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Vol. 17.
D. 13. Spanogle,
Real Estate
Red Cloud.
brown s
Marble and
Granite Worus
A. 11. iUCOWN, lKOP.
Fine Monuments
and Headstones
Elm Sr, and Jti Av.. ttod Oloml,
Street Cars
From the Depot
To Bradbrooks,
Photo Studio
a & lb.
(Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.)
J. IV. Dachnek, Local Ageut.
Arrives Leaves.
rasenger i!:45pjn. 350 p.m
Accom. aud Freight 3:05 p.m. 5:00 p,m
ia Northwestern route.
Arrives at York 5:32 p.m, Fremont 8:15, Oma
ha. 920 p.m. Chicago, 12.-00 in. St. Paul 9 JO a,m
Jjeaves Chicago 5:J0p.m. Outaha 8:40 a.m. ar
rives at Hastings 2;45 o.m.
Omaha St. Paul, Sioux
City, and all points
Theolny line to southern Xebrask. Dakota,
liot Springs, the Itlack Hills, and
Central Wyoming.
Through tickets and baggage checked to des
For rates, time tables etc, call on
J. B. Packxer. Agent,
Hastings, Neb.
H. G. Burt, J. B. Bochajtax,
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pas. Agent.
Omaha, Neb.
Denver to Chicago,
Denver to Kansas City.
Denver to Omaha,
Omaha to Chicago,
Kansas City to Chicago,
Omaha to St. Louis,
Through tickets over the Burling
ton Rout are for sale bv the Union
Pacific, Denver Rio Grande and
all other principal railways, ana
toy alt agents off the "Burllngto
For further Information, apply ft
any agent, or to
las it to all MPMiii.
i.4.STtaO,MA .
Sold by DruggUm,
C. L. Cottixo, Agent.
. aawi b m fun. v
Eel km
afc L TT"g?ggBr ' '"" """" '' ' ilBBSggite
Red Cloud,
KepnMIcaa coaaty Coaveatlen.
The republican electors of Webster county,
are requested to send delegates from the several
townships to meet in convention at the couil
house in lied Cloud, Friday, September 20th,
1889, at 10 o'clock a.m. for the pmpoae of placing
in nomination one candidate for
County Cleric
County Treasurer.
County sheriff.
County Judge.
County Suprintendent Public Instruction.
Count)' Surveyor.
County Coroner.
Also 13 delegates to the republican state con
vention to be held at Hastings, Nebraska, Octo
ber 8th, 1889, and 10 delegates to the congres
sional convention and to transact such other
business as may properly coxae before the con
The several townships are entitled to repre
sention as follows, based on the vote cast for
Hon. George H. Hastings, presidential elector
in 188s, giving one delegate at large to each town
ship and one Tor every 15 votes or major fraction
Red Cloud Township 7 Walnut Creek Twp 3
Bed Cloud City lstw 8
Red Cloud City 2d w 10
line Township - 3
Garfield " 6
Beaver Creek Twp 6
EtaiCreek 5
PleasantHlll " 5
Catherton 4
It Is rec jmmended that no proxies be admitted
to seats In the convention except such as are
held by persons residing In the townships where
the vacancy occurs.
it is recommended that the primaries in the
several precincts be held on Saturday, Septem
ber Uth, at two o'clock pan.
1. F.Trukkbt, I. O. llARTUr,
secretary. Chairman.
To whom it may concern: Believing it to be
for the best interests of Webster county we
wlsb to announce the name of Henry Scott for
the office of sheriff of Webster county. He has
filled the office In a manner that is entirely ac!
eeptable to all and we with many others desire
his re-election. MaxtVotebs.
Red Cloud, Sept. 4th, 18S9.
D. G.Grice takes this method of announcing
to the people, of Webster county, that he will
be a candidate before the republican county
convention for the office of sheriff. If nomina
ted and elected he promises to fill the office in a
first-class manner.
For JHdure.
To my many friends in Webster county, I de
sire to announce myself as a candidate for
county judge, subject to the will of the repub
lican convention. SAMX West.
I take this method of stating to the people of
Webster county, that I will be a candidate for
county judge, subject to the action of the re
publican coiuenuon. ueo. w. dabkek,
Believing that the people ought tA have an op
portunity to discuss the qualifications of candi
dates for public office, I take this method of an
nouncing that I will be a candidate before the
republican count v convention for the office of
county judge. I. F. Trcvkbv.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of county judge of Webster county
tor the ensuing term, subject to the decision of
the republican county convention.
