The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 13, 1890, Image 3

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Btlaff as Acceuat f tha FaII ta4
VtagMac f Han-abcfcU, tat
Rwjal Egypt laa,
By H. Rider Haggard,
Antline of 'Kirj Solomon's Ml
"Sli,M - Allan QtitrmaUi.'
Etc., Etu., Ctu.
XlluttratM by lUrTgotX. after CATON WOOD-
vilui jasirrsKKAHL
tor Miitnr or iiAnttArttt: trta rttx
ma imiwn or the tun v mi ev tnr won.
or rKAit; tmk rtioMKK or km, ihk
COMtSU OP ATOUA, AKU thk imnt or
tho tlixir gating ut
the body of my deml
father, w no had lived
tocurvnuc, the ut
terly accursed, while
the lUrkiic crept
and gathered round
ti, till Hi length the
ttond and I won' nlonu
In tho bluck ellenee,
Ob, how full tho misery
of that liourl Imaglnn
tljti cm not dream It,
i j
nor word paint tl forth' Otico
more In my wrt'tchcilue 1 Imv
tholghl ttio Of dentil. A knife
vrmtatiny girdle, whermvlth I might cut
tho thread of eorrow and ot ttiy pint free,
Free I ah, free to ity to f.u-e tho last von.
geaticcot the holy Hod' Ala ' and nlo ! I
did nolduru Iodic. Hotter tho earth with
all lt wooa tluiii tho ipilek apprtkirh of
thnte uutmaglnrd terror thut, hovering In
tlm Ametill, wait tho alvrntof the fallen.
I groveled on tho ground und wept tear
of agony for tho lost, unchanging tnist -wept
till I could weep no mom; hut from tho
allenco came no answer, no answer but the
echoes of my grief. Not u ray of hope! Jdy
roul wutidcred In a iturknc moro uttrr
than thut w hlch wan about mo 1 wm for
aakrn of tho (loJ und eut out of men. Tor
ror took hold Um me, crouching In that
lonely place hunt by thn mitjety of the aw
ful dead. I rose to lly How ontitd I Ity In
till gloom I how find my p.itli down tho
ptage,. and amid tho column I And
arhrro altmild I Hy, who had no placo of
rofugrt Onco more 1 crouched down, and
tho grent four grow on inn tilt tho cold went
ran from nijr hrow and my oul wn faint
within me. Then, In my Ut ilctulr, I
prayed uloud to ll, to whom I had tint
On red to pray for many iluj .
"O UU I Holy Mother!" Ii-rlml, "putnway
Thy wrath, and of Thluo Infinite vity, O
Thou all pitiful, hearken to thn volet of the
uiik'ulnh of him who wan Thy n and
aorvant, but who by ln huth fatlru from
tho vllon of Thy lore. O throned Olory,
who, Ih'Uik lu all thliiK, hat of ull thluK
uttdorfttaudltiK and of alt K'rlefn knowledge,
iut tho welKlit of Thy merer aiu!ntthe
tealoot my evil dolu, und mu'inthobuianco
t'oual. look down utm ray woo, and tnr.i-
ir It; count up tho turn of my rriwotauco.
Wd takoThou nvoof thn HimhI oi aorrow
lAkYwcciyiJ" noufawHT. O llwu Holy,
wnom It waa k'lven to mi to look Uon fii
to face, by that dread hour ol eotniiuinol
mimirion Thee; 1 amnmon Theo by thn my
tlo word. Come, then, in mercy to nave mr,
or, in fury, to make an end of that which
can no morn bn borne."
Aud, riltiK from toy knee, I atratclied
nut my arm aud dared to cry aloud thn
Wortl of Fear, tho hlch to um unworthily
la death.
"Hwlftly tho anwer came. Kor In the
allaace 1 hrunl the ound of tho ahaktu
alatraherttltlleiR thn comlntr of the Ulory.
Then ut Ui'i fur end of tho chamber grrw
the acinblunce of th horned moon, gleaui'
ln( faintly in thn darkue, and 'twlat the
golden horna reUvl the amalt dark cloud,
In and out whereof the Bry acrpvnt
And my knect wased Ioom in the pee.
cnoe of tke Ulory, aad I aankdown before
Then aaake thn email, sweat rolce within
a cloudi
"llannacblB,wuowaaMy aenrantand my
aoa. 1 have heard lay prayera and the
UMBona that lhokaat dared to utter,
wfelchontbo llpaof oae wttawhoaa I have
communed, hath power to draw me from
the Utternoat. No awra, Haroiachla, may
we be on In tho bund at love divine, far
a kaai thou put away ef Ihlae owa act.
Therefore, after thU lonr alleaea 1 coete,
Harmachia, clothed In terror, and per
chance, rraidy for vcnirrancc; f or at lightly
can lals be drawn from the ball of her
HMlt,OodiWe" lanewcrod. "Hmlt.',
and rive me over to thoae who wreak Thy
vengeance; for no lonfer can 1 bear the
burden of my woe'"
"And If thoucauit not. bear thy burden
fcerc, uam till earth," catuo thn aof t replr,
'how tlmnahalt thou tiearUmirrraU'rburiieu
that ahill be lahl upiin thee then', comlnr
ilctUed and yet unpunfled Into my din
realm of death, that It I .tie and Chan ire un
ending? Nay, liarmachla, I amlie not, for
not ad am I wroth that thou hal darn! to
-utter the awful word which callarordown to
thee. Hearken, lUrmeehlt, I praUe not, I
reproach not, for t am thn MlnUU-r of re
ward and puntthtuent and the Kiocutnr of
Decreet; aad If 1 elve, I give In aileore,
any If 1 ml, in ilence do I amlte. Thero
fure, naagM will i add tn thy burden by the
weight efaaery word, though through thee
JlbMcaaMtoaaae thataoin ahall
Jfyttery, be but a memory In Kgypt. Thou
hut amai. ir 1 hoary ahall be thy punlh
meat, a 1 did warn thee. Uth In thn (Wh
aad In gajr klagdeea ef AmntL But I told
ithM UM Uera Ja road of repe.ntanc,
iandwaraAf thr feet are aet Uirrnm, and
thrrrla aail mm walk with a humble
hjt,aa1agafta bread of Mtter&a, tl.l
ueh UBtat Uy doom aw meaaured."
