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By A. C. Hosmer.
No money required to recclvo an education at till college. Tlio only conditions of udmlMloi
nre a Rood moral character and an ambition (o secure an odiientlon. TI1I1 college lias ict asldo
15100 to le loaned during tlio present year to young people Mho wMi to attend our school, but
have not the ready funds. All the tlmu needed will bo Riven In which to pay tho loan; and a
student can tako a full courso to graduation without a dol'ar to begin with.
IT IS BRfcT TO PAY AS YOU CO but If this Is Impossible yon cannot nltord to start
In life without an education when you havo an opportunity like this. Ten states represented In
tlio attendance and fifty graduates last year. Hoard In private family SJ.oo per week.
We teach the Klectrlc Short-Hand which can bo learned In lotlmo than other systems. After
you havo read tho circulars of all other schools, send for our cataloguo and wo will lenvoltto
your JudRtncnt which school In tho weat ranks first In standing. Address,
A. in. IIARGIti, Pre., CJrantl Island, Neb.
Ho, There !
e. uf. dow
Keeps e line of
Sickles, Pitman Boxes,
Knife Heads, Sections,
Guards, Guard Plates, Eivets,
for all kinds of Mowing Machines.
Old iron taken in exchange. Machines repaired in
good ehape. I Lave also a
Perkins & Mitchell's old stand.
Choice Flour & Feed,
And sells it cheap.
Get his prices before buying ) oiu flour.
What is
CMtoria Is, Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Inftnts
find Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is n harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It Is Pleasant. Its, guarantee is. thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castorla destroys Worms and allays
feTerishness. Castorla prevents vomiting Sour Curd
cures Dlarrhcoa and Wind Colic. Castorla relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castorla assimilates tho food, regulates tho stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cos
toria Is tho Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
r'"" Gattoria.
M Oaitoria U an cellent medicine for chll
Sfta. Motheri hare repeatedly told mo oilta
good affect upon their children."
Da. O. C. Omood,
Lowell, Nana.
- Caatorla b tho Vest remedy for children of
irfclch I am acquainted. I liopo tho day to not
far dlatant hen niraliirs will consider tho roal
fetereat of their children, and uao Castorla la
Uad of tha varlouaquack nostrums which ore
deetro jlos their loted ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, aoothlng ayrup and other hurtful
tents down their throats, thereby sending
i to premature graves."
Conway, Ark,
Tk Casta Oompaay, TJ
Eternal Vigilance is
few kind of rake teeth on hand
g. w. now.
" Castorla to so well adapted to children that
I recommend It aa superior to any prescription
known to me."
H. A. Abchm.M, D.,
HI So. Oxford St, BrookljPuX. 7.
' Oar physicians In the children? depart
ment have spoken hlchly of their expert
enco In their outside practice with Castorla,
tfnd although we only hare among our
medical supplies what Is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castorla has won us to look with
1 Boston, Mass.
AlLMt O. SMITH, Ppf,
Murray Btr t, Hew York City.
the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
Red Cloud, Webster County,
Ilcpubllfitn County Convention.
Tim rcpubllrnn electors of Webster county
urn ipqurMril to mmhI delegatci from thoaover
nltnuiitlitli to meet in conu'iitlnn ut tlio court
house In Hit' dt of iii'd Cloud, Tlitiimliiy, Juiy
z, IK.', 11 o'clock a. 111., tor tlio iiurposu of
Ifctinj: lu ili'li'Kiitei to tlio republican conven
tion to lit) held at Lincoln, Neb.,
Thursday, July 38, 1803,
ten tlulrgittcs to tnu rciiitillciiii senatorial con
vention; nlto ten deleato to tlio float conven
tion, mid to nominate one county attorney ami
one representative for Webster county lu the
statu It'Klslntuiu.
