The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 04, 1889, Image 2

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" A. C. HOSWIEIt, Proprietor.
. AcconWNG to the latest official state
saaat the contributions for the relief
of the Johnstown sufferers aggregate
A sugar refining company with a
capital Qjr:$l,000.000 has been incor
porated in Baltimore by prominent
mnd wealthy, citizens.
The novelty of seeing two women
arraigned for highway robbery was
recently one of the features of the pro
ceedings in the Tombs police court at
New ilork.
A State immigration convention
-was held in Louisville, Ky., recently
under the -auspices of tho State League
of Commercial Clubs. Governor Buck
ner presided.
All Heke, the imported English
stallion, owned by Burgess Bros., of
Winona, JJL, recently died at the State
Fair grounds. He was four years old
and valued at $10,000.
Emperor William has refused to
mitigate the severity of the imperial
regulations concerning passports, and
the inconvenience to which hundreds
of travelers in Germany are daily sub
jected seams as far from removal as
Newspapers in the City of Mexico
demand of the Government that it for
bid the entrance into that country of
Syrian and Turkish beggars. A num
ber of Chinamen arrived at Tampico
recently and departed immediately for
Texas. ,
Ten double-cabbed monster locomo
tives will soon be out of the shops for
use on the Rock Island road. It is
stated that this road will endeavor to
make the fastest time between Kansas
City.and Denver of any of the compet
ing lines.
The New York Daily Graphic has
fione into the hands of the sheriff. It
'was an experiment in the field of illus
trated journalism and has never been
.successful, though every thing that
ouM -be- done for it by changes of
ownership and politics has been tried.
In an interview General Boulanger
said he had no hope of his party hav
ing a majority in the new Chamber of
Deputies. He had not, however, lost
faith- in the future. The Government,
lie declared, had everywhere stolen
votes, with raven-like characteristics.
The Republican majority would prove
unmanageable, he said, and France
would soon lie calling him to power.
A late dispatch from Helena, Mont,
says that the half has not been told of
the ravages of drought and fire this
season in that State. The long con
tinued dry weather and great forest
and prairie fires have left the grazing
lands in such condition that the cattle
can not obtain proper subsistence
from them. The cattle are already in
xery poor condition, and if there
should come a hard winter many of
them would perish.
Secretary Tracey has decided to
accept the new cruiser Charleston,
which is at San Francisco, from its
builders, but has not given any orders
to that end. as he is awaiting the ac
tion of the bureaus of engineering and
construction, who are now considering
tho official report on the last trial of
the vessel. The Charleston, during
her trial, showed an average speed of
over 18 knots an hour and a horse
power of over 6,800.
The Opera House at Hartford, Conn.,
was crowded to overflowing the other
evening to witness the historical tab
leaux given in part as a testimonial to
.Mrs. Harriet Bcecher Stowe. The
tableaux illustrated national events
from Columbus to dale and were de
signed especially to show the progress
of woman. The authoress and man
ager was.. Miss Cora Scott Pond, of
Boston. 3lrs. Livermorc was lecturer.
Mrs. Isabelle Berry Hooker person
ated Mrs. Stowe.
Before Justice Prindivillo at Chi
cago recently James Nicollet, an Ital
ian, accused his wife Emily of living
with Salvatore Lemor, also an Italian.
Tho woman said her husband had
tired of her and sold her to Salvatore
for $10. Salvatore corroborated the
statement, and tho woman said: "Of
course I obeyed James when he told
me to live with Salvatore. I do not
think I am guilty when my husband
ordered me to do so." She also said
that the child was not her husband's
as he had sold it for $5. Nothing was
done by the Justice in these matters,
but Lemor was fined $30 for carrying
concealed weapons.
A general combination of the win
dow glass factories west of the Alle
ghany mountains, which has been so
freely talked of within the past few
weeks, now appears to have been
given up. Along with that went also
a scheme to build an immense tank
factory by capital furnished by the
various manufacturers. After weigh
ing and investigating the matter sev
eral Pittsburgh manufacturers and
Eastern capitalists who were interest
ed arrived at the conclusion that to
organize a trust or to purchase a con
trol of all factories or to build tank
furnaces of any size was now not the
Abing for several leaspns.
GlMMd by Tatogzmph and IfalL
personal and political.
Thb Secretary of the Treasury baa ac
cepted the resignation ot Or. James P.
Kimball, of Pennsylvania, as Director of
the Mint, to take effect October 15, and
has granted him leave of absence until
that day.
It is reported in Washington that Rep
resentative Nutting ot New York, who
has been seriously ill for a long time, will
resign toon unless he recovers, so as to
give another Republican a chance.
