The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 29, 1892, Image 4

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Farm Loans in Nebraska or Kansas
' Real Estate Agent,
m &&&
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; 7:ii-2
Per cent, 5ito- 7 Yearn.
Optionml tMinenta.
Red Cloudi Neb.
Over Deyo's Drug Store.
Educational Department.
D. M. HUNTER, Editor.
Arbor Day was recognized in many
schools. It waa tbe only nice day
last week, seeming to be specially
favored for tbe good work to which it
had been set apart
Only one Aabor Day report will be
given this week. Next week, all other
reports will he given attention in the
Educational Column, as some bave
not yet been received.
Tbe children obedient to the re
quest of their teacher, beean gather
ing early on the bright morning of
April 22d, each bringing a tree which
he had carefully selected to be plant
ed upon the school ground.
The planting began at 8 o'clock and
continued until ten a. m. when it was
found that 3G trees had been planted
by teacher and pupils.
The regular school work was then
taken up and continued till noon.
An intermission of two hours was
then given during which the children
were permitted to go into a largo field
near tho school house and gather
flowers. 'They went running, leaping,
playing, full of childish glee, until
their faces were all aglow with the
healthful exercise and each little hand
was filled with Nature's early emblems
of love and purity. -
The ohildrcn were then formed in
line, and, after various exercises and
evolutions in company drill, were
marched to the school house joyfully
singing as they went.
School wad then taken up. Attcr
hearing all the reading classes, the
literary exercises were then taken up
which lasted till four o'clock.
The teacher then called upon the
pupils to make nominations or se
lections of trees to be voted upon for
a state tree. Six varieties were chos
en and voted upon three times by the
children with about the same result
each time; the Box Elder receiving
25 majority.
The teacher and pupils thinking it
would be well to choose a fruit tree to
be planted in tbe school yard, the
children were permitted to choose six
varieties to be voted for as state tree.
The cherry tree received 25 majority.
The teacher then gave a short talk
upon the history and importance of
Arbor Day, after which the children
went to their homes, feeling that it
had been a day of pleasure and profit
Joseph Dressbach, leacher.
iliss Jessie Laird taught the fall
and winter term in Dist No. 77, and
commenced teaching a spring term of
two months April 11th in the same
A few years ago sod bouses and
dagouts were used as school houses.
They served their purpose under the
ircsmstanoea at that time. Frame,
bnck and stoue houses have taken
their place, showing an advance in
the improvement and the development
of the country.
Districts which have their school
houses permanently located should
take another step forward and put a
neat fence about the school grounds.
pitching posts should be set outside
of ike fence". A gateway should be
s arranged that no one could either
ride or drive into the yard.
A good time to make atrangements
for fencing the grounds would be at
hex aBnual school meeting.
Abont the first question that will be
asLediswillit pay?
If you wished to buy a faim, in
which district would you rather buy
m? in a district in which the school
home waa in geod repair, with a neat
fei ce about the grounds, and trees
.nd shrubbery growing thereon, or in
one ib which the want of pnbhc en
. : ..Q manifested bv the sorry
appearance of the school house and
mrr ,. .!.. thintra being
To loaniep Witches Diaaosds and
Jewelry Wilhjay cash for old gold
and Jsilver. Fifce watch work. Ar
tistic letter, emlflem and monogram
engraving. Fullline of fine watches
Lclocks, jewelry aiverware spectacles
and etc. H T. E. rtNMaN.
fin ( pang's Drng Store.
I WaatV.atay Farms
Parties havinf. csjeap farm lands for
sale, improved or usam proved can find
buy.-rs by cathng onlD. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate and Loin Agent, Bed
Cloud, Neb.
Garden Sjgeds.
Oscar Fatmor has jsct received a
BIG supply of garden teeds. Go and
see him at Perkins a'l&Mitcheli's old
sand. .- .
Girl Want
At the city bakery i
Call on Jos. Herburger,
Beat Terms oavFai
l am now prepare
farm loans at low-rat
ine dcsi terms ever
litis count'. Prltlle,;
all or part of the art
any interest par ui eat.
The Gate City Blllllnx,
Proprietors of the Red CIcul Roll
er Mills want your wheat, $4L and
will exchange flour for samel (mstom
work a speciality. Bring yeui ffcheat
or work to them, and reesivsffair
treatment. aft
If lou Want
a Disc Harrow go to Jas. Fete;
All sizes-, remember the placed
James Petsbsoi:.
