The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 29, 1891, Image 1

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" Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is the Price of The Chief.
By A. C. Hosmer.
Nothing to Fear From I,cproy.
The close commercial relations be
tween California and China have in
troduced quite a number of lepers in
to the former from the latter country.
A leper hospital in San Franckco has
taincd ah man' a.i Gfty-tvro unfortu
nates, all of whom were Chinese. No
cases, however, have developed from
these anion; the inhabitant of any of
the Pacific States. In New York city
theie have been half a dozen isolated
cases during the past ten year.-, and at
the present time the writer knows of
five cases of lepros within the city
limits. Leprosy is a relic of the bar
barons ages, and it i, J think, .slowly
disappearing from the earth. Civi
lat; mi and piogrrs will in time com
plete its cflacemenL It is but anoth
er instance of the 'Belated Crab" of
.Mr. .lackson. and we may join with
him in praying heaven to soon remove
it We must not neglect certain safe
guards against it, however, for it is an
insidious disease. Half a century is
often necessary tu effect its dcveloj
iueiit in a community, and it may gain
a foothold Avithout attracting alien-
tiou. J lie action
of the government
in rigidly quarantining against it is
commendable. Lepers, to say the
least, are not desirable citizens and
such as n':ich our .chores should be
sent back to the place whence they
came. The establishment of a ualion
.ilVayaictto has been advocated for
snob itjso as haw developed among
u I believe it Hiould be done and
hope to M-e it in the near future, as it
will undoubtedly prcve.nt some eases
from oecuniiig that would otherwise
uceiti. A- a nation we have nothing
it) iVar ft oni leprosy. The conditions
do not exit here to cause or even per
mit the spread of the disease, and it
is not conceivable that they will exist
until civilization proves a failure.
Xoilh American Jteiew.
Meeting of Herman Baptist.- Hag
ers town. Md., May 28 to June f.
I'or this occasion a rate of fare and a
third on certificate plan has been made
from points in Kansas and Nebraska
up to Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis.
Tickets should be sold to these points
May "JO-27 inclusive and certificates
will be honored for return at one-thiri
fare if presented at our depots in Chi
cago. Peoria and St. Louis, June f-o0
inclusive when signed by "W. S. Kieh
ards, Secretary Hagerstown. Md. Be
yond Chicago, Peoria and St. Loui-.
rate of one lowest first class fare for
the round trip has been made, tickets
to be sold May 20 to June 1 inclusive
rood to return until June 3G. Below
1 give you rates to Hagerstown from
Chicago. Peoria and St. Louis. From
Chicago, $17.20; from Peoria, $20.10,
from St. Louis, $20.
Tenth Inter-national Convention,
Y. P. S. C. K., Minneapolis, Minn..
July 1-12, ISiU. For this oceasiou
a rate of one fare for the round trip
has been made. Pates of sale from
Pakcta. Kansas and Nebraska, July 7
and S. Further information regarding
this eonwiition will be furnished la
ter, d. Francis, . T. & P. A.
The Knights of Labor entertained
their friends last Saturday nigtt ia
fine style at the K. P. hall. They
served ice cream and berries until a
late hour. During the evening the
rain commenced pouring dowa, and it
lasted until Sunday, but the people
went home with a feeling that they
had been well entertained. Hon. W.
A. McKeighan, gave thea a very
pleasant Ulk during the evening,
which was highly appreciated bj
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jaaBBjmjmK iBnis'mBmBmBSamBlml MBi mmmlmlmmmma
KI&L WflmmDmBft tlJBk.
mBmiEiBmBBtamBVBr BamamamBmLBmTtEmi MsmPHB9BESBS!BmBtHBmmaa
BmammmBmimT'r'WI mimBmBmBmBmVmBVimVBmBUmaRi 3wsmmimBSi5imBmBmHmml
BmaBaffBBjBBii I , mimBmBmBmBlBmvcBTBmBmBmvaiLa xaSmBBmmiimBmBmsBnsjBlSHm3
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BmBmBaHmmBmaKMllmBmBmlBTHmmamBmmmBmmlBmBmM :-t ammaWmntsl
BmBmamKBrnamBmKHamaVmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBRmmK ''I'-BmamVammamltml
afaaaaaaaaBBajawBaBaaaavnavaaBBaaPwm iiBSHaa
mamammamamamamamaMMMmamamammmBBSrS hEIftma
Bank Failure.
