The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 14, 1890, Image 7

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Oh, many an Intricate turalne
AloBit our ill' Journey we meet.
Where braablet aad Lnara teaei at,
Androuihlt the path for our fret;
Bui we Hnit a way oat of our trouble,
An J walit with a cttandeni heart.
Assured of tweet comfort and bui dance
II we lake tb right road at tho trt
We've only to watch ttioi around ua.
The frlondt and companion! ol youth,
Who eagerly aouf ht afttr ev I
And turned trom the teachlagt ol truth
Wo T0 only to watch aid remember
The If mom I bey da ly impart,
' That thcte are the turrsl to triumph
Who tax tb right road at the atari.
Ah, many and many a failure
And many hearl-ach we owe
To pitiful error and folll
And blunder w made long tgo:
And tho way to avoid these dlttatert,
To lotteu tho torroaful atnart
la to turn from fait llgutt to alluring
And tak the right road at tho atari.
W may point to tome time tn the future.
When we will our footalep mtrtee,
And all the dark record of evil
With deed wire and holy efface!
Hut we'll find It a fatal delusion,
And they net the worthier part.
"Who begin a they mean to continue.
And tak tbo right road at the atari.
-N. Y. I.adcer.
f !8elag an Account of the Fall aad
Vengeance of Harmachia, the
Royal Egyptian,
U y II. Rider Hac.garp,
.Author of Klii Solomon' Ml nee,"
She," " Allmi Quatnrmaln,"
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Illuitreted br IfXCnoXA. after CATOST WOOD
.rAntwtt.L or auekemiut to nutmcnt;
thiiow or Tit ai.anuTou jiv iiaimaciii
IOW tho long day of
preparation had
paaaed, utitl tho tltuo
iTUs ut hund. 1 tvut
Initiated, und I nai
crowned; to that,
although ttlO 111 111-
rwm folk knew inn
not, or knew mn
only ua Priest nf
ll, there were In
Egypt thuuiaiida aim
t heart bowed don n to
Tlin hour
lovjs wan at hum), mid uiy soul went
"K. forth to meet It Kor I longed
tn nvreltienw tint foreigner, til art
fCgypt f it, to inouut tho thrum) that wn
'tnjr heritage, end cleanso the temple of
my Qod. I wtt fain for tho struggle, end
1 never doubled of It end. 1 looked Into
tho mirror, mid taw triumph written on
mybrowe, Tho future at retched a path of
gloryftai uiy feet-ay, glittering with
glorerJBTMlihor In tho tun. 1 communed
with tny Mother Itlt; I ut within my
chamber and took rountel with my heart;
I planned new templet; 1 revolved great
lawa that I would put forth for my people
weal; and In my ear run it tho abouta of ex
filiation that atiould greet viclorloua Pha
raoh on hit throne.
Hut tUll a little while I tarried a
Abouthlt, and, having been commanded ao
to do, let my hair, that had been shorn, grow
again long ami black aa the raven' wing,
Instructing mytolf meanwhile In all manly
ciercltc and feala of arm. Alto, for a
purpoee that ahall be aen, I perfected my
aelf in that maglo art of the Egyptian a and
the reading of tho atara, in which thing,
ladeed, 1 already had great akllL
Now, thl waa tho plan that had been
built up. My uncle Hepa had, for awhile,
left the Temple of On, giving out that hi
health had failed him. Thetire he bed
Moved down to a houae In Aleuadrla, t
gather etrength, aa he IJ, from the
breath of the tea, and alto to learn for hlnv
aelf the wonder of the great Muwtim and
the glory of Cleopatra' Court. There) H
waa planned that I ahould join him, for
there, at Alexandria, tho egg of tbn plot
waa hatching. Accordingly, when at la I
the aummona came, all thing belag pre
pared, I made mo ready for tho journey
-and paaaed Into my father' chamber to re
cIto hi bleating ere I went. There eat
the old man, a one before be tat whea he
rebuked mo bocauafl I went out to alay the
'lloa, bia long white board retting oa lee
table of etone and aacred writing In hit
hand. VTbcn I came la he nto from hi
eat and would have knelt, crying: 'Hail,
.Pharaoh I" but I caught him by tho band.
"It I not meet, my father," I aald.
MIl I meet," he antwered "It i meet
that I tuould bow me beforo my Klr.g Hut
M It m thou wilt. And to tttoej geett.
(tflrmachltl My bloating fro with thee, O
ay aon, and may those whom I eerve grant
it to mo that my td eye may, Indeeil be
aold thee on tho llimoel 1-otig have I
aaarchvd, atrtrlng, O Ilarmaohla, tf reail
lae future that ahall be, but nan eh t can 1
'earn by all my vriajotn. It it hid from be,
and at timet my heart falla me. Hut hear
taiat There I danger la thy pata.andlt
xmie In tho form of woman I-ong have I
kaowa It, and therefore aaat thou been
sailed to the wvrahlp of the heavenly 11.
rbo biJ her TOtariet put away the thought
f woman thl euch time aa the thai! think
trail to tlacken the rule. O ay aoa, I
areuld thtt ihnu wert not to atretig and fair
etronger and fairer, Indeed, than aay man
la Egypt, aa a King ahould b" for In that
atrength and beauty may lie a cauwt cf
ttambllng. Beware, then, of thoee wltcbet
t Alexandria, leat. like a worm, totae see
- taeta creep Into thy heart a4 rat ha
no fear, my father," I
rrewalng; -my thought I t ea ear
Ulaga than red Up and taUlng eyre."
