The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 17, 1890, Image 4

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ffar 1ft ceata
Laiapaad laataraa at Deyo.
Satoal h ka. UbleU aad alates
The best apeeticlaa aade are aold
LateH atjlea ia carpets at F. V
Aim liae of pietare aoaldiiags at
F. V. Tajleca.
Trmika aad ralieei, elegant stock.
If yoa wait tee beet bay the White
far ealeejF.V. Taylor.
De aet fail te eeil mad eeeaj stock
f wiaiew shades. F. V. Tatlob,
We hare the oyer eeete for yoa
this falL McNitt A Galaaha.
We Mare the beet nut yob erer
aaw far 96,50. McNitt A Galaaha.
The place to see a liae of sea's
laaael ahirte is at McNitt A Galulia.
We sany the largest stock aad sell
at price sthat smite. McNitt A Gal-
Omr stock is coaptete ia omr liaes
wieas abort half the rsiaL McNitt
Fraak Krehi has aored his faaily
iato the bmildiag jutaorth of the
Great Faaily Weekly.
Uedenrear, yom aerer saw ai rice
atetk aad the low prioea catch yor.
The NebraslEa aad Kaasas Fara
LaeaCe. wart all the good fara
learns they ear get. tf
Go to Deyes drrg store aad yor
will Srd leap chiaseys ef every size
style, aad shape rude.
Arythiag ia the liae of farnitare
earpete, wiadow ahades, etc., at lowest
prices at F. V. TaylorTa.
Bead McNitt A Galasha'a aew ad
ia this issre. It will always pay to
read what they have to say.
Deyo says his trade if good aad we
kaew why. It is becarse he is sell
iag goods at hard tiae priees.
If yer are goiag to bay a carpet
yea will aare aoaey aad. get the
best by ealliag oa F. V. Taylor.
Althergh everybody cries hard
tiaes, Wieaer has his store crowded
feller with goeda thar aay aeasoa be
fore. Loaaa aade ltoaw ra tes of iatcres
by the Nebraska A Kaasas Fara Loan
Ce. Moaey ready as soon as papers
are signed. tf
J. H. Bailey has $50,000 to loan on
good fara aad city property. Farm
leans eight pet cent aad less. City
tea per oeat.
J. H. Bailey has $50,000 to loaa on
geed fanr aad city property. Farm
leans eight per oeat aad lew. City
tea per ceat
If yoa desire yoar watches, clocks,
aad jewelry repaired by aa expert
head leave thea with T. E. Penaaa
in Cotting'a Drag Store. 52tf
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kets of the best grades and lowest
prises. Intelligeat care of the dead
a specialty by F V Taylor.
Go to McNitt A Galaaha for a
tailor aade saits. We will save yon
front f vc to tea dollars. This is the
reason we take so aany orders.
The Chamterqna circle will aect at
Mrs. Taylor's oa Monday evening,
Oct 20. at half past 7 o'clock. Be
acaber the iaitiatioa fee, 50c.
If yom waat weaving doae call oa
Wa. Haffaaa, Bed Cload or leave
orders at Chas. Sehaff ait's. All kind
of carpet weaving done on abort no
tice. It is hard to get good and reliable
boats and shoes, C. Wiener has some
that he can gmarantee and sell at no
higher prices than are asked for in
ferior goods.
Men and woaen preaatamely gray
aad whose hair was feUiag, are ea
thaaiastie ia praising Hall's hair re
newer for rectoriag the color and pre
venting baldness.
If yor wart yoar aaae, atoaograna
eahlea of aay lodge, er aay other de
sign erttiag or yoar watch, it will be
qriekly aad artistically doae by leave
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drag store 52tf
Wher the hair ahowa aigaa of fail
ing, begin at omee to mse Ayer'o hair
vigor. This preparation streagtheas
the scalp, preaotes the growth of row
hair, restores the rataral eeler to aad
faded heir, aad readers it soft, pliaat,
aad glossy.
Catarrh is ia the bloed. No care
for ibis leathseae and daagerors dia
ease is peceiele malil the poison is
thererghly eradicated freat the sys
tems. For this prrpeee, Ayer's sar
aapanllala the beet aad meet eceaoa-
lerl awdieiae. Priee $1. Six bot
tles, $5.
Itie reported that reveral alliaaeee
in this cematv are abort to eollamee
eaaeeerat ef a split ever McKeigh-
asv Tie facta are that the people
have ducovered that Lie nomination
iaerly a deaeoratie trick to gaia a
eercreeeaan and they have decided
iftamt is all the reform that ia in it
they world rather risk their chances
with Mr. Harlan who has always been
a friend of the people.
n General aasemMv. Knights of
Labor, Denver, Cel. Nov. 11-22 90.
js J win ecu ticteta no v. yzz m-
elmeiv. Jeo. M. Hayes Philadelphia,
Pa. will iga eertifeatcs.
Kebtreka State Christina Eadeavor
Union, Hastiags, Nob. Nov. 21-23 90
dates of sales 19-23 iadasive, As't.
