The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 13, 1890, Image 4

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.1. C. KM,
rrMMurJM) IS, lit.
t'eatral MMltle flftwilHf .
The Keaablieaa ceatral cotmiittee
will Met at the court hoase in lied
Cleat, Batarlay, Jaae 21, at 2 pas,
1890 a fall attendance isdealred.
D B Sfakoolk, t'hfe.
r Pnliua.
There hae beea nmo talk ia regard
It tbe,osUioa of T Ciilir ai re
ceraYihe alliaaec, Tu Cnur la a
reaaMiaaa aaaer, bat Irat laat aid all
tkt tiae, Mr eaeajlee U tka eoatrar,
tkia paper ia for rigatiag the wage
of tke laborer, the aaethanio, the far
awr, or wheat er he May bo, against
11m rleh ad powerful awaopollcs
wkteh are trflag !' their froa heel
upoa the aeekp of the lesa fortunate.
We are ao deaugogae, but bollevo in
alleviating aa far aa ia in our power
to do tke wrongs of tho downtroddtn
and oppressed of whatever party or
creed they may belong. Thero aro
tea who aro now eagaged ia try! op to
work the allianoo oa political groiindH
for their personal advancement, bat
Til Cnur hae ao eoaldcnco ia such
political intriguera and Im positive
that tho alliance people will havo but
little to do with such poople. Firm
nets and a rigid demand for thoir
right independently of all partus
will do much for thnso who havo been
hauled around lo, theao many yeara,
at the merey of all powerful tuonopo
liea ef thia and othor landM. Tur.
Cintr doea not believe in landlordism
but doea believe that tho laboring
people ahould bo placed nearer on an
equality with the rich. Our con
greeeaea will do do well to under
stand theae facta aa soon aa posiblo .
We meat have lawa that will givo
the farmer and in fact all laborers, an
even chance with those who havo
sqaeeaed theit ill-gotten millions from
the (oilier masses. Tiir Ciniv is in
favor of any aoelety or orgaaita-
tlea that will tend towarda tbat end
whether it be under the aamo of alii
aaae. Knights of Labor, or what not.
A ! aaatrlaleaaeat.
Tho publin schools nru closed, ituil
we believe that tho uioxt sucucssful
torat over held in Kud Cloud, that is
with thu most beneficial results to
scholars, teachers mid parent. Ims
been tho last term, under the supvrin
.tendency of Prof, A. K. tlnudy. Tim
Thu school hus been under better
discipline than ever, and them is no
use ia trvinu to deny tho fuel that
without good regulation tho eclmol
work in of but little force. I'aiially
people grumble ut the Hiiperinteiident
mm luacncr. mv,t lureiiui in an
times that they uru hired by the peo
ple and by tho people, to get the best
work out of thu children ami to give
them tho advantage that thu law eon
templates. Kvrry tax payer is inter
t'stcd in having tho best school that is
poesiblo to bo obtained, mid such can
not be secured unless efficient teachers
are hired. Tho mt of education
did well in employing IW. tloinly
during tho last ar-honl year, and wo
earnestly hope that his 'valuable .-n-r.
vires may be obtained for the next
term. It would bu itupnimilili) for one
person lo please all of tiu patron of
tho public schools and do his duty, we
presume, but that depends on, largely
whether the parent is interested in hav
ing children obey the rules of the
school, uud thus while Nccitriug an
education loam good manner uud
good discipline, which is extent ial and
n very necessary adjunct to u young
person about to mingle in the eomplu.
affair of the world. The I'iiht on
behalf of itmtelf, hopes that Piofosxor
(ioudy will be ictaiucd by tho board
for ensuing term, us he' has been u
faithful worker in his dnilv -elmol
SBBHHS---"" "-a
One of the latest discoveries ia that
all editors are damned Omaha Ho.
Moat of tho ediioi of thi country
are not ia tho hahit of dicuisiog
their future atatc, it being too deto.
nttiou hard to make a living without
worrying one's mind over hades.
LtwaoaM In UortMan.
