The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 25, 1892, Image 3

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Bud of tho Oolobmtod Amalgam
ated Striko.
ninchllntcil Ityttin (V.mpiny nn.l No IU-
tloua For tho future I'rnm the
Hnclcty t.utrrrnrcvlllo
Men HH.
IIOMKSTnAI). VlU. Nov. Ql Tim irrml
fltrlko at CarnejjIc'H Homcitcntl steel
works lint bcun tlculnral off. After ti
flvo mouths' HtniKffle, which for bitter,
ness hns probably never boon equaled
in this country, tho army of striken
flimlly deeliled to rIvo up tho light.
This action was taken at a mooting of
tho loilpes of tho Amalgamated associa
tion at Homestead yesterday afternoon, I
tho vote standing 101 In faor of declar
ing oft tho strike and 01 against It.
Among tltoso present at tho meeting
were Vice President Carney, Secretary
Kllgallon, Treasurer Madden und David
Lynch, of tho advisory board. Tho of
ficials addressed tho members and In
plain words told them tho striko was
lost and advised them to take steps to
better their condition. Tho rcmnrks
mot with considerate opposition, but
when tlto vote was taken it showed a
majority of ten In favor of declaring
tho striko off.
Thoso who wcro In favor of calling
tho striko oft' were jubilant while- thoso
who were against it were badly put out.
Most of tho latter wcro men who wero
obstlnnto and many of them cither had
applied for positions In tho mill and
had been turned down or felt sure that
their names wero on tho compauy'a
tnaeic list ana Uiey could not get posi
tions. A member of tho advisory board said
yesterday that ho had been trying to
get tho striko declared off for, somo
weeks, as ho knew It was lost, and It
would have boon better for tho men as
a great many inoro of them could havo
gotten their places back.
Thoso who cannot got back are In n
bad fix as tho relief funds will bo
stopped nnd many hundreds of them
havo nothing to live on.
Tho people in Homestead, especially
tho business men, aro highly elated
over tho declaration to call tho striko
off, for If it had continued much longer
it would havo ruined tho town. Many
business houses havo fallen Into tho
hands of tho sheriff slnco the striko has
been on. liustness is expected to re
sume its normal condition soon.
Tho Homestead striko has proved one
of tho most disastrous In tho history of
tho country. It originated from a re
duction in wages in the departments
where members of tho Amalgamated
association of iron and steel work
ers were employed Tho hitch was
on what is known as tho sliding scale.
It is a scale which regulates tho men's
wages by tho market prlco of steel bil
lets. Nearly every mill in this vicinity
signed tho scale, including other mills
of tho Carnegie company. At tho ro
fusul of the linn to sign tho scule for
tho Homestead mill, u lockout occurred
bv tho Amalgamated association and
they wero joined by tho mechanics'
laborer, who struck out of sympathy
only, their wages not being reduced.
The strikers drove non-union men out
of the mill and ndoptcd military disci
pline. The story of tho bloody light
with the l'lnkertons on July fl, tho sub
sequent riotous proceedings und tho
calling out of tho National guard und
its departure after thrco months' duty
is too well known to repeat
For six weeks tho mill has been run
ning almost as well as before the strike,
but until within tho lost week tho
strikers havo steadfastly refused to
admit defeat. The news of the ac
tion was received with dismay by tho
strikers In tho two Luwrencevlllo mills
of Carnegie's. Theso men wero sym-'
puthy strikers and went out when tho
men ut Heaver Falls und Duqucsuo
struck. The Duqucsno men gave up
tho striko in three weeks and tho
llcavcr Falls strikers decided to go
back yesterday. Tho Luwrencevlllo
raon, however, wcro steadfast and had
no intention of giving in. They are
now in the position of striking for no
cause. Thoy uro very ungry at tho
Hoinestcadtincn and will probubly de
clare tho striko oft to-morrow.