"fee L Ues, ao tofe. O Holy I"
That wbjbwj iseVeae, lUrnachlt, la doar,
mi Ha mtaaa to altered. Kbem ahall
tM mr to fraa till all lutemplr are aethe
detert dual; ftrange people abaiL, frwai ace
to age, aoM her boatage and In bond -, new
relujenaa ahall artae and wither withaa tke
tbadewt of aer prraatldt, for te every
worM, rat and age tha covusteoaocee ef
theOodaareetonced. Tai l the tree that
halt apHn from thyeeetl of alo, Harsia
cht, aad from the ala or tboee who tempted
"Alael lam undone" I cried.
Yea, thou art undone; ar.d yet aha faJa
tgifcnto thv-' tsy deatroyer ehalt wi
Jeroy, for ", In taeparpaaeof my )utkw,
I H rdair.ef. the aign mtsee to
tber. aria, go to Cleopatra, aad la each
tcanaer ae I ha!l pot Into tty heart do
Hearett' vengeance oo her Aad tow far
tbrarlf cce word, fur tbj hatt rst Me
frees Uice. llancartua; aad no more atalt I
oo-m frt t fa wUh the aiH, ryrlea
tetrc th 2 tr ef th' t
Tflbe -.:.- thre earth' Vet, through the
vaaut of tie Titsumberni year,
.L . WaeTA
i rataTa, -iti irvr i.aaaa'aa.a
1tcSiBbbbJt A'iK?m
M LBjrQBJB; il ef rw I
bcr thou tht' that love Divine U Wire
eternal, which can not to eitinrutaaett.
though cvettlnly It l catranged, lb
?nt, tny aervant; rcjvnt and do welt
vhilr there I yet lime, that at the
dim end of a-a cave more thou mayrat be
gathrrrd unto Me. Htill. Ilarmachl, though
thouaertt Mo not; htllUwhen the very
name by which thou taewrt M haa be
come a mranlncleta mjlrry to tbo who
nail be atlcr thee j aim, 1, whoe hour are
eternal I, who have watched I'nlverae
wither, wane, and, 'neath the breath of
Time, melt into bothlngae; eirela.togath
r, aad, reborn, threatt tho at Biareol
atMM atill, I aay, ahall 1 rornpaulea thee
Wherever thou gMt, In whAtever form of
life thou Ureal, thero ahall I be! Att thou
waftid tothefartheal atar, art thou buriiM
In Amrntt'a liret deep. In live, tu death,
In alecp, In waktnic, lit remembrance, tn
obli lout, lu all tho fever of the outer
Life, In all thei banco of the Hplnt -alid.
If thou wilt atone and forget Me no mote, I
hull be with thee, waiting thine hour of re
demption VT thliltlhoiiatute of the lotu
Dixlne, herewith It lovet that which doth
partukn of It divinity and hath once by the
holy tin been bound to It. Judir" thru, Hun
nmrhU, wa It well toputthta from thee to
win tho priii; of earthly woman! Ami, new,
dare not acaln to utter tho Wont of IVmer
till theo thine lo done! lUrmachl. for
let eraton, far the well."
A tho laot tiot ef the tweet vote died
away, tho tlery ;:cVo eliniUs! lato the hem t
of the cloud Now tho cloud rolled from
tho horn of 1IM, nd wa frathermp lnt
tho blackne, Tho llon f the crevnt
in Kii Kicwdim and ranUhe,l, Then a thn
Ooddc je.l, once moro camo the faint
anddn-adful tnuaio of the hukeu utra,
and all wit tl"
I hid my f av in my robo and, even then,
though my outtrrtchod hand could torn h
the cbl't corpo of that fathor who had ill"l
curilnt; me, I fell hope como l.'k Into my
heart, knowing that I wit not attoeelher
lo I nor utterly rejected of Her whom I hd
foraken, but whom yet I lotcd. And then
reurine overpiwered me, and I alept.
I woke, thn faint light of dawn were
cioeplng front tho openliiK In tho nvr
(lh.tliy they lay iijum tho halowy acutpl
urel wall and Khuatly upiu thn dead fee
in nl long whlto Iteanl of my father, thn
gathered t()irl I tartcd nS remem
terttirf ull thluo, aud wondering tn my
heart what I Miouid do,uud a I rote I heard
a faint f rot full creeping down thn p.iacc
of the name of tho Pharaoh.
"... U! hi'" mumbled a vol.x that I
knew for thn volo) of the old wife, Atouu
"Why, 'II dark u thn Houtn of tho lcl t
The holy one wlio tiullt thl Temple lord
not tho blekted aun, huwewr much they
worhlMHl lilui. Now, where' the cur
Presently It wa drawn, and Atoua on
lereil, a stick in one fund aud lu the other
u bnket. Her fact w aamewhal morn
wrinkled and lier acanty lx k went oine
What moro whltn than ufon time, but for
the tet ho wa a ho hud ever been, Hhn
lockl and ecre around with her tharp
blurk eea, for iHvaiino of tho ahadow a
yet naught could aim ct.
"Now where It he I" ho muttered
")irl glory to hit uamv-end that ho
ha not wandered In the night, ami he blind I
A luck ! that 1 could nut return Ix'fure thn
iliirk, Alaekl andalackl what tluieal'Mto
we fallen on wheu tho Holy High I'rlrtt and
tho (lovcruor, by deeont of AUmthi, I
left with oiio aged croiio to mtuliter to hi
Infirmity I (I HarmaehU, my or U)y,
thou hail laid trouble at our door I Wht,
wbtil'a tui Hurcly he tlcvpa not, there
upon thn ground! 'twill be hit death
Priucel Holy Father I Amenvwhatl awake.
arltnt" and ho hobbled lowanl theivriwe,
"Why, how I It! lly Him who aleep he'a
dead ! untendM and alcme-VMrfftwt.t'" at.d
hn tent her long wall of grief ringing up
tlin culpturei walla.
