The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 22, 1890, Image 2

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Iftmia liaas kava
of ta laa
fraWat ntM to
iffataa, toaaaSafitira
JmtwAi. 8aaakrit
at taa Wilaoa CoUaca, BMaaay. haa
iertakea to caeck tke Tlgoreaa Ialiaa
oraajaat tor iaataviag araataa'a atatas
bylectariaf agataat "faiale edaeattoa
aal social reforau.
Iuxiax Noktov, "Ma Nordka,
the opera aiagar, baa broagat aait
agaiast Georga Lewis Gowar, brotaarof
Fra A, Gower, aat lato'aasaaaa, to re
ooTer SltHtft wafek she elaiau beloags
to aar aasbaad's estate.
Evkbt passeager eoadaetor oa tke
LoaisTille. St Loais A Texas road has
beea diMBissed aad the places of the
discharged ea have beea filled by pro
aaotiag freight ooadactora Uo ezplaaa
tloa has beea aiade by the offcials ef
It is expected that the Treasary De
parteoeat will sooa hare om haad a sap
ply of the saw silver motes of each de
BominaUoa of from $1 to 91,et saS
cieat to meet all reasoaable demands,
aad they will be promptly distribated
to the sab-treasurers.
Thr solicitor of Mrs. OTShea, ia tbe
O'Shea-Paraell divorce salt; has with
drawa from the case. This is the second
time that Mrs. O'Shea has lost her legal
support The withdrawal is said to be
due to Mrs. O'Shea's persistent refusal
to bring a cross suit against O'Shea.
Nrws has beea received of the death
of Warren J. Harris aad Fraak Gates,
missionaries at Sierra Leoae, Africa, of
fever, July 9. Harris was a sob of Gea
eral Harris, of Augusta, Me., and their
departure from St Paul, Mine., last
winter for Africa was widely noted.
Both were young men.
Tin House Committee oa Indian Af
fairs has.ordered favorable reports upon
bills to ratify aad ooafirat agreemeats
made ia May aad Jane last with the
Sac aad Fox Indians and tbe Iowa tribe
of Indians ia the Territory of Oklahoma,
fcand also directing the payment to EL W.
Ayers of 623,016 out of the Chickasaw
Iadian trust fund.
Tiie collector of customs at New York
has been instructed to extend the usual
courtesies in the passage of persoaal
baggage to the Comte de Paris and .his
son. the Due d'Orleans, upon their ar
rival about the end of next month.
This action is based upon the 'feallant
services of tho Comto de Paris during
the war of tho rebellion."
A census of wolvos has been taken in
Russia. They amount to 170,000, accord
ing to tbe enumerators. They commit
great havoc among the sheep and pigs,'
and during tbe past year 203 human be
ings have been devoured by thorn. The
prico of a wolfs head is fixed by the
Government at 10 roubles. About 80,
000 of them were killed last year.
In England, out of 12,000 certificated
masters ia elementary schools last year
9,000 received more than $500 a year,
1,500 between $1,000 aad $2,000. Many
have residences provided. Of 16,000 cer
tificated ladles 4.000 receive $500. Still
there are many receiving very small
sums; 28,000 receive less than $500 a
year; 18.000 less than $375 a year, and
13,000 about $250 a year:
Tub recent rebellious condition of
several of tho English crack military
organizations is discovered by official
inquiry to have been -inspired by Social
ists, who ia considerable numbers have
obtalaed aa entrance into the ranks of
the homo regiments and made many
converts among the men with whom
they became associated. The discon
tent is spreading and constantly making
itself maaifest ia unexpected quarters.
A VTSPATcn from La Libertad says:
Negotiations ia favor of peace are pro
groaslag and aa honorable solution of
the problem for Salvador is expected.
Salvaderiaa troops are holdiag their
positions ready to march oa Guatemala
at a momeat's aotice. Hoaduraa, Nic
aragua aad Costa Rica have not yet
recognized Geaeral Ezeta's government
bat it is expected that they will do so
ia a few days. Negotiations to that
ead are ia progress.
D. B. MAnxm, geaeral passenger
,ageatof the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chi
cago 4b 8t Louis railway, has beea ar
rested oa a charge made by tbe later
State Commerce Commission of a viola
tioa of law. The charge is that for the
purpose of iaf aeaciag a party of teach
ers to go to the Natioaal Edacatioaal
ooaveatioa at Saa Fraaclaoo over the
road he represented he gave free
traasportatioa to L. W. Day. superia
teadeat of the Cleveland (a) schools,
and to Mr. aad Mrs. N. G Stewart, also
of Cleveland.
Captaik Ebskikk of the steamer St
PAaL which has arrived fromOaaalaska
aays Victoria poachers this year have
secured aa,aso seal sidas. ia coase-
qaeace the North Americaa Commercial
Company which leases the seal rookeries
from the Goverameat finds its take this
year reicad-a&.S?C'Jls. "It is merely
of aO years, said he, "whea
the seals will aaemae extiact' It was
reported at Oaaalaskn that there were
flfty-three aoaehhsg vessels at "Saad
Polatea their way to Besrlag asa. So
far set a Wagfe attempt has heea' mUe ahe coatrahaad
bed to the faas,Bat oa of a ttua.
