The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 27, 1889, Image 1

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Vol. 17
Dry Goods
Grand Fall Opening.
We now have all of our fall . goods in and
ready to show you and invite your inspection.
Largest and finest stock of Dry
Goods and cloaks.
We have ever shown which we will take pleas
ure .in showing you, whether you wish to
,f buy or not We will call youi attention
!'T to our -large stock of.
Dress Goods
dress Trmunings.
In which .we hare taken special pains to get only the newest shades and
styles You know that our prices
the same aoods that we will not mention tLtiu here In cloaks oar 6tock
is simply immense and everyone asks what are yoa going to do' with
them all, you have enough cloaks to supply every lady in Bed Cloud
Our reply is that we are 'goings
Cloud, but the whole valle-:
Our Cloak
Entirely separate
from the rest ofthe store, with plenty of room, flaor carpeted, eic: You
can take all the time you wish to select or think it over Chairs, ctc)free
and you will not be bothered with other goods Deing strewn around TVe
and JIODJE5KAS, also hundreds of Cloth Cloaks of all descriptions ia
Children's Misses' and Ladies' all new style and MARKED at PBICES
We also wish to call your attention to one grade of
"Which we are selling at 10 cts per yard,
else at 15
We only have 50 piece? and can not get
On the 1st of last January we started
quit the town, so far we have succeeded and will try awful hard to keep it up
and if hard work, low prices aid good treatment will do it, we will stay with
you for years, if not we quit the first of next January. Come in and see us
We will treat you well and save yo money on dry good of cloaks of any kind
are so f.r helcw what others ask for
to supply not only every lady in Bed
Room Is
as good as you can get anywhere
any more at this price so come early
in to double the trade of last year or
Red Cloud, Webster County Neb., Friday, September
Republican County Ticket.
For Clerk,
For Treasurer,
For Sheriff, s
For Superintendent of Schools,
For Coroner,
The Bubicon is passed and Walnut
owns a road machine. The trial came
off last Saturday in the presence of
quite a crowd who appeared to be great
ly pleased with it and who by a vote of
of 10 to 2 decided in its favor. It
wn nerepted by tho to?ra board by a
Tote of 3 for to 1 against. The one con
trary member giving aa his reason, that
the Towntbip could not afford it and
furthermore Inavale stood ready to take
the machine provided Walnut did not
want it and he advocated letting them take
it, and if it was a good thing Walnut
could then get another in time 'for next
year. The machine undoubtedly did
good work, and all of that, bat so we ased
to think about riding cultivators, Cabill
attachments, Jack Brown seeders, ate.
We thought we ooald'nt get -along with
oat any of them and nearly every bagger
of us bought one. How many are ia ase
to-day? However the machine u bought,
the xeeple endorsed it, and no one can
blame the town board ia "the sweet bye
and bye".
There appears to be a diversity of opia
ion in regard to the repabUeaa ticket, one
kicker remarked in the altering of Denais
"That convention did'nt have any sense''
Well maybe they did'nt but ypn can go
your sweet life on it that they had plenty
of dollars.
Sam Heaton is again going to achieve
fame and fortane by feeding cattle the
coming winter having purchased about
one hundred head of fine steers from W.
N. Richardson.
Ia regard to polities the people of
Webster county every two veers rare, tare
and swear as to who shall be county
Treasurer, Clerk, Sheriff, etc. while the
men who interest as, who levy our taxes
appropriate onr money etc. via. the Su
pervisors are passed by without attention.
Inexperienced and incompetent met to
say nothing of boodlers are elected to
what is really the key note of the situa
tion. To illustrate, the following is
vouched for by a prominent citizen of
Walnut: At ;b !a-t raetinp of the
board of Supervisors, two members who
contrary to law had awarded themselves
contracts for building bridges brought in
the bill for labor, charging the county
S2.50 per day, whereupon another super
visors objected saying he could hire all
the carpenters he wanted and good ones
at that for $2.00 per day. The two
worthy supervisors thereupon with
drew their bills and made them over and
again presented them to the board at
f::.00 per day and said bills were
allowed by board of supervisors. Give us
a careful, economical board of supervis
ors who will not "snow ball4' each other
with wads of county money and what
difference is it to the taxpayers which
bank controls the county money. At
the last meeting of the supervisors $1,250
were ordered drawn on tne bridge fund,
the lost meeting before, that $1,500 and
so it goes. Some of the bridges are
needed but most are not, being voted on
the principle scratch my back and 111
scratch yours." Dennis has been often
asked how much our supervisor Mr.