J. Q. A. Brockitt has been nominated
for Governor by Massachusetts Republi
cans. Republicans of Alabama have nomin
ated General James R. Chalmers for Gov
ernor. Thb Wyoming Constitutional conven
tion has adopted a clause positively for
bidding combinations to prevent compe
tition or control prices and products.
Republicans of New York met at Sara
toga on the 25th. After adopting a plat
form the following ticket was nominated:
Secretary of State, John J. Gilbert of
Franklin County; Comptroller. Martin W.
Cook, of Monroe; Treasurer, Ira Hedges;
Attorney-General, James Varnum, of
New York; State Engineer and Surveyor,
W. P. Van Ranssalear; Judge Court of
Appeals, Alfred Height; of Buffalo.
Bishop Abrak R. Kimball, of Salt
Lake City, died on the 25th at Kanosb,
Samuel Caldwell, ex-president of
Vassar College, died suddenly on the
26th after a brief illness. He was a
native of Newbaryport, Masa, and was
for seven years president of Vassar.
William Walter Phelps, the new
American Minister, has presented bis cre
dentials to the Emperor William of Ger
many. Thb Wyoming Constitutional conven
tion on the 26 h selected Cheyenne as the
seat of government for ten years, or until
a majority of the people vote a change.
The President and party arrived in
Washington from Deer Park on the 27th
and proceeded direct to the White House.
Emmons Blaine, son of Secretary
Blaine, was manied at Richfield Springs,
N. Y., on the 26th to Miss Annita Mc
Cormier, daughter of the late Cyrus Mc
Cormick. of Chicago. Many distinguished
guests from Chicago and other portions
of the country were in attendance and the
wedding although a quiet was yet quite a
brilliant affair.
Thb National Bankers' Association met
in annual convention at Kansas City, Mo.,
on the 25th.
Thb rest mail train on the Mobile &
Ohio road was held up the other morning
by robbers at Buckatunna. Wayne County,
Miss,, and the mail car rifled.
Lewis Bros. & Co the dry goods com
mission merchants of New York, have
made their formal offer to their creditors
to compromise at 57X cents on the dollar.
This is "? cents more than they and the
assignee thought they could pay when
their schedules were filed.
Eliza Cook, the English poetess, died
on the 25th. She was born in 181&
Thb men employed in Parnell's quarry,
Ireland, threatened to strike recently be
cause of an obnoxious foreman.
The boiler at the sawmill of Pritz Bros.,
Berlin, Pa., exploded recsntly. John
Pritz, Edward Pritz. Oliver Ross, David
Ross and David Baker were instantly
killed. Two brothers named Brant were
badly injured.
Sol Purn ell, a negro, was hanged re
cently by a mob at Winona, Miss. He had
assaulted a white girl.
The jury in the Ives case at New York
disagreed, standing ten for conviction
and two for acquittal. He was remanded
to the Tombs for a new trial.
It is reported that Christians In Crete
are being flogged and tortured and wom
en subjected to gross indignities. A
Greek gunboat has been dispatched to
Crete to pnt a stop to outrages.
A Racine, Wis., special says: Rev. A
F. Packepe, a Lutheran minister who
came here two years ago, has absconded
with a portion of the money raised to
build a new church. He caused a split in
the congregation shortly after bis arrival.
Aloito the line of the Mississippi Cen
tral the whites are organizing in oppo
sition to the blacks, already organised. A
grave state of affairs exists.
A Miss Glkasox was killed and Mr. and
Mrs. Gale were seriously injured by their
carriage being struck by a freight train
recently at Hardin, near Greeley, CoL
Thb schooner Alpha, of Port Townsend,
Wash., is thought to have been lost at
Five hundred men working on the Bay
de Chaleurs railway, in Canada, have
struck for several months' back pay,
amounting to f40,000t
Bliss & Co.'s syrup factory at Kansas
City, Mo., was burned out early on the
morning of the 27tb. Loss, $50,000. In
surance on contents, $15,030.
A brisk snow storm prevailed on the
26th in Northern and Western Wisconsin.
Two miners were killed by b'ack damp
in an abandoned shaft near Pottsville, Pa,,
Emery's large soap factory, Ivorydale,
O., was destroyed by fire the other night;
causing $125 000 damage.
The Temple of Heaven atPekin, China,
containing the great throne of the sacred
dragon, has been des Toyed by fire.
The M. Lnflin and Rand powder mill at
Cressona, Pa., blew up recently. The ex
plosion was terrific in force. William
Schropp. Samuel Stotsf and Henry Reid
were killed and a number of other work
men injured.