Tho strike at ono time involved near
ly 10,000 men and tho loss in wages will
reneh it is said, in tho neighborhood of
93,000,000. Then thero is tho immense
loss to tho firm, which cannot bo esti
mated, but which conservative people
put at least doublo tho amount lost by
tho men in wages. To this ran ho
added nearly f-100,000 paid to tho statu
troops nnd to tho coat to the county of
Allegheny for tho riot, treason and
other cuses, growing out of the strike.
Tho attempted assassination of Chair
man Frick of the Carnegie company is
also Indirectly credited to tho strike.
Six I'oor Fclliiwn l'crlli Wlillo Titlclng In
Poijti.ANI), Me., Nov. 2L Tho schoon
er Edith M. l'ryor arrived hero to-day
and reports tho loss of six men whilo
taking in trawls off Matlnlcus. Tho
lost men were: William Dcinmilo, Mar
tin, Hutlcr, Joseph Hunlon, William
Goodwin, Davis Morrow, all of Glouces
ter, Mass. Two other men wero with
thoso lost, but they wcro afterwurds
found on tho island of Matlnlcus.
NdiriMku I'rulrlu I'lre.
OhaiU, Nob., Nov. 21. A special
from Newport, Neb., says: Ono of the
worst prnlrio fires Rock county ever
witnessed started to-day whllo tho wind
was blowing n hurricance. Thu Are is
supposed to havo started from u spark
from a farm house ono mile east of 1 1 as
set t, spreading three or four miles wide,
sweeping everything before It Tho
damage will bo probably from 810,000
to $15,000.
Edward Olmbcr aged 05, of Jcfferson
villo, lad., was killed by Ids horse run
ningr uway, dragging hint with his foot
la tho stirrup.
Tonal nnd Iteipnnena Clour the Meeting nf
thn Society or tho Army of tha Ten
St. Louis, Nov. la Tho reunion of
tho society of tho army of tho Tennes
see came to a closo last night in a mag
nificent banquot at tho Llndell hotel.
Over 200 pcoplo wcro seated at tho
festal board, thugcntlemcnot tho party
being almost entirely composed of ex
ofllcers of tho nrmy of tho Tennessee
Among tho prominent were: Gen. O.
M. Dodge, Gen. I). H. Henderson, Ocn.
Schoflold, Gen. John McNulta, Gen.
Wngcr Swayne, Gen. John G lihiek,
Gen. Charles E. Hooker, Col. James F.
Howe, Henry T. Castle und the sons of
Gen. W. T. Shcrmnn.
It was after 10 o'clock when Gen. G.
M. Dodge, the toastmaster of tho occa
sion, rapped tho banqueters to order
and pronounced tho first toast, "Lin
coln and Grant," to which Gen. D. '1J.
Henderson, of Iowa, responded. Gen.
Henderson said:
"It is most fitting that Grant nnd
Lincoln should bn considered together.
They wero one in heart one In great
notions and should bo ono in history.
You cannot think of Grant without
seeing Lincoln. You cannot think of
Lincoln without seeing tho mailed
warrior who led his mighty hosts to
freedom's glorious victory. Two.chlofs
cannot bo named in our rich history so
free from ambition us my themes. Self
was second and their country first
They did not nsk for plneo their coun
try called them to it Whllo millions
thought of them they thought of tho
millions. Grant fought not to win his
stars, but to keep his country's Hug float
ing In the starry heavens. Lincoln aimed
not for tho scepter of power, but strug
gled to glvo every citizen a sovereign's
crown. ,
"Coming to tho individuals I look at
Grant as soldier, statesman and poli
tician. As a soldier his story will place
but few, If any, abovo him. Ho will bo
ranked with tho world's great captains.
He did not count tho cost of victory,
but victory ho was bound to have at any
cost As a statesman his place falls but
little below his rank as a soldier. Ah a
politician ho was not strong. Ho would
never have been elected a second term as
president but for his great service as n
soldier and his statesmanlike views on
all great questions. He trusted to a
few great political chiefs. No man,
however grcatand wlso, can long ignore
tho councils of his whole party nnd
maintain his power. Grant, tho politi
cian, II in I tod jils council to five and in
1880 ho fell, whon loved by tho men
who hurled him from power."
