The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 23, 1892, Image 5

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H" Ml M---i-tI i I If Iffil ITiT rTBT''yyM' wTTf1y,f ryff?
mjE5ft.m ' m wimmmms
" v?M
.1.-.VV iljM-A'iMifc.'
Oysters at Calmes.
Do You Want
-y Our stock was never so large,
Prices were never so low,
Goods could not be better.
These prices sell the goods and
bring trade.
See what we offer you for your money.
Children's Oil Grain Button Shoos, 8 to 12
Missus' " " " 18 to 2
Women's " " " " 2 to 7
" Beaver Top Foxed Button Shoes, 2 . to
Youths' Tip Boots, lull stock, 11 to 2
Boys' " " " " 24 to 5
Men's Boots $
Genuine Dougola and Pebble Goat 2.50 Shoes
Oxfords and low Shoes at Cost to CIose Out
Shoes that rip sewed free of charge and all
goods warranted.
We will save yon money.
The IHIII Property.
The Red Cloud Power Co. .successors to
tlio Red Cloud Milling Co., nro tho pos
sessors of tho valunble mill and electric
properties located in this city. The prin
cipal ovrners of the property nro the pro
prietors of the WoHtirjtfhouBO Electric
JUiglit Company associated with n num
Iter of our lied Cloud capitalists.
Through the instrumentality of Mr. Gar
lor, cashier of tho Farmers & Morchnnts
Bunking iloiiRu of this city, thiB impor
tant deal, which means so much to Hod
Cloud was consurnated. The new com
pany have purchased, wo understand be
side tho mill property, 000 acres of Innd
adjacent to the mill, which together with
their other purchases nmounte to n big
round sum of money. Tho new company
have under construction now ax n starter
in the way of improvements that will bo
substantial, anew dam that is to cost in
the neighborhood of 810,000. When
this is finished the valuable property will
1)0 again started np, which will be in
about CO days. The new structure will
be built after tho latest and most Im
proved designs, and well famish many
hundred horse power. The race has
been enlarged and deepened, and every
dovioe nsed to gain all of the power, and
keep as little from going to waste as pos
sible. The enterprise Is one that our
citizens should feel proud of, due credit
of which should be placed to the gentle
man who has engineered the prospect
through. When the power has been
completed, there will be power enough
for dozens of mills and manufacturing ea
tablisnments, and Tun Oiuep hopes that
it will be utilized in that direction. In
the near future we shall describe the en
terprise more frilly. It will be n grand
thng for Red Cloud we believe.
A pointer to young men contem
plating marriage is to get fitted out at
Wioncr'u Golden Eagle Wedding
oui-Bts a specialty.
From the first house south of the
Walker hotel, on Saturday night,the 17 th
of September. 1892, one red and white
spotted cow with long horns, had on a
leather baiter. Any Information or re
turn of the cow will be rewarded.
Mrs. A. Sait.
Remember Wiener is closing out
bis men's and boys' boots at less than
cob. '
Of Millinery -Hoods at Mr.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
of Wert Week.
At which time and place she will
have on tale one of the finest and
most cempleto lines of all styles of
millinery ever seen in Bod Oleud. I
have one of the best trimmers that I
could secure, and who will be with
me on tho ocoasjon and dur
ing the' ' season. Do not tail
to see my 'goods and get my prices
before you buy your fall hats.
Mrs. K. Skekn.
Herb Barber, we are pleased to note,
has been given tine job on the Santa Fe
at Trinadud, Col, nt u salary of SUA per
month. He is switching ia the yards at
that place. Herb since his reformation,
is having everything his own way. We
are pleased to note that he Is "sticking to
tho text" and is bound to succeed.
Ayer's BanupariUa does what no other
iilnnd medicine in existence can do. It
searohes out all the Impurities in the
system and expels them harmlessly
throuah the proper channels. This is
why Ayer's aaxsaparilla is so pre-emi
neatly effectlvo si a remedy for roeuma
tUsi. '
1 15
1 35
7 1 25
1 05
1 90
1.50 to 4 00
1 95
over saw.
has tno finest lumps you
For fltio millinery
good, goo Mrs.
