The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 24, 1891, Image 1

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By A. C. Hosmer.
Still on
Golden Eagle Clothing House,
&T Il11lliei1sS stock of
Men's, Boys'
and Children's
Clotnine !
An Immense Stock of Shirts, Underwear,
Neckwear and Hosiery.
An Immense Stock of Hats and Caps, New
and Fashionable,
An Immense Stock of Men's and Boy's -Boots
and Shoes.
An Immense Stock of Trunks and Valises
await your inspection.
Prices and Quality Guaranteed !
You are invited to call.
Last but not least, we carry a big stock of
all kinds of Woolens to be cut and made up by
us into first-class Suit-, Pants, &c, by first
class workmen.
Fort Abstract Co., Tied Cloud,
h. II. FOHT,
m'9J I7A "ltrw
Furnished to all Lands in Webster County, Accurately and
IlmltiKlinil Ion jrarcxerU,mr In county rt-cnnN nntl one of tlir mutt rot ijdcte .v.l of Ab
itnict Imh'Ks in the Mali', wo punnitoc NtttNfnrtiou. onr fap vtlit tft
AH ortlfin tlilHl pnuuptly. w.n IhhhI ltlvtl
andaitmr4t. Ailtr'v or call on -
h. 11. FOKT Manaoer. Itud Cloml. Neb.
Mn 1 Farm rrnarr Is Yearn handMH
if o. rarm Harness. Bt Whoirup pricm.
with priTilat of exuslniac l!or Imjitut. -V'.IS Chrt,
rim.Vj nmAI Bliln
put trrlhlciimTwi
luitWirtflrr. w amuil vrarlhtn for 2 Tram. m I
Any oo wbocao writ cn cniw k Iiorst
cr llimm from wll mm PVttO Vu (30 to mbj
tntddlwaan to order larthfm. no pr no credit, aad
rinf fnn, Tkrrw8prit cr l'wfclntl
Wncana. MM) J naa a athm veil at .
Tr liaxKlr. MSo ; (nod a (old at NL
Otm al 1 1 Ml M mil for! n .-.
iK. 4 BflCOT 15l
r hurt ana, K 1 1 0;
Klnr KmJ Cart -
Boxtayrcclf taJUttiJ ntii2uaajctaA(7m.
An tS Km. 1 Oak Imtkrr.
' M-para lUaMntod OUa.
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samncl Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is n harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Irops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years nsc by.
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys "Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tho Children Panacea the Mother's Friend.
" CXoria Is an excellent medidne for chil
dren. Mothers hart rrpratoHy told me of its
food cCect upca their cUMrac."
Da. G. C Oaseoo,
Castoria Is tbr bct wweer t or aeldrctt of
chichi am acqaaiswL I hop tte dsy is cot
far distant utfotnotbtfa mill 00riVtb real
interwS of thrlr adrea. awsCMtom ia
stead of thevarkmsqtackcwtrwaWBScfa are
dfstroyia? their loved oas, fcyf oreJlCopiHsi.
morphine. so-Tthiae ynrp aad otber aartful
txnt down their throats, thereby elites
ihens to premature pr.'
OoawaT, Ark.
Tk Ctotf CagMay, n UmrJmmAW
tBBBBBBBBBV .bbbbbbbbbb
rflrrrt ith rvnuaiacnt,
v ,.
both aril not n
aanxi aa mi at flii
Uidaah - Sll&.
Luht iMbis to iuo.
CMtoria fa so well adspted to chlidrea that
I rrcorrsBeed tt tsmFcrvxlaxariiiimxiptim
kaawatorae. a .
E. A.AK9Ba.XrSu
111 So. Oxford St, Erooklja, KJT.
Oar pfcysJciias ia the chQireas depart
Best hare fxea hfaidy of thrfr erprri
eace ia their oetcide practice trith Cassoria.
and aUho8h w osly hxn aesj ccr
medical SBpplks hat U iaetra at rejraUr
Hrodcts.TK-Brarfrt to coafcas that ti
rarrks of Carton has woa to kwk wa
Ckthep BceTrrt a DtsnyuaT.