Tlio several townships nro entitled to repre
sentation 111 follows 1 'itio apportionment belnu
tinned upon tlio vote rnn for lion. Oeo. 11,
llastlUKs (or ntUirney-uencral In lttOO giving one
delegate at larito to each township (except the
tlrst anil aeconil wards of Hod Cloud city) and
one for cadi ten votes mid the major fraction
ltcd Cloud 7
Oak Crock 2
1'otHdam II
fllcllHOOd 4
Inava 0
lied Cloud 1st ward
(Undo Itwk
Stillwater a
llHtltl 3
llarinonv 6
walnut Creek 3
Kim Crock , S
HraUT Creek 4
ricimut lllll G
Itnl Cloud 2d ward 11
It Is recnmmciided that no proxies bo minilu
ted, mid that tlio delegates present cast the full
votoof the delegation, mIio tkat tho primaries
bo held not later than July w. 1892. llie follow
lug perilous Hbnll bo entitled to vote at the re
publican primaries. All republican electors
and nil other electors who, If challenged, shall
declnro tiioir Intention to act with, the republi
can party at tho coming eloctlon. lly order of
tho committee.
(l. K. McKkrhv, Chairman.
A. C. HosMRit, Hecretary.
supervisors Proceedings.
July 12, 1892.
Board of Supervisors of Webster
county convened. Patterson chair
man. 13 members present. Minutes
of last meeting read and approved.
Certified reports of township clerks
of Webster county of township off cers
appointed by the township boards are
as follows:
Olenwood township:
W. B. Householder, O. II. R. D. No.
33, bond filed.
J. S. Turner, 0. II. II. D. No. 15,
bond filed.
Kim Crock Tp.:
F. Garlooh, township treasurer, no
bond filed.
D. M. Francis, township clerk, bond
Jnnics Anderson, justico of tho peace,
bond filed.
A. E. Thomas, 0. II. R. D. No. 28,
bond filed.
W. II. Peck, justico of tho pcaco, bond
Pleasant Hill Tp.:
J. D. Conyno, O. II. R. D. No. 36,
bond filed.
Inavalo Tp.:
John Coploy, O. II, R. D. No. 11,
bond filod.
John Zadc, constablo, no bond filed,
Stillwater Tp :
John T. Robinson, O. H. R. 1). No.
19, bond filed.
Wni. Bump, constable, no bond filed.
Oak Creek Tp.:
John Simpson, township treasurer,
bond filed.
John Simpson, tnx collector, bond
Harmony Tp.:
John A. AndorHon, O. II, R. D. No.
47, bond filed.
K. ,1. Ointhcr, O. II, R. D. No. 42,
bond filed,
J. M. Bowcn, justico of the ponce, no
bond filod.
Douglas, Yenscn, constable, no bund
' Garfield Tp.:
CI eo. IW U. II. R. b. No. Sif bond
Ju.. Amuck, O. II. R. I). No. D2, bond
Thos. Eiiicrlon, justice of the peace,
bond filod.
Thos. Ktnertoti, 0. II. R. D. No. 24,
bond filed.
John Earner, constable, bond filed.
Win. Kent, ' no bond filed.
Red Cloud Tp.:
Henry Qilham, township clerk, bond
Potsdam Tp.:
Andrew Hublm; 0. II. R. D. No. 20,
bond uleu,
A. Zcrwak, constable, bond filed.
F. Huppcrt, O. II. R. D. No. 14, no
bond filed.
Walnut Creek Tp.:
David Dinger, township clerk, bond
A. C. Sanford, 0. II. R. D. No. 25,
bond filed.
0. Rinker, 0. II. R. D. No. 10, bond
Anthony Arncson, justico of the
peace, no bond filed,
Red' Cloud Citv:
Motion by V. V. Calhcr that S. Bay-
Neb., Friday, July 22,
les be appointed Justice of tho Pcaoo
in and for Red Cloud City to fill va
cancy caused by tho removal of C.
