The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 17, 1890, Image 1

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By A. C. Hosmer.
u. m. ai
Has Just
Where he purchased the Largest and Best
selected stock of
Dry Goods,
And Staple Goods ever
WE HAVE a magnificent line of Dress Goods of the la
test design, Stripes, Checks and Plain Goods, in beautiful
colors whicli none can help but admire.
OUR STOCK f Cloaks in cloth and plushes are of the
fewest Patterns, and run in prices so that we can suit
everybody, also carry an-ellegant line of Jackets and
- Shawls.
Hose, Underwear, Flannels, Blankets, Quilts,
Calicoes, Cotton Cloths, Cotton FlariheU,
Etc.. at Greatly Reduced Prices
You will find it to your advantage and inrerest to call
and examine our stock.
Highest Prices Pal for PredMce. Keaemker tke Place
Moon Block, Red Cloud.
R. Y.SniREr, Pres. Hknry Clakkk, Vice-Free. L. II. Fort, Cashier
Ellis L Shirky, Assistant Cashier
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Transact a geaeral baakiBg basiaeM, bj amd sell county warrants, a!st
county, precinct and school district bonds. Buy and sell foreign exchange
Jas. McNen
John R. Shirey.
Henry Clarke. A
H. CLARKB President, Albany. N.Y J. A. TULLB Y,
Kobt. V. SHIRBY, Treasurer.
What is
CMtork I Dr. ImmcI PitcaMrs intatftttm lto Ikttete
a4CklMreau ItceataiMRtlmOpisua,MerpkiMaMr
Umt Vareetie wiRetaact. It it a karailaw Mkatitato
I. fer ParagtrkDgefa;8aetktc Syrapayaad Caatar OIL
: It is Plaaaiat Ifta saaraatee la thirty yean? aa ay
Z) aTHlieBgafMethan. CaatarU4aitray Wanaa aai allafa
$ - : r iiiiaskaaM Caataria arereaits Taairtiat; 8ar CaraV
IS : teatkiac fa Mw, era. eaMttaatlam aUralsaty.
-r ':"-- Cattatte itinitM the aWd, NBalaftai the eteaneah
' '- ajal aawekv ajlvkaj healthy aA aMvralaleaa. Omn
p- :u teria it the ChlMbjam'a Paamin thi M ithi'i Jrtaad.
ft'- fc y . a
Returned !
opened in Red Cloud
. W. Lindsey. R. V. Shirey.
E. F. Highland.
J. Kenny.
" Eternal Vigilance is
Hifkt of all m Imwming Power.
m JB3S3BS9
KepaMlcaa State Ticket.
For Governor,
L. 1. RICHARDS ef Dodge.
For Untenant Governor,
T. T. MAJORS of Neaaha.
For Secretary of state,
J. C. ALLEN of Red Willow.
For Auditor,
THOS. II. BENTON of Lancaster.
For Treasurer.
J. E. HILL of Gage.
For Attoraev-GeBeral,
For Commissioner Public lands and Bnildlngs'
GEO. R. HUMPHREY of Custer.
For Superintendent of Public InstruetlsB,
A. K. GOUDYoI Webster.
CeagreMlraal Ticket.
For Congress,
Senatorial Ticket.
For Senator,
S. C. BAIRD of Nuckolls countj.
Fleat Ticket.
For Float Representative,
Ceaaty Ticket.
For RepreseBtatlre.
For County Attoraey,
Furniture and undertaking goods
at bedrock prices at Cozard as Co's
A new invoice of oarpet samples
just received at Cozard & Co's furni
ture and undertaking establishment,
Red Cloud. 12-2t
Undertaking and embalming la all
of its branches at Cosard 4b Co's. We
are thoroughly equipped to take
charge of funerals andQcare for the
Frank Gump, who has been out it
the wild and wooley west "hinting
kerosene" has been home this week,
and is fully imbued with the future
prosperity of Newcastle.
