The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 18, 1890, Image 5

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Enleml at ! I'nst Odirr In lt1 tl.nid. .Vk,
ss ml! m.itttrof thr s.ti.ii.1 tl i
Absolutely Pur.
Tills nowitrr iit-vrr tarira. Martrl of urr
tninntii mhI HlinfinitiirM. lmr hihhmiiicuI
Hun tlio urtlliiMi) kind ami raiuiol lioll m
iiHnprtlnti Willi tli.i iimltllmlr of luw Ir.l nlmrt
wclitlit nliiln or ilnniiiii uiHilon. Nililonli
In cam. IIOYAI. HAKIM? ItlWDr.KfO.
)(U WalHlnt-1. N. V. OIU.
On and after May I, alt advertising
in thin paper will be charge for at the
rate of 7 pr column per month.
Liberal discount to heavy advertisers.
These term will be strictly enforced.
Htiallrd by Our Aim Mpertrra,
lrrarel lor ar Hrara
Will paper at Ccttlnfi,
New dry Goods at the New York
Latest, styles in carpclM at F. V
A new line of picture mouldings at
F. V. Tajlors.
Sweet Orr overalls. All styles at
McNitt & Galusha's.
For mothers Friend sbirt waist call
on NcNitt & flalusha.
If you want the best buy the vYbitc
for sale by F. V. Taylor.
Court commenced here thia week,
Judge Gaul in on the bench.
Dont forgot the Firemen's benefit
nncr and supper tomorrow.
ho W. C..T. U. convention held
i- this city last werk wis a sueeess.
It would not bo a bad thing to commence-
agitating a Fourth of July cele
Oranges and lemons at Clines can
dy kitchen. Hocond door of the F &
J. X. Ilickardsand his little daugh
ter Florence, were in the city this
The Hoard (if Kducation should tap
the city water works and have a nice
lawn grown.
Anything in the lino of furniture
carpets, window shades, etc, at lowest
prices at F. V. Taylor's.
We hope that our soldier frieida
will make a strenuous effort to have
Decoration day duly observed ii lied
Kcmembcr that McNitt A Galtaka
carry the largest best aad also the
cheapest line of Jean, cottonade aad
worsted pasts in the citv.
The cloeutionary entertainment at
the Christian charch last Saturday
evening was a succcm aad the joaag
ladies done well and were highly ap
Ah Sam, the Chinese LauBdryasaa
has opened a Itandry, two doors north
of Tub Ciutr office. He will do
Irst class work. He solicit the pat
ronage of tie people. 4t
The Knighu of hahor ledge of llti
Cloud have parsed a ml that no man
who is a habitual drunkard er saloon
loafer or in aay way aids ar abet
saloons can not become a meaner af
this local assemblage. A geod idea.
J. i. Tait the renewned iecttrer
for the A. O. U W. gave one ef his
interesting Ulks to the hoys at the
Christian charch last Friday evening.
He it probably eae of the f nest ora
tors in the great west. He will al
ways draw a crowded honse whenever
be speaks in this city.
The entertainment at the opera
bouse, on last Saturday evening, en
titled "Out in the street," was a
grand success, aad each of the ntftiee
interested did their farts
r.ll. A
aJluct andlence grcu4 the neton, aad
the catir perfermane wa Undly ap
pUj4e4. Mr. Carraa h ta W e-
raalate4en the Mere ef thenler-
'Uatlirt4 l!r kr kll NrftMrr l
I. Ii Kalcy 1 in thu cUv.
Vo and .See K. A Hamly.
Kaw stock tf Wmi:w SfcadM at Ceuisi'a.
Jtio. O Yiisrr and wife arc in the
New baby carriages at F. V. Tay.
Dco will will
save ou money on
Kcv. H. J. lUndall. was in Lincoln
this week.
Follow the crowd and go to Mis. F.
H. S. Hripgs andFred Huninicll are
in Newcastle.
Joseph Graves hat received an in
orcasc of pension,
Deyo htn a tine lino of jointed fili
poles and tackle.
Col. W'ggln of Garlielil township
is on the sick list.
Iilack henrirtta shawls, silk fringe
at the New York store.
You will lose money if you do not
buy your wall paper at Deyo'a
Lucile McKccby is very siok, but
hepes ire entertained of her recovery.
The nicest lino of pattern hats and
bonnets in tho city at the New York
Mrs. S. II, MuHriile has moved her
millinery goods to the New York
For the latest ami cheapest beaded
wrs and diets oods, call on Mrr.
F. Newhoute,
The Ncbrnska nnd Kansas Farm
Lnan Co. want all the good farm
lotos they can get. tf
F. P. Shields has received most of
his goods for his new papr and will
issue n paper next week.
We have a complete line of base
ball goods, hsmmock.1 and croquet
set. L. H. IK-yo.
