The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 31, 1891, Image 1

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By A. C. H
Eui &WMtEs woirfe
"Was fcv42ir dfoi
e&me feljerketifAfltdlljowv
SfeUkwd? before
Free of Charge to MY Customers
Given Away to Every purchaser
of $10 worth of goods.
These are not Cheap Pictures, but fine pictures
painted in oil and are fit to grace
any one's walls.
A strict account of your purchases will be kept and when
you have bought in all $10 worth for csh, yon will be
presented with one of these.
No advance will be made in prices but as usual with the
Cincinnati Sho eStore
We will sell you better goods for less money than any shoe
store in "Webster county,
Respectfully yours,
Proprietor er the
City Bakery and Restaurant,
For a pood Square neat. Bearding and Lodging ' "' p week
A kind or Frenta Bread, Pic and Cakes. Headquarter
Tor Orange, Lemon aad Banana , All klndrfreh
rruil and Candjr, XhIn, Cigar, Tatoacca, frenh Oyster,
and ICe cream In eaan.
los. Herburger,
What is
lf:V1 HI fil
Castoria is Br. Samel Pitcher's nreaerintiom far ImflmU
andChUdrcJa. It eaataias Beitker Oaiam, Marpkise Br
other Xarcatic smtataace. It 1 a kaiamlaaj pmaatitvta
for Paregoric, Iroaa, SMtkiac Syrnpa, aad Castor On.
It is Pleasant. Its caaraatea is thirty years' as ay
Millions of Mathers. Caateria destroys Warms aad allay
fcverishBeas. Casteri preraaU Taatltias; Soar Card
cores Diarrhoea aad Wind Colic. Caatoria reHevas
teethiae tremble, cores
Castoria assimilates the
aad bowels, aiviac aoalthy aad aataral sloea.
toria is the Childrea's
goodegectcpoB ibdt tlr m
d.g. a
- Castoria k the best renMdyf i
rbtch I am acqnalated. I
far distaot wbenmtwWn aal
deatroyiaf tkeir levad aaw, ay
ainti dowa
i to
BaraaawatBaiai srTaanaSL" UaHSaaw ijaarTltir utav vaamaaM
Camr, Ark. Aum C Saw.
"MB" - I 'II 1 am. asam
VvS .r """Ifci
-H." BB
tie men
Hwcuujsa,, ofaa-
ceastiaatioa aad
food, recalates the
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hwtMMfliM aw " -
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Caanttew- aai- vmmc v """C ocr
fiiilatHliii. pisa,wniwiiii
Eternal Vigilance is
Trnisea t Dejo's.
Mrs. Geo. Cather is Tin i ting in
Jake Miller waff in Superior this
Hammocks and croquet at Cot
iag's. Lew Albright was in Lincoln this
Attorney Martin was in Red (Jlomd
Rev. J. D. Palis was in Kearnej
this week.
New wheat and oats are coming to
oar market.
. Rob Martin was in Oberltn the fore
part of the week.
The best stock of machine oil is to
be found atDejo's.
For machine oils eheap call at the
second hand, store. 2t
M. W. Diekeraon and wife are visit
ing in South Dakota.
Cotting is still selling lots of wall
paper at way down prices.
Mr. Blodgctt of Kansas C.'ty, Mo.,
was in Red Cloud this week.
Oar old friend J. W. Xorns, of
Blue Hill was in Red Cloud on Mon
day. Attorneys Oilham and McNeny
were in Omaha on legal business this
Thursday morning Frank Cowden
received a fine Fast Mail safety bi
cycle. Mrs.Thos. Enigb, entertained a
few friends at "as evening
Wednesday afternoon.
Dr. Allen o! Onaha, a bo ted oe
enlist was in Bed Cloud this week is
consultation with Dr. Tullcys.
The ham of the threshing machine
is to he heard loating on the gentle
Nebraska xephyrs these days.
Jndge Trnnkey has been harvesting
this week and Judge Schenck has
been holding down his bench.