The closing up of the First National
bank of thih city by order of the comp
troller of the currenc', is much to be
deplored just at this time. Our peo
ple have just passed through a very
hard and trying year and have lost
heavily financially and otherwise, and
now to have one of the oldest banks
go to the vail is certainly a deplorable
disaster to our city and people, as a
failure of that kind always takes oth
ers with it. As to the cause of the
closing of the doois ot the
First National bank, wp are
unable to ay, unless it might
have been caiiicd by the stringency of
the times and an inability to collect
outstanding paper. It is much to be
wished the institution will soon
open its doora and wc have heard it
rumoied that such would be the case
in a few da s. Examiner McKnight
is in charge at present and we believe
that the stockholders will be able to
put the bank on its feet again.
p ii . 1 1 i. i
HaaBmmimSmV A , ammmTOjpjbft.'-ll -BMm
avPaSSHSE9HmmKaaL9msaNmi9hf a
mmlL .mlmY I EBSri msef wmlvJ&BBrv3MAS8llBb9mBBma36&3B9mBVimt I
ammmLa 1iaJdm rai IP3 JSaKBmXrwt'aiBBmamtmSHmMmMmW 'm ''-A
mamimB wjjg I PkST R5g3 wf?7 J 2 !9MSiyBBjHHQhkAK
B laaBCTimamamErimamfimmYmlBmTmamatmamamB
KmmammaHmaffSSfe1 SmPBKKSBBpttlM
FmmmHBmfiliililli 'fltimSPT'3
The Ciukk wishes to state that it
thinks that the board of education
should reemploy most of the present
corps of school teachers, if not all.
The work during last ear has been
vciy perfect as far as we can learn and
satisfactorily to the patrons of the
school. Then again our city can af
ford young ladies who arc just as com
petent as any that can be produced
from any other portion of the country,
and it is no more than light that they
should have the first opportunity for
the positions if desired by them. Wc
always have believed that it is only
right to give our own people a chance
as long a they arc the equals of any
who may apply. The aim of the
school board should be to employ home
teachers and pay them well for their
work, and they will be wonderfully
surprised at the good work that will
result. If you pay cheap salaries you
can't expect anything but cheap work.
That is one good thing we can ay of
our board, that they have paid fair sal- ,
aries. but they should increase them wej
believe. I
Mr. L. Soderberg of Cheyenne.
Wyo., sold his farm io this county
the other day for a good round sum.
He was quite fortunate in his sale
and will now invest it in Cheyenne
town lots, where he expects to make
a fortune soon.
Our public schools, will close in
about two weeks. Then our Young
Aneric&s will have plenty of time to
angle in the rippling waters of the
republican for the festive nau
P. E. Goblc and Attorney McXeny
were im BtoomiBgtofi tkis week.
A Second Great Commerce
Only one large war ship will be
contracted for by the Navy Depart
ment during the present year. This
is the new cruiser No. 13, a sister
ship to cruiser No. 12, popularly
known as "The Pirate." Cruiser No.
12 is now being built in the yard of
Cramp & Sons at Philadelphia.
When Crashed she will be the speed
iest and most powerful protected
cruiser afloat She has triple screws
and engines of unusual power, is of
7,400 tons displacement, h designed
to acheivc a speed for short distances
of twenty-two knot, and will carry
coil enough to enable her lo steam
around the wotld without stopping.
Her plans have aroused intense in
tercut abioad among naval expert.
Neither England nor any other power
ha- a cruiser that can compare with
her in destructive efficiency Bids
for the construction of cruiicr No. l.'J
will be opened at Washingloa June 1.
wirxr.H BLOCK facing i:at.
These two vessels arc the pspecialpets
of Secretary Tracy. They will be
more effective than battle ships in
teaching other nations a wholesome
repast for the United States. Either
of them could make havoc of the
commerce of a hostile rower. Act
ing in co-operation they could nlmost
sweep the sea clear or an enemy's
merchantile marine. The superiority
of these two great commerce distroy
ers is lecoguizJ as fully by European
government as it is in the Navy De
partment of the United States. This
recognition amounts to an acknowl
edgment that Americans again lead
the world in the science of maritime
A large number of our young folk
took the Salem" band wagon ronte
for Smith's lake for a picnic patty on
last Wednesday, with Oscar Patmor
as conductor. nd Will Yei-er as head
brafceman. They report a vcr plcas-
ant time.
If nlcj to IWh. but Oil. how lutter,
T hmifc a li-ti mill then not 'Vli' Vr."
The W. C. T. t will liold a temper
ance 111.-.SS mceUng at tbc Methodist
church next Sundav evening. Mav 31. 1
All arc cordially invited to attend.