"Ilu.hl woman; bettllir I tald, gliding
from the ahadowa.
"Oh, what art thou!" ahe cried, raallng
down her batkrt. "Wicked man, haal thou
murdered thia holy One, the only holy One
In Eg)ptl Hurcly the ruraa will Tall on
thee, for though the lloda do aeem to have
fortaken ut now In our hour of trial, yet I
their arm lone, aud certainly they will tt
avenged an him who bath alain the.r
"IxMk on me, Atoua," 1 cried.
"look! ay, I look thou wirked wanderer
who haatdare,! thlt cruel detstl Harnia.-hl
It a traitor and loat faraway, and Amen
rmhal, hie holy father, la murdered, aad
now I'm all alone without kith or kle. I
gave them for him. I gave them for liar
machla, the traitor) Coma, ala ate alto,
thou wicked one."
1 took a etnp toward her, and ahe, think
ing that I waa about to tmlte her, cried out
"Nay, gid Mir. apare ma! aright y and
all, by the holy One eighty and all, come
beat ltmil of Nile, aud jet wee Id I not die,
thnurh f)lrl It merciful to tto aid who
ervelhlm! Come ao nearer help! help!
"Thou fool, be allrnt," I tald; "kaoweet
thou me not!"
"Know theel -an I know arty wander
ing boatman to w?iom rWwk granta to earn
a llvelllrfirj till Typhnn rlalmt Ida own!
Andynt why, 'tit ttrangn- that chang"!
ciiuntenancnt that acart-that atumbllng
galtt 'Tia thou, Harmaehl l'tla thou, oh,
my boy! Art come tau-k to glad inlonx,!
eje I ho;d thee dead! t ma kl
theel nay, I forgot. Harm hit It a trl
tor, ay, and a murderer? Here lie thn holy
Amrnernhel, inurdnrcd by thn traitor,
Harmaehl ! Oct Uiee ion; I'll bare
none of traitor aad of parrlctdr! Oct thee
to thy wanton) 'tia not thrru whom I did
"Peace, woman! peace! tlnw not tny
father he died, alael even In my arm!
"Ay, aurety, andcuralag l, Harmaehl'
Tlu hatt given death Ut turn who gave tte4t
life! I a! W I am etd, aad I've en manr
a trouble; but thlt la the beavteat! I nrrrr
llketite broke of mumratea; tot I wonld I
were en ihi hour I Oet the gawa, I pray
"Old aura, reproach at atl-b-e I not
enough to hear P'
"Ah, trsa, truel 1 did forget! Well,
and what i thy !af A womaa waa thy
bane, aa worn hare beaw U Uwae befor
thee, and aaatl to to 0oe af tar the. And
what a womaa! Im! Ut I aaw ber, a
beauty aurfc aa ae-ver w-aa arrow
moated by lb evil Oedt for tVelrortioa
And t hoc, a young ataa Tared aaprxt-.
aa 111 traltlac a very III trainiag! Twat
aofalr mU-h. fTto raa wooder thatibe
maatrag taf Oema, HarmactiU , Ut me
h4Uee t la Mt for wotnaa to to bant
optTi a maa iiwii to ttvre.1 mr aea to
murh. Wty, Uat la but tatare; a4
Natar kaow ber toalaea,ela badab
ae otaerwiae. net thl U a evl
Kwet the! that thia MrmVlo
Q3a of thiae bath eeiaad tto Ttt
laMa aad revea, aad nttm away
tto tYfette-an. aav the bc4y Am
embat, who Ilea bare, aad wtom ato left,
I knew t why: ay, a4 taaaed
tto wrbl af th 04 to twrn arttaJa
tbeae walla. We3, to't ft Wt gv '
acid ladeed to la better wrtb Oeirta, tnr he
Ufa wae aera tordew I aim. Aad barn
tto, Htrmavbin to totk aet left yw
empty beaded; far aa tto plat fatleaVto
faitorad aa hi waalU, aad it la Uraje, aad
hkl it- where, I can tov tbev and thlaa
n t by rtght ef deexont."
"lVlk hot 10 me of wraith. Atoua Where
halt I go ami bow tha!! I hWIe my thateel '
"Ah' true, true, hr mayt livm not
abKte, for It they tiiund thrv, aurely the;
wvttid put Ihev to the dteev,rul deihr,
ot en to tbnUealh by the naten rtoth Nr,
I Will hide thnv anil. W ben the fuuerat lite
of the holy Amenemhat hae U-en per
formed, we wttt Mr ikmicv, aM tvvrr f rv
thn eyee of men till thnn aMtmrt re (r
gotten lt' U" it t a aad w Id, and full
of trouble a the Nile mud l Of beetle.
tuue, lUimat'ht, ivitm"
oi vne uri or mim who a amv m
ltti ot.VMrva, t vua ma ' la
MAarca vtitr t v v r, or iiluc n
tv t-t.ortaA, or vne mim or t mn
nu ami or ihi rtit or oivmi-c
mwtn ro Atatttfai.