JtaaT Aaato Cutaiaj sUattor of the
Ute BeywardCiitarB ia
tomarrr.B r. taeao
aility ef Balaav MiesCaUiag is al
ia' pi eaattoM aad
wf, Bareae -aa aha is ia
Hew TafataaWWaalaMB.lsBt
.r.-----.- ---';.
at aerhosae,- Her , fatare
-g-x---- t-" - f tk SA1
izrr Tb?z? t
aaoat mm f oraMi
wan ehafrsaaerAmerican sairaasaas
. -i i -- --.M ; --i. -"
!'. ,'HPB,MP"J5is ?"1"r1
NATiraa e( Taa eae of the Careliae
yia- iarayT "stnsnaraf aa' toaaratitd
saaaaaaaaaaaaj aaaajBBnaanjBj SBmaanaaaamjapm saaapsv- wmenavem
slAaanBnaBsama'.aanf ' 'fjama'Pt SsaMmamfsBBaBT aaMBatsBBBBBBB
"VfsBWaayMBBsVeTaw w " mmbw1 . OffpvTsTaBvVam . KTsTStuPfPaa
waiah was at work eattiag weadjsla
aad toiaaveavea ! II ii iHll
f - .-. - .. .i - j--y.-.-r..v?--. .. :
- "T "?"?? smsmw-ns, mtsi 1 1 siiii,iw. wmr sa passiwr .OtUlty, AaV, XwOMUT. SRRSf IRlSSIRgslS CC 1IWH JaaSasbM mm ersma
- '- - 'OMaAav . - i - mm ,, r. . .. '. ' . a - ' u. - ii
t - "- - " -"- -.-- r.'.-- viV - .. - i . m Z i. . ." - i. ... -2 a mmm ma.-a- mi .. ,a . - . 1 . - Z J : .
r rJi"--r7-4EZ: ' n-"m'" "--" .rm- PS" msna, -sas, r.u - aw wmattmmwm - -- V--J - masa sa am m. swiy mj ytmrs sjssv. Omvin taKlfH R dHteMSasT
fe ffiltmffnt wS-S!! T nSaarivweissby ri;iiigg of 'Tmaw was resismtly,Mvic tssav ttsrmeTcaZI'tiw jjjjt gj !L5. -MtVin7i V JJjJ t
?efjil"iSSy- ysmd te reogniae Kaeta m Prrtetemsl ?cratni biiljiimi imJay daw sasamMt - asnA'aJassat !&. "yAVm'l? iy SSiTSRtSmmMmm Smimjr"om
... .:.miNMwNwr tmiiwi ! la, int immm -waafcii maw -gy'Vfaacs1 gsayyasa i:rr',.r":-T-J w t
T IdMMMMitMlk BaAdrvCtarKaaL Th ifia.. Mai.Au jrf a. Kimm MT'T''mX irC SSZSa I , .awar " " I Ommm.
- - " , -.'., --T T 4OT mMWmmm WWVIWmVVa aaas. ayaayv A-aaBaVaaj a vaaaaaaaaaMjajF'.i flPraamvi f -
: laaaatwaa-FaarMa la timur mwf . S. - 'laaiant'ii ''"ll'lflwr "
um MiM m ' ta Jl.iiMf- Aj. I 1 " -- --- -. - 'mii
ate ea the nth aaawa the
am la retake aataaanarats
aaaies to TaraM atotiaUM
Scatter Eda
ta saotlea far a rhaaa M tae rales
a m tof haH aaaato oa the Tariff bill, which
waslaM.oathe tsMs aa orecrai priatei.
teaatof Mali's' raiolatloa ehsasjia ths
rals was also laid oa the tuble.
The TarW bill wm then debated antil ad-
the tla-plato seholals bsias a-
Meratloa....Ths House pasMd a
Joint rssolation rxteadinclo AaxastAths
approprlatloat for the rapport of the Gov
eraBMat A rssolation was adopted for the
arrest of abseat msmbsra, The prcceediags
of the Hoase were aalaiportaBt, tbe attend
aaeebelax light
Taa Seaate oa tbe 13th agreed to tbe
Hoase aaMadawats to the bill to adopt m.
alatloas to preveat coIIIsIobs st ses. After
a short executive session the resolution
offered by Seaatr.r Kdmandu to limit debate
oa the Tariff bill wss ref:rrad to tbe Com
mittee oa Kales Seaater Blair resolotlon
weat the sbsjs war. fleaatcw Qaiy's reo
latlea prevMias; that only the Tariff
bill. Kiver aad Harbor bill aad Appro,
priatloa Mils should be considered the
pre seat sesstoa aad for a vote oa
the Tariff bill Aaaast 38. and Fenator Hoar's
sawadmeat to include the Federal Election
bill, alto weat to the same committee After
passlaa; the Joint resolatioa extending: l
appropriation for the support of tbe Gov.
sraaaeat to Aantt 29 the Tariff bill was far
ther debated aad tbe House bill manias; ap
propriations for addltioaal clerical help in
the Pension Once passed.. ..The Hoa
screed to the conference report oa the For
tlacatloa bilL Inability to hold a quorum
on aa appeal from the Speaker's decision
resulted la aa adjuaranieat
Wan the Senate met oa the llth Mr.
Plumb reported the Joint resolution appro
priating; money for the Oklahom-i destitute
aad k was passed. The Tariff bill wa then
taken up, Mr. Vert's motion to redare the
dutyoa tln-platebeing-under consideration.
8rastor Plumb rigorously opposi d the pro
posed duty on tin-plate, as he was not will
ing to tax every tla cap. coffee pot and
tia dish to protect some manufacturer
whom?ght ev ntually with to go Into tbe
business. Although Congn-ss entered oa a
sea that bad no shore in offering a bounty.
yet If such aa industry had to be fosu-red it
were better a hen tbe time tame to nay a
bounty than to Impose a duty at prts?nt
The amendment of Senator V st was reject
ed. Senators Davis and Plumb voting with
tbe Democrats. Pending further net ion th
Seaate sdjoarned.... Soon after assembling
the House was left withoat a quorum and
adjourned without transacting any business.
Whkw the fenate met on tho 15th Senator
Quay made aa explanation as to the re
port that he bad made dUparag'ng allusion
to Speaker Beed In tbe recent Republican
caucua. He denied having made such re
mark. Tbe Senate then by a vote of 36 to 8
decided to consider the River and Harbor
bill aad the eatlre day was taken up ia con
sidering the blII....Tiio House hidalively
tlme over tbe coafereaee report oa the In.
dlaa bill. but Anally agre-d to It The bill
kaowa as the Nat McKay b II was then taken
ap and tbe House got Into a tangle, which
continued until adj-uirnmeat
Robert G. Restkoldh, a Walcott fac
tioalst has been nominated by tho Del
aware Democrats for Governor.