A. H. Bowea a prominent attorney
of Adams county metropolis came
down to the Gate City on business
this week.
Rev. Mr. Ely, was at Strang this
week, assisting in ordination services
of the congregational minister at that
The B. & M. will soon put on some
extra trains fcr the purpose of taking
Nebraska's big grain crop to eastern
Buy your paint of Cotting. He
sells the strictly Southern and Globe
leads and the Lincoln mixed paint
that cannot be beat.
Wm. Barrett, will soon be aroand
canvassing for albums, bibles, dec.
Those desiremg sarh work will do
well to trade with Mr. Barrett.
Any one who maliciously took the
rubbers off the ice cream freezer at
court hoase yard belonging to Mr.
Keler' will please retara them at
once, otherwise there will be troable.
With this issue The Chief is 19
years old and s still willing to take
good siied water melons ia part pay
ment of sabscriptioa bills, provided
the bills are small and the melons
Chris Fasaler oar handsome Demo
cratic t res nrer, became tired of the
monotony of ofiee life and strack
out for a week's vacation oa his farm
for the purpose of showing the bora
how to harvest
Charley Wiener, proprietor of the
Golden Eagle clothing hoase, haa
jast returned from a two week's pleas
are trip to the mountains. He will
go east ia aboat two weeks to lay in
his fall stock.
Oar citixens shoald tale hold of
the creamery project with a will bom
of desperation. It is jat what is
needed ia Bed Clead aad oaght to
be established by all mrans as con
ducive to the pahlie gaod.
A colored man from Lincoln, by
the name of Wobbery, entertained
oar people last Friday night in the
M. E. el.arch, oa the aahjeet of pro
hibition. It was an able lecture from
his stand point and the gentleman
was able to male it that way.
Mrs. Brewn, wham we pablished
aa article ia reference to seme fear
r ive arecks age, as hciag
B,fert, -
m ymkM .
ago rontoem ia sue auu. aaa SI"lef the
beaaaie iaanatat aid m bow ia the
arylam. Thk wsaiaa'a life aaa
ae af aatli atwow aai sac is la
grettl j fittiei.
the Price of Liberty'
Red Cloud, Webster County,
WriUes ferTita Chikf
A Bfew Tersloa ofiae Biearaska
CTuae-"Bnlah Land")
I'tc reached tlie land of rain and beat.
Wkere all things grow for man to eat.
The winds that blow with growing heat
O'er all this land is hard to beat.
Oh. Nebraska land, sweet Nebraska land,
As on the fertile soil I stand.
I look away across the plains
And am thankful for the rains.
Tin Gaalrel calls with trumpet sound
And says the rain kw soaked the ground .
The farmer goes into kls corn.
And there he stands at early mora,
And sees the corn while being shocked
That there are four ears on each stalk.
We liar wheat plenty, scads of oats.
And lots of corn to feed to stoats,
Our fowls are fat. plenty to eat.
Pigs curl their tails, crossing the street.
Our horses Clydesdale, Norman race
And fat as found ia any place.
Wadobota life and aseaa to stay,
And are so rich we wont go away.
Br aw Iowa Farmer.
The name of H. C. Scott has been
receiving very favorable mention for
some time from all the different politi
cal sources of the county as a candi
date for sheriff this fall. All who
have expressed themselves in oar
hearing in regard to this office, (and
there arc many,) say that this county
never had a better man. During
his incumbency as sheriff, he made
mang friend, and saved many homes
for the almost homeless.
Hank has an abund
ance of good, honest horse sense and
a heart in cases of calamity as big u
an ox. SLould he be nominated this
fall his election will be certain. The
Leader is particularly stuck on Hank
because he's a man in every sense of
the term. He was sheriff for four
years of this county, and during that
time no one dared to charge him with
oficial rottenness. That Hank Scott
will be Webster county's next sheriff
there is no doubt in the minds of this
people. Potsdam is almost a unit for
him. Not only does his friends exist
here, bat over the entire county as
well. He always recognixed the fact
that daring his incumbency that he
was a public servant, and one thing
about him can be said: "While he's
big in siie he never got to big for his
office." Blue H ill Leadsr.
