The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 24, 1891, Image 2

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A. C. HOSMEK, PubHahar.
Gkx. B. F. Butxeb was snubbed in
tlic United States district court at Bos
ton recently by Judge Carpenter. Gen.
ltatlcr desired to speak on behalf of a
client, when he was told to file bis
brief, the court refusing to hear any re
in ark&
An American who is a collector of
curiosities has been in Rome, it is said,
doing his utmost to secure the bed upon
which the late Prince Napoleon died.
The American has offered ST00 for the
bed and much to his disappointment his
offer has been politely but firmly re
fused. Akchwshoj' Hyan, of Philadelphia,
has issued an order that in future Cath
olics will not l)c permitted to bury any
of their relatives or friends on Sundays.
The archbishop says he was led to take
this step to break up the eustom among
Irish Catholics of indulging in big and
expensive funerals on Sunday.
Skcuktaijy Nom.e writes that it Is
now illegal for whites to enter any of
the Indian reservations soon to be
opened. Ho also states that though
the two sections in the appropriation
law fixing the size of the new counties
are conflicting ho will lay out the coun
ties according to the latter section,
making them seven hundred square
miles eacli.
Senatou llAwr.EY, who has been
nominated to succeed Secretary Proc
tor as secretary of war by several Con
necticut papers, says that he docs not
sare about succeeding to a cabinet posi
tion, but if the opportunity came he
would not say what ho would do. He
says there ure many reasons why he
ivould rather hold the ofllce of United
states Senator than any other.
TilK North Gennun Gazette prints the
regulations adopted in America for the
administration of the now cattle inspec
tion law and says that they prove that
arnest endeavors have been made to
ikc measures which, if conscientiously
:arried out, can enable importing coun
tries to consider the advisability of ro-ot-aling
or at least modifying the laws
irohihiting the importation of Araeri
:an pork.
Upok the recommendation of the
;ivil service commission with the hearty
uncurrencc of the secretary of the in
urrior and the commissioner of Indian
iffairs, President Harrison has ordered
.lie classification under the civil service
jf the sehool superintendents, their as
sistants, school teachers, physicians
nid matrons in the Indian service.
This classification will include between
jix hundred and seven hundred persons.
Tin: draft of the new treaty of com
neree between the United States and
Spain which provides for partial re
ciprocity between the former country
mil Cuba has been concluded at Madrid
I'lie treaty is understood to fix a very
w rate of duty on flour and other
irticles imported into the Antilles from
.he United States. The special repre
sentative of the United States, who has
negotiated the new treaty has left for
Tub Dublin National Press, the Mo
"arthyite organ, referring to the inter
new with Timothy Harrington, M. P.,
hiring the courso of which he pro
nounced himself as being exceedingly
well pleased with the decision of the
.ccutivc council of tho nationul league
u Cincinnati which suggested arbitra
tion as a means of solving the disputes
xlsting in tho Irish parliamentary
party, says: "The time for negotiation
is past. The light must now go on. It
will 1h) bitter, but it is not likely to bo
Skn'atoh Sakacco, an expert in Ital
ian finances, whoso utterances always
command much attention, writes to the
lamella del l'opolo, of Rome, declaring
Ids opinion that the government's
scheme for tho abolition of the deficit
is an illusory one. Ho alleges that Sig
nor Nicotern, minister of the interior,
ban made insincere statements of the
public finances ami that the extent of
the deficit which must bo faced has
been territory underrated. Tho article
lias had a dampening effect upon the
spirits of the small but noisy party who
have advocated war with America.
A i.akok section of the ceiling on the
fifth floor of Viee-IVesident Morton's
hotel, "The Shoreham," the largest and
finest apartment house iu Washington,
fell with a crush recently, carrying
with it all the floors beneath. The
break occurred on the iif th floor near
the spiral stairway, and tho debris
liored a hole about ten feet by six
through the lower floors to tho base
ment. In the building of this hotel
all of the most modern improvements
were Incorporated, and it was consid
ered tho strongest structure of its kind
in Washington. Investigation, however,
shows that rotten material was used in
its construction.
A plkasino incident of the presi
dent's visit to Memphis was witnessed
just as tho train left the depot. Esther
Mosby, an aged colored woman who
lelonged to Harrison's grandfather,
John E. Page, and who was a playmate
of the president in childhood, at Page
Brook, Va., was trying to get a glimpse
at him. For a long timo the police had
kept her back with tho crowd, until a
reporter came along and escorted her
in. From window to window of his car
she went, not satisfied until she had
found him and had shaken him cordial
ly by the hand. It is hardly possible
to tell who enjoyed it more, the presi
dent or his old playmate.
Tin Hamburger Nachrichten pub
lishes an interview with Prince Ills
tuarrfe In the course of which, referring
to the Chicago fair, the ex-chancellor
ewUl: "It will be a great pity and mis
take if German manufacturers allow
their dislike of the McKinley law to
iufluence them against taking part in
the exhibition. Germany ,ni the
United States have always ecn
friends. The two countries neither
have conflicting territorial interests
nor are political rivals. Besides, Ger
mans and Americans are bound by ties
of amity, kinship and common inter
ests. Therefore it will be regretable if
Germany is not fully represented at the
A sisovxak fact in connection with
the Italian matter, which has entirely
escaped attention up to the present
time, is that one of the leading Italiaas
lynched in New Orleans was actually at
the time of his death the recognized
consul at that port of a foreign govern
ment not that of Italy. Jose P. Ma
checa, the alleged head of the Mafia and
the most prominent of the victims of
the mob. still studs on the records of
the state department as the duly ac
credited and recognixed consul of Boli
Tia In New Orleans. He was a wealthy
merchant His firm, of Macheca Bros.
still continue the agency of one of tbo
important steamship lines touching at
New Orleans and trading with South
American port, and ft was probably'
from this connection Macheca came to
bo appointed comsul for Bolivia.
Glecmod By Telegraph and MaiL
Mubat'8 son, Albert, has
been elected to his place an director of
the Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette. Tho
other old directors were re-elected.
Tiie Etoilc Beige says that Henry
M. Stanley has been appointed governor
of the Congo state
Tuk Berlin Post says that an
European war is almost unavoidable,
while on the other hand the official
Political Correspondence o Vienna sees
do reason to fear that the peace will be
The gubernatorial Imbroglio in Con
necticut has been taken into the courts
for adjudication.
