The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 29, 1892, Image 5

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Kfrjfr -
: .
Worth $2.50 to close
On 11 goods to make room For Fall Stock.
B. & M. R. R. Time Tnblc.
. . TnlcliiR effect Nov. IS.
Train earning iassciiRcrs leave Ked Cloud
as follows:
No. 122 VawnRerto HbMIdrs, n:C2 p. m.
No, 120 KreiKht lor IlastlnRs 1:30 p. in.
rassengcr from Hasting
rives 0;4la. m.
No. to, I'lmcnccr to Ht. .luseph, at,
M)iilaml Chicago dully 10:30 a. m
No 14 l'asenor to Kansas Citv nml
Atchison, dally. ? .33, p.m.
No, 13 Passenger for Denver and In
trrmcillato point, dally, 7:30 a.m.
No. IS, rassciiRer for Denver, dally, 0:10 p. m.
No. 133 local freight to Oxford dally
except Sunday 0:00 am
no. 131 local ireiuui irom uuoru uauy
8:15 pm
Coding's sticky fly paper.
Sticky fly paper at Deyo's.
Thad McNitt is homo this week.
Wright for hardware and stoves,
0. J. Popo was in Omilia this week.
Cloth bound hooks only 2Q cents at
Court bus been adjourned to Goto
ber 10.
Subscribe for your campaign papers
at Doyo's.
D. 1. Newcomer was in Red Cloud,
this week.
L. II. Rust and wife, were in Hast
ings, this week.
L. II. Dcyo sells tho best machino
.nn tho market.
yo sells the best remedy an earth
for barb wiro cuts.
Andy Warner, ot Linooln, was in
tho city this week. ,.
Nanitou Mineral water by tWglass
bottle or case at Col ting's.
For fino tobacco, cigars, candies
dec., go to J. O. Lindlcy's.
D. Kcslor has improved his premis
es by triming his shado trees.
' Don't forget that Calmcs keeps
kinds of confections, bread, etc
Cottinc has tho best machine
and the cheapest in tho market.
Cloth bound books 20 cents each
or three for 50 cents at Cotting's.
See Oscar Fatmor before buying
flour. lie has made a big reduction.
Macauley'B History of England
only $1.60, 5 vol. cloth bound, at Dc
Get ono of thoso vapor stoves of
W" W. Wricht and you will never be
Farm loans at six per cont option
to pay after two yoars-D. B. Stan-
Shorwood Albright entertained his
young friends to-day with a pionio in
Bleoper's grovo.
F. V. Taylor, allows no orro to sell
more goods than he doer, at prices
that aro low, for good goods.
Go to tho new hardware etoro of
W. W. Wright for goods. Stock now
and clean and prices reasonable,
The Taylor Circus which was held
in this city Monday was tho best ever
held in Red Cloud. Everything was
iirflt-olaas and merited the praise of
A runaway team on Sunday after
noon caused considerable commotion
on tho stroets. The neckyoko broke
and let the pole down, which frighten
ed tho team. Tho buggy was dam
aged some.
Willie Kellogg, a well-known young
man of this city has acquired a tasto
for arts and has becomo quite prod
cent. Ho rcoontly did some sign
painting for Mr. 0, C. Caie, that cun
not bo surpassed,
Tho B. & M. will Fell tickets to
Hot Springs, South Dakota, and Dead
wood, S. D. at a rato of ono faro for
tho round trip. Ticket to bo nold
July 26th to August 10 inolusivo will
transit limit of ono day in caoh direo
Uon and final limit to Ootober 10 '02.
V Bring in your old worn-out mow
' thg machines and rako tcth and get
work oT cash for tltoui.
504t 0, W, Dow.
i i Tp.a flrAam at naltiiAR .. JrjScvT..,.
XXTy -M-VJW UlULUlll lAimi WkUXXUVkl ..r i.u m... up
wjti ..." : - .z;i::r..,. tt
- - mnf mmmmwaMaawPmm ww T "wwr
out at
Go to Calmes' for ioe cream.
Miss Flossy Ranncy is homo from
Mrs. Geo. Holland is homo from
Hot Springs.
J. W. Kcrehoval of Blue Hill was
in Red Cloud Saturday.
Editor Greenlee has gono west on a
health procuring expedition.
Charley Molloy came in this week
helped tho "Big Idjuh" financially.
Rcy. Mr, Futman is again in Red
Cloud and will hereafter mako his
headquarters hero.
