The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 29, 1892, Image 1

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By A. C. Hosmkr.
Nomonoy required to reccUo an uilurntlonnt tlilicollese. The only condition of wlmlston
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have not the ready fundi. All the time needed will be ulven In which to pay thu loan; and a
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your Juditment which school In the west ranks first in standliiK. Address,
A. in. HAKOIN, Pre., ftruml IkIiiimI, Neb.
Ho, There!
e. w. dow
m Keeps a full line of
Sickles, Pitman Boxes,
Knife Heads, Sections,
Guards, Guard Plates, Bivets,
for all kinds of Mowing Machines.
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Castorla assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach
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; Castoria.
"Castoria I an excellent medicine for chil
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Da. Q. 0. Osaooo,
Lowell, Mass.
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Interest of their clilj lieu, und uso Cactorln In
tead of the varlousqunck nostrums which ara
destroying their lorod onw, by forcing opium,
morphine, oothlnK yrup and other hurtfid
genu down their throats, thereby scndlas
Ibem to premtture grares."
Do. J. F. KncnxuB,
Conway, Ark.
1km CesUiir Company, Tl
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
y ??
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" Castorla U so well adapted to children that
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IT. A. ABCBtn,M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St, BrooklpvH. Y.
Our physicians in the chlldrou n depart
ment hare spoken highly of their experi
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and although wo only bare among our
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faror upon It."
TjMtTtn ItoerrriL inn Disrerunr,
Uofton, Mass.
A luck C. Burro, I'm ,
Murray Street, Wew York City,
Red Cloud, Webster County,
StipcrviNor'ft I'rovccdliis. '
Moved and carried llmt on appro
printion of $rT).0O bo inndn to Hntin
towusiip as rcoouimondcd by Lrido
comuiittco and that Supervisor llofl
nnn bo instructed to ovorpoo Bnid
Moved and carried that J. Watt,
Supervisor of Guide Hock township,
be instructed to repair tho Guide
Hock bridge
Moved and curried thut nti appro
printion of $G0 bo made to build a
bridge over Willow Creek between
coo 1 nnd 2, T 2, 11 10 as recommend
ed by tho committee.
Moved pnd carried that tin appro
priation of $100,00 bo appropriated to
build u bridgo over Fanner'rt Creek,
in Ipavalo townvhip, as recommended
by the committee,
Moved and carried that tho bridge
comuiittco bo instructed to advertiso
for bids to build and construct n pile
brigde over Elm Creek, bctweon soc.
33&31, T I), 11 10, and that said com
mitteo bo further instructed to lot
contract to build and construct said
bridgo according to plans and speci
fications, to th a lowest responsible
Petition from Oak Creok township
for an appropiiation of $200 to build
bridt-o on county lino between Web
ster and Adams counties was indefi
nitely postponed.
Petition from Guide Hock fur an
appropriation of $200 to drean and
grade road. Tho committee on roads
reported unfavorably, and tho peti
tion was rejected.
Adjourned to 1 p. tu.
July 14, 1 p. m., board convened.
Patterson chairman. 14 members
C. SohafTnit presented a petition
asking Board to icliovo him from
taxes osscssod on goods in 1890, said
goods having boon sold eubjoct to
taxes. Upon investigation it was
moved and carried that no action bo
taken in the matter.
G-, W. Hummol appeared before
tho board and claimed an error in his
taxes of 1883. Upon investigation
it was moved and carried that tho
Treasurer be instructed to deduct
from tho aggregato amount oi taxes
and interest for tho year 1883, $11.16
from Mr. Hummcl's taxes.
Committoo on printing recommend
ed thut The Nation bo designated os
tho paper to print tho tax Males for
this vcar. Carried.
Moved that $100 bo appropriated
to represent Wcbstor count; at the
worms l'air. Alter a trco and gen
oral discussion tho motion wb lost,
II r, Holm grain appeared bofore tho
Board and asked that a deduotion
$0.07 on his taxes of 18SG bo made.
Upon investigation it was moved and
carried that tho Treasurer be instruct
ed to deduct from tho aggregate
amount of taxes nd interest tho sum
of D.97.
CominUtco to scitlo with County
Treasurer inado tho following report:
We, your oommitico to sottlo with
County Troasurcr, for tho term of six
months, from July 1, to January 6th,
1892, bavo examined tho books and
find that tho exhibit herein made i
correct. Alf McCall, Chm.
Moved and carried that report bo
Motion to rccoufddcr vote on world's
fair appropriation was carried.
Motion to amond tho original mo
tion of $100 und that this Board ap
propriate $150 to auxiliary Uoatd of
JJtato exhibit World'it Fuir of Web
stcr county.
Ajca: Watt, Foe, Rusaer, Holm
grainGurbor, C F Cather, Hummel
Iron; McCall, 9.
Nuyes: Kiudseher. Wright, Ziuk-
Neb., Friday, July 29,
merman, Kglingtou, G P Gather, Pat
terson, G Motion declared ourrii'd.