AizxsC 8atrB,i-.
v YVV7
"VrfCi TsV -
" Eternal Vigilance is
Happy ffoulK
Judge Traakev lias become quite
an adept in tfaeartof "fiajingtlie iny-j
.? Jl 4t..t Mt.1. 4. t..vlc Krit )
fclC WUIUS iiiav Biaac tu umiw uv
a one," and on the 18th of the moslb
united in marriage Mr. Kmil Frey and
aiiFi Lena Giger. Un the '1'Zd he
ioined in the holv bonds of uiatri -
moiiy, Win. M. McClure and Miss
Ktta McDonald. On the following
day, April 23,11. M. Tingley end
Miss MolliaClinc, were made man
and wife by IJis Honor. We extend
A aol One.
We publish the followin-i jut a.s
told us by a prominent business man:
"I had to purchase quite a bill of
goods for my houhcbold and started
out to smell around and t-ec where to
buy. I visited a store where I had
traded more or less for a number of
years and found the proprietor regal
ing a farmer from Garfield precinct
with a long harangue regarding Pope
Iro5. store. He assured him that
they knew nothing about business and
were bound to bust as they were sell
ing sugar, soap and coffee way below
cost. Leaving the store I returned
an hour later to find him talking
to another audience. He wa now
mourning because so many of hi old
customers had left and gone to Pope
.Brothers to trade, and ended by as
suring his hearers that Pope's goods
were old, his shoes poor and his
prices high. My curiosity was excited
and I visited Pope Bros, f tore to sec
for myself. I found the store room
filled with goods, a large shipment
of dry goods juBt opened fresh from
Farwcll of Chicago and Tootle Hosea
(Jo. of St. Jo. 1 found them with a
good line of Sclz, Schwab it Co's shoes
and a large invoice of shoes from
Tootle Hosea and Kelly & Goodfel
low. which for lack of room Jiad jiot
all been placed on the shelves. $3500
worth of dry goods just opened and
$1350 worth boots and shoes not out
or boxes struck me"as a large spring
atock considering the times. I eould
now sec why the goods looked twenty
years old to the other merchant.
The upshot of the matter was that I
bought a bill of nearly fifty dollars
and saved some money too.
Never pend an article for publica
tion without giving the editor thy
name for thy name may perchance
secure publication. Never shouldst
thou loaf about a printing office, or
knock down type or the boys will love
thee as they do shade trees when
thou leavc-L Never descharge saliva
promiscuously " upon the floor for
wcaril' thou may be discharged by
the pngilist'c editor. Thou should.-t
not read the copy on the
printer's j
case, or the eompo-er thereof inaj
knock thee lown. Never ask ihe
editor for new.-, for behold, it is his
bu.-incbs at the appointed time to
ijivc it to thee without asking. It is
not right that thou .-houldr-t ask him
who irf the author of au article, for it
is his duty to keen euch things to
himself, nor shouldst thou quiz the
devil for an information, for verily he
is wise and sagacious and maye.-t in
jure you with his horns aud tail.
Examine not the proof sheet, it ia not
ready to meet thine ej c.
One day this week on information
filed with State,- Attorney Hopkins,
June Bent and wife were arrested and
brought before Judce Trunkcvcharircd
with "keeping and maintaining a cer
taiu Iioil-c of prostitution, re.-orted to
for the purpose of lewdness,"' etc.
Judge Trunkcy released them on their
giving bond in the sum of $330 each,
for their appearance in his, court this
afternoon. In all probability they
will be bound over to the district
court. It appears that they had a
young girl less than fifteen year of
age in the house, who had been de
bauched by depra ed men. a-she al
leges, that ought to have been in bet
ter business. If they are guilty they
should receive the bcaefit of the law.
Such cases as the one abote mentioned
is a sad reflecttoa on our boa-ted civil
ization. The yoeng lady t a ure candidate
for the reform school, where it i-
hoped she will receive a lea-on in rec
titode that willlje beneficial.