S. 11. MoBrido.
Thai dollar iniii u half vumi
tit (Jottings is a btuuty.
First class work is done nt tho
Golden Kuglc Tailor Shop.
For tine tobacco, cigars, candies
&c, go to J. 0. Liiidluv's.
School childron say Dcyo's lino of
tublcts is the finest in town.
Go to Mrs S. It. McUride for the
latest designs in niillinorv goods.
Hata Miid caps for tho whole world
at right rices. Chicago Stoke.
If you aro going to paint this fall,
go to Deyo for your material and savo
There is no better paint in the
market than tho Lincoln mixed paint,
sold by (Jotting.
Cotting has a big stoolcof 10 cent
sheet music cataloguo of over 2,000
pieces. (Jomo in and look them over.
Sherwood & Albright for groceries.
Hacker's old stand. Tho best of
everything kept in stock.
Trunks and valisos and rubber
clothiog in endless quantity received
this week. Chicago Stoiie.
Call on us for boys' suits, we are
strictly in it id this line.
Chicago Store.
Tako Hood's and only Hood's bo
cause Hood's Sarsaparilla cures. It
possesses merit pcouliar to itself.
Try it yourself.
Go to Sherwood & Albright for
your fine groceries. The boys are de
serving and will make it a business to
watch your interests.
Do you need wall paper ? Doyo's
stock is complcto and new. Ho does
not allow bis stock to run down and
then work of old stock on you.
Received this week tho nicest sc
lented stock of men's suits you ever
saw in this city.
Chicago Clothino Store.
Wo are now prepared to accopt or
ders for September delivery.
Eastern hard coal $11 per ton.
Western hard con) $10 per ton.
Above pricoB aro .delivered in your
bins. Platt & Frees Co.
U. Wiener has titan tho accnoy
for Dr. Jaros Hygieno underwear. It
is recommonded by loading phi aidant
in tho United States. Used by the
army and navy and tho principal
cities u po it in their fire and police
departments as an almost suro pro
ventivo against rheumatism.
A. M. deClcrccjj will sell 40 bead of
short horned cattle on tho fair ground
at Franklin, on the 28 and 20 of Sept.
Time. 1, 2, 51, years, on approved
notes. 72t
Wo aro now prepared to accopt or
dors for September delivery.
Eastern hard oonl $11 per 'ton,
Western hard coal $10 per ton, abovp
prices aro delivered in your bins.
7-2t Platt & Frees Co.
So Idle Talk.
Oscar Patmor says flour Iiib got to
bt Bold for what it is worth. There
fore ho has niado one moro cut making
bis prices lower than they have been
for years. Don't tako our word for
this but call and be convinced. 2t
A Point for You.
In view of what Hood's Sarsaparilla
has 'one for others, la it not reasonable
to suppose that it will be of benefit to
your For sorofula, salt rheum, and all
other diseases of the blood, for dyspepsia,
inaicesuon. sick neaaaone. toss or anne-
tite, that tired feeling, catarrh, malaria,
rheumatism, Hood's barsaparliia is an
nequalled remedy.
Hood's pills cure sick headache.
There will be a meeting of the World's
Fair Association of Webster county at
the Webster county Fair Grounds, Oct
Gth, 1893. at a o'clock, p.m. All mem
bers are requested to be present.
R. L. A lye a, Pres.
D. M. HuKTEH.Sec.
. !-. HI
For Trade.
160 head of good young cattle and)
horses to exchange for farm lands.
D.J. Mykrh, Rod Cloud, Neb.
Card or Thanks.
We desire to express our hoartfolt
thanks to tko friends who bo kindly in
sisted ua during the burial of our loved
Lulu. We beg to assure them their
kindness will ever be held in remem
bUQce. Mau.llAfcUoif iWJOMtir,
t. II. Smith Is homo from Salltio county.
Illuu Kill tlds
mis a .uly one
r for Mrs. K.