Mas. IIalford, the wjfo of President
Harrison's secretary, E. W. Halford,
died at Washington on the 15th, Mrs.
Halford was about 42 years of age and
was the youngest daughter of George
W. Armstrong, of Wilton, Mc.
The entire democratic ticket was
elected in El Paso, Tex., Mayor Richard
Caples being elected for a second term.
The Marquis di Rudini has forbidden
the government organs to refer to the
question of tho renewal of the dreibund.
It is stated that he desires that the
treaty of allianco be modified so as to
enable Italy to remain neutral in the
event of war between France and Ger
many. The reply of Mr. Blaine to the Mar
quis di Rudini was published on the
16th. Mr. Blaine's conclusion was that
the treaty of 1871 had not been proved
to have been violated and until it was
so proven Italy had no case.
The London Chronicle's Rome corre
spondent says that Mr. Porter, the
American minister, is about to depart
from Rome on a throe-months' leave of
TnE official canvass of the Chicago
election has been practically comploted
in twenty-nine of the thirty-four words.
Taking the official count in these
twenty-nine and the city hall unofficial
returns for the remaining five, the re
sult is a plurality of 1,304 for Hemp
stead Washburnc, republican, oyer the
democratic incumbent, Hewitt C
Tub Siccle says that the French gov
ernment will probably bo compelled to
ask parliament before August to sus-
.pend the duties on cereals. It adds
that the German government is expect
ed to ask the rcichstag shortly to take
similar action.
Gen. O. Enochs, member of congress,
was dangerously injured by a runaway
team at I ronton, O., recently.
Gen. Kii.houiine Knox, governor of
the soldiers' home at Milwaukee, Wis.,
is dead.
The premier of Now South Wales,
Sir Henry Parkcs, has announced that
the government will introduce a bill
providing for tho enfranchisement of
IT is officially donied that there is
any truth in the report bent from Rome
to the Chronicle of London, that Hon.
A. G. Porter, the United States minis
ter to Italy, was upon the point of de
parting from Rome on a three months'
leave of absence.
ItETiritNH from Gcstemunde, where
the election was held for a member of
the German rcichstag, are as follows:
Prince Bismarck, 7,557; Schmalfeld, so
cialist, 3,928; Piatt, guelph.3,343; Adloff,
freisinnige, .1,21 W. A second ballot will
bo necessary lnitwecn Prince Bismarck
nnd Herr Schmalfeld.
.Tustice Mattehon, of the
Rhode Island supreme court, has been
elected chief justice by the legislature.
The trouble in tho Portuguese cab
inet has been settled and all the minis
ters but one will retain their old places.
The University club of Louisville,
Ky., composed of collego graduates, has
assigned with 87,000 liabilities and
S3. 075 assets. The question of card
playing for money had split the club.
A shocking accident occurred near
Albany, N. Y., recently. A fast freight
collided with a gravel train, wrecking a
car containing five Italians. The car
caught fire and two of the imprisoned
inmates wero burned to death. Tho
other three were injured.
StIUKINO weavers at Bradford, En
gland, indulged in rioting on the 13th,
attempting to hold a prohibited mcotr
Ing. Soldiers aided the police iu re
storing order.
Willett !k Gkay and other promi
nent New York brokers in raw and re
fined sugars state that an agreement
has undoubtedly been entered into by
the independent refiners and the trust
by which the competition between them
is ended.
The Llano Iron fields in Texas havo
been purchased for $500,000. The South
ern Pacific will build to tho fields as
soon as possible.
A I.AKOK part of the cattle sheds in
the Pittsburgh, Pa., stock yards and 137
cattle were destroyed by fire. Loss,
$40,000. c
Five young men lost their lives by a
boat capsizing while a party of twelve
was crossing the river at St- Louis on
tho 13th.
The war on' the Chicago & Alton
waged by tho trunk lino association be
gan on the 14th. There arc sixty-soven
roads engaged in tho boycott and all
Alton tickets were taken off salo on
these roads. Baggage will not be
checked through on the Alton.
Miss Julia Reaoan was accidentally
shot and killed at Waukeska, Wis., by
her six-year-old niece, who had secured
her father's gun and was playing with
it. Miss Reagan's head was nearly
blown off.
Immiohants continue to arrive at New
York in largo numbers, 3,000 being
landed on the 14th. Of this number 100
were held at the barge office pending
an examination as to their character or
their liability to become public charges.
Fixe Italians were proven to be con-
viota and were returned.
Tuk price of flour in England has ad
vanced 7 shillings per 252 pounds since
February 24.
In a quarrel in front of the colored
Methodist church at llartsville, Term.,
during a festival, Skade Hall, colored,
was shot dead by Wallace Dalton.
Tins Chicago A. Alton management
has consented to withdraw its tariff of
reduced rates from Chicago to Texas
points by way of St. Louis, pending an
arbitration of the questions involved.
A coixisiox occurred on the Asheville
St Spartanburg railroad near Trion, N.
C. between two freight trains. Fireman
Williams was fatally hurt and the en
gineer and conductor were badly in
jured. Some of tho reports said that
five of the train hands were killed.
Three hundred union lathers of Chi
cago have struck for increased pay.
Fire destroyed $50,000 worth of the
tea and coffee stock of Benedict fc
Gaff ney. New York.
Saw mill employes at Eau Claire.
Wis., oeaaad ten hours instead cf
eleven, bat will arrange the difference
harmonioasly if possible.
A srxciAi. from Kenton, O., says that
the graad jmty has reported, bnt fouad
o iadictaeata affahtst the parties who
lynched Mwrderer Bales the other
A terrific cyclone passed two miles
west of Clafede, Tex., on the 15th. Ono
man was killed and another badly hurt
The extent of the damage was net
J- a fire in the suburbs of London
v persons lost their lives.
, Jkrur.WK
branch it
ht train oa the Saa
h at the Santa Fe went thrown a
bridffrt over the Leom river, near Gaimca
rllle, Tet. alace Grabb, Fireaiaa
Lee Faal aad the head brakeman were
killed. '-.--
Ik reply to a reqaest from Maaaa
chuscttathat the state's qaoUof the
direct tax oney be xaid in gold instead
of silver certilcafcs the treasary de
partment informed the bankers that it
would pay the warrant In lawful money
of the United States and of each char
acter as was ob hand In the Boston sub
treasury. The St. Clair river and Lake Huron,
as far as the eye could see, were blocked
with -ice. Transfer boats at Port
Huron, Mich., were stack fast in mid
stream with passengers on board.
