The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 21, 1891, Image 1

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Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is the Price of The Chief.
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of Clothing, furnishing Goods,
War Declared on Behalf
Iffuny or the DclcgalCH.
I'ur.-mant to call the independents
of Webster county met in convention
at Cowlcs, last Saturday, for the pur
pose of putting in nomination a coun
ty ticket. After the convention was
called to order, one of the first things
to contend with after the organization
was affected, was to settle the dispute
over tho split delegation from Walnut
township. It was fully settled but
not to the satisfaction of the dispu
tants, and as a eonscfuence, war will
be declared in the state of Walnut.
After various other little mattcn? were
settled, tho convention proceeded to
nominate. Numberless ennrtidates
were there, nnd many had been the
promises made to them by noted pol
iticians, but alas ,:what fools we mor
tals bo" to believe that any one man,
no matter how great, carries the votes
of his constituency in his vost pocket.
The following ticket was duly nomi
nated to the surprise of every dele
gate nearly.
For Treasurer Chris Fussier.
For Count Clerk James Laird.
For District Clerk Jud Bailey.
For County Judge John Duffy.
Fof Sheriff Geo Coon.
ForSuperintendcnt Mr. Hammond.
For Coroner Wcrrck.
For Surveyor Frank Kuehn.
By this nomination some of the
hard workers in the independent party
who deserved better treatment, were
thrown overboard, for lesser lights
and given to understand that they
were not wanted. For instance Thorn
ton of Blue Hill, one of the most tal
ented scholars of the county, was giv
en the shake and an unknown man
was given the nomination for superin
tendent of public instruction. Then
there's Jake Miller, a man who has
done much for the movement, was
knocked clear out of the box. and
James Laird nominated. Then came
John Polnicky, one of our prominent
Bohemians, of Batin township, who
had been fully promised, so it is said
by McKcu:hau and others, that he
should be nominated for sheriff, yet
he was given the cold shoulder at the
last moment with the cheering news
that they "didn't want a Bohemian
for sheriff although Mr Poinicky was
fully qualified for tho position. Then
Thad Arnold and numerous others
who had taken off their coats last fall
and worked with a will for McKeighan
and the success of the Independent
party, were likewise snubbed. Ths
nominees, while they are fairly good
men, cannot hope to be successful
this fall as most of their nominations
came about by put-up jobs and numer
ous sell outs of the leaders of the in
dependent party. When the conven
tion adjourned there were to be hoard
many ruutterings that time nor an al
liance club wilt not heal. e imagine
that the leaders will have all that they
can do between now and November in
explaining matters satisfactorily to the
voters, People as a usual thing can
not be whipped into voting for men
for whom they cherish i'1-feelings, and
it is sife to say that five out of every
sis were dissatisfied with the result oF
the nominations at Cowics Saturday,
not as far as the candidates are con-
corned, ne presume, but the methods
u.sed m their nomination, as there
pt tir.nv others wlin were eBtitlnd
;to the honors and more deserving by
fewuior Tiuast aernces teaiLiia w
lis iiiiT, tain iiost wk irttw
Red Cloud, Webster County,
Wonderful Indeed.
Editor Chief: Wonderful in
deed is the great sub-treasury scheme
that is being talked of by the big
Stchcms of the independent stripo",
who desire if possible, to direct the
attention of the laboring mahscsaway
from their legitimate pursuits by wild
and visionary schemes of the sub
treasury kind, which can never be put
into effect in your or my life time Mr.
Editor, in the vain hope that they
may become the possessor of some
fat office, and receive a livelihood
without having to exert themselves,
or porchancc fall heir to fabulous
wealth without going through the
usual nvcuues to gain that end.
Monte Chrcsto like, they dream of
the time when they can go up to a
man and demand his p:e, that he has
labored to gain for many years, while
they have been sitting around com
plaining, and making no effort to pre
pare for a rainy day. There is posi
tively no sense to the sub-treasury
scheme. In the first place it is not
practical, and besides if it were put
into force it would entail a horde of
officers aud officescckers that rrould
absolutely be perilous to Amerioan
principles aud n'sulv in anarchy. It
is only held up before the people as a
bait to lure them on to a fate that will
be worsa than death Socialism. It
is time that men begin to think on
this matter and solemnly ask them
selves "What will all this end in?"
