The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 25, 1890, Image 2

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A. . HOlMleT, rUllihar.
I GenBtlPGovcrnmnnt ha agreed
to pay Rtntn Pasha 80,(VM) n year.
Tint Gevcrnmont seliod'W.OOOdlco In
New York the other day for non-payment
of custom duns.
Tim JBmporor of Germany ha sent to
Jfletfilmoa, the French ntatcmun, a
hMdNM act of works of Frcdorlck tlio
Am American syndicate la reported to
nava purchased a controlling interest In
11 hut ane binding twlno factory lit
Einviji Room donln tho report that
Lawrence Barrett will be unahlo be
cause of lcknoss to reaumo hla stage
work next aoason.
Six German caravan are to lie sent
out from tho aea coaat of Kaat Africa to
!uah Into the Interior. Emln I'aaha
will lead tho largest
In the Ilritlsh Houao of Common
Samuel Smith' motion In favor of a
oonferenoo on blniotallatu waa tojeoted
by a vote of 18.1 to 87.
Tiir National Federation of Labor
Untonaof (treat Britain, in a manifesto,
urged working men throughout the
kingdom to abstain from work on May 1.
TitnwAn Ai.ronti, who for thirty-four
day refuted to rat anything, ha at
laat died. Hla mind was a blank for
week. Ho waa soveaty-clght yeara
GnVMMon .Tachow baa appointed Ed
win II. llrown, of Queen Anno County,
Btato Treasurer of Maryland, vlco De
faulter Archer. llrown la a lawyer and
brother of State Senator John II. llrown.
Lawiirnck Vasiimimaiik, a lawyer,
who fled from Stillwater, Minn., two
rear ago aftar forging hla father-In-aw'a
namo to much paper, haa at laat
been heard of at Wellington, Australia.
Hbkhv V11.1.AH11 declared at a ban
quet recently In St Paul, Minn., that
the Northern Pacific would apond Wo,
00,000 in now llnea In tho Northwest
ad would then own 8,500 mlloa of lino
fully equipped.
It wa discovered tho other morning
t Caatlo Harden that of 1,40n French
ad Italian immigrant on board tho
ateamahlp Calchomerr, tho majority
were bound for Plttaburgh, Pa,, under
contract made in Italy.
Tim London Standard' correspondent
t St Petersburg haa atated that tho
plan of tho fortrcaa at Cronatadt wero
old to a foreign apy by a Ruaalan naval
officer for the sum of allOO and that the
officer had been arroated.
Tim Treasury Department haa noti
fied tha cuatoma appraiser at New York
to deliver to the Dantah Consul the
body of Meyer, murdered in Copenhagen
and shipped to thla country, and which
waa found in a cask of plaster at Now
A. 11 Si'Iikckkm of the well known
agar firm at Han Francisco, in an In
terview regarding tho sugar clauses in
tho proposed Tariff bill, said that tho
proposed ohaagea will virtually kill the
bret augar Industry la California and
favored tho maintenance of the present
A movkukxt haa been started by tho
Confederate soldier in Hottth Carolina
aaklng , tha State to grant an annual
pension of lino to every Confederate
aoldler who lost an arm or leg la tho
lata war, and 1109 to every disabled aol
dier or widow. The matter will be car
ried into politic.
Tim Pan-American eonferenee adopted
tho ream of the committee oa arbitra
tion. Chill did not vote and Mexico
voted in the affirmative with a reserva
tion aa to certain articles. The objec
tionable artlolea wero not specified.
Tno report of the commltteo on eitra
dltlon waa also adopt!.
Tim Allen Labor Committee of the
Canadian House of Commons haa con
cluded It labor. A report waa drawn
up recommending to the Government to
represent to Washington tho harsh effect
of the American Allen Lnlwr law upon
Canadian, and falling to effect a change
in the law that reciprocal legislation bo
passed by Canada neat year.
Tiir Herman potal authorlto have
notified tho Post-Ofllee Department at
Washington that many newspapers re
ceived in Germany from tho United
States aro found undelivered because of
tho Illegibility of tho labels thereon.
The lalmls have been mutilated by lie
lag cut from tho slips, and tho Herman
officer suggest that they tie mado
Dk. Krv.Hl?Kiu.r, tho new Consul at
Amoy, China, wa recently dined In true
Chlneao fashion by the Clover Club at
Philadelphia. A Chlneao band from
Nework played Chinese musloand
Chinese ctor entertained tho guesU
The rooms wero decorated In Chlneao
atylo and each of tho guest wore Chi
nese flower, lllnU' nest soup and
other Chlneao delicacies were served.
Tit family of Lewi Prewltt, living
near La Orange, forty mile from IauIs
vrllle, waa recently attacked bv a vim.
lent dlaeaae, the nature of which the '
ioci aocior wore uaablo to determine.