Cloud, Neb.
and on
reel la
to pay
pal at
Attention Farmers! )
I handle the celebrated Graw
tour Listers, Cultivators and "plows
Warranted to be the best and ocean
est in town. Two minutes timeVwil
change my drill from the lister to, a
one horse drill. 38-4 G. W. Dow?
My Lister.
arc the stuff. The Scandia lister 'is
the best made and can be found only
at Jaaies Peterson's the Implement
man, Bed Cloud, Neb. A
Buggies And spring Wagons.
James Peterson, the implement man
has just received a fine consign
ment of buggies, and spring wagons,
which he will sell cheap.
A safe investment. We guarantee yon
trill never be sick if a coarse of "Hepati
enre" is taken spring and fall. L. H.
Hail Insurance.
Tbe Continental Insurance com
pany will insure against hail, etc., this
year and in order to protect yourselves
the farmers should see A. II. Gray,
Agent, Bed Cloud, Neb.
Farm loans at ' lowest interest
Strictly first-class loans at lower rates
than has ever been given in this coun
ty before. Option to pav part or all
at end of any 3 ear. C. F. Catiier.
That restless, nerveons, dull and heavy
feeling which prevents Eleep and causes
us to feel like something terrible was go
ing is going to happen is all corrected by
"Hepaticuro" which cures dyspepsia and
consumption. L. H. Deyo.
3333 bushels of corn for which
will pay highest market price. Flou
given In exchange.
Oscar Patmor.
"The Chicago World Fair Committee'
has passed a resotatioa that every persoa
attending the "Fair" shall take with these
a bottle or "Hepatieare" as a preventive
from contracting blood, liver and kidney
diseases. L.H. Deyo.
Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby Riven that wider and
"by virtne of as order of sale kesed from
the office of C. B. Urone clerk or we dis
trict eoart of tbe tenth Judicial district,
within and for Webster county, Nebraska,
upon a decree in an actios pendiag there
is, wherein L. Alice Watson is plaintiff
and against Hugh W. Gnllifqrd, Lacy
Oelliford, George L. Onllif ord, and Mrs.
Qalliford, the wife of George L. Gulliford
defesdeate, I shall offer for sale at public
vendae to tne highest bidder for cash in
hand at the east door of the eoart hosse,
at Bed Ckmd, is said Webster coasty, Ne
braska, (that being the baildimg wherein
the last term of said court waa holdes)
on the
Slit day af May, 189,
at one o'clock p. m. of said day
the following described property
towit: The sooth ' east qaaiter
of section tve 6, township No. three 8, s,
range No. ten 10, west 6th p m, Webster
coanty, Nebraska. Given under my hand
this 29 day of April 1892.
40-30d T Geo. E. Cook. Sheriff.
Hioaras fc Gabxow Bbos. Pl'tfl's Atty.
Legal Notice.
Notiee is hereby given that I have this
day filed ay petition in the district eoart
of Webster coasty, Nebraska, to change
my same from Abigal Caafield to Abigal
Herrick and such petition will be heard in
the Dietrict eoart of Webster coasty, Ne
braska, on the 31st day of May 1892.
Aston. CiaraxD.
Natlce ta If aa-ateeia'ent Defeat
" ants.
A. A. Adams, Jr.
Wmr O. Cox,
Rebecca Cox,
Grace Sides,
S. J. Whitten and
iThe Bank of Bladen
j Legal Notice.
Albeei Smith
John f eonson and
'. Johnson.
ict court tenth judicial dis-
Webeter county, Nebraska.
tor non-resident defendants.
tn above named will take
the plaintiff has corn-
action against them jointly
entitled cause, the oDiect
which are to remove a cloud
in the title te tbe south-east quarter of
section twenty-four, town three, range
sine in renter county, Nebraska,
caused by atrtain defects in a certain
deed to aaidand made by defendants to
one James BAtkisson, and recorded in
book F, on pejae 383 of the deed records
of said county You ore required to an
swer tbe petitaVa tied is said case on or
before the 23d by of May, 1892, or the
allegations in aud petition contained
will be taken as tme.
384t n $ Jno. R. Willcox.
ttorneye for plaintiff.
