The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 25, 1890, Image 5

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!tXftimm)mm- ,
She td wrf .
Cntcrrd at tlir I'oat Offier In licl I IihiiI, Nr'a,
as mull hmitrrot the srctuiil rU
Absolutely Pur.
This txmite r nrrr sarir
trwtllttll .,l,t lliitiiknM(M..
Maml ot furr
mora economical
than th ordinary kind ami cannot Ihm4iI Hi
ciimiwllon with Hi.i multitude of lot
I tit alio! t
wrlKlit alum or lilioiilmio inmnnn. Molilotilt
106 Wall strrer. N. V. Ollv.
On and after May 1, all advertising
in this paper will bo charge fur at the
rate of $7 par column per mouth.
Liberal discount to heavy advertisers.
Those term will bo strictly enforced.
laatlra hy Our Alert staworiera, ama
Prepare! for Oar Hraarra.
Wall yaptr at Cottlnei,
Will Smith is in the city.
New dry Good. at the New York
Latest styles in carpctn at F. V
Mm. 11. V. Shircy ha been on the
sivk list.
I.L. Kalcy will nitivc to Omaha
next week.
John A. Uulklcy han been granted
A new line of picture moulding at
K. V. Taylors.
Sweet Orr overall. All styles at
MoNitt Galusha'a.
For mothers Friend ahirt waiat call
on NoNitt & Galusha.
If you want the bent buy tho White
for sale by F. V. Taylor.
lied Cloud bun many nicejawa
at any city in tho atate or ita aiio .
A. O. Hern helped out the Great
Family Weekly with a big dollar this
Orange and lemons at Clincs can
dy kitchen. Second door of the F A
Mrs. L. II. Fort in home and Doc
wears a smile that is both childlike
and bland.
This is tho season when you may
see magnificent prairie fires most any
evening if you desire.
Anything in the litie of furniture
carpets, window shades, etc., at lowest
prices at F. V. Taylor's.
The chattel property of A. It.
8tarks, taken under execution was
sold at public auction Saturday.
Head our advertisements and be
happy, for he who advertises liberally
ia sure to win the goal and gold.
Arbor dav was dulv celebrated in
this vicinity. The public schools
of thia city held appropriate service
Mrs. F. Newhousc has a crossing
pit in from her store to the opposite
aide of tho street for the convenient
of her customers.
Remember that McNitt 4k Galuaha
carrjr the largest beat and air o the
cheapest line of Jean-, eottonade and
wonted pants in the city.
A large number of oar young folks
held picnic and taking party at
Aboy Tuesday afternoon. They
aiy there's no f sh in Kim Creek now.
Ah Sam, the Chinese Laundry man
has opened a laundry, two doors north
of Tub Cimr oee. lit will do
Irst class work. He solicits the pat
ronage of the people. 4t
Klmcr Crone was ten yar old last
Saturday and in order to aiake the
occasion one of pleasure totht joiiag
nun his parents gavw aiaa ft reception
rnSaturday afternoon and invited his
jooag friends to make merry. He
received many niea presents.
The favorites, Daisy and Herbert
Kerr will be in Red Cloud, Thursday
Aarll 30th. Iaisy is the most ae-
etmpltsned ana uicniea eiocauoaui
aid vocalist ef her age aad Herbert ia
a graad specialist on the violin, piano
aad comet They are endorsed
by bath press aad people It will
please' all. Dont forget the date.
r .. . . . I . . . i i .i J-.
Low rrices will always sell the
goods. One can sea this by going
into Wieners. Ilia stock of women's
shoes has bee rtdueed to oae third
the siia it ares a month tgo. His
piles of Clethiag are beiag lowered
r ji j...... .... "' t..
rapidlr, and oa can e everywhere
is tke laqpe store oeesjpira iy tin,
that lie it M a great maay (;
thii teasoa. Oeod jfood I at low rrv
tiataer4 l hj Me r Btrwnrtrra la
Aa Akcai im ttr rwatr.
Ho and Sec It. A Handy.
Ktw ttaek ef Witkw SUIm at Cettisi'i
New babv carriage at F. V. Tav.
Kov. Snider
i. home frum Dead
Deyo will will nave ou money on
Follow tho crowd and go to lt. F,
Dcyo has a fine line of jointed full
poles ana tackle.
lilack honrietta shawls, silk fringe
at the New York store.
