The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 12, 1891, Image 1

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By A. C. Hosmer.
Let Every One Turn
Have a Glor
ious old 4th.
Is ill the lead
N ebr aska
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mi 'v. ' j
r1 , 1
. r
Inter-State Reunion,
Which will be held in Bed Cloud
September 15, 16, 17 and 18.
once more.
- , ' -. '
" Eternal Vigilance is
By Iter. JT. D. Palls.
Tkxt: 3d Timothy, i:1.
l have fooffht a good fight.'
These words are from tho lipn of the
apostle rani. They Bammarize his life as
a Christian soldier. In Baying, "I hare
fought a good fight" he means that he
has been lojal, deroted and aggresshre in
maintaining and adrancing his 8Tior'a
truth and kingdom.
"I hare fosght a geod fight" is a su
perb Bmnmary of a life, and he who can
truthfully say it pronounces on himself
the imperial enconium of living. Panl
has spoken justly of himsolf . This sum
mary baa no flavor of egotism. The
magnificent life which stands behind it
vindicates it from boastfolnesa and at
tests its truthfulness.
Fan! is worthy of this tribute. It is
the honor due him an a soldier of the
cross of Jeans Christ, and we sanction his
claim, we echo the plaudit, sayinp, "Yes,
Brother Paul, thou has fought a good
fight, and it shall be a memorial to thee
through all coming eternities."
But next to the soldier of Christianity
stands the soldier of nationality. It is
the acme of glory to say "I have fonght a
good fight for the cross." Bat the next
thing in glory is to say, I hare fought a
good fight for my flag.
That is the purpose of this gathering
today. We are come to commemorate
our national sailors and soldiers, oar he
roes, those who gallantly fought and glor
ious died for flag and constitution and
country. If they fought a good fight,
then this occasion is significant. It is a
beautiful expression of gratltnde and a
righteous hoaoring of noble patriotism.
Was their fight a good fight? I think
there aro none who seriously question
that now. The war for the Union needs
no vindication, certainly not to those who
witneesed and participated in its ongoing
history from the Northern side. And
even those who were on the opposite
Bide in opinion or arms, now that the
mists of political and sectional prejudice
kavo passed away are regarding it as
both right and just And we are quite
sure that when the white light of impar
tial history shall illuminate it causes
and methods and aims, it will stand jus
tified to ail mankind as n righteous and
patriotic war.
Still, on an occasion such as this it ia
eminently appropriate to review the
question ''Was the war for the Union a
good fight?
Our purpose in raising the question is
not so much with the view of imparting
information, as to stir your memories
and to show that the wreaths we weave
for our heroes brows ore worthy. Nor
do we wish in stirring your memories to
awaken animosities ovor the past and
gone. We come to the review, "With
charity for all and nialico towards none"
to show if we can, 'that in the fight for
tho Union, tho boys in bluo made a good
fight. There aro several aspects in
which the war for the Union was a good
To turn one aspect sharply to view we
say that in the war for the Union the
character of the fighting was good.
Why, do we say when two men face
and batter and bruise each other in the
manly art of self defense, as they call it,
that is brutal? Or when the Indian
tomahawks and scalps his enemy,
that is savagery? And then when two
armies meet and shoot each other to death
that is glorious? Why, simply because
you recognize the ethical element in
fighting, you distinguish between good
and bad fighting. You know the differ
ence between savagery and civilization
infigthing. And you know that tho
quantity of the ethics you pack into a
fight determines the quality and enhanc
es the merit of the fighting. Cromwell
and his Old Ironsides poised victory aad
march gloriously through history as in
vincibles because they made God and
the Bible as the Guidons of battle.
And that is the reason why our battle
for the Union was a good fighL We
recognised God. The Bible was a lamp
to our feet and a light to our path. We
had brains behind our muskets and
sabres, and moral conviction in every
shot tired and in every stroke that felL
In a swift review of history, ww nay
recall Iieonadea and Alexander and
Cteear and Wellington andNapoleom aad
Moltke and their magnificent campaign
and armies, Thermopyle, Marathoa, Ar
belaand Blenheim and Waterloo and
Sedan as historic battles.