Lane ef Lincoln, will siga eerttf eates
9trte AsteeUuer Oorgregatisrsl
ewrreree ef Mebraaka, Norfolk, Nob,
Oot 22-27 99. Dates ef sale 29-27
ive. Kev. H. Breet Liaeeln,
Neb, willratr eeftileetes
jmBimo reing wiU be retrrned at ore
tresrfrreor atatsrtotisr of oertir-
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BMC1M4.X Carr it t.d kauri. Me f IBIItl mppllf Ml UK SeMiXo.,QMkiMJM,Nh. JmmmMM 1 1 " m
Mrs.O.W.B4kerofAmbot krWti "a Bev. A. . BtackwcH 10FWJI Tl ! II I
Mra-G. W.
new puma
S.B. Kicar is home from Kearney where
he has bee working.
Aug. Lauterbrch and wife, of Colby,
KaiL, are in the city.
F. P. Shields of the Bias Hill Knight,
was in the city Taesday.
Ol C. Teel, depat j sheriff, was in In
oJanola this week -on betimes.
D.C.lfren, who has bmer qaitesiek
for some time is getting better.
A. Campbell, Division Superintendent
of the B.: M was in the city this week.
Mr. If. S. Hmffman has been amlte
siak for the last few days with nemralgia.
A. O. Berg baa accepted a position
with McNitt k Galaaha, for the winter.
Fifteen delegates ware in Bed Ctomd
this week hmmting up ttcKeiffhaa's rec
ord. Hies Hettie Trankey, sister of Jadge
Trmmkey, has returned to her home in
Omr old friend A. O. Titms, and wife
haye oondadedtogo to Iowa to lire da
ring the winter.
8. F. 8pokesfield has traded his homse
and lot for the D. H. Kaley property near
A. 8. Marsh's residence.
Hon. J. L. Caldwell andA.K. Gondy,
will speak at Bine Hill Thursday, Oct.
23d, 1890. Go and hear them.'
This week we publish a large supple
ment on the political issues of the Aay.
Bead it and then hand it to a friend.
E. MeFariand has purchased tho
Schaffnit stock of dry goods, and has
moved his grocery store to that place.
Bev. J. F. Winters has resigned the
pastorate of the Christian chmroh. Tan
Cmmv is sorry to hare the rererend gen
tleman leave Bed Cloud.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at Mrs.
Brakefield every Thursday at3p.'m.
daring the month of Oct. Every one
interested ia invited to meet with us.
Bead B. at Martin k Son's new adTer
tisement. They are bound to do business
notwithstanding the hard times, and are
selling their goods at hard times prices.
Ethel Hoamer, was nine years of age
on the 15th, and entertained her- little
friends in a nice manner on that ooca-akm.-
She received some nice presents
from her guesta?
Dr. Denney, John Myers and M.W.
Dickerson hare just returned from a bear
hunt out in the vrild and wooley west.
They had a fine time, and it is said' the
doctor brought home some Tory mne relics
of his bear hunt.
The ladies aid society of the M. E.
church elected the following o&cers at a
recent meeting:
President Mrs. J. W. Sherwood.
Vice-president Mrs. H.D. Banney.
2d vice Mrs. A. A. Pope.
3d vice Mrs. Wm. Parkes.
Secretary Mrs. A. C. Hoamer.
Treasurer Mrs. L. P. Albright.
On the 24th of the month Mrs. J. W.
Sherwood will entertain the society with
ai afternoon tea.
An enthusiastic temperance meeting
wa held last Sunday evening at Amboy
school house, at which place and time
Mrs. F. M. Cockrall, Mrs. C. C. Cox, Mr.
I. Frisbie, Chas. Myers, D. F. Trankey
and others made excellent speeches.
The following young folks entertained
the audiencewith some fine recita
tions: Misa Outson, Miss Pearl Orr,
Nellie Cockrall. Florence Baker, Mrs.
Carminy and others whose names we
could not learn. Good sinping was a
special feature of the -meeting.
In the Grand Island beet sugar plant
Nebraska owns the largest beet sugar
factory in the United States and one of
the largest in the world. The machine
ry cost 8350,000, and it coat 3GO,000 mace
to bring it from France. It required 200
freight cars to transport it from New
Orleans to Grand Island. The buildings
cost a quarter of a million dollars The
plant uses 200,000 gallons of waters day
and furnishes employment for 250 men.
It has a capacity of from thirty-fire to
fifty tons of sugar per day. Ex.
A meeting of the Webster county non
partisan prohibitory amendment league
is called for Saturday, Nov. 1, at 2 o'clock
p. m. at the court house, to perfect ar
rangements for the future. It is impor
tant that each precinct in the county
have a representative present as matters
of vital importance will come before the
meeting. R. B. FcLTOx;Pres.
It has been stated time and again, aad
we believe that it is the general belief
that the people are all dependent upon
the fanner. This in a measure is true,
but at the same time the farmer cannot
do without the merchant, hence there
should be a closer relationship existing
between the consumer and producer from
the simple fact that both are dependent
mpon each other for an exchange of com
modities. The former can raise potatoes,
hogs, cattle, corn, Ac., buf if there is no
one to buy them he has no use for them.