Shorilf Goo 15 Coon was ordered by
tho Board to tike one glandArcd Jack
owned by Ericksou and kill tho snmo
and prcscr.t bill for tho cash value of
said jack.
Adjourned to July 15, i) a in.
July 15, 1892, 1) a in. Board con
vened. Patterson chairman. 13
mcmbc8 present.
Motion by Garbor that 0 F Cathor,
and Alf McCall bo appointed a com
mittee of two with the ndvico of
County Attorney, who shall have full
power to sottlo all claitui bctweon
Wobstsr and Thayer counties, in re
gard to tho Williams claim, nud re
port said settlement to this board nt
its next meeting. Tho motion pre
vailed. D S Sehcnck Constable, having re
moved from this city, tho oflice of con
stable was declared vacant.
Petition of L II Dojo nnd others
for tho appointment of J C Womcr
to fill vacancy of Constable in tho
city of Hcd Cloud was rocoived.
Motion that tho potition bo grant
ed. Ayes; Walt, Foe, Busscr, Gat
her, C F Cathor, Hummel, Irons, Mc
Call, 8.
Nays: Kindschcr, Wright, Zim
merman, Holmgrain, Eglington, G V
Gather, Patterson 7. Motion declar
ed carried.
Adjourned to 1 p m.
July 15, 1 p in. Board convened
Patterson chairman. 13 members pro
sent. Resolution; Whereas, information
has boen received by this board that
Henry Lanibrccht, a resident of this
oounty, has about $35 in his hands,
belonging to one Jacob llartman who
has been a public chargo upon, and a
great expense to, this county,
Therefore, it is moved that haid
Henry Lambrccht bo required to pay
said monoy to Webster county, and
that the supervisor ot Cathcrton
township be instructed to look after
this mattor. The resolution was
0 W Kaley presented a petition
from llosemont for tho opening and
establishment of road through tho
ccntro ot sec 20 4, 9, which was reforr
cd to committee on roads.
Wc, your committee on roads,
would recommend tho opening and
establishing of road through tho cen
tre of section 2!) 4 9 as prayed for in
the petition, provided tho of
way is sreurrd nnd no expense to
Wonder county.
Moved and carried that tho report
of tho comiuitteo bo accepted.
Motion by Gather that tho County
Treasurer bo authorized to transfer
tho cash on hand from tho general
funds f f all ycara previous to 1890,
and carry future collections of said
funds to tho cash account of tho gen
eral fund of 1890.
Tho motion 'prevailed.
Moved and carried that the clerk
bo authorized to issuo warrant for $50
in favor of tho Commissioner General
for case to exhibit Webster county
centals at World's Fair.
Upon investigation tho chairman
and clerk were ordered to sign tho ap
plication of Mm, Elizabeth Carrier for
admission to Soldeir's Home at Grand
Committee on olaiiucs run do the fol
lowing report.
Wo, your committoo on claims,
would recommend that the claim of
R II Allen of Stillwater for assessing
said township for $'J7.G0 bo allowed
Moved tint tWa report ot conrmlttoo
rbo accepted. Amended by Hammol
the Price of The Chief.
that tho bill as presented by Mr.
Allen bo allowed in full.
Ayes: Watt, Wright, Zimmerman
Foe, Rassor, Holmgrain, Garbor,
Hummol, Patterson, 9.
Nays: Kindschcr, G F Cathor,
Eglington, G P Gather, Irons, Mo
Cull, 0.
Motion as amended dcclarod car
ried. I W Tullcys modioal services ft 00
G E MoKoeby " 1 00
C B Crono fees 31 00
G W Barkor attornoj 7 70
Fred Plumb hauling lumber 1 00
Geo Van Woort labor bridgo 8 00
M Stratton " 12 00
C G Cox repairing ! 8 00
W II Rca work on bridgo. . . 4 00
J S Columbia ' " 7 75
C W Lingrcn hauling G 00
J Ilonry piling ... 4 00
Geo Lopcman work 1 50
II 8 Proudflt lumber Ill G2
J F Watt work 18 00
Piatt & Frees Co lumber. ... 1G0 95
S J Whittcn lumber 22 00
It II Allon assessor Stillwator 97 GO
S P Martin Garfield
JnsBroomfield " Inavalo
M B Corner " Elm Creek
ThosAndcrson " Batin
5G 20
05 GO
72 GO
78 00
83 GO
93 00
Gl 00
79 20
112 40
43 80
GO 00
87 GO
Wm Ilurd
"Pleasant Hill
" Harmony
" Catherton
" Red Cloud
" Lino