Prof. Ilion II. Culver U.S. formerly
instructor at the Stalo University and
more recently graduate student of
Modern Languagea, at tho Bavarian
Hojal Uaivcraity at Munich, Germany
give private lessons in German. For
CirticUlara call on hiui at room No. I building or enouire ol
either KM Perkins or Frank Parker.
References. Prof A K Goudy, Mr.
Wm Pucker. Kva J King.
win H-. m
All acalp aad skin diseases, daud
ruff, falljng of the hair, gray tr faded
tiir, may be cured by using that na
re'a ;ruo remedy. Ilall'a hair renew-
" . -
CleaBM nwr breath nnd rrgulato your
weweta witk DeWAt'e little rally ritr.
ttoMwy Cottiag.
DnWiH'a little ea'rly risers. lUt i
f eiafc keadaehe aud eoar elomaeh
Mi by Cwtting.
wwit xoni it Gouxiroystmi
Uipymn4mitPMtmKUmn Prom
all etcllene of ikel'oMMr.
WhIhhI Crrck.
At Init I sot animthcr ehans tu no lo
Red flood, pnp heddent Ma far n
limn hlmeeff m mnm ties bin wntchen
him party closs bat n fa dase no sho
tak sister nnd thu twins and wont tn sea
Granny, for a weak visit, alio sed leaving
me nt nonm to neip pap onion, nuu mjiu
ns xt watch the settm hens Es sane ci ehe
wna gon pap toald me how tn tarn a hand
spring enny way, ne terneu one nnu i
saw how he don It, pap sod that It wax a
mltey mean man thot wonnt let hos wlfo
go and sea her fonks woance In n while
and when we got to Inavnle on onr way tn
Red Cloud Jim Vance sed thesaim thing
pap wanted Jim tn go nlotg nnd eed he
wad pay that old election bet lint Jim
eed there was to menny hens wntohln him
nlnt it fanny mam left ns to watch the
hens, nnd Missus vnnco left the nens in
watch Jim. After we got tn Rod tilond
found It party hard to watch pap, I oud
stay at hoam and knap track of the hens
osier bat I hnd my I on him moist of tho
tlmo. I snw n thnudorlu dig fello nnd pup
nod hello Minions, I nsked pep if thnt wax
Hlmple Himon that my etoary book telle
nbout pnp grinned nml od sumthiii I did
dent understand. Wu run nerose n lot nv
felloe thnt wax tnnkln nliens, Mlitnr Hid
thot writes far Tiik L'urtr frnm Judson
wmb thnre nnd he wax sning "the farmers
nlnt prepnring thoiiiaelvca for the otnnl
ted pOHitlons thny nre eo mine to rmcnpy"
Pnp dldnt ketoh on nnd sed "tho farmer
nlnt goln np are thny" nom uv them Inf
fed, nnd Mr Hid told pnp ho wax n damp
fool, that is pnp wax nnd tlioe tv.plaincd
what he inriit, pnp toald Mr Hid he wax off
that is Hid wax off nnd then went on to sn
that the farmers wn propnirin them
selves wllkboeth foot, that nln Mack Fnl-
toH ioiiied the alien ho wonr n bllod shirt
every day, Ham Sentou hnd hix hnre cut
Alf McUiill wnx golu tu get liU baggy
painted, Orn l'lttu-v wonr elonr etoe itll
tho time, John Htodilnrd used Idgger
wurdi then enny wun, floury (lilhnm wild
dent talk n pne frnm tho It It nnlom thny
gov hhn a return fiaas, nnd ns for himseir.
imp wlin nuoiuer iiionur (,rnetlcn he end
hold his plnoont the bnr nil day long with
Judge On, or any othor mini, and then Mr
Rid did ware nnd told pop ho was dam
dist. Wh ntC Jedgn MuKengaii on the
etrent, 1'np nnd blni outer be party gmln
fret ds wen the Jeilgo won makiu tariff
eimaehna. rnpONktliim tu eum nn In
snnthin bnt the J edge dldnt hoer him
guess, enny wny lie went larln acros I lie
r treat, the Judge did, eoinmetnt lotu hhaik
linnus wun n runner. I geee ho mm a
farmer, hix clone wn pnbthed, I guuKi the
indgunoHe hfcoim uv neoide. I nnu hint
nhnlkin hands with every man he met.