The Supremo Court of South Dakota
has decided in a test case that the State
Prohibitory law covers original pack
age cases.
It is reported that a 'band of Russo
Armeaian volunteers mounted and well
armed, has appeared atErzeroum and is
recruiting adherents fast The report
has caused a panic among the Turkish
President Harkisox has signed the
Original Package bill and the State reg
ulation or prohibition of liquor dealing
can now bo enforced.
The Senate Post-office Committee has
reported favorably on the Antl-Lottory
CoixMncii Markhah has been nomin
ated for Governor of California by the
Ceuiah is reported to have run
through 9500,000,000 while acting as
President of the Argentine Republic.
Joel U. Mayes and David Rowe have
been nominated for Chief and Vice
Chief by tbe Downing party and George
W. JJenjre and Robert Bunch bv the
National ticket
The many rumors that President Bar
rillas, of Guatemala, bad been deposed
have been proven to bo false.
The new Silver law went into effect
on the 13th.
The Senate has confirmed the nomi
nation of S. M. Eaton as postmaster at
New Orleans.
The President returned to Washing
ton oa the 13th from his trip to the
Grand Army encampment at Boston.
The election passed off quietly in the
Chickasaw Nation on tho IStb. The
full bloods and squaw men voted at dif
ferent polling places and thus the threat
ened bloodshed was averted. The con
test will be carried to the United States
The Democrats of West Virginia have
renominated Judge D. J. Lucas for tho
Supreme Beach by acclamation.
Tint Republicaa Congressional Com
mittee has completed its organization
by electing Thomas II. Carter, of Mon
tana secretary, aad Edward C. Oi'Brien,
of New York, treasurer. After Septem
ber 1 Bon. James S. Clarkson, of Iowa,
will participate actively in the maaage
meat of tbe campaiga as the representa
tive of the Republicaa Natioaal Com
mittee. The South Australia Legislature has
voted want of confidence ia the Mia
istry. James Stephen Hooo has beea nom
inated for Governor of Texas by the.
Tub Emperor of Germaay started for
Russia oa the 14th He took with him
a grand hunting chariot as a preseat
Ho the Csar.
Congressman Cnier was reaomiaated
for Congress by acclamatioa by the
Democrats of the Third Georgia dis
trict The PresideBt has seat to the Sea
ate the following aomiaatioas: Justice
Abram X. Parker, of New York, to
he Aasistaat Attorney-General, as pro
vided by act of Coagress approved July
11, 18M; J. A. Williams, of Arkansas,
to be Halted States District Jadge for
the Eaatera district of Arkansas; Wil
liam Grisses, of Oklahoma, to be mar
shal ef the Ualted States for the Terri
tory of Oklahoma
Ekrx Pasha denies that he is aader
coatractwith Germaay, bat declares his
preseat journey into the interior pf Af
rica merely a private adveatare. --
la the haaiaeat session, of the Weasea'a
Relief Corps Mrs. McHeary, of Iewa,
electe jiatleaal
Eliiaheth A. Taraer, ef
CwjirswAaad Stoax Iadtaaa ia the
rfaajkltyaf Lakeof atW
waa a drwakea riet at the-lroa
SBfelBv Cmmmtwl AUT faawfl
1Beare Uherers tost said
At a meetlat
Trade it was ieelded to
to aticage, 8t Paul
elites to sat forth- the ee
of the port of Quebec for grata
Rockwkix A Cas great taaaery. War
rea. Pa., has heea destroyed -by Ire.
Loss, f lM,aso. The hides ware saved.
.The next iatoraatioaal coagress of
CoagregatioaaUste haa beea Ixed for
Loadoa, July 13, 1891, to last a week.
The cholera is reported to be decreas
ing at Jeddah aad Mecca.
In a colliaioa betweea freight trains
aear Danville, Ky.. the other night two
men were killed aad much damage doae.
The graad Jury at Hazard, Ky., found
two indictments for murder agaiast the
Fugetts. It is believed that forty more
indictments will be found for murder,
aad that at least twenty-five hangings
will be the result
Five persons have died at Nicolaeff,
Russia, from a disease supposed to be
Asiatic cholera. Elerea cases of the
disease have beea reported there so far.
The Porte has beea asked to quarantine
all arrivals from places oa the Black
sea. "
Mart L. Watoox, of Schweiafurth's
"heaven" at Rockford, I1L, gave birth
toagirlbaby. Schweinfurth claims that
the Weldoa womaa was with child by
the Holy Ghost The commuaity was
reported indignant
James Fitzpatrick, president of tho
Inter-State Base-Ball League aad city
treasurer of Terre Haute, lad., is
charged with being a defaulter ia the
last two years for 9,400.
A special to the Los Aageles, Cat,
Times from Azusa, says: "Beatley, the
editor of the News, was taken out by aa
armed body of men aad tarred and
feathered for publishing aa article re
flecting on the conduct of C E Frazier
whilo teacher of a grammar school."
Smampox Is causing many deaths in
the ranks of the Guatemalan army on
the Salvadoriaa frontier.
Twenty-five thousand barrels of
whisky were burned ia a fire at the
Barkbouse distMery, Louisville, Ky.,
on the 14th. The loss was heavy, tho
property destroyed being valued at
Many lives havo been lost by an over
flow of the river Ganges in India.
There was a had explosion-recently
at the Kendal soap factory, Providence,
R. I. Fire broko out aad acids were
blown over a number of men. -
Information has been received of the
murder in tbe Soudan by Arabs of F. M.
Gates, E Kingmaa and John E. Jader
quist Presbyterian missionaries, who
left the United States in May last
Business failures (Dun's report) for
tho seven days ended August 14 num-
.bered 197, compared with 308 tbe pre
vious week and SIS the corresponding
week of last year.
There was a terrible cloudburst at
Colorado Springs, CoL, recently. A
man and woman were swept away and
drowned. The damsge to the city and
vicinity amouatod to $200,000.
Cholera has appeared at Cairo, Egypt
Unknown miscreants placed ties on
the. B. & O, track twenty miles from
Pittsburgh, Pa., and wrecked aa excur
sion train. Two engineers and a tramp
were killed.