Br the collapse of an unfinished house
in Milan, Italy, five persons were killed
and twenty injured.
The first convention of the Union Pro
hibitory League of Pennsylvania, a non
partisan scheme, having for its purpose
the suppression of the saloon outside of
party lines, was held at Harrisbnrg, Pa.,
on the 26th, with about 100 delegates in
The fifth annaal convention of the German-American
technicker verein was in
session in Washington.
At the business meeting of the society
of the Army of the Tennessee held at Cin
cinnati on the 26th. officers were elected
as follows: President General W. T.
Sherman; recording secretary. Colonel L
M. Dayton; treasurer. General Force;
corresponding secretary, General A. Hick
enlooper. The fourteenth aaanal convention of
the American Bankers' Association ad
journed at Kansas City, Ma,oa the 98th,
The following officers wars elected:
Charles Parsons, ot St Loais, president;
Morton McMicbaels, ot Philadelphia, first
vice-president; George F. Baker, of New
York, treasurer. William B. Greene, of
New York, was elected secretary; D.
V. Reiger, of Kansas City, was made vice
president for Missouri and J. R. Molvane,
of Topeka, vice-president for Kansas.
Several hundred Blackfeet and Sioux
Indiana recently held a grand "ghost
feast" at Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dak.,
which was given by the relatives in honor
of those who died or bad beea killed hi
At Carnegie's Edgar Thomson steel
works at Braddock, Pa., the bottom of one
of the largest blast furnaces gave way
and tons of molten metal poured forth.
Injuring several persons so severely that
they are likely to die.
Thb Canadian Minister of Customs has
ordered an inquiry into the smuggling of
whisky into Canada, whole shiploads of
American whisky being brought into Can
ada by the St Lawrence route.
Two tramps recently took possession of
the town of Holland, Iowa, intimidating
the constable and setting fire to a build
ing with a broken lamp. They then went
to Heinbeck, where they were overhauled
by the sheriff. In attempting to arrest
them Archie Neat was shot in the neck by
one of the tramps, receiving fatal in
juries. Dr. J. E. Blaise, one of Euglewood's
(111.) prominent doctors, has been arrested
on the charge of performing a criminal
operation on his niece, Mrs. Jessie H. Bar
ker. The woman was said to be in a crit
ical condition.
Five persons were lately drowned in a
shallow pond at South Watuppa, Mass.,
by the capsizing of a rowboat. One at
least of the party was said to have been
A recent telegram from Ensenada,
Lower California, said that city was
threatened with total destruction from
brush fires, San Carlos, a neighboring
town, was reported in flames.
A fire at Cresco, Iowa, recently burned
twenty-two business places. Loss, $80,
000. Congressman W. I 8coTT lately ad
dressed a long letter from Erie, Pa., to
Governor Fifer, bearing on the Spring
Valley troubles, and claiming that he was
paying for mining all that he was war
ranted in a competitive markot.
Thb Utab Commission on the 27th
passed resolutions favoring Chicago for
the World's Fair.
A dispatch from Cauajoharie, N. Y.,
said that a frightful collision occurred on
the 27th on the .New xork Central rail
road, near Palatine bridge, in which the
death Use was likely to foot up twenty or
Thb dock laborers at Rotterdam went
out on a strike recently and the cigar
makers and other occupations joined the
At Walker 8tation. Ala., the other day
Deputy Sheriff King Vann was shot and
killed by a negro named John Steele,
whom he was trying to arrest The negro
was afterward captured by a mob and his
body riddled by bullets, causing instant
A recent dispatch from London said
that the first consignment ot Chicago
cattle bad arrived at Mains, and con
tracts had b;en made for a portion of
SO, 000 head more during October. The plan
of shipments to the interior cities in the
Continent was no longer doubtful.
The fourth annual convention of the
Brotherhood of St Andrew began at
Cleveland, O., on the 27th, with about 250
delegates present
M. Morqanstein, secretary of the Polish
National Alliance and Endowment Insur
ance organization at Chicago was reported
as having absconded,
Joseph C Harvey, a wealthy mill owner
of Philadelphia, has been sent to the in
sane asylum through brooding over the
burning of one of his mills in which fifteen
persons lost their live.
Iwo bodies have been taken from the
del ris at Johnstown, Pa. One was ident ified
as that of Mrs. Ed Swineford, of St. Louis,
who met her death on the day express.
Business failures (Dun's report) for the
week ending September iS number 192,
as compared with a total of 108 last week
and 193 the week previous. For the cor
responding week of last year the figures
were 22).