"It ta rood." be aetwerod : "to may M be-
' tall. And now farewell. Waea aeal we
I meet, may f. be la that happy boar when,
with all the rrfetta of the Upper Iad, I
. aatrredown free Aaeatjaamyaaaafe
" U fbaraeh on hit throae."
He I mbna.-yd bia, and west A!! I
little tbocfbl bow w tboaM aatcl agaia.
Tana It came about that cexte atoral
r,ldo-va tbeXUr, traveling aa a maa
3faAeUtn. And totsch a werecuraxt
ebeet we It wa given out tat I waa the
ae of the Blga rHeU AhwaaK
1 having been bnwghmpMUe pfaaibaed,
aa Uat I had at latt rfaal tao tervio
1 of than, and hoea to to te Aicea
rdriatoaeeamy fortune. For, ba It retaeta-
" '"" .'if vSfr?' t.
iJMw Yi? i livVf
K KW."' mi ua I'huriinh
kia I . aerexi, I waa by U tae wa) axew ee ute
JK 1 'I trap atU ield UW the grasdaaa eftbe
I " w
wife. A
the aVyrct
yr ctty cf Aitaaadria,
the city of a thoutand light. Above them '
an towered the white tfitroa, that wonder
of the world, from the crvwn whereof a
UkU Uko the light of the tun blared out
acroat tho Mater of the harbor to guide
marinen on their Way a.-roa tho wlnexlark
tea. Tbo eel, for it waa night, having
been not CAUtioualy tnado faat to the quay,
1 dlacmbarked and atood wondering at the
vaat tnaof houaet, and confuted by the
clamor of manytcnguet. Kor here all pew
Iet tccmr.1 to be gathered together, each
tpeaklnj; after the ftablon of hit own land
And at I tteod a youig man came and
touched tne on the thouider, aaking ue If I
wat from AUmthit and named llarmachit
I talj, "Yea." Thereon, bending over rue,
he whltpored the tecrel patawordtnto mine
ear, and, beckoning to two alavet, bade
them bring my apparel from the thlp. Thlt
they did, fighting their wty thrvuuh the
crowd of rtrr who were clamor.
Ing for hire. Then I followed him
adowu tbo quay, which wat bordered with
drinking placet, where all aorta of men
worv gathered, tippUiij wine and watching
the danciug of Womru, tomo of whora wore
but tcantily arrayexl, and tome not arraie.1
at all. And to we weta through tho ltmtlit
houtet, tilt at Itat we reached the thorn of
the great hurbor, and turneil to the right
nlongawUJo way paved with granlto and
bordered by ttronr liouact, btvlug clolttert
In front of them, the liko of which I had
never teen. Turning oiico more to the
right, w o came to a quieter portion ol the
city, where, atvo for part c of ttrolllhtf
revelert, the ttreett em ttllL l'nently
my guide halted at a houae built ef white
atone. We paed In, and, crvtalng a tmall
courtyard, entered a chamber where, there
wat a light. And here at laat I found my
undo Kept, moat glad to tee me lafo.
When 1 had waabed and eaten he told me
that all tblugt went well, and that at jet
there wat no thought of evil at tba Court.
Further, ho tald, It having coma to the cm
or tho Queen that the I'rleat of On
wa tojuurnlng at Alexandria, the
tent for him and cloaely euesttonrd
hlm-not a to any plot, for of that aba
never thought, but a to tba rumor which
had reached her that there waatreaaum
hid tn the Ureal 1') ram Id that it by On.
Kor, being ever waauf ul, the waa over In
wanlof money, and had bethought her of
opening tho Pyramid. Hut l.e laughed
at her, telling her tho PrauiM waa the
burying place of tbo Ditlnn Chufu, end
that naught knew ho of ita tecreta. Then
tho wat angered, and twore thalaoaurvly
na tho rultd In Kgypt the would tnar It
down, atone by atone, and dlacorar the
tccrt'tutltt heart. Again ho laughed, and
lu the wonlt of the proverb which they
have here at Alexandria, told her thnl
"Mountain llvn longer than King," There
mi the tmlled nl hit ready anawcr and hit
aim go. Alao my uueln Hewt told mo that
on tho rtorunv I ahould tee) thlt Clmpatra.
Tor it wat her birthday (a, Indeed, It wat
alao mine), and, drextinl aa the Holy lata,
alio would Miat In ttate f rum her palaco on
tho IK'hU to tho Bcrneurh to offer a aav
rliho at tho thrlnn of tho falanOod who
titt therein. And he tald thereafter that
tho fathlou whereby I thould gain entrance
to tho himtchold of the Queen ahould bo
Then, being very weary, I went to real;
but could tlecp little for I lie ttrangonett of
the place, tho noltet tn the ttreatt, and the
thought of the morrow. While It waa yet
dark, I rote, climbed the etalr to the roof of
the boute, and waited. Presently the tuu't
raya ahot out like arrowt, and lit Uoatho
wnite woiuicr or tne marble l'htrot, wh ro
of the light inttantly tank and died, aa
though, Indeed, the tua bad hilled It Now
the raya fell upon the marble palace of th
liochiaa where Cleopatra lay, ami lit them
up till they flamed like a jewel tet on the
dark, cool botom of the tea. Away the
ligbt flew, kitting the Homa'e aacred dome,
wherein Alexander aleep, touching the
high tope of a thoutead palace and tea.
