The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 17, 1891, Image 1

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Bv A. C. Hosmer.
well satisfied ihM
Santa Clau
Soap -
Islljc Best LaundrySoap irjilje vorld
Mid I use it iri JI my wsfi!
"5"."oNLVgy. . .
F ee 0 Charge to MY Customers
liiYeu Away to Every purchaser
of 10 worth of goods.
, .e not Cheap Pictures, but fine hand
'v- ntines in oil and
v ,T1-
any one's
A striot account of your purchases will be kept and when
you have; bought in all $10 worth for cash, you will be
presented with one of these
No advance, will be made in prices but as usual with the
Cincinnati Shoe Store
AW will sell you better goods for less money than any shoe
store in Webster county,
Kespectfully yours,
Proprietor or the
City Bakery and Restaurant,
Tor n good Square meal. Bourdins l Lodging by day or week
All kind or Freli Bread, Iie and Cake. Headquarter
lrr Orange, Lemou and 1iatia'iia. All kind or freeh
fruit and Candy, Xut, Cigar, Tobaeeo, frch Ojter,
and iCe rrcam in eaon.
I os. Herburgkr,
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription-for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric props, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OIL
is Pleasant, Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys "Worms and allays
fevcrishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
. l o:n.:TaAc iin -Cnml yHTi'lrti tlin stomach
HIMUriU iusiiuuwi .
-I bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Ca
.-j h nKUir'nt Panacea the Mother's Friead.
X i
yC "
"Ga&orfa is excellent pwdldne far ch8
ren. Kopjers Jv n-peOedlr Idi. me of its
good effect upon ttadr cbildreB."
Us. Q. C Osgood,
Cutcsift i the bst iwaedy f or chQdmi of
vbic&Iam&cqlBtMl. I hope the day kw
far dHSactvlKaimotkei will oeasUer the rl
totcrest of Uelr cbUdw!, aad an CMt&ariA la
icad of the rarioaBqaadcKMtraBS vhidi are
destroying their loTed aes, lijforciaBopiani.
morphine, saotaiac lyrap mad oSber hurtful
agents down their threats, thereby seadisc
theai to precaajtare pirn."
""' Dk. J. F. gntcwrrwr,
Oeewry, Ark.
" 'jsyiP"" ' -TBfci' ' ' WslzJlrjimBawl!lss -- . SaawPSj3g3iga!? n ''glRSglofe? j- y.
f"j- 1 -r . ammr jk asam ' ' " BsaaT " ssasasasasasas' "T" ' ' "sasasasssasasasasasaasa - "BBaBBBBBsaBa " 1"-saBaBWfisFsaBaBaTa-BE - vk' .aVsSBLABBBsa v 3ttBH-C9KSX T mTM yywfy ,J ?P"4haFM , s
.,; ; r' L,i .. . rc--JgSgfeSg3fai M BL,,
?5?V -BBU-SC - ,i ej& '" ibbsssssbV1 'fafafafafafassw f Lafafasss fafafafafafafLaSj ' bbssbi "" lammmmBi lWl ' 1 M' 1 .
-wv jj" , e"f' "" --' - 'i::". v "V. T ' L TL T " J----i , ' j 0&f&5B3&f " " - ' Ti'"'?'" J"" C '
M - Kuv
&nd cleaning1.!1
r Any sensibk'Womb'h.
are ht to
-w , --o 7-
" Caoria is so trcll aJajtcd to ciBdreaiaat
I recommend it assapes-ior toanyproacripaoB
known to me."
IL A. Ascbek.1L XX.
Ill So. Oxford St., ErookTv-v Y.
Our physicians in the chtlirbu - depart
ment baTe spoien hiehly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria,
and although we only tare- amccj; tzr
medical snppUes what is known aa regular
prodact,yetwcaire free to confess that the
iDcrks of Castoria has won as to leek wa
favor opooU."
Pjum HospiTAi. iio Stsrcmnr,
iun C. Skztb, Iet
trx. wa"
D.V V-0WJ9
r?JhfcllT''":ii"11 sssssssassasssssssss M ;--..c4'
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty' and One Dollar a year is
KupcrviMr'a PraccdlRCs.