The aymptomawore similar to those of
potted fever. A physician of eminence
wa called in and at length determined
that it waa "tornado poisoning." The
farm, ho said, wero borno on tho lato
tornado from acme infeqtcd district,
probably hundred of mile away, and
lodred in the vlcinltvof tho P.-owitt
heaieatoad. The community was much j
lamed. One of Prowltt' daughters 1
1 had died end two other and a on Here
Pentad to to at the point of death.
Glnaned By Toloffrapk and Mall
If the Penste on Me Ittu Mr, Vlamfc Intro,
tlticed LIU (or thn rllspnaltlen of rcrtsln
funds In Hie treasury, wlilc.h he explslnwl
In a liriet speech ami tho bill referred
A tns ssice from tho Houso usnountlii the
death of Mr, Ksmlsll Wi receive! and,
upon motion of Senstor Cameron, s
committee of Ave, conslXIng of Bsn
atom Qunjr, Allison, Dawes, Vnorhtea
and Kutls wns sppnlntH on thojistt of ths
Nonstti to nttrmi tlif luiivrsl anil tho Srnala
thrn Riljoiirnrd,,.. Win n thn llousn tnst Mr.
('NII(I'h.) snnounceil the desth of Hon.
Hsiiiiml J, Itsmlsll, snl upon hi motion rrs.
olutlonsof sorrow worn pasit aivlscnm.
inlttrnof nlnr, consisting of Mrsr. O'Neill,
Carlisle, llsrmrr, lloltnsn, C'snnon, Knrnny,
hprlniT, Iti-llly anil MnKlnlny sniolnml to
sttnnil Ihnlunnrsl snd IhnllotiM sdjournril.
(HCVRHAt. ii'tltlons wero priinteil In thn
Ponsta on tho nth and several hills reported
from rotniiilltnc . A resolution (ifliiied liy
Knnntnr hhermnn ss nrcovl tnssklnir fur
the report of Jessn rpsuldlns'.Oirvprntnent
director of thn I'scMc rsllwsys, a to ihn
Renersl msnsacinent of such rnsd. After
th disposition of other minor business do
linlo on tha Montsns ea was re.
smnsd and oerupled tha fenata un
til i1otitiiinent.,..TIie llouso further
eonsldered tho Nsval Appropriation
hill and finally pssted it A rraolutlnn for
theltnmidUta onsldsrstlna ofMha bill to
define and regutata tha Jursdlction of
thn courts of thn United Mates, was sdopted
alters brief nht snd tha bill passed, yoss
11. nsya IS, tha rpesker countlag a quorum,
and thn House adjournsd.
roon after assembling on thn loth the Hen
atn rtmnued dehstn on Ihn MonUaa -eon.
test A volo waa Anally reached and tha
llepuhllcan claimants, Wilbur f. eaader
and Thomas r. Powers, seated by a strict
psrty vote-yeas 7, nsys Vft, and thi-y wme
sworn ln,...lurlnR tho morning hour In tha
House a bill wss rsllvd up amending tha
Allen Und law so as to permit foreign capl
tal tobn Invested In mineral lam's, out was
not considered. Mr. MrKlnley, from the
Wsys and Means Committee, Introduced (be
Tariff bill, and It waa orderod printed. Mr.
Carlisle, from the same committee, pre
sented the views of the minority. Thn Mill.
tary Academy bill was then considered ue
til adjournment.
Wiikn the senate mot on tha 17th the
now tension from Montana were assigned
to thn classes whose terms eaplrn In lkl
snd 1MB. After disposing of routine bush
nnsa the House Joint resolution for the np
polntment of thirty medleal exaniliinm tor
the Pension llim-aii without refurenre
to tho Civil eervlce law wna taken
up and a warm debate fo'owed.
An amendment was finally adopted reiulr
In Ihn appointments to bn undur reaul.
tlona prescribed by thn lresldnnt, and bo.
foro taking a finnl vote tho Henato ad
)niirneil...,Asoon as tho tuurniil was read
In the House on motion of Mr, llutterworlh
the llouso uitjourncd as a tribute of respect
to the late Knmuel J. Ilundall, It being tho
day it hla funeral.
Ill tho f ennte on thn IMh fenator Tlatt, by
reueat, Intrmliired a bill for the admission
of New Mexico, but aald that In doing an Im
did not commit hlmmilf one way or the
other. Houator Plumb moved to take up the
Hente bill to forfeit rertuln railroad lauds,
which was antavonlcml by Hon at or iHilph
with a motion' to go Into executive session,
which waa agreed to. When thn doors were
opened Senator I'lumb again attempted to
get the bill before the Hunato aa on
fin I shed business, but the World's rlr
bill waa given precedence. After passing
several private bills the Henato adjourned.