plea; peat the porUeoeeof the greet mu
te urn that loomed near at hand, ttrlklug
the lofty chrlne where, cerven of Ivory, la
the Image of the falte Oo4 Heraplt, and at
tatt teeming to lote lltelf la the vaat anal
gloomy Necropoll. Then, aa the dawn
gathered into day, the great flood
ef brlghta overbrimming tho bowl
of eight flowed Into the lower laade
and ttreeta, and abowrd Alexandria red la
the eunrlte aa the aaanlle of a hlng, and
haped aa a mantle. Tba Etetlan wind
came up from the Bwrth and wept away tba
vapor from tho harbor, to that I aaw tbelr
blue water rocking a tbouaaad ahlp. I
aaw, too, that mighty mole of the U epta
(tedium ; 1 aw the hundred of atreeta,
the countle boute, the lanumerable
wealth and apieador ef Alet aaarla, art Ilk
a queen betwixt Mareotl and tba ocean,
and dominating both, and I waa nliad with
wonder. Thl, then, wa on city la aay
heritage of laada aad rlllett Well, it waa
worth the grasping. And having tanked
my full and fed my heart, aa It were, with
tba tight of plcndor, 1 communed with
tba Holy Itia and came aowa frota the
In the chamber beneath waa key uncle
Hepa. 1 told him that I had beea watch
ing the tun rite over tba city ef Alci
"Hot" he aald, looking at me from beneath
"hltthargy eyebrowt;"and what tklnkaet
thou of Alexandria?"
"I think it It liko tome city of the Oodt,"
I answered.
"Ayl" he replied, fiercely, "arityaf the
infernal ( tlnk of corruption, a bub
bling well of Iniquity, a home ef falsa faith
springing from false heart I I would that
notcaaatoteof It werw left upon another
tone, and that Ita wealth lay deep beneath
yonder waters! 1 wcmld that Ibegul.t were
acrracalng acrt Ita tlte. and that the
wind, untainted by a Grecian breath, wept
thmga Ita ruin from ecraa to Mareotl t
O Rnjel laneahta. tet not the luxury aad
beeaty of Alexatdrla poiao thy teat; for
ia tbelr deadly air Faith perUhee aad Kelp
gVva caa bet tpread brr heavenly wiaga.
Whea the hour romee for thee to rata,
Heramacalral awa tbla arrura4 rite,
aad, aa thy father did, set up thy throe tn
the wfclta walla efMemfl PorlUlllbMi
that for Egypt Aleiaadria I but a epUradM
gataef mla.aadwhUo It adore all na
tions ef the earth ball march Urough It ta
tea atuader ef tba lead, aad all f alee faMbt
ahall aeeUa ia Head breed tba overthrew
ef Egypt' Oodt." &
latadoaoaatwer, for there waa trath la
1M wsrde. Aad yet tn ate the rlty earned
jrj fair U look aa. After wa bad eata,
myvadatcVd ate It waa aow tlaao to aet
rut te view tho anarch ef Ctecaatra, aa he
wwat la trraxtpa ta Ut abiee ef Merapta.
For altbosgh aae wvaU a, pa till wtth
tatwabeareaf thaatkldaf, yt theto aae
pie ef AUaaadrta have ao great a loraef
tbowe a&i idliag Uat had w a4 preeeitUy
att ferth by aa aeasa ew'J wa have cneae
thrrchtte prrta af the malUtda who
were al ready gelHeriag aiotgtt blgbwt)
Wbera the ta aiatt rWa M we wat
eat to tab oar pier ape a etaed, f aakie4
eg timber, Ua bad kewa baUt at te ttJa f
tao great read whwh aiercae Uroagh tie
etty, area ta the Caaepac OtU. Far tr
U tsy ctcU tad jntx, "aaed a rjrtt te eater,
atvl that Jr!y
Aad wwh etTMgVt we wa enr way
vkrctfh the great rrawde tba terra ai
ready gtkeel ta tie ttmu, UH w
reacaaw the af UaHtg ef UtttMr, waVb
waa reefed i wAh aa aw-atag al rart
hung with varlet ckxba. iter ne seated
eurteUe u;wn a tench and waltea fer
tome hour, watching the multitude prest
at, thoutltig, tinging and talking loudly
in tutny tongues. At length came soldiers
to clear the rvad, clad, after the Kman
faahUui, In coate of chain armor After
them marched heraldt enjoining ttlenoe
(whereat the populate saag and thuted all
t more loudly), and crylug Ihtl Clv
patra, th Queen, wat romlug Then fol
lowed a thousand Ollctaa skirmishers, a
ttvund Thraclant, a thvUsand MacssUv
niant, and a thoutand Oault, each armed
after the fashion of their own country
Then paaaed five hundred men ef those
who are called the Fenced Horsemen, for
both men and hcree werw altogether cor
ered with armor. Neat came yeutha and
maldrna aumptuously drad and wearing
golden crowns, and with them Image s)t
KJuIng lay and Night, Morning and N,
tbelleavrnt and the Karth. After these
came many fair women pouring rfumet
on the rvd, and elhera scattering blootu
ing fiowvra. Now there rota a great about
of "Clecpalret Cieopalre!" and I held my
breath and bent forward to tee htr Who
itfrl t.t ,.I ..m iVjft ml., .tff tla
u-,.- ..,..... .... ,..-. w .. -. a
Hut at thtt moment tha rnul'llude tn
gathered and thickened In front of wherei I
wat thtt I could tm longer clearly ten. Hj
lu my eagemett 1 leapt over tho barrier ef
the tcaffoldlng, and, balng very atrong,
pushed my way through the crowd lilt I
reached the foremost rank. And, aa I did
so, Nubian alairt armed with thick staves
and crowned with ivy leaie ran up, atrik
dig the people, Due man umro cpo l!ly,
tor ha wat a giant, and, being strong, was