Gen. Henderson closed with a glow
ing tribute to tho ltfo nnd death of
Abraham Lincoln. Tho ''Array of tho
Tennessee" was responded to by Col.
Dawes; tho "Lessons of tho War" by
P. T. Sherman, a son of Gen. Sherman;
"Tho Uorder States During tho War"
by Gen. John C Illnck, and "Our De
ceased Comrude, "000. Pope" by Gen.
A noblo looking, frank featured gen
tleman, dressed in black, with an emp
ty slcevo swinging by his side, nroso as
tho toast of "Our Quandom Enemy"
was pronounced, and tho vast as
sembly cheered for nearly a minute on
recognizing Gen. Chnrles E. Hooker, of
Mississippi, ono of the bravest nnd most
gallant of tho ex-confederates. Thero
was much humor, but mora pathos and
more patriotism in tho stirring words
of Gen. Hooker as ho delicately compli
mented tho valor of tho army of tho
Tennessee, and referred to tho "lost
cause" of tho confederacy as a mat
ter which had been adjusted by tho
stern logic of war and had now passed
into history boyond appeal aud
boyond regret Tho union, now re
united, is ono and inseparable, and tho
great rainbow of peace, which stretches
from Vloksburg to Savannah, from At
lanta to tho sea, which arches tho
heights of Lookout mountain, is a hur
blnger of everlasting peace and fra
ternity among the states of tho union.
Hecniul Dajr't I'mornlliiRi of tho ICocIeil.
natlciil 'oi.frcnco.
Nkw YonK, Nov. 18. Tho second
day's session of tho conference of tho
archbishops of tho Roman Catholic
church in tho United States begun at
10 o'clock at tho archicplscopal resi
dence, Cardinal Gibbons presiding.
Again deliberations wero carried
on behind closed doors. Tho major
portion of tho time, it wus learned, wan
occupied in tho discussion of tho ques
tion on tho condemnation of certain
secret societies. The debate reforrcd
chiefly to tho Odd Fellows, numbering
nbout 600,000 in tho United States, and
to Sons of Temperance, whoso roll in
cludes about 70,000 membership.
According to Archbishop Katzcr, tho
society of Odd Fellows has within lata
years gained u lnrgo increase of mem
bership from the Catholic ranks on tho
plea that they aro not Frco Masons and
thcrdforo not a society forbidden by tho
Catholic church. Tho council of Haiti
more has appointed tho college of tho
archbishops of the United States as the
only competent tribunal In tho matter
of secret societies, ho argued, and it is
the duty of the present conferonco to
dotermlno exactly the question atlssuc.
The majority of the council coincided
with tho opinions expressed by Arch
bishop Katzor and appropriate notion
will bo taken before- tho closo of the
conforenca so that tho mutter will bo
Indisputably settled.
Tho only phase of tho school question
touched upon nt tho session was that of
tho treatment of tho Catholic Indian
children In tho western reservations,
who havo been compiled to attend non
Catholic schoolB, despite the protest) of
tholr parents.
National Mraogs W't.
Concoiw, N. IL, Nov. 18. At tho
Nntional Grange sessions report of
ofllcers wcro heard. In his report Mor
timer Whitehead, treasurer, said that
during tho year ho Had visited twonty
two states aud travolcd upwurds of
20,000 miles. Among tho measures
which ho found most generally dis
cussed and asked for at this time in the
country wero frco rural postal delivery
and telegraph and telephone lines
owned by tho government, which
should control tho same to tho dissem
ination of news, market reports and
weather forecasts to tho advancement
of agriculture.
A. Foarful Storm In tho Wost and
lUGrciitont Detraction nt Iteilbutl, III.
A tjroloim mid a lillrinril toln ttmtilt
to Drutroy An Arlimiiiu
Town VIhmI Out.
Rkthiud. III, Nov. 18. Where for
merly existed a beautiful llttlo town
full of happy homes Is to-day a sceno of
wreck and desolation. Houses, barns,
fences and orchards uro leveled to tho
ground and spread over tho mirround
ing country.