Think of the (reasonable statements
of newspapers of the independent
kind who openly print editorials of
this stjlc, "Evolution or Revolution,
which sh.dl it be?" Hark can tou
not hear the distant muttcrings of
misled men who are about to break in
upon the j'iitetKss oT your homes,
with such l.cll-born sentiment1 as
"Evclatiou or Revolution?" There
may be no imediatc danger, but surely
Mr. Editor, such unloyal sentiments
publicly expressed, will have their ef
fect sooner or later with that class of
people who believe that "the world
owes them a living, and get it they
will, by foul means or othewise." If
men desire to get up new parties for
heaven's sake do not let them become
so diiloyal as to father such state
mentn that would be the death-knell of
America and American institutions.
There is mom enough in this broad
laud to differ in politics cithout hav
ing to deal in such tslk. The great
calamity shriekers aim to feather thfcir
own nest bv playing on the sensetive
feelincs of the laboring classes mak
ing them believe that they are the
worst used people in the country.
Where can "vou find morp intelligent
and better paid men than the Ameri
can workmen, ami xhere can you find
farmers that are better-to-do than in
the United States? There may be
some who have been uufortunate and
hard up, but that is not the fault of
the country nor the republican party.
T!ien are at least a half dozen mer
chants fail to one farmer. Nine times
out of ten, if a man fails at any b
dertaking it is his own fault, and if
a farmer fails it not aecessarialiy
the fault of the government, bat
rither the fanlt of the individaal is
failing to follow the rules of econoKT
or perhaps a?suraiBjr more indebted
ness than he could float, or the fail are
cf ciops, or something of that kiad
caused his embirrassmpat, as is has
done in this section several times.
No, friends, look at theye sateen
sasibly and do not be led aroaad by
the cose bv aaea who eTB5 xemr
I suae fer lh ssmmt that's ia ft forbear
tfca. Thai's all for tfcw tmc
Neb., Friday, August 21, 189.
East, MoDday, August 17th,
Hats, Boots, Shoes, &c. In the meantime you can
Shall We Adverliac cbriokur
The plan to send an exhibition
train of Nebraska's products on an
advertising tour through the eastern
states is crystalizing into shape. The
cost of the scheme to be apportioned
to the several counties of th stite.
The amount will be small compared
to the benefits that will arise from its
being fully carried out.
Will Wcb.trr County Bo llrr rrtf
The intention is to send two trains
loidi at least of Nebraska produce
through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, l'enn-
sylvnia, New York and probably as
far cast as Boston. Advertisements
will be sent in ahead of the train in
viting everybody, especially the farm
ers to call and sec the exhibits of our
greatstatc. The train will come back
bj a different route passing through
contnern mienigau, ortucrn inuiana,
and Southern Wisconsin. It is to he
hoped that Wcbsterconutv people will
do their utmost to help propel this on-j
tcrprisc along. Jhcie is nothing that
would do Nebraska more good. Mr.
M. B. Bntly has been appointed to
take the nutter in charge for Webster
count, and our citizens should aid
him in the great work.
The independent's convention at
Cowics was not very harmonious, and
many are the kicks taat are being reg
istered against the outcome of the
same. The old war hordes who fought
for the party the hardest and who
onght to have been rewarded, were
laid on the shelf for men who were
hardly known as independents. No
wonder the boys kicked as it was cer
tainly very ungenerous treatment.
Such men as Jake Miller, 0. B. Pitney,
John Polnicky, Alf McCall, J. B.
Thornton and numerous others, who
have been recognized leaders and hard
worker were set np for targets only to
be unceremoniously knocked down by
the gang of wire pullers who evident
ly had it in for the bys. The ticket
is a weak one and can not and will not
carry the party vote this fall. The
seeds of discord have been sown and
men who were honest in their views
and entered the new party with hon
est intentions have decided that they
connot stay in it as it is being run in
the interest of ringstcrs and blood
thirsty offiee soakers.