Insolent bejimd tnenaure, tiuitiug tho po
plo without cauae, aa. Indeed, ia the won I of
low persona tet In authority For uU'h to
me ttood a woman, an Kgyptlan by her face,
bearing a child lu hr armt, whom tho man,
teeing thai she wat wrak, atruik en the
head with his red ao that aim tell prone, and
tha people murmutnl Hut tny bUt
ruthad of a tudden through my vnlnt at the
tight, and drowned tny reason In my
hand I held a tlaff of elite wo.xl from
Cyprus, and at the black brute laughed at
the tight of the stricken woman and her
baba rolling on tho ground, I swung the
staff aloft and smote. Ho threndly did I
ttrike that the tough tod tptit up4 the
gtant'a thout.lort and tho blovl spurted
forth, tlalnlng his trailing leavet of ty
Then, with a shriek ef pain and fury for
thosei who sinlto lovo hot that they
bo amllten -did he turn and tpilnrf
at met And all the pp)rt round
gave back, tava only th woman who
could not hse, leaving us twain In a ring, as
It were. On hecamn witharuah, and, as ho
came, 1 wing now mail, 1 smote him with tny
clenched list btwin the eyes, having
naught elaa wherewith to anillr, and lm
staggered tike an ox beneath the first blow
of thn priest'a ate, Thereat the people
shouted, for they loie to tee) a Debt, and tho
uun wat ktinwu tn thoui at a gladiator vlo
torloua In tho garnet, Oatheilng up lilt
strength, the knavn came on with an oath,
and, whirling hit heavy ataff on hlgh.stiuck
at mo In tuch a fashion that, had I not by
tilmbleneat avoided tho blow, I had turely
leeu tlaln. Hut aa It chauciNt, the staff hit
Ux.o the ground, and to heat lly that It flew
in fragment!. Thereon again thn multltudo
ahoutnl, and the great man, blind with
f ury, rushed at tne to tmlla tne down. Hut
with aery I sprang atraightat hit throat
forhowaa ao heavy a msn that! knew I
could ath()tn throw him by trength
ay, and gripped It Theiw I clung, though
hi flsU battered tne like bludgeout, driving
- .JKXiX-a
i Vt3ilL iais!
t ntn roa tmb naat naa it ruorarm.
my thumbe lata hit throat Kmind aad
round wa turned, til I at length hn fiuagktta
aelf to tha earth, trusting thus to ahake ne
oxT. Hut I held cm fast a w roJIdter
aad ever aa th ground, till at last ha grew
faint for waat of breath. Thn I, U-lng u
permoat, drave my hnra down vm LI
cbt, and, aa I lllere, ahould tkut hav
alaln him la my rage, bad not my ua la and
other there gathered fallen upon me aad
dragged me from him.
And meanwhile, though I knew It Md,
tha chariot wherela ttl the Quct, with
elephaott going iKfora and I ton a !! aflr
It, had coma even to the apot, and bi-aua
of tba tumult had Iwen hallrd, I t.ok. u;s
and that lorn, panting, my white garrrf-au
tutafd with the LU-d that bad rutted
from th" mrath and ti'ttrllt ef the mighty
Nubian, I fr.r tba first time taw Ow-patf s
fa-u fac. Her chariot wat all of gold,
ar.4 drawn by milk while t feed a. Tr-rr!o
the tat with two fair gtrt. clad In (Jfwk
attire, atendlng enacariUier t Wa faa a lag
Ur with gtltteriag fans. There the tat In
the arld Id car Oa b r head waa th rwr
ericg of It!, th go,dn boret l-twea
which retted tM mwin't round disk ar,d tb
emblem af Osiris' throne, witl tba utwut
twined around. Iteaeath the revering wat
tba vulture rap ef gold, the blue eeamel)
Wings, ari tba mltur head With gaissy
eye, under which Mr loeg, dark trettet
owed toward bee fast A boat bar rauai
d nark wa a broad Jlar ef gU eta4dd
with t9ra'da aad enraL rWsad her arm
aad wrist were bracalria ef gidd etsddad
with eeaeraAd aad meal, aad la aae head
aha bald tb holy eyatlnl ef life era eat
Ul faabtaaed ef crystal, aad la tba Mbr
tba goUea nd ,f reyalty Hrr breet wa
bare, bnt uader waa a garavtat that gilt
Ud ll'aa tha aealy ntrertng ef a eaake,
ererywUra aewa with g'tvt. Heaeathtbla
rasa wa a tklrt ef gti ttnth, half U4 by
a acarf af tba brebUmd 3k af C, fa.ittg
ia fold evea I It aaavlal tbat, faud
with great paarta, adruNt bcrwVU aad
Uay fet
AU ttl 1 eUtagraed at a gUaea, a H
were. Tba 1 lor.rd vy, Ha fanttlat
farw wti dsma C-a, ralot Kgypt
aad wat AtnxM te gira Avrssiat tba
tcwryUf f uut wx'tA. I V-Akol t-ja ti
Hwte OracUa f4rra, Urt44,
the faO, rich ).pt. tbe rusd axatrlle aad
the ear fasLWad like i'j aWiCt, I
taw U- faeeoad. krar, bead aat lr, Uy
rvisptd, dark tar fetag ta bty waw
thai eptrk4 la tba a, UUt arrVd y
bwwaa&d tttg awat lasWa. TVr M
bra ata waa ta rratvr af her ttsaarW
sbatt. Tbar hi, rat IX wot4rf4 efta,
bieMt baa V Cyfria rbrt yea taal
Mttatx ta tMtt ai4 bread ea aserat bUt
krtnYnyr jsf
a night broods ur, tha datert, atd yet at
the night to shift, dre atd t-e HWminrd
by cleaitis ef sadden apleatWf Un within
their atarrr deidhs. All tbo wunders I
aaw tiKvl(tt I have amtlt skill U leUieg
theta. Hut evea then I knew thtt It waa
eel I these chat ma alea that the
might of Orepnlre'e beauty lay ttata
er wat tl la a glory and a ts.ll.