And yet we find no generals, bo cam
paigns, bo battles and no armies more
grand or scientific or brave and cairal-
ric than ours ol the Union. Nor is this
opinion to be regarded as aa expression
of partisan partiality and pride. Itie
only the revoke of the opinion of the aa
tirwui of tfin arnrUI bji t)uv r taftiifijw)
t k; .x,. .l mAm;i. -
j --...-
genera aaa aim us ana taetr oruuaai
achievements. Weareaot saytag that
there are bo spots on the disk et this
luminous sua, we only say taat they
fail to obscure ttaflamiaf brilliaaoe. W
remember that "there were times of
panic, times of retreat, timatet dettat
aad times whea oar foe of kindred blood
and mettle gained briHiaat triamahs,
still we say that the white
alsmeditasK JBcoaaaicaoaary a
"waoraa away to live aad igat
day" were a dim shadowy ogoaptioa ta
ttt galinmt AUtitadiao8 heat that
the Price of Liberty' and One Dollar a year
Red Cloud, Webster County,
composed our armies. The Poet des
cribes it well in saying,
"No taougat of flls'it.
Nose of retreat, no unbecooilBf deed
That argued fear, eat one himself relied,
A' In his arm tbe moment lay
Of victory."
We might pause here and prove the
fighting good by detail of campaigns and
descriptions of battles, only we know not
where to begin. As we contemplate the
glory, its brightness is dazzling and we
are unable to select tbe peerless ray. We
might speak of Antietam with its four
miles of battle, and call it the Golgotha
of the war. We might say that at Get
tysberg the struggle reached its highest
point and that there broke the fiery
crest of the decisive battle, and that
Vicksburg struck the blow that sent the
confederacy reeling to its doomed des
truction. But comparisons are invidious.
Every battle was pivotal and decisive
and all were glorioup, and each one,
whether on the mountain top conspicu
ous or in the valley obscure, on land or
water, from first Bull Run to tbe final
Appomattox was beneficent to the Union
and contributed to national victory and
honor and glory.
We might make a further pause and
do honor to the peerless number of lead
ers. We might lift up Grant, Sherman,
Sheridan, Farragut, Porter and Terry to
your view, but that again would be in
vidious. They are only a conspicuous
few in a royal line of officers and privates
who are equally deserving. Each and all
have a peculiar splendor of their own,
that none other in the resplendent gal
axy can dim.
Bat we must return to the splendor of
the fighting. One beam of its splendor
was that it was volunteer fighting. The
Hessian and the conscript had a small
place ia our armies. The Persian whip
and its snapping lash were unnecessary
to push the fighting of the boys in blue.
In the recruiting and the fighting the ir
enthusiasm cried "Here am I, send me."
That fact is illuminated when we recall
the truth that out of twenty-five millions
of population in the North 239,132 en
listed in the four years of the war. And
then how is the splendor enhanced when
we reflect sadly that we laid 289,730 sol
diers on the altar of death in the four
years of fighting.
But the imperial splendors bursts
forth when we remember that it was
patriotic fighting. Fatherland filled
and thrilled their hearts. They said:
"My aative country tbee.
Land of the noble free,
v TJiy name I lore."
The uprising, the enllstneats, the girding for
battle and tbe struggle for victory were all In
spired by that lore. It was a contest not of
regular amies, nor of mercenary levies to
gratify dynastic anbltloa, to extend empire
and secure martial glory so tomasesi in the
old world, but of republican ertlzeas self orgus
Iwsl Into military heste's to bold and msJntala
the national domain bcqueUied to them br
their revolutionary fathers. Is tbe better
sense, it was not an offensive war. It was sim
ply ttcfenslre of tbe nattaul territory and auth
ority against secession and treason under the
sancUons of tbe constitution and tbe preced
ents of the tuition. Some hare assigned it
other objects and affirmed It as aggresiirely
nimed at the institution of sUrcryas fostered
by tbe South.