Comity Oloi k Itnutiry was In Illuu
IMtlfol'latlKiUc Ms little Irluix
lly 11131 WCl'K.
. sum YouiiL', tlio lady tilmiucr for Mrs.
hkoimi I-, in tlio city. i
.2.ho.!,.?.M ",.Uwa.'r nro iw-'itlns l"o eatlnbr W. Harris has added Ids name to
1IUIISC7 I11311IU MUll U1H.
I.. n.Woodrnir of tlio l.lnculn Herald was a
plcavuit caller this week.
II. J. Olmsted ntid family wero visiting Dave
uiwci'inu'r mm liimny mis wOCK.
Mls lthoda Wadriell of Aurora, lias been
Raited to traehtho Kindergarten sellout.
Will Jackson who has been located at Denifr
for a jear or so, was homo on n visit this week.
Mr. .1. W. Kerchcval'sson, wbo was seriously
Kicked tho other ilay by a horse. Is Koltlnu
alone tik'eiy now.
J. M. Cluiflln, Geo. I'opo, A. I). Grren and .1.
V. Illnes, linta renewed for tho Great FMinlly
Wrekly. Thanks.
. Kd 'I . Itiown, our eiitcrrlslii travellnit man
has made nrmiiKcmcnts to build a fine dwelllim
near Mr. ottlnn's rexldcnci'.
Warner & Warren have tltioly sucercrtcd In
triutliiK all of A. U, Iteeknr's land and town
properly for Lincoln property.
nrs. n. miner 01 Ainnoy is visum); Willi
friends In IndUmn, and our friend Ham looks
very forlorn in Ms efforts to bacb It.
TilK CiiiKi' has not raid auythliiR about
railroads lately hut don't you think It la tho op
portune time to look thcuOip just now ?
ltcv. Otto. O. elsprnu't:i old friend on tho
train that ho had not seen for Co years. Thcj
ii'toliotiojsln "Old Kalutuck." In the 40s'.
The Indies of lliu d dlvlsnn of tho Aid Hocl
clyof the M. K. ilinrcli rhvo h very pleaHnnt
lun-mi ui j, a. luuey resiueiieu iusi rriuay
night. '
Tlio time tablo has been ehaiiKcd. Tho Hint-
Iocs train now arrives In tho moinlm; m in in
No. 14 at 7.SO p. nt. and No. IS Is due at 0 p. in.'
" '"' turned t
houK b,'t'.,".c.!
nun i' jit ri-nh till..
Aui'k I'arkesnt Mecook formerly an cm
or this oillce. Is Wiltlnn with Ids parents
ncfK. piiiik nuiii nihiu jmu in ineroiinu
at the nliove imlued nl:uv.
Red Cloud Is uettlin: to liu nultu n snnnner
sort. On 'lhiimday our siKirtlm; editor aecoii
paniei tiy some or our noted sportsmen saw
ery flue spcclmau Ot qiiHllnii Webster strccl
aiish Miioie r.itis, nil Miiiurtiav uiuhl
lloitou where she i?oe on a visit tu friends,
uluht for
w nero sue uoet on a visit lu rri
liuriiosoof eoliitilutellnr her
tor tho purpose of eompluleliiK her imlntlnjc
studies. Mr. Clans accompanied her to
I. W. Kereheval. Illue lliU'sllveatitek ilm4T..r
was In ltotl Cloud, this week. He Is Rolni: east
the ilrtl of tho liioutli, accompanied by his
dauuhier, lleriha. 'J hov expect to visit Indian
a polls.
,'i he Ioiik talkid of lndciiemlcnt larbecuo at
ItastliiKS was u llzle. The loo.onu eoplo that
were to bo there, dwindled down to Moo people
men, women, and children. Tlioprnce'slondld
not amount to auytlilnK uad It Is wtlil that only
vSj voter. h were lu Hue.