....In the House Mr. l-awler (111.) pre
sented a protest of the Hardware Assn.
elation of the United Hlatea against the pro
posed tariff rata on cutlery and guns, and
Mr. Pelera (Kan.) presented a protest of t-It-Irens
of Kansas against any reduction of the
revenue until a service pvii'lon haa been
grunted. The Houao then went IntoL'ommlt.
ten of thn Whole on the private calendar
and got Into a wrangln over thn Court of
Clalma bill, no business being completed.
IVnslon bills aero considered at the evening
Kui'Kiiou Wu.t.iAM, of (Jormany, has
conferred thn first class decoration of
tho royal Ordor of tho Crown upon Mr.
Charloa (llbaon, an attorney of Ht. Loula
Thk President haa approved the act
to admit freo of duty article Imported
for the Kt Loula Kxpoaltlon from Cana
da, Mexico and other American repub
lics. '
TlIK funeral lervli-na of Mi Tin.1.1l
ox-8peaker of the House, took place in
uaauuigum on ine utn, alter whlclt the
body waa taken to Philadelphia and
burled In Laurel II til cemetery, many
distinguished persons being present at
the ceremonies.
Tiiriik was a rumor that on Stanley's
return to England he would again bo
come a llrltlah subject, resuming his
nationality which ho relinquished
twenty-flvo year ago In America.
I'hinck llisiiAiiCK 1 preparing hla
memoirs. Ho will bo assisted in the
work by Dr. Schweninger and Horr
Young, a prominent writer of Hamburg,
whom the ex-Chancellor haa known In
timately for many yeara
A i.atk lottcr from ltraail aald that
the discontent among tho military was
growing. Tho Hnverument did not dare
to enforce tho order that wns Issued to
three battalions of Infantry to embark
for tho southern provinces. Tho muti
nous battalions resisted tho ordor and
during the nights of March W nnd 'ii
tho barracks wero guarded. Finally tho
authorities yielded. On tho Mih plac
ards bearing the word "Down With the
Dictatorship'' went posted throughout
tho city.
Thk Massachusetts Senate ha adopted
0 n'solutlon addnssed to Congn'ss de
claring In favor of a thorough rovlslon
of tho tariff and tho reduction of duties
upon tho raw.materlals of manufactures
and upon tho neceasarlos of life as far
tho siutio can bo mado with due n
gard to laboring and manufacturing in
tc rents.
Amono the passongirs on tho steamer
Trinidad, which sailed from New
York on tho 17th for llormuda,
wen ex President IL It, Hayes and
hi daughter, Mlst Fannie it. Hayes.
Tho ex-President appoan to bo In the
liest of health.
Hkku lUiiaNKii, SocreUry of the Her
man navy, ha resigned U-oause of heart
Tiik King of Dahomey, Africa, with a
large army. Is now at Lagos. West Afri
ca, nady to attack tho Fn'ttcli. Klght
villages have Ikob burned.
KtUTott Houkiji of tho New York
LVenlng Post haa been arnHHl for the
third time in connection with tho Post's
biographies of Tammany leaders.
A fltssATioN waa created at Su Peter
burg by the announcement that the
young woman arrested nvontly for at
tempting to bribe a t,oviFiiiini .1-1
to surn-nder .1 copy of the Hovernment'
moblllrutiou schemes and the plana of
tho itusslan frontier fortlflcatlun actol
under tho orders of Haron Von Plesson
naval attache of the Herman Kubatsy.
Thk United States atoamahip Alli
ance atHibraltar ha been ordered to
convey United Statos Consul Matthew
to Tangier, Morocco. The cause waa
not known.
Wii.kiwso linos. A Cox havo attached
tho postal card work at Ansonla,
Conn., on a claim of 940,000 under In
structions from Washington, Tho Hov
ernment official hawj recently found
fault with tho card vnadn by Contract
or A. I Daggott and he was foeoed to
procure a now aupply.
Coi.i.r.fTon Piiit.Lira, of Man Fran
cisco, has received a dispatch from Sec
retary Wlndom revoking the privilege)
of transferring Chinamen to Panama
hleamers allowed by instruction ef hla
A kata 1. accident occurred tho other
day at liorgamo, Italy. Tho roof of a
weaving mill, In which rtoo girl wero at
work, foil In and seventeen of tho girl
wero killed.
Tiik corner-stono of thn now Federal
building In Pledras Negraa, Tog., wa tho
other night dlslod god from its bed and it
cotJfJtlM consisting of coins, plan and
rollflf of many kind wero stolon. It
was tha work of Mexican.
Aktkh a atlrrlng discussion thn Now
Kngland presbyUiry voted twanty-nino
to oightcon ginst the revision of tho
Tiik Chicago ateamor City of New
York, which wa reported to havo found-
enid off Manitowoc, wa atated to be
safe, a dispatch having been rocolved
from her captain.