A Safe laveatmciiL.
which Mgvara&Ued to bris; yoe
iatifactoTT reaslt. or ia ease of faflsre'for jearaweban. bees feJUfcC Dr. Kiac's
a retara of pwrchae price. . thi safe '
nlscTOScaabai from cor tU-ertwtsd
! Drsggt a bottle of Dt. IGsg Xew Di-
roTrryfor ConsBHJptiea. lti gaaraa- M
t tA to ferine- rriltf ia eTerr e&K.wbca
sedforai:yaetJ6 of Thro&U Lrogn
p? ChecUraesas CoE3SitMo. LLEsmaa-
V - -a-. - -a.
nf rVkaK IVfWfL 4iL iMf Tt Ml Tfct
imA auUatA taU. nrf aetlr aafa. z&
h -"' a' -w" w-m - - -- - - ,-. --
CMi alway fee 4epeJ spoa. Trial b-
tk Izf AIL.B. Dcyv'i Oraf More, l
the Price of .Liberty " and One Dollar a year is
Red Cloud, Webster County,
TIk1 Wagoner have mostly pme t
etraka Citv.
lU-v II. I). J'latthas just heard of
... r i- ,,',,,
the deith of hi- oldest brother in
Wcstinin?tcr, California.
Smlli Mtlc. t
treet is viiting with her
: uncle mid aunt this week
Charlev Turner wa- on
Side M-imiir on Sunday.
Mia.- Mattiu Mahani has
on a viit.
gone ea-t
There was a dance at J)ave Ander
son s last Tuesday night. All report
a good time.
Alii Lizzie (tutit working in Bed
Mn. Klohra wu the guest of Mr.-.
Mark Warner last week.
Pkck s Good Sitku.
Willow i:rcck.
Mr-. A damson returned to her
home on the 17th, after seeing her
father laid to rest, lie died the next
day after she got there, and for sever
al days her mother's life was des
paired of, but was better when Mrs.
Adamsou left.
Mrs. David Bocplt was so unfortu
nate as to lose an infant son last
Mr. Jake Laecy has been very sick
but under the skillful treatment of
our mw j.liy -iciaii. Dr. Moore of
Cowlcs, is much better.
Willow Creek was bank full Inst
Sunday caused by the heavy rain Sub
day morning. The farmers are re
joicing over the prospect of a good
Mis Kppa Adamson began a two
months' term of school Monday at
Pleasant Hill school hou-e.
We are having plenty of jain late-
The grass is getting quite green
along the river.
Mr. llartwcll and wife went to
Xaponec last week.
Frank Wilsou and wife of Cowles,
were visiting S. K. Walcott and
family Sunday.
Low Kenyon and Davis went to
Bed v(Jloml Saturday nuht. -
Kciijou Holdrcdge and 3Ir. Dota
started for Seattle, Washington, to
stay during the summer months.
3Ir. Kniirht and wife was visiting
in Alma last week.
The young folks gave a supprise
on Geo. Humm.-l Tuesday the 21st.
it beinj hi- 10th birthday.
Mrs. John Myer.-, and Mr, MorriB
was visiting friends in theso parts
the first of the week.
Mr. Gray as in the Vale Mon
day. Kin.
Who says it can't rain in Xebr.aska.
A. P. Johnson, C. TC-. Hicks and
Iluuh Monroe have been building
garden fence.--.
Mr. L. Dickerson of Prophetslown.
Illino -, is the guest of J. W. Wrat
ten. Our farmer.- arc pearly all done
seeding and are rejoicing over the
fine nins.
During tnc rain storm last Sunday
Mr. Adams' cowshed sheltering thirty
! head of cattle was struck by lii:ht-
niutr. The only damage done wa
putting one's eye out.
The Congregational Bcpubliean
Valley Church Association held their
:innui! spijug meeting at this place
last Tuesday and Wednesday. A
large number from abroad was in at
tendance and a grand good meeting
was held.
Ladies don t forget to call at the
pot office when in want of the latest
tv.ic Of spring hats. 3Irs. J. Borden
ha opened a full line of millinery
goods and will be glad to have you
call and examine ber stock and get
price s. S ,
Boyd & Ovcring are looking daily
for information regarding the con
tract they vcrc after last week at Lin
cola of uhicL mcutiou wa made in
our lst isuc. The monument will
ibe made of Uarrc granite for the base.
the ceni-r or die as it i technically
called, will be of quincy, the whole
surmounted by a marble statue.