Iioard convened in regular session.
G. W. Hummel chainnan. Members
present IS. Minutes read and ap
proved. The location of road in town 3,
range 12, was presented and on mo
tion vrus made special business on
Thursday July 1G, at one o'clock p. m.
Kcport of W. C. Laird, a special
committee to examine bridge on Lib
erty creek in Stillwater township, was
by the board accepted.
Petition for road commencing at the
south east corner of section 32, town
1, range 10, running west on Htate
line to corner of section JIG, town 1,
range 10, was presented and signed by
the required number of free-holders,
L. J. Lock bridge, 0. If. Smith
and J. Q. Adams owners of land
through which said road passes, waiv
ed all claims of damage by the loca
tion of said road. Moved and carried
that said road be located and plated
as prayed for in said petition.
Notice of the appointment of Thou.
Anderson ns overseer of road district
Xo. 30, by the town board of Batin
township, was read and placed on file
and his bond approved.
Adjourned to 1, o'clock p. m.
One o'clock p. m. July 14, 1891.
5oard convened.
Members present 1G.
Resolution by C. Cather: That
the proceedings to open road Xo. 57,
between section 35 and 3G, town 1,
range 0, appearing to be irregular,
and the establishment of to be void.
The road overseer of the district in
which said road is located is hereby
instructed to take no action toward
moving fences or grading or otherwise
working said road.
Petition of N. L. D. Smith, J.
Brant and ci:ht others asking for an
appropriation of $50.00 to build a
bridge across the west branch of Hull
creek iu Garfield township. Moved
and carried that the amount prayed
for in said petitioff be granted.
On motion of A. McCall, the site
for the now iron bridge about to be
built across the Republican river near
Inavale, was located below the Bosk
Ford at a point about ha!f way be
tween said ford nnd the west line of
Sec. 3, town 1, range 12. the same be
ing the most practical point for an
outlet on the south; also the following
I consent of owners of said land: T
hereby give my consent to having
south end of bridge acros Republican
river placed on lot 7, section 3, town
1. range 12, between the point known
as the Bock Ford and the section line
runuing north and south, cast of lot 7,
and I also waive all claims of damage
to a road running south from said
bridge to section line running eaftand
west between section 3 and 10.
A. U. Sanford.
Resolved, by C. Cather that Web
ster county in current funds all reason
able bills for clothing, transportation,
burial cxpenios in ease of death and
not provided for by the state for
Arthur Montgomery that may be made
by the Superintendent of the Nebras
ka Institution for feeble minded
youths as long s the said Arthur
Montgomery shall remain an inmate of
the institution or until the legislature
shall male other provision:. The re
solution was adopted and clerk ordered
to certify the same to the superintend
ent of the Institution for the feeble
minded voutbs.
Adjpurned until 0 a. in. July 15,
Boarl convened 0 o'clock Julv 15,
Members present lg
Moved and carried tjiat committee
qu jail ground and building be in
structed to repair and put in sood
order the pile driver owned bv the
Adjourned until 1 p. m.
Board conveued 1 o'-clock p. m
Members present 15. v
Committee to ettle with county
judge, &c
SuperiuteudeutM retort as follows:
We your cquiiuitt e find the report of
both county judge and superintended
of public instruction? to l corivct in
every respect. Signed:
A. 11. Huffman.
Isaac Fish.
P. Zimmerman.
Report accepted and ordered on
Report of committee on settlement
with sheriff.
Wc our committee to settle wHk
sbctff qf Webster county, nd Itis re-
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, July 17,
Amouat of fees from January 8, 1891,
to June 30, $814.35. Signed:
A. H. Crary,
t vnttr cnintnilti. nrAmmA tn r.
..WJW. -.....- W........ W
amine books of jail find expenses of
jail from January 1, to July 1, 1891,
$322.15, expenses of boarding prison
ers and poor $433.50. Report accept
ed and ordered on file.