W. C. Laird, of Oak creek, and
several o nis neighbors among whom
are J. H. Hobirt, Austin Biley, and
brothers, Wm. Hobart, four of the
Simpsons, and Mr. Reddinger, had
their crops entirely destroyed by hail
lafct Saturday. The facts are that it
is a very hard blow to these men as
they lost their entire crop last season
by drouth and now by hail. They
should certainly have the sympathy
of the people of Webster county in
their calamity. Mr. Laird informed
our reporter that the hail fell six
inches deep and that they were many
of them still in the draws on Moa
aav. His corn aas entirely destroyed
and he is left in such a condition that
lie has no show for a crop this year.
It is certainly too bad.
Adams eoanty people are pushing
John M. Bagan, of Hastings for the
district jndgship. The people of
this county, regardless of political
affiliation should forward the name of
James McNecy. Mr. MeNeny is a
thorough law student and one among
Nebraska's able lawyers. Mac is not
otily a lawyer of much ability, but is
wherever known, recognized as a man
of fairness and integrity. He is a
repablican, true, but politics shoald
cut no igare when we take into
consideration the f taess of a man for
this position. The Leader believes
that in the election of Mr. JlcNeny,
the people will grt their "eqaal dis
tribation of jastiee," aad that is cer
tainly all any mortal oat side of heav
en wants. Blac Hill Leader.
The people of this city wha have
friends buried in the eity cemstery
should take the matter in hand of
either Exing it ap 01 forming a aew
company, or both. It is a shame to
leave it in ts present condition aa
protectea or aacared far by aay ewe.
It seems to as that tie people who are
directly interested weald get together
aad do something in regard le the
matter. Let it be doae at once
the d'sgraae of having men aa
sightly cemetery he wiped eat.
The f am oa Jack
owaca bv Mr.
imish has been moved fraoa stiohar.
)soa'sraU?theJuaa;rh raaoh moor
I . . ....'.-
uowiaa. vaare ae win aaoaa iao
i- ia, jtaaar tae autfaeas asaa aaa a
fall line of rubber aaa! leather Mtxag
and One Dollar a year
"Neb., Friday, July 31,
's PraceettBca.
Board coBvened July 30, 1391, 10
a. m.
Members present 12.
Adjourned to 1 p. m.
1 p.m. Jalv0191.
Members present 17.
Bight of way along the bank of
creek on soath-cast quarter of Sec. 23,
town 1, range 11, by Daniel Snyder for
the sum of $35 00, was accepted and
clerk ordered to draw warrant for the
same when said Snyder and wife ap
pear and acknowledge the same as re
quired by law.
Petition of Thomos Crouch and
others for the purpose of opening the
road between section C aad 7, town 2,
range 10, was presented to the board,
and ea motion the parties John Lohl
and T. Emigh be requested to appear
before the board at their next meet
ing and show reasons why said road
should or should not be opened.
Petition of Chas. Campbell and
other asking for an appropriation of
$100.00 for the purpose of repairing
bridges on section line between sec
tions 11 and 12, 13 and 14,23 and 24,
25 and 2C and 35 and 36. Moved and
carried that an appropriation of $50
be granted.
Petition from Batin and Oak Creek
asking for an appropriation of $200
for each township, said petition was
laid over from last meeting, and on
motion said petition was again laid
over until next meeting.
Board adjourned to 8 a. m. July 31.
July 31, '91,8 a.m.
Board convened.
Members present 13, -.
Committee on printtag recommend
ed that the printing of the delinquent
tax list be awarded to the Bed Cloud
Chief. Moved and carried that re
port be accepted, and that the pr'nt
ing of said tax list be awarded to the
Bed Cloud Chief.