anca cast through th Iteahy rvvittc
f rem tba fierce s.ul wtthla. Fr she was a
Thing ef flame likn unto whlth no wviwaa
hath eier beea aivreter wlUt- Uvra whea
she nrwdrd, the fire f her qaWh heart
shone through her Hut when she we-Ve,
and the llgrtlnlng lept au.tJcnty fren hsr
eye, and the ak lade a iuo of her
tcch rhlmed upoo her lips, ah lh oh.
ftn tell boer Cleovttr aeeateil' For In her
utet all the tpleadot Ihtl hate t-Nin gttra
to woman for her glery, aad ail thegilut
With h man hat drawn trMu lleavva. And
with them dwelt eieryetllol that greater
sort which fearing nothing ad Making a
tuorktit Una, bath tkit aa.t,tea for Ita
placa of play, and,, watered the
growth of lit dlres with the itch t)d
of men. In her hiaaal th retbemt, tv
gether faahloulag thai Cln,Mlra whvwt no
matt may draw, and jet whom no rhan, hat
Ing teen, eter can forget They faahkxmt
her graud at theHlMt ef Hternt, hitejr aa
Lightning, cruel aa Pradience, yt With a
heart, and ohat ahe itfct ta Vntiwit, U to
thowuiid when audi anether rwtnratdeursa
Per a moment I met Oeovlia't eye aa
she Idly Ix-nl herastf to Itnd tha Itiluull a
CuUae .lirtratthej wei somler nd itlW,
though they saw, n(le), I-mV tha bialn led
naught Then tliey awoke, and Ihoir tstf
idor seemed to chrV the vr
of the ae changes when Ilia water la
shaken First, there waa anger wrtttea In
them, ttatt an h notltg, then when aha
t'-oked UpkMt the huge bu k of the man w boot
I ba.t overcome, and Wjiewr him for the
gla.llator, setuvlhlng, rt hanes, thai waa
not far flora wonder At lh let at they
eoftrned, Ihoiuh, Indeed, Iter fa chstactd
not a wit Hut he who wouid lead l'io
patia'a tnlnd had liiovl to wstih her eyes,
for her rvuiitciiaiico tarlol but a ItMle.
Tximlnif, she said some words to her gtlaida.
Ttiey caltia for srd and led tnn to her,
wlille all thn multitude Wallod slleully to
sihi ma slain
I atord before her, toy arms foldM en my
blraat Oiercomn though I Waa tit the
Wonder ef her lotelll,.-, 1 hated t Ml)
liearu mis woman ti in) oatevi to riutlie utt
self In Ihedreasnf lata tttla uui-r wbe
sat iiin my throne, this wanton suusiuler
Ing the wealth nf Kgtpt In iharietsaud
ifuniea When ale had lm-ke.( in nter
I HUH tho head 10 the fiwl ah" ajiakn in a
tow full Xiilco and In thn tongue of Khetiit,
which aha alonn ha.t loamn,! of all the lg
III if,
"And Who and what art lUnj, koptUn
for Kgjpllan I ao thou art olm dsreat to
smite my tlatn when I make prvgteaa
Ihiough hit t It) I"
''I aia lUrmachls," I answered, txd.tly
"llarmaclita tho aatmloger, aitoptitt ami nl
tho High Priest and Hoternor (if AImUiIs,
who am come l.llker to ae. h my fuituua
I amolo thy slave, O Quean, a cauae for loi
fault he struck down thn woman yonder
Ask of lli.vse who saw, Itiyal Kgypt '
"Hartiiathlsi'shataidt "the i.aiti hath
a lilgheimndand thmi has I a high lisik,"
And than tpeaVIng tn a soldier who hail
seen all. aha bade hint tell her what had
MBia tit taat, Thlt ho did truthfully, being
friendly dltsed toward me, listraute I had
oterwmq the Nubian Therwua l turned
and a poke with the girl l-etrlng tbl tan who
stwd betid Iter a woman having tilling
hair and hy, dark eye, trf tvautiful to
ee. Tha gill answered aomrwhat. Then
Cleopatra bade them Urlag thn alava to her
Ki Ihey led forward th giant Who had
found hi breath agata, aad with hiai tha
woman whom he bed emit lea down
Thou dog I" aba aald. In theaamalew
voice; "thou reward I who, being tiring,
dldiltmlUidnwn Ihia womaa. and, balag a
coward, watt nverthmwanf tblsjeuagman
Men, thou, I will tarh thra manner,
Hemwforth, whea thou snllasl Wusneu, It
hall be with thy left arm. Mn, guard,
aeltn thlt black coward aad atlika tff bit
right hand "
And htrcommaad aivaa, aha aank barb
in brr golden rhriol, aad again the riatid
gatlired In hr evea. Hut the gaard
eeiteiltha giant, aad, aotwltbttaadtg M
crtea aad prayer for matey, truck oeT tut
btnd wtta a tword uia-a the wood ef tha
tH-aaTottllng,and be wat carried away grnea.