Br the explosion of a centrifugal ex
tractor ia the cleansing room of the
Tillit silk mills at Pottsville, Pa., a girl
was killed and a young msa fatally ia
jured. The spring wheat crop of the North
west is estimated at 93,000,000 bushels
50,000,000 in the Dakota and 43,000,000
in Minnesota.
Alfred Ltjdinoton and George D.
Rossitu, two Pinkerton policemen from
Philadelphia oa duty at Albany, N. Y..
were killed by a passenger train while
walking on the track.
The memorial to Daguerre, presented
by tho National Photographers' Asso
ciation, was recently anvailed by Secre
tary Noble ia the rotunda of the Nation
al Museum at Washington.
TnB population of tbe State of Dela
ware is 167,871. The populatioa ia 1880
was 146,008. The increase, therefore,
has beea 31363, or 14.50 per cent
The populatioa of Providence, R. L,
is 132,043 agaiast 104,887 in 1889, aa in
crease of 27,186, or 25.93 per cent
T.:k senate oa tho 16th passed the
River and Harbor bill. The House
passed tho Anti-Lottery bill without a
d.ssenting vote. No quorum was pres
eat but as ao oae seemed williag to
raise the point the bill passed withoat
Oklahoma Republicans aomiaated
Hon. John W. Miles of -Kingfisher at
Representative at iarge to succeed Hoa.
M. W. Reynolds, deceased.
A labor clay bank ia a brickyard
aear Borden town, N. J., caved ia re
oeatly, killing three men aad severely
hurting a negro named Collies.
Clkarixo house retaras for the week
eaded August 16 showed aa average la-
crease of 1S.3 compared with the corre
spond:ag week t last yearv la New
York the increase was 14.9.
The London Stock Exchaage de
veloped uaexpected streagth dariag the
week ceded August 16. Besncsswas
also actiro oa the Coatiacalal bourses.
The last note of Lord Salisbury on the
Behriag saa dispute expresses a wish to
seed the whole matter to impartial arbi
trators. The Duanell print works at Paw
tacket R. L, have heea destroyed by
Ire. Loss, 1369,999.
At Albany, N. Y., oa the 17th there was
considerable rlotiag over the New York
Ceatral strike. Piakertoa mea ased their
weapons oa the crowd, woaadiajr a
womaa aad two hoys. Oae of the Piak
ertoas was almost lynched by the ia
ceased people.
The stables of the Lyea brewery la
Harlem. N. Y., were baraed receatly.
The leas was 9175,999. Ferty-lve horses
oatof the 1st ia thestabtes
The brewery waa saved.
Tax ArgeaUae Goverameat
to pat a tax oa tobacco. The geld pre
mium there is 16a,
itr the breakiag ef a acaffold aa a
aew baildiag ia St Patorsharg. I
leiwhtwerkmea were killed aad
ec aaa aw
Aiasn Lawbwjmcbv aaa ef aha
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Free tier....
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Garnet A...
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Jefferson ..
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1.SSI ZU 74
2.471.778 M
2,S 9.771
MX. ...
Law sst a
i.i,m st
daSt.SU 7attrraain.
3 s!lc .WThomas
l..Jii..s. WThnrstea.
t Hi. KW.31
The annual convention of tho Inter
State Temperance Union will bo bcld
at Bobanan's Hall, ia Lincoln, on Sep
tember 'J, beginning at 10 o'clock x m.
The States entitled to representation ia
this convention aro Iowa. Kansas,
North Dakota and Nebraska Kach
State is entitled to a delegate for every
50,000 inhabitants and in addition four
of tho electivo officers of each State
temperance organization shall be, by
virtue of their office, delegates to any
meeting of the Union.
The other night Mrs. William Wagon
er, living six miles north of Tuciiuisob,
tried to commit suicide by cutting hct
throat with a butcher knifo. Tbe rea
son was temporary insanity caused by
recent confinement.
Willie, a twelve-year-old son of
Georgo Hollyor, was recently drowned
while bathing in the Big Blue river, two
miles north of Barnoston.
Lightning recently struck a house oc
cupied by a Mr. Hammond, threo miles
northwest of Nehawka, instantly killing
a young man named Wilkinson, lately
from Knox County, Mo., and Miss Josie
Hoback, of Avoca.
The Democrats of tho Third district
recently mot in convention at Columbus
and nominated William IL Thompson,
of Grand Island, for Congress.
Some troublo occurred over the school
election in South Omaha last spring and
tho contest was taken into court and de
cided in favor of the contestant Fun
ston. The sitting member, Carroll, re
fused to give up his seat Four mem
bers sided with Funston and President
Parsons and one other with Carroll.
The Funston crowd refuses to act with
Carroll, and Parsons refuses to give offi
cial cognizance to acts of his opponents.
As a result tho teachers salaries for
last year are not yet paid, nor aro any
bills, though there is plenty of monoy
in tho treasury. No teachers havo been
elected and President Parsons has
locked up the school buildings.
Early on tho morning of tho 15th,
Charles Piatt, a farm hand that bad
been discharged several years ago, sud
denly appeared at the residence of
Farmer Town, near Kennard, and with
out warning shot Mr. Town dead and
then fatally wounded his young daugh
ter Hattie. Pratt then fled but was
soon arrested and jailed at Blair. Dur
ing the night a mob assaulted the jail,
took the prisoner out and banged him.
The Odd Fellows conclave for tho
Stales of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Missouri ended a two days' session at
Plattsmouth on the 13tb. Large dele
gation's were present from all four States.
Omaha was selected as the placo for
holding tho conclave next year and the
following officers were elected: Presi
dent J. W. Humphreys, of Shenandoah,
Ia, vice-president Louis Beatman, of
Council Bluffs, la.; secretary, C. A.-Patterson,
of Omaha
At Chapman tbe other night Etta,
daughter of E. Couger, eighteen years
old, was shot in the ankle by her brother
while he was loading a shotgun. Ampu
tation was rendered necessary.