l'ap kinder chuckled to hiiiiNolf nnd hum
med "Jordan ntn n hard mail tn travel"
and "the roeky road tu Dublin." Wee
went round to eee Una's Jpe ngon but he
lied n Inlin tmok and wnxint on dwk , Tap
wna sorry tu hw r It. Mr. !ett nhn amug
nndaskt pnp wot wux the beet kind nv
bait to go llnhiu with. Tap slenred Mm
over to the kornor and started In go in
bnt fieaUr got mnd nnd then pap eortn
bnokedont. They Ihnnked it over nnd
pnn happened tn remember Hint Iiiter
hed a tlsh pond and sed, the b klm) of
bait yon can use on your lUh wonle h a
rntlroad pass, it never fates on cm. Kd
Highland eum along nn pnp nskt hiui ef
it wnxxtit. so. Kd sinned to grin nnd
nearly h wallowed ftunHiln be mOA chewin,
I nsked pnp wot Kd was ehewto n lurd
nnd pnp sed it was n cud ho hod left over
from Initt faul nnd if lie riiould awnllow It
itwoaldklll him it wax no bitter. (Joh.
Tap went round tu gll Minvod. He nat
donn In aehnre nnd the man tied n toul
nrotind neck nnd put sum eope on liln fane
nnd then grabbed pnp by the topnot with
wun hand and held an open rabwr ijoft
liken bnsetiall bntwltli the other nod eerf
kinder suddlnt like "do yon tier faith iu
llod,"pap managed tu gaep "liord yes.'1
THo barber neileved pap I gee, nnd pap
skinned out nnd never stopped till be got
to the eorner wnere they sell ball. The
barber yelled after lilw bi cum bak bnt
pap hollared that belied pteoly uv faith
in (iol but dem little Iu a ers4V lisrbr.
John Sucker winketl nt pup end nodded
hlx bed but imp wmhhuit hov it llu bna
ent forgot thu time John vrur out elee
ehnneeriug last faul and nhot wun uv
mint' tnrkeya nnd tuk t nronud lo the
doiinfthnn psity fur the preecher, u Melh
odintwnn, preecher 1 moen, et thai, l'ap
saya there nut to be little homier iwun
iimong demoornts. I 'up mid unkle Jory
Noble got lu tanking nbout ekool In di
triet 0, unkle got mint and left imp I
atked pnp why mil the Methodinlit Aniv ut
lite could aotililfr, win lliay enny lietler
than inf l'ap wed hecim, but they donut
hevhnf as uuioh fui.. Ity thia time pnp
began tu tauk funny nud rd lets buy the
iouii aim teiK ii noam ror Hie children lo
play with. I cd thats bally. W went
around tu the man Diet pap iz thinks he
onim it and pap offered him itfo for the
whool ohuteln match but thu :rnu wild-
dent talk it, I wanted pap to effer him
no seiite but he wudduiit du It nnd com
menced to rim tho toundowu and the man
II red u and eed ynv atruek the "rung
Juno him" thl time to iiinuky with.
We Matted honm, then, and whou wu
gut tu Inahorii pap Mopped tn tauk r,liw
ftionwtth Peck In Kddy. Thny bid it
purty hot aud thu tleekiu lliully i;ot pop
totiwu t, Kiel heven bed a flue climate.
Nodout bu! it HrnuH ho which way the
wind blohethe utiter vlaco lu-d the beM
society. We then UH4 hoam eceo tint
while pnp wux taukltig with Ihr deekiu
suraeeii of a gun look won ot ku
on tier weHgon and w hadtlent ku tut
when nnf IhIw ewhel ami we cl,e out
but pap boa bin (a uuial democtntlc
rallies nnd dont mini eU thing. We
got hoam sit rile end wut usiilil nnd
eorry tu Hud mam bed got tiwrk nd britf
granny with' her. I diew a vale here
Kind rceder drop a tctr for pnp nud
Wanted by tke fumm, a steady
rain for -IS hours.
The pmall ijraiu i raM saviu Hid
tho corn is very bnukwnrd,
Mr lloldrege is taking the census
in thi prooitif t.
iroiif. ha somi5 out in a mw road
cart. i
Mr Kriivon has moved into the
house where Mr. Morris lived.