So it is with the merchant. He can buy
a large stock of goods, build a fine store,
bat if there are no purchasers, what good
is his stock to him. So it is plain to be
seen that we should study more closely re
ciprocity between the merchant and the
farmer. The hue and cry that the farmer
is more oppressed than others is a mis
takr. In new countries, the merchant is
oppressed, the printer is oppressed aad
in f set the entire people are oppressed
because the country is not fully devel
oped. The tendency of the times is to
ward an mnrestfml and dissatisfied condi
tion, brought about by agitators aad oth
ers for political glory. The facts are
that the people are about as well off today
aa they ever were, and its not poor legisla
tion altogether that has caused hem to be
unfortunate if such a condition really ex
ists.. Of course' a failure of crops does
great injury to farmers, but it does the
same injury to the merchant, and causes
him to go to the wall along with somefar
merwhohaslost hk farm because by a
eertian condition of things he was unable
to get the money to pay for his goods or
interest on his farm. Beciprocity be
tween all classes, the laborer, the farmer,
the merchant. cl, is vhat is needed. Let
us all stop oar grumbling and try to better
our condition and try to inculcate the
idea that all men are honest, instead of
the prevailing idea that all are trying to
eat our throats.
Sagar Keel Factory.
Daring the latter part of last week . 1
si. reruns and D. B. Spamogle were in
Grand Island for the pmrpoee of seeing
what coeld be done towards getting a sa
gar beet factory. They had several talks
with Prof. Oznard who held oat the in
daeement that they were going to pat ap
Ive factories in the state and if Sed
ClOwi would make them a mood rososi-
tkm they would probably locate one of
the Ive here. If the plant is located here
it wflitake $100,000 to doit, and the far
mers and business men should see to it
that the amount is raised. Now, them,
lass rzrp the watch factory aad thm we
wfll all tern towards the bcetxaetory ami
get it if aH the people work together.
With a watch factory employing 9B0 hoars
and f bert factory that emptors a like
-meaner and Clewd wmt be est the hJh
liwad to prosperity. SOO laborers ascans
atMSwiMaeTOUewexaBosaeftaic, t
ponmataom. Good, let's have tks
stewse.- Red Cloud, wiabmmeity
LiBdev h . vy fin. f Iteparit.. iw ..Wtaten. "l Hill lllllll P Willi lllill I
Ir nlnmiMt laiir ilTrr Mm l n. gg'gjef Qg.- Kl I III lllllll ll llllll llllll I
with nfcrli ffclrit t lilr - SZIZa jitetxa. it: nad (.. ! w w"" " J
WW I - I - WW " -WW www wwV - www -www WW w
, i - ji -tor. Pr. Pallia. I lewtaf XacMcs r
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...vrprn. Mr. E. J. II -- fcnMMll
w. j AsktMkdKMlboMOet.aR.
Wail NMr VTB lbiMlIV( M w. w awaww w wK w www .k.
merer seM se te w
eftt r as we arc srUiar; tl
prove it tr yrr.
If jraa want a lne Mrthelay ar
wceMlasj aweseat, get aae ar
Flae rrfruaec,
the rest ejaalltjr.
sutraateeel af
We aare all tae
ve, yet
aaal we win ail j
aael iectiipta.wltli
ewrma powtesm
Taa Wyck aa Hrrlrnu
Ar over-xealoue Mekeighsaite in
tempted the speech of General Vaa
Wyck at Hebron Wednesday to pro
porsd a qrestioa thst refused to lie
quiet within him. The question re
lated to Barrows' charge that Harlan
had accepted a bribe in the legisla
ture to vole for Paddock instead of
the Otoe statesmen. The answer wss
proapt and conducive and refected
credit alike on the speaker's sease of
justice end the unblemished public
record of Hon. N. V. Harlaa,
Geaeral Van Wyck said, ia terms
that were eloquent with, indignation,
that Mr. Harlan stood tree to his own
convictions and tho interests of his
coBstitaenta in that remarkable sena
torial contest. He occupied the
speaker's chair, where he could have
named his own price if he hsd been T
ready to betray the people, yet to
quote the language of the general
"He stood so high in personal purity
and political integrity that no man
or corporation would dare offer him
monev to swerve from the line of
duty. For years he hss
enjoyed this reputation, which he
honestly earned and which has B6ver
been questioned until Burrows' at
tempt to blacken him with this crimi
nal falsehood. This is all he hss
from his efforts in life to leave as a
legacy to his children, and he is the
basest of men who attempts to strike
it down. I most cheerfully bear this
testimonial to a brave and true man."
This is expert testimony on the
public record of Mr. Marian. It not
only exonerates him from the cruel
and unjust chargo preferred in Bar
rows' sheet, bat it also establishes the
impregnable and unassailable charac
ter of his whole public csrecr.
Mr. Hsrlan is a clean man with a
spotless record. If the second dis
trict should reject him to elect Mc
Keighar it world be an act of mon
strous prblie ingratitude. Bee.
Oar friends should give De Witt's
cough sad consumption core a trie!.
No disappointment follows the use of
this reliable medicine, and it merits,
the praise received from all who use
it. 3
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
. .