A dispatch from Benares, one of the
most ancient cities in the world, the
chief center of Brahminical learning,
announces serious religious disorders
owing to the fact that the local author
ities commenced the demolition of the
temple in order to provide a site for a
new waterworks.
Fibe broke out in the Ross building
adjoining the bjgTaggartstorage ware
house at Abington square. New York,
recently, destroying both. Station C,
New York post office, was in the build
ing, but the mails were saved. The po
lice estimate the damage was over
At Harrodsburg, Ky., two grain ele
vators of the Mercer Grain fc Coal Co.
burned, destroying 30,000 bushels of
wheat The loss was $70,000; insur
ance, $50,000. The Louisville Southern
depot also burned.
Rev. James McMahon, of St An
drews, New York, has presented to the
Roman Catholic university in Washing
ton $500,000 worth of property to found
a school of philosophy and to beautify
the university grounds.
The export of grain at Odessa is al
most at a stand still. The brisk spring
trade almost cleared all the southern
grainarics. The old stock exporters, in
the face of the unpromising condition
of the crops, are holding out for higher
When Miss Phuebe Couzins, secre
tary of tho board of lady managers of
of the world's fair, reached her office on
the ICth she found the door locked and
the janitor of the building informed her
that he liad been instructed not to per
mit her to enter. She took possession
of an adjoining room and announced
that she would hold possession.
A toiinado passed over Hansford, in
the panhandle of Texas, destroying the
court house and killing two men. A
tornado also ravaged Palidora, a small
town in Beaver county. Ok.
While services were being conducted
in the cathedral at liaison, Austria, a
shoemaker in the congregation sudden
ly drew a revolver and fired at the
priest, who fell dead before the altar.
The man then committed suicide.
A TEicniKic hail and windstorm fell
upon the northern part of Marion, Ind.,
on tho 17th completely crushing the
Crosby paper mill and damaging a num
ber of other buildings. While many
persons were injured, tliore were no fa
talities. William Blaney, convicted of the
murder of his grandmother and aunt iu
May last at Baltimore, Md., and whose
execution was fixed for June 12 next,
escaped from the city jaiL
Gkokqe and Fred Dunnawn, young
Cherokces, were hanged at Tahleqnah,
I. T., for the murder of ex-Sheriff Wash
Leo. The crime was due to an old fam
ily feud.
The directors of the whisky trnst
have elected Joseph B. Greenhut, presi
dent, and W. J. Hennessey, of Chicago,
secretary. George J. Gibson, accused
of the dynamite conspiracy, was not re
instated in his office.
The judiciary committco.of tho Min
nesota house has reported the McIIale
anti-tights bill back without recom
mendation. The bill will go to the
foot of tho general orders and will not
be reached at this session of the legis
lature. Six Mexican bandits who two weeks
ago killed Frank Duke and Victoriano
Hernandez in Presidio county, Tex.,
Have been captured ami arc certain to
be executed.
Reoiiet for the salo of his handsome
residence caused Enos V. Garrett, a
wealthy retired merchant of West
chester, Pa., to shoot himself dead.
The complete official canvass of the
Chicago mayoralty election gives
Washbnrne, republican, a plurality
over Cregier, democrat of 2M. Some
districts remained subject to revision.
The Wisconsin house has indefinitely
postponed the bill reducing passenger
far?s to 2 cents a mile.
The bodv of William Imes, buried at
Corunna, Ind, two years ago, has lccn
found to have been petrified.
The grand jury which is investigat
ing tho tragedy at the parish prison at
New Orleans has adjourned. There U
no chance, therefore, of a report foi
some days.
Secretary Noble's order deferring
tho timo for filing on forfeited railroad
lands has quieted tho excitement that
prevailed at Ashland, Wis., and at least
1,000 oithe disappointed strangers have
left the city. The other thousands will
depart soon. Tho postponement is in
definite, A shocking accident occurred on tho
Lake Shore road at Kiplln station, 40
miles west of Cleveland, 0. Six mail
clerks, two engineers and a fireman
were killed. Two passenger trains
tvere in colli'don.
Five men, four Americans and one
Italian, were drowned in Laurel creek,
near Addison, Webster county, W. Va.
They were crossing the swollen stream
on a foot log, when its turned and all
were precipitated into the water.
In a collision between passenger
trains near Vincennea, Ind., a tramp
was killed, two mall clerks were in
jured and several passengers were
I bruised.
Two children of a W. Fuller, of Mer
rill, Wis., were crushed to death under
a pile of boards recently.
Riots recommenced in the coke re
gions on the withdrawal of troops. A
sheriff was seriously maltreated by
Hungarian women.
The Portuguese have fired upon the
British steamer Agnes, conveying the
Wllloughby expedition, and seized the
cargo boats.
Clearino house returns for tho week
ended April 18 showed an average de
crease of ,0.5 compared with the corre
sponding week of last year. In New
York the decrease was 22.1.
The steamer Olympia, from Palermo,
has arrived at New Orleans with 450
Rear Admiral Alfred Taylor, U.
& N., retired, died at Washington re
cently from pneumonia and acute bron
chitis following an attack of the grippe.
The jury found for the plaintiff in
the $2,000 damage sait against tat Lake
Erie JblVestcrn ia the sait instituted
by Frank Mayor, as Indianapolis trav
eling salesman, ejected from a train for
refusing to pay ten cents overt regu
lar fare because he did sot have a
The other sight George Hardy aad
Mrs. Graat Sella, a widow, went boat
riding oa. the canal at Indianapolis,
find. Their boat was overturned and
both drowned. Hardy leaves a wife
and one child.
Jons: Tuojrrsos, founder of the
Thompson Bank. Note Reporter aad
also ef the First national aad the Quae
laaroaal banks of New York, ia deaA
Late rain throughout Nebraska
make crop prospects very bright and in
sure a good SBpply of grass feed for
A party of capitalists have been for
some little time figuring ob the estab
lishment of a large malt bouse in Oma
ha with a capacity of "500,000 bushels of
barley annaaUy.
A travelwo man stopping at the
Bostwkk hotel at Hastings with his
wife, attempted suicide the other night
by taking morphine. Prompt assistance
of physicians saved him.
Tna mayor of Omaha was recently in
vited to attend a banquet in celebration
of the opening of a hotel in Council
Bluffs and requested to enclose $20 in
his letter of acceptance if he accepted.