Mrs Turkiucton from Alma and
the editor of tlutCamabcll I'res. I'
G. Knight are spendias a few days
wun tioir folks U W Knight,
Mr iiantcr shipped six and Mr.
Richardson Ive ear loada of stock
f rem thia place Sunday.
It was quarterly meeting at thin
place Saturday aad Sunday there was
a large attendance from tho different
appointments on thia charge the P.
K, waa preacnt both day a.
Mrs Potra waa the guest ol Mra.
Sunday school closed lat Friday.
Lanta of Jllut! Hill waa in town on
Mr and Mra W K Thorno
Saturday at Hastings,
A lecture every evening thia
and some eveniaga two.
Charlea Williama went lo Omaha
on Monday of thia week.
School cloaca Friday with a picnic
at W K Thome's grovo.
W If Hoffman has a new roard eart
Dladon takea the cako for carta.
Quite a number of our eitiicna at
tended tho circus at Illuo Hill Thurs-
Ira I II Hoyd wan visiting friends
oi Hod Cloud a couple of days last
Tho game of base ball played hero
last Saturday between llladcn nnd
Harmony, was easily won by tho lat
ter. Mra W II Person who has been vis
iting friends of this place returned to
Kansas prior to going to Denver Col.
their futuro homo.
Last weak tho Congregational
church received tho finishing touches
of tho painters hands. Peter Martin
of llluo Hill deing tho work. Win
dow shades wero also put up which
aro a groat improvement.
Mr W K Thorno ban moved the
large house which stood on south-went
uartcr, teotion ft over to his plucu
where it will bo remodlel and made
into a line largo dwelling house,
- -
Thu "I'cmorcst" silver medal con
test at Mt. Hopo last Friday, May
'20tb, was well attended and every one
pleased at the result. The
wis awarded Miss Matel Wright.
Her well oxcoutcd declamation
brought tears to many eyes. Wo
think prohibition would gain the dav
if all tho workers impressed their hear
ers as she did. Sho well deserved the
medal she won.
Horn May 2 ill. to Mr. and Mrs.
Jake Lacy a son. Usual weight. Dr.
Johnson in attendance says all are
doing well.
Mra. Wilder ia rathor lost without
tho company and assistance of her
two eldest daughtera who have gone
mm; mousnang nai a very narrow
ciicapu from death by a horso that
was frightened by tho (bander last
I'riday. she bcoaino 'angled In tho
robe and was thrown with aucb force
against the wire fenee as to knock
the ton wiro off and sho wont over on
the other aido almost stripping tho
clothes from her body. Tho rain was
heaving down at tho time and she
said sho waa almost frightened out of
her wits.
Mr- James Wilson and family start,
ted wost tho tf7Hi of ay. Our creek
folka all talk of Ncwoasile and ot
Springs, Colorado.
Mr. Adamson is going to try the
incubator to batch chickens an they
don't hnvo any huoocsh with the hen.
Mr. Hon has sonm almost largo enough
lo citt tbut was lutchcd by the incu
bator. Mr. Godwin aud Mr. lon ,acy
nrc both working like heaven no their
nice and beautifully located farm.
Mrs, It. I.. Lewis has built an ad
dition to her house.
Will daiikiion is now working on
the railroad,
We understand Mrs. Sapp ix a good
A. C. lion's hnuso is ncariu ; com
pletion. Pirn. .1. lirubakcr is bouse cleaning.
Will, Henry and Charley Hruhjikcr,
(Mi a i Icy Jackson and Mr. Ilit.huiond
htnrted west Juno 2nd
Col. Wiggiu had the inNfoituiic to
h.ive his li.irn burned l.i-t week.
'l"JoV liio i Miiiposfd to li.wo oi
IgilMH'd Ili'MJ tje t'.iiclcH ii-e ol n
Mr, (' C, Coon !vny -eiioitfl ill,
ami hut little holes wcii- entertained
of his ivpoei ,
Mr, Klniei WiNon it id si Miung
hoiM gel his foot bidlv cut by getting
tniigtk.j up in a M.ilk cutter Niu-
day night' UV ,Hild aili-t him to
tihil a s.ifcr hitching yi i;j such oc
c.imoii in tin-fiitute.
f i luumrcd one of our'vhiKd
utautii" MJ) wu Itccomo a llcuedict.