But while the conscience of the North regard
ed slavery as a national ?ln, one which In both
justice and mercy ought to hare been elimina
ted from the aattoaal life, nererthetesa the war
was not alined at Its destruction. The war was
simply defeiutreef tbe Union. The South was
aggresslre. She forced the war upon us.
The North conki do no otherwise than Ight.
llerearnlest desire was to do otherwise. She
held out the olive branch and urged its accep
tance. She was willing to arbitrate. She en
tered the react) congress. She considered the
Crittenden resolutions. Hhe offered every corn
promise that honorable magnanimity could
suggest, but the Southern Oligarchy was Implac
able and defeated atl efforts for a peaceful ad
justment. And after all peaceful overtures
were rejected by the Sooth, even then patriot
ism sat In silence and wailed with folded arms
unUI tlie war challense came by the wanton
assault on 8emrer.
Tbm. bat not till thra, did the war storm
burst over the North. Tbes, whea patience
ceased to be longer a virtue. Northern patriot
ism arose and ald with Kttfas Cheat "We
join oursHres with no party that dees not carry
the tag and keep step to the music of the
Union." Then they responded to Mr. Lincoln's
call for troops saying In echo te Asderew Jack
son, "The federal Uckm shall be preserved."
And It was dan, done in the wage of battle, aad
done bravely, honerahly aad glortowslr. Surely
with these sirns foDewlmr 1L the Ictus for
the Union was good aghtisg.
Bnt secead, te war (or the UMe was a
good Ight la the eaases for which it was
waged. Bat we mast interpret these saws as
from the teachings af Ms history rather
frees any personal er ases
oamtoa then la varae. Ia Its am
the war was waged he sreatrvi
1 steace, te saw itself fratn aa
splracy, to sstesetfrrmaaa armed reketTtaa.
er If tbsi cheese te dsgmlfy the term, to save
HaeUfrmaarevidatMa.hasdea tat aoHttaal
heresy that one party has the right te
framasstieanawaaalcawsfaet. That
lysattrs the attltade ( the Saath ta the aa
tieaallUc It was a deliberate cesumiracy. aa
armed reeearaa asjaJasC a sacred aad
cemaart fee the arryetaal Uatea the
The electma ef Mr. Lhscela either as amsw-
aee ar as Inimical te the isavleatiaw ef shmrjr
as we aB knew, waa a mere pretext to hid the
cutne4raey aad Jastlfy rrteWaa agatasthhe
tTaJea. History has madeKmata that if Mr.
Ikmfftts had hea iiiliimsirhaiilsim.tti.
uaceav weals have bww defeated, fa
, Uea ef Mr. Bmkmi
grfje to TMeH
aad anew tae twrtlun eCthe
dMsse.aadaBrwiiiallimte the
wah the
Oat thefwesjervatleejefthe
traHerswasaetal. Ia Me
the war waged teryraaet the
as Krhea existed.
The aeee&decy ef the rtsmbUram sartyht
tne castfral ei tae ffeeerea
plate nay ivnatatieemry la ihi
efsheaatiaa; The
taeaartr. Tad-
rfatj was aet ta daaarhstla the
wak eatered ehe t7aiea waitr the erhji-
aaacm. hat te restrict II to
Neb., Friday, Junk 12,
That was Its highest hope and iuter.Uon wheu
It came Into power. While slavery was rvoog
alzed as a gross Infringement of mans' natural
rights, and a strange Inconsistency with our
Declaration of national independence and a
wicked system of Inhumanity. Still it Massa
cred la tbe limits of the constitution. Mr. Lin
coln la his Irst Inaugural tells us . He says
"I hae no pun10! directly or indirectly to lu
terfrr with the insUtutiin of slavery I" the
sUtcs wVcre it ciiata," "1 belleb I have uo
lawful right to do so and I hate no inclination
to do so. Those ulio nominated aud elected
me, did so with the full know let! go that I had
made this and many similar declarations and
bad never recanted thrn I now reiterate
these sentiments ami in doing m, I only prrss
on the public attention the most ooiicluiheevl
dence of which the awe Is susceptible, that the
property, peaco and necuiily of no section are
in anywise endangered by the now Incoming ad
ministration." Thwx: utterances unsuhucully
Indicate thai the star was not waxed to abolUh
slarery. Toaarethe L'nlouas it then existed
was the first and prime and only dolga of
the war at Its Inauguration. The snhationot
the Union was the heart of the contention, and
to save It It was w Ithout repard to other Inter
ests. Mr. Lincoln lucidly outlines that in his
great "JJnlon Letter" to Horace Hreeley. H
says, "My paramouut olJNrt is to ae the
Union and not elUiertosave or destroy slav
ery." If I could save the Union ithout free
ing any slaves I would do It, and if I could sate
It by freeing nil tho slaves I would do It, and If
1 conld save It by freeing some aud leaving
others alone I would abo do that."
