The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 11, 1889, Image 1

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Vol. 17.
J-1 -u.'-'tj..-1
More for Less Money
Of Southern Nebraska,
ere buyers in need of following
&3ines, Better Goods and at Lower
' ' Price than ever,
- And it will save you money if you
will call and examine stock
and prices of his
Men's Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Trunks and Valises,
We are always ready to make good any errors, or refund
monuy for goods, if upon examination they are found dif
ferent than represented, before goods are worn.
trsrvws r x
lfe8 1300IS
UU id Boots
Bill !
"We have rumored (o onr NEW QUARTERS jost North of the F. & M
Bank and now have the
Largest Stock of Boots nd Shoes
Ever scea in KcQ CIoaiL and they will be sold at prices that will make
, Ultra go fast, in fact we are going to
Sell our Goods Cheap for Cash !
Wo have Iho largest stock
Red Cloud,
.'.jfj-'x 'Ji'gwaa u.jlijjijuw '.'..l'.hj.
tter !
and warrant onr stock.
Webster County, Neb., Friday, October 11,
jbuui ti-j.jliji mjj'jb tanw
RiiNtlcd ti)-Our Alert Heport'-rn, aud
Prepared for Our Readers.
Bound Looks at Deyo's for li."cts
Mrs Josselyn of Orlcnn?, was in the city
this week.
Mrs. John 'O. Yei.-er went to Omaha
Business is picking up lively in Red
cloud just now.
A new stock of gold pens and holders
just opened atCottings.
A. W. Rnst of floliin-1 county Kansas,
is vi siting his ut.clo L. II. Kuit.
Book binding done at this office. If yon
hae any old books, bring them in. tf
(Jotting will sell you all the Caxton Edi
tion of 12 mo. books that you want for 25
ct per copy
When L. H. Rust can't find yon a place
in the floral hall for every thing you bring
it is sure to be full.
Our officers have been busy hunting Hel
ler, the counterfa; tor, this week bnt they
can not even got n clew.
Wm Parkes has had his shop fixed up
nicely and can now be heard singing:
"John Brown's body lies moulding in the
grave while his 'sole' goes marching on."
All pocket knives that I sell are warrant
ed. I do not pretend to sell at cost bnt I
Gell lower than any house in town.
C. L. Coxtiko.
John B Shirey, cashier of the First
National Bank, Ellis Shirey, and D. F. Par
ker of nacker ft Parker the grocers were
o ji west on a hhootiug exposition this week
they report a good time.
On Tuesday night at the Demorest con
test, Misa Pearl Skecn took the medal.
There were eight others in the contest.
The medal was very handsome and very
much appreciated bv Miss Perl.
Pap Rust takes exceptions to our state
ment about cnickens last week at the fair
and says he was "thar"' with a few pallets,
and that B. F. Kellogg and charley Seeiy
exhibited some nice chickens. Good.
We arc pleaded to make the correction Pap.
J. W. Honeycntt end n. W. Gulliford
have purchsedthe real estate and loan busi
ness of Mr. Stowe. and will enter the busi
ness at once. Both gentelmcn are enter
prising, and will make the fur fly in the
loan and insurance '"biz", the Cbicf wish
es them success.
The Grand Army boys had a very interest
ing meeting Ia-t Monday evening at which
time they wusterpd in a number of new re
cruits. After the work Imd been finished
the W. R. c Indies came in npon them and
gave them a grand banquet . A very pleas
ant time was the result of the evening.
A $SO wntehfor$3.'.
At one t1olliri'rw'k. Call on L. H.
Wallace, jowlerawd official watch examin
er for B. M. R. R.
Republican fan ma.
The electors of Batin township are
requested to meet at the Anderson school
house on Saturday afternoon at two p. m.
October l'.tth for the purpose of placing
in nomination candidates for township
James Asdebson, Committeeman.
Now that the .smoke of battle has cleared
away, the half dozen slain, quietly buried, and
the ucort; of wiuiiiried made comfortable. e are
teinuing to Oil up the line of march to tlicl
pons in oveinner. iconic oi I lie boys goon
crutches yet, but we apprehend (we stalwarts)
that on the ee of the election the crutches wil
all be discarded, and next day we will roll up
one of the Wctcst majortlcs yet recorded in this
me uanuer township oi our cunry.
