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By A. C. Hosmer.
sbr mmyPj M
No money required to receive nn education at tills college. The only conditions ot a Jmlwlou
are a Rood moral chancier and an ambition to secure an oducntlon. This coIIcro has lot aside
15,000 to be loaned during the present year to young peoplo who wish to attend our school, but
have not the ready funds. All the time needed will bo Riven In which to pay tho loan; and a
student ran tako a full courso to graduation without n dollar to begin with. .
IT IH HKT TO PAY AS YOV GOJ but If this Is Impossible you cannot aflord to start
in lite without nn education when you have an opportunity liketlili. Ten states represented In
the attendance and fifty graduates last year. Board In prlvato family J2.00 per week.
We teach the Klcctrlc Short-Hnlid which can be learned In los time than other systems. After
you havo read the circulars of all other schools, sei.d for our catalogue and wo will Icavoltto
your Judgment which school In the west ranks first In standing. Address,
A. 1H. IIARI8, lres., Oriintl Island, Neb.
Ho, There !
e. w. dow
Keeps e l line of
Sickles, Pitman Boxes,
Knife Heads, Sections,
Guards, Guard Plates, Rivets,
for all kinds of Mowing Machines,
3f" Old iron taken in exchange. Machines repaired in
good shape. I have also a few kind of rake teeth on hand
. TTT nTTT5 am-q TTTTTrr,
.,.' k va m Jk 3k Uii
W nonAD
Perkins & Mitcheli's old stand.
Choice Flour & Feed,
And sells it cheap.
Gethis prices before buying oui flour.
.' '
What is
Castorla if Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Karcotio substance. It Is n harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It Is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' nso by
Millions of Mothers. Castorla destroys Worms and allays
feverlshness. Castorla prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhcoa and "Wind Colic. Castorla .relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castorla assimilates tho food, regulates tho stomach
and bowels, giving healthy nud natural sloop. Cos
toria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend.
M CMtorla U aa exoellent siedldna for chit
tan. KotbcnbaranpetUdlytoldmeoflU
good street upon their children.
Da, a, O. Osgood,
Jewell, Mass.
"CMkorUU the bet remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I ho; tho day U not
far distant when iiiotliorswIllcoMlder tho real
Interest of their children, and use Castorla In
stead of tho rarioui quack nostrums which are
destroying their loyed ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
uenU down their throats, thereby sending
Iben to premature Braves."
Da. J. F. KracuELO,
Conway, Ark.
Tka Cfcataw Coatpamy- TI
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
XVwl M. Jmmw mm Jmm
DA - rivino
" Castorla is so well adapted to children that
I recommend It as superior toany preserlpilos
known to me.'
111 So. Oxford Bt, Brook)fBK. T.
' Our physicians in the children depart
ment bare spoken highly of their experi
ence In their outsldo practice with Castorla,
and although we only hare among our
medical supplies what Is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it.
Unrrso Hospital and Disiei"ubt,
Boston, Mass.
Allen C. Buna, JYe.,
Morray Street, Mew York City.
Red Cloud, Webster County,
Republican County Convention.
Tlio republican electors of Webster county
nrn rciiilfitcil to send ililrirtcs from tho sever-
nltowii'liliiH in iiii-i't in convention at the court
lioitnu In tho city of lied Cloud, Thursday, Juiy
''H, 1892, 11 o'clock n. in., for the purpose of se
lictiiiK 10 tloli'Kiiti'i to tliu republican conven
tion in no iivia ai i.incoin, noi..
'liiuriuay. uiy sis. .
ten dclfRHtos to too republican senatorial con
vention ; also ten doloKHto to tho float conven
tion, and to noralnnte one county attorney and
no representative for Wobster county lu the
state legislature.
The several tnwnslilni are entitled to repre
sentation hi follows i llio apportionment helm
based upon the vote cast (or Hon. deo. II.