. , i, .... j . . . i
- r,, i ihi r(i to l mo mi tuts
Mr. Win, Clark In the proud uud
huimv father of a brand new boy.
W cure wry much in need of rain
iu thi part of the county.
Mr. .ioh ii llaxelbieker and family
itfd tfjflirned from their vNil to IKv.
.Mitliu lf. II , wo uiHieMaml,
wauls to evli ii. .llMMIll
I'MdeHHklHC CatNNle.
U)ouhave to have undertaking
lauds remcmWr jou can cot them at
V. h. Ilsjncs without paying tu
priori for ihc. Jlemcnibcr the
place, cat ide of Wk'jr ft. at the
old stand.
Alllnnr rimtr.
In nccordance with a resolution
tlllHtfrtfl lltf llln fii .. A .
v"" -j L.OIUIIV Alliance June
wiiinoanifoiuiccd later. The public
nra conlinMy invited to attend. No
pains wij i ,c spared to make the occa
sion pie asnnt for all. By order of Com.
Kll. 1'AHKKH,
(J. A. Latham,
Com .
Wi. Aiiyoi.ii, Sec. Com.
A crazy individaal
the county jail.
bow oceapics
h II Wallace haa gone
to Ogdoa
ins luiure nnmo.
Hon. Jamea MeNeny waa ia Graad
Inland lh week .
Mra F M Call and daughter, of St.
Louie aro tho guests ef It II Pitney,
of Inavalo.
Children's day at the Congregation
al and Iiaptists churches waa very
Hno last Sabbath.
McAvoy and Hippie, C8 I'otter,
W V Heal, and T O Wilder have had
tho Great Family Weekly made good
to their addross for 18!M). Thanks.
About a fourth of Cathcrton peo
ple wcro down from that usually quite
principality mis weok, having a town
ship survey fight, thus it is poople aro
never sausneu.
Tho Hov. Sam Small's lecture on
tho amendment nucstinn last Wed-
ncsdny evening, in tho Christian
church, was excellent, Mr 8mall is a
torciblo speaker and holds his aud
ience well.
Tho eity council should put in an
additional pump for tho uo of the
city water service. It in seriously
needed, we now have an able council
and thoy nhould see that tho pump is
put in nt once.
Now is the time for tho ladies to buy
their lints at Youngs C O l Kmpnriuro
thoy uro closing out their millinery
stock and every thing must go within
tho next (10 days to make room for
tho new notion stock, call and you can't
Help but buv anew bat for yourself or
child, Younua COD Kmporium.
Wtt'M little early rlsere nre little
pills thnt do not gripe or cnuse pain
munii,oay to taao, eaio. wold a uott
Ilmr Wftmt Nni-.
I do not claim to havo tho unrest
stock of gooda in the valley, but I-do
Pisim inm i pan rpii gooda vbcapor
man any otucr man ia tho aitv
Haines the furniture man, cast aide of
w ebster street, Ildd Cloud. 40-tf
i . .
Mrs. Innder Wright informs us that
Miewaa cared of chronie conetipation b
t.U.,l.i. II... 1- -i M.r. . .. ..'.
'v.. .,, n iiiiio nnrij risnrs. noiu uv i;or
U,' ,
Itch, ninugw, and aprntohea oa human ot
nnlmaU oared in thirty minatea by Wool
ford'a sanitary Lotion. This never falla.
Hold by L. II. Ueyo drngglat, Red Cloud.
.Ullre Kvrvr HHft Liter Pills.
An Important discovery. They act on
tho IIvvj, etomnoh nud bowel though the
norvrs. A new principal. They epeedly
cure biltinuMittft, bnd tnete, torpid liver
pllen and constipation. Hplendid for men
woman nnd children. Hmallent, mlldeat
Strust. ;0 doca for 'JA cents. Hatnplee
Ireaaisi.fc, ttoniBji." '
) e-H -fVw -r v
'tmr, ON! Come!