Mr. Will 1'arkes and wlfo are home f mm their
trip "around the world" as It were, Will and
wife went to Superior, then to Grand Island,
thence to McCook, and then homo completing
tlio circuit in 30 days, Theyreiort a pioasaut
trip and a pleasant time.
No man. has a clearer conception of tho pub
lie needs than does Hon. W. R. Andrews, He
Is a man of ablllt and a bright student, and
fully conversant with all of the needs of our
district. Hots making friends wherever he
goes, and will be elected.
Only a few moro days and tho Webster coun
ty fair will take place. The management have
secured a lady balloonist who will uso Iter skill
In liiiiinlna
Hi a parachute lu mid-air. She
will bo at the fair thrco d.v
There is no use for people to wall calamity In
Nebraska with the full and bursting bins ot
w neai una me loauea corn cnus. lo Lord
hates a liar, and the man that says Nebraska
farmers aro hard-un wilt certainly Incur the
uismensure i me uuru most, sureiy,
The rcnubllcan nartv of Webster eountv
1.111 civ uuu t:ci umiiij iju tno
,.....-.. &..rtl..un- .. I....I...- -Tij""- .
winnlmr aldn and
wl I uo fully redeemed. Mr. Andrews will
carry the county, also Messrs McCallam and
Mcrtiu win nmvo rousing inaiorii'es. ana in
fact tho republican ticket will be elected. Mr.
McKelghan will have to take a back scat this
year. Mr. Andrews will ho the next congress
man from the cth.
The campalgu was opened In Webster county
on last Thursday evening, at the ojwra house,
at which time, tho lions. James 8. Gilliam, J It
Wilcox and It. McNItt, made tho welkin ring
with th) good old time republican talk. The
band discoursed svnio line music, vnd a large
crowd helped start the nthushttin that is to
awak the echoea that will elect the republican
candidates to oftlce lu November.
Attorney J. M. Charflu. wbo Is well known In
Webster county, and to the bar ot tho republi
can valley, and who has been located at Guide
Hock, has determined to locate at Ked Cloud,
where he will practice law with O. It. Chuner.
Mr. Ghaflln Is a very pleasant gentlemen and
an able lawyer, and Tuk Ciiikf welcomes him
tolled Cloud, and hopes bis business wilt bo
largely Increased by tlio move Mr, ChaRln and
wifo will occupy tho dwelling south of Mr. u II
McNitt'a resideuco on UoutU Cedar Street.
Kx-soldlers read this, but make no answer.
Yuu might stir up sectional strife and animosi
ties. ThU is an extract from a North Carolina
paper: "Tne Globe holds that when tlio dirty
and lousy sneaking scouudrols came Into this
country and robbed homes and burned homos
and stolo all that they could lay their hands up
on uud then ravished all the nigger girls for
miles around and then want the government to
pay them for tho women they bilked, that such
proceedings are simple and na.'efaced robbery.
It was not only then in the superlative, but they
added tu the lutamv f their orlma by becom
ing Immoral. Let them howl, these Harrison
K)Hnunters at the west the solid south ut for
Cleveland, who slapped the sneaking and
scoundrelly beggar pensioners In the f aco.
A Sad Accident.
OnlaatKaturuav niornlnir while Lulu Mallick.
aged I'.' jears. was at the residence ot Jlr. Mor
gan, near owies, plalng with the' children,
uii eight rear-old son of Mr. Morgan's took a
roaaea gun. aimea ii ai me gin, puuea tne
trlgueraudklll.dthell.tleKlrl InsUntlr. The
shootlug was done Innocently, the Ittte on e not
using aw are oi iiieaanger in looung wun tne
gun, and not knowing
mat ii was loaaea. it
was all done In play but ended very sadly. The
uuie siaiiicK gin aiea lusiannr. duo was our
rled Sunday kit
It is a sad blow to her moth
eras weuaato tueiainiiy wnose cuuu caused
the accident. She was the niece of Mr. Peter
HIM at Cowles. Tho family Interested have the
sympathy of the entire community.
A Sugar Factory la Sight.