Hastings for aUorney-eencrnl In lSDORlvlnffone
uciognto ni laruo w eacn lownsiun texcepi mo
first aodsocond wards of lied Cloud city) and
oiio for each ten votes nud the major fraction
itca i;ioui 7
ink 'teek t
I'otsdnm i II
(ilenwood 4
Innvalo 4
Cntlierton 3
Linn 4
Uarfleld 4
lt4d Cloud lit 'ward o
Outdo lt'ck 14
Kttllwatejr 3
llMft 3
Jl.'irwonv fi
Walnut CroeK. 3
Kim Creek 0
Ilrnver Creok 4
I'lcasaiit Hill 0
U(m1 Cloud 2d ward 11
It Is recommended that no proxies be admit
ted, and that tho delegates present cast the full
voloof the delegation, also tkat thoprimarlcs
ho held not later than J uly 28. 1892, The tollow
Inc persons shall bo entitled to vote at the re
publican primaries. All republican electors
and nil other electors who, If challenged, shall
declare tnoir Intention to act with the republi
can party nt the coming election. l)y order of
the committee.
O.K. MoKkkbt, Chairman.
A. 0. HOMjJMjjjeretarjN
The political pot is beginning to
boil. Tho opponents to tho republican
party aro three in number, wo apeak
of political parties, who aro arrayed
against tho party of progression, for
no othor particular reason than just
to bo opposed. It is tho merest moon
shine to condemn tha republican party
fdr acts tUftf arq nq of He making.
Tuu Wlndy-pcndcnts, tho democrat
and tho prohibitionists', all obargo tho
roptfblicuns with fostering all sorts of
unholy combines, such as trusts, mo
nopolics, and tho like, whilo tlioy, if
in power, would with ono fell swoop
obliterate evaryttiing that had a ten
dency to operate against tho men who
are said to be suffering from the en
croaohrucntfl of capital, at least that
is what thoy tell you. Tho facts are,
republicans aro no moro rcsponsiblo
for monopolies and trusts, and 4ho
present condition of things, than is
any other party. The republican par
ty has done as muoh for the people as
any party can do, and aro still doing
so. Tho reaotion of execssivo war
that ?
cane; who was to blame for
Certainly not tho republican
party. Tho immonBe annual imminra
tion to our shores continues; who is to
blamo for that ? Surely not republi
cans any more than other parties.
The facts aro that tho condi
tion of tho country to-day is not far
behind tho most prosperous times the
oountry has ever seen, and if thore is
really any enoroaohmonts upon labor
by capital, it is not worso than it has
ever been. The troublo is summed up
in a fow words, vis: The nonsensioal
"oonfliot bctwoon labor and capital,"
when peoplo learn that capital is nec
essary to tho development of enter
priser, then they will find it let loose,
and'good times and plenty of money
will be tho result. Tho republican
party has done all it can to bring
about an adjustment of these differ
ences, but ns long as tho peoplo will
submit to being Jed around by num.
berless demagogues, instead of think,
ing for theuuelvos, then just so long
will capital be chary of investing,
honce good times will not oomo until
men who have money foel that thoy
can invest it without injury or loss to
In making an unwarrantable fight
against capital is liko "cutting off tho
hand that feedB jou." Then leave the
demagoguo Bovcrely alono and vote
and work for a party that makes labor
honorable, i. o. tho republican party,
Wo adviao
nil 'our readers to nroauro
"MnrshHU'fl Mnntifil rftHuHh"
ili Tliia
voluatxo uoolc ahqulbe'itle
It la n matftornlaGb of' limirv.
. ;: . -: . -....
aunrtf hnmaM...HJM
rtttenmatftorpioCbof Kirao Sctxttreef
on application to Marshall Chemical Mfg.
Co., Kansas City, Mov, or Lawrence, Kob.
Fdr ealeby L. If, JJeyO.
iemlCHlMrff.I"0,u .
Neb., Friday, July 15,
Ilvitiibllcnn Caucus.
Tho republican clictorsof Walnut
creek township will meet in tho Stone
sohool house, on tho afternoon of July
26, for tho purpose of electing three
dolcgatcs to tho county convention to
be held in Red Cloud, July 28. Tho
caucus will convene at 8 p. m.
II. HoLBitr.OK, Com.
Tho ropublioan electors of Datln
township will meet in cauous, at the
Anderson sohool houBo, on Friday,
July 22, at 3 p. in., for tho purposoof
electing threo delegates to the county
convention, to bo held July 28, at lied
Cloud. J no. Bkax, Com.