A. IL Crary,
Wc the committee on settlement
with county treasurer find the state
ment as filed with county clerk to be
correct. Signed:
L. I). Thoaas,
Motion made and carried that
county treasurer be instructed not to
offer at tax sale the ltnd sold by Web
ster county to Patrich Gilroy, so long
as said land being the e I of n e ,
e of s e I of section 2C, town 2,
range 12.
The following claims were audited
and allowed and county clerk ordered
to draw warrant for same.
Stato Journal supplies $10 85
State Journal supplies $39 85
35 25
State Journal supplies 39 10
State Journal supplies 37 95
allowed .'
A. J. Hayes good. poor 28 00
credited on taxes
Joseph Graves 6 00
credited on taxes. . ......
T. G. Wilder 11 16
Matilda Fuller p'd p'r 3 50
Democrat supplies. ... 25 GG
a af
At tO
24 80
28 00
G 00
4 50
3 00
Argus supplies . . .
Argus supplies...
allowed ,
Jno. Morris &c ..
5 50
32 41
23 00
12 35
allowed 10 35
Omaha Republican.... 10 00
allowed 7 00
Omaha Republican 1G 00
Omaha Republican... 24 10
allowed 15 10
Taders Lumber. Co 12 15
L. II. Dcyo
Amboy Milling Co ..
A. P. Johnson
O. M. Cochrall
4S 95
G 00
23 45
4 50
9 75
12 20
38 50
R. S. Proudfit
Harris A Hanawatt
F. Weibler
Kerr & Ksty 5 00
K. Bergman 3 58
W. II. Hoffman 3 05
credited on taxes 3 05
W. II. Fowler 2 50
C. H.Mehogau 8 10
P. C. Moosehcad 5 00
Oscar i'atmor 1 75
Fuller --. .. . 19 07
Plaeasant Hill Township 24 27
E. II. Kehler 13 30
Chicago Book-Rest Co 6 00
A. C. Hosmer 10 50
Adjourned until 9 a. in. July 1G,
On the evening of July 15, Sher
man Circle of the Ladies oT the
Grand Army of the Republic, and
the relatives and friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Patiuor ande a decent upon their
residence surprising Mrs. Patmor on
the occasion of her fiftieth birthday
Mrs, Patrnar is a.n excellent koten and
tintcrtajped. the eotupany with a kind
and welcome word for each and all,
and did not seem much discontented
by being taken ou surprise. Mr
Patmor is one of the ol$ settf era af
Reg Clout), aad U well and favorably
known in this vicinity aad made the
eompany of thirty-five or forty feel at
Mrs. Patmor was the recipient -of
qu'te a number of presents j a tokeB j
of the respect bu ateem la wh:eh
she is held by her many relatives aad
friends. Mrs. Balis, ia behalf of thej
circle prcscnteu .urs. rataaor with aJ
badge pin. the. emblem, of the Ladiea
oftjie0.1 Rvof which she (Mrs.
Patmor,) is president, with a few
appropriate remarks to whieh the lady
responded is a way that left bo doubt
ia the siBdsof aay pretest of it bciBg
highly appreciated.
After partafciag or a spleadid
jrepaa aad wishiag the hastes
maay retarat t her birthday the
cempaay retaTBetf kame ia tiaae is ia-j
tercept wfcat might hare heea a eaa
?ratio JT tarala ia tb $vm ef
Rev. a P.'EraaaeY Bethaaj nighv.
Xehr., will hid services ea Fridav
A Italght Fire.
Karly Thursday moraing, about ne
'clock, the alara of file was turned
in froai box four, caused by smoke
issuing from il ri. Martin 4b Son1
store ia the Moon block. The depart
ment was on hand ia a few seconds
and with their usual prrereranc had
the flames under cont-ole, although
it was very dfiealt to locate the fire at
first. The origaa of the fire is quite
dificult to disscerer but it was un
doubtedly the work of mice in getting
hold of a box of matches that lay un
covered oa the counter as there "had
been no fir in the stove for a loag
time. The lost by fiirc and water
will be quite severe, but the firm were
fully insured ia good companies.