The ten-year-old son of Mrs. Mason,
while recently playing with a revolver
at Orleans, was accidentally shot The
ball entered the abdomen and went
downward. The boy was in a critical
Gov. Boyd respited Haustene, the
murderer, who was to have been hanged
at Broken Bow onthe 17th, and a mob
of indignant farmers attempted to lynch
him, but the officers kept Ihe crowd at
bay, and the attempt failed.
The other morning a young man by
the name of Curtis attempted to get on
a moving west-bound Elkhorn train
near Irvington. He missed bis hold and
fell on the track, the wheel cutting his
right arm off just below the elbow.
TnE Lyons Creamery Stock Co. has
been organized by electing Waldo
Lyon, president; Andrew White, vice
president; C. M. Fullcrton, secretary;
R. S. Hart, treasurer, and John Lyons,
general manager, with seven directors.
A wreck recently occurred on the B.
&. M. road two miles west of York,
caused by two cars that were blown
from a side track. Six loaded cars and
nine empty ones were piled up in a nar
row cut No one was hurt, the engi
neer and fireman saving themselves by
About 12 o'clock the other night the
Commercial hotel at David City was
completely destroyed by tiro with most
of tho furniture. It was a large three
story frame building owped and occu
pied by S. H. Yonker. Loss about
$4,000; insurance on building, $2,000; on
furniture, $1,000.
A large barn belonging to Charles
N. Pickering, two miles south of Steele
City, was struck by lightning the other
morning and entirely destroyed. Eight
een head of cattle and one horse were
burned to death. Tho lo-s was about
$4)00 with $2,500 insurance.
The other afternoon a laborer who
was engaged in digging a tunnel from
the deep gulch beneath the water
wheels at the electric power station In
Kearney was crushed to death by a cave
in of earth. Ho leaves a wife and eight
Bmall children, the oldest only 13 j'ears
old, quite destitute.
A sian by the name of Wilson was
found dead in his bed at Blair the other
morning. He had been troubled with
dropsy for some time, which was prob
ably the cause of his dealh. Some of
the family were sleeping in the samo
room and did not know he was dead
until they went to wake him.
Bihhoi Scannkll was formally in
stalled as bishop of Omaha on the 12th.
Many clergymen were present from
outside states, among them being
Bishop Uennessy, of Wichita, Kan.;
Bishop Cosgrove, of Davenport la.,
and Bishop Bonacum, of Lincoln, Neb.
The address was made by Bishop Hcn
nessy. Fire in the Paxton hotel at Omaha
the other night did dam ago to the ex
tent of $23,000. Five firemen were
caught under fulling walls, one in
stantly killed, ono fatally injured nnd
the others badly hnrt Thirteen years
ago four members of the same hose
company wero killed almost on the
same spot when the Grnud Central ho
tel burned.
William Murphy is in the county
jail at Ncligh on the charge of dispos
ing of mortgaged property. Ho lived
on a rented farm three miles north of
town, and purchased a team from J.
W. Todd on a year's time. Last winter
he removed to Pierre, where he dis
posed of the team without paying off
the mortgage. He was brought back
by Sheriff Havcrland.
Farmer F. Swigoard and R. M. Bul
lock, neighbors, both of whom live
about two miles north of Lincoln, had
a difficulty tho other afternoon over
cattle breaking through fences. Swlg
gard in a fit of rage got a shotgun and
hunting Bullock emptied the contents
of the weapon into his neck and back.
Bullock was frightfully, but not fatally
hurt Swiggard was arrested.
The home of S. O. Cooper, nine miles
north of Hastings, recently caught fire
from the explosion of a lamp in an in
cubator and was totally destroyed.
Miss Tuck, a sister of Mrs. Cooper, had
retired for the night in a bed room ad
joining tho Incubator, and before the
other occupants of the house could
reach and awaken hcrshe perished.
Tho remains were taken from the
cellar after the fire had done its work.
The residence of Benjamin Scholting
at Grand Island was burned about mid
night the other night Mr. Scholting
and family had been spending the day
in the country, and returning discov
ered the house in a mass of flames. A
brother of Mr. Scholting's was sleeping
in an upstairs room, lie was aroused
and made his escape through a window
by means of a rope. With the excep
tion of four trunks end contents noth
ing was saved. Loss, $2,000.
G. D. Wallace, of Rising City, was
taken with la grippe, which made him
insane and he was sent to the asylam,
where he died next day. His wife was
sick with the disease at the same time.
A sister of Mr. S. O. Cooker, a farmer
living nine miles north of Hastings, was
burned to death in the destruction of
the farm hoase the other night The
rest of the family had very narrow
II. W. Zink, a real estate and rental
agent of Lincoln, was recently arrested
and sent to jail apdn the charge of em
bezzlement Thl so preyed upon the
mind of his wife that she became vio
lently insane. . k
Sparks from "a ehlmney set fire to
Claudius Jones' barn near Hrainardand
it was aiirely-destroyed.
J. P. Paxton, a constable of Greeley
Center, was recently killed at Conway,
Ark., by M. S. Good, a former resident
of Greeley county and a fugitive from
justice that he attempted to arrest
The alliance people of North Platte
aad vicinity are talking of forming a
stock company for the purpoae of raa
niag a newspaper.
Emilk Mathrw. of Blair, recently
ate some wild weed, which proved to
be wild parsBips. aad soon died from
the effects.
Dvantc a heavy thunder storm the
other soorniag the rcsideace of Fred
GoUschalk, a mile south of Fremont
waarttaakbyHtirtBbaadbBrned to
th ftTonad with iu coateata. The
mcmVnn of the family wera badly
abooked hat aoae were serioaaiy ta
A Ha4 Omt.
Paal Why ao dowa-hearted, Edwai?
Did the ecaiscat saeciaUtt Dr. NoftawS.
five job ao nope of recovery ?
Edwin Nsa at alt. He assured ate
that 5 wa perfotly well Chicago
Oloaa of tba Waatarn Commercial
Oo&sraaa at Kansas City.
Mad Perwt Kcaela
Umm KtpwUi Breaght Oat m LI veljr I)e-
taU-MluMU Delegate. Withdraw
The Start Meeting.