Now is the time when you will want
to fit your children out with shoes.
C. Wiener has still a large line left
and will sell them at less than cost
fer the reason that he will not handle
women and childrens' shoes hereafter.
On Saturday evening, October 18,
there will be another silver Demorest
contest at the Baptist chuich. Miss
Campbell and members of her class
will furnish the musio. Judges: Rev
C. E. Taggert, Mrs. Prof. Daum, Mrs.
F. V. Taylor. Admission 10 cents.
Children 6 cts.
Be sure and go to the grand gold
medal contest at the M. K. church
next Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The
contestants come from Hastings,
Juniati, Underwood, Rosebud, Min
den, Hansen, and Red Cloud. Judg
es from Superior, Kenesaw, and Blue
Hill. Conductor, Mrs. C. L. Jones,
ef Hastings. Admission 15 cts.
The board of directors of Pinkin
villc deestrict are hereby wantin' to
hire a teacher for the comia' wintci.
which will commence at the usual
time. They are wantin' a pussoo,
sound in body, and intelcct, not afraid
to use the rod, wages $10, per month
and board sound. All applicants
please apply to Suire Kieter, or
Deacon llitonuiss. Cor. Seeder St.
and 5th. Av'nu.
Tke Vete aa tke P
The-arrc.-irs of itiRin
Jan 19, 1879:
Democrats for the bill
Dewerrao asaisxt tte (nil i
Kemi lfcaBa lur the bill us
UepuMioaus against Hie bill Xout:
ihe 'widows piisi"u bill passed
rcb. . IhXti. iiicit'iMti-' vrciirtnwH n,-n-
: - r- - j ...
mods from $8 to$12 per month:
Democrats for the M1...V.... ,. .
Deteerafrt agalat tae Mil....- TT7. as
KepubiiraasCBr the Mil Its
RepjM-cmsa against the MU None
The amputation bill passe 1 Aug. 4,
ivcaMcrais tor tae em... .... 75
ueareenw against ice am si;
Ketwuieaasibrtke bill $l
KeiwMfcaas against the Mil
'I lb A B si A MK A
The widows arrears bill giving -ar-;
rears of aeasiens. Iron the death of
their husbands, te wideas entitled la
A peaeteas. r aatea ay tae senate ay
R '
the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, October 17, 1890.
U. S. Gov't Report, Af . 17, 1889.
Tke AaaeRtfaucat.
Your committee has been besieged by
letters asking regarding the form of the
ticket, "how it should read to vote for
prohibitory amendment, and to vote
against license amendment" The fol
lowing forms regarding all four of the
mendments before the people of Ne
braska, to be voted upon at election on
Tuesday, Nov. th, have the Asst Atty
Gen. J. M. Stewart; Hon. John H. Ames,
Hon. C. A. Atkinson, have been adopted
for use by this committee:
For proposed amendment to the Con
stitution, prohibiting the manufacture,
sale and keeping for sale of intoxicating
liquors as a beverage.
Against said proposed amendment to
the Constitution that the manufacture,
sale and keeping for sale of intoxicating
liquors as a beverage shall be licensed
and regulated by law.
For the proposed amendment to the
Constitution relating to the namber of
Supreme Judges.
For the proposed amendment to the
Constitution relating to the salnry of
Judges of the Supreme and District
The above forms should be printed at
the foot of the regular tickets, as in Ne
braska only one ballot box is used and,
the entire ticket is printed upon one
long strip of paper. Above forms afford
an opportunity for all to vote for the
prohibitory amendment, and against the
license amendment, and if you do not
desire to vote affirmatively upon the
amendments regarding oar state courts
you can vo.e against by scratching them
out with your pencil, for a vote not cast
for a constitutional provision operates'
the same as a negative vote.
It will be well for tho friends of pro
hibition to see that all political parties
have tickets printed as above, ana thus
increase our chances of adopting Consti
tutional prohibition.
Everything is lovely and the duet is
Ed Lewis and wife have returned from
Nebraska City.