List of petit jurors for November term
to commence Monday, Nov. 21th, 1890.
Saml Shirley,
Austin Riley.'
wm. James,
Francis Houchin,
Thorn. Boren,
Joseph Hunter,
Win. Swihsrt.
M. A. Fisher,
H.B. Simons,
John Hansen,
W. S. Heeox,
Frank Stokes,
D. G. Grice,
Godfrey Wegman,
Ed. Barr.
Wm. Baker.
Charles Nelson,
A. S. Marsh.
U. A. Davis,
John Green,
A. A. Philips.
Headache is the direct result of In
digestion and stomach disorwers.
Remedy these by using DeWitt's lit
tle esrly risers snd j our headache dis
appears. The favorite little pill
everywhere. Sold by Cotting. 8
The Dcmorest contest last Friday
night was one of considerable merit,
and the contestants did their various
parts to the entire satisfaction of the
audience. L. P. Albright, Mrs. Prof.
Daum and Miss Emma Nve were the
judges snd wiseiy gave the medal to
Horace Spanoglc, who is a perfect lit
tle orator. We desire to give credit
to the singing and especially to Lillie
Smith, who is not only a natural pi
anist but one of the finest vocalists in
this part of the.state fr a little girl
only. eleven years old.
Organs & sewing machines, aad all
kinds of sewing machine supplies.
Needles for all kinds of maehinea
kept in stock at Cosard & Co's. furni
ture store.
Your cough will not Un all winter
You will not ?e kept awake at night;
You will get immediate relief if.
Yon will use DeWitt's cough and
consumption cure. Sold by Cotting 4
OO- m
MyeterlosM INsaapearaace
Mrs. Joha A. Clarke was a great
srnTerer from indigestion and sick
headache. She left her home last
Saturday to bay a bottle of DeWitt's
Little Early Risers, took a dose and
her headache disappeared as myster
iously as it jemme. Try them: sold bv
C. L. Cotting.
Small ia sise, great ia results: De
Witt's little early risers. Best pill
for constipation, best for aick head
ache, best for somr stomach. Sold bv
Cotting. 5
Lost in Bed Cloud last week, ere
astir liner haadbag, with hand paint
ed passies. Contained pair of spect
acles with gold hows, isger ring srd
pocket book, aad card with roar mf
owner and 68e. Finder will
it at this eftee or aldressv P. R Me-
Gmire.Gmide TUek.
r eaeiu. rre ie.Bark
ZJT WemaUasmra of DaHitt' liUle rim- yaiarteasnm tntimmsmais.LaHma atate.madA a. ii 1 1 11 L t sha taJted mjijiAT . H.JLLL' .g!pssjr ISSkmiTZmUSTm
- .. . -M-M------m --. -- . - - r .r . , ,- hi -ir - . . Lr. . . -or mmmm www- hpw --v ---: - --r: - - - . r
IUa HdMMirfct!fo.7,GreldOct.22. BV IWi JB AT
MM ttiar uiMewa.un.. m wpv pjw. rpj p
Guise km. Oct ae
Heaoel district No. as. Cataertoa Oct. sr.
Bcheel district Ne. as, BUa Nov.s.
Sew. J P MeVey.
er suhI Faltoa.
Heaeol district Ne.zl, see ll-S-11 oet SI.
fleaeel district No. ss, sec S9-3-IS Oct M.
School district No. a, see as-s-ii Oct as.
Meed aael Kev G Hmuaaaell.
School district No 35, Finney's seheolaoase
School district No. 37, Bonaell's sehooftouse
Oct 22.
Guide Rock town Oct 23.
DF Traakey.
School district No 72. Oct 23.
Hchool dlntrtet wo St. Oct 24.
School district No SI. Oct 29.
I It Hsuaataa aael others.
School district No 18 Oct. 23.
School district No 10 Oct 28.
School district No 71 Oct 29.
JT R Wllleox.
School district No, C9. Walnut Creek stone
sehoolbouae, Cct 25.
(School district No 36 Garfield Oct 28.
School district No is sec 32-2-9 Oct 29
School district No. S2. see 20-3 -10 Oct z7.
Behcet district No 2tfnncis 23-3 IS Nov J.
Kuehna schoolhoase. line tp Oct 39,
Kev Larkla Stacker.
febool district No ll, Inavale Oct 27.
School district No 20, Harmony Oct 28.
School district No 59, taanaony Oct 29.
School dlrtrict No C8 Glenwood OctOS.
School district No. (A, BaUn oct 31.
It will be expected that each speaker will
take up a collection at each meeting as the state
headquarters are appealing almost daily for fi
nancial assisstance to carrv the state fer the
amendment The expenses are heavy and the
need yery urgent Send all collections to O.
Schenek, secretary. Will not some friend of
the amendment cause who Htm near to the
seaootneuses where meetings will be held, see
that the school bouse Is properly wanned and
especially woU lighted. B. B. Fcltow.
Pres. N. P. J A. League
When Baby wss sick, we gave her Osstoria.
When she was a Cbik!,Bhe cried for Gmtoria.
When she became Mfes, she chaff to Caetorie.