Bev. Ely will deliver the address.
Copies of the "World's Petition" will
be circulated through the audience.
Lew Soddcrbcrg of Cheyenne, Wyo
ming, gave this office a fine piece of
crystalixed lime stone that he found
at the foot of a hill near Cheyenne.
Service at Grace church Tae?day
crcnifig, Jane 2d, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Myers will oficiitc
Red Cloud, Webster County,
An Old Seldter of Ike Laic War,
About lo he Rewarded.
Our fellow townsman I. S. Bul,
is one of the oldest serving soldiers
in Nebraska. Karly in the sixties he
enlisted in the Union arm, and went
south where he served his country
valiantly for several years, receiving
promotions for gallantry, until be
reached the promotion of First Lieu
tenant at about which time he as
wounded and resigned his office, but
up to the time he has never been dis
charged, and has technically been a
member of the army for more than
thirty-three year, and therefore en
tilled lo his wages of $110 per mouth
from il.e time he was irouuded until
now, which amount- to upwards ol
$40,000. lie recent L made applica
tion for discharge, and filed h- claim
Tor the "-mount of his salary for 33
years, with a fair prospect of getting
it. TlIK ClitKK h'ipes he will l" t the
amount as he lichl dusi-the
amount. JSt""
Icmorial Servicer
Last Sabbath morning the opera
house was crowded to its utmost, with
our people for the purpose of taking
part in the memorial services. The
churches all closed and each congre
gation invited with their pastors to
take part in the ceremony. The
meeting was opened by prayer and
singing, after which the Bcv. J. D.
Pulis. delivered the memorial sermon,
and right here The Chief wishes to
be put on record as saying that it was
a master piece and one of the best
sermons for the occasion, that wc
have ever had the pleasure of listen
ing to, and it was fully appreciated
by every person prcacnt. The sinc
ing was especially beautiful, and
went to make the exercises grand.
One thing is certain Bed Cloud has
ome excellent singers, and they can
always be depended upon for all such
The Gracd Army folks, the W. B.
C and G. A, B. circle, were all well
reprcscBted at the services. i
Bed Cloud people arc alwavs iatri-
otic, and turn out to memorial services '
with a becoming spirit of doing honor i
to those who laid down their lives for j
the perpetuity of the Unin. May j
tie ZBCBory ef the old soldier?, both
here and those who have passed the
portals to the world beyond, be ever
kept fresh and green. It is a duty
that we, a; a people owe them, for
the part they took in overthrow ot the
grt rebellion.
Attorney PortcTj of this citj has
lately p rocarei peasioas for Stephen
Barles aad Dcaais Liadacy, of Rc4
Cloud and for Harrison Saaadera ef
GarSeld township.
All jcrsoas knowing iheaxsclkcs ia
dehted to the late first of Blakesiee A
j Hatch, will please call aa settle ac-
P. G. Blaksslkx.
MtM I ml
-Sf B'H H H ml
Neb., Friday, May 29,
Mcf Henry Clarke of New York
state is in the citv on business.
There will be a tern perance ma-
meeting at the M. E. church next
Sunday evening.
Go to Wm. Zeluff, for a good hail
cut, shave, shampoo, or sea-foam, on
east side ebster Street.
Remember that Cozad A Co.. will
not Le undersold on furniture, car
pets, wall pap;r Ac. at Taylor's old
Prices reduced on mv entire stock
of la lies dress good, no tion, hosier)
lace, hambiirgs, etc., at Mrs. I. New
Frank Talr g't h- finccr bndl
fijured last Friday night while turn
in: an ice cream lr'z.r .t hc Meth
odist festival.
F. V. Taylor has gieatly increased
his stock of furniture, carpets, cur
tail. &c., and won't be under sold, j
call iud sec him.
Buy vur paint of Cotti ng. He
sells the strictly Southern and Globe
leads and the Lincoln mixed paint '
that cannot be beat.
Just received the latest sUle.s in
ladies summer wraps," Iflark sattceu, j
Challies black brilliantines and gloves j
at Mrs. F. Newhouse's. j --.--.----.-..
