The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 10, 1891, Image 1

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V tf
By A. C. Hosmer.
Still on Top !
Golden Eagle Clothing House,
1 liIliieiS stock of
IVlcn's, Boys'
and Children's
Clothing !
An Immense Stock of Shirts, Underwear,
Neckwear and Hosiery.
An Immense Stock of Hats and Caps, New
and Fashionable,
An Immense Stock of Men's and Boys Boots
and Shoes.
An Immense Stock of Trunks and Valises
await your inspection.
Trices and Quality Guaranteed !
You arc invited to calk
Last but not least, we carry a big stock of
all kinds of Woolens to be cut and made up by
us into lirst-class Suit-, Pants, &c, by first
class workmen.
We Give Them fits !
No one olnjt'fth ! luniiiKU ncal lilting liool or lioi
W'v imilc 3mi to come In ami gel aeqiiuiitU'ri mid see our yood.
Buy a fine pair of shoes for Raster !
Take home the best plowshoe in town !
lSii) l lie Imltic mid older children xoinelliinu neul. nice, durable
Ituj siimIi ir n !hal are full warranled and a III lie repair
ed Tree ofcliartfc in eae .lit'3 fail to sive taiMaclion.
All toods Clean, New. Fresh and CHEAP.
Blakesi.ef. & Hatch
lrHrlelor of Hie 'liiciniili Mioe More.
What is
I tr wi 111 1 h
1W-! lr J iff ij
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
othor Narcotic suhstancc. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OH.
It is Pleasant, Its guarantee is thirty years uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting SourCurd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic Castoria relieves
teething troubles cures constipation and flatulency
Castoria assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tho Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
CaSorla i an excellent mullein for cLil
jrrn. Mothers haro wrtcllj- toli me oT It
good effect upon thdr cfclMrca.
De. G. C 0oooo,
Castoria tlw liot rrrady for children cf
which I ani acquainteO. I nop ttoe Jay to not
far di-sant when mother 'ill consider the real
lntrrt ot their chil Jrea. and two Casiori in
stead of the various quack nosaTns which are
Jcktroyin their lo-el oaes, by ftveia opium,
morphine, noothin; pyrup and other hurtful
Prnis doc their throats, thereby teaiUag
thcia to jsemature grates."
"Da. J. F. CiycEnAS,
Conway, Ark.
Tke CaUv Cmpaar, TI M
' Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I reccmaJcnd it as superior to aaj pereenptioa
kaownto tae."
IL A. Ancsut.M. n,
1 So. Oxford St., Drooklya, X. T.
Our physkiaas in the children's depart
rsent hare spoken highly of their erperi
ence in their outside, practice vita Castoria,
and although we otdy bare among oar
medical supplies what is kaovm as nsjrular
products, yet xne are free to cosfes that tha
merits of Castoria has won us to look wUi
favor"upon it."
Uxrrra Ilosrmt avo DarsrixT,
2 Bo&toe, Ham.
Auxx a Surra, JYet.,
mrrmy Strtt N w Ytk City,
r 'UfijoCi
" Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
m;li feed i- very Kcarc
Quite a number of cattle are dying.
W heeler Wick. i once more a rei
lent of Hhuleti.
(Ilcnwood town-bip lww no ju-tice
of the peace.
Where was L. W. McLaughlin the
night of the literary?
Farmers are bu.sily engaged with
their .-pring work.
The annual town meeting was held
Tuesday at the G. A. 11. hall.
The literary closed last Friday even
ing with a good attendance.
On account of the storm on Easter
Sunday the excrci.-e of the Congrega
tional Sunday ,-ehool were postponed
until la-t Sunday.
Dikii: Mrs. C. Stout, the mother
of John and 0. C. Stout, died Midden
ly laat Friday evening. She waz (17
years old. The funeral service.- took
place Sunday at the residence of C. C.
Stout and tho remains interred in the
McCoy cemetery.
... ... -
Initial v.
Farmer have commenced .-owing
Mr. G. V. Knight went to lied
Cloud Monday.
Mr. Wrinkle the as.-e.isor. has com
menced hid round trip again.
S. K Wolcott and son have rented
G. W. Knight'.i farm for the coming
The Inavale school has a vacation
nf two weeks on account of Mi-- Nye's
!i"tcr death.