.. nt.McBntnE
Has removed her stock of millinery
goods to
Jt. H. Mania's dry goods store.
Where she will be betur prepared
than over to furnish her patrons with
fine millinery. She bas just received
one of the finest line of millinery
goods ever seen in Bed Glond. Call
and see her. 2t
Oil aad Gasoline.
H. B. Simons has just received a
ear load of Daisy White Oil, the finest
anLbc8t kerosene on the market, and
sells H at the same prices as other oil
is sold at. He Handles nothing but
the best oils and gasoline. Save
jour orders for him and get the best
Itch, manse, and scratches on arm:
tals cured in thirty minutes rwwool
ford's sanitary Lotion. This never falls,
sold by L. H. Deyo druggist, Bed Cloud
Acts at once, never fails. De Witt's
cough and consumption cure. A
remedy for asthma, and that feverish
condition which accompanies a severe
eold. Sold by Gotting. 6
Carriage, sign and house painting
Hard wood finish, graining, etc, Shop
opposite Piatt's Lumber Yard. Al
work guaranteed .
I am giving a good hot meal
for IS cent. JDSIaal.
Dray Liae.
People who desire drsying done
with promptness and dispatch should
always hire John Berkley's teams.
John is an old hand at the business
and will do your work well. Terms
reasonable. 1-tf
Constipation poisons the blood; De
Witt's little early risers cure consti
pation. The csuse removed, the
disease is gone. Sold by Cotting. 7
First National Bank.
In the State of Nebraska, at the close
ness, October 2, 1899.
Loans aad discounts
U. H. bonds to secure circulation
Stocks, securities, judgments, claims.
of basl-
113,477 99
617 12
18,790 SS
7,488 TS
747 72
Due f r'm aDorored reserve
erKCUw9 ) SamS
Due from other Nat Banks 48 82
Real estate, turniture and Sxtures
Current expenses and taxes paid
Premiums nai d.... ............... ......
Checks ano other cash items 656 74
musoi outer oanxs ssooo
Fractional paper currency,
nickels aad cents 78 48
CTiaCiC mmmist
Legal tender notes 3iG2eej
BcaempuoB iuna wiiau..rreas
(5 per cent, of citralation)
S43 25
. f 17641S a
... 75jM9
WpleW Vw
... 4VQS7S
... t$jf;$m
Capital stock paid in ,
OllspissS sUasmt
IJamwlTIQCra pVOnCS .
National Bank notes outstanding.
Ul ItsCXlraS etisPwUU
Individual deposits subject
ev CarTrh w ' rraO'
Demand eertlSeates deposit 30,436
Nts aad BUIs Kedlscounted
Dills payable ....
.... 5B9SS
.... lists M
tvtsU.. giiviwtr
stale ot MeDrasaa. county el wecster, ss
i. l n. ten, uasiuer tn ine above :
bank, do solenulv swear tbat the above state
meat Is true to the beat of my knewledce aad
belief. L. H. Koarr. Qwkier
Subscribed and swern to before me tbislSth
day of October, isso. O. C Cask.
Aenry ruaue.
Jambs reNmsnr. i
Cerrect Attest:
Kokt. V. SHiaar. Directors
j. A.Tutxavs. I
TaAuHmaa. Miller Co, aoa-resMcai defea-
Yoa are hereby imtMetl thai the
Trust On. of Oiaalav. Nebraska, has Sled la the
dietriet court of the rvaatyef Wshster.sSMet
Hearaska, its petirJea agatast Wm. L.-Uibsoa,
Jeaaie r. Gibcoa. AalunW, HiBer . Ce IW
nil las w ante Co. and Wwm H. IfiiSmam,
smamm kai auammmmn ai mammmammmamr In Bm awBBf S. aSvJI
dark ot said eaurt. the ohjset and prayer ef
said nettt'on are a ehtara tarn fseeetotmroor
asitaat" aeamhsti byjmuntUt, ami a Hem Sar
taJceTneU by nlnmsMmmaaststtwatsw la ssfd
eamnty aad state, and to obtain a sale at aaM
mwtnasrrtna eeree or saw eoaet tasatanr
thm snuinnf dun Ihn rialatiff. aad to foreeassa
mlrlamtoCreweawtba fram saM mmrtsMe M
efald dsfeaaaO.aadalaemtexrtameailof
to from aay laetiiist aaaMhuaa.
due ntaumnf far water Ksaemaa
are aa inlaws, sms ose Ka-rr 1,
seKar., USR, hula arenredby one
aramttanse aaM bv ! iTIbT Tit
wamrTu ItlwPi ejaTJP Vaw JPVt) 4
uasnmt mamas sseurea
mmwma mm 9mt m i-b. rwt n : .BiMaru hbb Ban. i BBBm & bbbi hbb vbbbi mbv hbbbbbbbbb 'b.
Ker. J P McVe jr. m. JL JH A. w jam AmmmI bm"
IuvaleOct-aa. """
av Miii-diriicaiioiiioaMiMKwW
mu uMMa --r----r i-BM-a'--t i-n -r---C immaeK jmbsusb.-. una ax umawmtrnwrn mum maeaisiss".", --.- - w. -. -. --
- . -- - - - - - -a -l ,. h - - --T - . -1 1 -. . h. r v m K- - ir -i r-i i .. mmmm
Like These,
Everybody Must Be Saving.