HKMK thine th-n
cemn to pat. Tor
OlRht) iti wa I
hidden of the old
wllis Atoua, while
thn t,y of the
Prince, mj father,
wa tuade nhly ir
burial by tho
tlltlcil In the art of
r in balm in g And
v-Tfl when at lt ad thing wept
.3? !' done u order, I . lept froni
my hiding pi." aud mde offetlug to the
piril of nii father, aud pla.'ing hdu flow
eron hl breat, 'enl ihemv voicowlttg
And on tlm following .Uy, f' tit where I
hid 1 av the prlet of thnlVuipleof t).rl
and of the holy Hhnne of 11 oune loith
and lu tow privan lear hi plnlt
cxfTln to thn Acret lVo and lay It 'iir.tli
the funeral tent In the .omevralMl to-t I
aw them celebrate the Utild of I n t 11
of thn dead and name him altoo all men
jutt, and then bear him thence to Uj bun
by hi wife, my mot Iter. In the deep and
iplendid tomb that tie had budded near to
the retting place uf the iu.'t liiwy tiru,
whens notwithstanding !' , I, l"V
lmpn tuleeprio loutf And when ull lhee
thing were dune and the deep tomb clrd,
the wraith of my father bating Uvn to
mord front the hidden treasury and puool
In tufetr. with the old wl(o, Atouu. I lied.
illgulel, up the Nile till wo inmn tiiT
iThelM), and here lu thl great city I Uy
aw tile, till a placo could bo found where I
hotlld tilde lii)cf
And ueh a ptat-o 1 found, Knr to the
north of the greal clly are hill biu u ami
rugged, and detert v allot bUttiM of the
mi, anil In thl plae of ifeaoUllou tho III
vine Pharaoh, my lorvfalhrrt, hoiiomol
out their tomb lu the toad n'k, whrretit
trie mot part are ot to thl day, to cun
lilugly havn they lioeu til-ldeu Hut mlim
ro upeu, for thn aivuie,l I'ertiali and
other thieve broke Into them lu terch of
trraauro. Andnnn night for liy night on;
dM I leave my hldliiK pla'f ut a the
dawn waa breaking on thn mountain top.
I wandered alone In thl d Valley of
)eath, Ilka to which there I no other, and
protently came to thn mouth of a tomb hid
deu amid great rock, which heietir I
knew for the lace of the burying of thn
Divine lUmete, thn third of that liamn,
now long gather-! to Oairli, And by the
faint light cif thn duwn creeping I hum I'll
thn entrance I aaw tbnl It we u-iiot,
and that within went c.hatnlxT On tlm
folhJr.'ltsg night, therefore, I returned, ter
lug light, with Atoua, my route, who
ever mlniU-rel faithfully lo run a
when 1 waa Utile and without dlkcro
timi. And wo aearchnd tho lulsbty
tomb and came to the great hail of
the arcophagut of gratille, whrretu
tetia th divine IUuimm, and aw thn
mytlc painting on the walla Hie yuilad
of the Hnake unending, the tymtnl of lla
(th un, mating upon th fioatalMrua, the
ytnboluf lla reatlug Umid Nout, tJn in
twlof the lleailln Men, and many ether
whereof, being Inltlalnt, wr read thn
myatertea. And opening from the tungde
oendlng pa age I found chambcre wbern
on were painting beautiful to Itehold, and
of all manner of thing. For lieneath iwli
chamber It enlombil thn matter of th
craft whereof the painting tell, ho who
waa the chief of the aervatta of tlm rrafl
in the houae of thn divine lUrucace. And
oa the wall of the latt ctiauitxTon the
left-hand aide, looking toward the hall of
the aeroophafu -are painting cireedliig
tieautlful, and two blind llkiper playing
upon their bent harx arm Ik-lorn tlm Oil
Mini; ami beneath thn fiiair the arir,
who ham no more, are aoft at aWp Hern,
then, let Ihi gloomy pUaen, even in the tomb
of the Harper and the ootiijiy of lb
dead, I look up my ataale; and hern for
eight long year did I wora out my pu
anna aad make atotiement for my tin Itut
Atoua, tonautn he tovisl to be near the
light, abode In the chamber of the Ileal
that l. the flrt chamber na the right-band
ide of the gallery looking toward the ball
af the Herunphajru.
And thl wa tha maimer of my life On
every acroond day tto old wife, Atoua, went
forth and brought frotn the t-lty wlr and
uch fl ae I nnoataary Ui kep tha life
from falling, and alao lfa-r ma-1 fnun fat
And one hrur at the tlm of eunrlte and
one hour at the time of untr-t did I $tn
furthalaolo wander In the valley fur wy
boalth'c eakn and to are my titrhl from
falling In the great dark net of the too.b
Hut the other hour uf the day and eight,
e when Irllmlxd thn mountain to atUh
the-ourof !) Ur, I i-ai In pttter
and meditation and b-p, lit! tlm rlmot of
In llfte,! from my heart and rw twitv I
drew aer to thn ), thonvh with Itl, m;
b-aven1y Moihrr, I ailght k no mote.
Aa4aaMedig wlaa I grew alao, utdrtt
i all the myti-rvea w!eri-io I hetj tlm key
for abtUaenoa aed prayer and "rrowfnl
Utoda wore away tha grtf, of my
fleth, aad with th eye ef the Hplrll I
learned to look dp Into tto hrt of thingt
till tto ley of Vriadom felt like dew b.,n
my acruh
ftnon wa Um rutux wafl! atant tl. city
that a rwrtala boly maa aaawl 0ynifw
abode I aotltude la tto tomba of the eeftl
Valley of tto iMad , aod kltU r ra Vi
toariag ck that I might cur U-av Aad
I gave my mLd to tto at1y rf Impl,
wbrrela Atoua l.trwOl a, afl by Uf
aad tto wrlght of ttovghl I gained grl
kill la atadkiae m4 kad many -:. AM
thva evr,aa time wvnt oe, my fame wa
aed abroad i etd It wae eald Uat I
ala a taaartoaa, d Itot la tl-e total I
had reaatM with ttotpfnta ef ttodaejl
Awl tbie. Ironed, I d- tb"if a It 1 ax
lawful fr m to epeak of te laatura
TtitM, ttoa. It cam U paa ttot a aree
reed Aterua frUi to eeak tvl A w(r,
for tto pvp' brought ttMre ttoa wae
aeedfat, far v fea woid I rHf. Kvw,
at trU frtg leal arba might la tJ
tormllO!ymp kite tto Wm( 4a'avil,
I would eij meet tJu m v U Uw
darkaeaa af tto twab Nttafia-rward. wva
llaakraad tow Urvagb all tfc taad Mwa
told tbat Markaabla wa rertavaly ae
mar, t taat tonk aad aat (a tto awth
ef tto toa a. miaWtirred tu tto , aut
at time rtWlod aaamtUe Purlt great,
Aad Uaa my fame g-erw'i2T, tlU
a4aar'(ttivitrevd etew from taV
aad Alecaaatna t vVe4 ew, M fra ts--m
I baaeaed tow Aavrny bad lft Cetxra
w? awtato, aad, falTaj leisg tVaad, tod
" iTtearaTaaTi
marrbxt tVttvi, the titter of I " Mey '
atber thia fa I barte ). .