The worst feature about the fire was
the entire destruction of Mrs S. 11
McBndc's millinery store, which was
located ia the rear end of the store
room. Her loss was about $S00 and
not a cent of insurance, but we are
pleased to note that our citizans have
liberally responded to an appeal for
her benefit. Mrs. MVBride could illy
afford to lose the
ammount. Mr.l
Martin's loss is estimated at from
$3,000 to $5,000.
In Red Cloud, Nebraka, July L2J
1891, of heart desesse, 51 r. Davia C
Myres, aged 58 years, 8 months audi"
13 days.
Mr. Myers was born in Baffalo 3.
Y., Oct 29, 1832. He married Miss
Miry Hogue iu South Bend, lad.,
June 3, 1802. They move4 to Oska-
loosa, Iowa, in 1872, where ha joined 1
the M. E. Church and became a faith
ful class leader aad Sunday school
teacher, bnagiag all but one of a
class of fifteen into the church. They
leame to Red Cloud seven years ago.
His sickness began last August In
January he was able to attend church
a few times. On Sunday evening,
during that time he was baptized and
became a member of the Christian
It was his last attendance at church
but later received the communion and
hand of fellowship in his home. His
severe sufferings are over, and Lc has
entered into his rt Dunag his en
tire sickness his faithful wife cared
for him day and eight. No one could
have done more. She, with their
adopttd daughter, Jennie, have the
h cart-felt sympathy and earnest pray
ers of God's people. Services were
held in the Christian church, Tuesday
morning, by O. II. Truman, assisted
by Rev. E. J. Randall, and the re
mains were takea to Webb cemetery
ia Smith county, Kansas, for burial.
The following oficers of Ben Ad
hem lodge No. 186 I. O. O. F.wcrc in
stalled last Monday Bight for the an
miag term.
G.J. Warren, N.G.
S. B. Cozad, V. G.
A. O. Berg, Treasurer.
G. W. Dow. P. S.
K. Skeen, Secy.
A. Moaart, W
J. A. TaUeya. C.
M. W. Dickersoa. IL S.
L.M. Crabill,L.S.
A. C. Hosmer, L G.
G. W. Hummel, O. G.
J. A. Tulleys wa the Installing
officer. The lodge is getting along
AfslrnM HaUl
Geo. O.
Yeiscr is prepared lo insure
crops against uamaze from pait,
Now is the time to iasure
loss froqi fira aad wiad.
Agmiorasn mare or win
trade for milch
. I 1 I? "
4ai avi
Hollaed Hoaae.
a l
ai. A. B.
ii .-n . . i .
iags of James A. G.rield Post Jfo.
tiiiunnawsoiiccifRaiK saaaa-i;
8i. Drat, of Xeb. G. A. IL will he
s1fT VnnJiT -asn&a ni or hTnn
each fill maoa a 7:30 p. m., adiBirwa left Thartday aaaraias fer
assa woka iharraiter at 2 a. am. Vis-
itiaa comrade eariiallv taviud
:.!- ...-J. iirilatl. ;;tx3 lai.
attead. G. W. Ksigbt, P. C.
Gar ehi Part Na. S0.G. A. R., wfl!he iatdligeat eare of the 4ead a
rive a cama ire Meacay eTeaiag, , specialty, and are prrpared t atteai
t i aa imi v-.t... .v. R calls ta tie city areaaatry. F.A.
JbJt Sw, 1551. Emtaeat pcaker; . . . , J
Z.., . . , . ?Tavier,fsBertdieer.
will he areacat fiam abroad to address f " .,. , t
theJu Lwi.Ha.Ueh,ex-c- Lerutlag hy F. T.,l wk.
graaaaaa. fram OaWrw, Km O. B. " hti 5 ef ? f?
Colter ef tha Waaurm Teteraa. To-l!8 tlU ae
atka, Km , iL J. ML .ase at rrak
"? ' C Aa
. m. m a asv. m a was a
riar, 3?.