It wo discovered tho other morning
atCastlo Harden, that of l,40:i French
and Italian Immigrant on board tho
steamship Caichemere, the majority
wero bound for Pittsburgh, Pa., under
contracts made in Italy.
llv an explosion on the Harmonla es
tate In Cuba tho other day threo persons
were killed and fourteen Injured.
F.xtknsivk forest flros wero aald to bo
raging on thn mountains north of Pine
drove, Pa., and hundreds of ooree of
tlmbor woro being destroyed,
Maiuujn c, Htkaiinh. ex-Mayor Har
rison's father-in-law, of Chicago, who
committed suicide, left an estate of
ft, two, 000 nnd gavo It all to members of
hi family, bequeathing nothing to any
public Institution or charity.
A wauon loaded with nltro-glycerino
shells, used In shooting oil and gas
wells, exploded recently with turrlflo
force at Cygnet, O. Two men who wero
on thn wagon wero blown hundreds of
yards, and nothing was loft of them but
a few strings of their clothing.
N. P. Ci.aiik' stock barn at llrookway,
Minn., burned tho other morning atid
twunty-ono imtwrted breeding mares
perished. Tlioy wero valued ut ftfl.(HK).
The barn cost 3:1, MM). Thoro Is an In
surance of I0,000.
An American syndicate Is reported to
have purchased a controlling Interest In
all but one binding twlno factory in
Tiik schooner Annlo May was wrecked
lately off Newfound and and tho captain
and threo men drowned.
PltKHtiiKNT IIaiiiiison has refused to
pardon Henry A. Schmidt, of Missouri,
convicted of violating the Al'cu Contract
Labor law.
Tiiiikk men woro nstantly killed by
tho premature explosion of n blast
at a cement mill near Sellersburg, Intl.,
tho other day. All went horribly man
gled. AititAUAM HoiiARiitm, superintendent
of malls In tho postolllcn tit Itochcstur,
N. Y has been arrested for robbing let
tors. Ho was caught by decoy lettor.
Lkm Sixii, tho Chinaman who wbh re
fused entry to Canada cr tho United
Stutes for forty-eight hours, which ho
spent on tho Niagara Full suspension
bridge was allowed to enter Canada.
A oiiKAr forest fire was recently ra
portcd iu raging In tho livrmanla d,s
trlct in New deisov. ter 0110 liumlre.l
acres of valuable timber had boon de
stroyed and thoro was little hope of
slaying Its march.
1'iik Senate on tho 101 li passed a bill
appropriating I00.00J for an ciiucatrlan
statue In Washington of Hnneral (Irani.
In tho llouso after routine liiisinnaa
speeches wore mado eulogising the late
v.ongresman s. s. vox. of Now York.
TlIK I'au-Amorlcan Congress aJ loomed
sine die on tho 10th and loft Washing
ton tor a three weeks' tour through tho
Southern States, tendered bv tho il.i.
eminent before leaving for their homes.
U.K.Uitxii houso returns for tho wenk
ended April ll showed tin avnrm? In.
crease of Vi. compare! with tho corre
sponding week or last year. In New
torn mom was an increasoof 10.7.
A I.ATK dispatch from Cracow. I'.iUn.l.
asserted that the Polish Socialists and
AnarchUts In Oallcia aro r.tmpaut and
that they Intend to revolt In May.
Tiik strike agitation begun at Ourau,
Austria, wa reported 011 the '.0th as
spreading to Prussia. C.tvalry was
guanllng tho frontier. Ten Czech agi
tators had boon arrested on Prussian
soil. It us believed that Austrian and
Herman anarchists worn in London rl.
Wig motley for tho aglMtlon. At Mut-
Hansen I,, 00 spinners and weaver worn
Idle and a total cessation of urk la all
factories was cxtMctiul,
Kvt111vr.11s.011 Jamks 1'ot.i.tHK dltsl at
Lock llaxeii. Pa., on tho null. aid
eighty yearrt. He was a mumbcr of the
Twentieth, Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth
i.ongnsMs, tiovernor of Pennsylvania
In 1!T4, Director of the Philadelphia
Mint In ttsll, SiiNrintendtnt of the
Mint In IS:i, and Smmrvllor of Elec
tions In ISmI.
KvtioVKKMOit W. W. Hopfix died at
Providence, K. I., oa tho lUth. agvsl
eighty-two years. Ho was tiovernor
from not to ts.u.
Tiik London tvk markets more re
pvirtisl mom active and prices wore
high. Continental eenters wero in
actlto. Thk Pop on the 3otn rtvelil .000
Italian pilgrims. Ho made a forcible
Hocli In which ho Indicted tho Hov
ernment. Onk hundred housesatTaungdwIngye,
India, Including the cemmlasarlat
store, coutainlmr .'-' riiis'.' ,ik
of com, hao Uen destroysxl by rlr
riiiruio timer nuni in a dwulling
house at Hrooklyn. N V.. spread to ad
.olnlng stables, burning seventy horse
to death Loss ou building Jf.'.OOO.