The old Union was glorious and it was worth
saving. It was our herltago from our patriot
fathers, a heritage which wa.s lorn lu i Ightful
revolution and Sealed In heroic blood, a heritage
of domain and constitution and Hag. a heritage
of liberty and history which were haloed with
glory. The war was wiiged for that, but he
who Is always better to us than our fears and
keeps step with maus truest needs gave us one
more excellent than that, one that was purged
of slavery and replete with freedom. Surely
fighting to save the Unlou was a good fight.
Then third, It was a good fight In its achieve
ment. The building of the gomnnu-ut of tho t'nlon
was wiser than men knew. They realized more
than they Intended or expected. The Urd
God ws presiding at the helm or the ship of
state, His mighty hand which hitherto had
guided the destinies of the nation, was thereto
pilot It Into the port of righteousness. IIH be
uigncd Providence sliaiicd and marshalled
events and precipitated them to "consumatlons
most devoHtlj wished tor" by the truest locrsof
their country. Under his mildancc tho bight
aspirations andlrtrophccles and axioms nl the
patriotic poet aktesman were all rcaltrcd.
He set the JrTflssJPeVle conflict and then ns
MIn the beauty ot the IIIHos Christ
was bom across the sea.
With a glory In bis bosom thai
transfigured you and me
As be died to make men holy."
The boys in blue said "let us die to mako men
free, while God Is marching on." And pralso
Ills holy name they did It. They crushed the
deliberated and matured and infamous conspir
acy and defeated its armed rtlwllion of traitor.
Tliea that tbe nation could not exist half
slave and halt free was provcu. Then Daniel
Webster's saj lag "liberty and Union, now ami
forever, one and inseparable" was rcalUed.
Then, the old and glorious "Declaration of In
dependence "lliat all men aro born free ami
equal" was cryttalUcd into Its dMnest express
Ion. Then slavery died, but It was shot and
not legislated to death. It was dnnl, not as the
Intention and aim of party policy, but hecauv;
It was an enormous sin in the sight of n Just
God. The time bad coraeluthe wlllnndpur
posoottha Inflnlto when iLscnmes and cruet
ties should bo avenged, when the tears ami
groans and prayers of Itsvlctlms forilbcrty were
to be answered. Then itdieu limits takiiiguH,
was a war measure for th- preservation of the
Emancipation is the brightest and rlhtmt
event of American history. Vor when slavery
died, national consistency was vindicate and
the golden gates of f rcedom were thrown wide
open, and Liberty In the trinity of Its perfect
aess, physical, political and rellgloui was en
throned as the law of the Kcpublic. And then
as tb anal achievement, there eventuated that
which was designed at the beginning, the sal
vation of the Union, not tho old Union be
queathed to us by our fathers with Its entail
ment of slavery, but a regenerated Union, tbt
old Union purified r-y tho fires of battl: and the
blood ol a heroic soldiery, and transfigured Into
a temple dedicated toths freedom of all men.
without the dlsUnctlon of race or color. Mr,
Lincoln's ideal Union, as he proclaimed It at
the National cemetery at Gettysburc "A
nation having a new birth of freedom and a
government of the people by the people for tbe
people which shall not perish from the earth."
The war secured that Union, for now as never
before, the perpetuity of the National govern
ment is established and assured to history.