There seems to be a tendency of lhc tuning of the Confederate war
some children to dc-troy gardens oer(5 wou!d bu.v a pair of shoes anywhere
the city. Lisa piece of bu-mc- in thc u- A lhc " f
that the Little America- should stop ! money increase the shoe roe in pro
Oingtothchard times and scare j war a pjir aj ,jad CQ?t f. WM Ml! f, n even more widely M.paratd
ityofmoneylwill sell good, at cost ,chtaJi at m a bjirrc, of fi(jur poin, Soll0 f Ulc ,rllflM wrrc
and some below coU Please call and that M uj wst $1Q hrQQhi from MfficiUurcc ao.l ,
he convinced. Mari. F. Newiioi sK $;:()r nol bocau-e flour was gcarcc but intending or po,siblo cxhibit,.
See Cozad it Co., for funeral sup-'
1 r "r"' "askets, robes etc., who
arc iuuy prepare . . i . -
in the city or country, at Taylor's old
The ladies of thc M. E. church
gave a very pleasant ice cream social
at Perkins & Potter's old stand last
Friday night. The receipts were
about $40.
If it keeps on raining in Nebraska
the city water worts win nc "mnocu-;
ou- desuetude" as thc Great Clcvc-t At a joint special meeting of Gar
land would say, at least an far as the J fjc,j 0t X0. g0r and 1L ('. No.
lawns arc concerned. j i if iC& at their hall after the close
After years of experience wc make of thc memorial services held at the
thc intelligent care of thc dead a j opera bouse Sunday, May 2 tth, a vote
specialty, and arc prepared to attend j of thank; wan unanimously given
all calls in thc city or country. F. V. ' to .1. I Pulis for hi? sermon delivered
Taylor, funeral director. on thai occasion, and Adjt. of thc
Undertaking by F. V. Taylor w,0
has had jea.s of practical cxperincc
in the scientific care of thc dead and
i"a h..Mr T.ron5iri.l th.n nvt-r tn rnn.
duct thc business in all its branches
Thc wettest season ever known in
Nebraska has occurred during thc
.... .
last fortnight. Almost an unceasiug Don't fail to get your day p supply
rainlall has Liken place inside of that of water on Tuesday moriiing as (om
period and it ha had thc effect of misioncr Ward going to ihut off
makinc thc farmers happy t least. the upply.
r .".,', .aj
Mil I , '" '
fcflSg5e - St - 1SS
I. O. O. F. HALL
Andy Cuamia, a reidcBt of the
South End, hs a hea that haj a mo
nopoly on eggs. The other day when
the family went oat to gather the hea
fruit, they were soaiewhat iarprbed
to Snd as egg that ia ixe &eat the
largest Saratoga traak. it was
hrought forth aad iato the paatry, aai
there the aaeieat hatchet was pre
dactd aad aa the keea edge west,
plaagiag throagh the shell, beheld
there eaate t view two perfectlv
fonaed rjrgs, shell aad all ea thc la
nd ef the ether ahclL A a praliie
eeaatrj Nehraaka take the ba.
The Secoad Aasaal Fireatea bea
eit social givca by the ladies of this
city wfll take place Jase 6. Every
body iavited te tan oat aad help the
KaffiSrsa-sl&SJt - --; - -y, N.MSa!JBaSrl
g y,:aaawaagaWaMawaiawiawaaaaawa?,1B1' 'iek
ciTfBBBHBaaaaBaBMaaMiBW-'6awaawiifaMaBa --
rtfBHiaKBlaa W-.-sSam.rf7i. v3BSalaaB3a?J W-i$5 M H
1 Ti " naF aMaMVagliiiwi - - - mT wj"tTrjCc. T jaro iWaBMa"laTfc7Ziu III rs!!I
t?j m awaaaaacajaM.jaaaxvaah,aaaaaaaaar i jsk fB aa I - j aa "3 mil M- aft.aaaaa I S -aaaaaa mzs zO Br " ' r
&7c!,,i. m -.--aW - ai - '-aaV - a Ji arJaaaifa - '
L?fig B : -J.r- aV . J ..rfi3Mi----?-::j C
;j-frf 'MiMiirta.'. wm,3 ugtia?aaaawaaaaaaaaiaTaMMaaaaMaaaawaaaawrairr- .?3
jgsaaMaMWnilffHaJi1. jaKJaa1aM1w,1BJMM---aaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaar,- ?- 51
rv-'fJcViBawMUMiTj " " , --;!rgsari;?riZvJjc3ui.-j?'
llfVjaVaaTaaaEcaa 1 ' X 53ac . , "Th-T" r ,5af,Ji"it ,tfc.J SSW'B!" a3H-Xwn. JkaBaaw.4K.iaiw aaa . jsl ". 1
t'oHrcdcralc MotM-jr an Object
j Le?aj lcndcr otc waoledt Iccon
ing to the ntw people's party's plii
form, -'in sufficient volume lotrtmact
the burincss of the country on a cih
bai.."" Experience lu shown that
no matter how groat the volume the
relation of projK.'rtyt money wou'd
remain where they are today. At
portion, until about ttic clo?c ot the
btcau money wai too voluminous
The Confederate war showed another
those who toil for wages. Thc pay
ol labor did not go up in proportion
to the increase in value of good,
so that thc mau who paid $150 for
his shoes did not get as much shoe
for his work as when he paid 15.