On last Tnesday evening. TilK
CniKF man and family were awakened
bv the beautiful strains of muic that
came jwurinrent'.ey into their sleep
ing apartmeat- as they were wafted oh
the midnight breeze by the ftkJUcd
finger? of tlic well trained mawiciaa.
It ha- been well said by 96ue one
that .Viuic hath charm t poothe
the savage, to make the lioa ceau-e it
rage, the lynx forget hi-wrath to maa.
Are we. alas. Ies stvagr than these,
else music sure would humast car- ap
ease We love music whether the
und$ are produced br the shepherd
jboy of Unnte Scotlaad playing en his
bagpipe-, or from the hpts of the beaa
tifnl Dccra, or by the Irish ca.-aat
playing on the harp of Eria."
Merit WIm.
We tit-fire to a j to oxr cituc, that
He Dcorrr for CosmsptSn. Dr.
Khsg Na-lHfeP2l. UaaUxa Arwiea
ar '- t-octnc oittes. awl fear strrt? ,
Hxadled remise taat se wt&. or tlt
8T girea stici s:rral saUtfactieB.?
fwt hesitate to paruUc tkr
errrrj tni a wa maj i rtajs
tbe rtfl price, if aaticf aetery r-
aw?? as IWll fsT!AaV t&aV -- Ylaatia araajfaja
fa RT ec llr great I IlllltJ
j 7 oa tiiraserHs. JM.IVyoDTWf-j
Neb., Friday, April 24, 189 J
The enrolling and cngrussmj; clerti
of the ltf lamented Legislature were
the worst lot of blockheads that ti r
a.-i-emblod at the capital dunrs s
' . f .i i . t
, se-oion of the JecisIaturr. It i -
.t,t th,t nnl . onrlp 1.11 .,.1.
r,tipt,innj.ra Th - -.....j , l:,t
fc ----.-. - --
l r.i:i. jt;t., -. ...i. !,:.... .,
i English lan'TUBgc and adorning
. work with orthographical eeeentrict -
i lies that would double discount .lsh
Billings in the ztnith of h:s glory as
, a ..jjg jt js 6a,j tjjal tjic meijjril
bill when presented to Gov. Boyd for, (V. Joe Warren has sold hi- stock
his signature contained over 2u0;of hoeond hand good.- to C. 1 Kvans,
errors in spelling Grammar was a. ;id same lavs been moved to Fcathcrly
thing unknown in the work of the K, Aultz o old slnnd
host of n grossing clorls dctaijed for
that work Bepctitious, omi-:on-,
suocLing uau gnuiuiar, nnrriuie sprn
mgaud peninauslud that would make
liUius uuoaic or uoracc vtrceiey s
statutes blush was the rule The
warehouse bill is "ro:ly defcetnc on
account of the incompetent work !
the engros'iug committee.
One by one the great eulamatie
that have been predicted follow the
wake of the McKinley bill vani.-he-iu
thin air. The fact that tiiT will be
manufactured in America i- bgiiutitig
to dawn upon the intellect of the ad
vocnies. oi iree iraue. .- soon as tnc
demand i
upphed by home iiianufae -
til rill', it will save the twontv million
that now goe- to foreign
auu over
countries. I his one commodity will
furnish employment by opening up
another adocatiou for the laboring
elas.-e- of America.
Will some free trade adocato please
ri-e aud explain how the people of thi-
country are to be benefitted by buying j
the produce of foreign labor, wlioii
there are thousand of idle Iatererer
hcre that are out of employment. Al
so how a manufacturer can -ureess-'
fully' compete with another uuder free
trade unle-s he can get his material
aud labor as cheap to produce the
commodity maufactured. Further
more, would not free competition in
the market- of the world that we hear
so much about inevitably rcdueo the
price of American labor to the leel
of the uneducated underpaid foreign
laborer. But &ajs the anti-protertioii
ist, "We don't care a . I want
to buy the cheapest'
cry well, if the laborer? ages are
reduced, -o is his capacity for eon- has had jor of pra -tical experince
sumption. If he earns only ten eout- j in the scientific care of the dead and
per day that i his purchasing jKwerj is bettor prepared than ever to con
for bread, and what he must live on jducl the business in all its branches.