f Beaver Creek
'E Harrison
O E llamoy
Mark Noblo
A Hcdgn
Otto Stokes
Amos Dillon
Alcctus Riley ' Oak Creok
O Sehcnck
Rod Cloud Cy 142 00
Geo Gray
G W Hat-an '
A Buschaw M
h D Wells
G W linker
W II Makoy
J A Lookhart '
I BanliH
Stephen Baylos
Flotohor Ailes
Hugh Hunter
Oliver Oonrad
J W Boomer
G E Oatnun
T Lawlcr
Clarenco Stout
Ch as Lyon
Austin Riley
Frank Stoko
David llaught
Alien Ayori
A Hedge
S W Fulton
Jus AtcierHon
(1 W Gulliford
S W Foe
ChaH Schuitz
F Houchin
W II Fuller
E R Thomas
J M Suitors
II J Sheldon
Glonwood 84 80
Guido Rook 114 20
Potsdam 1G7 80
19 20
19 40
24 20
21 20
25 GO
20 20
21 80
9 50
23 GO
23 GO
18 70
11 20
18 20
18 50
20 20
10 10
20 20
17 GO
6 00
G 00
6 00
8 50
0 20
9 60
18 20
22 40
G 00
A J Hitter
II B Fulton
Wm Bowers
M C Gordon
H L Hopkins salary 200 00
G Fassler money advanced.. 225 CO
J T Armstrong 4144
G Fassler postage & Ex 6ft 00
II D Rannoy postage oV Ex. . 48 83
II D Ranney Ex & postage. II 90
Jos Garbor supervisor 18 40
A II Crary
G P Cather
10 00
GG 20
C F Gather
A 11 Hoffman
30 80
27 00
39 00
21 80
14 00
38 80
47 80
27 95
27 f0
?. 40
27 00
Wm II Patterson
John Rimsor
15 II Foo
Alf McCall
Wm Irons
Geo Hummel
Jacob Kindsclier
A tf'Hbliflgiih '
W J Wright . '
Vol. 20. No. 1
M M Miller
P Zimmerman
J P Eglington
J F Watt
C U Crono costs
' 18 80
" 31 8ft
' 2G 00
24 iO
oaso Miser 6 00
Ifnrrla 1 111
11 " " pos and uxp 18 2ft
G E Coon Harris oaso 2 5ft
T Ponccr 4 20
AZerwokh Bailiff 22 00
B Hatfield hauling 3 00
DKcBlorwork 31 10
C F Cather money advanced 24 00
L D Oalman boarding jury '3 2&
RM Rich OH roof 9 00
C L Cotting supplies G 2ft
TC Hacker supplies 1 B0
Chicago Clothing Store sup 1 ftO
Kony on & Sawyer 98 50
C Sohonck Coroner. ........ 30 00
II A Shinklo boarding 18 0(1
" ' 64 BO
80 2ft
" " 12U 00
Jus MoNcny 104 40
F P Shields printing supplies B7 ftO
J L Greonleo "
State Journal M
49 7ft
223 4ft
12 00
" " book rejected
Omaha Pub (Jo supplies. . . ...
49 B0
lft B0
1ft 30
3 70
A C Hosraor printing
101 13
MoMillan Pottor&Co printinsr
27 25
A Morhart uppliet BO 6ft
Miner Bros supplies 14 10,
W S Garbcr " 2 60
L II Doyo " 64 20
Geo Ross work jail 2- 00,
J W Moon rent 60 00
1) M Hunter salary.
528 75
Truders Lumber Co 28 76
J Jensen work 112ft ,
J Duffy foes 0 70
Wm Hasnessjwork 150
G A Hutton election 2 00
James Strango work 6 00
O Patruor see. 2 60
OF Evans oil 8 50
JWFoeWmCase 10 Oo
GJE Coon jaek killod 2ft oo
G E Coon sheriff's fee -. 67 7o
A J Tomlin8on Br prisoners 48 Bo
" as jailer 184 Bo
" " at coart 31 oo
" " Br insane lol Bo
41 " chadvonsup 36 6ft
Nation pub pro 6 in Bo oo
A J Tomlinson bd eity pris ri
Stato Journal book rejected
J 15 Fox horse killed 'ri '
II Obcrheide Bd pauper r
H D Rannky, County Clerk,
RepubllcftM Sevatorlat -(a.
The republicans of Nuckolls,
Franklin and Webster coaotiei will
meet in convention, at the court-house
in Rod Cloud on Thursday. Aug., 11,
at 2 p. m. for the purpose cf nosol
lutiny; a candidato for senator for 26th
district. The counties are entitled
to the following representation:
Webster f ,....., ,10
Franklin .. ..-.- 6
Nuckolls j &
O. F. Uatuib, Bse'y.
W. Fostir, Chairman
Tho B. & M. will sell tickets t
Deadwood and Hot Springs, S. D., at
rate of one fare for tbe rotu-d trip,
tickets to be sold July 26 U Ang. 10
inclusive with transit limit of -one day
in each direetion, and f nal limit to Oe
Trio n n hi conelave, Kaights Tet
plnrs, Denver, Col., Ang. M4,18D2.
For tho above ooossioB round Iris
tickets will be sold July 2ft to Ang. 10
inclusive, to Denver atone lowest frit
class fare, Stop-overs will be allowed
without transit limiU of tiekeU. Bid
trip oxcurd'on tiokets will be sold to
llclunu, Salt Lake City and Ogdta
and return at one lowest flrst class fai
'for the round "trip in connection with
tho Denver Ounclave excursion tiakri
ftnal limits on tbifa tiokets Owi.;l&,
J892. A. Conovsb, AU
....-"i j:..-....