Heaton has drawn. It is a matter of
public interest and he aecordinclv looked
up the records with the following result:
Services supervisor $80 00
Examining bridges 4 00
Bridge work , 52 00
Total 136 00
As croinz to show that "a. -nnhlin nffini.
is a family trust" the following bills may
also bo interesting:
Jas . Seholcs. labor on bridge 74 on
O. A.Scholes " 700
James Heaton. " " 17 25
Total divided amtngst the
$98 25
of Wal-
nut creek Nix.
And now as regards the expense of oat
present town board, ap to date aai -este
member of the board has piesaatsi a
bill nor drawn one eent for set
They have been accused of holding
iage to buy lower, yet notwithstni
this they have been -able to meeti
adjourn without towing their pay: A.
other instance iaTsewKiteeaxsupervkon,
a member of the present aoani oaTered to
bet a cow that he could present any bffl
he taw it to the supervisors ami have it
snowed. There is aobobVua this way
that ie williawto -.zr- .
hist. Candidates for nublie H eisa
ae closely serateaissa this fsJt aai taxi
m Bawaw .BVVaBBV
m:z TT . "" "
noKwaasiBB oisau ansac: waat Bsaraan waBiaiaw wa
tmmj hwt uepui IWWt.
Declines to be a Candidate.
After mature deliberation I have decid
ed not te be a candidate for the office of
sheriff under any consideration, and
shall not allow my name to be used for
that position under any pretext whatever.
H.C. Scott.
We learn with regret that Col,
Gage jumped his haard bill at the
Holland House in Red Cloud while
attending the Inter State Reunion;
and then had the cheek to inclose a
lot of cancelled postage stamps to the
proprietor in payment after his return
hone, Holland sent them baek with
the information that they would not
bny bread and meat. But the Enter
prise feels that the honor of the sol
diers of Ft aaklin county i involved
and asks an explanation of Col. Gage.
There ran be no mistake about the
facts as our informant is Sergeant Cole
who assured us with tears in his eves
that Gage "really did say that very
thing." Riverton Enterprise.
The Chief moves that the gallant
Col. be court-martialed and drammed
oat of camp for ever offering cancelled
postage stamps for chuck.
MM. CAVB, MntH "
are now very busy at the Gardner
house. They extgitit
ore teeth than any tea -fleatistV f smi
bined. Each and everf,fatiov '
strictly painless. oauszaetioa in
every ease or no charges Bade. Re
member that we are the same men
who extracted so .many lied
Cloud IaBfTyear. " We havtTdaaeas of
testimonials from the best lien iu
Webster county and elsewhere. Call
early and secure appointment. .Pricef
for the finest den tal work theostf-
reasoaable in the state. It eostsryoa
nothing to call and learn our prices,
and find out what can be done for
your old aching teeth. Consultation
me Cleat, Ketf. octefcer 9, 3 aai 4.
FIbst Oar, Tuesday Oct. 1.
Forenoon will be spent in arranging articles
and "tTniin in their respective classes.
U0p.k. Fastest trotting farm team; first
premium $4, second .
Fastest trotting form bone, one-halt mile,
best S in 3; first pr.-uiium $ 2.50; second $1.25.
Best broa ex-ts pcay.
2 p.m. Boman chariot races; four horses to
each chariot, driven at full speed.
County trot, in which no horse with a record
shall be allowed to trot. Five to enter, three to
start, best two in three , entry 10 of perse.
Purse will bo flxfl !y executive board before
the fair; 1st. 2d and "3 cioney will be given.
Cunning race for horses without a record.
Furse and rule lor this race will be arranged
by the board before tho lur.
Romtn tanditic race cr running and mount
IrottiEs:. to-y ear-olds', one-half milo best
two in three.
Stoso 1at, 'WEBxrTDAY Oct. 2. .
Trottuii;, three xuinttte cisis. Furse $75; $35
to first, $25 to second , $15 to third.
Butchn-'s vehicular gymnasium. This must
be seen to be appreciated.
Trotting for three-year-olds , one-half mQe
heats, best three in five. Furse 50; $25 to first,
$15 to second, $10 to third.
Fony running race, one-half mile, best two in
three Furse $20; $10 to first, $7.50 to second;
S2.30 to third.
Uuunisg, saddlo dnd mount races.
TmnD Bat. Thursday Oct. 3.
rVcir.g, three nnnate cIhse. Parse S75: 35 to
first, 25 to sreend. $15 to UiirA. iltusipace
one heat in three minutes. ,c
Boman chariot race. t K
Banning race, mile beats, best two in three,
four to fill and two to Btart. Purse $125; S65 to
fit Kt , $35 to recocd. 25 to third. Fifty doHurs
will be added Co first money if 1 :48 is beaten by
the horse winning tho roc.
Trotting, 2:40 class. Purse 5100 ;S to first,
30 to second, $2) to third. Itf this elan one
heat must be trotted better than 2:45 to entitle
an; horse to purse.
Boman standing race.
Focani Bay, Fbtoay Oct. 4.