The better labor U paid, tin tetter As soon a the timos get better
his table is furnished, hi- children arc, Tin; CiilEK calculates to enlarge its
better clothed and educated, he has a s;ZCt t,t Wl. l,clM.rc that it present
greater love of homo and couutry nnd I IZC ;,, fjr appreciated, as we aim to
becomes a bettor citizen. l.avr all tho. new ami ii rrailjl.l.
It is often assorted that the condi
tion of labor in Great Brittinu i- a
good a- it is in America. To all such
I r rm lil rpfir tlifMn to thp rotwirt of
Lord Duneaven of the committee from i
,,,w .,.ii-w w, w...-. ,iv .... o...v ......
llrt llalltJA nf 1 AmL tlaf V UlAtlt laflf
10 investigate tue eonuuiou 01 uie la
boring classes to be found in the Oc
tober number of the North American
Bevitw. II J O.
SiM-cia! Kale
Twontv first conference asw. of gen -
ernl pecrotarie of Young Men's Chris -
SmT.' ii,i t ,,hi A1'?-' T,,c W- (' ,oc5al Md h,t Sat-30-Mnv
i, I'Kll. AgentH mav soli tickotfl i , , ,. ., .
toStJonoph April 'JTMnr inelusixiu urtJ3 omop, in the K P. Hall.
P. A. Wieting, 40 East 23rd X. V.waa grand ucces atthouch but
city, will Rign certilicateH. , little notice had been given, the ball
entrn'nthinWnntKmal crnvetionwaJi crowaod to its utmost capacitv,
A&;ruL?K!-'''V "!. . .cry ..c'-ntlV
CVv Mav :M0 mcltuive. A. Wietuig sI,r,,? "i aI1 Vtrtnt
Secy. 40 East 21rd stX.V. City will Mgn
Annual meeting Kans-as State Homte- , surprised him wi
onathic Medical Socioty Knuras Clj', ' .,
IvWMay GS1&U. Agent nia hell I'cerowd began i
tickntR to Kansas Hitr IVlo. Mav.T ineltis
ive. Peter Diexlrich M. I. recording he waa so nrpricd. The gnesU gav
secV., Kansan City Kan., will sign certi- i him a fine chair a a token of friend
hcatee. ' h,r,
I. O. O. Pw Celebration York Xebr. ' .. T T . r, .. ,
April 27 183L Agentamny sell ticket!. L. J. Bchb of nastingr.Ncb., was
to York April gJ-'J7 inclusive. M. D I te city this week, looking after
Lundftec, Secy., York Xebr will wgn j the slock of goods for the Bercer,
Aonuat reeling fcuraKa atate All
a r a . r x i -m
1S?L Agents mar gelf t,ckel to Lm IP1 lt nattng8 Mr. Bcbb U a 5at
coin Mar 9-14 inclusive, M. L.Hfllreek'wr ?nd the right man 10 the ri-ht
Secy. Lyons Xebr will sign certificates place
Annual Convention Afro. American'
League Lincoln Xebv May 12-1 1L .Irhor Ilnj t the IHlllrJM-lMMU
Agents mar pell ticket to Lincoln Mjt pvittw; that m- mention phoald
MSmclDinvew A.&Baniettf; S,, lr ctCTn oa Ariwr
lili rarnam bt Omaha, will s?gn ccrUti ,, ,, t-t-. -i
cal DT h te ktIiwh in thi-rity, 1 will
Annual Mating "Womans PrelyUtr teieCT say that te me all arrasgeaent
iaa Board of Mxseiotia of the Norths rat, ' were cwiuplctc in everv jiarticular. and
Peoria I1L Aprfl liOL AgeaU nvay j fw. Hte wa9 mu?t happily attrvnacd.
sell ticket to Peoria April UJ3incla lTT x, , ., 1 JLj ,.
mve. Xh Amwiddie. 40 North rf TJc Tobm aI K&utar. .-med to
tra St 1'eona. w sign cerlificateH. I ne each with the other to wtalc the
For the above cnxasvom pweagers ? effort a 3ueccvfc with rcelt a before
paying full fare cotEg will be reHirced , sulci There were uite a ter
at one-third fareoa profentatioa of cor if frieaa? vtwntm a mtVTilr -Udic"
tilicate earned by u projr oSieer of , . ', -t
the meeteff as iamtc4 that there wa V nrtwI , .C ?"? ' TC,TuwI
aa attendance of oee handred or more : decorated with hnnUag. fiag fowcr.
ical Society Lincola Nebr. Mar 111
too nave puu XBUiareoauegotBgtrrp.'etc. aad in aie ol tlsc Jowcr rooa
NebrwTlI aipa cetiScate.