A correspondent at Wakefield says
that whilo workmen wore recently grad
ing on one of the streets of that town
they unearthed the skeletons of a large
number of human beings, both adults
and children. The skeletons were found
almost entire and lying about two feet
beneath tbo surfaco of the street In
dications were that they had lain there
from fifty to one hundred years. One
jaw-bone was found perfect with twelve
tscth on each side, showing that its
possessor must have had a full set of
forty-eight teeth and been a giant
The Clay County fair will be held
September 16 to 19.
The Kearney County fair will be held
at Minden September 2 to 6.
The other day Mr. and Mrs. James
Lake, an aged couple living about two
miles east of Newman's Grove, Platte
County, while attempting to cross the
track In front of a special traia. were
struck by tbe engine aad instantly
The scheme for a canal from the Dis
mal river to Broken Bow is again being
agitated ia order to provide work for
those who have lost, their crops by
Mrs. Christen, the wife of a farmer
living near Graad Island suicided tho
other day by banging herself to a door
knob. Her soa was drowned aot loag
since and she was also suffering from
the result of aa accideat by a raaaway
which brought oa despondency, aad led
to self-destructioa.
The fair usually held st Arnold. Cas
ter Couaty, aanually, will aet he held
this year oa accouat of the poor vege
table crops.
W. W. Wiley, of Pierce, was recently
struck by lightaiag aad iastaatly killed
dariag a heavy shower. He waa ridiag
oa a load of wheat at the time, hat the
team aad wagoa were aatajared.
The aew school house at the soldiers
hoase, near Graad Islaad. wan severely
wrecked by a late storm, aad will have
to be torndowa aad rebuilt
Lincoln hss secared the'fraachiseof
the def aact Des Moiaee base-ball dab.
The aew piaaiag mill at Kearaey
baraed the other ateraiag. Fally ia
eared. The ire waa evieeatly the work
ef aa.iaceadiary.
Frank AtNswoaTH. bookkeeper far
J. J. Brown, Haher : Co., sewer eaa
tractors at Kearaey, whea receatly
aotilea that ha weald he
afM99 check
at Hamasm far
tie beouartng te Daa Qgcav
fiftta) irrmm
Seat 'ffxav Ceawty
A wot wa. rssMy.driviac
tofeagiasr to she
discovered by a w41 dJever eight
w ,
Kajmas Onnr, Ma, Aag. IS.
express Ko. S, due from 8t Least
ia Kansas City at 7:19
iaeveame la five Miaates late. It
apby highwayMea at Ottof
ef the Paeile Cxareas Comeaay ef
every thiawvaleehle thereto
Whea the: waia passed Tiptoe at 1:99
that meralaff twe paaafngsrt wheat
treetedaeatteattoa hoarded it aad far
aboeV eight miles rode betweea the
froatead of the mail car aad the tea
der. As the traia was flying down grade
west of Syracuse at a flf ty-mlle rate the
robbers climbed over the tender aad he
fore the eagiaeer aad fireman kaew that
they were to eatertaia unoeremoaloas
callers they were covered with pistols
that looked to them to be four feet loag.
The robbers had ao sooaer satisfied
themselves that they were ia commaad
of the situation than they proceeded to
unfold their little scheme to the engi
neer. Frank Drayer is known to be a
cool-headed and reliable engineer with
all the nerve required to fill such a po
sition, but when the spokesman of the
twain remarked: "We waat this traia
stopped at Ottorrille water tank,
Drayer merely nodded assent He
knew that he was la for it aad so did
tbe fireman, who sooa after gently
asked his guard iaa to stand apart from
him sufflcleat distaace to permit him
to shovel some coal iato tho fire
box. Tbe robber very generously ac
ceded to his request and when the
coal had beea shoveled again stood the
fireman up ia the corner of tbe cab and
set him to looking into the muzzle of a
44-caliber revolver for the remaindor of
the run to Ottervillo water tank. Ar
riving there tho train was stopped ac
cording to instructions and tho engineer
aad fireman were ordered to get down.
With guns bcld against their hearts by
the robbors, tho engincmen were
marched down along tbo train until
tbey camo to the side door of the ex
press and baggage car, whon ho who
had ordered tho train stopped said to
the engineer "Now you call the bag
gage re aster to open the side door, lie
knows your voice and will open it quick
er for you than for me.
Just then five more masked men,
armed with double-barreled shotguns
aad Winchesters, joined the crowd, snd
at the samo tlmo, in response to Engi
neer Drayer's call, tho baggagomaster
slid tho side door open and looked into
a double-barreled shotgun that had
been so arranged that ho need not stir
to get a good v ew of It Soveral others
hold their guns at the messenger and
baggagomaster and tbe engineer was al
lowed to stand noar by and see tho
work done. The fireman had beon re
leased and was, when mot by Conductor
Al Marsh, doing his very best to get
back to tho sleeping car before shooting,
which ho regarded as being a nocessary
adjunct commenced.
At this juncture a nimble sort of fel
low sprang into the car and tbo nearest
man with a gun informed Messenger
Sam Avery that his active partner
wanted to look through tho safe and
that it must be oponed at once. The
messenger produced the keys and a mo
ment later the band of robbers were in
undisputed possession of all thoy asked
for. Accounts of the amount of money
and valuables secured by tho robbers
differ, but it is believed that tho loss to
tho express company will foot up
at least 950,000 and perhaps as much
as $75,000. A number of packages
oft jewelry is included in that amount
and tho fact that they contained a
large number of watches, all of which
are registered, is believed will yet fur
nish a clew'to tho identity of tho thieves.
They stayed but a moment after that
all vanquishing in tho darknoss as sud
denly as they appeared, leaving the
traia men to wonder how it happenod.
It was done so quickly and so cloverly
that the passengers aboard the
train suspected nothing and
even tbe conductor would not
have been surprised at tho delay but for
tho fact that Ottervillo tank was not a
regular stopping place for his train.
Tbe robbers had planned their work
carefully and executed it in the most
artistic and faultless manner. When
the train rolled into Ottervillo it was
pitch dark and a light rain was falling.