Schcnck. The motion prevailed, and
Mr. Bnylcs filed Iuh bond.
Adjourned to 1 :3U p. 111.
1:30 p m, July 12, 1892, Board
convened, Patterson chairman. 13
members present.
Report of C. P. Gather, special com
mitteo appointed at last regular moot
ing to examine into tho request for
refunding taxes on lot 29, block 14,
Bluo Hill, for the year 1889, known
asthoGAR Hall: I find tho prop
erly was sold to a building association
and it appears from their artioles of
incorporation to be a priyato company
for business purposes, and should pay
the taxes for tlio years 1888, 1889,
1890 and 1891.
0. F. Gather, Com.
Roport aoccptod and committo dis
charged. Report of C Schonck, Justice of
tho Peace, ot fines received and paid
into tho county treasury road and or
dered placed on file.
Report of eommittco to settlo with
County Clerk for year ending Doo 31,
1891, as follows:
We, your eommittco, havo examined
tho books of County Clerk's ofHoo, and
find them to bo correct aB we believe,
A H Chary, ,,
C F. Catiikb J tom,
Committco on County Poor Farm
report as follows: That wo have rent
ed the farm for tho year 1892 to Ever
ett Bean for the sum of eighty-five
dollars, payable January 1st, 1893,
with approved security.
John Uabskr, Cnn.
County Clerk's report of fees and
disbursements -for quarter ending
March 31, 1892, was read and ordered
placed on filo.
Gonnty Clerk's roport of fees and
disbursements for tho quarter ending
Juno 30, 1892, was road and ordered
plaocd on filo.
Petition of Batin township for an
appropriation of $200 to repair bridge
and culvorts, was read and referred to
committco on bridges.
Petition of Garfield township for
opening road onco vacated between
Sco 27 and 34, town 1, 10, referred to
cemmitteo on roads. ,
Petition from Batin township ask
ing for an appropriation of $100 for
repairing roads, referred to committee
on roads,
Petition of Pleasant Hill township
asking for road between seotions 6
and 7, 2, 10, roferrod to committee on
Petition of Red Cloud tonuship for
road between sections 14 and 11, 2,
11, referred to oommittoe on roads.
Petition .of Qftk Creek township
asking for an appropriation of $200
to build bndgo and grade on county
lino between Adams and Webster, re
ferred to committee on bridges.
Petition from Pleasant Hill town
shin for bridco over Willow Greek bo
tween sections 1 and 2, 2, 10, referred
to committco on bridges.
Petition from Gowlcs asking fori ho
building of a bridgo across Elm Creek
between sections 33 anu 34, 3, 10, re
ferred to committee on bridges.
Petition from Inavalo township for
tho building of a bridge over Farmers
Creek, between sections 4 and 9, 2,
12, referred to eommittco on bridges.
Motion made, and carried that tho
Chairman mid Clerk be instructed to
sign tho application for tho adiuittanuo
of Elizabeth Carrier into tho Soldiers'
Homo ut Giand Island.
M J Davey asks tho Board to np-.
point appraisers to appraiso the EJ
Slty 30, 3, 9. The ebair appointed
as said committee, Kindsohor, Watt,
Request of Guide Rook township
that the survey saado by County Sur
veyor south of tho rivor and west
from a point on tho Huckouu county
lino bo platted. Moved and carried
that the request bo granted and Clerk
ordered to plat tho Banio when propor
ly returned and certified to by tho
county Surveyor.
Petition from Guido Rock for road
between seotions 13 and 14, 23 and
24, 1, 9, Binned by J'S 8tratton and
12 others. As said road cannot bi
located without damages, and no mon
oy being deposited as required by Jaw,
no aotion was taken on said petition.
Petition of Henry Giham .and C30
others asking for tho building and
eouHtructinc uf an iron bridge across
I the. Republican' river south of Amboy,
the Price of The Chief.
between seotions fl and 4, (1, 10, re
ferred to committco on bridges.