Now as sever before, it Is settled and deter
mined that tli majority shall rule the nation,
ul now as never before. It Is true that "The
star spangled banner shall wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave"
The battle has been fought and the victory
won. The nation's baptism in wraUi and fire
and blood Is now an epoch of Use past- Its
eharacter and censes and achievements are nowr
htstorr. and it only remains to render trtbota
U waem tribute Is due- To God belong thaak
far the victory. Te tne noWe mothers aad
wives and sweethearts who sarrendered sons
aaamawwesa ioei .: t.-.
aad emartrr thanks are m. ana to iae Beroes,
the heroes of Uaiea aad liberty we give this day
of ommrmnrstinn It Is their monument.
The earn jjiiis snakes all over this nation to
daj are their eosaely praises, tbe beautiful flow
ers which shall be strewn over the graves of
tae dead arj the symbols of the cation's fra
grant memory of taIr patriotism. Tin pen
stems aeeerded ta the living wfeUe lsa4eqnalr,
ssttt are the nation's exwressJen of gratitade fer
services readered, aad iheJruasst dawn
the aisle af the eeatartea as asset -those set
hen tedte" make apagVwVxts memorial efl
wrfreat sense at their werthlsek. Aad yet.
tav7altaawdatdare not the best trXmte that
taeese that entshlaes them
wiS enmmiiil tbeir atghnS
airUytte-Rthemax, -whe
awidedscatteaef eenelvcs totae peraetaakiieB
at mm Uatea waka taelr vaJer woa.
The Catea needs yretecttms. There are
smavaatafca the air aad rf aam n aa abeat the
Catav TasarstrntTtomrTitof the ceaatry two
eeatartes aad a half asp was made ias?carral
hr trhaadwerthy eteaerra. New
the wrds c the oM rarKaa
-God strted a whetc
ever late the
hue the tutmtrj has IeaersUtMt
.awtsasaadaetwKh the seeded aajassss
fmraavyeaattaa matrradyamre hter-
saa asrr ether reaawy. Yei artst
f : raiew. a
esuhrattaaa fisr
murt bush aw. aaafatiesa
defeaee e a itatioa. We
U wesrtsjid preserve ear
atemtewmttearttltm ef the
aJaaaat: sesat, aa
aa asc. They mefc
vwnirJt Is the atarai
is the Price of The Chief.
The suffrage is the Hulasprtag. Um heart of
our common life and whatever affects M tajr
kmsly uapalis the national security. We must
look to It that we have a fair ball aad a
fair count a count aad a ballet that whi carry
a national conviction that It Is fair" If we
would pertrtuate this Uepubtic.
Hut beyond theae there otlwr equa'ly tigs If
cant dangrr. I might c't the Hqaor daalaa
tion, the tendency to make owe hraaeh of oar
congress aristocratic, tbe Intent austerity
which neglects eltU;i duty and igwr the re
lations of morals to politics. We msnt remem
ber that It Is righteousness which exaltcth a
natlo.i. The Invincible safeguard of ta Ualoa
is an environment of righteousness. If we
would uplift tho starry banner to psvrpttnal
Kt-r it sustaining staff must t th cross that
roS9oticaltery. It we would build "a govern
meut for the people by the people." which
shall remain on the earth until the last syllable
of recorded time, we mutt build It oa the
granite foundation f God's wont. That la sot
a personal opinion It is the lessen ot human
history. Tne permanent things of all reaturies)
arc the word of God and ths cross of his Christ.
!car friends, ma w wrest from tho aagel ef
this hour any blessing so priceless as the earn
mou resolution, that we shall not have cease to
this tneinoiU) day only to declare eur)oysaBd
gratitude, nor oulv to cherish prot4 and ttnder
memories, but also to pledge aad coeeecratc
ourselves to tho Uuloti In Its sabllmest algal!
cuice. If so, then our heroes aad human
liberty and our God will be hoaored la the ob
servance of the day.
July 4, IMtl.
Yut July 4th, 1801, at the celebrattot
at ltcd Cloud.
Salute at iiuiiritic III guns.