The people of Jted Cloud and Webster county
can havo a sujrar factory It they will make an
vur Bnantirle has a nroDoaltlon
from resooslble
la ui
parties in uiacxaua white, son
If our enlerprlslug farmers will take hold .of
tho matter we can have a home manufactory.
for the raw material. All It requires is a guar
anlpo that our Doonle will nilaa Bon ncrus of
.beets for tnreo years aut tne factory Is ours,
i he company do not exact any money consider
t on tne ouier nana uroDose touay cooo
figures for every ton ot beets raised. Now Is our
chance. ftOOacrosuf beets.
means something
like $50,000 to our farmers each fall
$50,000 to our farmers each fall. Is It not
worth an effort, and should not Ked Cloud have
It? Let our people get to work at once. A
Hundred otner towns would ana are waiting to
snap up such cuancrs. but Ked Clou 1 alone has
tho opportunity. Now for the factory.
General Recapitulation of Tax
List for tbe Year M3, or
Webster county Nebr.
General fond f 8619 10
Sinking " 80103
Bohool 1723 83
University fund.... Gtfi H
InstPM " .... 215 48
Relief ' .... 215 48 $12,282 31
General fund 12003 CO
3440 70
801 C8
3440 70
MR bond "
Q R bridge bond , , .
School fond
School bond fund. .
" bd mandamus
Precinct tax ...... ,
Poll '
R U wutor bond tax
KOspclsidew'k "
II II village '
0 Ii vll water bd "
OR village "
10,818 80
488 89
88.010 88
5,027 00
1,005 09
5,550 03
3,885 00
4,829 05
52 00
975 80
083 24
20 00
100 28
Total tuxe.
SfjSO.ti'tJ 33
.nrj, ijh
J). V. rrui
XMrs.O. I.
tj((m t,,,M
Sirs. lister has moved to Inavalo.
frunkf y was In Lincoln this week.
Mcheoby Is homo from Khiimis.
sler has Bono hack to New York
Miss Cum Kaley has uouo to I'raukllii
tho Great
l.nn.l1i. U'.aWiu
...I. I. .J II1.VM.J.
Mr. W. HotTirmn, Is out
on tho streets again
aftor a serious Illness.
ae Mrs. Wn
1 Xonths'l
elrx Wrlahtl
V llslimentli
m. Dueker,
U hmiin
fiom a three
visit lu Illinois.
Tliornburir wilt open buitsv Mtnli
in mo Noun uuh'k
, McAvoy and daushtor Minnie, hao
turned from I
Dead wood, Dakota.
Mr. I). M. Halt Is InilldlnK n Iiiiko Brain
houioon Houlh Webster street.
J. J. Durknr lias returned to Jotlet alter
pioasaut visit in lien uiouu wnu old friends.
Hon. Geo. Ilastluas, will spesk on republican
Issues at liluo Hill on tho VOth. All should hear
Tho rteasant Grove appointment undo Mrs.
G. W, Hummel nu excellent present of two Hue
U II. Fort, dopnty county clerk, has flnxhcd
tho tax list. Mr. Port Is an extieit on maklm?
tax lists.
Bmlth (t Eon havo purchased the llarktevdray
line and have entered upon their new duties as
Hon.J. L. Caldwell will speak In Hod Cloud
Oct. 12. on the political Issues of the day. Ho I
n fltio talker. l
U'icar ii-ei uasHremtieu a nosiiion wiiu mo
Illation bank. Ho w Id inovs his family there In
a few weeks.
O. II. I'nul, tho Adams county treasurer, who
was found Kidlty of emliezzlcnieut has lieen
pardoned by Gov. tlnyd.
Mrs, A. K. Mitchell who hss been wilting
with f i lends mid relatives In this city, has le-
urneo to uer uome in oenviT.
Independent ineakors camo in ro last
a taiK on tno political issues or iiio day,
crowd was nreseut to hear them.