When you want furniture go to W.
L. Haines, llcmcmbcr he will not bo
undersold. Kant aide of Webster St.
at the old furniture eland.
lurt' t'kniM t.
I .nn now :ie.ciit for It. t. iValu &
Con. (.ditiou ot the "Kueyclopcdia
Urittauiea,' and can f urn hit." it ht tho
extremely low price of 1.00 per vol
limn in 'ii volumes, delivered twoeauh
month. Call and sec it. C L. Cor.
ti.mi. at
I am now making brick at my yard
east of (led Cloud, any one wanting
gliod brick for foundations or cjinj
m) h, will do will to uall on mo be,
lore buying elsewhere. Prioca reas
on able. FhrdK. Pmtmii.
HkcrlaTa Bale.
t'ltilxriiiul tr It ItiiMtf nn order of tale Uuied
h 1.11 Knit dtrkiil Hie rilwrlrt riNirtel the
ifuliili iih-.iui In bo. (or WrtwUr
nnit. li.t.k:t. ii-A.ii it ii t-ree In an Mrtlon
h niltii:lln'iflii, wlui. in Pnini-li K. rajne It
ii iiuilii hii.i IIII.OH W, I'u'.mii nixl Alum St.
I'rniiMi I'e drleiulHiil I lmll eBer tor l
(. llili huiet Iiilier eriJll ) luiid a( iille
uiiliiii ul thii aii dmir of lfiii rutiit ioai el
llil l li.ihl In .ii (iitiuty (llji,, bvlim the Warv
ilierihe4t tnmm viU ciurt Ma holdeni
mi the
It III dm rjune.
A. II.
Ini J I I o'tliK-k P.M. ut
Oit Hi-' IkIIhwIiiu ili-Hillril r'4l
clHltot llnm".l half of the .mill rust
I't.itli r anil llu- lorlli rni mtartrr ot I In- voilli
im-I M" t.lcr .tml tli, of thr norlliwit
aiuiirnt Mtllon lliltUlimr ill in luHii,lit
Jlilcf 3lllitllr niiisntwthcllj) wrnl oflhn
Jlucf Jl mirth U nniintwthcll; went oil
iTh i. in. iu t-hrti-r rtinntv, NVhraifea. ti
MiJr mjr h.oiJ (hu uiii wdSmA l. K
I'i X U.I.U Mirla
IVO.r.Ttfi. IK-puly
. . i , ,r . . . . .
akerlaT'a hIv,
ri,l.r utitt by vlitur tf au fyuilaii Ih'iI
livl, ll.)vrt,kii(lliilimirl uMiilpl DnI
rljjila Jtiillvl) ilUUIvt, wlllilli au4 (or HrtelU
ronutv .NrhMtLa, um iclrmf Ut rrlhlrmi
'' ,l. v. TiuuVfv.rouhty m"e ii4truvttit,'a
to nil illMttrl nmrt. tn tur nt tho rirt !!
Imisl luiitk ot UisHIimM aiptlullffamtaalnl
. J. IVin mill l ilrfi'itilMilt.
I tlitlt otter (oi nuIh al nlllr tvmtu foi
fir ,'.iOi hi lun.l to Hi liljrtmt MiKIrr t Hip rt
UiKir iif lx tiHiit tittup al Krl I'lMia In Mitl
ntunlv. lital lhu: tii place nlwrv IKe Ut
Wiin il vW rouit a lirM) on the
M r) r-"l. A. k., lata.
ni iu rauir
J IVnvtiwu
Ate. ll ami l, ll
ItD In Miillh aiht N
mi ni MHiin aihi Mourv-a e-litttow t tke rllv e
l,el liihl In Wrr,tnHiih Nrtra.a. Ultra
miuvr my tuuiU thl rth ilay of Mar a. tu iw.
. a. ivu eana.
Ily (. C Trl. Hefty
tjwauJ UoNcny llAit.lia'e alt)'.
., niHicu is i cr cby given that a picnic
will be held. Waller's grovo in
Cowlce, Bb. , July 4, 1890. Senator
Van yck ,i,l ,illir nnl-,t Mtu,.L..
M44 4y, e faiunincanriiM
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