EeerraWf iaettW
ami ItM ia tha maaic af 3
the Price of The Chief.
Fine watch repairing, arti.
tic letter and monogram en
graving at T. E. Penman's
Red Cloud.
Tru.r at IicyoV.
Alice Downs has gone to Oregon.
M R. Bentley was in Lincoln this
HammocVs and enxjuet at Cot
ings. Cubun Parots for sale by J. II.
Smith. f
Call on J. II. Smith with your live
Condition powders of all kinds at
The board of Supervisors are in
leo keep the iargit stock of pat
ent medicine..
For genuine bargans call at the sec
ond hand store. 2 t.
Tho bct stock of machine oil I to
be found atDejVs.
For machine oils cheap call at the
second hand, ttorc. 2 L
Jeff Ward is the happy papa of a I
great big baby girl.
Cot ling is Hill -eIlirjg lot of wall
paper ar way down prices.
Go to layd and sec his bargain
iu ramnaots of wall paper. v
The W. O. T. U. meets with Mr-J
Overing this month at 3 p. in.
J. J. Miller the harness inao has a
fall lino of rubbex aad leather belting
C him.
Mrs. Jester, of Hcbroa. Neb., i
visiting with Missltoso Emigh, this
. R. Chancy and Chs. R. Potter,
have Jast neturned from aa extended
trip cat.
C. W Kaley, returned this week
from Lincoln and the north part of
the state.
The fan) or; are In the harvest field
full bliut now and expect to reap a
good crop this season. ,
Go to J. S. Prkc' for groceries,
provisons, notions, etc. Prices rea
sonable, come and sec u. tf
Supervisor Patterson, had his corn
quite badly stripped by hail last Sun
day ni-ht during the wind storm.
For oat?, rye, and corn chop tf the
finest quality eall on, C. M. Myers
Perkins & Mitchell's old stand. t2
Cogrcssmau Bryan is ia Red
Cloud today, for the purpose of visit
ing the Knights of Pythias lodge.
Grand Chancelor Seism of Omaha,
paid Calantha lodge No 29, K. of P.
a fraternal visit on this Friday eight.
Hem ember that Cozad & Co., will
not be undersold on furaiturt, car
pets, wall pap?r Ac. at Taylor's old
O. H. Marti s, a prominent attorney
at Blue Hill was is Bel Cloud this
week on business and paid Tilt Cuicr
a pleasant call.
F. V. Ta!or haa greatly iacreased
his stock of furniture, earpete, ear
taii. &c, and won't be under sold,
call md see him.
Ruy your paint of Cottieg. Ha
rells th .-tricUy Southern and Globe
Iftid and the Li&colu mixed pia
that cannot be beat.
There wil' he a peeeh by Hob. W.
j . McKe:,FB.
an at the Harris teh&ol
. . . .. .
alsoatraitit;hoase10 D,D towaJ,P',B Jb1J -
4 . .- .
-kAi .- r .j t
3&?1, Everv Oor itrtted.
Flovrjfboth wta'er aad rpriatjicoaatxr with cizbt or ten ather ba -
Ia4tfa irraanst awl srsvrdVa
A. WW j aa- vv C " w
. -. . . . Rm
"w m ..,.-.
si. MrMiL Frow.
j i-rci. . Acaaawrc v.oiTia ox nata-
J sa a aw as) T t a
r?ca. efcr. waj the jrae; &f Mr. a4
lrx TT J ni,x3 tl. rt uaV.
f : h a P"80
- .7 Z
taaer of
: Usth utUcriety.
"rs. I. J. I'aekCT
aad Kma
ir. v-i., Xk- - .T.Li.
.1 - I' . . 1 ' ' .
Ln ib r.nir.rrB ia-sp rssinuBi w
--. -. - -- --
be htid ia t!ut city
After year ef exverieaee we make
a - - s a-a w - .- - - - -
i - &rc.d tkaa if ta raa-
cl & a all it WaatW
! r. V. T.ykr will ..! y
prices ef ere4 hy ether hea a al!
tlas af Ua4eftakiaf
rainstr lttr riasls ssJ kaaiar
ftkrfrk r I he I.lfe r tt Well-
Khv-m-h r)cttr louMlj
Wmh, CoMtrlbHlrd t
llr. I II. Todd.