A stout breeze was blowing across the
prairies and altogether it was tho best
aight imaginable for industrious high
waymen to get in their work. Otter
ville was where tho Younger boys
robbed a train in 1873.
Strirkra With raralysU.
Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 16. Rev.
Andrew Hunter was stricken with par
alysis at Cotton Plant and is bow lying
in a critical condition. Mr. Hunter was
preaching a sermon and was in tbe midst
of a powerful exordium whea his utter
ances became labored aad he suddenly
stopped, saying: "My work is done.
Mr. Hunter is one of tbe most distin
guished Methodist ministers in tbe
Southwest and may justly claim to be
the father of Arkansas Methodism, he
having been engaged la ministerial
work for more than half a century. Ho
was elected to tbo United States Seaate
at the close of the war, but never took
his seat He is over seventy years of
The UaiveraUy of Colorado, at Beei
der, haa a faculty of twenty-one profes
sors aad lecturers. The attendance last
year reached nearly two hundred, aaa
at the recent coMtacncaient sevea sta
deata. including two women, who re
ceived the degree of R A., were grada
atod. Aa eagle aad a ram had a desperate
fight aear Port Jervie, N. Y a few days
ago. The eagle attempted to carry off
a lamb whea tbe ram weat to ita assist
aace. The bird was severely Injured
by a blow from 'the ram's head, aad it
waa killed by a farmer, who was at
tracted to the spot '
A carioas aamsthetie need by the
Chiaeee has receatly beea ssade kaowa.
It ia eetataed by placiag a frog in a jar
ef Soar aad irritating it by aroddiag it
fJader these circumstaaces it exadea a
liquid which forms a paste with the
tear. This paste, dissolved ia water,,
haa well-saarked aamsthetie properties.
After the finger has heea imateraed ia
the liquid far a few Miautes it caa he
cat to the'hoae withoat aay aaia heiag
felt Philadelphia Iaqeirer.
The heaea ef sosse prehistoric giaate
have heea aaearthed aear Aaaietoa.
Ala. Oae e the thick hwaea was sixty-
talrty-feer fackaa ia
kave lately
abeat Edward Grebe,
iteaariaa,- waa te de
es kaviag died at tbe age ef Ita.
Mdea Tratk kaa leaked m Mr.
GrabVs lwaard, wake shew that if ka
dM atiaia-tkat'heaorahle age.kemaet
bis father waa
tbo ttalRarmfN
la Boyd's Opera Heaaa at Omaha!
the ltth aad
by Boa. Jeha A. McShaaeJ
Bees J. X Massage, of Crete,
ef Douglas, Well
Gatowood, of Dai
ea eredeatiaU
the ceaveatiea took
eemmittee retaraed it
t the eeiy eoatost was f
The report ef the cesaMlttoe wi
adopted, aad the temporary ergaalzati
Oa BteaVea, the chair was direct
to aaaatat a committee or are oa
reeeUtloas, aad he appelated Messrs.
Gaaaea. of Douglas; Ames, of Laacas
ter; Blakeley, of Cheyenne: Bowlbey,
of Saline, aad Filbee. of Cedar.
After some confusion nominations for
Governor were declared ia order.
The aames of James E. Boyd, Joha
U. Shervia aad Charles Brown were pro
seated to the convention, aad upon a
ballot Boyd received 440 votes; Shervia,
109; Brown, 92, and 11 votes were scat
tered. Oa motloa of Mr. Shervia the
nomination of Boyd was made unani
mous, Mr. Boyd was presented to the con
vention aad ia a brief speech accepted
the aomlaation.
For Lieutenant-Governor Messrs.
Alexander Bear, of Madison Coun
ty, aad J. R. Burks were placed
in nomination, and tho first ballot
resulted. Bear, 579; Burks, 156, and Mr.
Bear's nomination was made unani
mous. Messrs. F. W. Spraguo. of Rushvllle.
aud F. M. Crow, of Adams, were placed
in nomination for Secretary of Slate,
and upon a ballot Mr. Sprague received
470 votes and Crow 44. Mr. Sprague's
nomination was made unanimous.
Two ballots were had for Auditor, the
second resulting in 310 votes for K. It
Wahlqulst of Hastings: 154 for C W.
Poole, of Johnson; 69 for M. P. Holland,
of Custer, and 28 for C IK Casper. Mr.
Wahlqulst was declared the nominee.
W. II. Cushing, of Plattsmouth, was
nominated for Treasurer; John U. Big
gins, of Grand Island, Attorney-General;
Jacob Gigler, of Imperial, Com
missioner of Public Lands, and C IX
Rakestraw, of Nebraska City, Superin
tendent of Instruction.
The Democratic party of Nebraska, la
State convention assemliled, declare Ita
fealty to tho century-old principles of lt
founders and emphatically lalorsetani re
affirms tho ptatform ot the National Demo,
rratlc party at St. Loula ia 149. ato wiiirh
were nominated Grover Clu voland, of New
York, for l'realdent and Allan G. Thurman,
of Ohio, for Vicc-lrealdenL
The party take occasion to espreis Us
admiration for the honesty. coarae and
good fslth of tiroYer Cleveland In his manly
and strafghtforwsrd Kg-tit aft-alrit those
principle eaunclatud by tbe Republican
party which Democrats believe to be sub
versive of liberty snd Injurious to the agri
cultural Interest.