.r.Vr it 7z:"7- v-;c:rc ! b,,to?
T. fl. O. K r.LJw-atrtn TJavH Chit-'
S& ticteTto DTvld cirr rtSisi ? "h . aredi:
rlwM-o. R. R. Txrfew 5er T-rM Cfrr &'" tfcat the
.. -- - " - 9 """-" J
Nebraska Half 1 early xeeiscg Sooety ' imparted hy the teachers. Theesaay.
ofFTieodXcolBNebrApral5M.freaUIjoc. decJaUoo, aad one
ArentK m Nebraska aay Al t&cts to . ... : ;,. m -JtJLs
LiBOIiiApriliil.tiriCclav. J lluUvct? di tcryawtraelaTr wtH rraderej
Lainser. CWk. Lncola Nd, ill siga H tolsc for teacher ainl
certificate. A. Cwsorcr. Agt ch9!ar. ()XE Who Wa TjltEC
TTighaajr aalk
mL SSGD&9&
the Price of The Chief.
It V ?h-rer is home from Ojdeii.
.. t , M v , .,
Attorney John (.) l riser ana wife,
, rM . - . . '
Mr. C. I.. Crosby, who has Wen!
. . ... a
:iek for mc tm! i. ranidlr imnror
) I.I
; The Cezad drum wjoad is about a?
near perf ret a. one conld imagine.
They are certainly experts in martial
f Jaft rccr lhc alPtll M ,p, ,
j!adIJii ftmm.r wr-I,N llark. MUcon.t
('J,aliUi tavK Urillianm. and glove
al yhf V Newhou-o's.
The V P S C. K. of the Congrc
gat'oual churth will give a pig mkju-
at the old Maronic- hall, Fridat
, , .,.v
jevocing .Ma) 1. All arc iuied.
I Anyone having lands- to rll, or
trade for Bud Cloud, Lincoln or Oma
ha property or merchandise call at
once on Kai.kv & Baukku.
Men.- -uits -trong and sightly can
be iKjught at Winner sat $2.7. north
I $!'..) and from that up, bargaiu.i in
i .11 .- J-v. f ...1 !..... I.. .1.. . ..
j r b
ijkiT- Mriiikr ii iiiiuii nn vjj un
j forUxoato during laH Saturday, in
losing a uor&e mat cost mm over
$f0t). The horse diod near Guide
Isaac Ilummoll of Inavalc, has the
proud distinction of having the fir-t
new potatoes of the season, nd they
were raised in Lew Aliu-tcad's
Several of our fire boys were in
Blue II ill Wednesday, attending the
fire department's entertainment of
that city They wcr hand-omcly cn
tcitained. This paper can't see that the ap
pointment of the new board of trans
portation sccretaric- is any improve
ment over the old member, who were
no better than none.
After years of experience we make
the intelligent care of the dead a
specialty, and arc prepared to attend
all calls in the city or country. F. V.
'or. funeral director
t'lidcrlakinc by r. . Taylor who
- - - - .--. --.
The Knights of Pythia" lodge of
this city, is fast growinf in jHjpularity
and evry night, from one to two
applicat'oiis ar being presented for
, rnoniuerMiip irom mong
our best
C. H iencr ha just returned from
the east, when ho ha nsed every
effort known to him in his long ex-
I PDrencc as a meicusui to tiuy goo us
1 cheap so as to Help tnosc needing any
j goods in his hue to obtain tbcra al
J II. B. Simons wa 4 years old
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ith a party. When
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iTeioping aad taking ia tfce kwowledgc
V. S. Gort Kcpoet, Aaf. jj, xl
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Until you examine our Spring SlSPCk. Thir
is no use of your payiftg mofc for
Working Shirts,
Everyday Patois,
Than they are worlli
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Baker Wire and
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Abstracters, Kcal Estate
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Charter Oak Stoves
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and Farm Loan Aaron!
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