Aed lathe aetAwd year thl I dMi 1 ilt
patched the old l, Alua, dttute a a
c)lr of lmdrt, to AletndrU, hkldlag '
her aewk et Ctuinakvn. and, if jtM t '
feued ber flthtvt, recrl to her the actrt
of hv) way of dfe rV h wil, and la tha
llfthttu'eitn from her Hiagretutet, t'ear t
Ing t lriKn grvetiag l a toVen. Atd
the t,,UI me that tho had fnin,t reh loe
OkannHwi, and, tu taA, ha. I t't fall lb
aameof llarnachtt,apraitiK ef tea a ce
iloa.1, whereat (liirniiiw, uable ttMetttvt
hergrlrf, wvpt ahul Then, tntdllg her
heart for the old wife wa veryctir,
and held the e of ,' in trt the lM
art that IUne.hl )et IhtaI, ed nt ber
(Ctwliei- t tireun lhrrnb- wp jel
rtere with ot. aud kitted the oM wile, kI
mle brr gift, bidding hrf tell W that
ever ahe kept lwr tow. aad wwte.t ter lay
coming and thn Unir of tettfoaiwtv Ks
hat iiia- learntxt many rt, Atoua in
turned irii io't,l-
And In the Mhwlng )er came nmu
Iter to lun (rtiMi ltetatr, N-rteg tmitiM
Ittil and grt gtftt, o-wel thn loll and
ivad thelelh
"( n.r, It l'ym-,t, V V,rl
Kw.wuiiiu vuty rf tt I rw
M"h fame of til) irannc, It V-lel
OlymiMit, hth reto-hr,! o-ar eat Tftt
thou, thru, thit to ut, ed If tbcl InUetl
arthl Krraler honor and wealth thalt thml
hate tliait uht In I'-Ctp' liner thtll w
win Um ti the t-weof nnWe Anient , who U
I-'OIU lil i,f , Hinifc- (Vtatl and Link
long fttuit to i
And hen-ln I w thohntnt of ltrwttMM.
who had tnade known luy renown lo tle
tll A
Ad that night I livk owuiitcl with mi
wtt,,ini, and on the imxrww wrote ui)
answer at II wa put into mj Imarttothc
dettiuetlen o! t'lf-lr and of Atttottr
Aud thut I iriiMe
't,'ai IV JVaMt le (tnt(i I Si
, h;
"tlo folth IqtO Htrta with one who thtll
Im tent tolr, th-o, thut ttalt IImu win
Antony to thv urmt again, and wilhhin
gift more tti then caiitt diiu "
And wilh tint letter I dlmitti th
UKittencert, tnJdlng thrrt triAiw
protenl tent by ltroptta aiwoag lloll
K- they- wrnl wutolrrtug
Hut llcolr. selrlag on the hkli
w huh ber paittoli ptvuiptn) hei dexrte,
tltalKhlway with PVnlrlut t'nillo InU
Mitta, and there thn thing came UhiI at I
had ti-rvtnld, ler Anlonr Wat tuUlue o'
her and Kate her lb irreatei pi of ttiw It
the lemii thure o! Arwldt S tlwlha-a, ll.i
bairn twrliiR rtitlnc't of Jutlu j, tlm r rot
lnc of PhioriW la, tho pfOMii-e ot I !).
(UU. the r n'h I tlo ol I yptnt, and all thl
library ot Porgamu And to tlm tli
ehlnl ten lliAl, tilth the ton ol Pli-leu,), t n
oMtta bad Kir no til Anton), did he Inipl
uutly gltn thn name ut "K.Mi, thn Chit
drrimf ICinrs ' of Aleiaintir lltlt,t. at
the llti'nk name IU llm tutu, and of t'lr
Mlra rleue, tlm loiiK'Wlnge,! ll,o idinMi)
Ttmtn tlungt, limn, cania to pat
Nw, H tier return In Aletahd. Clew,
patia tent ma great vittt, of win, h I would
hern hone, and pinyd Inn, tlm learned
Oly input, to coin i' to In I at Ateiolii, hut
It wa not yet llum, and I would "! Hut
thereafter did hu and Alilony tend Hiaoj
time to inn for (ounwl, and ter I ivoih
e)e. tlmm to their lain, line did Hiy
proiie,l- fall,
lliu thn long year ridled awaf , and t,
the Hennll 0)Iiihi, thn dwer Ir
loiub, the i-alrr of breaut and thndrinh' of
water, hen'alne tiy tlltnglh ef the WU'loM
tlil waa atrii ninof tha aenali,e Sir,
mini utoregreal in Kliu, Kor eier I gie
wter at I lrmpll the deeirr of the flb
beiteath tny feel and turn oil my eye to
At length right full year were am)t
pliahed 11m war with the Parthian had
ixiaie mod gone, aod ArlavaaM. King ol
Armenia, hail tmen e, In Olumi-h through
tha atresia of Aletandrta CWiir ha-l
tlllel Hamivt and Alhea and, by her
rouiiMtllug, the anbln 0itl hfl le a
drlreti, like ame dltranlnd mueublna, fioai
th Iwruaenf Anti-tiy at lli-me. And now,
at the latt, wa th ineature ef th Icily of
Ant,tiy full eva tv U bilm, Tut thl
matter of the world had no ligr lb g't
rill nf reaauii lu Clnoatra waa to bt,
etrn a I had Imen btt. And therefore, la
the eteut, did thtevteoua de. lare war
galnat him.