A largo number ot our ciil.eiit went to Haul-
iiiKS last n
fW. A. McH
w. t. i
farm seven
Hi. liuu Mi I
iiini io near lion. w. i. Aiiurews ami
McKelgltan, in their joint debate,
iow is. wun nvun in uic smu
en miles south of lied Cloud, on Oct, 4,
Ho has :9 head of stock, a spsli of horses,
orsos, Ki
I a co-jmrU
o bufcheri
st wishes, r
w. Harm ami u (tusi navo formed i
ncrshlii and have embarked In tho
buxliie.iH. The new llrm hae our best
Mis. K..I. ItandNii and Miss Annie Ilandall,
havo gone to Washington D. G.,to attend the
National reunion of old soldiers. After visit
ing thcro they will go to rennsylvanla for a
mouth's stay.
I'm; Chief Iibb added tho Htromsburg
Nesto its valuable exchango list.
Remember that W W Wright will
make you the lowest prices on stoves.
Frank Anson, ot McCook, formerly of
this city, was a pleasant caller this week
The Kina's Dauithters will uive n
Sunflower Tea nt Mrs. L. 11. Doyo's
Friday evening, 8opt. .10th.
You will fail in your duty if you do
not see W. W. Wright before you buy n
heating or cooking stove. Ho has the
finest line in the valley.
Mr. 0. Wiener is having- the interior of
his store finely papered Mr. W. is an en
terprising merchantand believes in koep
ing ahead of the times.
Our devil, and his pals, say it isn't
half the fun a fellow would think it waa
to walk in from Amboy after waiting two
hours for the train, ami then nave it nass
through that burg and never stop.
Tne joint debate at Hastings between
MoKeiahan and Andrews was a Brand
send off for Hon. W. E. Andrews. It is
claimed that Mr. MoKetghan found more
than his match in the republican candi
date. Andrews was cheered to the echo on
every occasion.
As a general rule, it is best not to cor
rect costlveness by tho use of saline or
drastie medicines. When a purgative is
needed, the most DromDt. effective, and
benelloial is Ayer'a Pills. Their tendenoy
is to restore, and nol weatcen, the normal
action of the bowels.
Mrs. Horton has gone to Wisconsin on
a visit.
Henry Boyd and daughter have re
turned from their trip to Illinois and
Mrs. Barton, mother of Itobt Wallace,
returned to her home in Illinois last
Mr. Simpson of Bluo Hill, was doing
business in town Tuesday.
Mr. U. Harrison has gono to Missouri
where be thinks ho will locate.
John Stout had n sale Wednesday, sell
ing off his stock. He expects to make
Imperial his future homo.
The Bank of Bladen has gone into tho
roal estate business and has secured the
servloos of O. O. Teel of Red Cloud to
look after this branch of ths business.
Mr. Bottom hss been somewhat Indis
posed for the last few days and expects to
go to Davenport to consult their family
J. Ii, MoPheelev will discuss tha ininnn
of the day at the hall Wednesday even
ing, ept. zt). ijet everybody come out to
hear him.
A few from this vicinity attended tho
independent rally at Hastings.
Mr. Moore haa built a grain office and
is moving the scales and will soon be
ready for outlness.
Mrs. Susan Monroe and daughter have
gone east to Illinois to spend tbe winter.
Quite a good deal of sickness among
the ohildren in this violmty. It seems in
most all oases it is a fever of some kind.
Quite a number f roui Bliie Hill, Camp
bell, Roseland and Red Cloud came to
hoar our next congressman, Andrews
speak last Wednesday. The hali waa
crowded and those who heard him were
well pleased with hia address.
From the enthusiasm shown at the re
publican club last Thursday evening. An
drews will be elected. T. B. Cannon of
Roseland and others addressed the olub.
It was so enthusiastic that at the close ten
came forward and Joined, among them
were democrats and independents who
couldn't go Mao any longer. He has rode
tbe two platforms ions enoush.
Hurrah for Andrews, MoCallum and
A, P. Johnson has purchased a span of
ponies and will drive two horses instead
of one, . . .
The county fair managers have secur
ed the services of a lad baloonist, who
will give a free exhibition on the 5tb,
Oth and 7th at the fair grounds. After
rising to a sufficient altitude she will
drop from the baloon witn a parachute.