The republicans of Webster county
should nominate a thoroughly republi
can ticket and stay by it, and success
will crown their efforts. It is time
that c"ery true blue republican, who
has honest government, sound money,
and a warm feeling for his fellow-man
to buckle on the haraess aad work to
rctrcthe party to its former place in
state and county politics. No party
has a finer record than the republican
party, and no party has ever done so
much for the old soldier. 3IillioBs of
dollars arc being paid out daily to help
the boys in their d'diaisg years. Ta
time has eoaae for honest aad Baited
effort aad if all work there is ao qaes
tioa ia regard to th? oateoate as assay
of the followers of the isdepesdeat
movement are becoaaiag tired of the
harangue aai line of argument ued
by the self espoused leaders aad he
many wreckleas theories that they ad
vance Republicans do your daty.
It aaxst haTe beta erideat : the
bTg gaas ia the. :adercaleat area
tioa that they edaU oi rua the ea
cera is sait -set eaadia'atea aa a job
raa sea - a ja, atsc
fwinn fetal laaaaaw M Illt
4 f MMat astU BsH W ahaaa
Clothing House Ik
Mr. Batis' little Harry died early
on Thursday, the 13th, aud was buried
In the ccmetry near Bees Thompson'!.
Bev. l'latt made the funeral addcrss
at the M. E. chnrch.
A harvest festival was held at tho
Congregational church on Friday, tho
1-lth,. T!ie church was nicely deco
rated with product of the farm, or
chard, and garden. The ladien had
the regulation amount of thunder
lightning, wind and rain, for festival
evenings, and the receipts were the
lighter for it.
Mm. Burton is cevale;ecit.
The Independent Party covention
gave quite a lively appearance to t
village on Saturday. They evident!
intended to make a profound imprcM
ion on the town and county. Well,
it may be they did.
Elder Truman held forth at the M.
E. church on Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Kelsey, a Sunday school worker
from Hasting led a Bible reading scr
vis at tho Congregational church vn
Sunday night.
The Congregational Sunday school
held a very enjoyable pirnie on Wed
nesday the 19th, at Latta'n grove.
The Bcl Cloud banc ball team meas
ured bat over the diamond with the
Blue Hill club at Blue Hill, Thursday,
and as a consequence, the Blue Hill
lads were knocked into a cocked hat,
having been defeated 4 to lli. Thcjo
no use talking, Blue Hill can not fur
nish the metal ti-at can do Bed Cloud
base ballists up when they try to play.
Some times they let other clubs beat
them, jut to encourage the other fel
lows, but when it comes down to play
ing ball, they play ball and there is no
mistake We arc sorry for the Blue
Hill boys, but if they had asked our
advice we could have told them bctcr
than to tackle our boy-?.
i m m i
A telegram received by Mrs. Wfli.
Flohrs on Wcdnc sday morning, from
Missouri Valley, Iowa, announcing
the death of Louis Hernck, formerly
yard-master in B.-d Cloud. The tele
gram stated that he was killed by be
ing run over by the engine one half
hour after going to work in the morn
ing. He was a brother-ia-Iaw of 31 rs.
Flohrs. aud she left Wednesday
night to be present at the faneral.
Mr. Hcrriek wa known by a great
many people in Bed Clond, who will
be sorry to learn f hs premature
death. He was abost 35 years ot aj-c.
It will be a Tcry hard blow to Mrs.
The hail storm of Thursday ia re
ported to baye been very disasteross
ia its effects. It started ia Webster
eouaty, Nebraska, aad tere things an
ia geaeral ia Kansas, and literally
pounded the cora into the ground,
whipped the apples and piehr off of
the trees. The lots to Kansas farm
ers will be quite ttrstzt
.! m
As a uhewllng saeeess the Cowles
cnBTeatioa is aaid to have taken the
Aasonrdy puc
The t'owlcs font cut ion ttjr hh
V.v Wllneaa.