For the latest styles in dry goods go
to Mrs. F. Newhouse.
You will lose money if you do not
buy your wall paper at Deyo's
The nicest lino of pattern hats and
bonneta in the city at the New York
Mrs.(8. R. MtiHridd ha moved her
millinery goods to tho New York
iickci on saio at I'evo tor the
Cantata of "Singing Flowers" Ho
sure and go.
For the latest and cheap t beaded
wrap and dresa coeds, call on Mir.
F. Newhouse.
Tho Nebraska and Kansas Farm
Lnan Co. want all the good farm
Inaus they can get, tf
We have a complete lino oi baso
ball goods, hammocks and croquet
sets. L. II. Dcyo.
fPl .1. . . I . IV I .
Mrs, Harry itundrll who has been
sick for many months is convalescing,
wo arc glad to note.
Our black hose is tho best for, anon,
WMiirti and children. Warranted fast
colors at the Now York Store.
II you aro going to buy a carpet
you will save mnnev nnd get the
hist by calling'on P. 'V. Taylor.
complete stack of millinery goods
in sll tho latest styles ami loweaVf!
ccs and Mrs S U Mcllrido's Now York
Sam Foe ha bc selcstcd as night
patrolman. Ho will bo a good one.
We dont think tho boya will fool with
Sfttlit sail ha U awM tor hla health Ml
Mtuaukn BMierrfBiByjwiradireMr
Window tta4a,Jk.,af hist UwvAfrftaa
ever Knows. x
Call and see Mrs. ft. It. Mellride'a
millinery stock. All the latest styles
and novelties in hats and bonnets at
the New York store.
Morhart has just recited a car load
of barb wiro wUUki will aall for
H.2t per hundicd including staples.
Call and sco him.
The Webster County Alliance, by
F. 1. Shields has appeared and is a
neat and newsy paper. Tlir. Cmr.r
wishes tho Alliance success.
lltnadhcad dress goods in the latest
novelties, ti 3 w and desirable colorings
just received. Wc invito inspection,
i'lcaso call and examine at tho New
York store.
Married at lied Cloud Neb. April,
23d, 1890, by the Hev Geo. O. Yelscr
Mr. Handsll ll. Anderson, and Miss.
Minnie II. McMshan, both of Jewel
Co, Kansas.
Just received tho latest styles in
beaded wraps, sattiens, white goods,
Swiss embroideries, flouncing", hair
ornaments, lacca and all sorts of trim
mings. Mrs. F. Newhouse.
C. Wiener has, by offering his
children a and women s shoes at cost
and below that price, nearly closed
out the line, anil is oRering rare bar
gains to buyers if in need of any
shoe. Ilia low pricra on men's
goods ean not be beaten.
The W. IL C. as a corps Ukc this
method of thanking C. Fassler for the
liberal donation mad by thia worthy
gentleman the evening of the W. IL
C. sapper. The money donated was
used to defray expenses of the supper
and the remainder was added to the
building land.
On Satrdav, while the city was
thronged with people, the aJsrm of
Ire was turned on, aad a few minutes
later the ire department was tearing
up the street in great shape. The Irr
was a small one and was in the ma
nur pile in the rear of Mrs. I'rrry's
residence. It appears that a little
hoy was playing with matches aad
set the Ire So damage.
A girl to do hoaaework. fiaod
war ts. Apply to Mr, tl. r.. roaa.
1 1. 1
'liH ou t a salM iixlv jitt UA4
ba a awdlrtn that wtll mrttih tt &i
atlt7 Ski U a Of UtwU. Brr' Vrf
latU IJtrr till aij-t-frl (trJj fur viK
rinaa isxin riui(( tiKnn, ur aasr
in w xm ,m in n)uu. wri"
i n
Maaufaetarsvl b Wm. Rroadhead A
Sons, Jamestown, NY, for tale at the
Sew York Store.
Whj iVm't jo ear that &? I
Witt's urcjrb aaj yc3 taction t wij
to iu TM ttwlj V iM)tiit rUJn
"prompt aaJ Min ill j aatitfartor. If I
'tot hasstrwrtii yoB'rw tnwirwijj
u , fMt,f f k,. aot, . ai.t11
yertf aw iatttk.