The Best Yet.
.The Omaha Weekly Hoe for the balance of
the year, with a colored lithograph ot4Yeldenl
irarilson.wlllboscntto any address In this
country for laccou. This elegant pleruro H
the boat likeness of the President published,
and would cost you at least one dollar In any
art store. Don't miss tlio chance, but In
your order at onco. .
Tub Haa I'uuuiinwuCo.. Omaha, Neb.
The W. R. 0. ladies on last Saturday
night, met and surprised Mrs. West It
waa tha occasion ot her 25th marriage
1 anniversary. She was presented with an
sppropxlaU Vs'vsfcir ou tho occaakm.
o v. erv-' i v
V T '
re- I
frVell Made, Stylish Clothing,
Warm mid Health Preserving Underwear,
Stylish Hats or Gaps,
-:-:- IF
Come and see .us
Having just returned from the Eastern mark
et our stock is ready for your inspection.
Wo have many Rare BargainH to otter you
Square Dealing Golden Eagle.
O. WIENER, Prop.
4"Im Qni. !... 11.1. .... -...fc .. 1
wu oukucuuy, aihi, nu ovouu uuuurruu
here which shocked every one. Lulu
Malltok 12 years old started for Elm
Creek to gather grapee, stopped a moment
for an older girl, who was to accompany
ner, wnen a nuie uoy u years old, picuou
un a shot iron. suDnosins there was no
load in it. and pointing it at Lulu's head,
tired, killing her instantly. The distress
of Mrs. Mallick and her children cannot
be imagined much less described.
The funeral services were held in the
Congregational church, on Sunday at 3
p. tu., tho pastor Kev. II. D. Piatt olll
oiating. The attendance was the largest over
known at a funeral. The whole com
munity sympathized most deeply with
the stricken family. A liboral purse was
quietly and privately made for tho bene
fit of the bereaved 'widow and fathorloss
The Congregational church is putting
into their edifice a new celling, of yel
low pine, to take the place of tho falling
to Devil In the lllue
Hill Wuve.
You nro right. We claimed in our tlrst
letter .that we were one of Morrison's
friends, not his enemy. You say If we
were not. it never would appear in print.
If yon were not his enemy there never
would rnything, exoopt tho clipping of
tho Bradshaw paper, have appeared
against Morrison in the little sheet pub
lished at Bine Hill. We aro glad you
havo been so bold in coming out and giv
ing your name as we suppose the big let
ters yon plaoed at the head of our letter
you published waa intended for your
name, but we don't if the Devil gets to
wearing very much of genuine sheeps
It is an old adage that some people get
the cart before, the horse, and so It may
be with yonr name appearing before my
Yon say yon do not desire to abuse un
less you are the first subjeot for such.
Mow Just, top and rehearse yonr words in
the flrst article you published In your lit
tle sheet, which reads as follows: "By
the above (speaking ot the Bradshaw
iter) it oan be seen that Rev. L. Morri
son, formerly pastor of the M. E. church
of this oity, is at hi old tricks again at
Bradshaw, this state;" and in another
item in the same issue yon say: Ve are
Inclined to believe that thlt Rev. Gentle
man is a blood relation of Balaams tray
eling companion or else he is turning his
attention to women instead of preaching.
Mow Mr. D. and T.let me ask who threw
the flrst stone. Don't talk about cow
ardloe, tbe Devil and things, who hasn't
sand enough to stand before Morrison's
face and talk as he does in the paper.
Now talk about back.bltlntr. If von
had not been in it first, our first letter
never would have appeared in print.
You say tbe wisest men on earth havo
been those who devoted their time to their
own business. That is a good maxim D.
