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' Eternal Vigilance is the-Price of Liberty," and Onq, Dollar a year is the Price, of The Chief.
By A. C Hosmer.
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, Aug. 5, 1892.
Vol. 20. No. 2
Do You Want a Bargain ?
If so, Examine Figures Below. ,
2 - WEEKS ONLY ! - 2
Our entire stock of Shoes at Cost.
Our entire stock of Black Organdes at Cost.
f jr "
Our entire stock of Black Sateens at Cost.
Our entire stock Colored Sateens at Cost.
Summer Jackets at cost, Ladies White Underwear at
cost. Our entire stock of Summer Clothing at cost.
And many other articles too numerous to mention. We also have a few
Bargains in the Grocery Line: 19 yi lbs. Gr Sugar for $1; 5 packages of
Coffee, 95c. Everything else in the grocery line in proportion.
Highest prices paid for Butter, Eggs, Corn and Oats.
Remember the place and call and see us Moon Block, Red Cloud.
Ho, There!
6. W. DOW
Keeps a full line of-
Tickles, Pitman Boxes,
Knife Heads, Sections,
Guards, Guard Plates, Rivets,
for all kinds of Mowing Machines.
fW Old iron taken hi exchange. Machines repnired in
good shape. I havo also a few kind of rake teeth on hand
a. if. now.
.' Perkins & Mitchell's old stand.
Choice Flour & Feed,
And sells it cheap.
Get his prices before buying,) out flour.
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pltclior's proscription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance, it is n harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colie. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency
Castoria assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tho Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend .
" Castoria Is on excellent mcxllclno for chit
Iron. Mother have repeatedly told moot Its
good affect upon their children."
Da. a, 0. Osooon,
Lowell, Mass.
" Castorl Is tho best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope tho day Is not
far distant when mothers will consider the real
Interest of their children, and uso Castoria In
stead of the various (juaclc noatrumswhlch aro
destroying their loved ones, by forclngopluni,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
rgents down their throats, thereby sending
thum to premature craves."
Da. J. F. Kwcnrxoi,
Conway, Ark.
" Castoria is so well ndspted to children thai
I rocominend it as superior to onjrpwscrlfitai
H. A. Abchsb, st. D
111 So. Oxford fit, Brook'r.H. Y.
''Our physicians la tho children depart
ment have spoken highly of their sxperl
cnoe la their outside practice with Castoria,
and although wa only have among our
medical supplies what Is known as regular
products, yet wo are frco to confess that the
merit of Castoria has won us to took with
favor upon It."
Vkitkd IfesrrriL and dispspuky,
Allen 0. Burnt, Prt$ ,
Tke Ccataar Company, T7 Murray Strt, Mew York City
Republican Bcmttorlitl C'onvcn
tlon. Tho republicans of Nuokolls,
Franklin and Webster counties will
moot in convention, at tho court-houso
in Hod Cloud on Thursday, Aug., 11,
at 2 p. m. for tho purposo cf nomi
nating a candidato for sonator for 2Gth
district. ,Tho counties aro entitled
to tho following representation:
Webster 10
Franklin C
Nuokolls 8
0. F. Oatiieii, Sce'y.
W. Fobtek, Chairman.
Senator Paddock' Position.
Sonator Paddook refuses to worry
himself ovor tho apparent nttcmptB
recently mado in somo quarters of
Nebraska to question his republican
ism, I showed him this after
noon two clippings from Btato papors
which assailod him vigorously for bin
voto on agrcoing to tho eonforoneo ro
port on tho MoKinloy bill and his at
titude toward tho Stowart silvor bill
which recently passed tho senate,
Tho sonator said: "Tho partios
who aro oritioising my action
on theso two economio ques
tions will find it very difficult to
drivo mo out of tho republican party.
I havo novor but onoo votod anything
but tho republican ticket, and for fif
teon years havo voted an opon tickot
at tho polls. I am a republican and
in lino with ropublican policy, as I
havo always been. I havo resorvod
to inyaolf, what is tho right of every
republican, tho right to strugglo for
my own interpretation of party dec
larations on certain economio ques
tions, but I have always stood firmly
for tho basic prinoiplos upon which
thosj declarations wore foundod.
