
4 Johnson Jacob S. Dow. It
B. Nemaha nnd Johnson Theodoro Smith, It
6. Otoe Johu Sinclair, D.j Georco W. Lol
dig!), D.
7. Cass John A. Davles. It i A. S. Cooloy, It
8. Cass and Otoo John C Watson, It
v. Sarpy Clarcnco Keys, H. '
10. Douglas-A. L Sutton, IJ : A. Lockner.
It; C A. Ooss, It: W. N. Nason, It: T. I).
Crone Itt M. O. HIckottH. It : J. II. Kynor. It :
George W Ames. Jr.. D.: Charles Wllhncll, D.
11. Wnsblnuton-W. D. Hnllcr. II
18. Uurt-Goorgo F. Kossler It
II Hurt nnd Wushlngton-H. F. Slssons. It
14 Dodije-N. P. Nelson. 1) : John Carrel, D.
l. Cuming Honnot Goldsmith. It
I a Cuming, Dakota and Thurston It F,
Kloke, It
17. Wnyne nnd Sttnton T. S. Goss, It
ia Dlxon-E. E Ellis. It
19. Cedar nnd Ploroe Arnold Elckoff, D.
S). Knox J. O. Kruse, 1.
21. Antelope L. IL Sutcr, P.
at Hoonc William A. McCutcheon. P.
81 MuJIson-O. A. Llnkhart D.
SI. Platte William Shnla P.
St. Platto uud Nanoo-W. J. Irwin, P.
29. Colfax John Van llouton, D.
57. Saunders-J. N. Oanin, P.; P. E.Olson, P.
88. Uutlcr-Georgo It CiLon, It; Charles D.
Casper, D.
89. Seward-D. J. Hrown, It : It C. Hheo. It
30. Lancaster It IL Oakloy. It : Joseph
Hums. It: A. J. Cornlsb, It; E. It Spcnsur, It;
J. G F. McKesson, It
31. Sallno-Wllllam Kaup. It ; John N. Von
dyne, It
at Gage-C. II. Hinds, It; P. II. James, 11:
II. J. Merrick. It
31 Gu!!B und Saline John A. Wnrdlaw, It
31. Jefferson O. J. Carpenter, It
3 Tunycr 13. II. Jenkins. It
3d Thayer und Jefferson Georgo Cross. It
3. Fillmore J. Jensen, It; Itlehard Dulnon,
."& York Charles Kcckloy, It: Nathan
Jolinson, It
K. Polk-Gcoriro Jlorst, I.
4a Merrlclc W. F. Porter, P.
41. Hamilton -John U. Cain, It; Fred Now
berry, 1'.
48. Clav-S. M. Elder. P.: E. A. MeVay, P.
41 Nuckols-O. A. Folton. P.
44. Wobster-Austln Klley. P.
40. Webster and Adams F. A. Harmon, P.
47. Hall J. L Johnson, P.: Henry Schlot
feldt, P.
4ii Howard-Charles Grammnr. P.
40 Gurlleld. Wlioeler. Greelov, Loup, Hlalne,
lliomnK, Hooker nnd Grant II. II irry. P.
ia Holt-IL It Henry, P. K. O Smith, P.
01. Hrown ami Hock-CUnrlcs Hoblnson, It
f.8. Cherry and Keja Phu-J. U. Form
worth. P.
M. Sheridan. Dawes, llox Uutto nnd Sioux
J. D. Woods. P.
51. Lincoln, Cheycnno. Keith, Perkins, Kim
tiatl, Dcurl, Scott's Hluff nnd Unnner O. C.
LlnKcnff-lter, P.
B Vnllry-H.-nrv C ISaodes. P.
r Custer und I.egan-a W. Heal, P.: W. P.
HlgglUK, P.
5". Bhermnn Albert Dickenson, P.
58. Huffalo-John Wilson, It: A. J. Scott, P.
50 Iiiwson-J. O Lynch P.,
fd. Kearney-Ed Krick. P.
CI. Franklin James Dlmmlck, P.
tti Harlan-S. Fulton, P.
63. Phclps-E. Salerman, I.
01. Furnas John Stevens. P.
C lied Willow T. .. Shorldan, P.
II. Fftmtler and Gospor Ford, P.
07. Hitchcock Dundy, Hayes uud Clnso L
O. Hugglcs, P.
In the First congressional district tho
voto was: Uryan, democrat, 13,784;
Field, republican, 1:1,041; Shomp, popu
list. 2.17a Hryan's plurality, 140.
The Second district gave Mercer, re
publican, 10,1501; Doune, democrat, 0,407;
Wheeler, populist, 3,152. Mercer's plu
rality, 1,004.
The Third district gave Melklojohn,
republican, 12,805; Kelpor, democrat,
8,095; l'oyntcr,, 8,773. Melklo
john's plurality, 3,205, with ono county
to liear from.