T. Just praotioe it a little.
In speaking about the Dsweese talk,
caused by my dear .friend Morrison, let
me say that hat is too thin. I was right
there and know more about it than you
do. and know that the talk was some more
of the same kind of blood that the last
was. We said a had heard Morrison1
talked about by more than one In Blue
Hill, and we" don't have to take back one
word, vw never said that an the citizens
hof Bluellill 'misused Morrison, So far
as wo know tlfifre' aft some good people
in Blue ilT7 - - ' '
, You spoke" 6f my' ignorance 'My dUr
sir, if Balaam's donkey had have been half
na.igborant as you have been In this oat,
Christ never would have gotten to Jerusa
lem. After all the writiiur you have dona
about Bev. Morrison yoq never have signed
yournamo or written it under the hearfli
-- .i. ' I m . . : , -
oi smumkwji sua tusa try to snow jour
Foot Wear,
SO -:-:-
ignorance by howling about oar Mine
not nppearlng at the close of oar writlac
where wo did sign as one of Marrisofni
menus, m dear sir, yon railed to seM
us a copy ot yonr paper wheat yoa an
swered our last, so one of oar friensto
stepped iuto one of the basinets house
or uiue inn ana asked him for am last
Ware and the answer he received was,
"We havo no use for that little sheet"
My dear sir, if I was sueh aa If aataatus
as to try arid publish a sheet thai was) ap
preciated as yours is by those thai mm
in contact with it, I wool skip la law'1
and not punish the cltiseas so. Tka
reason wo did not answer yon taf'
Inst week's paper wis because we were
not at homo. We are here to star first
and last, not jumping from oae plaee to
another. We are glad to not that IUv.
Morrison is coming out of the trap that
the Bluo Hill Wave thought he waa eaaahl
in, without the least smlll of Are on Bis
clothing, and it will be shown to tha
public why those charges have been
brought against him. Morrison will be
pahl every dollar of his salary and on
Hept. 8 th they gave him a grand Mjppar
and had r. full house and a good state,
Tho church board have stood by taatr
pastor and he haa th sympathy of Ma
congregation wbiohr peaks wad.
Omx or MoRatsoa's Fsiind.
The Superior
for all forms of
blood disease,
the health '- N
restorer; and heaKb
maintainor. "
Cures Others
will euro you.'
Notice or Probata of Will.
State of Nebraska,
Webster Oountr, )
. To all persons Interested a to estate et Mil'
ton Lester deceased,
Whereas, Kiia walker Letter of saM eaaaty.
has filed In my office an InttrusMM esmerMac
to be tho last will and teitaisaTet WHS Ua-
ter decoasyd, late of .said eeuatv. aaev a nu
tlon praying to bare the saaae adatttted toM-
bate, which will relate to boUr real a4 afsea
al estote. wh-reupoo i hav appatatglfiBr
tbe 7tb Day r.NovcMber. !,
at 2 o'clock In tha afuraoon, st .aty.
aa M county u the time and place ot proviig
said will, u which tine and Biase yaa ana ajl
concerned may appear and contest the presets
of tho same. '
It Is further ordered.that said aeMtloaer aire
notice to all persons Interested)! aM estate ef
tho peudency ot the petHKm;aaiiaUM aa4
place set for hearing the few. eaaslac a
copy of this order to he pubUstod la th -led ,
Cloud Oil IKK, a newspaper nuMls In -MM '
county and state, for ibtM'ieMr iMUMitrjiy '
previous to U day st tor said tosarfai. lu
testimony whereof. I juwe nitwsnto set say
berl883. .
P. --. ,,-
..liu uuu viuv.ut ami im zirab fjaw as aaaraaaB
n. ;jmmu Drvrif.)juja:
ffttfTJblrlWee"n""f6rxHow wetirtV tw'-
hhml ivd-nadirf iy yoartbWsh-A'wuke.
-. -jyiSSAWlolut,l)a AmuaoiLM
v IttaUlnffCpVriwpeeHtliy't)ic7wa7,
can you yWo mo an intorvioivron the
political situation?
Gen. Illgboom I know nothing about
Hustling Correspondent Well, give ,
mc an Interview tolling wha you don't
know about It. Puck, ,. . Mt . .
i tunt
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7 -a
. . .
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