Tho Christian church ladies gavo a
sooial at 0. C. Bell's on Friday even
ing last. It was a success.
Mrs. Dr. Damcrell entertained a
number cf littlo folks on Wednesday
in honor of her littlo nieces.
John S. Parkes has had tho interior
of his grocery store nicely kalsomincd.
F. P. Hadley was tho artist.
G. W. Barker and mother havo
gono to Chicago, boing called there
by tho sickness of her sister.
Undo Georgo Winton got stung tho
other day with bees whilotrying to
hive sonio that bad swarmed.
Hood's'Sarsaparilla absolutely cures
all'discascs caused by impure blood
and it builds up tho whole system.
G. A. Duckor & Co. havo been fur
nishing hnrso-blankots for tho dray
men, with neat advertisements on
Tho Angell Lumber company, lo
cated in Salt Lake, of which we spoke
of last week as having failed has re
sumed business.
Wright (he liardwaro man, is Bell
ing lots of hardware, tinware, &o.,
and jou aro not in it unless you see
him beforo buyiog.
Cottinghas tho finest assortment of
books bound in cloth that was ever
shown in tho city and only 20cts per
volume or three for 50 cents.
Young man do jou want a practical
education? If so, attend the Bcatrioe
Business, Normal and Short-band Col
lege. Send for catalogue. 51-4
J. A. Lopcman, tho proprietor of
of the justly celebrated Red Cloud
nursery, U in the eity. Wo aro
pleased to noto that he is doing well.
C. E. Hicks, A. Johnson and F. W.
McLaughlin of Bladen were in Red
Cloud on Thursday. Wo aoknowledgo
a pleasant visit from Mcssh Hicks
and McLauglin.
Mrs, Me teal T,' who has been at Ash
land to rcceivo surgical treatment, is
fast recovering and her many friends
in Red Cloud will he pleased to hear
of her rcoovcry under favorablo cir
cumstances. MtsL. B. Hoel, Supcriutcndont,
Homo' of Friendless Linooln, will bo
rjloase'd to moot the ladies of Red
Cloud at tho Christian church, Thurs
day evening, Aug. 4th, 8 p. m , fqr
purpose of organizing an auxiliary,
Mr. Wiseman of Des Moines, Iowa,
the Advauco Agent for Matilda
Fletcher the noted lecturer was in
town thiaacck arranging for a locturo
on Saturday ovetaing, Sopt. 10th, sub
ject, "Is ma.n nn Angel1' Over 120.
tickets havo already been sold.
The band concerts given by our
Red Cloud S of V. band aro excel
lent, und tanh evening are listen cd to
k our peoplo with both pleasure and
'pride. The Saturday nii$ht concerts
aro excellent. Our citizens should
encourago tho boys in their efforts to
becotno proficient,
In another place- in, today's paper
will bo found tho roport of tho Forw
ent & Merchants bunking company.
Tho roport id a splendid showing of
the financial condition of tho bank,
Tho doposits aw about $95,0Q0pvhioh
goos to bIiow thaftho financla'1 condi
tion of our city id iri- good shspo and
growing steadily bettot.
Walter Ctirran was in tho city thr
foro part of tho week.
Dr. Schcnck of Rivcrton was in
tho oity this week.
Mary VnnDyko hns gono to Califor
nia to visit with her brothers.
Mrs. Rooncy, mother of Mrs. J. H.
Fcrman, is in the city this week.
Miss Loca Coy of McCook, war tho
guest of Miss Lulu Potter? this wook,
Mr. Milton Lester who has boon
very siok is ablo to bo around again.
"Shack" Proctor of Iowa, son-in-law
of A. Calmcs, is ill tho eity, and
will remain hero for somo time.
Miss Josio Igou, who has been visit
ing for tho past few weeks, in Hot
Springs and Missouri, returned homo
Monday morning.
The Ciiikf has added the following
now subscribers this week: W. H.
Patterson, J. R. Crozlcr, F. W. Mo
Laughlin and II. C. Coleburn.
Read tho roport 'of tho Bank of
Cowlcs in another placo in this paper.
This bank makes an excellent exhibit
of its sound financial condition.
Cold weather oti Thursday and to
day a chango of over 30 degrees. It
mado a fellow think "as how" he'd
jumped from tho frying pan into a
cold hath.
Leon Lester, who has been cast for
nearly a jcar learning tho machinist
trado was called homo this weok by
serious sickness of his father, Leon
has bocomo ycry proficient in his
trado and when his timo expires will
bo master of his trado.