"Did I voto against tho MoKin
loy bill? Cortainly not; I fought
with a united west to havo that bill ns
it camo from tho houso modified in
aocordanco with tho tariff plank of
tho republican platform of 1888 and
aided in securing material changoj in
tho bill as it passed tho senate. I
voted for, instead of against tho bill
as it loft tho sonato, and when it was
returned from tho conferonco commit
tee did my bost to havo it drawn into
a second oonferenoo in order that fur
ther modifications in tho line of west
ern demands might bo made. Had I
received tho expoctod republican su p.
port a second conferonco would, I am
certain, have given tho country a bill
even moro satisfactory than that
which became a law,
Ills Coarse was Approved
"3Iy efforts on this lin received
tho encouragement tnl approbation
of the most dintinguitfhi'il and emi
nent living republican. I do not
need to inoiition his name, I havo tvi
appologios to odor for my position
and work on the MoKinloy bill, I
was in favor generally of tho bill but
desired certain modifications which I
beliovo to bo for tho intoroBts of our
section. I placed myself oloaily on
reoord as a staunoh protectionist but
I did not and do not beliovo that loy
alty to protection neoessarily requiros
mo to take, as th'o proper mcasuro of
protection, tho viows of senatorial
associates not aH well fitted ns myself
t) know how their application would
affeot my section, i am for tho bill
now as it stands until n republican
congress oan improvo it,"
"How about silvor?"
"I was paired on tho final p image
of tho silvor bill," said tho senator,
"If my pair, Senator Gibson, had
boon present I should havo voted
against tho bill as it was finally form
ulated, What I favored and yotnd
for and should voto for again was tho
substitute proposed which provided
duct, I felt, however, that owing to
tho ponding international monetary
conforenco a delay in the time at
which tho bill should go into efeot
would bo advisablo and so voted f jr
Sonator Allison's amendment poet
poning tho dato, and afterwards ofer
od two amondmontB myself on tbe
sumo lino. I folt that the freo cols
ago of tho product of Americas
mines would bo afar better solution
of tho silyor problom than the pre
sent law, which is proving unsatis
factory to both oamps. I had reason
to beliovo that such a bill would
moro nearly havo mot tho viows of
tho Troasury department and the ad
ininistrition iu tho Fifty-first con
gress than tho moasure which beoame
a law. But 1 did not approye the
silvor bill as it finally passed, for
which I am acouscd of votiair. and
had Sonator Gibson been' present
should havo voted against it, So
much for silver. But. I confess I
havo been too much occupied in look
ing after tho material interests of my
constituents to make politics a eneoi-
alty. My rulo has bcon business flrat
and politics afterwards."
Republican eiiibe.
Tub Chiev desires to say that eve
ry livo and onthusiastio ropublican 'in
Wobstor county, should at oiee
interest himself in seeing that a
ropublican loiguo olub be orgaiiied
in every school district in the county.
Now is tho time to form in line. Lei
some ropublican start the nova. Tmi
Chief will choorfully furaish any in-
formation needed and will alio aid in
getting speakers for you whenever'
possible Get your clubs formed ear-
ly and havo thorn in trim,
Tho B. & M. will sell tiokeU to
Dcadwood and Hot Springs, 8. 1).. at
rato of ono faro for tho round trip,
tiokots to bo sold July 25 t Aug. 10
inolusivowiih transit limit of one day
in each dircotion, and final limit to Oc
tober J 0,92.
Trionnial conolavo, Koighta Test
pi ars, Denver, Col, Aue. 9-14, 1892.
For tho abovo occasion, round trip
tiokots will bo sold July 25 to Aug. 10
inclusive, to Denvor at one lowest first
olass faro. Stopovers will be allowed
without transit limits of tiokets. 8lde
trip excursion tiokots will be Hold to
Ilelonn, Salt Lake City and Ojrdfn
and return nt ono lowest first olass fart
for tho round trip in connection with
tho Denver Conolavo excursion tiekets,
final limits on these tiokets Oct. 10,
1892. A. Conovkr, Agt.
Please remember that tho tariff
rubs tho people because "it is always
added to the ocmt to tuako the price."
Sttcl billuls sell in England for $20..
00 per ton; with tho tariff added the
pi ion hero would bo $29.04 but every
mm who has road tho Homestead his
tory knov.s that the prioo of steel bil
lots hero is now $22, and not $29.04.
And the nvcrago wages of the work-
liiirmon who produce them InKnoUufl
Ih $1 per day and hero it is $3 pr day
That is another way tho tariff Is rob
bing tho pooplo."
Willow Creek.
A Sundty School lawn social and
ioo cream supper hold at Mr. Adam-
son's grove tho 23rd of July, The
proceed to buy an oran $20 was
realized. 8
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Blankey.Ju
ly 20, a son, of usual Nebraska
weight. ,
Mr. WUion uf Blue Hill put iu a
tubular well last jvoek for Saw Bruaer
T, G. Wilder goes to Lincoln,
Wodnesday, as llepublioan delegate.
Disease never successfully altaeka a
Byfitom with pure blood. De Wittta Sa--Buparilla
makeo pure, new blood and ea-
i I
nunes tne oiu. u. w uouiag.
I for tho coinage of the American pro
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