Moved and carried that -clerk be in
structed to procure booths and .ballot
boxs for the next general election and
to procure such supplies as cheap as
Moved and carried that all claims
except insane claims allowed at this
meeting be paid oat of the bridge
The following claims were audited
and allowed and clerk ordered to draw
warrant for the sale:
Robert Damerell $18 00
allowed $ 12 00
B. 8. TibHts work on pd 9 10
Bed Cloud" Democrat printing 22 50
F. P. Shields 15
Mc Avoy 4b Becd Livery 2
D. Kesler work on jail 3
J. B. Wilcox map for clerk . 5
A. C. Hosmer supplies 5
5 00
5 00
3 20
54 75
11 00
7 50
10 40
G. W. Dow irons and bolts. .
H. A. Shinkle board pris
A. H. Crary Supervisor
J. J. Kiadschcr. ....... .,
G. W. Hammell
D. Kesler 6 10
G. P. Cather 10 75
Wm. Irons 6 70
W . C Laird. .............. . 15 90
G.E.C00B 6 10
R.L.Alyea 4 60
W. H Patteroea 8 80
10 60
11 50
7 1C
6 40
7 00
8 00
4 00
!& XJ -a HQaHsaB
alOsaBK JA94pCF
A. H. HeCaWaa .
ISaVaVC FUsa...
H. G. SaUkle jmitor
T. H. Dekrkojde
8 40
H A. Shinkle 8
allowed 4
A. K. Balis 6 20
eradit ea taxes $5 29
F. H. DeJohoyde 6 20
eredit a taxes 6 20
A ld a 3
fa aCCI f9v Xj
C. A. Teel Taking iasane Lncn 46 80
D. & Coombs Brown case 3 00
J. W. Talleys Brewn case.... 8 00
H. A. Shiakle care Mrs. Brown 18 50
Moved aad carried that the bridge
located between section 28 aad 33.
town 2, range 9, he moved to between
Sec 30 4k 31 team 2 nagc 9, Wehctcr
Adj. to 1 p. Jaly 31. '9L
ABSouneor pmk
is the Price of The Chief.
189 .
Harvesting is all done and some
have commenced haying.
Crops never looked better this time
of the year than now.
The Mcul last Thursday was a suc
cess. Miss May Flutumel speut Saturday
and Sunday in Red Cloud.
The s:hool board hare hired Miss
Jessie Warren for the coming year.
Inavale now has a lawn tcnis club.
Ed Parmer from Hates county i
visiting his folks this reek.
The Inavale nine ana the Pumpkin
HuskerM nine p'ycd a very interest'
ing game of ball lat Sstntday. The
score s!ood 12 to 18 in favor of Ina
vale. Mr. Hull and family it visiting his
brother and family this week.
Charlie Olmsted gave a party Iat
Friday evening. having a
good time.
Mr. Prcntis returned from his trip
to Ohio, Tuesday.
Mr. Davis don't go Jo Red Cloud
any more. Wonder why?
Several of our people left on Mon
day for the mountains, in .crch of
health, recreation, Ac Fred Good
engineer's wnc of the wagons and
Jacob Fuller the other.
Mrs. Keener and daughter of Illi
nois have just come to visit their rel
atives, Mr. Kceney and Mrs. Adam
son. Mrs. Sarah Peak enjoyed a birth
day surprise party on Tuesday, 23th.
Mrs. C M. Brown has just returned
from a vim of two month, with rel
atives and friends in New York State.
Rev. McYcy, of Red Cloud, was cu
our streets Tuesday looking hale and
hearty as ever. X
Willaw Creek.
Well Mr. Editor, I have heard sev
eral say they would like to sec Mana
tobia write again, so I will scribble a
few items again if you will kindly
correct mistakes.
Again has this vicinity been called
on to give up one of it's best and
most beloved 30ung ladies. Miss
Eva May Lewi.-, died July 18th and
was burried the 19th, at Pleasant Hill
cemetery amid the largest concourse
of friends we have ever seen at a
funeral. Every one was deeply
effected and fully sympathized with
the mother and brothers. Eva was
past 21 and the stay and friend of a
happy household.