Notice Is hereby gia
tae of aa order of salt
;. B. Crose. cleric of
teatb judicial district. 1
eouBiy. neDrasKa, 111
peadlns therein, wl
son to plaiBtiff, aad
Abbs M. Klzer and U
ants. I shall offer for
uesicBest bidder lor
door of the courthouse
i amt under and by vir-
from the ofllce or
district court of the
afeJn and for Webster
areecree In an action
Korman F. Thomp-
Samuel B. Klzer.
af. Gilbert, defend-
C- public vendue to
nana at the east
Cloud, in said
(that being tbo
01 saiu court
Webster countr. Neb;
httlMliw wherein tlia la.iT
was noMea) on tae ;i
94ta tray af sVaw , 192.
ateae o'clock p. bj. of said Am,- the following
deKribed property towit:
ttOBal ii of section thirty
twelve 12 w
r my haaa
sorts, raBi
A. 1X182.
aeaed T Gao.K.
w ay
tli-west Irac-
lp one 11
6th p. m.
of April,
'. Sheriff.
Warner & Warren,
Have opened a Eeal Estate Office,
Farm or City Property, or Auction off your Stock or House
hold Goods. Have some Bargains to offer to any
who call a this office,
2d Door North of F. & M. Bank, Up Stairs.
(J5ity $akery- and Restaurant
For Ire It Bread Pica
All kinds of cakes,
candies, Nuts, cigaro,
and fresh Fruitc, etc.
Meals and Lunch all hours
Boarding and Lodging. Fresh Oysters and Ice Cream in
Red Cloud,
Jos, Herburger, Prop.
the district court of Webster coanty,
t: mbrasKa.
dface Sides, yon are hereby notified that
thitre is now on file in the office of the
olevk of the court of Webster coanty,
Nebraska, a petition of the plaintiff
you, impleaded witn tneotner
nta named in the title of raid
crayiss that the court may find
ount due the plaintiff upon one
,te mortgage note tor tne sum or
ured by mortgage made by An-
uox under tne name 01 A. u.
the followicx described real
tted in the cofaty of Webster
f Nebraska, towit: The undi-
half interest of the south-west
section four (4,) township
e eleven (li,) west of tne
eBster county, Neb-that
entered by the court is said
loeuur said monsTssw
d tout co-defeadants: that
e dsscribed nroDerty be sold os-
der slid dteree: that the proceeds of
such a beVjspplied toward the payment
of tba?air.aant due the plaintiff upon
rsoi esta
ex, ijan
esssit Bsms
aal stasl o:
qairte- ar
Cthm n...ln W
caaesi fatecl
Legal BTati
Herod Goaaer. Heles M.
tors a.i trustee, tor Clarence K.
JCs Ilesse and BarBsam, Tulleya
oeieBaaais, win iaae nouce inac a
of March, 1862, Mary x. Food.Uw
10. lied ser muuoa is tae au
Webater couBtr. Nebraska, ami
f eadaata, tne object aad prayer of
foreclose a certain trust deed ezi
x. Conger to
iK. Hesse,
od Oeacer and Helen
lets as trustee for Clarence
been duly asatinied to the Plaintiff.
west half. H, of tbe south-west quart
eclioB 22. la township 1. north of
west of the 6th principal meridian la
county. Nebraska, to secure the
coudob bond with Interest coupons al
said bosd dated August 1st, 1887, for the
97081 due and payable are rears froa
thereof: said trust deed provided that 1
said bond or coupons are not paid whea d
wlthla ten days thereafter, the whole si
cored thereby may be declared to be dt
payable: there Is now -due on said bond,
pons aad trust deed, the sum of tass for
sum with Interest tromthis date, plaintiff pi
for a drcree that defendants be reauired to
the same or that said premises may be sol
satisfy the amount found due.
Tou are required to answer raid petition
or before Monday, the 3uUi day of May, 1883.
imiea April zisr, uw. 3-ti
1. t. rUUISBDKO, '
Attorney for plaintiff, ft.
bwibsh nere
iut' court of
rtaYasid de-
ASM 12.
Barasst of
e or
aak 1.
ssaaaaaasBBBBBBBT JtsV
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagjfsajaaj jjaj-;
Is better prepared tliau ever to
sell you all kinds of harness
collars, sadlery, etc
la tbe Tinker Brtlldlns:. lie Iiai the
arcet Mock la thin part of tli rail
and, will make It au ludiicomeiit to trade
wltb lilnt.
High-bied Stallion
Terms to suit customers.
interest and the costs of
.that any right, tiUe, lien
lorobuBMd bryrxLor
r any of your codefend-
1 premises be sijaogea
renor 10 tne piainuas
or intei
to be jut
louareasAaWnirtner so
vou are reasauital answer ssietMitran
of the plaiBfastunrcsslerstte aoth'tttsy
of May, 18401'fnat if you fail to an
swer the same on or before said daj, the
facts and allegations contained in said pe
tition will be taken as true and judgment
and decree rendered as therein prayed
for. i
James McNestj
464t v Attorney for Plaintiff.