Mil Korroir When I found that Iota
of follow a who wcro not tlo!:atrn,weri
t'uingtoiM'othiiindcti-'mlonl I41) notui
nato county ulliwra I thought I would pj
tw. Aa wo bojnn U anther on thtnt
Aomnof tho Cuwh folk Otoughl wo
were a pretty touh m1. nnd unit woman
whoso htiitbnml wnxu hamhtump delegate
told Sim that nlm w IhJhhI ho had not coin
to i?o into such h crowd. Hut it tunnel
outthutnomo of tho touch looking M
Iowh worn not ht!ogat!itiill lndl 1imi J
tho convention wwortlout m lly
you iiiitfht nny then woro mrio nteo men
runoff; thorn. They met in a low tint
building which tho (Vwl folks cnltal
tho rink, which looked ns if it bad a lit
lloof uvry thing in it;hina, hog, pat
tlo nnd horfl, gram etc, Mich tin Ivnt
tingUm fnnnor'i" groat jurty If ranh
got his hlmrn of tho lirti Ik-o lhr would
b3 enough to atock tio county Tho got
settled at ot, and oho H. J Khddon
loui'Hirury chairman, nnd U Hopkins
ftfrcreUry, and vitd tho contention by
delegations. Thor found two faction,
each claiming to ! tho delegate from
Walnut crek. nnd tho kvdo wu mthor
exciting for a whilo. but na tho rart
could not spare cither factum thoy cvro
promiwxl by w!ecting nan from tho HltJo
lot a chnirmin of tho delegation, and
two from the olhor lot f'r tho balswo,
and they wornenrnfui not to vote nriAni
rnoualy. A f tor this njnlo waaoYrr tho
contention cho ormanrnt ofliwra,
Duffy for chairman. Hammond for wcre
tnry and Hopkins njwistant. Two maolu
tiona wcrortAMiod without dcuion or
dMnt, tho first, alopting tho Oinein
nati tiooplort' party platform, and tho
other, that noon should )o noriiinaUl
who had not voted with tho imleperploat
party aitho la t general oJocUon. 'This
last wMfiauitob" to nhut off n lot ot
very Jato oonvurta to th party bo hat)
joined to get the ofttcw.)
When tne oonTontton got down u bust
new it was tound that candidate wr
"thick am bop. Foraorooof thouflk
erery township had from on to throo of
there. Generally 121 toI. wero cat.
Tho sargeani at-arm and Sheriff Tl
had a hard job to kp ordr, and was
eatuSodtf layabout half uVs it.
IJailoT was tlnally no-ninateI for caVSr
of the county court, at which h u mi
ticklodthat ho 'bought he had Wfc
ground down and "oj5rejwJ. roWl and
ekinned by tbo bonks. rAiiroad add
rtbermonofojie, bo tougbt a larre )r&
of cigar and tttam th crowd, MAjj
aiidalL Tho rsai thick wth vsuk
of old pijrf ro.bnt when BaiJey'a c
gar were all Ssgittcdatoco itvM'tnrs
lar wioke-hoci- ztl tho cmod f ursew
wre strong eeoogh for any grasgr
Lam) waanonina!'t forotwntycWk.
aad Kamier for Tresworr It tr5e a
long timo m norniuato Orrtn Utr hbtt!
Elmcre'-k bail threaialUXa for that
Daffy waa comrnat! for trnty wlj"
folkrsed by a long stragg !k htj
tefideatof isstnx-tjotx.
Haina-ood was finally declared TrVrf-,
tboogh rborsioo nn well a th- rjsih
part of tbo county.
Dr. Wernck a fruidrfy na&ued tor cof
ooerand Koebc a rdJy ;ct n for
uryor. Af uw a nw fcr a comni
to avt at tholaasbr oSo? to reoyscswe-d
ruuc of deMvaJf to taio crKzi&lioi
tbrygatbr4alUeriBk agazm bd hvll
anstiaeaed caaua er fc-rjcg a rrw
Isd-d it ttqwrdtem doded ot vt
&btnSrfl to srTatajrrwal gbc
rboacTt9 a a wskmf m t let
ter tbaa hav Imwg. tLow kA inlh t4
the t9 oid farucw enaf y -tdrjdt"'
sfaraMsrvdijrazalad, ortWly, aad r
awctaU. laaa cxseSdect that . &d
fara-rs.wiH aoi 5ad it to ocr ias-,
aor fartpssUicgtwJto yx&iktm.