Entering from tho south tho cyclone
first demolished tho Catholic church
ami school and therestdenco of Herman
Drage. Tho Germnn Lutheran church
was next lovoled to tho ground After
destroying several barns nod tearing
away nil kinds of fences It struck tho
largo two-story residence of Poter Ken
dall, which was of solid stone, and
crumbled It to fragments. Mrs. Ken
dall was severely Injured.
A lnrgo doublo brick house, occupied
by I). I). Perry, ns n dwelling, ofllco
nnd composing room, was entirely de
stroyed. Tho family woro burled in
tho ruins, but managed to extrlcato
themselves without serious injury.
Peterson's agricultural warehouse was
blown down, and fourteen other resi
dences were destroyed.
Tho 11-year-old son of Jncob Koch
was killed instantly, nnd his mother
was fatally Injured.
Tho Injured Include tho following:
Mrs. Jacob Koch, fatally; Mrs. Peter
Kendall, Mrs. Poter Kardon, Mrs.
Louis Roger, Jullns Honn, Mr. Rreman,
Adrian Starr, Mrs. Emma Crow, Mrs.
John Mnudcrfeldt, Mr. and Mrs. D. D.
Many of tho pcoplo arc without cloth
ing and shelterless, and tho cold rain
makes their situation tho inoro doplor
able. Tho property loss is estimated
at 1100,000.
Following Is a list of tho houses do
troyed: Catholic church and school,
German Methodist church, tho houses
of W. Perkins, II. D. Roogc, F. Drocgc,
Joseph Vocght, John Lang, John Land
halt, John Rahn, Peter Cordell, S. D.
Perry, L. Knffenberger, Ernest lludde,
Mrs. Ruddc, Christ Jaeger, city jail and
engine house, Mrs. Hauermann, C. Gro
low, P. Janncman, Mrs. Jacob Kobe,
Mrs. Rosemayer, John Kuckcr, Henry
Wahlmann, William Duettncr, Henry
Dion, Dr. Alloy, John Ramos, M. 'JL rev
erter, IL W. Schmidt, William Voges,
John Manderfolt, William Michaels, B.
Miller, Charles Guobort, P. Enzonauer,
public school, William Stclnde, Jacob
Miller, William Williamson, Frank
Lang, Gcorgo Rains, Alden Starr, Mrs.
Sopio Ruthert, Henry Rathcrt, Dorothy
Rathcrt John Wotzcl, Mrs. Wetzel,
William Kellerhalz, Frank Llsh, Fred
D. Guker, Continental, Mrs. DoraKauf
mann, C Uocdcckor'a ofllco, Lutheran
church and schooL
As soon as tho moro fortunato of tho
pcoplo of tho llttlo city recovered from
tho first shock of tho calamity, efforts
wero at onco directed to tho caring for
tho injured.
CiliCAao, Nov. 18. Tho conflict of tho
elements iucident to tho exit of warm
weather and tho advent of winter's
hilly blasts, culminated yesterday in
ono of tho most destructive and far
reaching storms of tho year. Tho in
itial battle ground of tho mighty op
posing forces, it appears, was near tho
llttlo city of Red bud, Rundolph county,
in tho extremo southwest part of Illi
nois, ubout eighteen miles from tho
Mississippi river. Sweeping from tho
north camo a tremendous storm of
snow, rain and sleet which, encounter
ing the warm air currents of "Egypt,"
developed thrco distinct cyclonic storm
centers, diverging from a common con
fer near Rosebud. '
Taking a southeasterly courso ono
prong of the storm passed rapidly on
through western Kentucky and Ten
nesseo leveling everything in its path,
and only when northern Alabama was
reached had it spent its force. To tho
westward passed a storm center, pass
ing through central Missouri, thonco
across northern Kansas, finally being
lost In tho mountains of Wyoming.
But tho curious fenturo of this remark
able atm ospherio disturbance lay In tho
direction taken by tho third
arm a northerly courso through
Iowa, veering to tho west in
to Nebraska, laavlng a hopoless
tangle of wires in Its wako, until it be
came next to impossible to reach any of
tho great cities west of Chicago except
by circuitous routes.