And a I slept at night In ito chatar of
tlm llar-ra, In Um tomb of Plratili that l
bTaat, there raune to ma vulon tit aiy
fallmr, thnaareil AlnermHihat. and be UI
irrer me. leaning i-e hi ttalf, and -ka,
"Arise, my aonl-tto bur ef vea(n
Uatbaioll Thy Jaot have hot flU-l,lhy
prayer tov bo Imard Hy the bttdiug
of llteftta!, aatlie ait la br geJmy at Ito
fight af ArtluNi, I filial the Imart f tie
tittra with fear, o IMilrN with all
herfteeC Now It tto ttrength i-f A atony
broken nai th tlo forth, and va ae
hall to thy mind, M do tiu "
In tto inoenlng I, trrtdrihg, and
went to tto mould (if tlm leih, abd llxit,
corning ua the railoy, I t lr.tH;t
of Cbaopalra. and with a Itonian guard
What willy with avi wmf I bd
" I tha inNttft of Ito Uu-a; art cf
grewt AwUmy,' etuwerM (UCon, Ura
Inglow toforn rrm, fr I wtt wurU frd
of all met "1 to V -( dt h t nrar-l thy
prtvefx at Ajendrla Maay tloxt hath
the a)t, fcf-1 t a ainlWil m1 rt-mmj t.w
dn thn li ir- to im, atd thai twlflly,
tut tto batti m! of thy rjr,J '
"Ar-I If I sty .ty, Mti-r, what Ito-if
"Thran are ry crilef, un toly Otyia
pu b f rt-i bf r,tl
llaufM.) aWvd "lly ft, IV- twA'
ft -.'(t twh ttlk, ltt I rjte lU
ttvi art. ICrwrw, tto, 1 1 kMI a wU a
"Pardra, I to, m aetwarM,
thrfakteg "I teal Ibr-sa lhlff lto I
am bid."
W;i, I kbw It, Cc(a4B rrr4, I
M u tbat very day I 4 taxi,!, utKtor
wlU tto a-i A beta. Ay, I at m aa,
cretiyaal ka-lreavaj a. U Uw.uvf
dlrlto Ha.m ktw ma m. tjwr- AM
wtlbav I Us.a II Ltrvit,f avyfa'to',
Aaveaetebat, t-f I waa , takMt b fit U
Aia4rla op'y tatotd, a aa v
pttaat j tot rttor a ma ,f at wii Ht
aaut 4tU Jw, aa I , Vsara!
UalAaVvy, tUktmUg '.Wflr, ty4, hk
ed, rVt front AjeUttat. a4 Va-i w tfcel tto
iJi drew ,V Vut M ad vy vttor
thief tod 1 fti a it dark at
Ta-, ar ttoal to tolag atot
TVva, U, I raav Ut AUttutt, aad
lJ(MMtV, Aav) lea
rearfy fee- Mt at tJUe pato-e ga.
Aa4 ttot t try algbt aav t.Wnak' aU
nsierraim, wva r aavatuag
Jrw frrr )
tfi. wtoa i" av ! 1b
waa-Aav af fra-. wa af ta racavt a
trac4 f raea IH day tin to Uk
Sre,a.t ttoaertaatt rwekavl evUtu rtady
U rafm klav tf kit d j tot ito rtr,
dawp la kia st.faiav, wrd very tU
Hi t Ttf my wife i pe kyf Itot f art
daatwrb myx.f waa kitmiuld afan'1
Fri.'nKVs rou.Y."
3o It Waa
My Ihw lliot-
laUrettlti Matal ( lartt
aieaalliK4 tsar a. II, .
aaxt Vb tot
It t dinjciilt In the dtyt e! rpM
Hn trotel. a tlrtuge P IUhNwV
la thVe' UcaHoe I. retltm thtt tn
the toflttnlng ol l!e wt'iM, ttv'
ete noodcrleg er ttraegw n
thing In rttvtgallwit, a lttt nwite-l by
ttivtni fSat the applic-ttiott f tem
to tt at a nwte ;wer hl tt
sinsklered hr nnt nlnd miter
VMln of cinipllthlMenl tg betot
It n-true n atit (!, t.tmlu ol no
loubt, and Jutt a the rtne of 'Vtfte.
thick. Ilckwfth and RlepbatiM. tltl
bo tiroVet-t togl'lhef lit Cvoinn-tln
with tlm litytootn s.t wiett tho- ot
Pitch. Moten, I'mtlun And other to
tt.,ttCM tttt the tntrnllon of the
That the rtaeie of John Ptlch tn-t
preeminent at lb be.l ol thn Hit.
-n ! no n'litVlo". fef a lute tl tnmtt to
t,lmltlet lht nmoertiv w-Jt aerw
Mt.te of ttetioto-tlt. a-'fowiptri1! tr
Illustration el tbntr or trig With In
Prtlien thd PngltM pftor la liuht
tliw thero It nothing to shot that he
tanoQlrt by the wth nhleh prtele.t
bit. id It I t ttltn fact lbt e
Uvt niotrxt by tloatw. tl nr pltcl
tolne, iter otltlitt until Htch tuehr.t
thn rlrtt ttriit (in th" IVlnrw en
tho troth of June, tA Thl ll '-li
tho th'ti reto,rkbe p'et of setee
rwtlr an hour In It! Iha tfc-i)lur
trv-uitM to John tlteh the ,tl fight
And a-tt nta ot ntlng the aientlnVat
tatel) iiiitles tiy Mm" and In thU art.1
ho following tear hi l(l fan
fegiiUrl) on thn iUr It a net
Unit: I'M that N' York tad her flrt
e t hlhllfein of temUwil, a
fdor t'utlt ') I'IKh tolng plie-l on a
Jr-h ntter -in-l Called the Cwllect,
aer (jntl alri-et.