Any body can tell to look Tom La
cy square in the face that he doe not
wear talse 'ecth all because a new boy
arrived at his home the 13th of Julv
all doing well as reported by Dr.
A weed was mcasued the other day
on the creek bank, it is fourteen fctt
two inches in bight.
Nearly all the farmers are done har
vesting, some arc cutting hay, and
the best eorn prospect at this time of
any year ft aeventeen years vccetables
have grown almost beyond belief and
still plenty of nun every few day.
The people in this community arc
all making great preparations to at
tend the reunion at Bed Cloud ia
Clarence Lewis has been rcry sick
bat is slowly improving at this time.
Mrs. Adamsoa expect her ssothtr
and sister from the east this week.
P. S. Fair's barn was strack by
lightning on Sanday evening the
19th, and wasbaraed with it's cos tents
eoasuting of some rye, two lister, 13
cellars aad several sets of doable har
ness, besides a sow aad pigs. Hr. Fair
kept his baggy ia the bara bat as
they had wsed the baccy en Sanday
aad did not get home aatil it berao
to rain they did not pat in the
bora. The bora was insvrrd.
Harvortiagis aealy all doae and
the oats aad wheat are the hoariest
we ever saw ia Kasnaa, and avow we
near the ham of the throhsia-
chine asalsu SiD.
Mark Talk.
To The Ciutr TLi rTeriatrj?
talk about aa increase of the cutrency
to 150. per capita ctvinp pooplc are
money only flauv uaeibe among
the people, without a reliable antidote
What is the uc of tilling suoh stall.
If the per capita was $100 per head
and one had nothing to dispone of J
whit help would it be to hits'" A Htan
cau't tret something for itethia. If
a man has nothing to Kit upon the
market he cannot expect te got mone
that way but rrxrt to fouie other
method Sonitf people hold the- idea
that if the per capita was 50 per
head, all they would hare to d to grl
it would be to present thir claim to
the government. What noueuel
The trouble today mth the circulating
medium i that the well-to-do hare it
safely housed in their pockets aftaid
to venture in any kind of ontrrprises
for fuar that they will be hnsWI to
realize a profit therefrom, hense a
stagnation of lu.Mncr There will
alwayr be 'two condition to the
human family, the wealthy and
those who labor. There a)waj hr
ben and alway will be Th bible
sugi;tuta that a man should (tarn what
be eats by working and therefore triMo
mast be two claftr viz The em
ployer and the otupioten. We don t
believe that the Crratir ever drirod
that a man should be o dihoat
that he should fail to pay hi honast
debts, and failing expect the govern -
ment to do so for him, hence the orv
that a man should be relierod of hi
present debts comes only from human
ity (not all of them) rather than from
Divinity. There's people who have to
do a great deal of talciug in order to
hold their jobs and the cry lojay
that people arc impoverished for th
want of a 'circulating tuodiuai is onfi
of the "jobs.' There arc plenty of
people who are "crying reform" that
arc immensely rich. Why don't they
open their coffers and mske money
freer? thev stmplv like all other ;
who havo means at thoir disposal ;
don't want to invest it where there ls
, , ... , .
no chance of setting a good return;
and the agitation agatuu the men of
means is one of the causes of the hard
timnfc nf tnt)r Tht Tutr nrpritl
,. ,. t" . , t ,
the wealthy In impendent a freely a
., , ., ... t ..
it does the art-rage wealthy Republi
can or Democrat. Humanity is the
same the world over A man will
tint i'ita nr inml )n!!p wtiori lio
. ii.i t .it . Tt ' and ejum, and our od the oaltlc bo
is absolutely sure ti will ie ii. The. ,
... t .. . no tw Rot ie th rain th
way to make times better u to en
. , .. ! gra tall the oow can ral bar
courage enterprises, talk up the oom-,, ,,,,,,., ,
..... ,. , , 1 head and bawl, hor hide JRfiiolb, no
munity in which you Jive, and brj, ,
,,..,, ., ibo6e nrotrudo, he tiranee Mac a city
I in iuiuu iuv amir v arc saiiinK
T, ... T , , .