The firo alarm tower is up again
and tho bell is suspended between
earth and heaven as of yore.
Our black hose is the best for men,
women and children. Warranted fast
eolora at the New York Store.
Ii you are going to buy a carpet
you will save money ami get the
best by calling on F. V. Taylor.
A. G. Willis, foreman of the round
house adds his name to the Gtcat
Family Weekly fo'r 1S1W. Thanks.
A complete stack of millinery goods
in all tho latest styles and lowest pri'
ces and Mrs S It Mcltrido's New York
1'mphcnour will plow or cultivate
your garden or orchard, plant your
trees, Ac, ss good and as cheap as
any ene. 38 It
Mtl&iuyi halt hire far Mi health ail
Mt U ake M&ey, u Hy jnx Wall Paper
Wltisw toaias, W, ef hinv LewMtyrieee
Call and see Mrs. S. It. Mellride's
millinery stock. All the latest styles
and novelties in hats and bonnets at
the New York store.
Morhart hss just rcelvcd a ear load
of barb wire which ho mill sell for
M.-f) per hundied including staplee.
Call and e him.
Kroadhead dress goods in the lateet
novelties, nsw and desirable colorings
just receded. We invite inspeetien.
Fleetc eall end examine at the New
York store.
"Thebigingun" is indebted to the
qnariet of j oung men whe serenaded
him with fide nmio on Wednesdsy
evening. May their shadows never
grow lets. Come strain.
Just received the latctt style in
headed wraps, satuens, while goods
Swis embroideries, floaaeings, hair
ornaeneats, laces and all aorta of trim
ming. Mrs. F. Newhoute.
J. H. Ilrticltcn, editor of the Sig
nal, Fairmont. Neb., ws a pleaeant
caller at these headquarters this week.
It it relative of oar werthy friend
and district elerk, L. II. Fort.
A funny saved ii that mack in
yoor peekct. If yon caa save the re
tail proit, aad mere on the price )f a
pair of shoes, it bthooic joa to d
aa. Wiener the clnthirr is disposing
bf hit entire line of wsmea's atd
children shoes at lets than wholesale
eot, and will in ibe fatur aet haadl
WUm oc w. a mtU IttiUt )l 4.i4
k klMi IImI ttl w U Hrt k
bMaT M H U !.
rt Mn tr iTrf rt
trwr lev site
kunux. iMtiluttTtliutsn.
M Wf X bj Urn t)ui. , i.
Maaefare4 b Ws. Breeibead A
Sw4t Jaaentevn, NT, fer aeie at the
New Yeti Ster
j at
Condition powders of all
Ict'.ex rcci price m all pi t .'..
i&f't Sttf aai Exk Stert
We are (lie leadri in ll.r wall i
per tra lo thi iprinj: 1. 11 Deyo.
II. A. llaiiuy will glxe )ou the low
est figures of snvouo in town on lutu'
McNitt V (itlutha hau' filled up
thrir additional rvotn with a fine llnr
of gooitv.
Call ami sec K A. Handy furptics.
before building as he will nuke it lo
your intcrrt.
Tea win altt it If ya d:st ttt Cc.Ust'i
Wall Fa;r. Ssrisrt. caruiat, ki Ss i
artcsithl ths aaUrti ea jrl:ti
Mrs, C 11. Serley anil ftimlj e
peel to mote lo Omaha ill tfrw weeks
where ClisiK'y lu rriuutirruiMr mi
l.ol) tiiaile at low ltle of Intotral
by the Nebraska A Ki.3 Ksiui Loan
Co. Money reailv soon tui'ds
are tlgiud if
Feat.icrly V Aulti are still selling
vinegar and trantular juice. Call and
see them. Good elder vinegar for 'J.'i
cents per gallon.
Wienei the largest dealer in south
crn Nebraska In clothing, is elomng
out his w-uicn's and children's shoe
at let than col
Furnished rooms to let. Inquire
si this office. These rooeis are In
good location and are nice rooms.
Ladies picferred.
Our fl..'0 men's shoes can't bobcat
in tin I'nlted State. In hutl'iu.tacc
or congress, Try a pair, at Chat,
Sehaffnil, Nov York t:re.
All humors of the scalp, tetter sores,
and dandruff cured, and falling hair
checked, hence, baldness prevented
by using Hall's vegetable Sicilian
hair renewcr.
Harry Market!, of Lincoln, former
ly of this place, was in lied Cloud this
week. Humor ha it that in the dim
future Harry will carry off one of our
prominent young ladies.
Tyndall Curran, Hob and i See
ley and Miss Campbell entertained
tho audience at the Christian church
on Saturday evening, in a pleasant
manner with tome fine violin mutlo.