J. M. KnARKRT, of Hutton, waa recent"
ly arrested at Ht Joseph, Mo., upon a
warrant sworn out by J. R Dlnsmore,
president of the Sutton National Hank,
charging him with forgcrle fr 8a,fiOO.
Sharkey i sixty years of ago and owns
a HOO-acro farm three miles south of
Sutton, upon which them Is a mortgage
of ft.MXi, which ho stated ho Intended
paying off with tho money he rcalltcd
from tho forgeries.
Finn at Omaha tho other morning de
stroyed tho clothing store of llrownlng,
King ,fc Co., nnd damaged tint atock ol
N. It. Falcon A Co., dry gouts, and Mrs.
F. llonson, millinery. The loss was
8ll,000; Insurance $7.1,000.
Hovkiinoii Thaykh recently received
reliable Information from Cheyenne,
llanner and other far western eoiintlnt
giving an account of a disastrous storm.
Thn wind blew so strong that tho grata
that had boon sown was bloitm entirely
out of tho ground ovor thousands of
acres. Farmers must commence at the
beginning and aro unablo to do so.
They havo no funds to buy seed, and a
call will bu mado upon those willing and
able to glvo to contribute to tho aid ol
tho needy. Wheat nnd oats for aeed
will Im especially PWiilrcd.
A HKAii-K.MicollUlon occurmd on tho
Union PuciHc at Hohnesvlllo the,other
night between a special ond a regular
ireignu iiotli engine wero badly dam
aged, Tho miglaecrn and tlretuun
aaved themselves by jumping.
Tiik burns of J. II. Oden nnd (). II.
Van Horn, at lleatrlce, wore destroyed
by flro tho other afternoon. Tho flro
caught from a burning trash heap that
had boon atarted by a child on tho Oden
A i.aik pralrlo flro north of Stuortdld
a great dual irf damage, burning several
dwellings and barns and destroying con
siderable grain. Mrs. Winney lost her
barn and contents, but by bard work
managed to save her residence, which
caught flro threo times.
A sKNHATHiMAi.oloMment 1 reported
from Oxford, whom tho young wlfo of
II. P. Camp, of tho Fanner' State Hank
of that city, disappeared with a com
merclal traveler named Ferguson. Tho
con pin woro married In Madison, Wis.,
In thn middle of February last. Tho
elopement took place six weeks after
ward. Tiiiikk young men named Charlton,
sons of un old farmer living nross tho
river from Silver Crook, beat their
father and sister so badly tho other af
ternoon that tho girl has since died nnd
tho old man was In a precarious condi
tion. Tho boys havo disappeared.
Famii.v troublo caused Mrs. Heorgo
McArthur to commit sulcldo by banging
herself at Ord tho other day. She wa
twenty-flvo years old, and besides her
husband leave two chlldmn.
Wii.i.iam Fiiankik, a woll-to-do Her
man farmer living about seven tulles
cast of Fontanelln. committed sulcldo
tho other night by cutting hi throat.
He was about fifty years old, owned a
good farm, was out of dobt and was
highly respected.
A man named Ca vender, a country
school teacher, but lately employed by
tho Singer Sowing Machine Company at
Nebraska City, haa disappeared with tho
sales of a number of muchlnos. He de
serted a wlfo and child, who am In des
titute circumstances.
Skvk.v vagrant recently broke Jail at
Lincoln and escaped.
Hiiam1 Powki.i a young farmer, was
recently killed while ut work In tho
Held near Hustings tiy a runaway team
that he was attempting to stop.
CimisTiAN Fiihst, who was recently
found guilty at Fremont of tho murder
of t arlos Pulslfcr, ha been sentencod
to bo bunged duly 'IS. Sc'niiAMtcK, ged fourteen,
and Fmd Itadiuwett, aged twenty-two,
employed In the Armour-Cudahy eatab
llshmont In South Omaha, quarreled
the other afternoon, when the man
struck tho tioy, who struck back and
ran. Ho was pursued, and picking up a
abort knlfo throw It at hla pursuer. The
knlfo penetrated ltadauwelt's heart,
killing him instantly.
Mil. Dickkv, matron of the Franklin
academy, was found dead In bed the
other evening. Sho had been In good
henlth all day nnd attended church In
tho morning.
Wiiiijc recently digging a well on his
farm near Loup City, at the depth of
forty-seven feet Jacob Albors found a
jaw bono and three teeth, which wero
sent to tho Lincoln University, where
tho faculty pronounced It closely resemb
ling that of the now extinct camel.