We are willing to help you do itf and have
used every effort onr long experience in this
business has given us to buy good serviceable
goods for ready cash, obtaining many bar
gains, which we will give you the benefit of.
No house in the state can offer you lower pri
ces, and but few, a larger stock of Clothing,
Boots, and Shoes to select from. It is no
trouble for us to show you our goods.
Golden Eagle Clothing
Wiikrkas, A Joint resnlutfoR was adop
ted ly the lcarislaturc of tho state of Ne
braska, at tae twenty-first session thereof,
and anm-ored March qotb, A. 1). isw,
preaoslac an amendment to Hection Thir
teen (W of Article His (S) of the consti
toMon of said state: that said section as
aaeadei shall read as follows, to-wit:
Keettonl: That section thirteen (13) of ar
ticle six (0) of the constitution of the state
of Nebraska be amended so as to read as fol
lows: Section IS: The jaojes of the supreme
court shall each notite a salary of thir
ty-five hundred dollars lascei ier annum
and the Judges of tee district court
shall receive a salary of three thous
and dollars l$3,Goo per annum, and
the salary of each shall be payable quar
section 3: liacit person voting in fa
vor of this amendment shall have writ
ten ot printed upon this ballot the follow-
"For the proposed amendment to the
constitution, relatins to the salary ot
Judges of the supreme and district
Therefore, I, John m. Tsayer, gov-
ermor of the state of Nebraska, do
hereby give notice, In accordance with
section one 11 article Sfteen 151 of
the constitution, and tha provisions of an
act entitled: "An act to provide the manner
ot proposing ail amendments to tho con
stitution and submitting the same to the
electors of the state." Approved Febru
ary 13th, A, !., 1S77, that said proposed
amendment will be submitted to thenoal
lied voters of this state for approval or
rejection, at the general election to be
held on the 14th day of November, A. 1.
In witness whereof I hove hereunto set
my haed aad caused to be affixed the
great seal of the state ot Nebraska.
Done at Llrvoui. this th day of Jaly
A. D. 18M, and the twenty-fourth year ef
the state, and of the Independence of
the United States the one hundred Sfteenth.
By the Governor. JOHN M. IHAYER.
BmuAxnr it.CowDmmr,
(Snail Secretary of State. i-3m
Whrukas. A I(
was adop-
ted by the legislature ef the state of Ne
braska, at the twenty-trst sesatoa thereof
aad approved February nth, A. D. isss,
proposiajc an amendment to the eeastita
Uon ff said state, aad that said amend
ment shall read as follows to-wit:
Section 1- That aT the general election
to be held on the Tuesday succeeding
the Srst Monday of Novmher, A. D.
IMS, there shall be submitted to the
rdeeuKs ef this state fer approval or re
lection aa nr-aSmr-nt to the eonstltntioa,
of this state la words as follows. "The
manufacture, sale and keeping for sale of
utnxtcatlag liquors as a beverage are for
ever prohibited ia this state, a d the
legislature shall provide by law for the
etuorcemeat of tats prevWoa." And there
shall alsa at sM ejection he separately
submitted to the electors ef this state
fer their approval or reject lea aa amend
ment to the coatrttuMoa of the state ia
words as fellows: The manufs tme. sale
aad keeping fer sale of Mtoiieatiac Mowers
as a beverage shall he licensed and regulated
Section t: At saeh et-etlea. en the bal
lot of each elector voting for the proposed
amendments te the coasutotion, shall be
written er aviated the words: "For pr
neeed aawndmeat to the coastitaUoa. pro
atbitlag tho manufacture, sale aad keep
lag for sale of latexleatiBg liquors as a
beverage." or "Against the proposed amend
ment to the coastitaUoa proaibHlBg the
manufaetare, sale and keeping for sale of ia-
toxieaUacImorsasa beverage."
There sank alee be wnttea er aviated
on the
of each
elector voting for
the proposed
to the
uon. urn
to the
eausoratioa that the
factare, sale aad keeping fer sale of ia
toKwBK Manors asa beverage In this state
ahal be Ittitii ar leenmled by law."
or -Agafcat
ettber at
aaafl he
gJJJg t mrtkls War sue.
Therttaie. I, jama M. Tl
ef the ssaaa t yehtmak
m iij aruete aasem iai
iiM-a asm saw
aarDaaaarV " SaaY
to le'lSs am tti'mh tsTmfTmffBiiir. A. D. 'a-.,?-,'.!!! ' -J'g.wJS1'
MSS. iisa mmj wi - T
asiamaaummm " mnm laiwwsi m mm - - a is. -! r-e Tra-3
"i"i wwwi ,i -- hi -"- .Tr.- .-. r .,M -- - - mmam niiwi mmm mmmmm
Eslray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned on the 31st day
of Aw?ust. IiOO, on the sw or ncctlnn 25. twn 2.
rne 11, Wetttter coiiwty, Neh., the folIowlH-r des
cribed est ray animal to-wit:
1 black shoat about tlirw mmitus old with
some white spote or marki,
1 black shoat about three months old with
some white spots or marki.