Kansas Crrr, Mo., April 18. The
western commercial congress closed its
four days' session at a late hour last
evening. The discussions and papers
read during the sitting were of a very
interesting character, many men of na
tional reputation taking part in the
proceedings. Before adjourning a reso
lution was adopted making the con
gress permanent the selection of the
next place of meeting being left to the
secretary. The report of Uc commit
tee on resolutions resulted in a lively
fight the majority report being finally
adopted, which caused the Minnesota
delegates to withdraw. The great fight
was over the free coinago and tariff
resolutions. A substitute for tho ma
jority report was first adopted by a vote
of 82 to 71, but after a number of dele
gates had left the vote was reconsid
ered and the majority report adopted.
Following are the resolutions:
L Beaolved, That this connives rcotmnrnd
to the conicrrsa of tho Unite! Mates the
adoption of a law authorizing Ireo uulltnltctl
coinage of silver.
2. Resolved. That tho icovcrnment should
Issue a sufficient amount of legal tender
note to be redeemable In Ixith gold and
silver, to re-ttore the equilibrium between
money and nil other product.
8. Resolved, That wo arc unalterably op.
posed to the protectlvu tariff principle, aud
we tavor a tariff for revenue only; and wo
urge congress to enaet law to place thu
tariff upon a purely revenue basis at as early
a date as praeticith'u.
L Resolved, That the Interstate commerce
of tho country should be controllo-l by tho
general government In thu interests of the
fx Resolved, That It Is tho snuo of this
congress that thefnter-stato Commerce com.
mission b strengthened by appropriate
legislation, to the end that equitable rates In
the Interest of tho people may be estab
lished and maintained.
G. KcftolvtU, That tho waterways of a
country aro nature's arteries of commercial
circulation, and tho people's surest safe
guard against railway combinations and
railway pooling, and tho best of all tho
possible guarantees of cheap transportation,
7. Resolved, That It Is tho duty of the
national government to pursue a liberal
policy for tho Improvement of tho water'
wa)8of tho country.
a !Ce-olved. That the Mississippi river and
Its aniueiits should recelvu tho special euro
of tho government, and umplu appropria
tions from timo to time shoulJ In: inadu to
carry out the Improvements already begun
under tho Mississippi aud Missouri river
commissions, tho completion aud pence
tlon of the levee system, aud the mainten
ance of navigable channels Iu all tho tribu
taries of said rivers. In so far as tho same
may bo practicable.
9. Resolved. That wo Indorse thu nrtlon of
congress Iu making an appropriation lor thu
construction of tho Hennepin iiinal, eon
nvctlug the northern lakes aud thu Missis,
slppl river, and recommend thst congress
make ample appropriations to complete the
work already begun by tho government.
ia Resolved. That we recommend tho pro
posed canal connecting tho Tenn sseo and
Mississippi rivers, provided the survey now
soon to be made by tint state of Tcnncsneo
establishes tho prat tlcabillty of the same
11. Resolved. That we indorse tho action
of congress In making appropriations for
deep water at Galveston, and tirgo the exer
cise of thu samo liberal policy as to all such
other harbors on tho gulf coast us maybe
susceptible of Improvements, to tho end
that all Ilia ocean outlets possible may bo
afforded to the vast and growing commerce
of this great valley.
13. Resolved, That wo favor the construc
tion of a ship eanal connecting our northern
lakes with tho Atlantic ocean, provided the
same be found practicable as to the expense
and the business Interest Involved.
IS. Resolved, That wo favor and urge npon
congress the protection of our harbors, and
such of our navigable rivers, tho Mississippi
river especially, as dlschnrgo their waters
Into tho oceans that bolt our vast domain;
and tho establishment of a navy yard at
some eligible po nt on tho Mississippi river
near its mouth.
It. Rctolved, That In tho Judgment of this
congress tho Mississippi river can be and
should bo matin navUablo for ocean steam
ers as now outer tho port of Now Orleans,
for a considerable distance almve that port,
and that without attempting to tinmen point
or fix a limit to said ship navigation, wo
earnestly recommend to the national con
grcss tho yearly passage of a measure simi
lar to the ono known as tho llurroughs bill,
which provided the appropriation of 10,ono,.
0CO to bo used In tho construction of levees
from St. I'anl to tho gulf, thereby deepening
the channel of tho river and protecting
millions of acres of tho richest land Iu the
15. Resolved, That the chairman of this
congress appoint a committee of three from
each stato represented here to lay these res
olutions before the next national congress
and urge tho adoption of the policies herein
1V Resolved. That wo recommend a system
of canals and slack water navigation to con
nect tho waters of tho Tennessee with tho
Gulf of Mexico, southward by w ay of Mobile,
thence eastward by way of Savannah: also a
hip canal from the head waters of the Ohio
to Lake Krlo and a ship canal from the head
of Lake Superior to tho Mississippi river, and
that congress is hereby petitioned to ap
point n commission to examine into and ro
port as to the most feasible means of attain
ing these ends.
17. Resolved. That tho second greatest
river In tho country, tho Columbia, which
the government is now Improving by a Jetty
at IU month and a canal around tho cas
cades should be further Improved, If prac
ticable, by a canal around the Oillcs and the
removal of tho obstruction at I'rlests' Rapids
and other points In order that the vast whent
product of eastern Washington and eastern
Oregon may go to the sea by tho natural
waterway of that region.
IS. Resolved, That the construction of tho
Nicaragua canal Is a matter of vltnl conse
quence to the United States, especially to the
lMelfle coast thereof ;that there are Important
commercial and political reasons why this
great lntcroccanle highway should exist as a
distinctively American work, under Ameri
can control; and that our capitalists and
merchants arc earnestly requested to give
their friendly aid and countenance to the
construction of the Nicaragua canal, as a
work which will greatly benefit the south
western and western state and territories of
the United States, affording to a considerable
extent, the solution of the great question of
transportation, and securing to the republic
tho political and commercial Influence to
which It Is Justly entitled on the American
continent, and that the federal government
be requested to take such action as shall
condnce to Ita early completion and the se
curity of American control.
13. Resolved, TUst we Invite the serious
attention of stale legislatures to the prob
lem of making such reforms In methods of
taxation aa will remedy the Injmtlce of un
equal taxation between railroads and other
corporate property and city and tarra prop
erty as well as place a Jast share of Ih- burden
of maintaining local, civil government upon
Ihe accansalst-J wealth of Uc eoBntry-
3& Resolved. That a national bankrupt
law Is urgently needed; that Its provisions
aould be equitable and Just, IU terms clear
ad concise; that It sboald be prompt ad
laexp-mstvo la operation, avoWmg pref
erences, obstructing fraud, punishing dfs
inety;tbat It shoal4 protect alike JrWor
and creditor, bringing libs-rty to the naforta
naie. mUM eralnlaR the unMrruputons.
aad that we rceoaid eoasrc to
sacs a law.