Mrs. G. W. Baker, and her youngest
daughter, took their departure for the
east to visit relatives and friends.
Mrs Fred Frase and son started for
their new home Thursday morning.
Miss. Alice Emick is working in Red
Herbert Ogden,'will start for What
Cheer, Iowa, in a few days to work with
his brother.
Oscar Fatmor was visiting in Amboy
Protracted meeting was held at Amboy
last week and will continue thia week
by Rev. Wolfe.
Mies Belle Knight went to her home
near Salem, Kans. M. E.
Etna Creek.
News is scarce in these parts.
Haying and fodder cutting is com
pleted. Working the roads, seem to be the or
der of the day.
Joe Crouch went to Boulder City, Col.
last week.
Mr. Jeeeen has gone to Iowa on a vis
it, he expects to move there in the spring
if the place suits him.
Some of the fall schools are in full
blast now.
Miss Flora Brown is teaching school
at the Center school house.
Thornton Foe JBeaching his first
term of school atHElm Creek school
house. But froaJawat we know of him
it will not likely be his last term.
Rot. Wolf the new M. E. pastor preach
es at the Elm Creek school house each
alternate Sanday at 3 p. m. We wish
him abundant success in his new field
of labor.
A few of the fanners here are going
to try fall wheat for their next wheat
crop. Majorca.
Noble Sanford and family have goes
to Elwood Nebr, to go into business.
Mrs. Miller and her sister,
V Mrs. Cox,
have gone home to Kansas after
inga short visit with their parents,
Mucker and ue.
Wni. Crabil has been out this
j hunting up temperance workers.
There uns preaching on Monday night
by Bishop Uruukhart at the 'Dixon
school bouse. V. D. M
Bible ministera met oa last Monday
at Dixon's school house, and organised
the Presbytery of the Chun of Christ
in Nebraska, upon the -Bible basis of
Christian Union with all Christians.
Daniel Brookhart of Nelson. Nebr.
chosen Bishop, and Ltrkin Stacker
fc -OUmiaueteraatesent, P.John
cjenc utaer muueters present P. John
saNeUoo.Xebr,aada Fearick. Bad
tusosxL. XfcHcaeaar
Ju-tttce Miller of tlio Unital State
Supreme court, died at his home in
Washington on Monday night He warf
74 years of age.
W. W. Belknap ex-secretary under
President Grant died suddenly on the
Thre have been a dozen delegations
here thia week from various counties
hunting up McKeighan's record. The
record banters are what will cause Mack
to loose the congressional race. Harlan
is a man whose ready wit and ability
will enable him to do more for the peo
ple in congress than McKeighan ever ez
to. Only eighteen more days before the
election. Everyday between now and
election will place McKeighan farther
and farther from being elected to con
gress. The record hunters are doing the
work. The people are finding out that
between MeKeighan and Harlan that
there is a wide difference, that Harlan
is a better friend of the poor man than
Mack is. and Van Wycke the people's
friend has no hesitency in saying so.
Make up your mind to vote for Harlan,
if you want a good man for congress.
The general political outlook over the
state for the republican ticket is far
better than any one has supposed. Mr.
Richards will be our nezt governor and
in fact most of the republican ticket
will be elected. The men are all No. 1,
and we feel certain that in their nomina
tion the people have made no mistake.
The republican party has dona more for
the state than any other party could do,
and it will not be wise to change for men
who have been untried, at least a vote
for the independent ticket means the
election of a democratic governor. Do
the people want to elect sach a man, as
Boyd to the highest office in the gift of
the people of this state? We guess not
it would be an everlasting disgrace to
Nebraska. mmimmmmmmmmm
The Chief is in favor of the amend
ment creating two new supreme judges
as the legal business of the state is be
coming more than three judge can han
dle, but when it comes to giving a su
preme judge more than $&j00 per an
num then we say no, emphatically.