i CwVl
Vol. 1 9. No. 4
buy all
a ,VrH IKHriHrr
Tho (!rdo Muliattd la r;fiSio
for tho Html no'ot, and at trw N)tii Uto
tho most practical djmrtur rf U
) ear's rodw ay arrtim4iU. TliU imw
il'firtiifo Mtno4 In th of f a
liirwit.ort tn-ket, which ia jftwdfor m
sge on alt regular trafnaaCt Uhj lino
letron Colorado Hprnaa ,W injl
mnn inrx. miiu ui uo f,.jif id a
at any of tfeo ImHoIn )t faHuHut "Ul
VamC '1"i fnt mi 41J tbo toHoU
ir in tho IS, ami Vl tUf rwn,
thoffore, barn n tin ijjrtiMjty U uo
all thro m to bo Pfn in ne tho mc't
CnloOratoJ jwrts of Uo jmtnr'ow'Mo W
n)no ran udor!nd tt alaMBajSt
Tho tourut bna a ttrkt fm)lti&
uiM.,- of the Sviu rwmmmnirU
for a many days aa aMtfJ ! 1m kji
Ikying therefor ''mm aHuut TJw
In ket entilleis kUlf an lb !"t Kotfti
uhmIiUhih at tbo hot ltn U
IMnt uictstionoil, f-r m ! tg r-r as sltt
n tirno a ib-cirr Ut reTam at any on
of flu-n Ho a rntithl U tratal tit hm
nxt imo ho whih W tjt, wiUroxilad
diUonal c"U a ( ttcVl u gul Kit Hi
trains a often aa t ihos to rUU.
In th way h ha tb t.lil of tbo
lowrt "8rkiy or mtftUjj rat, and cn
ti hU his Urn mf ti tarvu !
rta atnl jar no nwt i)i ! -tb
if ho n-wrtt Uo whJo Urn at a JnU
'Hi- Uekt arw rolt gil tt
wook. or any numU'f of days np U tblriy.
and chiHrR aro gto a redttrod rle.
UnU man roue) U traro) in
th way than it tatuttir did. b IwM
mo pnxtly nlHti, In wijao, fjf b7
kit ah ttatd in adratvt, n-.l ho Afitrws
to a d's'lar what lrt; s going t"xwt hloi.
For fatnibe it a gft vmtat
anl cToire, Ur all btjtlo anl dW
cvmfort at- Uo away iU
Th Jl olUntl baa pt ott tbroo tr-
trams, wltib now nako sttj train
ofteh way through U ! Try 4r,
A j.orrm can tratel iroogt tt Ct
I -a am! otory )o-r m u tUf or
mgbt and gU of tbo rarto tm$
can jay eab rjtJsr fnondfy rinU wfi.
tni klitnaj ndrOM.
Thia plan witj rtaaly i-rtn tb fcxs-l
jmJar of any yot intrflo4 a4 tlir
is mi r?aon why it lttmUl aot
groot HUXfa.
Full irjorwutitott mi t tj3,l&l aaxn
any gtrt of too Htm't Y yctiw or Ct
orvJ JldhLaJ rrfl,or by roosjnj
Ikj witij rbSt. H I, (I I-wsM
etr Agt itinto Midland awlay
Th U tW grst pttUm of Ut wspik
trm ttel4mJj 4t. mot tA W
Csr ui fortr ilth. uiir iMof Isxi,
but b B.jrily fwr- 4&rifrt irH
w sat of r. Tfey fnn, f.
1U ttABrlr. Jiy jri tW Ul J
lMkpiriu dewa U tjjcrft js"
lia waUg toy. Urn, ojyatt
s&d btt fr. TWf l riHi4t Uai
Ifc V-JfUrrUr7i'tfimr. Jrwi ty ib
c?r all feri pt??iTlUHi.'Ufl&
6srsig. Hi ft !. Si, aaxl Jny.
it. Trial bvit jbb4 Ua f trti
tsotusi t rtC I,, CotUajf, J
V. tthUt t'sJc Xtip into AUCrr
toety ytUrday d UUfi tt &jtx
and hay crop jnsir. W cwljwd us
Hr H. ijUr if lnlorst4 tb4
h4 rtd htfraoJs-daJkiar4'
tv Red OjKjd re-, llv ms Hr4 fcr
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