It Uesolvcfl, Tbat we recoaamcad to tl
several legislator! of tbe states to Uktnec
esary step to precera tbe enactment of
sea smtform lawa as way be necessary to
prevent tk taUase oi concentrated capital
tareaK -trsnt and "ctbtD to force
prices of tfec ncvssvarls of life far b-c-
yosd tse point wxrraniea wj u renwa
sapply and deesand.
S. Res-otTed. Taat tt ts ts sens of this
cesgrtrc that tle presmt lmsljrrUa fcssrs
be ao &SBfsdt t&af only imtnfsrasts vbo
feeta desir aad are St for Antrritsa c Uita
aalp saonsl Iss permitted to land apon sr
BsastTiil. Tkat it jblie domain of tse
7mr SWu Us Sterita of t& people
sad aaM to wraervd aad nd. W
I as i sfrri r-fcssaxd tse sjxswSy extia
gslaana o ts Xadiax title tn Oklahoma.
Zadlaa territory aad otter state aad terri
Ssrte; Ust afcoHtiea of ta tribal rysccaa.
th sxstfeasest of all ladUr oa ! ta sev
eralty aad Of opntnx oi ttx sarpists land
Be setleex2 tii protoK of tt
feeweica4 . aad. XartSwrr. t .t is tbe
acsne nf this coagrts a tUs p-rr4it ot
ta raited State? 05 for trttUrmvaS, tW
serin! !ndUa TcerrUs J1
Use allot we e2 CU Uj&I la U several rest-wTaarTaacsaBade.aadaa?ro?oaa
the opening of tao land until all of tho scv
eral allotting agents conclude their work.
M. Resolved, That It Is the sense of this
congress that the ownership o lands by
non-rrstdent aliens should be prohibited.
7 Resolved. That all lands held by rail
roads aad not earned by them according to
the terms of the government grant shall b
restored to the public domain for home
steads to actual settlers, with proper pro
visions to protect the r'ghts ot settler oa
and parcaiscrs ot such land.
J Easolved, Tnat It U tn sense ot this
coagrrss that the general governnent should
cede IU arid land, nndcr proper conditions.
to tbo various states within whose bouudar
rlea such lands are situated.
27. Resolved. That s tndorso the action
of tbe department of agriculture for what It
baa done toward the reclamation ot the
aeml-arld region by artesian wells, and that
congress be respectfully urged to inaka aa
appropriation of money sufficient la amount
to continue this work, and Turlhcr establish
aad operate by practical men numerous ex
perimental stations throughout the plains
region, and to in every way possible encour
age the speedy reclamation of said region by
JS. Resolved. That tho pretended buying
and selling of produce, provision and other
property where there is no Intention of
making an artuat delivery or transfer thrrv
of Is gambling; that such gambling tends to
dUorganixc business, render prices unnat
u rally fluctuating and Is Injurious alike to
tho producer ami the Irgltlmatc dealer, that
all such gambling should be prohibited by
law, under heavy penalties.
20. Resolved. That the territory of New
Mexico, (Misscsslug more wcnlth and popu
lation than iKith tho states last admitted
into the union, be speedily admitted as a
state; as also should Arizona, which. In
every respect. Is qual to cither of said states
lust admitted.
3a Resolved. That wo desire to represent
tho necess ty existing for a rigid observance
of the flh and gamo laws of tho various
states, and the adoption of menus for their
effectual enforcement. bellevtngthat only by
such a course can our fish and game bw pre
served from extermination, tho necessary
encouragement given to the propagation of
the food fishes uiid gnme animals, aud suc
cess assured to the various efforts now being
made toward acclimatization; and that the
statt s generally b Invited to take concerted
actlou iu the matter, and to effect a perma
nent organization for the purpose of devel
oping thu commercial advantages to bo de
rived from an intelligent aud vigorous plan
of procedure.
II. Rcsolxed, That tho honorable secretary
of agriculture Is entitled to our waruic-t
thanks and highest commendation for his
persistency, energy and untiring efforts iu
his foreign policy to remove obstructions to
our meat trade, create amity between the
trade of this aud other nations which will
end In better prices, largtir sulos ugul a
brighter future for tho cattle Industry, uud
that we urge on congress the amendiuMiit of
tho law so as to provide for the proper kuhI
tatloti of stock yards and stock curs.
Si Resolved. That wo hull with drllght
the spirit of fraternity that lsdlspla-d by
the delegates now In attendance uhsji the
Western commercial congress, and ulss tho
manifest determination that obi auliinwitles
too long engendered between the sections
shall be forever displaced by the more lm
portaut work of securing the coniplctn es
tablislituetit of "equal rigliti." to all. and
special privileges to none
The minority rcjHjrt on resolutions
was presented" by K. V. Sntallwy, of
Minnesota, ami Case Ilrotlcrick, of
Kansas. It follows:
The minority, unable, to ogreo with the
majority, submit their report, nnd nsk that
tho following rt solutions bo substituted for
resolutions numbered-
Resolved, That as thu present statuto pr
vlding lor duly on Imports and for reelp
rocal trade relations with other nations hu
but recently becume operative, it would be
unwise for this congress to dcclarti for ot
against such statute until its effect In the In
terests of tho wholecountry Is. trettrr known.
That wo favor the enactment of a law by
congress providing for the iirpolntmctit of a
lion partisan tariff commission, tho bushiest
of which slnll bo to inquire Into the earn
ings of lnUr In all Industrial callings. In
eluding iigrirtiltiirv.wlthit view loan equita
ble adjustment of tarif schedule from time
to t me as the mid buslurxs Inter
ests of the country may reqii-re. That e
further favor reciprocity administered In the
Interests of agriculture equally with inunu
factoring Interests.
That wu aro opposed to a tariff for revenue
only, believing that such a tunff would be
levied on lea.colfce, sugur and other articles
which wo most largely import for general
ma And that we hold tost to tho timo hon
ored patriotic American principle that In all
tariff laws n moderate protection to Amer
ican industry should bo kept In vluw to the
cud that American labor will bo preferred.