The idea that because a mnn is a su-
Ereme judge that he ought to have n
trge salary is altogether wrong. He
should be paid what it is worth to do
the basiness and no more and there are
hundreds of lawyers in the state who are
fully qualified to fill the high office of
supreme judge who would be glad to
change places with the honorable jud
ges for the difference in salary. No the
salary w nigh enough and the amend
ment increasing their salary should be
oted dowau
A Walch Factory.
On last Monday evening a large body
of laboring men met at the opera house
for the purpose of making inquiry as to
the reason of the non-fulfillment of cer
tain men in the city to make good their
promise to take lots in the watch factory
enterprise. On motion Mr. Ed Farkes
was made chairman, and A. C. Hosmer
secretary. A call was made upon the
secretary of the watch factory for the
names of those who had subscribed and
failed to make good their promisee. The
secretary was absent, but the names
were given, there being 19, representing
39 lots, more than enough to make up
those necessary to complete the 300 lots
by 29. Then the names of those who
had not subscribed were asked for and
they were found to be 13.
Ringing speeches were made by"G. R.
Cbaney, John Wilhelmeon, Judge Wilcox
D. B. Spaaogle, J. L. Miller and others
setting forth the facts in the case, which
were loudly applauded by the laboring
men. After the speeches were finished
a committee of live men, was appointed
to call upon the men who bad recused to
help an important enterprise and get
their reasons for the fail ore to comply
with their promises. The committee
was composed of J. 1 Miller, Jesse Ross,
H.C. Scott, Wm. Visscher, and A. N.
Another committee was appointed to
draft proper resolutions in regard to the
matter to be presented at a meeting to
be held this Friday evening.
The tailoring men are seriously in ear
nest about this matter and propose to
discover why the enterprise is delayed.
Every body should be out to-night
SaJM Facts.
In voting for McKeighan, it is safe to
say that yon will be throwing your vote
away, on a man who can not do you any
good in congress. Better by far vote for
Mr. Harlan, a man who is known to be
I the fneod of the poor man, and whom
the friend of the poor man. and whose
trecord is aavmed. by mat stancn moor
injr man's friend. Ex Senator Van Wycke
Van Wycke says that no better man ever
lived than N.V. Harlan, and that the
people have no better friend. If thia is
true, and no one doubts it then why not
vote for him, for in so doing you will
vots for a mnn who has no record to- fix
up, who ia beyond reproach, who has put
in the beat days of hie life working fer
themaasis HasMcKeighaa ever done
better tana uat? No! He has talked
a great deal abont the tarhT bnt there
are hnndreaa of mea who are eater
amiada, who have aaoaeured this great
qaeetion, and say that McKeighan's theo
ry is all wrong, and there is no doubt bat
what tkey nnderstaad the qoestica a.
weUashm'The McKinley bui reducea
the taraTfTOpiXVOOa, is not that an enor-
u tae race of the
the Price of The Chief.
McNitt & Galusha,
For less money than anyone this year.
Goods neverwere offered so
as this year, on
an unnsuallv larire stock. We
better suit than
In overcoats the price is from $l to $3 less
In underwear we catch thM.m Come and
Ho ! There !
S F. SPOKES1IELD liss cveiy thing in
the Dry Coods and Grocery line and sells
Try him if you want square dealing.
" ' , ' ' ' '
F. N. Richardson,
we Iiavf more Hay and more
barn (all of which we purchased when pri ware ajr
down) than auy firm in town. there4 we R prepared 2 fe
(J lower RSte than any firm between tlie 2 otaist, Boardrmg
by the day, week or month. We do not brag of oar hone
miitihip.' Stock in oar care shosYit ttieir keepiiar, Call om
w at the old reliable barn back of Pcatoaaoe and Jbe coav
Tlnced that what we tell yon
Propose to sell
account of this facte,.
you ever bought beft
com, more oau, and n'ft
Voul8 No. 12
cheap in market
5-;iTT; -S
"2 If --
',- ;
shall sell
than List season.
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