The Democracy of Nebrak.t does act be
lieve In tariffs upon the necessities of life,
and scouts in deluttve sad hypocritical the
plan of siding tbo firmer to pay off the
ever-increasing burden of ! mortgages by
increasing; the tax upon his clothintr. wool,
tin p ates an I cockery. wntl drn uncea the
hypocrUy of tbe Kept! id lean platform of this
Stste In Maying that "wo favors irvlslon of
the tariff In the interest ot the producir and
laborer," while the majority of the National
House of IC?pres ntat Te Is gSirjcinir free
speech In tho of tin manufacturers,
out of whom "tho fat was fried" in ItMi. and
for the purpose of pan na; the measure
which footer trusts, roinlnnrs and mimnpo
lies; which strangle commerce and destroys
ship bulldlna;; which Increase taxes whilst
it reduces tbe rwventie; impose additional
burdens upon tbe laborer and t.irmrr. whl n
It confessedly falls to open n .niaiaet for a
single busiiel ot wheat or a single b4rrcl of
The Democratic party lis ever been tho
friend of the farmer snd laborer, sad p edge
Itself on sll questions of mortgages, usury,
rsilrosd discriminations, txtortlonste
freight rates and kindred ubjct. an I par
tlcular.y in favor ol nairiugent umy law
to lilt, so far as It haa constitutional power,
the burdens front the wearied shoulders of
those who toll.
The Kepubl ran party patronizingly In
this Slat i by Its platform "recognises the
right of labor to organ Hi for It s proi ret Ion ;"
the Deaiocrrtlc purty, stsndlng upon Its
whole history. do more. It encourage
the masse to orgsnlxu and under th law to
flgbt capitalistic encroachments by wide
spread nrgantxition and pntlent sacrifice.
Tbe resolution denounce the ml. appro,
prist I n of the public land by the Repub
lican parly by giving them to railroads; de
plores tne revival of section il issues In the
pssssgo of the Force bill by thn llouf; p tys
a tribute to the Midlers, an 1 favor t e pen
sioning of every needy ami deserving vet
ersn sad providing f r the widows ant or
phans; favors the Australian syteni ot
voting; fsvors the election t.f Unit d r-tste
Senators by the people; declare. In favor ef
the free coinage of shver, aad concludes by
We are opposed to all trusts formed for
tbe purpose of ineresslag tbe cost of the
CO turnout let of life, snd believe the reduc-,
tion of the present lalgultou tnr f tobt
the best means to destroy and Impede their
We roandlr denounce the maintenance ot
tbe State militia as aa expensive Republican
laxnry of no bensSt la any respect, and ce
msnd Its Immediate repesl by the seat
Tbe Democratic party as a record ot op.
position to a I aamptuiry legislation. It
does not believe that the social i.stjMs of tl-e
people are proper subjects Coastllu
tloaal provls on. High license snd loesl
option, however, have beea tried la
Nebraska aad have given satisfsctlea
to a majority ef tbe people, a b?
tweea them and prohibits a the Demo,
eratic party is unreseivedly ia favor
ef the farmer, and attention Is hereby
celled to tbe hypocrisy of tfc-j Republicaa
party, which, having caused tbe aaestleas
to be submitted to s popalsr vote, thereby
ST creating ua;rniisr, isjsrisg ousin
ansettlisg vslues
depreslng trade.
purposely dodged be Issas la iheisstcwa
vest Ion snd neglect, d to say wh re it
be found s party oa these
nusstleas la
the ceasing election.
Mr. WirxtAatlX Howruav is expected
I spend next winter in Roaton.
Mrs. CixTKUkXD's collection of dla-
monds Is estimated to be worth at
as ,a.
Mrs, Gladstost always attends
lags of Parliament whe eftber kor hnv
btu or ber so Herbert is te apeak.
Mrs. L-xajo Jaxporo recevitly paid
lit fcr Ifty aseau cards for on of her
sweUdiaaers. Tbenaipef tbe Ualted
States waa ssamped in silver on the back
ef the cards.
Tajc Berlin T 1 1 lmm I the" Gaild, la
making Priaee Bksasarck itehoa-vrary
Rtaater. declared him te bo 'GVrsaaay's
greatest artistic locksmith, who smsw
tke key that apt Red tbo Jock of the
KytWaaer aad hialsd H te the Kmpa
ror. William L"
Tromas Hart, a reaideat of A
lia. who is eighth ia la. are at ft
aesve a abater Joaa, is tbo Rcareat Uttear
relative of tbe great pesH. It is a
aa fact that tbere aw ao direct
aam of yapaleoa, Welilagtea. Waahhag-
taa, er Sir Waiter SeeL
ef Tills baa laaaml a eireelar te tka
-faaailfal aumia ef tka werld.'" apkasw
jaytttearpkiliayapksfaaiaaw fa pfaaa
aw atteaa awaltfafc Typ- of fasasfa
x-iL-- - j- -i. . - c-. v fc s 9smte'isj7VrmsnBBBBBjsakumnmfamum
r ' V--Vb- . ; n v."- --f ; 'V'St -HsiRsHsmml
I flK .ssMgh m--LttmWtkf AtmmMt WglKgglmWmt afsHaViBVJH
sS ""em. fJJammmms S"JBym)amnsnmr mmmmmmmmmmmmmnssmm f, tawBBjaXW emnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmnni. fMBtt. tfean. fjSAaavJejBBH
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snnnnL mnsBBrnsPPPisnnsnsmiF WaWnaaas, asvssj-Vi , - A j-nT 'aLnnnnnnnnnsnnnnl
K snlsnnnnnnnnnnnnnmm -P VSAsasBsnask jtasamsjw dfeefft anhnnnnnfsnnnnnnmm "u Wsawsw vsnaVe""! wswsma"WW nameWss a ssaWg WBHnm
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LLLm """""CTi. """asJs"BB;"s"sf aHsVVsTa7' WsnaW 'f-. ' s i " smf in '--- Jas,i--tBi sntWnl
nsnnnnnmm snnnnmnm ajfjahj imnm kA-A'mm9mmmm9mmZ' m-i VamaMasHnaf m99t0WtmW9L WtKLm" WtmWmWLt flLfl
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mmmmmml il an ' - '' - . - . vrsm --- tfbsaykmj-eustBsmmmsVnsnm sman menhsm .snntnnnnnnnVs smmmmmmmmmmflsnni
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Lnnna 3LnHntf asnnnnnnnnmnnnnMBnnfc ' laWis"JaWr HsasTrwamVaV tV"" VgaPW MwsH
InnmT TRr ?P"gasmwJes -Ppans-snnajsmaamnssssssa mnmr annW-si ' stk.snL - . " m .a. b& a a. f
(LM esnnnnmnnsnna amsaaBBBaemsS snnm assni aaamwSnT' Sjajsjsmsspssl Sj IkW) (isfsmlt
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annnnnnnmB ' ssananam mssswBswannasmmnBBBBBi njBBBBjenaBTSjm mnannmmj namamr c'asmnrk
sasnnnnnml aT -.- . - ' - . - "," k-' aTsTmV Jtai -slaV - M .s jl - - -
snnnnnnnnns annnMnW ' aW Vttnft n snenmfsnnnnnnnttBnnnw AamffsnRsV "- W 9mW9mW9K'Wm WVf"?