.Ktthctlo concert, this delightful
entertainment, will bo. presented by
the M, K, church choir, April 'Jfi, at
the Methodist church. Kvety one
should heir thii delightful entcrttln
nicnt. For correct litting clothing go
where it is kept, Wo are the only
merchants handling the shoulder pad.
ded suits, They aie cual to any or
dinary tailor made suit, McNitt A
If jou with to purchase a shoe for
your bos or girls that will stand th
wear and toar of every day nrgc,thl
i made of honett Ualbtr throughou
and on common ilea eall !
the New York store.
A. G. Diehl ha been appointed to
a position In the U, H. mail service a
route agont. Ilia rente will be from
Nebraska City to Cheyenne. Mr. I).
haa lived to Nebraska quit a nnmbr
of years and we are pleaaew to hr
of hi aneeess.
''After a varic4 eiperirace with
many toe ailed cathartic remedies. I
am convinced that Ayer'a pills give
the moat satisfactory raanlt. I rely
exclusively on the ptllt for tot tur
of liver and stomach complaint,"
John II. Hell, Hlr., Abileaee, Texas.
Scrofula is transmitted from parent
to child, and thu becomr a family
iabenuue for generationt. It is,
thereferr, the duly of every scrofulous
pron to cleanse his Mood br a
thoroagh and pertitUat courn; of
Ayer'a Hartaptrill.
lllaglft 41t't lc iiw l.irtjl
U J D Will' litUe tt1y sixrs.
S I I MK.W..1
Paint Shop !
Carriage, sign aad hon peialiag.
MM mm tnian, grinm. t, hhon
epposiu Halt' Lnmhtr Yard. All
werk gitaraftteH
Hotel for Kent.
I hayc a giod hotel In Ktd CIod
for ret en reokl trm. I'titly
farnished and near ktilMN, Call o
or addrrt C If. I'&tur, 1U4 H;.
For Sale.
Blt la(7 Tal&t f!r thlBMsy at C-stt-
OoU.. Wy..i4U eicfer uUg.i, " "' r tne
elUwo,4dreMWrK.Jhrf tbil'"' "'
Clead, Stlt tf. '"' U9"' kuJ
,., jlM WM's rfnfU. iMUf stv
qw jmu ten wstn D Witt's iit.JkUnU UtA rffcfrU f4f, im U ay
! .m a spevisl meeting oi llie .lajtin
Icemetery burial tunl hrjd at the
all cemetery, April T It w trolve I thai
At a spettsl mocimi; of the Maitm
Tiirtdt), April 2. be appointed At
bcr il) for jlrsning the cemeUrj
gtvutnU tnd plti.tmg shrub and
8swrr theieln All UUcreiU.I ate te
urtrd to meet at th remrler) t I
o'clock J It SrNn Chiu.
.'no, Kahmr, See'u
Mh; ln I )im eur ldl r,ofc-l. f )
Mm' (smiIi tt e-uituniiltou ei n
Jo ll, 1 l.l iriutxlj ( ,o.lhrl) r.)Uln
iomlnl lhnuK-ti; U.ff.t,iij,
;ol Mtrlrllt jouVo.i. lliit tUlniirht
lo t a fuel- If j K i.oi. ji i
Jon outrir an liijw.tlrr' It l tola
I'J Ullllhc.
Ml .S II MvUilite Its ipimivrtl hrr
milliiterv goods lo I he New York
Store in the ioon Hlfk where he
will be ple(sl Ui eo t old eonloiin-t
slid Iii4ii) new one 1 1 c-t new pniig
toek l IIMH CK'lllplele. J. Ml (nil lo
VI e In i v.ll
Ihs Cli hciic Teaar
III lltn ri.uni,t' i. mi ,i jnudi
uiS) l k li IiiihmiiiI iI(sm; , but ;
ni know. Hi. I'rnkit Hlr.' N..
lirsrt eui rntftlnlj It ), trn
Ihouftsiiilt ainieloit ltli tMo. liMrl li
lt tr oMItc Dru,'i;lU lio
eliulr ll(Trvl un uiAiiy euloiu
-ri)lirrp lraV l; lilld? of ll ttt
John Whim o( KiiIIiUIiibo ln, , tjt
"I lift n'l.t MHirli n( lf Mitr i tiilt
mill lis rlrl ttiMu h'tHKl ifHiti
I soltl Minis lo on or lli leilli; ftnt
Htal orHrer It tl.l lilm a h r m ,ul
ofgiKHl " olil niol kusianlrtl I.; I,
Our spring utoek of hat cap
is now complete, confuting of rerj
thing of the late design of nobbv
goodt.-.Mi Nur A (!,.i M, .