Tiik farmers of Sheridan County to
tho number of '.'Oil havo put up $10
apiece to erect a grain elevator at Hay
Tiik diamond drill for tho.llurton
Creek gold mine In Keyn Paha County
has arrived on tho ground and tho com
pany In'ends to go down 1,000 feet If
Tin: contract has boon let for build
ing a throe-story brick hotel at Chadron
to replace tho old Chadron House re
cently destroyed by flm s
Osckola's creamery is turning out
over n)0 pound of butter a day and ex
pect to Increase the output soon to 1,000
A youth nineteen years of age re
cently stopped at a hotel la Alliance
and registered as R C Kleat, Hrand
Island. He told a party on tho street
that his namo was C O. Hurt and that
ho had stolen a horse at Kearney. He
retired about eight o'clock and next
morning ho wa found dead in his room,
having hanged himself to thn Iwdposl
with a sheet
Dvittxu a late storm at Broken Row
one of the chimneys of the court houso
was blown down, crushing In the roof
and celling over the district court room,
making a hole ten or fifteen feet Njuaro.
Three or four Inmates of the room were
hurt by the falling brick, William Dra
per receiving a aovere cut on the head
and other Injuries.
A oooii many entries for land are be
ing contested in Sioux County. It is re
ported that numerous entr'es have
been made in fictitious names, so that
money could be obtained for the relin
quishment, but tho settler are Investi
gating such nutter and securing right
by cod totting,
aiasatlnnal Aafelr la a tharaga Hone of
Ciiicaoo, April 81. "Hlnaua mlt
torn," the Herman for "Out with him,"
was the cry which rang through a
Christian church in Chicago yesterday
snd stilting thoactlon to tho word angry
men forcibly ejected from tho church a
preacher of tho gospel. It wa tho cul
m. nation of tho trouble la tho Illinois
sonferenco of tho Evangelical Associa
tion, which resulted in tho division of
tho conference last week In two sec
tions, each claiming to alone possess
cclcslastlcal authority. Kach appointed
pastors for all the churches la tho Stat.
10 that each church has two ministers.
At tho Humboldt Park Church yestcr-
. .. .. ...... .
I lay aitornoon uov. air. sioriocu was 10
L.-. i.i i ti 1,
1 ii';atu mn larunuu ncrmuu iuu uimut
itinerant system his successor was
to bo Installf
ed. Tho adherents and ap-
! polntees of both conferences
wero on
hand, each determined to
I lion nf tlin i.illrt)i rtrul fn
I pastor. The Wisconsin conference had ' ,-,h fn"r "ornion waa preached by
' inpolntcd Kov. John Vi-ttor and tho ' cr' n,r- Cluster. After the service
I .Sheffield averiuo conference licensed tho casket was Lorno to tho lonnsylva
I Rev A Hellman nla depot to bo taken to Philadelphia.
I When Pastor Morloch and Pastor-elect i'i;--atlon from tho Hrand Army of
Hellman attninntrd In rmnnanitn close I thu '"'public acted as an escort, and
thoSundav school nrotmr.itorv to other
service. Sunday School Superintendent
I Theodore Kruegcr ond I'astor-elect Vet-
v.t ucmanuea tnuir authority, immedi
ately a number of the congregation
leaped from their seats and sel.ed Mr.
Vettcr, while Mr. Hellman Jumped from
tho pulpit and across the chancel rail.
Tho confusion and uproar was made
worse by tho rush of women and chil
dren for tho door. Mr. VotU-r' friends
shrieking: "They aro killing our
preacher," while his opponents veiled:
"illnau mlt ihm. "Mr. Vetter 'finally
wa landed outside, and notwithstand
ing that ho produced his license, was re
fused admission by Mr. Hellman, who
stood In tho doorway.
Whon Mr. Vetter and his friends re
tired Nov. Mr. Morloch preached his
sermon. Ho deplored tho scene, but
aald that Christ was tho only Hlshop
they wero recognizing at present,
Tho feeling between tho factions Is
very bleb, and that section of tho city
Is greatly excited over tho affair.
A llrlile Traveling Through Kansas Loses
llrr lUaiiionila.
Toi'kka, Kan., April 'J. Thomas
Habcock, colored, for many years porter
on n Hock Island dining car. was ar
rested yesterday on a warrant worn
out by Superintendent Allen of that
road, charging him with grand larceny,
in stealing SI, 800 worth of diamonds,
rubles and pearls from Mrs. W. S. John
on, ,lr., of Chicago a portion of tho
Jewelry received at tho awoll Chicago
wedding of Mr. Johnson and a young
society lady of that city last Wednes
day evening.
Mr. Johnson Is tho son of the Hock
Island's Eastern agent and his marriage
wa a social event The presents were
numerous and many of them costly.
From thn groom camo a handsome pair
of diamond earring and tho bride's
relatives gavo her ruble and pearl
Immediately after the ceremony she and
her husband started for Denver on their
bridal tour.