Ing. Tbea the prneatba aaaved tai agala.
Aa It went tha fair woraee with tb faa
turned her head, caught my rye, had tail 14
ami nwldad ae though aha rajoarmt, whereat
I wondered eoasawhet
Tha paiple rbrd elan and made)!,
say Ing that I tbnuld aooa f aetlca atrolgy
la taa palata Hut aa ea a wa might I
and my uacle earapd,ad made inrti
back to Ibe buaae Ail lis whlla be raUd
tne for my raahnattt but aasa w raane
wltbla the (hamhr of tba hoata ha eaa.
braced ma ativ rJron greatly, laNnatst
with ao IlilJa hurt to tuyselflkad levrr
thrown tha glsnt
I to ae ooatiecia)
Tb VsaMsx aaer!.
The vetxwn of tha raUleanaba baa be
frerttly mtfla the tbj,t uf tt'fly, ta.!,
whlla Ita actfe aa a irsiMtm In Ue gew
rally rcfKdd, avua wrltr btva raj
davsvl Ut tjta It rffolrt at a drag
Hurgaoa I. A. W add el). M II . ht rll
t Un araillag bimsalf af bit epav.flajtHU
rl to durtrJtMt a !t arifsad wbscb tl
wMld aw thtt mueh urrsetalaty atMlad
theeriaiit ajuestloa i-t te ffe-t fcf sr
prril rearCI ti the aarpeat th
Tb ettr1innl geaarali ftutrm a4 rt.
lead tha priMU fufmkltUd by Fe1ana,
In 1716, thai the retM It s-Hber a oaj
t4tiitatlr Itfjf, tutr te tt"a avf He eaa
tptvtet. Thl llnsaaaitr may raatll ffivai a
tJeralVineatabtlabad tbrotigk frst sa
Mbita af tha vean la tba m-tuitt-i tit at.
teautted fwm whUh It ataaau wbaa flted
with ana tar y aad gasuvt Joissa aad ai
aerbad tkrt,ga tba a:iaaaury eaaat If
tilt byawtbaaU raa ba vertat by fartbar
aapsruaaata. It will g far brwardeeflWdag
xtlkaaiaa Inf tatabatiag tba aetata) af tb
Tttaaeiatai Y ldfr
Tbara are wW4a ht ladla, aad
ae the) maJMrti at Aasriae take
siaVrr tea, U greaUr afl f the
bta wbtivwa ae tti-4r A HiAnn
wv4w radiant remarry dit, eirea if her
bfrsbaal die bafsr tba tti ay tf
rtege. If eba t MfX4 sllwa.waaad
ta wawbaitl far tbaraatvf brbfa A a
wUa-ar be tsvst gtye ay a-'i tba t?rit
fa (k. ai-14 KL mI a.a s.aa a.
. .nnr , W-mt ...". ... M"... T-WT
jewalry, a-r r tS t-a a kd, aa4 fa ta
raataf Mr lif tba bavena U tara f kf
avobr la taw' fatally fib l ry bar-
aij tai rav.aa a-t Iran i-rri.
'1"1', wtt4 As trv lalak It taa avattm '
I Witt. vy uuis W7 r Wty,rJ"es-fya
' rUd atagatta, aa1
jf " -' " .-i- '
J aaisagffnaattjageftttf tJUaaknairfr'.gf
tUf, ptd ftt. g a aeabaW atxerrw af IrrWaatt'
Hy I taa ttVrUl itrv,4 tf bV
' aveaial )evfta-14 - -Ah, DU a taVaad I
iawi tj, trt saw -avwaa i wao trx
Mr ettwtvh aa.t dtgeatlv errant ware ta
ernrvate aute ef ifl.vtdrr atd tit titer
and ttl . tiy4 at t ( thai sd ta
peaert to llx snexl drsl, tlwtrtH, which
woatt alwtvs t at in .tii,"e t di
tl.'a 1 aurtrir.1 llvmi twral stnt
toy aittent Iwamn t4fr.l. rWk
trwlavfetndltdnlcraiitaia HI ativxi,,a
weiw rvmmoa, aa W liratwal akin ervip
ttant, aad no w,Mtn tanrrl lrta ta
sralwaMi of aur set as I it si I n aa,Wf
IrralKient u( st1l ph,at-lana and alto
Utnl a wiwb adtllad sarsrrlita tlh
ril tti Vaatsppatenl relief bwl laaled any
hAtltS Uvaim wtMs. I rvlwtaalli cw
iHttM to try HttU s rurprMi t- et
d.v ivettn-e. iwelt waa strvge tKn jr
ether and I felt a warntlfa U.tNuV mi wvii
ttem le(.Mw had Kalat4l Irwnist Ut
tie I txwan U ltvvi t hat rxtlr ltv
ilholU,andew lay tnetlt taardtsnlKl,
iV twela tegttWr, and y dtctl sa
an.v aa II eter wt My hewlt.V v.