The Jive-story building of the Westing-
house Electric L:ght works at Pittsburgh,
Pa., was partly burned the other night
The origin of the fire was unknown. Loss,
$60,000, fully covered by insurance.
The report of the Rochester Asylum la
vestigating committee entirely exoner
ated Dr. Bowers from any cu'pable neg
lect in the management of the asylum,
but makes stringent suggestions for the
regulation of attendants, by whom twenty
atrocities are proved to have been com
mitted. Hon. & B. Stile, one of the first settlers
of Denver aud twice mayor of that city,
died there suddenly the other afternoon
of apoplexy.
A sensation has. been caused at Ports
mouth. N. H by the discovery that med
ical diplomas were sold by a bogus med
ical college called Trinity" University of
Medicine and 8urgery, having nominal
headquarters at Bennington. Vc. Besides
Now England being victim'zMl, hundreds
had been purchased throughout the South
and West
Colonel Robert Patton Crockett, the
only remaining son of Davy Crockett died
recently at Rucker's creek, near Gran
bury, Tex., aged seventy-three.
Clearing house returns for the week
ended September 28 showed an average
increase of 2.1 compared with the corre
sponding period of last year. In New
York the decrease was 0.6.
American securities were not very
buoyant on the London market during the
week ended September 28. Continental
bourses were qniet but firm.
Suit has been brought in the United
States court against the Des Moines Nav
igation Company and others to determine
the title to the Des Moines (Iowa) river
The expenditure of $50,000,000 by two
English syndicates for the control of an
extraordinary aggregate of industrial en
terprises in the United States was com-
pleted in Chicago on the 28th. The deal ,
embraces a chain of elevators from the ,
Minnesota and Dakota wheat districts to i
Chicago, flour milts in Minneapolis and
breweries in Chicago and the Eist
Attorney-General Rogers, of Louis
iana, admitted lately that baby bonds
had been abstracted or otherwise tam
pered with to the amount of $400,000. Ac
cording to hi i figures the defalcations al
ready discovered will reach more than
A congress of tbe Socialist Labor party
convened in Chicago oa the 28th. The
delegates are all Germans.
A recent dispatch from Guthrie, O. T.,
said that there was a movement among
three Indiaa tribes the Iowas, Otoes and
Missouri to consolidate and that the
agent at Rock Creek agency, L T., was
unable to check the movement
A grand reunion and parade of the
Grand Arssy posts of Eastern Pennsyl
vania took place at Reading. Pa., oa tbe
36th. Over 5,000 seen marched ia line.
Grand Rapids and Holland business
men propose to ran a canal from the
former city to Holland and Lake Michigan
at a probable cost of 42,000,000.
H. P.-Sutton, an employe of the Omaha
gas work, recently left work and went on
a spree, during wnlch he attempted suicide
by poisoning. He was pumped out
There are over thirt?e;i hundred pupils
la the Hasting school.
George Davis, living near Cbadrou,
was recently arrested for sending obscene
and threatening letters through the mails
i to a neighbor.
A train of twenty-one cars of sheep was
badly wrecked the other day two miles
from Wisner. Cattle on tbe trackwas tbe
cause. Tbe engine and several cars were
piled up a total wreck. The sheep lay in
great heaps bruised and dead. Tbe en
gineer was the only person injured, and
he not seriously so.
While Thomas Duncanson with bis
wife and child were out riding near
Aurora a few days ago the team became
frightened and ran away. In attempting
to shield her child Mrs. Duncanson was
thrown out of the buggy, receiving very
serious injuries.
Jim Buss&r, who deserted his family at
Mad son some time ago, returned tbe
other day and failing to persuade his wife
to depart with him borrifi-'d the neighbor!
by producing a bottle which he said con
tained laudanum and which he proposed
to drink, and die. He swallowed tbe
liquid, but while in the "agonies of
death" a physician examined the bottle
and pronounced the contents nothing
more than colored water. Bussey recov
ered 1mm -diately and left town in disgust
A party of York boy recently played
hanging, using Charlie Sbreck. son of
Sheriff Sbreck, for a subject anl a ladder
as the gallows. There was a bitch ia the
programme and they came near finishing
the young sheriff. Help came in time to
save his life.
The thirteen -year-old son of Peter
Peterson, of Stringtown, ran away from
home recently, and as yet no trace of him
has been found.