Mabcoutaii, I1L, Nov. ta A eyclono
struck tho southern portion of St Clair,
Washington and Clover counties at an
early hour this morning. Houses wero
blown down at Fayottovlllo, Now Mem
phis ana Cjueonslake. Tho largo lum
ber sheds ut tho latter place wcro scat
tered in all directions. Tho clouds wer
black as night nnd appeared to roll on
tho ground. Whole orchards wero de
stroyed, many trcra being twisted off
at tho ground. Thoro wcro numerous
narrow escapes, but as yet no serious
casualties havo been reported. Thu
course of tho eyclono was from south
west to northeast
St. Louts, Nov. 18. A special from
Durham, Washington county, Ark.,
says that that town, a small ilhtge,
was completely destroyed by a cyclone
at 3 o'clock yesterday morning. Hut
ono house was left stindlng. No lives
wero lost Tho dnmago to property in
that section is great
The Ohio Klr-cttaii.
Columbus, O., Nov. ia Secretary of
fitxitn Pftflrmiin lina innIfrA.l ifltA(nl rn.
turns from eighty-two counties in the
Btate. Ho makes a statement which it
Is bo! loved presents tho oftlclnl plurali
ties as follows: Taylor, republican for
secretary of state, 000; on tho electoral
ticket Datiford, republican, has 000
over Seward, democrat, and 9,2m more
votes thun nny other republican elector.
This is an average of 1,007 for tho re
publican electors. Seward; democrat,
has 1.10J votes more than tho average
plurality, and has 2,380 votes inoro thaa
the democratic electors.
Alton IinprMoniMl In it Marching Column
of NnrlllRtmk.
Tho springboks of South Africa ml
grata In vast herds, nun lug In n com
pact body and carry lug overthlng before
them. If n Hock of sheep bo In tho line
of march (ns sometimes happens), It Is
surrounded, enveloped, nnd becomes
willingly or unwillingly, part of tho
springing army
irlntTtHm nrniV, I
a ai i...i- .1... .. '
u iiiiiLiiu uu m .m uii BtiuiiKu
story (H seeing iinu in iiiciiiiiisiiu inn
antelope, forced to join thn marclL It
is supposed that tho Hon hudsprung too
far for his prey, that those upon whom
ho alighted recoiled sufllclcntly to nl
low him to reach the ground, und then
the pressure from the Hanks and thu
rear prevented him from escaping from
his strnngo captivity.
if the springbok travels In such arm
ies, how can those in the middle and in
the roar find food? In this wise: thoso
In the front ranks, after they htiu
eaten greedily of the pasture, gradually
fall out of tho ranks to rest, while lh3
hungty ones in tho rear come up, und
no tho columns are nil thu whllo chang
ing. Yankco lllnde.
Christmas Wldo Awake.
The December Wldo Awake Is a true
Christmas number and has, therefore,
the full Christmas flavor, from tho
bcnutlful eolorcd frontispiece that
opens it to the fantastic flower plcco
that ends It
This frontlsploco Is a representation
of the Ico Queen In her grotto, drawn
by Henry Sundham to nccotupnny Mrs.
Snndlintu's article, "Tho Vagaries of
Santa Clans."
"Tim llluccont School," tho famous
English school in which Chnrles Lamb
und other noted Englishmen wcro edu
cated, by Louise Imogen Guincy, is
highly Interesting and fully Illustrated
by Joseph Pennnll. "Mr. Van Golfs
Case," by William O. Stoddard. To
this strong story succeeds nn equally
strong Christmas ballad by It Macdon
aid Alden, "How I.njla Found tho
Chrlst-chlld," beautifully illustrated by
The new serials that commence in
this Christmas number are of unusual
excelleuco. They are W. O. Stoddard's
Revolutionary story, "Guort Ten Hyck;"
Molly Elliot Soawoll's nnvai story ,'"Tho
Midshipmen's Mess," and Theodora R.