(J. W. Knight is visiting at home
this week.
Mr. MeCluc is home from Norton,
Kansas, where he has been for the past
Mr. Hartwell i,s putting a picket
fence arond his place.
Mr. Hull the blacksmith, has plenty
of work of late.
Mr. Sheldon is very sick at Mr.
OIni-tcads. ' He is not expected to
Mr. Vance has gone to farming.
Mr. l'rcntis has gone west to buy
up some cattle. Km.
We have been having nice weather
but quite changeable.
1 think the young folks had better
quit trying to have parties till the
farmers get their crops in.
We don't need rain for a few days.
A urpric party at Chas Fri.-bics
last Thursday evening. A jolly time
Everybody is farming.
Mr. Baker sold one of hi-Jersey
cows last week.
Mr. Ilinc- has returned from Ne
braska City.
Orlio Cock rail ha returned from
Cha-. Mitchell and his best girl
spent Sunday in Amboy with Cha-.
The Methodist minister has changed
his appointment till three o'clock at
Amboy. Evening air don't seem to
agree with him and the people don't
-eem to agree with the sermon he
preached Sunday night. They thiuk
it was very much out of place and 1
think if Mr Minister would look on the
right side of the bible he wouldn't
find no Mich scripture in it.
. Rose Bn.
Our efficient a.c.-sor, Mr. Stocke is
inakiti!! his rounds.
Carl Stocke started for Iowa the fith
to visit this summer.
There wa- quite a debate at the
Hummel school-house last Thursday
night. Question:
Resolved, that the free and unlimi
ted coinage of silver is for the good of
the people. O. McCall said, let us
have more silver. Pore it into us by
the bowl. How would he look with a
bowl of silver dollars in him?
When you want to light your cigar
just ask Mr. Coon if he ever saw a
green back, and then all you have to
no is to press mc eau h vac cigar to
his face.
We rejoice to hear front our sister
once more but be careful what you
write for we have a good joke oa you.
Now bo careful and we won't make it
If anyone wants to get married, and
can't find the preacher junt call on
Frank Sux-le and we will have him on
. hand on hort notice if the Kcv. Gen
! tlexnan has to so through snow 3 feet
deep over his head while sitting on
his horc. Frank has rode over Nc
braska for IS vcars and has not found
out what sport is. Kix. Danac
kuows tfiak. rxcK tup Bor.
Red Cloud, Webster County,
ttoHth Side.
There will be omu intere.-ting new.
shortly, if we don't mis- our gue.--. for
Charley (Just Sr. and the widow Wil
liams have been seen riding in the
same buggy together apparently look
ing as happy as a clam.
Wc think now that spring i- here
sure for the sandhill crauea are pas
siug over on their way north, and Mr.
Frank Street ha- got his mustache cut
smack smooth off.
We are going to have preaching Fri
day the I Oth day of April, at the
school-hou-e in Di-t. No. 'M. by Rev.
G. W. Hummel. Everybody i
invitcd to be there by 7 o'clock on
that evening.
Wc don't believe anyone would ob
ject to starting a Sunday .-chool in
Hist. '.U, and we would nominate
Feck's Bad Boy for superintendent.
Will Kuchn met with quite an acci
dent la-t week. While trimming up
trees with a hatchet he severed the
leaders of two of his finer.-
c 1
Wilbur i- workins: for O
Otto Stocke. the a-.-e. or of Line
township, is now going the rounds to
ascertain the wealth of said township.
Two of Mr. Geo. Huiumel's daugh
ters are boarding with Lew Hummel,
their uncle and going to -chool in Red
Cnele 1'cter McNitt has been layed
up for the la-t week with heart trouble.
I'kck's Gooi Sisteu.
At her home in Red Cloud, Neb.,
April 5, 1891, Mrs. Lucy J. Ross,
aged 42 years, 9 months, and 29 days.
Miss Thompson was born in Yir
oqua, Wis., June C, 1848, and was
married to II . W. Ross in Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, October 20, 1SG7.
She joined the United Brethren
church about eleven years ago, was
baptized and become a member of the
Christian church about one year ago.