ether HiwWm ht twit as. I aa Wtlrt hate ttt for tea yeats ,t f
ld, Mt .-., ;t
Wataa ts thara)et titwtty IKu
f ef iay twd la-Uta" la titvr ad
rfmtuatli ertvrs ritl-Mt 1tg bsiilnl
etf lhat.als fer III Hir-aH W
A wa wh.t ha ptactlrtxl nedtcla fee
yvars. oufht I knew l llos tutai, ltwi
what he sa)s
Toiiwv tt , Ja lat
kltaiss F J Cattat A ..
hat bo-tt In the re'el pia. U
ittftlllftA UiAat at trls Sta.t a,1.
sat that In att my pf .ti.- and raiM""
ImID never stvw prtreilii that I tavwa.1
'tes,'rHe With tnlH taltdaitl swo
teas as I cu llall's I'aUirh tNtre. ,hulMl
uitl by )tnt Hate m.iU,( llagttxl
Ittsnt linwa and Its er7etlt W wtttnWrfal, aad
would aay III u. lu). that I hate )ttJ
find a caof t'aUrrh that It wtWaM hett'Via
M Ibey w twild take It ay'Vtirdlng tdln tlraaa
Yours lllll), t. I. OoMW,ht I,
OrU.-, IiiMxmiHll ht
We wilt give tt fr attt ael tVtlaith
that caa not ! tnol with Hall's I'atarih
t (w laketi lnteiiU
P J t'inatt A ts Prep , Tv4do O,
ltd.1 by t(ufUts tNo
Tne tjerryut timidity et bride end
fitiMMt e M r.l raplsles, slin it a
i.aluialtur titttia.tiMg ivarttea to ha a
shrinking manner lullltiuxw
l'MMrl a at4r ra4,
TwvnP,oivia Pinaaetaforwi tarrti
era ll. at I liatwa alllt lotnedir tr t)
eh-ltu tiantol ttisevaaa ly (ta tllr) ttM
tlKHlaanda ol hiWfa ! hat ! 1
Uialii-ntli vifvl I ahall m (la.t to il low
l)llle nf wtf r,tvrtr loa'tl' fl )twil
J rr-!-r Who faat tviaUmpllo If mj will
t soi ute u.eir etitreaa ant lt i
d I M
, aioa l Hll
T A hat a, M I
Pearl street Nw Wrk.
Hl'ttntsa ar mhert
ful the slalemeat
that a Ursna imHttei ' $-- liter ' aia
roltf to lit diaa Kowa-laya P?tt
Wr mnvtat rntly and th drvgg ttl
said ) dldlt t hate at.) (If lu a it orin
llvatrtiyers, tml wlen I saldlwnaldn I tat
any iillter, It said htt wnwtd get aotti.t ti a
lew i))s. and It ttdl I kiH lariat lr
Ilull'a Wnrtit lealrw)e wilt do, arol will
luil gtv my t hlMmt an) ollrt-r. dra, It,
JiUir, Mta., l,d(
IVmt itnasfha It Is tti say a man Is "I
tlitittl to tt Uald When a aan ta tavvx
ImiiImU It la quit against hla lrilaatlf
- a
No s.)ar has ret txieei llrillatl a rtUfh aa
iMilitna' F.ltollW Hwp Ihi snaikfl It
id IllilUUotia I In laiaful thai li4 ara sk-1
wm.ii 'J H I stilus, niiia.Uli.hia a.d
New Votk, It ttainpnl lt vvvry bar
UlMt miatutis thatawliertla fnr nl4-ra
si In atlUy tBiaJI butlMsaa - X Plfl
In' a,
Mtasn urgatlva tvawadlaa ara fast g-.i
way to tha p-ettli aellow aad 1.1IUI sta tl
I il.-r's l,liUa Ia piu, If yoa y Ihsaa,
Uf) wllUwiUlnt,) plawtayva.
k - a
Wet a Frettlbltlttalti
lb t.wii W itiaM t In water
a eat ba paJal
hamtoa lltubllcai.
Tnt Team "IMara's JawAial fWaas'1
a-1 dlrtaily on th eegaat at tba tabs.
ltey hat an ratranrtfinari srTt la all
disorder of Ibelhrtaat.