It U
i sSA
by rtri
ia OtUs tUt t Witt's liitu
art j
Irtt f tftf rait, far Us msast at Crti
Condition powders of all kinds at
Srttm rack prices at all fteii at bit
Ill's Sn aai wek Stare
A stare musical treat at the M. K
Church Apr, -5th, eeme
Ours is the stock for vou to lock at
McNitt A Galusha, The Clothlrr.
We ate the leadets in tl.r wall j
per trade this spring--L. II. Dryo,
Do not fail to call and see my stock
of window shades. F, Y. T Ion,
Huy your millinery goods of Mrs
S ll wcllride at the New York Store,
U. A. Handy will give ou the low
est tlgures of anyone in town on lum
Nothing will please ot belter
than to attend the conceit Friday
Tacufy Ive cents will buy you a
ticket for the Friday night enter
McNitt V (ialuOia haui tilled up
their additional room with a tine line
ot goods.
Call and sec H A. Handy for piles
before building a he will make It In
your interest.
Tw vlil slit It if yea dent its CctU&i'i
Wail fa?r. S:ritn, nrui&i, Jk) Ui :i
aittfili&kc & tativtt en prices.
loan tnaile at low rates of iultiest
by the Nebraska t Kansas Fatm Loan
Co. Money ready a.s soon as papers
are signed , tf
Feat.icrly At Aullx aro still selling
vinegar anil tranlular juice. Call and
sen them, Good eider vinegar for l!."
cents per gallon.
Our spring stock of hats a,id caps
is now complete, consisting of every
thing of tho late designs of nobbv
goods. MrNlTT V G.M.I n..
Our f I .f(l men's shoes can't be beat
in th Tnilcd Sutns, In button, laco
or congress Try a pair, at Chas.
Sehaffnil, Nov York Sure.
If you want weaviuc dono call on
Wm. Hulmaa),4kti Cloud or leave
orders at Chas. Schaffnit's. All kind
of carpet weaving done on short no
If )ou want a first elas shave, hair
cut or anylhiwg in till barber linn
call on Hartley Fentress. Satis,
fae tionguaranterd, Give us a call
Shop on lib Avenue,
For your spring suits either tailor
mad or ready made go to McNjtt A:
Galusha's. On a tailor auado suit
thoy guarantee a saving of from f to
110 from any one At in the city ,
For correct fitting clothing go
whero it is kept. Wo aro the only
merchants handling tho ahoulder pad
ded auita. They an) equal to any or
dinary tailor wade suit. McNitt
If you wish to purchase a shoe for
your boys or girls that will sttnd the
wear and tear of every day urage.that
is made of honest leather throuitliou
and on common snnsu ileas call at
tho New York store.
'll MlHrrl
I'ercy McNIll and H.lph Jtidd will
look after the pasturage of tho city
cows sgsin this summer.
I'rice ll.fiO per month ter cow to be
paid st the end of each month, This
will include tho expense of driving to
and from pasture on tho rlvrr bottom
where they will have gocd feed and
plctty of water. Pasture will be
open on the first of May. 1
Fr.Bi;r McNitt am Hai.i-ii Jutn.
I'Mtwrr for llssrsra mbm! ';
We have an extensive raslure on
sections 8 and Din Walnut Creek town
ship. Upland and bottom land, shade
creek runs tbrougti It, irsiu two
good wells with tank and windmill.
Good corral for taking up stock.
Smooth Uti wire to pasture. Horse
can be left at our stable and we will
deliver them to pasture. For fort her
particular enqnire c f J. (, llolroiub
A Co., Holland House Livery'' or Frar.k
Colron at the farm. "A'J tf
lied Cloud should st on.' adrrr
tise for more tiewspepv. It now
has four an 1 one or two more hrad
ins; that way. hvcry nrwspaptr
man in the state should turn his sUt
toward that city, it stems to b the
home of the txwr news ixfr eu-
Ill'roiuington Argus,
A rlwul unthiiit U n ttii l'
Miust.lls: )WtB air HmH raOfl(
-imti-i, it 1 h rf intf is ! iiwi 4
WiJViri,, ISiM ktsH UAiU t4 iv,j,
Hfrr wri sri"iW ft H"iibf
uiu;. afcfl U niirttt at im
' win, 1 u,i irmMt ft " ? !