Tho members of Red Cloud lodgo
No. 00 have made arrangements for a
grand A. O. U. W. picnto in this oity
Aug. 18, to whioh over 80 lodges havo
been invited. Grand Master Tnto
will bo hero and a good timo will bo
had. Nearly every member will bo
present from tho thirty lodges invited.
Tho picnic will tako placo in Gov.
Garbcr's grove.
Mrs. K. Skecn and Mrs. F. S. Hon
dcrson, both wcll-knewn ladies of this
city have leased tho room recently oc
cupied by tho First National Bank,
and will start a first-olass millinery
store, Thoso ladies fully understand
tho business, and wo have no doubt
but what thoy will succeed as they
proposo to put in a fino stock of goods
that will bo in keeping with tho noods
of R:d Cloud ladies. The Chief
w'shes them success.
Campaign Opened.
On Thursday night, tho Hon. W. E.
Andrew of Hastings, our next con
gressman, spoko to an immenso audi
ence at the opora houso on tho politi
cal issues of tho day. Mr. Andrews
is certainly ontitlcd to the distin
guished application of tho "silver
tongucd orator. I' or moro than two
hours did he hold his audience spell
bound with his masterly array of facts
on tho tariff and financial record as
espoused by tho republican party. Ho
clearly and logically deuncd tho atti
tude of tho republican party on these
two important points, and beforo ho
was half through convinced his audi-
onco that ho understood his themo
thoroughly and could tell it so that
thoso prcsont oould fully understand
it also. Thoro is no dcmogoisin in
Mr. Andrew' make-up, and ho talks
just what ho believes. Ho enters up
on his argument with a courago of his
convictions, based on a knowledge of
facts. Ho docs not try to doceivo for
the salco of voto catching, but in a
clear intelligent manner carries his
audienco with him, and embellishes
his argumonts with excellent points
that carry oonviotion to those who de
sire to bo enlightened on tho -important
political and eoonomio prinoiplos
of the government as enunciated by
tho republican party. Mr. Andrews,
by his straight-forward way and his
extraordinary ability in discussing
important problems, made many
friends who will stand bv him in No
vember. He is certainly a winner.
Tlrcd all tlio Time."
Is tho complaint of many poor mor
tals, who know not whoro to find re
lief. Hood's Sarsaparilla possessos
jusUhoso elements of strongth which
you so earnestly crave, it will build
you up, givo you an appitito, strength
en your stomach and nerves. Try it.
Hood's Pills act especially upon
tho liver, rousing it from torpidity to
its natural duties, cure constipation
and assist digestion.
Mrs. Dora Lent, well-known in Rod
Cloud as Miss Dora Loavitt, died at
her homo in Nowburg Colifornia, u
fow days since. She was tho Bister
of Mrs. Isaac Ludlow.
Highest of all in Learentag Power.
Win If u Hurglitrf
Not many days ago a gentleman of
roputc, who lives in Red Cloud, and
carries on a flourishing business, fin
ished up his day's work which had
netted him a nico surpltts,and wended
his way homeward, whero after spend
ing soveral hour.-, in social chat with
his wifo and children, retired for tho
night to dream of tho wealth ho had
made, and of the treasurer ho propos
ed to lay up not in heaven but in
thia world, Ho thought how on the
morrow ho would soil so many articles
how tho profits would bo great and all
that. But how was it with his good
wife at homo. She had been conniving
how to help her licged lord to mako
this mint of money so that tho paths
in tho futuro would ho strewn moro
plentifully with bright spots. To
that end bIio had plannod many of tho
household affairs so that each might
bo mado lesB expensive, and ono of
those expenses to bo curtailed was
bread. Tho good wifo therefore,
whilo her hubby was dreaming, had
fixed up a bottlo of yeast and careful
ly corked tho same nnd placed it in an
air-tight compartment to keep it cool
until needed in tho morning. Sho
said nothing to her husband about
tho yeast, and later on rctirod also.
Ho laid thoro sleeping tho sleep of
tho happy and successful businessman
and pleasantly dreamed of tho timo
when ho should riso to affluence. By
this timo tho wifo had gono to dream
land. In tho woo snia' hours tho
yeast got to working, tho business
man commenced changing his dream
to that whioh mado him
fearful. Ho dreamed that al
ter all his days' labor that n
burglar was trying to got it to tho
houso. Just then tho cork flow out
of tho yeast bottle with a tcrriblo ro
port, and up jumped tho b. m , clutch
ed his revolver nnd slid around to an
open window and waited for tho sup
posed burglar, in tho meantime tho
wife discovered tho causo and laughed
tremendously, tho b. in., still hunting
tho burglar. When told what caused
tho disturbance, ho sighed but quietly
remarked, for Godsako Samantha,
don't say any thing to tho neighbors
about it, and I'll buy you a new dress
Howcyer tho story was to good to
keop and of course our roportcr heard
of it shoitly afterwards.