It bat l-t n lha f Ale ol pluneaf rt -ia
for other to rt'p, and John t'ltch. Il
I in en Mr of thn ttetmUtl st fr thlt
eontlnrnt It eoM't-riKM, llt amithnr to
thn lltt.
"Ttte dat ellt rHiine," he tl4, aadlf
"abrri touta ritor ,aerfnl maa lll
pel lamt and rlrhi from ij letentlort
(onfldetit In tlm rrtult of hit aorV, he
truitget broy flnt 4iern ttr
CUiiilane- unlit. In tltr, ha filrt
arueit.t gtto In Kifitnek)-
, lly Iblt time the rm, ahlrh lh ua
lorlMnt and t.ntppneUtM tnteelo
ht,1 in bd lifnn to grirotntle, and
th nwtk ot ni4rtmautlng fffll
nn by Mole; lluutaey, lb-ottdl
Mi irm and I'liltun, a l!-l buli li
Mnient coming frvm MotoVen to N
York In t ltolrt l'ntim tiil
llinlllt In thn r'Atlj Jrt of hletaa
tn ni tu bate fallrw far to Ion sbt had
lerli alled; ehb;tl, and nf thl ha
tetni to litto t"-n ftillr aetre, hen,
affr hi flttrei In fran", he aat
taken at the rata of right mil' an hoer
by S lllltoi limnilngtitn In hit tlam
yacht on tha fifth uf I'orlh (hhth.
tlraggl Ito eat, eh iltf antnaty
j ion, on the eanal In lava I,
Thai I'ulton, bite mm wa after
ardt to to Melttrt with lha .
fill Ihtrr.turlliin of ttemtal, profltad
Idllnenfly by th work of ulnar, ran
Hut to ijuettloned, Indeed, he bit
tey talld by Captalb Itnfey ff
adopting Ida He, t'nllk Plteb, b
wa ao lortunate in (tad lha flnnltl
upatt ntttry to lbrrr;leg omI "I
lilt plant. M In l9 ha Uuarhad lb
t'Jermnal. whl.b tuad the laalfth en
tb llt af A mar baa ttoilota,but th
, f.ftt lo aav Ifatn iti vla-.nx. Tb aa
glnra war ef Itng h maauflur aad
ere held fee e time to lha rafaat
fo nn payment of freight, frww a bleb
It may to atum4 that tb etpllal af
the firm " llailfed
, Th progiea of th Wat flw4
lth wonder aad atarsei the toll Uwt
aad epral
jearad t
what thai
IM ru(
la l'Hs
gd la rd
of a p I n
o 1 1 (t
thai I h
rr atof rf
tain lbtt
to m m t
t H ad
Mnrin rttTot fufitotiar
rrnrar a!et, ert ortiv. l(
l-rr a they the tlrAf tlc-Ztlrvy
rrafl pfif.tod agalMtl (ay s-4 It J"
tob-blrrg out Bra afcd tvf.,
tnl"l by lha grotfttng of hr res
Mr 7b atlt'M pfrtuul h
aetr a aba drew r( tolrta bar to
tolbertr of hi halaale MtUtiy lb
theuarr on lst 7ha ULahUh
fn,bU, a Usg ldtr.1 k. b,
ft-at Urg 4 tight fet bfv4, tor le
i wl la r.irjr aad tor tol a
tna taaari
envteranl, to rv44r tolag link a
asd by tall) a ttae!, i4 by a Ml
lf Tto ft ri" t mad lit 'tj to
Alton; Jf; , tl tto r f r
nil tonrr, la thirty ! Urt, l v
rvre lh ftlftllf t)U ranmlraivteai
.f tto togliUtt't tov grllg
u ,,,,11,
l rtgtfct a-f lrlga t
t.ti!g'ji tad ' , fa, "lAt Ito to i
trrl At U Iba ftet,r are !
aarf to'.f r-M to tto l U toftto
A fewdtt Ut Uni U
bxatt. Ito It'reti. a tdllrt
Hmttft u tto llivtata, to I at Ito
right tot iff i'altoa tr '! be
rtvcg ttol fit, to U0,k tor te-
aVt tmtaeai. uw maktag tit Irat
Fa" "fBaBx.
a-i a'e' ABi1
t frW " l"''aaBBBJtw'
h i Z 1
L. gT
- JMaTaBBaTtataW . 1 a
yf MU aXmaam J1"!
aaatm. -at ' " .a
iteaatNtat trip oj th m'on Vnf,e
the -lot f tt tottiot thn termonta
rw44ef a thnicl hi that ao la uw,
tn-l thn v heel. rtitnrr.Ua, hi th great
feft wt rtfff ttleptr, oIm aotr thai
their fetf hd nn o(", delight) ft)
rwnnlef ovl f the t.t n d'eHdlag
hef,ifhe it thd Mb) "tug fear
? n relmllt. tor hull toig atgtb
ent tad eier frn ttem in ttera
lib 4 tlttS dk, with law eahlna.
The t'tt UmI "a lb Car ,V-ia
IrtUotvit I't the Prtgwit, ahhth fier
a rd eptot'l
h hipUltf h-t the ttmtnttoat gr)
f tier that Qa-t th o't eta,hrt
r ttVieg p'wa I tt. hth rpr
to ! Mte) tr More laWatt thaw
thn roottt-tt t-tiei tr gvaf? t tha .(tnl dr latttltba
ttetni felt Ul totertaj lStn ttoih,
Jrrf t ttv 'l Naw Vtk n aatab
lthei. ahtch fetlewe-1, tow jea
tttet Ut efc tottreen, Naa Vtb !