! lltal r Utrirav tm ! !
rtt at rpwrSHu, ytnl,
C Uoirrisw i
Paint Shop !
Carriage, tig and hou paintinp.
Hard wood Onish, gratuing. te, HVny
opposite I'Utl' Lutobtr Yard. All
work vuiranutd
Hotel for Rent.
I hate a god bate) Id U4 (.'bu
for rent ot reasonable tarms. I'artly
faraisbed and near bajiti Call oc
or addrrs C II. I'o. Kd Cloud.
Kawp if "it t4 crj4jar ft rw-
crar llsvf arm, aai tt la ikJ,
tk etsljs fit a rMil4 pfyrUa '.a
o4l J r"u ra4 "" atvw
i m
ywws Hwr, aswwvj. aura ptoih j wsiasj
t WKl' Mtrtita, aa aulaut; r
ItaaUUcavl pttifriaa- rJr, fw ai Vj
We sit in our den at midnight
when the clock is licking away, and
we think ot the esh subictitr who
ha wandered Into day Wejnndr
o'er all the good thing that a dollar
Vhalf will tuy, and the toy which
thought brings to u gushes foilh from
ur psle blue rye How often oh
how often in the das that ate to eome
do we wih for theesth subscriber lo
husilt. themtelte n I come How
often, eh how fUtn s the di go
itiojii.g just, we would long if long
,ng woiibi help it llii eh down
businet would Ut- Hut alas our
heart i wear), likewise our psle blue
eye, for fi-w and fr between wel,
comes to us such glad surprise.
Yet wc it In out tins si
mldalghl, and scratch with
stubby pen, and long for the
cssh subscribers wander in again,
and we think wax hap some dclinutut
ma) waul to witness out smile and
may happen Hi tomnttow and rll
our little pite,-1'nehtlud iVl.
The Kmptie t)ll and Mining Co
of Ncneastle, Wjoniiitg, waiorganiird
in this city this week bv I' It Guni)v
The great oil erase of Nwel it
similar to that of IVninjna teal
ago and Tin, Cniir looks forwsnl to
big results in tint country, an the
crude peliolrum can bo retired in
iMuutitir from a drillt of two to
three huiulitxl fit, Setetsl of out
eltiteui are Interested In Newcastle
property nnd we hope thai ihey will
11 mski) tin It fortune, and fiom the,
indications it now looks as if they
would Thro Is a upcrahundtic
of fine coal there and we hate not the
the leaol doubt tl.aj kerosene will be
found when the big drill goes down
that will astonish people and mske
many a poor man wealthy If he is (or
lunate enough to own la.d theie.
The next six titoulhs will e) the
l.sle whelhrr theie is oil ihere. or not
We hope It Is.
Thn iadirs of Ited Cloud did then,
selves great credit lt Saturday in
behalf of tho fire bil)s. All dsy lont,'
the people of the city and count)
streiitied into the fiistnsti's dinner
hcaduattei and parloo of
meals Tho (able vsetc laden with
COod things and tho substantial of
life protided by tho ladies tor the
occasion,) and when night csme thn
financial department rc-ortcd about
flMl (III, This amount, less ipene
has been lurried over to the bo)s and
will be placed where it will do the
most good by them. Ill addition In
tho ladle ctlott a larpo number of
the business moo have contributed
about fl 00, thu putting tho hoys out
of debt. Good.
A Struts cars
KaJ Mrs.S.A ( VLIuls, lo.t
Used two llioiimtul )nis iigci aba would
Itas ltii HitioKlit tol' waatsil ,y ll
pllll. Hits way mttijMl to litnoto
prostration, )in4ach, tiinUtr tiaekacda
paipllatlau alul foil Ut till; pm a
), 1'IioumIi Wsilurf liocu rmll Uf
Ivlil iihitlrlnn for ai wllSxiat mva
hW parinstitnlljr otilwl li uliil Imlllr
of lr, Mile. Itrtloillls Asrslna A trial
bMli nf till liw sliil aootlrltul lilxllela
auilalln!; llluliall liralU Irs at
tolling, litnu Mltur
A. 11, Starke who ws arrested
some time ago at tho Instance of the
Ited Cloud National Hank for sellln.