Thb other day 8. A. Ripley, a butcher
of Weeping Water, secured a railroad
velocipede of tbe car repairer and went to
Avoca, six miles south, on business. He
started back at about three p. m. and
collided with a freight train and was
killed. Deceased was a prominent G.A-R
man and a member of the LO.O.F. He
was an old settler and leaves a large
Henry Hanson, a Dane, who lived near
Eldon post-office, hanged himself in his
hen bouse tbe other day and was not dis
covered until the following afternoon. He
was a bachelor and in good circumstances.
Joe Big Bear, one of the Indians con
fined in jail at Pender for tbe murder of
the Benjamin boy, died the other day.
A post of tbe Grand Army has been or
ganized at Craig.
Western Nebraska comes to the front
with wheat averaging twenty-three bush
els to the acre, raised by Iaac Child,
who lives seven miles southeast of Ansel -ma
He has just finished threshing 2,377
bushels of wheat and 826 bushels of oats.
A fund is being raised at Tobias to de
fray the expenses of bringing to justice
the rascal who recently assaulted a ladv
at that place. About $200 has been sub
scribed. William Van, a riprapper at work near
Nebraska City, has narrowly escaped
death by fire thirteen times.
The body of a man supposed to be
James Larrity has been found in a corn
field near Albion. It is supposed that the
man had been dead three or four weeks,
as tbe last time be was seen he was on a
spree at Newman's Grove, over a month
ago. Larrity was an old soldier.
A MAN at Cornlea, Platte County, owns
a cow which recently gave birth to a six
legged calt which is alive and healthy.
The city marshal of Norfolk has offered
ten cents apiece for unlicensed dogs, and
the boys around town are making money
by capturing can. ties for slaughter.
Jones and Turner, the burglars who
were captured while bloiving a safe at
Ainswortb, have been sentenced to four
and three years in the penitenticry re
spectively. Many Lo?an County farmers are sow
ing fall wheat, they having discovered
that it pays a great dual better than
spring wheat
Recently Mrs. Henry Schneyer, of
Scranton, tried to cut off tho head of a
chicken with an axe, but instead she
clipped off about an inch of her thumb.
A man by tbe name of Hagan died on
the B. & M. passenger going south be
tween Broken Bow and Ravenna tbe other
day. His body was embalmed and await
ed tbe arrival of friends. He was about
Ave feet six inches in height, wore a full
beard, bad dark hair and was about forty
years old.
It cost Scott Bluff County $12,000 to send
Arnold, the murderer, to the penitentiary
for fony-nine years. It is said that in
the beginning of their deliberations eleven
men of the jury were for hanging the
prisoner, while the twelfth was for ac
quittal. This man declared his intention
of staying out a year rather than agree to
a verdict of murder in tbe first degree.
It fa estimated that over one hundred
thousand sheep will be fed in Dodge
County this winter.
The Orleans oat meal mill recently
shipped a car of its product to Philadel
phia and one to S in Francisco.
A Kearney plasterer recently lost all
four of his children within twenty-four
hours of scarlet fever.
Cnar.LES Church, a young man living
at Blue Hill, recently was caught in the
machinery of a sorghum mill and instant
ly killed, bit skull being crushed. He
leaves a wife and child in destitute circumstances.
John Martin, the sixteen-year-old son I obtainable at this time it seems that sev
of a Pierce County farmer, was recently , eril hundred negroes at the mines have
killed by lightning while on the prairie armed themselves and threaten to lynch
bunting. A dog which was with him was J Maxwell and burn the town. The white
also killed.' I people became much alarmed and sent
Mart Blair, of David City, has secured I messengers to th city Legging tbe sheriff.
a judgment of 4.500 against a saloon
keeper for personal injuries resulting from
the sale of liquor.
An Omaha distillery which has con
sumed 1,000 bushels of corn a day during
the summer, recently increased its capac
ity to 1,700 bushels, and will soon use
2,000 bushels daily. Tbe distillery has
contracted to feed 2,000 head of cattle next
winter from the slop.
Regular trains now run on tbe new B.
& M. line between Crawford and Alli
ance. Compant E of tbe First regiment, N. N.
G., from Fremont, was awarded the Gov
ernor's cup in the competitive drill at
Hknrt L. Sutton, of Omaha, recently
drank two glasses of gin and died of
hemorrhage of tbe brain soon after.
Nebraska farms are selling at from
$2,000 to $6 000.
Brax Southern. living near Fallerton,
lately made aa ineffectual attempt at sui
cide by drawing a razor across bis throat;
but failed to get deep enough.
Sunlap, Dawes County, will sooa have
a loorisbing mill in operation, claiming a
capacity of oae hundred barrels per day.
Tbe motive power Is furnished by the
Running Water.
A Younsr Lady Dru8f ed. Outraged
and Left For Dead.