If jou wan! a first ea shave, hair
cut or ait) thing in the barber Hue
eall on llsrkloy .V Centre SttU,
faction guaranteed, iine u a eall
Shop on 4lh Avenue,
For jour spring suit elllier tailor
made or ready made go lo McNitt A
Galusha', On tailor in ado suit
they guarantee ittlng of from .i i
110 from ny one fit in the city.
htn' L'trrt ail Uvir TWU.
An iniorlAUI illo-iiy, ll. rt on
llin lisri, slomaeli atl l.ol thbli Dm
iirrti. A in 'rlnrl.( Tlilj
cor lillliiiiiup, Imil ttr, loiplil lli
pllr ftrul HplniUM for oin
wiiiiinu atiJ eliiltlrrit timalU!, hiIIiImI
hiI ;tO ilof (or 1A rnl. Hftiiii
(m at ' I, l.'ottlntf
Mis lira Ltle, daughter of th
estimable manager of I lie II M.
eating house, hamlsoml) enlcrlalntd
by r young friends on Tuesday, The
following guests were present .Stl
son Green, John Cm, Wl'lie HamUrt
Willi Cm, l'ay MrNltl, Ham Coi,
Hen McFarlaud. Ferry Mcllrldr, Jo
llumrn), Johnnie Iludd.Carl Martin,
Archie Willi, I'lurtne Solid;, Ksn
ni Kullck, Maude Itudd, Jertni
Hudd, Sd Sllf rs, Vnc Fare, Nell
Mtrtln, Cltrt Hummtl, Nell Nhtr
man, Grace Cromwell, Ilctl Kngttrt
and Nellie Clark.
A rxilniul imiiUih ) mm mnWt lS l l
-un l llr u-fti urn in ni kli4 A r )-' I-
wil( tt Ii tit nrl tXamtf ' Oit il,rvt t)
linjr, il U uwkn!; dii'n. t lliit
wll.( otm Kelt ttU ,4 4 ,
Ortlf f (-iti ntup tll fUl ; vftih)
nxisli. aiol lltU im4f u ihi tmr ium IJ
llllrllill xr ll,l l)flU lOti rf rvail
l Mil 1 llwiwm f-ftt
U. L (ITISollrut'll
Wsbsttt enuntyW, 0 T. II held
convention in lted ('load, April 'J 10.
Mrs. Ilrskefitld, J.raJdnt, and
Mrs, HiKheock, state prrtldtnt, wa
present during the euntentfon rd
spoke l"th tvning Nrurru tow
nd romr.Uj pIter wrr r pissanl'd
nd great unanimity prtvailtd. )U
port show an incrratt In nxtubfrthlp
haptnnUndcut of ihi variovt
br anehet of wik, tlII; rtUatltc,
edticatloa! and Iau'rctt mtdal con
Ust wadr ncoerglng rtprrls of
work Uing done. JUvi. lUndall and
Wlnur of IU4 Clottd and HurnUrg
rif Kamaa rt prtt, (lev Starr
Urg ,pvk Unm ip4,rtfc, strong
words in favor of K ttf
prohibitl'o, 4thtlty rt fori f pr.
hlbition In Kaait t falhr fait.
The ronvrati'fl pna'J roltlc
ro$ly t'juhmfax tt fit ;
Urn high or towtadsaraettl; faic-tlt
th frppsJ t)ittiiioI ass sad
t tiit. Th altedjt d Ut4ftt
un the part t-f iL itav of KH
Cloud wtt Mr j gfrtd.
"Ki jtmr .l A jv l1
' lists mUii, svJ irtt . (m-A," '
Tlais means that c v. til vr thnn to our
v usioiucrs at
Bargain Prices !
You will fnul upon o uuining our Mock which
is lartr thancvor that we arc oficrinu
.i i i
this . spring lu'ttcr gootls
Than ever hefore.
We will not tjuolc you any sptciul prices, hut
come and we will he pic:. .set I to show
you our ioojs, and will show you
how Cheap
uoots am) siiok.s,
Hats and Cais,
Trunks and Valiskh
can he sold, if bought cheap.
Yours Respectfully,
Sell more goodB for 81 than any
other house in Webster county.
Note Prices!
No. Hcttok ntovrj lUi lrtf4, trltnwliifls)
" M M with rlw?rvulr
'.' htint'tr tfiKMun ntovn
ji ".,
WwkI frmiui vhtiUtx wrlnsrr
No f wrh iKillirr, copier li.l(if
17 ,urt (Huh jimm nUnrlAnl gl
HbM m sv;k
4 tinr matiun) fork atrii
I m , f,lrJ
(rvjsrti him
Hfior)!ftrifl 8v 1k
F?ftc iUp!rin tjr siriiil
Milk ss.ijji h from
Anil all k'xxls in the harAwarc line in propor
tion to the alxvc prices
Call and &c me Mom you buy
4 SO
t 10