Supervisor Watt p'rrsontod tho eosi'
of Mrs Crowcll, who is now a county
chargn as insane, who has property in
this county. Moved and carried that
the county attornoy bo instructed to
look after this caso and report to this
Board at onco or tako stops to seouro
said property.
Roport from Auditor of Stato in re
gard to Railroad Bonds and intorcst
was read and referred to committco on
ways and means.
Adjournod to July 13. 9 am.
July 13, 1892, 9 a m, Board con
vened,' Patterson chairman, 10 mem
bers presont.
Report of County Treasurer for six
months ending Juno 30, 1892, was
read and referred to committco on set
tlement with Co. Treasurer.
Tho committco on Official Bonds
reported favorablo on tho following
bonds which was approved by the
Chaa Rlnkcr, O II R D No 10
John A Anderson, ' " 47
Ivans Amack " " 52
J D Conyno " 30
John Copley " ' 11
J T Robinson " 19
Jaa Turner ' " 15
W B Housoholdor " " 33
Thomas Emerton " -' 24
A E Thomas ' " 38
AC Sanford " 25
Andrew Hublin " " 20
EJGInther " 42
GeoPPopo " " 9
h Si Jja lionto " " 43
Henry Gilbam, Township Olerk.
D M Franeis '
David Disgee " "
Ed McClure, Justice of tho Peaoo.
James Anderson u " "
Wm Peck " "
Thomas Emerton " " "
8tephen Bsyles " "
J M Earner Constablo.
Aug Zerwakh "
John Simpson, Township Treasurer.
' " Tax Collector.
W H Hoffman ' "
J W Warren, Coroner.
Report of committee to settlo with
Co. Treasurer for six months ending
Juno 30, 1892, is as follows: We,
your eommittco to settle with County
Treasurer, havo examined tho book
and vouohera in his offico, and fie d
that tho exhibit herein mado is cor
rect. 8igned by Alf MeCall, Clitu.
Moved and carried that tho report
of committee be accepted.
Committee on Roads report as fol
lows: Wo, your committee, recom
mend the openiog of road on section
line, between sections 27 and 34, twn
1, range 10, one mile, provided the
eounty is not held responsible for any
Also road between seotions 0 and 7,
town 2, R 10. We, your sommittce,
would rt'onmmond that no action be
taken on this petition, as tho right of
way has not bocn given, nor any money
naid as required by law.
Alxo road botween sec 14 and 11, T
2, RU. We would recommend tho
opening of this road, provided the
county is not held responsible tor any
J P Equnoton, 1
John Rasbkr, Com
M M Miller, )
Moved and carried that the report
of tho committoo on roads bo ac
cepted. Report of committco on Bridges:
We, ) our committee, would recom
mend on tho petition from Inavalo for
bridgo on section lino between sco 4
pun 9, T 2, R 12, over Farmers Creek,
that an appropriation of $100 litt
granted for the building of said
Alio for bridco on Willow Urook
between soo 1 and 2, T 2, R 10, would
recommend an appropriation of $00 to
build said bridge, signed,
P Zimmerman, 1
Jacob Kindbcueu, Com.
G Hummel, )
On tho petition for iron bridgo ovor
Republican river at Amboy, thero was
a majority and minority report.
The majority report was as follows:
We, the majority comm'ttoe, would
recommend that the petition bo re
jeotod. P. Zimmerman,
Jacob Kindsoiier.
The minority report was that Lie
petition be laid over. Signed,
G. IV. Hummel.
Moved and carried that tho petition
for iron bridge over Republican river
at Amboy be laid' over. . .' ,
Vol. 19. No. 52
Report of Co Supt Pub Instruction
was road and ordered plaocd on file..
Rcvolulion by C F Gather:
Vhorca, tho offico of Co Coroner
of Wohslor county his become vaoant
by reason of Dr. Sohcnok removing
from said bounty; Therofore, it ii
moved that Joseph W Warren bo ap
pointed by this Board to fill vaoaney.