She had been afflicted 1G years, suf
fering severely at times, especially
the last 8 months.
She leaves a husband and three
children to profit by her example as
well as to mourn her loss. Four
children have preceded their mother
into cUrnity. In the midst of sick
neen, Buffering, and disappointment
she manifested wonderful patience,
and developed s lofty Christian
Services were conducted at the
Christian church Tuesday morning by
O. II. Truman.
At the residence of her mother, Mrs
A. M. Nye, in Red Cloud, Nebraska,
April G, 1S91, of consumtion, Miss
May Evelyn Nye, aged 23 years and
28 "days.
May Evelyn Nye wa- born in Cam
bridge, Illinois, March S, 18GG.
She was a loving obedient child,
and a kind sister and playmate.
When fifteen years of age she, to
gether with her two sisters, united
with the Congregational church of
their native place; of which church
they were members at the time of her
She was an earnest, consistent
Christian, working for the Muster,
or patiently suffering and wating.
She was always ready, and when the
summons came was not afraid to go.
Services were held in the Congre
atioma! church Wednesday afternoon
by Rct. l'alis.
The three sisters Mary, Mablo andj
May were of the same age, and look-
ed so much alike that in former vcars1
their own parents could hardly tell
them apart. The circle of three is J
broken never to be joined except in
School report for Pist. -IV. So.
enndled 20. average attendance 14.
Thoe whose average i. between 10
asd 100 are Lottie Kmertou. Johanah
Earner, Katie Earner. Lixric Earner, I
Agnes Earner, Mary Moblcr. Those
between SO and 90 arc Frank and
Janex DeWitt School closed March
24th. bat on account of the stnnn the
exibition was delayed until April 7th
and Katie Earner received the prite 1
given for hot declamation.
John M. Earxek, Teacher, i
I hereby express my thanks to the;
ople and friendr of lied Cloud for!
iheirsvmpaihy and kimlns during
the Ion; I'lcknfs'.sof bv wife.
Also to
the ladies who furni.hed wreath and j
lower for the funeral.
Ben Ludlow intcads to open a bil-
j ytf tall m the torildiag lately vaca-
J tcd ,y J. Beaver.
Neb., Friday, April 10,
The Election.
The election last Tuesday under
the new Australian ballot system was
a complete success and was one of the
most quiet affairs of the kind ever
held in the city. Not a bit of elec
tioneering was to be teen and every
voter was permitted to go to the polls
and vote hi sentiments a.s he pleased.
The law is certainly a great success
and a big improvement over the oid
stj?le of holding elections where a
voter's footsteps were dogged to the
cry ballot box by ward heelers and
beconJ class politicians, to see that
he voted right. The Tue-day election
resulted iu the election of
M. B. McNitt, Mayor
T. J. Waid. Clerk
Henry Cook, Treasurer
For members of the school board
Mrs. Ellen J. Ducker, H. E. Fond,
and Geo. O. Veiser.
Alderman 2d ward G. ll.Whitson.
Aldermen 1st ward, M. W. Dicker
sou and David II. Rudd.
Messrs Ward and Cook aie demo
crats, and Mr Whitson independent,
and from that the balance of the tick
et is republican.
Mr. McNitt wn- elected by about
thirty majority over Mr. Rentier.
Tho new ofiicera are good ones and
will do their duty rcgardlsss of fear
or lavor. Wc feel confident that Mr.
McNitt will make one of the beat
mayors that Red Cloud has ever had,
and we think his election show- the
wisdom of having two tickets iu the
field u.- there can be no objection to
the choice of the people. The Chikf
is not inclined to crow over the elec
tion, but will say that the choice of
the people will alioar that th selec
tion of a republican ticket was no
"mistake" as one of our city exchange
was pleased to call it, but on the
other hand was a roaring success
If you buy $.") worth of
goods of C. Wiener for cash
and present this slip you will
receiva iu return !i5 cents. Not
good after July 1st, 1SSU.
American Tin Plate
Norton Hros., of Chicago, are contract-
ing tin cans for tho season's packing, to
bo mndn from Americnn tin, nt prices
lower than ever before known in this
country. P. II. Laufmnn fc Co.. of
Appollo, Pa., havo delivered 10 lxixes
of American mndo tin, the quality of
which the receiving particH det-enbo ns
"excellent nnd tho price ,4n little lower
than for tho corresponding quality nnd
weight ot imiorted plates.