SecJonts "Diary of a Bcbcl War
Vole of Taaak.
1 Vt mj intrurtcd to rcquwt of him,
" lurnuh a copy or thc same for
publication in the papers cf thc
citV. G. W. K.MOIIT Pont Com.
rilEVClC. Adit.
Fannie Dow, Corps Prcs.
Ilr.i.i.E Miller. Corps Scc'y
"' "
l ' ' ' i-M , ., ,
m tav
-T -sawaiaqaaaaaaaagr"""----' - --ri iTT.fwygiyaaaaMC
--faBLgaaataaaiiiii ,' ' , fmu mK3tmkBE3&1
WaaaaawaJaaaaaaaatWaiwaaaal iln iaaiaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiaTiaaaaiaaaiaaiiaaaaia iaw iia
. .. . ..j i wn ! i i . jjiii . j ' " . ' i i . ' ' i -afc
One of the S3st beaatifal s'ghtt
ever witacsscl ia thi ceaatry, wa
observed lat SsmUy afteraooa, at
abest foar o'clock, ia the shape sf a
gcasiac water spat, jat aawth of
Bed Cload, bat teo high p U de aaj
caatae. It eaald he plaialy
it farmed, aad the satioa af it
visible to thc caked eye. aad iaattj
after it had traTcBad bmbj aaiaa it
broke, aad a hage velaaw ef wafcr
was sees fa fall fraai thc faaaal
haaed afair. The whak pictafc
beiag ose set earilr deaarihed, bat
verv UaatifaL Ifaadrrds f aar
! pejle watcae it wua a canaaa eye, j
! if i had cmk ficrwa to the earth it
wsa1d hare eertaialy created rjtat !
I havoc as: it was very targz aad ap
peared to he getag at a
rorclgaer are Aaala !
How wideaprraa tbrosgh tbc aorld
ii the iateret ukca tn th World's
Columbian Exposition it well hea
by thc daily asail rcceirrd at head
quarter. For illustration, thc mail
of a single da j brought letters from
Havana, San Doaaisgo. Passes, Lima,
Liverpool, London, Mantilla, Ljob,
Borne, KrjtiLforton Main, Herliw,
Mi'an, Pari Aix la Chapelt, GU
gow, Brlfat, Perth, Manchctrr and
CvnUintimplc. The foreign ne-
panrrs recount were inur" uutacroiiR
Neatly all were loiters
Cnlil Ihtf dtcjuliation of the formuu
.-unit the f
-ii i .. ii ." uch in
Uirtr mil be attended to, a .-.
poxible, by thc department of pub-
licit y and promotion He pit is are
ncnt in the language of thc country
from which thc inquiry come.
ConGrtuition of thc intcrct abroad
in the cxjKisilion is found in the r-
ports of the conu!i of our govcrawal
Tbey report that the iwprtHWli H
fat growing and WctamHK geacral
that thc exposition wiH We a gigantic
and fucccsful world's fair, and that
manufacturers and other, according
ly, arc anxiou to gam too re definite
information, with a view of becoming
exhibitor Such information i
rapidly being applied to them.
Bishop tJravcs of Kearney occupied
the pulpit in Grace Eptw-'opal church
lat SumLiy There wa one confirma
tion in thr evening. Tlie church i
bcgitiuing lo propir again
Thc Congregational )pl will ia
tall thir"ncw miniler next Toeday
cveuin at their church. The pro
gram OjUitc rxtenTc an I creral
prominent tnrmltcr will le 'rcHnt.
Notice - hereby giTea that ike
firm ef Blakesiee it Hatch it th! day
dUaelred hy aalaal eseot. Fraak
Hatch witkdrawtag fresa the eaaeers.
The Vsiri a HI he cad acted by
F. G. BUkealce wk arsaaea all ia
dehtedaM ef the araafaad fa whaa
aJ accewata are dae.
Y. G. iLaxutLtt
Ymjlvk Hares.
May 22d, J&L
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Vol. la No. 44.
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