JcnncRs's Indian story, "Plokee and
her People;" all finely illustrated. A
delightful Christmas play for young
peoplo, "Wishing," by William Grant,
is given cotnpleto, with directions for
home representation.
Price 20 cents. JW.40 a year.
D. LoTUitui' Coupanv, Publishers,
Boston, Mass.
Cold contracts. That's whv your poekot
book Is b i Rinull vrhuu you have ioulud up
for luo wluter. Daavlllo 111 ouzo.
In Olden Tlmns
Peoplo ovorlookod tho Importance of pcr
niuueiilly botielli'lid ofTecls aud woio satis
Mod with transient ni tlou. but now that It
Is Ksnurully know n lit it Hyrup or KIrs will
pormuu'Mitly euro hiibltuul constipation,
u oil-informed people will not buy ollior
laxatives, which act for a time, but. filially
in J pro tuo system.
Tins bn doesn't tnio anything about
solti); UiroiiKh your hiiiiso. 11a Is satisfied
w lilt tlie liaul Klmlru Unsatte.
A Dost: In Time Havos Nino of Halo's
Honey of Horoliound and Tnr tor Uoughs.
1'lko's Toothucuo l)i op Cut u In ono minute.
1 What I value most Is my pouco of mind."
"That' st inline, loo. Vou'vo suoliu small
iiloca" Uurtiur's Razor.
-Ilcstbfous fill 0-)
SlooWra Utll G6 3 25
NntlTo cows 1 85 ffft 'J M
HOOS-Goodloetiolcohcuvy.. 4 M GhbCS
WHEAT No. a rod OJfcft 0Si
No J hard !
OOKN-No. a mlxnJ 31
OATS-No. 'J mixed M
KYT.-No'.' 47
1'l.OUU I'atcnt, per stele S 00
Funcy 1 W
UAY-Cholco timothy T 00 tt 8 W
Fancy pralrlo sin cj 7 w
IlttAN BO to 67
DUTTntl-Chotcflcroaracry.... ! 89
CUKKSK-Kullcroam II (ft IS
KOUB-Choico M O 21
CATTLK-Fulr natives 3 60
Texan S3)
rft ,1 (10
fi 4ttJ
(ft 3 3)
HOas-IUavy 4 )
HHEKI'-Palr to choice 4 0)
I'LOUK-Cholco 3 20
WHKAT-No. S rod
COUN-No t mixed
OATS-No. S mixed
KYB-No 8
II UTTI! It -Creamery . . .
4014 4UM
3 ins at
47 6'4 47 H
W 31
LAHU-Wcstcru sloara 0 71), 0 75
rOKIC-Now 13 W WUil
CATTLK-l'rlmotooxtrn 4 75 80
1IOOH Paiulnicuud shipping.. 4 60 Id. 6 60
SIIEKP-Kalr to chotco 4 60 4 75
I'LOUK-Wlntor whoat 8 60 4 00
WHKAT-No. 3 ro4 T4i 0 liX
COUN-No. S 4l)i ilii
OATS No. 2 SI 31H
HYE-N'o. S 40 49H
HUTTKU-Croamery so 30t(
I.AKU , 0 00 f.410 IX)
I'UHK l-!Bi IS87H
new vonic.
OATTLK-Nntlvo steers 3 00 4 95
HOUS Uood to cholco 6 SO 0 10
rr.OUK-Good to tholco 4 4 S5
wheat-No. s nx 7a, vw
f()HN-No, 3 ) 6IK
ClTS Western ralxod 88U JW
ll'TTTKH-Creamiry SO 3JH
X'OmC iloiib 1SOOI4 oO
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Topuku, Kun.
Mas. llmiiiK "How nitirh Is your In
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by this coinpiolieiiiho lemudy,
LCOMO 1'llOPOSAt. "Coivkl" "Yos.'
"l'liuiof" "No." "AUiu"-nicBcmlu Hint
tcr. Wnwlll glvo 9100 rewind for nnvcnsn of
catarrh that ciuuint IkkukiI with Hull's
U it rrli Care Tukeu Intoi nnllv.