Tho Fourth district gavo Hniner, re
publican, 15.0S1; Vifqnln, t.
8,042; Dech, populist, 11,52 . Ua.ner's
plurality, 4,100.
Tho Fifth district gavo Andrews, re
publican, 12,550; MeKelghan, populist,
14,772. Majority for MeKelghan, 2,221,
with throe counties to hear from.
Tho Sixth district gavo Whitehead,
republican, 11,284; Gatowood. demo
crat, 2,731, Kan, populist, 12,887. Kem'u
plnrallty, 1,003, with eight counties to
hear from.
Whiii V'llmtliln I'roperty,
Sioux Citv, In., Nov. 18. Abraham
Haas, of Montreal, has begun suit
here to recover 100 ncrcs of land in tlto
northern part of tho city, partly
platted, and 20 lots in the center of tho
city, tho whole worth about a quarter
of a million dollars. Haus camo hero
in 1857 nnd bought tho property. When
ho left ho placed his business in char go
of his brother, who paid tho taxes till
1873, when, supposing Abraham had
been drowned in tho St Lawrence
river, ho secured titlo to thu land ns
the nearest heir. Ho has since sold it
A firm of attorneys has taken tho caso
and expects to establish Hua.V title.
i. Hi nn," hi mi
VvC iu'
Children of Mr. and. Mrs. M. M. Bolkse
Aitoona, Pa.
Both Had Eczema;
In Its Worst Form
After Physlcttna Untied, Hood's
Bursapartlla Perfectly Cured.
Great menu! agony is endured by
parcntawho sec their childien suffering'
from diseases caused by impure blood, and
for which there seems no cure. This is
turned to joy when Hood's Sarsapnrilla is.
resorted to, for it expels the foul humors .
from the blood, and restores the dis
eased skin to fresh, healthy brightness.
Kcad the following from grateful parents :
"We think Hood's t'lirfnimrlllals tho motvnlu--sblo
racdlclno on thu for blood nnd fklni
(lipases. Our two children ounorudtorrlbly Kith Uio
Worst Form of Eczema
for two years.. W had thrco physlclnns In tlinl.
time, but ncltlior of them surrpcili'il In curlnit tliem
!'ro?rn luitltrliiK tl)4.Ti n llttlo roller. Atlmiwo
tried Ilnod'iiiiirntnrlllnnnil In n month bothrbll--drun
wero rA-cUy cnrail. Wo recommend
Hood's Sarsaparilla?
nsnttnnilnrd fntnlly medicine. nnd would nolhn
t'lthoiittt.'' Mu.nml Mas. M. it. Solluii, liusna'i
Atuiiiic, Attoonn, l'u.
IIOOII'H P1I.I.N euro llrnr Ills, cotntlpntlon..
blllouino9. Jaundice, nick headache, InclUcellon.
Tnntes (lood. Vm In Uino.1
'I ha I'i !.!. U . . I
Isold by JmimrMs.
years ago I had Bronchitis,,
which finally drifted into'
Consumption, so tho doc
tors said, and they had',
about given me up. I was;
coniined to my bed. One
day my husband went for
the doctor, but he was not,
in his office. The druggist,
sent me a bottle of Piso's.
Cure for Consumption. I
took two doses of it, audi
was greatly relieved be
fore the doctor came. He
told me to continue its use
as long as it helped me. I
did so, and tho result is, I.
am now sound and well
entirely cured of Con
sumption. Mrs. P. E
BAKER, Harrisburg, Illi
nois, February 20, 189U
Eight doctors treated me for Heart:
Disease and one for Rlicumatisrar
but did me no good. I could not:
speak aloud. Everything that I took,
into the Stomrch distressed me. I'
could not sleep. I had taken all.
kinds of medicines. Through a.
neighbor I got one of your books.
I procured a bottle of Green's Aug
ust Flower and took it. I am to-day-stout,
hearty and strong and enjoy
the best of health. August Flower
saved my life and gave me my health
Mrs. Sarah J Cox, Defiance, O. -
dimrnnteod to euro flilloua Attacks, Blck
Ucr.iUclia and Conhtlpuilon. -10 in oJcIu
botlio. l'Hco iSc. For tulo by drugyl&t
I'lcturc "7, 17, 70" nnd tamplo doo free.
. f. SMITH A CO.. Prp'Mor:, fICW Y0HC
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup SiU'fiffir
nDlllli ?Ir.',rf,Il,,lr Ilnl'It Cured In lo.
UrlUM i''.' ,ll4J"' No PX till
HVVii V. ,n,: -jobacl.noetfc Utrlrt r confl Ji-nthX
rauu iuu t-ii'MnHT u. r,nu. wso,iu
-i ' . 4." - " ' -r- '-- -i- I ',, iMaini
i;!. V