Moved that Mr Stnnser be appoint
ed coronor to fill vacntioy.
Voto was called for by roll call.
Tho result of said voto was: Warren,
8 votes; Stansor, 3 votes,
Joseph W Warrun was, by the
chair, declared duly appointed to 111
tho vacancy of coronor for Webster
county until tho next general eleotion.
Moved nnd carried that tho bridge
committee bo instructed to go to
Cowlcs nnd exumino tho stream whero
bridgo is asked for over Elm Crook, an
section lino, lictwcon 33 and 34, T 3,
R 10.
Committoo on Wnyiiinl Means filed
two reports, majority mid minority.
We, i ho majority committee, re
commend that tho bonds of Wcbntor
county issued to tho Ropublioan Vatv'
ley R R in tho aum of $47,500, and"
maturing Jan 1,1894, bo refunded' as
provided by chanter 40 of tho Statute
of Nebraska. Said bonds to bo is
sued in amounts ot $l;O00 each, and
to run for a torm of 20 years, with
tho option to pay on and after 10
yoars, at tho lowest rato of intoroit
that oan be obtained.
G F Gather,
job Uarber,
I, S-Cora.
W J Wrwiit,
We. the minority committee of
Ways and Moans respectfully 'recom
mend that thq County Cle,rk levy a
aufiioient tax on the assessed valua
tion to pay all the limit the law allows
to collect at one year, to Issue to the
Ropublioan Valloy. Rail Road Go's
bonds, as provided for in scotton 4,174
of tho compiled Statutes of Nebraska.
J Kindbcurb, ) c
Wm Irons, poln'
Moved that Majority report be
adopted. Ayes Watt; Miller, Foe,
Wright, Zimmerman, Rasor, Holm
grain, Garbor, 0 F Cathor, EkIIbbHoH.' t
GP Gather 11.
Nays Kindsohcr, Hoffman, Irons,
Patterson 4.
Tho majority report was deolared
We, your committco appointid to
settle with Co. Sheriff and Jailor, hav
ing examined tho books and records
of his offico, find the report to bo oor
reot. E. II. Fox, Gbm.
Movod and carried that the report
be adopted.
July 14, 1892, 9 am.
Board eonvencd, Patterson chair.
man, 15 members present,
A, certificate from the Township
Clerk of Red Cloud township, certify
ing that at a meeting of the township
Board of said township, itwasnairied
unanimously that tho township be di
vided into road districts as they ap
pear ton county records at tho time of
township organisation.
Moved and carried that tho district
bo divided as asked for by town board
to take effect on and after January 1,
Wo, your committee on bridgos,
would make tho following report:
That wo have examined tho bridge
ut Guide Rook, and reeommond that
thu aouth end of tho approach of the
bridge Lu roiiaircd.
We would recommend thu building
of a pilo bridgo over Elm Creek at or
ncur Cowlcs, between sco 33 and 34,
Alrt , wo would recommend an ap
propriation of $75 to build bridges
and culverts on road between see 32
and ;i3, 20 and 21, 1G and 17, 8 aid 0,
28 and 29, Batin township.
Wo would recommend an appropria
tion of $100 to build a bridgo over
Fai Ultra Creek in Inavalo township,
botween suctions 4 aud 9, 2, 12,
Wo would recommend an appropria
tion nt $G0 to build a bridge over
Willow Creek, Pleasant Hill township,
botweon seal ions 1 and 2, 2, 10.
Also, wo recommend an aT-pria-tion
ot $50 to Batin townsliip, to
build culverts and repair roads be
tween coctioiiB 22 and 23, 20 and 27,
34 and 35, in towA 3, range 11.
Hummel, -Com.
Kindsoiier, v
IContinoed Next Week)' '
Go to Calmes'.f.ot ice cream.
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