Our fallen half dozen foil while pnde.-nnrintr tn
lead the forlorn hope of the Jonesites. Now,
not one word of fault have we to find w ith Mr.
Jone, who is a perfect gentleman, but when
he wants Office he would do .veil to steer clear
of the faction who compassed his overthrow this
time by their supposed supjiort. ('.')
uuriauen neroes nae visitou us in gnnsuy
and mysterious wIiisiKirincs for a few niehts
since the convention. Jlireatenmp dire tengaii'-e
in.Hn me party ior Having nominattii uuiniiit I,
hut as our fellows h-ive but little reverence for
these restless, disembodied spirits, the ghosts
nave eeasen 10 w.iik ami eiiauer upon oar
streets ami now all uoes juoothlv on as in the
olden times Kocicirr.
A Good Coukh Syrup.
There is nothing narents should be so careful
alKiut as selecting a coiu;Ii syrup. IScjks'
Cherrv Cough jinip i-osts no more tho
cheep" and inferior nostrums thrown on the
market. "J'he hest is nae to good, he sure and
keep it on hand at all times. C. L, Cotting,
Here Yerlb "W ire.
Adam Morhort the popular hard
ware man has just received a car load
of Gliddcn barb wire, winch he is
going to sell very close for cash.
Call and sec him at once if you want
"What will you do with all the
clothing, etc., is asked every season
of C. Wiener, but when one sees that
the piles of goods are way down at the
end of the season wc do not wonder
what induces the Golden Eagle to lav
in such heavy htoeks. People appre
ciate big stock? and much more the
low prices that are always given by
C. Wiener.
rHta4 sZZ
syrrr; t7"-:?
'awmm.t.ii.'ijiii aVi.. .tm .siM-maE'A.'ui ' '.n v .i
I, nit a Soldter, Vote l!t- Republican
in April im;i the war begun. That war gate
to men aud parties a recoid, Truethoe men
aud parties after they trade this ivtonl could
reform, but Iimk at the rect.n! of the democrat
ic party during and ince that time and .ste if
liter! is any evidence of a reformation.
Who in the nortticru .states talked iigiWist
and tried to discourage enlistments. The dem
ocrats. Who said the war was "w ickcd,un!:ury.di.ibcl
leal The dehi'icats.
Who org.uiied riots agattist the dni!t, The
Wboo.giai.i: t-jciC-I t.oitt i-i :nu'.' rt'i
northern states 'fiie Kuighisof the :ol. i. Cir
cle &c ) that give all the aid and comfort they
could to the Kehels m the south. The demo
crats, Who openly in their national platform in the
fall of!8GJ, the darkest days of the war, the
time when all men who could not say an thing
to lighten the gloom that wa settling like the
pall of death over the loyal hearts of the north
should at Ic-ast bae kept their mout!s shut, de
clared thatthc war was a failure. The demo
No man thinl-.s more of nor can give nt-jre
honor to the thousands of democratic soldiers
then In the Held (of which I was one) who open
ly aud by their actions declared this statement
to be a lie than I do.
To give aid and comfort to an enemy in time
of w ar is t reason. To what party did those per
sons who gue aid and comfort to the soiuh be
long? The democrats.
Who were willing that all of the whites, the
learned aud the ignorant alike who were all dis
loyal, should have the right of franchise aud the
c dored men who weie all loyal should not have
the right to vote. The democrats.
Who byintiuddation and threats drhe the
colored men from the polls today. The demo
crats. The United States lave made more progress
since 18GI than in twice tbo time before. Who
have almost invariably fought every measure
in congress that was introduced in the inter
ests of the people or the nation. The democrats
In allnieasuies or bills that have been hitrj
duced or passed by congress in favor of the old
soldier or the colored people of the south, wno
have to the amount of TO per cent at least voted
and worked sigaiust such measures. The dun.v
Who almost to a man Lave voted for all such
bills. The repulihcans.
Who during the last two j ears of Cleveland's
administration any, day while congress wax in
session, in course of a tew hours h.ueial.en up
and a law that would have taken thou
sands of o'd soldiers from the poor ot
the land and, thus avoided disgracing the na
tion by allowing anyone wno had given the
hest years of his life that his country might
live, to go down to the grave in 6orrowand dis
tress. The Democrats.