1 black shoat about three months old with
some whlto spots or marks,
1 black shoat alout three mouths old with
some white spots or marks.
t black shoat about three months old with
soe hlt ipora or marks.
1 iiick .vlKwt about three mouths old with
some uliltc iots or marks.
1 black shoat alwut three niontlts old with
some white siots or mark.
1 biark shoat alwui three mouths old with
somo white spots or marks.
1 black shoat about three months okl with
some white spots or marks.
1 black shoat about three months old with
some white spots or marks.
I black shoat abunt three months old with
some white spots or marks.
1 black shoat about three months old with
some w bite spots or marks.
1 black shoat about three months old with
some white spots or marks.
1 black shoat about threa months old with
some white spots or mart.
The above described estray animals are now
in my hog pen on lot Is. block 11, original town
of Red Cloud. Neb The owner may rectal m the
same by proving property and paying expenses
P. K. Coaim.
Frank A. Coulson and Mary C. Hummel. I
hereby notify you that I have purchased from
the treasurer of Webster couuty, neb., the fol
lowing land towit : fart of the nw J4 of tht sw)f
sec 35. twn 2.rns 12. containing: one acre
ed In the name of Frank A. Coalaoa aad sold
for the delinquent taxes thereon for the year
1887 at private tax sale, amounting to $4 liies,
oa January 25th last, and If not redeemed on er
before January afth,l. I will make applica
tion for a treasurer's tax deed. M. Baum
By L. Baum. Agent.
Jane Fulton and John D. Falton, you are
1 hereby notified that on the isth day
of January.
ime. ine unoersigned
M. Baum twrrhased the
following land towit: The sw!i oftheneUsee
31, twn 1 rag 12, containing a acres la Webster
county, Neb., the taxes amounting to S2 SMew,
which tend was taxed for the yaar ls7 la the
name of Jane Fulton. The land was purchased
from the treasurer of Webster eoaaty. Neb., at
private tax sale for the taxes deNaqaeat there
on for the year 1S7. The time for reOmeUoa
will expire January 19th. ISA, aad unleM re
deemed on er before that date I wis make ap
plication for a treasurer's tax deed.
M. Baum.
By L. Baum, Aj-ent-
Jaae Fulton aad John t. FuHoa. I hereby a
tify vou that I have purchased frees the tnauur
erof Webster ceuaty.Nebthe fallowing dee
eribed real estate to-wit: TheneSaof the a,
secS1,twm.rngl2,eeaUiaJagte acres, anew
edintbenameof Jane Falun aad sold for the
delinquent taxes thereon far the year MS7, at
private tax sale, amaaatiag to S3 a-M0. ou Jaa
uary 19th. IM. aad If not redeemed oa or be
fore Jaaaary 19th, ISSt. appHeadea win be made
for a treasurer's tax deed. M. B a VU.
Hyl. Faum. Agent.
. Faum. Agent. .
' Faltoa aad John f. FaltaiLyea arehere-
iSed that oa the 19th day of January. tm
the undenhmed M.Baum parchased tfaet41ow-
iazlacdtowtt: TheseietrheneI-seeSl.twn
l, mg 12, conUlalag9 acres la Webster cosaty.
Neb., the taxes ameanbne to fl Ja-taa. which
land was taxed for the year lsS7 lathe name ef
Jane Futon. The laad was parraast i ftnsa she
treasurer of Oebder coanty. Xeb . at private
fax sale for the taxes dehagaeat thereaa far
thevearusr. The muse far ititm atlaa wiS aa-
nire Janaanr rath. ISSi.aad
or lietorm tbat date I wiU aaatv far a
tax deed. M. r AUM.
ny L. Saam, Agent.
Jaae FaKoa aad Jeha D. FaHea. I hereby mv
J JWi Hw w va iwmj tm iw;i ZL.
have Barrbased the foilortrwa: land U-H: The
nw 1 4 of the aa l- see W. twa 1. reg ia.
bur avtMla Wchater ceuatv. Neb am
toS3 aaMSLwhieh laad wm taiedfer the jaar
ISlCwUmnasacef Jaaerawwa. Tae mm was
iu ilm l tram Ur r 1 asarar of Wiaalfra
Nebwat private tax ale far ttartaasadrto
qweattaefewBsar aha taartac. The ahme Sr
laswtmeatmrnwaaunw-r a-.
tae T aa otdev at
L. If, Fart, Clerk of I
ev blaiatir.i
Cincinnati Boot & Shoe 1 Iouse
Lrsllea Crala raacs, alwayo aaM
We carry lac larrcel aael aral
yoa asoacy alaraya
By l&ujrlnfi? of U
Jones & Evans,
ftl7CCKemt TO HACliKat A tARtit:il.
Groceries, Provisions
Canned Fruits, Etc.
Red Cloud, - Nemiaska.