I'roccjston to ground Band, May
or nml city council, carriages with
speakers, citizens, cilathurorHans.
3Iuic by hand.
Prayer Chaplain Pulis.
Music (Jlpo club.
Address of welcome J. S. (Hlhsra.
Mumc Hand.
Heading of Declaratioa of ladepcnd
ence Rev. Kly.
Munic Glee club.
Orator Col. M. h. WheaU
Mutic Rand.
Basket dinner.
Rise ball game 1:30, prise $15. race, $15 to It, 10 to 2d.
All companies invited to compete.
Slow mule race. Every man ridos
neighbors mule. Prize $5.
Fporta Sack race, greased pole,
greased pig, foot races, etc.
Grand display of fireworks $500,
purrfiniNTOK hat,
Marshal G. H. Whiton.
Mnxtcr of ceremonies J. L. Miller.
M. C. Fulton, Walaut creek.
O. McCall. Line.
Geo. Coon, Garfcld.
R. S. Proudfit. Guide Rock.
Wm. Thompson, Reaver.
C. W. Fuller, Ncaiunt Hill.
G. H. Prentice, Iaavale.
IOtiic Gencreur, Cathertoa.
Holt. Ifarri.o, Ratio.
Febatin Wclli, El at Creek.
W. R. Guthrie, Stillwater.
Al. Rcilcy, Oik creek.
Sol. McadlcbaHM, Potsdam.
W. R. Householder, Glenwoee1.
Xavicr iHraara, Ilaranoay.
J. W. Wanlin, Red Cloud.
Committees appointed for earrjiag
out program for July 4.
On procession II Cook, J Miller.
On ?pori5 and ataaMsjients Aaaoa
Hif bj, AI Galtmha, Geo Waitaon, F
Hatch, C II Piatt.
Calathumptaa proceatioa F Blakea
Icc, Will Yci?er, Will West Ceaatry
i tovs invited.
On Firework G H Wkitnoa, T C
Hacker, L II Dcyo, II Cook,
On salute Tow Hatfield, Skiakle.
On rcccptioa C F Cataer, AS
Marsh, G W Barker.
Among the avaay attractive fea
tures of the day will he tae races at
the fair groaads. Gao4 ksrsss fiam
abroad will Vc rrcseat to esattst fer
Coimaiittee oa privileges T J
The Barlingtoa as the
Roate. The sof iWee oa
utioa from NeVraska,
Kansas aadj
Colerawo of the yatjag poapte 's
ox ehnttian eaaeavrar, rave e
the Barliagte as the ooaoi
The eowuatUee beae that aH
endears members aad taatr
will arraae fe go to
ea theaasae date.
tiea as to date of dsaaHin si oafotal
traia nrill W far list ad is a low aWys.
J. Fejicw, G. F. ok T. A.
Preaaratieme are kciag ajade ta hold
a joint school alcale ta Goa. DeWiat's
grore Jaae IS, taatmad af kwaatr aeld
ia I. B Haavaaea's as aaore cm W
mreoaaatjfnai thaee. A
efswiap aadaaaateaa W
free af cast. Art are rsisisWi
to aaaas. Wnu ar Koo.
Ik Mdr.
Mrs. Peter McXiti fell down the
cellar slurs sad injured herself qaitc
Elsacr Anderjon wss licked by a
Aagast Wobcrmico fell froat the
roof ef lis hoa a few days ago, aad
wa serioatly injured.
The Red Cloud school had a picnic
at the river bridge last Tuesday. All
report a good time.
On last Tuesday cvcni'sp, a joung
man that is said to live ia the vicinity
of Picklcvillr, was scn in the rtver
with a cultivator, it is uppoeu ir
imagined be could make his mark
better there, than in the field among
the weeds.
Will Mime otic tell mo where Pickle
title is local 'd, does the cars run
close to it, s there a high school
there, has Qiiaekrnbush any concep
tion in this country, my father raited
a squash once that I think he called
by that name or something .similar.
Pr.CK'rt GoodSikter.
Plenty of rain, thegrouad is wetter
than it has been for many years.