. .i ...i i ...
Tliey Got film Down.
Miko Finkenbinder, is a peculiar
fellow, and whilo his voioo hasn't got
tho sonorous sound of a fog horn,
yet it has a leanness to it that has a
drawing effect, Tho othor day, Miko
was going to show tho Bugoaters how
people down in Missouri hived bees
when thoy swarmed, therefore Mike
waived tho other fellows aside and
says "1-e-t m-o s-h-o-w y-o-u h-o-w
t-h-e-y h-i-Y-o b-e-c-s i-n G-o-d-'s
c-o-u-n-t-r-y. All right said tho other
fellows and stepped aside, Miku waded
in. In a minuto afterwards ono of
tho fellows cried out hark I is that a
firo in town ? No, yo, cods, no, U was
Miko Finkenbinder hollering for
Hades sako to take thoso blamed boes
off of mo, thoy ain't tho samo kind
that stays in Missouri?." Miko had
evidently been used to biving
democratio bees, Miko swoaru
that 10,000 needles couldn't
have hurt ( him, as did thoso
infernal bees.
' -
Furnished by tho Fort Abstract Co.,
Red Cloud, Neb.
Burnham Tulleys fc Co., to 8
Teuton B Roff all 21-1-0 qcd... 360 00
Tenton E RolT to L W Tulleys
and E. fl. Wnltors nit 21-l-D
qcd 100
Lucretia Roes to 0 PPotter und
U lots 3 and I blk 2 Richard-
on'anddwd 25 00
Clark Robinson MusHolmunneJi
32-2-0 wd 2500 00
W S Whitten to Atta H Sweezy
lot 25 blk Id Dlue Hill qcd. . . . 1 00
Ellon O Talbot to John U Snbin
1 ncre in swji h w 3-1-9 wd . . 350 00
Ellen G Tnlhot toChasHTonch
worth 5 3-5 acrea in cuU coli
4-1-9 wd 350 00
0 L l'opo to Jacob Buss bwJl
u-4-lU wd IJUUU 00
Whereas; It has pleased our
Heavenly Father, to remove from
oarth to Heaven, and from tho hearts
and homo the oldest son of our Band
director, therefore bo it:
Resolved; That wo tbo Sous of Vet
erans Band of Red Cloud, and to
thoso san hearts wo extend our most
sincero sympathy in this dark hour
of sflliotion, and tho only consolation
wo have is, Ho that givcth all things,
takoth away and doth all things for
the best.
Bo it furthar resolved that thoso
resolutions bo spread upon tho re
cords of this Band organization, and
a cony of tho sacio bo forwarded to
tho borcaved parents.
Red Ci.oud S or V CiiiNi:r Band.
U. S, Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1885)
by tlio Itcv. 1:. I., ill) ,
of IliUC'ity.
(Attlelo Second)
I promised last wook to toll tho
readers of The Chief something ol
Helena, but beforo doing to, I think
I will say something of liutto City.
This city enjoys tho distinction of
being tho greatest mining camp in tho
world, not excepting Lcadvillo. How
ever, in spooking of it ns n mining
camp, ono must not take it as a placo
whoro tho buildings aro of canvas or
rouqh boards, but, on tho contrary, it
has many fino brick nnd atono blocks,
und in this rospcot will coniparo fav
orably with any castcru city of equal
It has a population of about twonty
to twonty-flvo thousand including the
other camp situated oloso by and
whioh aro all connoctcd by tho oleo
trio car linos.
Its altitude is 5,482 feet. Coming
into it from tho north ono gets tho
first view of it when soveral hundred
feet abovo it, and as tho train winds
around tho mountains and through
tho gulches, making a rapid descent,
it presents an exceedingly ploluresquo
Thoro aro many mines here, tho
largest of whioh has a holo in tlio
ground about 1500 foct deep. Tho
shaft and hoisting works aro on tho
top of a hill and down perhaps 100
feet from tho top a tunnel is dug
whoro tho tramoars run out from the
shaft with tho oro. Thcso ard run on
narrow tracks perhaps about 30 inchoa
in width, nnd thcro aro two of them,
tho ous running out on ono and baok
on tho othor. As I had no acquain
tances in tho oity und was alone, I
new it would bo useless to try to go
down tht, shnft, but whilo peering in
to tho tunnol I became possessed with
a desiro to exploro it ns far as it wont.