Hrouktia, fr., Pnllo't ttret. (halt a
olij ln tth ffi hete
'ttttl the (fwalh It (ratal aat Mtd.
e raa (Athef frwat the feet that la latt
tiu viatv iwtait takwattkTt
the tat on, iettot pgsr fletdtw)
the Hlle bit .-, lha grwaa aereiat ba
leg Ml tie l,sfj vaa no a a
hurwlrtt mIU paid 411, aadar
thirty milt f.My rent, thwttat db
iism Utj Btentet. I"rir delta
fiottot b the mala, l A4ltaedi
thl set rtaled h the !
tUI It U latereellag to vea tba
Pulton,t last UniW tba (,aaelle Ida
tngs'one, aat H tea tordan, Ifrt
t,etf than Ant f kef pe4eeawri
ma i4 t feet tom, a akftaaf ta
her i-ee, tb aa ateraga ttwad
eight mltna aa-l a ball aa tot. AM
Una r 4tatuna)lta made ta bag
,thlery, hl4b, rba ahg aaa brabart
P, placed a lha pwftlaad, la
Until; a the tlulf ef MftWt la tea.
he hr tared to lha lUvarnvea),
I'b llutUnd -aa lha r bt-t (
Mlhreta ewa) wwaf4lly lattead af
e to fwl, ef abUb a baa I watd
hufw rnrti rdt n a Mtp trrem Kw
York to Altony
It t I'altna. Id that ala ml baa
tn hour le wtlnnia eed wbhrkv
;ull to ie)ttrtrd. ! r fat
ntatiuent prwgr-A. Ihat wa
irtf t Altonj ahlh Iff ItefladJ lfitbi
ir hour t ma.1 la I a hr law rteflV
tmorlf In low heart aad tweatf mla
Ira I lain I kit a r4d b al
hnur aad elgt-leert mtrMt I hare I
leg tealt laetatt eb va) I
U 4 tha Alto had a Vs4 af i
toir aad tweatf aata mlaaiaa, I
by tba itaraib Assertra la tba felUwf
t! -Ith htr aad laatittv
tlghl sutaulea ThU mt b b toea
4lrMlt to tufp, iba blgtaatilma
etd a I Itlt bf lha AlUa wMgat 1-da,
tad tt In Ittl tl th N.w ttarU, It,
ii it rralt Nkdf bt mm, t with tt, lha MelateeCt lti
tb am fear tog Mf Tb eaarwM
pprrb a thl a in mafwTa't
I tt n vt U tfttt th ftaaiat IWaw.
ehlrh aUaaiueallr hl.
tba ra-r4 "fib X, bMb !M Itto AH
,ar brtafht daaa la w-ta bf Hrt
' hny Vlhtord
Aawl ! a fdteetdara
ltly la Mrb wa ef tba tttht
tr at the wfar f CalU tadaJalk
tonka aad fell tb rwad, Tw here
la aark(ta4l paaalagbf ribra
4ea bf lb eteeirb toftaal Iba
taarat lbf law-bad lb !, wbkb waw
(lag aat tparbtMll lf mm tbagneaaaS,
aad tto drlrar m Ihrwaa tt bttaaav
A .lb- aitamaiad bt r lb wlr)
Ifvm It b'rft' Um altb bUt-eri,
wkaa be M UatedUUl haaKbaaT
loaa bf lha fa-fa ef lb alaetfbiMf M
maag4 U get bit feel, !
agala bawbd . a i
tobrtv.a aeal ., titled blaaadl law
tr. aad la 4 stag am f Uawt wars
hax;ked da. tot maaag4 b
blf to rvlllag p,t tka ulr, fmentv
dlatalf (iarsri lMr d'-t) bf
Ihfa horsa rr r-l, aad all tto !
ml fall 4t,g laitoatwit wltbj
tto ! II; tttl lime lb men ml tba)
eMtrlt light 'oxwptftf tptatarae tha
waa Oa ef Itoaa at far ia p
aUd b; Ito fnlUm frvet ImoxbUg !
Irtr, tol tfla'aa'ditnveof MlA4
Ito lr V togt t lf to rut If,
a t ,ae thro bt natkbt
I ito toegt fell frv bit btadt
iWaethle Vr gl . agala. jboma i
of ito rieavj.;' maa rrlrd ttoeilf
f!r ito toraa ear reiad That
ma th t h to rMlr ito wlew Im
"1" ogt light la Iba CalU lldaialh
aM oltor ihl la dark aaw
all tto it.
! 4 eaaat ad Jtaa we
''i taae frlatl; t.f eivwhrr; la mp
life," aU Ito Mtyw, rUlag fram bbt
ibalr aa-4 llgbtlag a fraab tig) Tta
IA-k ( - ihtag f aif w aad
t JX t t -
VThat It (tot, hfT7" twtoal lata
folothal. eillag bit gUa al tatrtlatt
bit m(egr,filr
-A to; ," tf1U4 ita Mabr.
Tbu ito togtaaltai ad its awaV
Ay' later ttoa mwa m 4 y
tefllgVl af a ttawe ralag fg rawdj
f reigltto, tut gtad waedaaf athtttia
! d totw Itoav Twef tvaw tat
'g tk.
tu Haertaa
Htfeirf iM da'flag.tAtbiabibaa
tmnwrrrv ; ed Itrtw bt Trrbaf ,
ta-l ;v. anut 1 (i tt fna aiH atj
tia. -l a- aJl that bt mla wH at
;- f,f It). ar f awew ittM
Ito W-t will ant todlat4fitl to )
llarataa ('hUr-InaMawXafl w mr
Wto. toi-l J fa avuna, dear M
ratgagaa en- i aHw rra fratbaft
llltlw awe , labia, ibwy rw Ja at
teer . (.ky a afgtor raaw I urea,
tot tolel rll ttoraauit aaad
gv-f aanrgb fi a at r tlm- !-
ahitl -tit ; avraa. j , faarf
Wtaawa't Vr !.