Miortgagrd froMty, nd brought
hern and lodged in Jail, htd hi trial
list Friday ul was rrletsid Judgn
Gaslin said In hi charge U the Jury
that In all his caprrienr a )udga,
he had ncter cunvlclfd a hum of that
effentr, undtr timlUr rircuutiiance.
We know nothing of lh nirlu or
demerit of the :. auv further than
Ibearaay, but the old judge playfnlly
rcmaraeu mat ne wouiu ri nar
on hi awn fco;nlianre frr W,t)W
and told him to go hour, and fee did
n(jt need ! say it twice.
kamUts Bsisraaae
,., .. . .. f, . i r, i
T'h saat aiii'ontuf fit -(;fUJ t
tlirart In iipls.- all itlv of
I0J7 ropl.iiMi with cux-J u assraut
kno&. ll Ul WSSlsMlrtif, ) torn
tl.r llo-l at ths ru of U- m ll a J;
wblft. I. 4;svnM (la- si.a t,,iwn
In a llf lluiA. tin WoswUf ! aie i
inaiit l.rl falUr. 1? ftt pl'iS,
air ait'dn of liIK r.n tturuiun,
)alo la tl. !(! wi titnli, fitilUficff,
thulium lb tbift, ufiytitUm, llrfo f !!';
oak, Ufugtf ' uwhxtitiX stU, st4
l.n aitkUs, sit. Hi, rrai.Siln MIU"
Irt rui ) l). nit ri.lit r r. -! ;
rvtli) l wltlk I
Taking rflut Martb'.'7tk, thy Uil
class htuiUl rl; i' Vtni't td !
oradu Hprlrs will he 7 V) l'allo.
110, ticket) to U limit'd Ui caliau
ti train pasttge ffoui daU tf !
ltrmdiU poluta w dlfast ha1 if
e wo higher A.tiimvt.ftAzl.
U SAI1SID, If IMAVI -! sffvrt U A
In rut a f ii jj It. bu of IK Witt
Cirh al C,twj4kit . lids inn
4 is uttti ail ! uln la It 4Um t-J
fMtSKMSMrttf this Cf Ml W' lt.-SalViS
.,...,.,.-....,.. ,..,.
For Sale.
(JtiUtu Wraarjeslta ttxtt'n ssttltr,
tall o ut ddfft V V Kllv"i lUd
ClwJ, Stir. If.
X!Ut' V srra aal Live? tiX
k (snrisat 3itfj( 1V 4i 11,
tl ti;, st4a4& KiA UaU Uv !ft
ei l,iUtt t.l lwU( Umtili Ut
vm ad rxnuititat
im. )iU4SU tvt
Jvwfc sa.i tlli.tiu frt&Cim,
rs(u w Vi ftrf jri wt.
a at y h Cvitlatf.
rr-Ua im Mswaa wir Pa W)u' lit
aWaWaBr ft 'tBaWawV
aH h
That we sell it .'.t boUom prices, and will
discount all advertised prices on same cpiality
of goods,
Thai we make ALL KINDS OF FINE
CLOTH INC to order in the building.
That we employ home labor to do it and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Sell more goofta for 81 than any
otlitT liouse in Wcbnter county.
Note Prices !
No. H i'x)i utovti .'! pi:, trimtnlnjfti
" M with rlivrrvolr
j lninitrr ju1Iimi utovsj
'In mm ,
Wfs's'l frntlHj rlutlirs wihiKW"
So H wimli Ml?r, utin UAUnn
17 (jiurt illxli pan 1iwUrl w
l M W
Hliot ir Mk '
!! tiuu tiiHiiurv fork Mlraii
i M furl
,ftat.,,, l.i,
Hftovdnaii'l Hllf
Viwa tiil' Vrt ynmwi
Milk as.iw nwn froffi
And all gocKls in the harA ware line in propor
tion to the alxve prices
Call and sec me Ixjfore you buy
m nG
Wo arc roaily
vou that wc have
Stcn:k of
to show
a Large
Heady Made
Hoots, Shoes, l;umishing
Coocls, lints ami Caps
That our Clothing is guar
anteed of the liest make.
That it is of newest designs
4 M) '
I'i '
2 3ft
Mft -40
60 -46
ao M
- 1
to -i
ea have dcae the war k for htav j titt are.
S Uaea rty tui. at UtMaaf .
4 iv