When i ou hear anyone swearing ut the old
soldier element, or crying "fraud" ii ucision
matters. scratch his hack and you will find him
nine times oi:t of tea a democrat.
Whenever a Tew sore-headed npubl.ctT;-,n:i
account of purely personal matters wish to de
feat a part of their own ticket, an honest man
and life-long republican what, do they do? An
swer. They scud for a Doctor and take the dem
ocratic ticket and sugar coat it by placing a sol
itary old soldier on it in lace of the man 'Ley
wish to defeat
Willthe old soldiers and the people of this
county walk up to the ik1!s and swallow t his
sugar coated pill.
Yours for the right.
O. It. Dowxs.
First National Bank.
In the State of Nebraska, at the close of busi
ness. Septembers), 1889.
Loans and discounts
13MS0 1
G,-M2 S
, 1S,7..0 0
. C.403 2
SM 18
12-vrj 21
1.VW3 17
U. S. bonds to secure circulation
Other stocks, bonds, aud mortgages.
Hue irom appmveu "- , I
hrre agents 9,GW.T8I
Due from other National (
Hanks r93,43J
Due from shite b:nks and bankers..
i.wl .( tiiniitnn:iiiil lixtlUVS...
Current expenses aud taxes paid....
lTetmunis pain
Checks and other cash items
1J57 23
itillo of otir.r ivitKs
FncMonal paper currency,
nickels aud cents
1.3(0 W
11,722 2
fcpct ic....... -- ....
1 ..-.l ti. Tiilrr lmtiHi.
!,5) OT
Ued'cmption f und w ithU.S.treas
3 I
ly per Ceill. Ol cirvmuiuu.
Total S5,U?5SI
Capital stock paid In 7.r.,o) oo
Surt.lus fund. Vn
Undivided profits -- fi.'CI G7 liink notes outstanding 1C.S75 00
Individual deoslts subject
tocheck ..5i.4jj en
IK'tnand certificates deposit 23,C4l 21 j 7S.114 82
Notes and bills re-discounted 20,371 S2
Total 5203,453 SI
State of Nebraska. County of Websrer. s.
1 J no. ItShirev, Cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
nn'iit is true to tho best ot my knowledge and
belief. .Ino. It. Sbiiey, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 10th
day of October, 1M. O. V. Caw
Correct Attest : James McNknv i
U.F. lli(!iit.iu 5-Dircctors
Featiierly & Aultz ssll'C. C. Cocn's
watermelons, the best in the market.
Ho, There,
Do you know that
Has tho largest supply oi: STOVES in t.u, vaney, both
Heating and Cooking Stoves
Of all descriptions.
Don't fail to see him if you want a stovo for lie will make
you prices that can not help but make you buy if yoa
are in need. Also a full lino oi
Hardware. Tinware,
Copperware, Nails, Etc.
Barb Wire,
In car load lets now on sale, in fact he has everything you
could wish. Call and see him in Opera House bloclc
Farmers Cook Your Feed.
Red Cloud - - Nebraska.
H. CLARKE President, Albany. N.Y., J. A. TTJIiLB7,'4'Vlco-Presideiil
Kobt. V. SHIREY, Treasurer.
PAID UP CJLPIlAL,$50fl00. w
Ked Cloud, Neb. Albany, New York.
H. Clarke, Albany. New York Geo It. Beach, Ba!sorSpa N.Y.
W. H. Robeson, Albany, N. Y. E. S. Francis, I'ittslield, Mm
R.V.Shirey D.M.Piatt K. K. Hicliland. J. A. Tulleys M.B.McN
On improved farms in .XebraMta and Kknas. 3Ioner furnished as soon ns the
security is approved. Principal aad interest payable in Rel Cloud
. 5: li-ii
Restaurant and Lunch Rooms.
Oysters and lee Cream ii Season,
IVleals & Lunches
We make fresh every day Ladyfingers, Jelly Rolls, Dcmgli
nuts, Cookies, Bread, Cakes, Pies Buis, Etc.
Boarding and lodging by day or week.
Jos, Kerburgeb, Prog.
Boarding Horses Feed Barn !
At reasonable rates, Coase one wid all.
' - - W - ,
No. 11.
W'Ulies to notify h's 'rends that
he has leafed the
Watson Barn!
Located east.of Watt & Frees LumtOr YardVne
he nOI keep
A i& ""
$& 1