The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 06, 1889, Image 1

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OUR MOTTO :" Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty' and One Dollar is the Price of The Chief.
Vol. 17.
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, December 6, 1889.
No. 19.
being foolish enough to buy
too many overcoats
while in market, and rattier
than carry over a lot
will sell all heavy weights
at wholesale cost. We handle
Selz Bock bottom shoe
sold every where for $ 3
tb if has been our price
but will sell you them for
next sixty days at $2 . 50
giving you the best shoe
ever offered for the money
every pair warranted
also offer you as usual
100 cents worth of goods
for one dollar, in other linep
our underwear, for selection
and prices, can not be beat
and we allow no one to undersell
us on boots and shoes
clothing is our line, and we make
a business of it
we also keep a big stock of piece goods
and make up suits to order
giving employment to people at home
come in. we make no charge to
show you our goods and give
you prices.
Restaurant and Lunch Rooms.
Oysters and Ice Creani in Season.
Meals & Lunches
We make fresh every day Ladyfingers, Jelly Rolls, Dough
nuts, CooMes, Bread, Cakes, Pies Buns, Etc.
Boarding and lodging by day or week.
Jos. Herburgeb, Prop.
enterprise as
H CIABKE President, Albany. N.T.. J. A. TUUiST.pTice-Preaident
Robt. V. SHIBEY, Treasurer.
-nATTk TTD n dTWST QZH fifll
Ited Cloud, Neb. Albany3ew York.
II Clarke, Albany. New York Geo R. Beach, BalstonSpa 2J.Y.
Wi H. Eobon, Albanv, N. Y. E. S. Francis, Pittield. .Ma
B.V Shirey D.M.Piatt B.V. Hiubland. J. A. lulley 3I.B.McXii
On improved farms ia-NebraiKaatid Kin-is. Sloncv furnished as soon a ti
securitv 1 approved. Pnncpal ana interest payable in B.ed Cloud
George Watsons old
stand where we make a
specialty of educating
vounc horses for track
or roacl. Call and see ns,
"Not a drum was beard
Not a funeral note
As his corps to the ramparts
we hurried,
Not a soldier discharged hifl
farewell shot,
O'er the grave where our
He ro was burned."
See? "N'uf Ced."
Things are beginning to cool off a
little since election. The Democrat
are getting used to their new quarters
inside the big 8 and "every thing is
lovely aad the goose hangs high"
most to nigh for farmers making a
iivinc (?) raising 14c corn.
Frank Pierce is now safely toasting
his toes in Arkansas having departed
for Chat "land of wine and honey
some time ago.
H. U. Bode is the champion bad
luck man of Walnut having lost bogs
and cattle this fall until von can't
rest, buch pluck and
his deserves better returns.
Walnut has an S of its own and it
don't feel very "big" either.
It is said that Nick Blankenbaker
spends four thirds of his time cussing
himself for not getting married soon
er. When he has been married as
long as Dennis however his regrets
will take a different turn.
Speaking of vacancies there is a
'vacancy" in our school treasury.
The present beard had thought of
attempting to hold a seven months
school this year but upon counting
their cash they found that they had
barley enough money o run a six
months school andr-'yxLiy close shav
?ng at that. Prettj tough is'nt it to
pay a 35 mill tax ou account of
school aid then only have a sis
months school.
As before remarked by Dennis
bonds come high.
As remarked by that worthy sage
Joe Garber, "experience is a bully
teacher but it generally comes to
late." The question uppermost in
the mind of Dennis at present is sup
posing district 3 had paid out $50 for
school books this year whether we
would have been able to hold any
school at all.
Uncle Joe Holcomb has left us to
go Red Cloud to show the native s
thereabouts bow to run a livery
The vacancy thereby caused on the
school board has been filled by the
appointment of G. N. Blankenbaker
as director of district 3.
alnut in general and S. D. 3
is in particular, holds out grat in
ducements for settlers our taxes
will "settle" anybody.
Jim ancc is new sitting up
nights with the question " ith which
party shall I next cast my influence"'
In 87 he was an "ante monop" in 83 a
republican, in 89 a democrat. Next
vear he will embrace Belva Lockwood
(figuratively speaking) unless he
comes over to the faith of Dennis -viz
the Prohibs.
For the first time since the world
began there was no Thanksgiving
dance on Walnut Whats up- Hew
ever the signs all indicate that a good
many of the natives will "dance" be
fore spring. The dance trill be some
thing of a stern raality.