Small grain has a good celer.
Some people say l hero is lets of
chintz bug in the small grain, but
they seem to be all old one and we
think the Oung ones will not do
much damage while it i: o act and
Wc had a nice rain last Friday
Dr. Elliot is improving and thinks
he will get well again, his leg aro not
swelled as much as they wore.
Rrother Hummel will preach at Mi.
Hope next Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m.
Every body should turn out and hear
George preach. Sunday school at 1U
o'clock a. m.
Mr. Ed Dcboil had a cow killed by
lightning two weeks ago, the only cow
they had.
K. of L aad the Alliance arc get
ting very strong in Smith county.
Sere Far ftttlc.
Pure Italian bees for sale.
qairc of Geo. A. Latts, Covle. 45-t
DleavavtatleMs KeHlcc.
Notice is hereby given that the
I ret of Rlskcice & Hatch it this day
dissolved by mutual con "cut, Frank
Hatch withdrawing from the concern.
Tbe business aitl be conducted by
F. G. Rlakeslce who assumes all ia
debtedsetn of the firm and 10 whom
all accounts are due.
F. G. Hlakkklke
Fkasoc Hatch.
May U'Jd, 18'J1.
i ! s a ii
GftASU Iilam, Nci. The Ox
aard Reel Sdgar Cnmpany arc very
much in need of help ia the Sugar
Beet fields at present; we can find
emplojmest for mes, women and
keys, wages for men $1.25 to 1.50
per day according to tbir ability, the
others ia proportion.
We should be very maeh
if yea weald make this known ia
yoar neighbcrLtod, that there will be
plenty of work fer three months to
come. Mr. Connor here kindly sent
you posters to that elect.
Thanking yea before hand, wo are,
Respect! ally years,
saatcatlem's Anst ra INhlvrc. 1
The Beat Stive ia the world fee ru.
Ulemra, aaM hmeaat. fever
amtlaar ilaaarwamami si sasa Mm s ImaS f I
AOvamrajf wsawaw awawsat saaawammmtp aawavssjsBBBBwsa
Corae, aad al ether aaia Enrpiieaa.
savi peefUvatj earae ptfaa, or aa psj r-
ejoirad. It is guaranteed t ftfre perfect
satiefae4leaeYBaaey rvvaadssL J'HeeSe
roe sale ay L. tL Vju.32
fatal mietake
asaaadsreaf Itttte
t. Dr.
a w art
We mar he
at C. L. Cootrsaa, wha faaraa
tae kuaaetj
mM - - - I .t , m
7m Tn sfTsas atisT s snTi heart2L
sasa, aaort h ret eh. aaerm. ( m
saawsaTaaat aa sale, arm ar she af is t, lm
aatwaaT foamafamj laaaaaMawJJp, faaallsawflftf . tJrlwMlstjr
sad sr aVlea avsaasmatsasSkf eavm. m mm f . . a
asrwafa maam smsrmesmi w ssv mwarx wewasaw BEaerawmi BKsmvam a aBaBHBBMaaBamBak
'Vol.18. No. 40.
Attorney And CounfcJor
At Law.
Will prtlai in all GCurt.
Kkd CuU!, - Nkaa.
Mn. EniToa- There U a very
erroneous epinton cntcilslned In cer
lain uarten, as to the objects and
sunn of the orgshuallon of the ladies
of tbe G. A. R. Circle. Some have
gone f far ss to y tnt it wss net
eisaa i a .a
recounts m! i.t llel t,lHii, er uy the
Grand Army, and never would be.
Sherman Circle is cow posed wholly
of soldier, mothers, wives, daughters
and sister, besidrs members of the
Grand Army are eligible to member
ship, and msny belong to L The er-
gaaitslton has'qtsbursrd thottsandaef
dollars for the bcueit of the eld
Army veterans and their dependent
ones throughout the country and hat
a mumbenliip wall up in the
Tho soldier, tic widow and their
orphan art the object ef their ssrelal
Sherman Circle is a new oraaita
lion, but during it brief career it has
contributed nineteen delists for the
alleviating of the tuffring and aredv
in Red Cloud,
Now hitters aad comrades there is
work fer all. Tho Udiet of tho
Grand Army are aet in opposition te
any kindred orgtiJiatioo), or are they
clamoring for rffcngnlttai k an?
one, but stand upon their Offs) sntrwaV
Whether as has been said, they aff
not reeognucd in ltcd Cloud, the faw$
remains that they are a part ef tho
same Grand Army that did service
fr their country tn her time of need
from '111 (o '(. and have eeme to
stay. FArr.