Theso aro facta that will cause sadness
in the hearts of freo traders. If tho
matter goes much further, watchers will
bo necessnry to sit up with tho calamity
shoutcrs. Champaign (111.) News.
Tho carpenter, like tho country school
teacher, is accustomed to 'warding
Tun next edition of the eesnion laws
of Nebraska will be, if rumors aro true,
ono of the curiosities of tho age. It in
said that tho enrolling clerks of tho
legislnturo havo original ideas about
selling, obtained, jerhnjs, from Hon.
Frank Lawler. tho author of a scheme
of spelling reform that ho baa been in
cessantly urging on congress. In pur
suanco of that theory, tho bills are, as
passed, fearfully and wonderfully spell
ed, and tho house committee on engn?d
rlMtl An.willAI li.tln I....... a.. n.4nA.. 1 I
Xow it is tho duty, and baa al wars
bsn the custom of the public print -
er to "follow copy in printing the laws,
though it should take th compoit
or out of a fifth story window. It
customary where n palpable error
occurs for the printer to firwi print thej
word as he finis it, and then the word
as ho suppo, it ought to havo bwn
written, in bracket. The hrs of the
present session when printed will per
hap look homethinp like this. Be it
enacktid (enactexll by the IefcieJater
(legislature) of the stait letatej of ew
brasky Nebraska.) etc" The effete tast
urasxy eurafijea.; ck. inoeneve . i
will perhaps jcr and deride ua when!
this book appears, Bat we &ball have
.j,,, coasolatioa of retorting that !be I ,
m Ktl urmn. rj !. Vil Va..? x1 nt
. -. ..ww. .u. Vw-y ""!each lull taoou at i ) p. ra.. sa
v SCT; . u .?twoweek.thertarurat2P.W. V,V
to be ruled by honest men who cant . . n comradcs CordllT ianud to
epiu man or onwn coiureu viuiasff
from the coUee and uniTewjtteaJ"
State Journal. '
Highest of all a LMtTOKSf Power.
ML &esB&
the Price or The Chief.
189 .
i. oca i. iKirr.
Wanted, butter and eggs at J. S.
All the latest stlc- aud new colors
in spriug wraps at R. M. Martin A
fcon .-.
We mean business and will under
sell any dry good? house in the coun
ty. Call and be convinced. R. M.
Martin fc Son.
Mens -uits strong and sightly can
be bought at Wiener Mt ?2.7. worth
$'t.50 and from that up, bargains in
all grades of gods bought thi.- season.
Anyone having land- to sell, or
trade for Red C'oud, I.Mimlu or Oma
ha property or merchandise call at
once on Kalkv fc Bakkui.
La-t week m our hasty write up of
the Temple of Fame we Inadvertantly
omitted to mention the fact tlut Mi.-
Donahue won the crown on that oc
easim A No, wc omitted iu the pro
gram the part of George Morhart and
Thad McNitt entitled "Joan of Arc
and his guard."
Dating the hjt few weeks the fol
lowing poetry would have boon quite
-uitahic to any of the public thorough
fares leading to this city
This road is not passable,
Not even jackassable;
And those who wish to travel it
Should turn out and gravel it.
One of the plea-mi: event.- of the
wees wa- the farewell gien to Rev.
and Mi-. G. K. Tagg.trt on Friday
c euiug at the pleant home of Mr
and Mr-. I. P Albright bv the mem
hers of the ehautauquu circle. An
elegant tea wa- -erved during the
evening by the ladies. The et filing
wa- spent iu -ocial chat aud will long
be remembered by .ill present.
A. Pickens & Sou of Hasting show
most superb line of carpets, art
square, and Smyrna rugs this spring
also an elegant line of curtains con
sisting of silk and chenile portieres,
lace goods iu renaissance, Rrusrcls
net, Nottingham Turkish moire, etc
Get quotation of price- on any of
above lines and wc will guarantee to
fell you at lovcr prices and give you
standard qualities and brands
The gentlemen and Iadiis com pok
ing tin Cruader, hate left Re 1
Cloud after doing funic very fine work
for the cause of religion. While
about one hundred were converted,
and seventy-one joiucd the M. E.
church. Their method n one that i?
both convincing and interesting. If
they could have been prevailed upon
to have .-taid two or three weeks
more they wou'd have accomplished
great work in Red Cloud.