nH ?MMmti (Sas St! TZI litfWitel VssjAVne. asla-
mB iTiTffaiTTtillTnm kwawSRsiy Iteassbaty TPSdf sn4 V
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BaHl) illMWhlBW U PM4-J saMMHd IwVtesPnat aUn M
4k Si'J"JJ &JSVk&p!?JP9lr frSs"Mswtaai -wnrt 1 l !sm
tannnnnnmnB V'snmnmnWsVsB1 Vasnmms BkB4nnnnnnnmT atmr snetlW) WW'BsaBaa"JnTW BJflaanVVBBnm wVap aWfVfVU loWV
tisnB vS unHij hs bad tbo Hr "MnatlbHii a ba Tminm
qK IsTTT, trrrrri TrI Tm h nTmViT rt?- tusswy sataaro aia o'ssWh hs
4i.snnnns Ji vVnsv sananasv :nssama sft tasa TMRlVw msS iMrWflsSg aaw "Hate sjasasj
msmmt tsmmmswVnBlsmiBswmmBTsmBmlBsi " " fawsj. lswtlntfllRV
WVtenmsnnnnWs swUaTmss4fBBBBBBaB ssusssasr ermmrmmnsBssr mnnamn assnsssj mnsn
.Vtmsasssansbia) smrma aar thm sssrsnm njfnrwsss ssMwrasMPasv aissw
ts iff
pirn las
t S4
Mil, bwt
good to
try by Una
f so
much m
iwd it abouM U rimim
bered th
aamlry am smrhh ova d
been so
There h
'at, sgnSRaod Ir cbswiby
dv me oi
itasaXM. M4 l-sels4Ug
the vast
who, ho say
la war, an
wr stroasj rifht
tlmo to our
their widows
Ho showed
aRkwmrd easjdltlts sw
the efforts to
Sheridan and
that there ah
tngton a met:
to the mrmor
carry out thins
ed the appoint
The address
fa ommltteo of
Rsjsvwd ariba fro
quent expressioni
The report of
kins, of Detroit,
General Taylor,
next prcsenttnL
The report of Q
John Taylor, of Phi
entirely of figures.
officials In account
It gave:
aWsrwwl Ha VaVw
CssH balance, August SI
Receipts from sale ef an
Receipts from capita ta
Interest on Ualted Mat
Total to be accounted f
Tho expcntlltun h
Ss.'i..W, of which fl.
tor tne purcnaso or su
513.40 fur incidsnuK h
Another table gave the
Cash balaaee on hand.
Due by departments..
lit sal
Ualted States bond
Tbo Grant monument fund
to havo beea lncreowMtl by fy
theaat encampment and to no
tof 11,144 as.
llOSTOX, Aug. 14. At tho
aessioa of the Graad Army Knc
the officers were elected, tin
poaitions going to tho Kastln pu
aa it la chUased by some, of
give tho encampmeat te the WV
sueceasive vears Detroit in WA
ka la 183 aad Chicago ia 193.
Tke roll waa called aad rrpn
Uvea or each sute aaa an optKir
to asms their chelae far Cemnan!
Chief. California presented th
of Colonel Hmedber. a re H red o
of the regular army, who lost
leg at tke WUderaesa It
claltted that a m Western S1
never bad a CommaadetMn-Chlrf. I
ncctlcut nominated Colonel Wheel
G. Veasey, of Vermont, and Maine
onded tbe nomination. At the menlli
of Colonel Veaaey'a aame then?
great eathHsiasm. Indiana gam 1
support to General Alvln P. llovejr. t
did Ohio, with a department of 44,
members, Warner Miller spokn fur
New York la behalf ef Yesse-y.
Aa aooa as tho roll was called Colonel
Smedberg asceaded the platform aad
gracefully withdrew his aame. tenral
Hovey pursuing a similar cours" This
actioR waa greeted with great applauaa,
aad by a unanimous vote A?la!
Veasey waa ikilawd elaated as Cote-mander-lR-blef.s
Wbaa ka appsaiad
there waa a good, deal ef eatltuslastR.
He aecepted the kaaor Irr brief
Keit ia order waa the aelectioa of a
aadidate for Sea I or Vk--Comaa4er-la-Ckief.
aad It belag eeaaider'i that
the oalee out ef courtesy belonged te
Maasaebaaetta, tke matter waa 1-ft te
tke delegates from that State. The
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aa tkeuaaatmeaa ekotce. TkeAduUa.
Geaaral cast eae vote for Mr. Tobt a sad
ka atMwpted aW fkaaltiea.
George F. Creamer, of Baltimore, was
Jaaier Viee-Csaim aader. an
Dbtreit waa se tec ted as tke plaos of
tiag for tke aest
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A Hadsea River read fret, bat Chief
Sergeant Jeha Rated, wke la tke lesvlw
ef the rsthsrh.iid ef Liasanalve Kir
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dented last aJgkft tke ram or that th
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tke creeds al g ftka way.
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Iteta wm gtvea tke eglrema left ef thw
Tka deaartarsate la tka seder la
wklek they paraded, with their earn.
maaeVap. are aa feUesnu
lUfaafa W. L IKatfa; Wtataasla, IL
r. MryaaK Psaasflvania, J. V. ta-aal
sea; Okie, IT H PewMar, Jtew York,
lOeyd OariMaa; CeeaecKent. J. C.
Xsw Jersey, A. M, Matthw;
J. U. AadaraatK CaUleraia, A. J.
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