Inspector Ilyrnes Falls Foul of the Dwyer
Nkw York, April IS. Inspector
Hyrnes evinced no desire to withdraw
ati3' of the statements credited to him
by the newspapers In relation to the
Dwycr llros. when a Tribune corre
spondent saw him. "This jmx1 soiling
business on alleged races which arc
only run to deceive the public is rapidly
becoming a confounded nuisance." said
the insiHictor, "nnd I have determined
to talte advantage of every available
means to suppress it.
"In reference to my statement reflect
ing upon the Dwyers, I reiterate them
now, and I say more, that thev; men
are no more entitled to respect or con
sideration thtui any other horsemen
who pose as patrons of such institution
as the Uiittenberg race track. Plenty
of evidence can be obtained to prove
that they are nothing more than racfiig
sharps, tcady to put up any kind of a
job that will serve tn enrich them nt tho
expense of a too confiding public They
run strings of horses; not in the inter
est of promoting honest sport, but rath
er to swindle the people who bet money.
There is not a prominent pool room
keeper in this city who has not been
associated with the famous or Infamous
brothers in jol which enabled them to
filch money from trusted Ixsttors. I
still contend that under the provisions
of the Ives pool bill lctting on race
anywhere except on the race track is
illegal, and aided by the district attor
ney I intend to have every pool-ellcr
at" the bar to plead to indictment
framed under the provisions of the Ives
Two Towns
Visited Hy tbe Dreaded
Lihkrat, Kan.. Aprft 18. Report
brought iu arc that the cotart bouse at
Hansford in the I'anhandlc of Texas in
course of construction and nearly com
pleted was destroyed by a cyclone
Wednesday afternoon.
A brickntason and another roan were
killed but their name, arc not known.
Huff Wright, a citizen of tbo little
town. xas injured. Every bouse xra.
more or Icvs damaged.
From there the cyclone traveled in
a northeastern direction to I'alidora. a
little town on tho Ileavcr river in
IJcavcr county. Ok., which plooo i re
ported as entirely destroyed.
ISoth kwalltics are many miles frora
a railroad and telegraph and this ac
counts for the latcocsA of the report.
Further particulars could aot be
pi pixilated Ovt aa Csassctssa Hangta
Ttsey Kald th Jail sft Tak KhuHy to
Omaha. NcU. April li A largr
crowd of farmers gattercd at Broken
ltonr, Custer ecu sty. ls& sight a&4 vu
greatly incensed beczasc Hatctise. t&.
murderer setencs1 to be hashed, vu
respited by Gov. BotcL
Three attempt were made to lynch
Haasetlae. A rased wi-a crow bars the
mob jeadc as attack oa the Jail, bsrttk
OrzriS aad fc depaUea, fully armed,
held Ox crowd .
Tbe leaJisj cilicea axde' pacifyb;
speeches asd the crtxmrd. irsraily ku-
dosed its
Lakckcx. Kj. April II. Vr. XL
IL West, of XarUa Lawrence, whd wst
stricken, with, sjwpJex r. dSd aitc-T
eral boars svaffcriisj, i!eca ibdtg
pky&idss, a torn of Dsv West, fora uexfy
professor sf geoksrjat Ue staxe si
-Truly, sad a brother of Use. lies
West, oi lki4 CHt.
Tho Lako Shore Fmrt Mall In Colli
sion With an Exprcfis.
M of tho VIrtlms Tost-l Clerks Wilt No
Chaaess or Karap Th Csmm- Happu-ssl
to lt LHsobllete of OrlTs Th
rMXr Keiws.
Ct-r.vr.uiM, a, April 20. A frightful
wreck occurred on the Lake Shore rail
road at Kiplin .station, about forty mile
west of here in which -six postal clerks
and two engineers ami a fireman wero
The mail Xo. It. bound cast, col
lided with N. 21. the Toledo express
just as the latter was about to pull on
the siding to let the fast mail pass.
The fn-st mall ta running at full
speed, and the force of the collision
wa.s so grv at that loth engines, three
mail cars and one ImggafcV car was
completely wrecked.
None of the passenger cars left tho
track and none of the ja.senger re
ceived serious Injuries.
Following Is the list of the dead:
rid want Hruwn, engineer of Niv -I.
Toledo, O.
diaries ToplifT, engineer of N. H,
Toledo. O.
I'. T. Nugent, iKtal clerk. Toled.. O.
diaries Ilutumill. jurstal olerk. Klyria.
F. F. Clemens, postal clerk. Cleveland.
John J, Iknnoreln. postal clerk. F.lyfln,
.lames McKinley. postal clerk. Con
neut, O.
C II. MolKiwell. Kstal clerk, Klyria,
Staley, fireman of No. 1 1.
Oansig, .sou of a section foreman, was
struck by the v rvekage and badly hurt.
The Toledo express, was n few min
utes lute and had just come to a stop at
the switch when the fast mail came in
sight. There Is scarcely any curve at
the station, but on one side of the track
was a line of freight cars. These might
have obscured the vision of the engineer
of the fast itiuil. He applied the nlr
brakes when ho saw that a collision
was inevitable, but tho spwd of the
train was not checked materially. The
engine of the Toledo express was
knocked squarely acros,s the track and
that of the fast mail, reared In the air,
resting on top of tho other,
The fast mail consisted of three mall
ears and two parlor ears nnd the Toledo
express of live couches and two bag
gage, cars. The first and .second mall
curs were teleseojk'd and the third
crashed Into the first two and rolled
over on thy station platform, breaking
the windows of the building The
two baggage cars of the. Toledo ex
press were ktuckcd from the track but
did not turn over.
Tho force of the collision was so
great that of the sixty-four revolving
chairs In the two parlor cars only four
remained attached to the Moors. The
passengers wen thrown to the lloor
and badly shaken but none seriously
The Inidles of the dead were till hor
ribly mutilated, uruis and legs Wing
torn off and the corpses almost Wyoiid
recognition. The engineer of the fat
mall remained bravely at his post and
-was found w 1th his hand on the throt
tle, dead. His hands and faces were so
badly. scalded that the Inckened flesh
dropicd from the Ikuicv
The postal clerk had not u ehancu to
escape. The telescoping of the earn
crushed the life out of them without a
moment's warning.
The ean and the locomotives were
piled iu a heap higher than the station.
It is dillicult to locate the blame, as
both the engineers are dead. It is said,
however, that No. II was ordered to
stop at Olerlin, but dlsultcycd orders.
An Italian rper tif 'er York !-srrites
.tllierieun Civilisation in t lolrnt Trrms.