Sheriff's Sale
Notice is hereby given that under and by vir
tue of an order of sale issued from the orttce of
C, B. Crone clerk of tbe district court of the 1&.B
Judicial district within and for Webster county
Nebraska, upon a decree in an action: pending,
therein, wherein L. Alice AVatson ts plaintiff,
and acxlnst Hush W. Guilford, Lucy
Uulliford, George L. Gulliford and Mrs.
Gulllford. the wife of George L. Uulliford,
defendants. I shall offer for sale at public ven
due, to the behest bidder for cash lu hand, at
the east door of the court house at Red Cloud la
said Webster county, Nebraska, that being the
building wbereia the last terra of said court waa
holden. on tbe
31st day arMay; 18t9,
at one o'clock P.m. of said day. the following
described property to-wit: The soath-east
quarter of section ten. In township one. nerth
of range twlre. west of the cth p.m. la Webster
omnty, Nebraska. Given under my hand this
29th day of April. 1893.
. -v . Geo k cook. Sheriff,
40-a0d T Tlv A .1 Tnmllnnti.llin
HIgRlns & Gariow Bros., Pl't'ff's Att'ys.
Dealers in
The high bred Morgan stallios, Blsck
Eawk Chief 4th, will make the season at
the stable of J. c Holoomb on Elm
street, rear of Holland bouse. He is a
very stylish, showy horse, and carries
more Morgan blood than any horse in the
state. Breed to good horses, raise good
colts and no longer complain of low
FKDIOBEE: Black Hawk chief 4 was
trad bv 8. 8. Hitchchek of Walaia. Iffina-
aire Tearnly's Blade Hawk chief 8 byi
Kaek Hawk chief 2 bead by'Jadm.Mrtp'"
.m a-2l.v . JKy&MM.AKsv v. L.rWiaMt I
ui amumvmsjt totsvubsi wiirsusrc
Hawk by 8VnMs?JP by Jaatin
LMWi Trjaniinr or the Morgan lam
sdfTiady Messenger; 2d by Young
itasabtetonian; 3d dam by Bishop namble-
tomian;4th dam the Front Mare by uifford
Morgan by Woodbury's morgan by Justin
Morgan, it win be seen taat mack Hawk
chief 4th traces back to Justin Morgan on
the sires side twice as the front mare does
also, and carried the nambletonian blood
represented bp Bishop's Bambletonian and
Toang sanbletonian Terms on application
at above stable.
J. C. HOLcoMB, Manager.
4 la the Stern Building.
Ne shall have bargains that will pay you to
. in -rii uonnrl-TiOTirl onorl-mnTif
Ql Saturday commencing at 1 P. M we shall have auction,
tito wlncli we invite tlie public who are interested
t in procuring good bargain?.
vfve buy mid sell Sccond-haad Goads on voHiuiixsion.
4: StWrWlK"Krr -m a. m-WTmnrr
Sheriff's Sale
wntfaw I hereby eiren that under and by vir
tue of aa order of sale issued frem tne office of
C. B.Croue. clerk of the district court of the
tSBth judicial aistnct wiunn ana ior n euier
oeunty, Nebraska upon a decree lu an action
Mndin, therein, wherein P. S. McOulre Is
ptaintlSand asainst Alonzo M. Freelove and
bU Freelove et al are def endaats. I shall cer
for sale at public vendue, to the kiaheH bidder,
for'caablnnand.attheeast door of the court
boweatlted Ooud in said Webster county,
Nebraska, that being the bulldinx wherein the
laatterm et said court was holden. on the 2Cth
dayof April 1SBK at ose o'clock p. m. of said day
the isllowlik described property tpyiitz lots
three 3. aadf our 4, In block pae 1. ance;sflrst
additSB to the town of Guide Koek In Vehster
couBti, Nebraska, Glren under ny hand this
rddai of March 1333. .
swt GK). E. Cook, aheriff.
Jambs HcNbky, MaintilTs Attorney.
ThUsrtepoetpoBed till May 3d 18S2 at the
saae hoar and place, for want of bidders.
S. X COZ&B, Proprietor.
All hauling intrusted to me will be promptly attended to.
Has Moved his Flour and Feed Store of the
Perkins & Mitchei buildino .
Nothing but the best goods kept Call
see me when yon want anything
in my line