A Reign of Terror Among- the Women ia
Consequence of Ilia Numerous Threat
A Search Organized Uy Masked
Sabetra, Kan., Sept 3D This city was
plunged into a state of wild xcitenient
shortly after noon yesterday by the re
port of one of tbe most fiendish outrages
that has ever occurred in this part of the
country. For some wetk9 past the com
munity have been periodically shocked
by tbe dastardly actions ot an unknown
villain. Young ladies returning from
places of worship bavo been assailed by
tbis fiend. A number of ladie. some the
wives of respectable and wealthy citi
zens, have received letters written in
red ink warning them upon pain
of an agonizing death to leave their hus
bands and fly with the unknown writer.
Mr. Jerome J. Hostetter was informed
that unless he immediately abandoned hi
w f-t that be would be shot and his wif
abducted. Mr. IIo-.tetter was not at home
when the letter wast received and the
alarmed woman, almost paralyzod with
fright wrapped her baby in a blanket
and left the house, taking refuge in n
grain field, where she was discovered upon
her husband's return. She has s-nce
been confined to her room by sicklies;
brought on by annonyou letters. Last
Wednesday evening Miss Eva i'urtty. tbe
twenty-year-old daughter of Oluer
Purtty, one ot the wealthiest farmers in
this neighborhood, received a similar
mestge. Both of the you tic lady's pa
rents are in tbe East, leaving Eva at home
under tbe protection of two stalwart
brothers to care for tbe bouse. Although
somewhat alarmed herself by the
receipt of tbe missive. little
apprehension was felt for her
safety by tbe boys. After eating
a hearty breakfast the two brothers left
tbe house to visit a neighboring farmer
and signifying their intention of being
absent several hours. While clearing
away tbe dishes from tin dining room
table a masked man silently stole into the
apartment and upon turning arou-id Miss
Purtty was suddenly th'oroformed by
the brute, who warned her to make no
outcry and take the medicine which he.
held in a bottle. The terrified young
woman immediately screamed and be
gan a strugglo to escape from her
captor's toils. The bottle. which
contained chloroform, was applied to
her nostrils and she quickly lost
consciousness. Raising the limp body in
his arms the fiend carried ber to a corn
field, where be committed a horrible out
rage, mutilating ber person in a terrible
manner. After having accomplished his
vile purpose the monster took a vial of car
bolic acid from his pocket and poured the
contents down the victim's throat, and
leaving h?r for dead made his escape. An
alarm was given when she was found an
hour later and nearly 500 armed men.
under the leadership of Express Agent L
W. Phillips, mounted their horses and
started for the scene of the crime. An or
ganized seerch throughout this conntry
resulted in the capture by Messrs. Phillips
and Don Rnsell of a trnmp who answered
tbe description given cf tbe perpetrator.
Tho prisoner who gave his name as Rich
ard Hollow claimed to be working his
way to Kansas City whore he had friend.
On a-count o' tbe enraged feeling of the
populace the tramp was taken to Hia
wnth. where he was placed in tbe county
jtil to prevent lynching. An investiga
tion fails to identify Hollow with
the dastardly deed, anl after a sufficient
length of time be will probably be lib
erated. It was developed that a great
deal of jealousy has existed among the
residents of the eastern portion of the
town, and rumor bints to a discirded
lover of Miis Purtty as th? perpetrator of
tbe outrage. The victim, who is at the
hcne of C. J. Hooper, is beyond all hope
of recovery anl will die. The mouth and
stomach are horribly burned by the dead
ly acid. An indignation meeting was
held yesterday afternoon and steps are
being taken to fasten the crime upon tbe
suspected lover, who resides within a
few miles of Mr. Purity's house,
if the facts will warrant it The unfor
tunate young lady regained conscious
ness for a few moments about six o'clock
this evening and was able to give a fair
description of her assailant who she be
lieves bears some enmity against her. Dr.
Irwin, who bacbargeof the cas,says that
it is one of the most agcravated of Its
kind that has ever com? to his knowledge.
"The victim will not live until another
unset," said tbe doctor, "as the acid has
burned through tbe lining of the
bowels and peritonitis has set in, which
will accomplish the work intended by her
murderer. Many ladies who have re
ceived similar warnings from the in
human monster are in a state of abject
terror, and armed guards have ben
placed to watch the houses, although tho
fiend will hardly attempt another out
rage so soon after his last fatal work.
Several Ilnndred Negroes Arm Themselves
and Threaten to Ilurn the Town.
Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 29. Sheriff
Smith I?ft for Pratt mines Friday nic;ht
with h strong civil posse and the Jeffer
son Volunteers to qaell a reported race
riot or attempt to Ivnch Deputy Sheriff
Maxwell. From tbe most reliable reports
to send them help as quickly as possible.
A train from the mines arriving
bere at ten o'clock brought in about 200
women and children, who are seeking
safety in this city. The trouble seems to
have grown out of tbe killing of a negro
womin by Deputy Sheriff Maxwell. It is
said that the negroes at the minas have
been very troublesome of late, and were
planning mischief of some kind. The
killing of the woman sems to hun for.
nisbed them tbe opening they were wait-
me tor. .aiany or tne negrco there are
ex-convicts and very hard characters.
Itosnd Over For Stealing Supplies.
Spokane Falls. Sept. 29l Lieutenant
Colonel Sidney D. Waters was held in
$7,000 to await the action of tbe grand
jury, on the charge of stealing supplies
for the sufferers by the great fire ia Au
gust Waters is a member or the City
Council and i Commisary-Geaeral oa
Brigadier-General Curry's staff.
A Bis; Caaal Setoem Proposed.
Holland. Mica,, Sept 29. Grand Rap
ids and Holland business men propose to
run a caaal from Grand Rapids to Holland
and Lake Michigan at a probable cost of
$2,000,000. A committee of members of
tbe board of trade and other wealthy men
of Grand Rapids and Holland will fuliy
investigate tbe route.
Corporal Tanner Write m Letter to I'rf-
s-ate Iatzell About tho Itisiou Olltco-
St. Louis Sept 27. A speclnl to the
Republic, trom Caldwell. O.. gives the fol
lowing letter which explains itse t. Ita
aathcnticitv Is fullv vouched for:
DnfutTME.vr of Tin: Istetmok.
Wamh.ncto.v. Sept. J'J, lst'J. )
Hon. J. Jf I)jl;rll. Calt, cell, O.:
My Dear Dalzell: I hare your or the Ktn. T
think I have read all that bai been printed as
coming from your lips or pen. Koryour jtrwifc
warmth ot kooA feeling I thank you from tne
botto-n of my hrart.
And now. once for alt, about the ilcpM-bbip.
I want to say to you that the President u vr
said one word to tne about you. I can not couiff
cut and sav that publicly, yoa nmt not quof;
It: but it is God's truth. The one appointed
first deputy wo. from NohleS State, and h.iJ
lost two limbs. Of course. I could not kick.
1 imagine that your keeu eye caused you
to discern, ami that you are tho
effect in Ohio of two thin recently done in the;
Pension Otllce When I say recently. I uie.i-i
since I practically went out. for. wh..e 1 ura
Commissioner, and will be until my si.-ers-.or
is appointed ami ij'ialilk". I am taking no part.
In the duties of the office. hoMin my own
leave. While Commissioner I is. tit 1 two cr
ders which I thought, and Mill Until;, uro
mighty good one. First, that ttie :ct.'Kii) n.en
on the pens:on roll at less lh.:n it a mouth
should all. unless they had hatt a m.-'it-il r.
animation within a year, be ordered for ex
amination before their home board, w t i
a view to putting them up at least i per tn infi
pension or drop them oil tho roll, for it w.i-. am!
L my opinion that for a man who l worthy or
any pension at all, tl a week is small enough to
consider a pension. My, second order was that
thereafter in the settlement or a pennon ciainr
the word of a private, if he was a man of t;ood
standing and character, should amount to :n
much in the settlement of the claim as thiv
word of tbe man who had perhaps worn tho
shoulder straps of a Second Lieutenant. The
Acting Commissioner revoked b.tliof these or
ders, according to the Washington Io-.t and
other papers, but as he i a man who dare not
say his soul is his own. he did it under the direc
tion of Noble or Husscy.
I am told this afternoon that the order re
voking my decision of the small pension ease-.
has been rescinded, but you oan see wh :t the
spirit Is: and how. under heavens, are they
Ing to make the boys believe that there is to be
no change in the policy?
Smith also issued an order stopping all rerat
ings. lie did not object to it until after I hud
rerated him and put him up to i7i for the I .s
of his arm and leg. thereby putting ';. j in hi-,
pocket. I held, and still hold, that he was
clearly entitled to it; but is it not contempti
ble that a man who bad that done for him and
who acquiesced in it cordially in his own case
should now be so pronounced against the rerat
lng of poor devils who. perhaps, from the effects
of malarial poisoning, chronic diarrhea, or vnuu
disease of that kind, suffers twice as much as a
man docs from amputation?