Mrs. Johnson was proud of her dia
monds and pearls and Friday noon she
wore them to dinner. When tho train
reached McFarlandMrs. Johnson placed
her diamonds In a pocketbook, her
pooketbook In a satchel and her satchel
..-v..i ' cia "hjh hvi aii li I nalitUI I
on the settee of the Pullman car. Then I
sho went out on tho depot platform for
a promenade While she was absent
Jlabcock wa seen In the Pullman car,
and as he had no right to go In there
under tho company's rules suspicion war
directed toward him when Mrs. Johnson
returned and found that her Jewels were
Superintendent Allen was on the train
and promised to do every thing possible
to recover the Jewels! The disconso
late bride continued her journey and
the ofrlclala of the road liegan their
search. HaK'oek wa permitted to com
plete hi run and was arrested at mid
night In thla city at tho residence of hi
sweetheart None of tho jewels were
Ilalicnck will It given a preliminary'
neanng tins morning, no protests his
Innocence and Is Indignant at hla ar
S Kanaaa Hough Kills a Companion While
aUilileuet! Hy Liquor.
Sr. JosKt'ii, Ma, April at. At El
wood, a small town on tho Kansas side !
of the Missouri river, dlnvtlv nnmulm
this c'ty, Charles Carroll, a dissipated I
fellow who recntly achieved notoriety
by beating a wontan nearly to death,
and Heorgo Dockhorn. a country lalor
er, each thirty years of ago and on tho
friendliest of terms, were drinking
heavily all day. Yesterday afternoon
Carroll charged Dockhorn with hav.n
... .1.-.. at. 1 t ... k-i. .....
-.. , .,.,. ...... n.
htm as ho was seated on the river bank, j
uomamievi tno money. an4 without I
"""" ' '"Vi "'" I'isioi ana
shot him through the right breast, just
above the nipple.
Dockhorn ran and Carroll pursued
him, firing twice more until his victim
fell. Tho murderer walked around the
body threo times, pointing his pistol as
if to fire until ho saw Dockhorn waa
ueau, wnen he ncu,
Ihe murder was committed In the .
presence of 'M people, who were Und-'
infffr.11.1an Ul .n,i r..lVii i
was pursued and captunnl after empty- , OU ?. , " uch hono " ax& bo
Ing his revolver st the crowd, but ,mPble unles he again became a
through the stupidity of the authorities ,,r'l'b subject It is probable that
was permitted to escape and up to a lato stnloy will be appointed to a Hevaroor
hour had not beeareeaptured. ' ship la Africa, but not of Conga
Three ThuUMiiit Arte Marne.1 Over. I A Madman With a Kelt. Conn., April '.'0 Three c,r. April IK A maniac mad a
thousand acre have been burned over, desperate ult with a butcher knife
Fire sprang up again to-day with re-! 0B ,no partgvr of a State street ear,
ncaed v gor, on account of the wind, j Bf Sixteenth street about oae o'clock
Sewrral farmers are in damrer of losing ' ''nlug. Four "men were badly
their home. The loss to timber thus Cttt' '"' OB" fatally wonnded.
far I about W.ooa Nothing will top 1h Injured are: Archie I'atao, a
tho tire but rain. saloon keeper, bo received a cut l
Talltrr ! Ittialnat. I
sviUJt Kv, Arnl PA.-A tele- :'5. .WUn4.","h,.ck,m'!,,i"
was reolved this morning by the ' ZVl ":LiBJB! .Vm' llB"7. .,?.,,
at Olr-.. ...lnM .V, W II l -;.7u,-nl aMiim OpfS Wins MS,
.r ,t h fliv li.i. l -7. ' " '""P w c" ' aaooi , w.
r 01 toe utj national Itaak. who llrennan -k.. w..,.. .- .l . .
. -.-- .v..Ma .mm. ... .,, . Hir. " MH., lm i...... ,1 . - . A -.
jnded with tTa.000 of the lnVs the head. aJ Il. s.?. .fcn'.afaMatff
bad Urea arretted at Utay, N. M. ' eelved a slight cut oa the Uft forearnv "
After Appreprlste Ceremrmle at'Washlnj-,
ton the Hotly of the Late "ameel J. lUa.
dall I Laid to Rest at Philadelphia.
Wasiiixotox, April 18 Yesterday
morning at eight o'clock tho coflln on
closing the remains of Mr. Randall was
borno from his homo by a squad of Cap
ital police, and deposited in the lecture
room of the Metropolitan Presbyterian
Church, which wa appropriately draped.
There it was visited by many of hi;
lato associates In tho House, by Mr.
Wanamaker and by a large number of
his friends, neighbor and admirers.
About ono hour afterwards it was re
moved to tho body of tho church and
placed upon a catafalque strewn with
1 n " l" '
I atlnns wern nlnciKl near It.