Facing, free for all. Furse 8100; $50 to first.
830 to second, $15 to third.
Banning, one-half mQe heats, best two in
three. Parse $75; S35 to first, $25 to second,
15 to third.
Trotting, free for alL Furse $900 ;$1M to first,
4 to second, 835 to third. In this class $10$
wflLbe added to first money It 2:38 is beaten ose
the horse winning the race.
chariot race and aerial vehicular gyn-
Any horse distancing the aeld or any part
thereof will be awarded but one fceauaaa.
Heats ia seek days roses nay be treated aMer
motely. at feast are hones to eater and these to
iu each rises.
totatttec ueetaa iud. ruuutue
dose st eight eUcek F-a. of .She sy
ase sue aa
offlee oath grenade. Eaaaeefeel$
27, 1889.
Public Sale
Of Short-Horn Cattle,
Hastings, Neb.
Tuesday, October 8th 1889,
I will sell to the higeest bidder,
These cattle have been bred and raised in Nebraska, are suited to the-elimate
and used to the hind of food, produced by onr soil, and if properly handled are
tv unmiii to give satisfaction. This offering will consist of
p m mm mm m fk
, All .females old enongli have
bars,eldea anUuuaar33Stirer roval varna 2nd 83439. TIimu Jmiu uin iu nn hnutnm
at the stab- fair at the header the nerd, and i will
A credit of montes ilme will-be given on goo-1
15th. Sale co:nmences at 1 pjn.
M. Woods,
awOne package of
Brmac will naks i
BWerakeown. which will CURE In lineetlwi
aBHntaeStoaBackrVmrer udAm. anH
artsupoqtbe Klrtewjw and Bladder; toe beet
ww KBown. man oeuaeawKn or wicnotrt spirits.
SVItUtsr the cheapest remedy known; FaUdireo-
mau, portage prepaid. Prtcf3eets.armgakor
two packets for 0 Cts. U.S. stamps tokWin
payments Address, .
6E0. & STEKETEE, Crane Raalm Mich.
Wdsbern iobel j
Artesian vrater throughout the house:
Out two blocks from city fcaU
1314 12th St. DenrerColo. ' ,
BATES $1 25 and $1 50 PER DAY.
The house and fnrnisaings are all new.
Elepaat rooms with nrst class meals at
moderate rales. First ehvs livery sad
boarding stables ia connection with the
iss asaBaasass.?
0sjtra4)fer;llrst BaUeual
I eftMftOatl
?r j?zr
A 'Al
mm an tm ta w
- n-s-? i w r. A' -ri rrt - -
lania: a oFaaafaVirt at f amTaaaaaaaTaaaaaaaaaatTmMaf at
rBBnuaOfifl BBBBBBBEaamBBBBaBaHaaSlHaimm
V WB graetlee ta afleomu ef this state
-Urtlnj., esweUaaHdgmted eaetaesaarelew
3mBalCmBflaVJaaVaaaBBBBl'ia1adtA imadi im -
No. 9.-
a ?8HlsBaB9SBaaaaaf
"-J m "r
been served by the "Cnrick-
take pleasure in showing them to all. Terms:
bankable paper.
Catalogues will le ready Sept.
Proprietor, Lincoln, Neb.
D. B. Spanogle,
and Loan Age"
Red Cloud.
ivlarble and t
Granite Vorl3;
A. 11. BRO'.VK, i'cor.
Fine Monuments
and Headstonns
Eln. !t. nri Itl, A v.. Rpd Crrv.
From the Depot
To Bradbrooks
Photo Studio
at English Remedy.
Murraya Specific.
A gUj-tniirt-d mre for all aer
vous distant ,uca as weak mem
ory loss of brrJu power hvstcria
headUrhe pn In the backnr
vouspostr.ttion waktltllness lou
corrhoKa universal lastude seav
lnal weakness iinpotencyandgen
eial Iots of power of the Genera
uye Organs; in elthei sex. can,
ed by Indlscreiion oroTerexertion
and which ultimately lead to
PaXatATTRE )LI :r miv.
ix r una uomBimnior-. i uu a
box or six boxes for $5 so. S-inT.
.. s . . -mM: .. -
uj am ou rrcapvui price, r till
particulars, in pamphlet, sent
free to every applicant
to careaav ease. Foreverr (6
order reeetve wc seed six hexes
wKh a written guarantee rore-
iHaa ue fsnoy u .our speaac i
does not effect a cure. Aadresei
all coauuualeeaeBS to the sole
atasaaaetarers. TaaMvaaArXaoicxKaOQ.
i h'lUTsTtrrBfi
in KedOeud byCL. OOTTIHGsele
waaw4gjm gumge. tfeewia,--ar"ra
Tr. m s
a -xxmirn i i i i nju miqjtmut