At tho entranoe, apparently to keep
such tendcrfcot as nn self out whero
tbero in less danger of boing run ovor,
thoro was n somewhat antiquatod but
lusty son of Erin. I asked him if I
would bo allowed to go in. His reply
was ,(Naw, not unless yo havo impor
tant business," so I stood and watched
tho ears go in and out for a few mo
ments, each of them in chargo of a
man, and tho temptation bcoamo irro
sistablo, nnd I dropped in behind ono
going in. At tho end of tho tunnel
is a spaoo perhaps 15 or 20 foot squaro
whoro tho cars aro run oil tho eleva
tor on tho rook floor, then rolled on
tho traok and out.
I bad not yet got my eyes fairly ad
justed to tho sudden chango from day
light to lamplight so I oould soo com
fortably, when a miner bounced mo to
get out of tho way. I went over to
tho othor side when up camo another
elevator and I saw I was going to got
another invitation to got out of tho
way, so I concluded thoy wcron't giv
ing mo a very cordial reception, and,
dropping in behind tho out-going car.
I soon saw daylight again, Tho man
at the entrance said, "Well, you wont
in, did you," and then went up to tho
works abovo and gavo mo quito a good
deal of information about tho mining
Thoro is a fino systom of street cars
and water works, but no sewers and
tho drainage is bad, and I think I
never saw mud bo deep us on its main
Ono is struck with tho sig'.it ot
hundreds of men standing on tho
strcots, particularly in the vicinity of
tho great gambling houso. Tho men
work in tho mines in shifts of eight
hours caoh, and as thcro aro about
4700 working at a timo tho crowded
streets aro easily acoountod for.
As in all tho western mining cities
prices aro high. Street oar faio is 10
cents. I paid 25 ocnts for a shave.
Whilo sitting in a restaurant of whioh
thcro aro some excellent ones, I made
a memorandum of soma prices on the
bill of fare: tiandwich, 25o; rggs,
12o for 2; portcrhouso steak, GC to
$1.25; oyster stew, 75o; pio, 15o for
a piece; radishes, 15o. Hut, while
priccj are high, tho quantity of food
furnished was in duo proportion. A
man at my side ordered a sirloin stoak
and it was at least 0x10 inches by
in, thick. Ho was bard at work whou
I left, trying to cot 50o worth out of
it, and I havo no doubt succeeded if
his jaw held out.
Probably in no city of it size, in
this country at least, is thcro so muoh
of crimo and lawlessness to bo seen as
hero. Tho saloon, gambling houso
and brothel run day ind night, soven
days in th weok, without fear of po
llco interference.
Whou wo consider tho class of men
generally found in tho mining towns
of tho west and consider that tho
monthly pay roll hero amounts to
noarly $1,000,000, it is easy t su
how thcso aro supported.
But you must not think thcro aro
no schools or churches. It has an ex
cellent puhlio school and
churches. Tho Presbyterians havo a
very neat edlfico and a membership of
about 200, whilo the Baptists, Metho
dists and Congrcgationalists also hav:
Goinu out of Butto City 011 tho
Northern Paeifio, whioh U tho routo I
took.owinu lo tho washouts 011 tho
Montana Central, which is tho most
diroot, wo puss through somo scenery
said to bo nearly if not quite as pic
turcrquo as any in tho stuioOr in Col
orado, but as I went at night 1 saw
vory littlo of it, I arrived at Holoua
n't 5:.'!0 on Thurrday mornius, where
wo will begin tho noxt letter
ttcpubllcftn Convention.
1'iirsuant to call tho republican
tinty convention mot in the oity of
od Cloud, at the court-house, ob
tho 28th for tho purpose of putting
in nomination candidates for tno var
ious county offices whioh aro to be
filled this year. Tho convention was
called to ordor by Dr. G. E MoKeeby.
On motion, Judpo Willoox, was elect
od, temporary chairman, and A. P.
Johnson, of Bladen, sooretary,
On motion, a committee of three
were appointed an organisation, com
posed as follows: 1. B. Hampton, F.
W. niobaughliu, ll. u. Sawyer.
Also a committeo on resolationi
wero appointed as follows: J. 8.