Svhlte lritka tutaf Dark C
UJiumiKi is a ianu tn esHsmfiasi
, i i . i .. i .
ut bnll.ant lufhta, C, aaaat jsJmmVwi
a lnnl where hsfaal.Sjaal emptha maaa
obvtoue thatawaaaaf af thawonl axitllhe
4s; a hawiwfioro every m In mld
earn fioisf M anawrrin? mkl tu nature.
llWhhti, whlto iniwarclji f the nvMint-
aia. from wImw sleuUr !innacjr Hunt
thn wiml blown lnnn f tho awrw,
appeal with ilnt liUfnc t the lofty
nspirntions of th ul. th mbfa
cIiamim rhft by Tilan frri U.ruf 1
CrnmUtJc&rtlhi!KwiUii vm depths
dark tlimkrwi thnmtf anl twirlina tuf.
ronb ilaah, jV tit th hart Ufttfua
that thrilU, in"plre arwl awew. It hsa
not follow that th (f!rie ot white
rftks nntl tl gUvrnte of dark eaaoa
prelude thn plnwuuit tnUrvat, U sunny
avtlra vr tho srlnJl iv1mi hfla
Uio tirwl mind r warll Uly may nad
pearfful rt and rfiic frrm lrmoI
and toil. Touti" making a ymrtx'j ia
Colorado, Nw Met ten vt I' tali, or takinoj
a tranAcrKitinonal Unit fnim rUat to
smt, iv vic vera. ti Ihsnvee aad
JUoGrab'ht iUilruatl oTers accrnmoJ
linn equal In ehifascv ajftvwaleeea aad
lutur7 to tixma with any other line with
the added altractxxM A U uari varies!
eceoery aJoo;; its line, abounding; ia a
majrsif.cnt opnUmc of whit peaaa
aad dark crot a Th month of Nevee.
Ler, 1&J), wtto' mm d oae of tint nvstt Im
portant impruvse8U In railroad faciM
tla that haa yrt bn saada in O ii rado
aad the Weet. The emspkdisa ef th
ftUndard ffnai of the I)er aad Kit
Grzade Railroad from Decver. Osbrada,
OTerthe nwsntaiae to Ogjvlaa. UtaM
whch live years aro wan Jtems 1 aa hav
poanbihty. m certainly a tnamph es?
daring and eacineenasi tkiSL TVe aav
tine Is by the way of LaadrUa. taaaol
tug Teamanm Paaa, ihrraKaf tha casMsta
of Y aad Graad Kir era, girhaj
view of tUMosst vt tU III Cexaa,
oaragte. takiaa; if trsina Utwamit Csta
wood SpnssT aad down taa Graad Xtror
to Graad Jsac&e, tlseaca to 8aH Laea
Qty, Oratoa aad Haa Krtr.emwa. uj
this reals cma Is givea aa irmj parloaily to
ltosthawatadwwat! Kssjia KHe
Otssaaaad Uto awrreewat httsaty aad
raeftlseCaaoriaaGrtwsl. Taa
ovatiaad trsin Ss a aaodel k ovary fa-
Frota Uaafhaa to taa hot i
mdt orarythiasj
v atmwmav odwaw ewawawanj
savdastiaa. If
tokawaatea aWat
waraaaf sataa, wrila tolLX,
Dw. Cffcha, aad he wJl smad yam
frees tart. iTiaaofly
crm a fall iivsMeTHdJeai m? the
ef tha'tteaaac Lr." SW Wwd im
. an CawAlsYJaatyeVsfi ij9
a- glMajfe "
? '