I want to say to you that I did no', resign un
til the President and the Secretary had both,
said te mc in the same minute that Vn com
pleted report of the investigating committee
which lay before them, contained no wont
which would impeach the honesty of my action
in the slightest degree. Tnen I had to consider
whether I was man enough to decline to con
tinue in a position where I knew my immediate
official superiors did not want me. even eon
cedin? that I could stay against their wishes,
which is not at all true. I have not thes!i;tUtet
doubt but that I would have been remove.! if I
bad not resigned: in fact I know it. Noble harl
ce.'ainly pronounced his ultimatum to tnv
bead or his resignation, and. of course, a break,
in his Cabinet would have cmbarras-ed Harri
son greatly.
Now that I have completed the report, and
have gone through It carefully and iltorouxh'y.
I say to you. as one whose good opinion 1 vame.
that all under the heavens they can charge mi
with is too much liberality ar.rt too much 'p-ed
in the granting of pensions. I think you n.'I
agree with me that we have had imp cumo.jt;?
and procrastination enough. s that it u-otud
take more than six months of my time to b::i
it up to a decent average.
Of the future I know nothing. If the bo"s.
and particularly those in Ohio. acquicce. why.
it is safe to say that Tanner will be left where
he is in the soup.
Among the promotions announced in the
Pension Office night before last Is that of I! ir
rison L. IJruce. of Colorado, to be a tccmb r of
the board of pension appeals in the Secretary's
ofll' e at ii,OX a year. He had been detailed for
duty In the secretary's office for some months,
and was appointed by the Secretary on of the
Commission which investigated the Pension
Office. Don't you think it would bare looked :
little better if they had waited at least until
after I had passed out of oulcial life before thev
promoted him? Some will bo cynk-al enough
to retl ct upon cause and .effect, service and re
ward. With all my heart very truly your.
James Tasnf.ic
P. S. I have written you wirh great freedom.
Don't give me any cause to regret it by saying
any thing about this letter. It is toyo j, solely.
Horrible Accident at a Pittsburgh 2M:ist
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Sept. 27. AtCr-ne-
gie'n Edgar Thomson steel works nt Brnd
dock last night furnace "C," one of the
largest of tbe blast furnaces, had not been
working properly during the dav ami
Captain W. R. Jcns, general manager cf
the works, called to see If he could not as
certain tbe cause and was with a.
number of men near tbe baso of the fur
nace when tbe bottom gave way and in ai
instant flimes of fire shot forth. Tom nt
tbe molten metal poured over tbe f ui uncv
and that any person near the furnace es
caped Instant death is regarded as a mir
acle. The injured are: Captain Jone, gen
eral manager, horribly burned; 21 ciir.el
Quinn, twenty-five, so badly t-urnd t r.t
bis flesh peeled otT with his clothes uml i,e
can live only a few hours; John JIokt!c.
badly burned about the body, but no: fa
tally; Captain Ned Quinn. burned n' out
arms and chest will recover. Trro or
three other-workmen are in charge of tho
company's physicians ana may not re
cover. Th 5,000 workmen at tha EdgarThorn
son steel works and hundreds of peop i in
Braddock are deeply priv4 Lectin -.o of
the injury which Capaii Jones receive!
Ho is well known throughout tbu LTm-iI
States and Europe wbereversteei and irn t
are manufactured. He receives a a ar. r
of $2A W) per year and a percentage ot
the product of the large mill, maki-ir "
income almost $50,000 a year. It w.-s he
who took COO men to Johnstown at his m :i
expense a couple of days af-er th 11 eI
and remained there two weeks direc.i
the work of rescue.
Michael King, a Hungarian, was pres
ent when the seething mass poured out of
tbe furnace, and as he can not be fitiii it
is feared that he baa beea covered up.
About six car loads of the molt eu met.; J
poured oat of tbe break.
Toe Xaea, Chloroform.
New York, Sept: 27. Otto Stie: a
wealthy German aged sixtw-one. head of
the New York Glass Letter Company, v :i
found dead in his place of busmen yes
terday morning from the effects of ch!o-o-form.
A towel saturated with the ai ;b
taetie was oa his face and it anp-a el
that he had made aa unsuccessful efT-rt
to remove tbe towel before becoming en
tirely aacoascioas. His partner sav that
warn be left tbe place ia the aiter-iom
Stiets bad deea drinking, and he proi. bly
did aot want to go home in that conditio..
aad decided to sleep where he wax. lit
was somewhat excited over some I'Bi,
for the enlargement of tbe bv..iirS4.Br
Madias; sleep difarult ased the chloeiufS