As predicted by a good many our
road machine is a good deal of a fizzle
Everybody who ha& put a team on it
has exhausted himself in an effort to
find breath enough to cuss it. It is
claimed by some that the action of
the town board wa? illegal and there
in talk of repudiating the contract.
It i whispered that K. D. 25 will
get t:alf the lumber that comes into
Walnut during the next two years for
'road purposes. It was not always
' thus but it is a long lane that has no
turn .
"As it was ia the beginning is now
and ever promises tr be" rcy namt is
Cloaks,Furs,Dry GoodslNotions
The Largest Stock, the Latest Styles and
Prices !
Will be found at
Butter and Eggs taken in Exchange for . Goods.
Don't forget the place, first door South
of Dickerson's Ess: Store.
Moon Block.
ah boi .
A veiy enjoyable entertainment was
held at the residence of Judge Tron
key, one mile west of Amboy. on last
Monday. It being the nccassion of
Mrs Mary Laws 5Sth birthday. Mrs
Law being the recipient of a very
handsome pie sent from Mrs Trtnkev.
X.X. X."
A pleasant surprise party was held
1 at the residence of J. TJ. Cleghorn, at
' about ten o'clock thrre Gr four iragons
representing cme five families of
bis nearest neighbors drove up and
took full possession . After a song
prayer was offered and then the tsble
was spread with an old fashioned din
ner which they brought with then
and a geaeral good time was enjoyed
by thoe present. Stru.
The citizens ef Kearney held a rous
ing railroad meeting last week, at
which Tvas thorobtrhiy Aiscned tha
prospects of a road leading off south
east. nearl along the liuu of the old
Santa Fe "survey, the plan seems to
anticapate the deep water harbor on
the gulf coat, and the object to get a
line of railroad in operation by the
time it is accomplished. Kearney cit
izens have been skirmishing aronnd
dotvn in Kansas, looking up and talking
ing up roads, and have struck a line
which is favorably located, and one
towards which the people are favorably
inclined. This is a line from Hntchtson,
Kan to Kearney, ; and on nortnwest to
the Black Hills. From Hutchison, sontk a
road is now in course of construction,
called the Hutchison, Oaaaha Gnlf road,
and for quite a distance is completed.
Tni line being supported by the Rock
Inland, and itisaidthey would be plaJ
to tak hold of the line northwest from
Hutchison up ttirouglt Minden, Kearney
and on to the Black Hills. There tems to
be two good routes from Kearney to
Hutdii-on. The first, or western route,
would passsonth to Minden and cross the
Repneliean river at Riverton. It would
pas through a large number of towns.of
which Smith Center, Downs, Ellsworth,
Lyons end Hutchiwn are county seats
The eastern route would pass through
Minden, cross the Republican at Red Cloud
and strike Mankato, Beloit. Lincoln.
Ellsworth, Lyons and numerous smaller
towns. The county seats have from 2000
to 3000 people and Hutchison has 16,000
Th country traversed i very rich. This
line is worth looking after by the city of
Mind"- And the time to act is while the
scheme is boiling. If it is a good enongh
roai for Omaha to look after it is pretty
near good enough for the people out this
wav. Minden Gazetta.
Tiler is nothiDs parents should be s carefu"
aitavix as selecung a cough syrup Bc
Clicrry Couh sprup (.oats no morr T::r.n tos
cheep and Inferior nomin thrown a the '!! best is itne to good, be ire autl
ke? :t on liaad at all tiwes. C. L. Cottins
Look at that natural wool under
wear at Berg & Galusha's
K. V.SniREV, Pres. Henry CLAEKE:Yico-Pres. Jxo. II. SiiiKEr, Cashici
Howari B. Cather, Assistant Cashier
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Transact a general blinking business, bay and sell county warrants; alst
county, precinct and school district bonds. Buy and sell foreign exchange
.las. McNeny. J. A.TulIeys, Gr. W. Lindsey. R. V. Shirey.
John R. Shirey. E. F. Highland.
Henry Clarke, A. J. Kennoy.
Hacker & Parker,
Heal Estate and Loan Broker,
Real Fstate bought and sold.
Money Loaued on farm chattels and personal paper.
County, Township and School District Bonds Bought Long time Commer
cial aper, a specialty Also, solicits Collections
Office in Kaley Block, over Perkins Hard
ware Store, Red Cloud.
New Jewelry
Webster St. west aide, window in Haines' furniture store,
S. M. SEAL, Prop.
Jewelry, Watches, Cloeks and Spectacles. Repairing Watches nd fitting
Spccticles a specialty. Call and see me, at Spokesfield's forme stand.
s- k