Several beautiful floral decor-
Tho church was crowded w
1th friend
i" 'i''" utwseu. in
....1 - !...... .1... .1 1 ,
uumg uieinoi-ra 01 mo tres.uents.
lamuy, laoinct omcers, innmoers 01 trio
take posses- I -na-0 and House, jtulgi'sof tho Supremo
Install lts!Cm)rt am- other distinguished person.
,r...nn. ,.! 1 Tho funeral sermon wa preached bv
I crovs,U of "ympathotlo spectator lined
tho rou to through which tho dead states
man wns borne on the way to his last
resting place in tho Philadelphia ceme
tery whom tho deceased members of his.
family sleep.
liesldes the member and relative of
tho family who accompanied tho re
mains to Philadelphia were the Senato
and Houso Congressional committee,
tho honorary pallbearer, noarly all tho
members of the Pennsylvania delegation
in tho Houso and a number of other
mctuhor of tho House,
cKHmostr.s at riiii.AiEi.i'iiiA.
Pitll.AHKf.nilA. April 13L Tho funeral
of Hon. Samuel Jackson Handall,
the second of tho fathers of thn
popular branch of thn National
Legislature who havo been laid at rest
within this commonwealth within tho
present calendar year, tmk placo and
was one of tho most solemn and quiet
events witnessed In this city for many
a uViy. Whon tho funeral train pulled
up at tho Kldgn Avenue station of
tho Pennsylvania railroad thoro
wero awaiting It, drawn up In
military stylo, largo delegations
from tho municipal council, from tho
Irish National League, Mead post, O. A.
R, tho Samuel J. Kandall Association,
the James Sago Library Association, the
Continental Democratic Association, tho
Young Men's Democratic llattallon, and
many friends of the deceased. Heading
tho line which alighted from the train
wero Congressmen O'Neill, Carlisle,
Htickalew nnd llanner, ex-Governor
Curtln, Postmaster-General Wanamaker,
Messrs. Heorgo W. Child. Anthony
J. Drexel, William V. McKoan, Alex
under K. McCluro and other of the
honorary pallbearers. Then cams
tho Congressional delegation con
sisting on tho part of tho House
In addition to those Included abovo, of
Messrs. Holman, Cannon, McKlnley,
Springer, Forney amt lUillloy. Tho
Senate was represented "by Messrs. ,
Quay, Allison, Dawes, Voorbec and
F.ustls. Ilcsldes thcro wa almost tho
entire Congressional delegation from
Pennsylvania; Senator Kdtnunds, of
Vermont; cx-Kovornor Wallace, of
Pennsylvania, nnd Sergeant-at-Arm
Kuvanaugk Tho cortege moved at
once toward West Laurel Hill Ceme
tery, headed by tho hearso containing
rf " -- . - .j aavi iivmnu Wll t-4 I t II K
tno black casket, which was tastefully
covered with flowers of all sort.
As tho procession marched from the.
railway station to tho burial place, led
by tho Samuel J. Kandall Association,
only tho sound of muffled drum waa
heard. Wheri all had token position
round the open grvo Samuel Kandall
and bla mother wero escorted to seat
at the foot of the grave; behind them
came Mr. and Mr. Lancaster (Mr. Ran
dall's eldest daughter), Hobort II Han
dall and Mia Randall, another daughter,
all arrayed in tho deepest of mourning
attire. Rev. Dr, Chester, of Wash
ington, recited the burial service and
the casket wa opened so that those
present might bo permitted to take a.
look at the departed statesman. A quar
tette from the Meade Post No. 1, O. A.
IL, sang "Remember Now Thy Creator."
which was followed with a prayer by
tho Rev. Henry C. McCvok. Chaplain
Render, of Meade Post No. 1 pronounced
a benediction and tho quartette, by a
pedal request sang "Nearer My Hod
To Thee."
As tho last strains died away Trum
peter Kearn, of Mead Post No. 1,
ami .,,,1,1
Bieppcu up to tho head of the grave.
an almost silence, nonnilisl
tho "taps." which pronounced the mili
tary "good night to our company," and
the floral laden casket was lowered la
the grave. The absence of any public
demonstration and the Immense gather
ing of pooplo of all walk of life mark-
Mr. hatldaUs funeral as nnn nf thn nn.
toWo oni1, ln i'hliadclphla'a history.
Tho flags on all public and mnV rirl-
U, buildings were placed at half-mast
placed at half-mast.
hut thla waa thn
only outward slim of
sorrow, It appearing as though all wora
content to express their grief In alienee.
Will MlanUy Heaaane Aaaerteaf
I.otnv, April I. There Is a rumor
that on Stanley's return to Kngland he
will again become a Hntlsh sublect. re
suming bis nationality which be rella-
outshed twcntr-flv rear J 1. a1h
el It f. lVL T.VT f! f? .
c" u u ulr that the Queen Is an-
inches long, exwndlnjfrom beneath his