Gilhatn, J, S. Hoovor, A. II. Alexan
der. Tho convention then adjourned
til 1:30 p. m. at which timo tho tem
porary organization was made
At this point tho Hon. W. E. An
drows, the ropubliean candidate for
congress being prosont was loudly
callod for, and amid great cheeriag
was conduoted to the platform, where
ho delivered ono of the I neat politi
cal spooohos that it has been oar pleas
uro to hear. Mr. Andrews is going
to bo tho next congressman and is
making hosts of friends wherever he
goes. His spoeoh called forth im
menso applause and at the ooaoluiios
tho convention proooedod to its regu
lar work of nominating the noxt coun
ty officers:
On motion tho convention proceed
to voto for representative, and on the
second ballot John McCallam of the
northern part of tho county was
mndo tho unanimous choioo. Mr. Mo
Callatn is ono of the best farmers in
Webster oonnty, and will bo eleoted.
Tho convention then proceeded to
tho nomination of county attorney,
and Randolph MoNitt was duly nom
inated. Rannoy In a young man and
will bo eleoted, and will fill the office
as it Bhould bo.
Dr. J, W. Iloyt of Cowlos was nom
inated for coroner to fill tho vaoanoy
caused by Dr. Sohonck's removal to
Franklin county.
Tho committue on resolutions re
ported tho following:
Resolved; That wo endorse the re
publican nominees for President, Vioe
Prcsidont and membors of eongress
from this congressional d 1st riot and
plcdgo to them as well as to the nom
inoos of this convention our hearty
Resolved; That we regard the
republican press of tho county as an
able, fearless and untiring champion
of republicanism. It has faithfully ad
vocated tho prinoiplos of our party
with malico for none and charity for
Rehoi.vid: That wo tender it our
thanks for past labors and pledge it
our hearty support for the future.
J. 8. GlLHAU,
J. 8. HooVit,
A. H. Alixamdik.
Tho committee on delegates to the
various conventions reported the fol
lowing names:
I. B. Hampton, W. Thornbur?, A.
C. Berg, A. Galusha, J. 8. Hoover. G
W. Knight, W. E. Thorne C. Put
nam, T. G. Wilden, G. VY. Hummel.
J. S. White, I. Fish, J. R. Crosier,
L. Olmsted, D. F. Trankey, J. L.
Framo, Jas. Campboll, M. Noble, J. A
Bailey, F. M. Beach.
I. W. Crary, O. MoOal), 0. D. Rob
inson, G. E. MoKeeby, J. M. 8teeley,
F. C. Johnson, J 01. Paahby, H. J.
Sawyer, H. T. Rose, 0. B. Crone.
At this juncture Hon. J. 8. Gilnsm
Judgo Swoesy, and Ber. Ely made
tho welkin ring with some old time
ropublioan speeches whioh stirred up
an immense enthusiasm and for a
timo the eonvention was given up to
The following aro the name of the
new central committeo.
Red Cloud, Porter Hedge.
Pottsdam J. 8. White.
Oak Creek W. H. Shelton.
Glen wood 0. E. Hieks.
lnavale G. W. Knight.
Cathorton Otto Skjelver.
Line G. W. Hummel.
Garfield I. B. Stanser.
Red Cloud 1st ward-M. B MoNitt
Guido Rock A. J. Hayes.
Stillwater J. R. Crosier.
Batiu Janioa Anderson.
Harmony A Brady.
Walnut Creek H. Holdrege.
Elm Creek C. E. Putnam.
Heaver Crock J. Vance.
lMnnt.inf. Hill T). F. Trnnkev.7
Red Cloud 2d ward 0. W. Raft
L. II. Fort, Secretary.
Henry Gilhatn, Chairman.
On uiontion the convention 1
Friz Richardson is loser
othor day John boater
Hedge wero making
on John's money. J
come along: when John
Forthwith the remark Mi
that MoKoichun wonlt 'be
Port took tho bet, thafwas air done
with Mr, Fostor'aVv money. About
1 hat timo Fris coealog and bet
Port a dollar thakewould loo,e kl
motley. Port ttji him up, and as he
was betting Fester with Foster's mon
ey of course ho couldn't lose anything
and consequently had a sure thing en
Friz's dollar. The boys wero lihing
for suckers and caught ono.
'. f
M" pott
panjfNd bat
tuarsmms rni
IpMed up to
JFaVe'd bet 15
s '
A .
1 1
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