Fort Abstract Co., Keel Cloud,
L. H. FORT, MiiLRcr.
Alistiuict of Title,
Famished to all Lands in Wtibnter County, Amirutclv mid
Having hJfcl ten jfearexiriftico hi rountjr rrrort! anil nno ( Ui intnt tnilt i uf;Ab
stnct Dooas III tnr ttatr, we toar.iuuw
All orders flllrit i-niniptl
ana appnivtu.
! II.
City Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
VV. A. McAVOY, Props, m p
First-class Rigs and Good Teams.
Boarding by day or week, good hay and feed
for teams. Conic and see us.
' w II I mm III IWI1II''" ! I II WW W - WwMWPKwJI W
Abstracters, Real Estate
and Farm Loan Agent.
Rkd Cloud, Nkhkaska.
Abstracts of title furnished accurately and promptly.
Satisfaction Onaran'ceri. 10,000 bond filod
Lower than any yard in the world
Wektsr Sties; fer;, hi aad Sals Sulk.
Frank A Kveus. Vrov
Boarding by the day, wtsek, t,r month at ruwjiiaale
rates. Farmers art invited to stop at our barn when in the
city. Special attention paid to thir trade. I'ricetf for
single feeding, as low a- anywhere in tho city, Dorrt for
get the place.
W it la fc ti. i.m ,k.r nali snil frr lr-
ine of aa wder ef mCt Issued Unm ih
U H. Fort, derk of the ntrlet wt ut tbe ,A
JadtdaldwtrJct. wlthm and It Werwlrrcousiy.
Neavaahn. epoa a decree la a ttUtn uradiox I
ImTirsn.whrrfe WlMUm Snr U ilJ M '
MMMJI. mtnntna. iwi-n"i. ..
far sale at ptibHe vendw. xe d,e lUct
far eaa ra nana, ax uk ww we
Htaimeu uowj. ia -mrmirr rwiy.,
ef said (wart was bWfl 11 tb
or fa aar afctrsjer A. n. !
at I a'cleek p. at. ef said day. th? Ja&t 'Z tr
iiiiiIi lift! lie nrathe' iMOVr
4 saeMia twenty -esxbt tstt viMy Ibrel
larth. raae-jeei(iii aej.fw. -w
ebster eawsty. Jeferka. ;i uUr mj
iad m-TX da ScpuimUrr A.
1 A-"taxhlaT. .
C . Ftamsncnc. i UlUS"s ABerwy.
Xetlee k herer firra rhattMdT id r tit
Ijio iifarnaTT Si ilit rf mhVmm mmy
cvIJaly.imsaMddatyStftJiata Mr U rt
H(hi fjmmy. .pi . w mmr
Mwwf actai He -"-a-
lOiiarliiralrf-rrr fit " mm m
I Ut She r ssery af asM ttt,f
mkmw 0t JsrasTuV?p'r
m mi i
. i
Omasum saw, Smnmumaaaa, ammasS Saaraaar
araaaTLSnw smnmrnVl. amour Cadzaam sari
j. !. j -B m
ix - "-.!"
Smmm to fesseSygtean taat f a
mu mm9mmmfmt mmm mm-mr aamwaa ftaCT mmmmm
araaaaaaj aajsviMm mfMm rmsT amii, isum. pqp
ram smmaaaiiMas t Wj. Marwm. mad 0 mm
&l2;. 'g i
araa .aammmmmmi ararm ammmramm aarrs a-sa aramr
, mnkmv
aael caamatar omr afoca
Caracla. etc. ourslnrk of t'n
aay eepermi Nftcmnm ft
lac mHsttao
asicoa la aall lac llmrra
Prr tl itwr aowraM tmr f ,
will new erll for w.
ftaor, alwaya aotel for 9. ' wr acii tor tl 7
rtoca la lac vnllry
'c ran
MllI-Uon. m,r i.titr v.iiicitcjj
ly I0, M! i.iinl U!rl
Atlitr ir cult 0:1
Manaokr, HmI Cliiid, NVli.
Miles T. Hayes
Patent - Collar !
r' mra
mmmmmmmwmmmmmmar l
mmmmf m mmmmfLmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmv
J F r.aaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmT
&, LHiH
' ' Z-Bk1
. waaaGaBaaaaaaaaam
.? ijsmnnmaaaaas-
r a -, - -
isr CsOtjMl,
-."'f ..; "'.i'?,, -'
"?' J'i
. r
;tcs;kl isBiVsWfwt'-::
X. 41 I l.'f -' 3. - - L,-V -
.- ? w
r-SmmVvr i eave
i" - j-r w -r m
--wc- m
5rfc.lfW'afcsf - t , rf
W tSJ-' ' -"" ?Kat "T-. 4 ,-.-.
&-3t &MeC a -vw-$csAmr3a:' y a
amgfW-.-XXimW mWkkS'Vr " ""t:''3
4 ,-'
K . 1
r ''. ..
- f - -: &.. , -. -t ., .-' .wiHwm . i . kn m wasm r- - - m -r -,, axi - ;r--.-, - . - - - , -t - --- i-v a aas rt - ie irwm. -3- apw- waiaiiii mi - - -- ---- mm- mt, r 4v ,