Boyd Sr. Ovfrini: have added to their
works iu the la-t week a poILshiug ma
chine. The machine i- the one pat
ented by our fellow town-man, D. C.
Myers. The machine when placed in
operation worL by hand by crank
movement and the work of rubbing
and polishing is done by a rotary dic
the and and water being fed automati
cally. This lalwr saving device tales
the place of .-ereu men and can jkt
form th work much nwre accurately j
than bv hand.
Anyone i;itiug Haitiag- are cor j
dully invited to examine the ini-J
menfCftockof dry goodi, carpets and
) milline v !hown bv A. 1'icken i ?oa
J t hw Jca-on. The ascrtmcnt 19 as
! fine ar an) thing west of Chicago and
we mot emphatically acrt that oar
price arc uinch lncr thn can be
found ''ilber in Ouiabai" or Lincoln,
'.it 1 . ... ,.i v .ti .-i
. . .
l !" Prc -" piwm-.
Oar tclk of wash dre 'Ws. pnn?
jacket? and taWe liner rc oneq-ualed
in the ."tite.
a. ..
I'ntil Intther notice, regular eject-;
ms of Jatae A. OarfirlJ I'tt-tNo.!
jSO, Dept. of Neb. G. A IL will be'
eld Mondav cvemnz oa or before
I . .. . r. n
iattCBU. U, . JViUJIli, I . v.
o ir !-.....-. l t
t. SCtltXCK. AcJj t.
U. 8. Ccrt Keport, Aj. x;, iH
Q I r
r 0
We arc
We have a new stock
Different than you ever
We have S
and see our One Dollar Pant, nevervvJU)
rip, so long as
iTo.Hcliirliinr4lti .MiiiiiI. orner r -Wlrr lrrt untl Hit c.
Wlit'rc Ur will U't' on IiiiihI till r Hn trl hiinttviiri?
good lo lit foitml. li'u lilMiirnl of urtnilttr
Baker Wire and
Charter Oak Stoves.
Job iork. t las rouTlna and city wulrr uorti pltimhliictftiti ami
iihiiiiiIIIoii. prrlitlllr with u. l'roiiiitiir uimrniilrril itiul )nr
work olic-llrri. 'omr nnd ttir luo door north I. V 71. bunk.
1 our rr tirtf nnd Toiler Hi Irr Tnuli
H. CLARKE Proaltlont, Albnny. N.Y., J, A. TULL87, fVlco-Presidio!
Eotat, V. 8HJREY, Trofumror
PAID UP CAPnjlL.S50.000.
Take our,! ppllratlnn to Thrm, Hvratt- tt itf Vt
IZZVt T&SZ'"'''"'''' ' ""
HrraNw jw ea c jrmr wny imrajiJijr
Mranar tnt..- ih! vrth- py at
kerl Cloud. Vb.
BAILEY & 3lYEsr.
Abstracters, Ileal instate
and Farm Loan Agent.
Rkd Cloud, Nkhrasrvw
xbstnictrf of title funiiflil accuratjly and promptly.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. 1 10.000 nd KM
. -mr
i Wi
s m m
( fj
Lower than any yard in tlv; world
Fort Abstract
i h. !!. FORT. Masacrr
iAb4rae ot Title,
Fannslitd to all Lands in Webtdr County, Accoratvly aad
IU?taC kvi Ue jrin rtfT&cr lx (im&Zj rrftr &&v -t IV- Me wwftf n t Jfr
JUJ Tjrr 3ie4 nAwGT SiawMBaUria4 W
L. H. FORT JUjuocs, KH Glit Stb.
Vol. 18. No. 37.
sjoin to m:II
Styles, Better Goods !
KVl-:i i
wore bcforcJJome
you both do live
& Galusfif .
w 1 fttf. Mwt f
V Mtebf
Altianv, JVmw York,
Co., Red Cloud,
ill Pi