Tn avaragw wallr batta a tray, ttt Ute
(carder gaa.rallr gnd Mm piayjag taa
dssata lllag haiawte ltle
Vmr fVMe sad Hreklii with HtW't
Mmey nf thrd and Tar
llka'a 1 uelijtw l Drtr Caa ia aae oilauWa
Ir I a .try flrtag laded xao wba t
hat a a bad H aad avt bate tba laiaeata
-ajraevat UavaM
.Ttvtl, wbn wish l I
hemtd buy Caitr' J
Fatty piu ia a vUf, eely
Mi mih
tritst etdUf bmd I the fllr)' paaiatx
avwl tvf aatabwatpt af atsrurt - Ftth.
m I rfaratte r l"aaa Radawataat FMlHs
H Tliea. Hartlatd. Ct f I) H hat
April May
OriMttsataaaalaaaaaMsartrr rat4
lnw taa l-a. a-n aita las il ttas
sys ttil lasawsa. It sm4 la a t$ mt aae ti.f
IU ihiw i a li, as4 last a,a tMs
ftsa it tat af a t want asttasa Netiaaax
rsma ( taHl ataatat a-i -if ta.4 awt
ta t-tt, S 0wm4 tsaw a ta t
! a raamaa, i smvm a antabtewf
st laat, fw It lata ktaaittaal aa,
'arsasiasH a
i taatta was aary t- t aa tasa
- aataeiinax ii tr It t aarsasattr I ta
ISsaMKln. II ta , H,f r aaat 14
taaa-iif ftaa I aaaa staaa s at
slaaw ra grux. ri as -ai
! e Mrfaet,jtaaa.a t
a a. a w a
a4 aA arajawaaa. Hi
f C I. la-aew a Cf, Liaaaat ktaas
WMxt VviMPf
lii nuK mi tr-n mmm atai
Tutt's Pills
VarltaiL HioxOatii. thmmtii.
FrnjuLcSivuiS aCxUiii
f Naaaa, aa aa eat aaara ant a 1 1 1
oaoao aaadka immmif. 9f i
Ityt um m
atf Ms-t etaawalt,!.
- - r atextaa
iw - wa-wtaxaawaaaaa
Hotti lha metrwwl arwTreatilU rfa)
H v ni t nf Kiga U Uk en i ll it laa-wa
aiu ivfteahlngM thU, aiwloctd
renUjr yet indtr tin trie KMne;,
titer an Ihtwele, rleaitaeo Iha era.
trm rlTcctuallr, IUU CJ.K lwMttl
t.Ai au.l few eivl VMraaKaMlHai
rtwttltiwlliHt. Hi rtiit rat t'bje U lr
mil- trri.jf of Ha Via. I ova? mt
iliiceal, 4ewlttt .i K I git.f ajtv
ccjtlalda Is) tha iinvarl, tYtj, h
Ita ncllon a ut I ttul- rwiterVUlUlhl
rllerlt, tre-rvl .oy fttiai ilia nwa4
Iteallhjr ami ajtrreaUa aMrwHaavao,
lit utany eirellenl rtiabo tieM
twrtnl it lit at) ll Ita to ir.U k
Ihe mo! taMittlar rnte.y Inown.
hrnip nf Klgo U for aal In fAi
nil 1 1 Ullle.f all Wa.lng(frug.
uiita. Any refUMd tlrugut bt
may Hoi lie a It on Kaiwl will ,.
etna t tnviojit)y Htr mmy nna wh.
Ultra In If It t Hoq ncvei,
au- eulxllliilrs
auromt m srnur ca.
ragaotav. f i,
" -"- ' '-rni'iniiHli n t.naa, a gai,.,,
flltOX tlXft
Chmhiic Couon NOV!
re II a 4 a ti aaar tatt tan taa
Mr,.. ps.. immmflt a,.aytaa,
at. raaaiir. a )& fi ll
IMS H Mtlallts
trf lnrw 4 l.ltrr INI m4
ng Istsaaat at
ll a alavai a Maaaatt ttltO Pa
tai iaa
H a4Mi4 Oat
a aadaal
Scntt't FntiliiM
ITa aes a lasliaitasa, M b gaaaaxaai
.itt.i., Mtiattol. ..iiiiikm i, J
ta raw trwasv a teo I
Oodileaa?INMVaaUM , , MOaeAj.
Owe faa d VaaaalaoOaaaaiaf lt,t OU.
(turn iao rf VaeaJlae C4deaa-.l iha.
a ar at a
tVaaaaaaa aa ts
v ta rTasH tat t ar sa aaa
t ewrt aaa-nawwe, a a m kaMaaawa)
aoawat a aw af a gawa art jtw
seaaatataat a la asjae bawat ad aV, t
faat taatlin itead be H a I Ml ,
HitoVwal t Wt) Iwawl M) Si f
"WrMseTWrwC vUffwi
vlaaTC WWwW ! WW
fl WflMVl IV MNM
THdJ lrl tJrMH ttrPfW
lft WVefda anwrlMlolf
the CMPrCic 4 miMcbTt
KW Ml H ItOlfS
a aay waa
J ( a ta
at lata aarfavtt ea fe
It wi taaai a
W aW 'awaWt BwfJHP
xatwia t as as
at M aataiaaaas
a at BBTWtxaxrxaar
paaeritgtt iftiesti
ajaeSM.f .aaaa eiaaaiaa-
mm-t SMaaWat k ( i4 iwS iMms7ii 13
e" fr ej t- a4 m S-, aw at
IP7 aia. aaT'JVW, !a?ft
aaasa tntt s
aaat iWla. a
T aaaawBBBBn BpOJBaaapaaaBBBBw a
'i 9W aHavaa awiw Bt-alxV
rcuurr m
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"taTjb-, iafaxftd
I' --,
Tinimliyin iaf s itltfra " it
-uM-wudmMit&sw ihttiwrwtf'T''"JM"M''"w
...i in ii aaiyaww
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