Mrs. James lFJltl n Ht Mtn
street, received a telegram thi natw
ipg. announcing tho death f her
brother-in-law. Vt. Jahn Piltard, of
this city He died an Saturday, Jnljr
4, at Red Cloud, Xcbrasla, nkoro he
was visiting tclattves and wharc he
had gone after visiting vsnau? hoaltk
roorts in differetil pnrtfeB.-. vf Cali
fornia during the pst winter and
Dr. Dillard si the sen of tU elo
brated minister, Rav. l.r l!y
laud Dtllard. 11 j bara ia lhi
county, and was in the Mxlv thirW
year of hid a-c si lk limti of kb
After r.cemng an i vctlst pntai
ry cducition In itis ncighharha4
schools he wa -radsat fraui taa
Iiblit College nf Gaarrttawa, Ken
tucky. lie wj an iixcelhrat -iaicl
holar and well up in all branches
of genera! history, which tuae!hita
most agrfeable companion.
He reccirtHi th?dgir ofadxlarj
of uiedican from th (".nrtlr af
Louisville in 1S52, and U couri
ered well prepared.
He served a veer inhe IMktvtttc
hospital under the di'tifiutshod fur
geon, Doctor David W. IUnUM, wla
was one of tits grratly admired toaWrs.
For man; year he praetiaad his
proftvsion in this county, ubttrs he
did anextunsi'.c and u-:cffal prnet
ice enjoying the oUumi and eonfldoaae
ofthc bert people in the eammtttiitr.
Dr. Dillard wax a man of fine pne
tical sense He wj fnd nf reading,
and devoted much of his spare Uwc
to flowers and bcos, aud bseatae quite
an authority on the cultivation af the
He was of lind and genial dtpft-
tion, yrcatly devotrd to fnond, of'
whom he hsd a great many, wha in
return were greatly attachod ta hint,!
ana wno win near witn uneere rrjcrri
his aiiiiouncemcnt of hi death.
His family lice rhortlv oxprel to
learo the particulars of lit a death and '
make arrangments for hi burai
Kentucky Leader.
efurklcns.rnltrH KhIit
The Hent 81t. tn thr world for cot.
Breiw, 8or, Ulctrs, Hslt Kh-ntn. inri
Hore, Tettrr, Clispnl hsnl, Cbiibtsin.
Corns, and nil other Skin Knsptiun.
and poitiTrlj enr pilr, or no Jir t
qnirfd. It ir KasrKatd to jKTfer t
sstif action or tnmtj rrtunded. l'rif2'.
at-nta t box . For snlo by I. II. Dtjo, 3
Greatest event of the canon will
be that lawn parly given br the La
dies Auxillery to the Webster county
Fur. To be held at court hanse park
Taesday crening July 21th. Every
body invited.
F. V. Taylor never ha ohirged any
thing for attending funerals. He
carries the largest stock and guarcn
tecs iatifaction. Remember he will
duplicate aay price eScred by otberr,
oa uadertaking giodi,
Little Levi Mcop; oo f Jofca
Moore, was seat to the reform school, I techer ofthe pablie sbtx!a af this
the la.t of the week. Thera are a few !uty. at IW Chwd oa ike third
,, . . . . ... ... ' Jatardsy I rmh anll.
other hoys in th- cty whieh csji le, t Jf lHmttt cvat, $up
materiallv benSt5.1 uy a crBtleaf: -.
years contact la that warthy initito
Oa Ixt Sandav afternoon
CllIEK sad btttr-haH trtiw! eat to a
bapUsasal a5air at Iaar.k .d afur
1 ---. , -
roiaj fer more than tww anlc tn the'
1J. -- Jt,A-A . .-... ..
t - ..., ,..
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Pitcher's Castoria.
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!, XT. Trw.wrs, M. D.
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Secretary, I. O Ytawr. Hj rlrr
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