There will bo a meeting of tho re
publican cleotors in Garfield township
ot July 2G, at 3 p. m., at the Wagon
er sohool house, for tho purposo of
electing four delegates to the county
convention to bo hold July 28, 1892,
at lied Cloud.
Jno. Snanbbr, Com.
Tho republican electors of Gleuwood
township will meet in caucus Mon
day, July 25, 1892, at G. A, R. hall,
at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpoao of
electing four delegates to tho county
convention to bo held at Hod Cloud,
July 28. ii, . Hicks, Com.
Tho ropublioan electors of tho 2d
ward of lied Cloud will meet at tho
court-house on Tuesday evening, July
2Gtb, at 8:30 for tho purpoiojof elect
ing eleven delegates to tb county
convention, and Qtraniacc- any other
business that may corns before the
cauous. 0. W. Kalev, Com.
lion. W. E. Andrews
Will bo in Red Cloud on tho 28th,
Tho republicans of tho county should
make it a point to bo in tho city on
that day, ob well as all others who de
sire to see the next congressman.
Mrs. A. Williams and Mrs. Geo.
White spent Monday at Blue Hill,
L. D. Thorne returned Friday from
Denver, Colorado, where ho has been
looking after business in which he is
G. E. Hicks was doing business at
the county seat Saturday.
Miss Blaino of Gowles, is visiting
with Mrs. W. F. McLaughlin.
W. H. Hoffman went to Red Cloud
County Troasurer Fussier Buadsycd
with his brothor Phillip.
It is reported that the deoision ren
dered in the silver modal contest hold
at Prairie Go in was vory unjust.
It S, White, who disposed of his
blacksmith shop to F. N. Toothaoro
has located at Martwcll, where ho
bought out a shop. He came after
hib family, and they will leave Tues
day for their futuro home.
Mrs. L. E, Barloy gavo a temper
ance lecture at Congregational church
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. W. F. McLaughlin went to
CowIcb to visit her mother who is ill.
James Burden, drove to Campbell
S.S. Wells and 11. S. White drove
to Bed Cloud Monday.
Crops aro in fine condition and a
large yield may bo expeoted. Many
of our farsaers have their harvesters
running. Winter wheat is excollont.
S .
Will not the public spirited citizens
of Bod Cloud and vicinity enmo to
the assistance of the cemetery asso
ciation by not only paying for lots
now hold, but also by purchasing lots
and paying for them, so the associa
tion can fonco and otlierwiso improvo
make suitetblo roads to and
11. B. FcfcTOR,
Cleric AsiJOoUtlon.
-' - --tf"?'--V - , ,t", . ik n ns- r r riff i n-TmMMHfffft iTs l'. F'i7 J I f i M Isr1! tBsM
-7"-''"-PrB vTif-T,..' -j. ? ,?W - -
the Price of The Chief.
To the pampers !
Invites tho Farmer or Webster and adjacent connttM ! kk
largo and varied stock of ,. fv, .ft .
Agricultural Goods'1"
Such as Wagons, Buggies, Carts, Plows, - - '
Harrows, Mowing Machines. &c.
See him before buying for bargains.
I a a i i) .U.J 11) id
(pity Ijtakery andljtestaurant
For tro Ii
All kinds or cakes,
. candles, Nuts, cigars,
nnd fresh Frulte, etc.
Meals and Lutncli iall hours
Boarding and Lodging. Fresh OyBters and Ice Cream in
Red Cloud,
Every One Should Know
That the place to
h w rf. mm Ml
Iron, Tinware, &c.
W. W. Wrii
New Goobds
S. X COZAD, Proprietor. ' '
All hauling intrusted to. me will be promptly attended to.
Fire, Lightning and
The Insurance Man, - Red Cloud, Nrb.
Will Insure your properly stgalnst -
Fire, Lightning,
Also, will insure your crops against hail, He
represents the best company on earth
, The old Continental of N Y.
iCITY OFFICE-With J. H. Smith 1st door
soutn ot r & ivi Dank.
MttfA . Uflk'aWS.
iyVi',WiWr - ' - 2T OTSCT7WW
Vol. 10. No. 51
Bread Pics
Herburger, ProM-
ni,' ft of-
ml, es Mb
t ,
lW IWSJ . ,,
' 1 .
04 ah.&
pdft .at
1 I
Tornado Insurance
and Tornado