Nkw Voiik. April III. IKeo Itnliauo
prints the following this morning 'Civ
ilized people! No one, after the slaught
er at New Orleuns, doubted thut the
murderers would Is allowed to walk
freely alnjut the streets; no one
thought, howevur, that from the cul
Inct at Washington would have leen sent
out such stupid and dishonest pleas, at
tempting to save the murderer from
the hands of the hangman. An honest
and civilized nation would not have
allowed a bloodthirsty mob U com
mit the crime Should it h:ipj:n
through the carelessness of thr hu
thnrlties a civilized nation would have
punished the guilty parties. Not only
justice, but the property and lives of
citizens have been outrage!. The mur
derers trump and find an advocate in
Secretary Illume and the civilization of
America is proven to be n bluff and n
humbug. A government which aj
proves such n course lietrays Its own
country and calls upon clrill.-l nations
to send their gnn to teach that inter
national law and rights should lw re
spected." The Ie-4llr Kmors- hfl.
St. iOi;i, April Iv.AliVn galley,
an employe of the Whitman agricult
ural works, KIghth street and Clark
avenue, met his death in a horrible
manner almt 2 o'ebwk yesterday after
noon. He Is a machinist, and at Up
time he was grinding some tools on an
emery wheel, which was going nt a
high raU; of speed, the wbesd burst.
One part slut the size of a brick
struck him In the bead carrying away
the entire right half of th? ku!L He
fell to the floor and expired Instantly.
Thrs Mlaers st!IWt.
Aitx. Col. April Co. At tbe Cam
eron shaft of the Argrntln silver mi
near thl city workmen wens rrjgagl
ia putting off a round of over twenty
holes loaded with giant powdVr when a
premature exploskrH occurred, killlnj?
Foreman Ed Jlced. TKoma Kacbby
and J &ck Mahorwy. raiuera, od seri
ously injuring Edward Gilclsg fd on-
other miner. All cf tbe iocs have fare-
Edward Moore and Mis Ky Brsn
ob were lately married in 0-tevUIe,
Pa. The bride received a great rtj
tit weddiag present, ladudfog the
usual store of luam, bric-a-brac, silver
table srrrJc- fid pictares- A few eve
bsgs ago nrxn enemy or enessies brok
into the bottsc ware the good were
stored ad stiitod 4 destroyed
theaa alL Nothsj whatcTer was
iolcn. bat rverythhs m made ssit
forase. Mr. aisd Mrs, Moore hro at a
k to accovst for the esttragc except
job the pr-MHptSos that a re?ctwl
lover say have kuf4rcl it.
The poor a well the rich esjoy th
fruit of the wealth heaped wp Vy Ao
jratta Heme way Jefl to his wSdww
L4 chiMres. Mrs. f fmwy h -
posed to he the richest wossast i ew
EagUacL Her hh4 i to Jk-tos
poor lad. bssga as hoy kt the East
lahcasteef that sete4 ereht of
oU, Beat jamkt Kaas, ewa beezase -S&SBtisJ
clerk a4 fh proyrieVss
himarJi. At hl de-thheleftS-W.-900,
tie Urjexat cstV- erer -hv hAtsA
tsfos h that dry.
Csst UsrVcrt Wsam-rck say tht the
EsgUsh az -fasfessr j2il wfftfe "
So Popular
Has Hood's Sarsapa
rilia become at this
season that it is now
generally admitted to be
The Standard
Spring Medicine and
Blood Purifier. The
Peculiar benefit you need
so much, you will find in
Both tho method nml result when
Syrup of Fig ta taken; it I pleasant
ami refrvshiii to tho ta5te, and acta
fvntly yet promptly on tho Kiducyn,
tvcr and Jkmcb, clean tho ys
tcm effectually, dispels colK head
aches ami fevers nnd ciins huhituul
constipation. Srup of Kips Li tho
only remedy ot' it-i kind over pro
duced, pleasing to tho tnatu ami ac
ceptable to tho MMiuui-h, prompt in
it action and truly U'lieficial tu ibt
cllects, prepared onlv front tho luiwt
healthy and ngrcvuhlo substances, its
main excellent qualities commend it
to nil nnd have mndo it tho most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for ralo in 6O0
and Si bottle hv all leading drug
gists. Any rcftalJo druggist who
may not have it on hand will pn
euro it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it. " Do not "accept any
34 V ntASQISCO. en.
loutsmir. tr. f toxt. r.
Those who have not
A Throat
and Lunfj
us.d Hostlicv'.H Ger
man S rup for .sonic
jcuc and chronic
ti oniric of the Throat
mid I. tings can hard
ly appreciate what .1 ttuh wonder
ful medicine it is. The delicious
.sensations, of healing, easing, clear
ing, .strength-gathering ami recover
ing nre unknown joys For Ger
man Syrup wc do not ask easy eases.
Sugar and water nu smooth a
throat or Mopa ticklti. ; - for n while.
This is as far as the iTdmary cough
medicine goes, lios.! ev's German
Syrup is a discovery, a great Throat
and I.uug SjHrctalty Where for
years there have .smsitiveness,
pain, coughing, .spitting, hemorr
hage, voice failure, weakness, slip
ping down hill, where do, tors ami
medicine and advic haveleeu swal
lowed and followed to the gulf of
despair, where there is the sickening
conviction that all is over ami the
end is inevitable, there we place
German Syrup Itoms You arc
a live man yet if you take it
Tlr dWr! t mimam tt trn
lb sut i. Uj-ijr 'rtwjf U.-
OMS Attack. tstttn. Ur
surho. mJri,ir-tttr. sJ i
WUttnmU ul ilsrr dwrfiW.
Two stas, sbs pric-st.
liiua Unj. SO is && tutu.
Otwda '
tilts Hcsss Pil, 0 in ih
UxO. :tl V .
8jt tVwt-t.
)fcunt ss trlf
s4.1 Uf twiW.
3S ests fr tsat t .
J. P. SMITH it CO.,
i 3 Urmsrjea fity
?te Turk CK
UH U aft la fhpmi aitrf
sisMNarial aripsviifin vkhi tWiVv)
99m traHaastiswi. TUrssststtst-
jJrH tn 8M hctl a4 st trmrtHi
afftsri. Br. Stoma tfmM frnUt
ft ff k M la Otmmn talt rtS
U9tmUrmt4t.4aMmin'i&Z aramilrtli. HtMiaasM0l
Prkkly Atb Bhiirs !
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