.jrur Republican, Independent or
I v .. , j w j .i i
Democratic friend a robber and thirl,
that it is barely possible tbit he hold
the same opinion of you. There are
no set of men whatever that ar more
honest in politics than others. There
are corrupt men in all parties It is the
case sometimes, when thev arc cast
overboard that they go into other
ranks and cry "thief " lustily. H i
an old trick. The hue a&d cry going
on fibou'd be railed off, asd men
shield give their neighbors credit for
being just at honest aa they eoaider
themselves, aad then there would be
a tendency for better time. Tou
ay be rich ;otirc!f sometime, and
then yoa will dulike it have people
caU yoa a thief beeoc yoo bare
been sacecssfol in ! toes. Don't
be mistakes, the present eryef "thief "
it by men who could not get oft re is
the old parue? and sow are looks sr
for it la somenew measure and arej" l"P 3"'w- "w w ""
makiag the ...laaght to attract w Q - "
to their sapport byfair or foal mo'o., j - I All uci will U limits
ander th. pretext that there i need to -" trm W-
of reform.
A meeting was held ia JadreTraa
key's oSce Satorday aftrrcrtB with a
view of ecario a creamery fr IWi
I ru,4 "U t..Jrr.t. , .n- o.
I - , . . - . .
oaeres wwi ia a erraajierv wan; fccre
eootiag foar or fire lbd' dtAktrs
' nrovidinr he is given a fcoss f Sf-
O lunArrl dmllmrm Ti, wt-rrti
Satarday eoas idcrcd the pr-fwwtJo
ana aosoiateo a mmwiux vt it,ty?cv
the aUat at Fatrftcld, whioh the artTi9. to Aar ZZ lcT. Far farth-
laukxar the rntoos os. Ther iformitE.fri'4toar thi ca-
oaiashtee. eoamar f JTcorr fit.!aoew4B o A. Cooler agrat.
i. .. ' . ... ' . t
asm. Mr. 3iadj. X4. JUsoer, Mr. Pat -
mor, aanl Geo. Warn., will ririt fair- pek Aaj. 13, laSl, P-f4 Ia4
feid TaeasUy a4 reaon ta the woo l ?? mmita&m. Ar
xl.sTiJ: Tf;ooLe. ftPmnEuawai
tss m esrt htcraUtT. aao!
everybody iavked to be aoweat 91
Kasaojaber SatardaTl
. .- , - 4, , r - .. ..
AagitlK,atheaayforthc rntUn
AaTaerXeJiottallis4rict Clerk
Croae were ia G4e Hock tbki wookv
Vol- U. No. 1
Krunlttn tle.
TB?cirotir x:iue
holding atsmtro MUg 4 ftwi
ouirrtit t arruigautMote far th
At th Hi. HMMlUjYJf
f tho comttaw, Arraaqpawoo wes
ootapiotod fr wnt onUi' 4vof u
tap r tho Wr Yi4PR. MsUl(h4
at Tojxika. KM4. ltkfla oonUla
lag the adioru mtmmi Uw ppof lU
dorote oonaidof omo to a ouottp
of lb town.
CimwHoaUo foam th ranWK
ooooratiog ratOn woooroad The BU
Mgormi vry RaoraJ ooo f'tr for
the round trip froiu all point wtiUn
a radio of luO nuW.
C J Ptatt wa appoint! a oatnsiU
tmj to srracjj a program for the Ur
got hUn tournament hot con the
Kama, and Nobraika guard.
On looUon it wa rdnrd that ho
pron i authorise! lo oonlraat any
iadohtqdoowwi wfeaUvror ow aoaounl of
th rMoi iool Mpo a wnitttm
order Mwod by Uo ltrmat of tho
rounioM oaumutlc-P. Aotoo llijjby. J
oufti4grot by the MteroUry CJ. J
Warran. ' AH poo will lak te
notice and theroUy av th4mni'v
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Soot City, Iowa, Oct. 17, '01.
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