V. J. Ciibnbt K Co., lTonrs., Toledo, O.
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result of rllo dlteoaMi from within sit yield lo thU
potant but altnrito remedy. It la aa uniuall
tonlo, hullda tip tho old mid feeble, cures all dlMOM
lulling from impuro blood or weakened vitality.
Baud for a treatise. Ill amis tho proof.
Books oa " Stood and Cklu Dlaoaaaa " saallad traa.
Drugglttl Sell II.
Drawer a. Atlanta, Qa.
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or slat pacMga wltu every purciuwc
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Ourca Oonnntnptlon, Coocfis, Croup, Bore
Throat. Sold by all Drucciiti on a Cuarantse.
Cl'RKD. Trial lloltls free by mall,
t'urn arifTHllDtliirnrall. Aildrna
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And all other Dltra.e. of tha Rectum enrcd
, without linlfc. IlKaturo or cauatlcs-no
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harpers and quacka. dffloo, Na luo Won Ninth
Tb6 Best
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TlioFISIl lllt.VNO RLICltER li warranted water-
proof, and will keen yon dry In tho harden norm. The
new POMMf.L HI-ILklilt It a Dertect rldlna eoaL and
cocn the entlro (addle, llewaraoflauiatlona. DonU
boy a coat If tho " run liraud" It not on it.
Uai caiaminie iree. A. J. towi.ii, noiinn, am,
Anson Hardy Power Gutter.
A, N. Kellogg Newspaper Co.,
tandanl In Social and Biiln Life. Nuw adli Ion
(July, lani.w tb late.1 record, of bait
In all kind of .port. Kor prteea write MANKM a
CO. Bi Dearborn at., Chicago. caJTalMUU Wairi.
' arnaaa taia raraa twiaMjnniM.
' 'PemedV
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forfye Prbmpt Mjd
FtertiwMicntCiirfe of
Imitation Is the slnccrest flattery. All
the toughs now In Ixtrc clUes nreliavine
their hair cut in pompadour style, like Jim
Corbet. If tlili class of citizens would
practice the abstemious living which pugi
lists undergo wiilie training they would
be much better thrn to follow the rlot6us
dissipation that inarlts the short career of
the average tough. 'Most pugilists arid
athletes die of consumption. This cm be
avoided in every case, betaking Mold's
German and Kidney Cure. Thj
great remedy is a certain euro for consump
tion, but It .should ba taken In time. No
one would die of consumption, if they had
not previously taken cold and neglected It.
A cold is more apt to settle oi the kidneys
than on the lungs. It may make Its ap
pearance In the lungs when the kjdneys
are most affected. Held's German Cough
and Kidney Cure Incites the kidneys to
action and thus relieves the congestion of
the lungs. For when tite lungs ore thus
assisted, they are able to perform their
work. It is when they are compelled to
do the task that usually devolves upon
the kidneys, that they break down. Get
this great remedy of any dealer. Small
bottles 25 cnts, large ones so cents.
Our salos for the past week of
"Cimktkr Oak" Stovks and Bakom
have bc6n unprecedented. The Chsr
ter Oak hat been forging ahead every
day of the forty years that it hat
been on the market. ,
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ruAUlTUU raraa mra HMM.nUa
aud laaamatatlaa. HealaJ
ond Mn
mm uimi
Tor Cold la Head.
by Or. Tlioratoa Minor, KaaaaaOU,
monor W bo paid until aatlfnt M cured. We also
Dlaeaaea of tho Skin, llewarn of all doctors wk
ha hKTfl itftfin ennui h
in tno rna you win nna mem expenilTfl juia;
BtrcoL Koomi S1K UucUor Bulldiaf ,
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Machinery. &c
Coppir Half-Toms for Fim Prlntlifa
Write lar ! mm rrltM.
A. N. K.-D.
CamaaaiBiUTaa and aaeplaRB
I who hare weak lon or Aitb
I ma,ebooMtaa Ptao'aOara for H
I Consumption. It aaa aaw4 .
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Pjadoae. It la not bad to take. H
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