For county c erk.
I desire to announce myself to the people of
Webster county as a candidate for the office of
county clerk subject to the will of the republican
convention. All rumors that I am nota Icandi
date are untrue. If elected I will do my best to
Oil the office in a manner that will be satisfac
tory to my constituencies, IL E. PoD.
For County Tremsarer.
I lioicbvanounccnnself as a candidate for
the office of comity treasurer, subject to tlw
action of the county convention. If elected, I
promi-.e to administer the affairs of the office
in a proper manner and satisfactorily to the
C. B. Cboni
I hereby take this method of announcing to
my friends and the ieople ofWebster county,
that I will be a candidate for treasure of
Webster county, subject to the decision of the
repcblican convention.
E. II. .Tones.
Yea Cannot Afford
At this season f the year to be without a good
reliable diarrhoea balsom in the house, as
cramps, colic, diarrhoea and all inllamation of
the stomach and bowels arc exceedingly dan
gerous if not attended to at once. One bottle of
Begg's diarrhoea balsom will do more good in
cases of this klnd than any other medicine on
earth. We guarantee it. C. L. Cottlngdruggis
- e-
Bncklla'a Arnica Salve.
The best sa've in the world for cuts,
braises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
com?; and all tkin eruption?, aUd
positively cures, or nn pay required,
it ia guaranteed to Hive perfect satis
faction, or maney refunded. Price
25 cents per box. For sale by Henry
Furniture of all kinds cheaper than
ever at Fj V. Taylor's.
Guide Rock " 11
Stillwater " 6
OakCrrek " 6
Potsdam " 8
Batin " 3
Glenwood " G
Harmony " 5
Inavale " 4
! in tw.-M hi ! m i fy w .-t'-?-- riMTranTTri 1 1 i i n irmuwi iB iiii'i ! i
fc -. - - i i n- iinMnnnnnnnnmaM,nmamamamamamar'amamamamaman,nmamaaai mnmmmfcmBBEmBbrnvmmGV rwusM'viiBKTai . --w. "' -- v)ii;ajm.a --visnanv'immeEBMc-urmv-ir-''a'm .rh YWBkam?mBmBmBmBmBBBBB- . -nai
Webster County Neb., Friday, September 13, 1889.
The following touching lines en
titled "Caesar's Lament" are respect
fully dedicated to his "Nibs. " 4
An editor of Bed Cloud
Was lying, nothing new,
He wasn't feeling very pert,
In fact was rather bine;
A comrade stood beside him,
And wiped away a tear,
In hopes the editor would see him,
And order up the beer.
The "dizzy" editor faltered,
Aa he took that comrades hand:
And he said, I neverwaut to see
My own, my native land.
Take a message and a token,
To my friends just take a tale,
I am out of place in Red Cloud,
I've lost cast in Inavale.
Tell my partners and companions,
When together th6y all get,
To hear my mournful story,
By HartwelTs big whey vat,
That I fought the battle bravely,
And when the day was done,'
I found that I was badly scooped,
By that bloody Man in the Moon.
He touched me up on every side,
He just danced upon my toes,
But I'd haye lived through all of that,
If he hadn't touched my nose.
But now its done and finished,
My very worst is said,
His hand is spread, thumb to his nose,
And I think I'll bag my bead.
Tell Mrs. B. not to weep for me,
And sob with drooping head,
When the Man in the Moon comes back
With glad and gallant tread;
But to look upon him proudly,
With a calm and steadfast eye;
Oh, why did I ever shoot at him,
For me he is too high.
And if the school board ask her
Just tell her in my name;
There's no one there to insult her now
Or make her her cry with shame;
And to hang this motto on the wall
In letters long and broad,
"Ha that slanders women
Will most surely not see God."
There's another, not a tid bit,
I wish I was in Guinea.
When 'ere I think of that mash of mine,
Wicked deceitful Minnie.
For this earth I thought she was too
For an angle sure I took her,
It makes my tears run dowa like rain,
She played me for a sucker.
One consolation though I've got,
I wasn't there for health,
I just put in experience,
She got none of my wealth .
Tell her last night I drempt of her,
We were together just onee more.
It was a happy dream to me,
Add Tve drempt it oft before.
Another thing dear comrade,
That I've never told before,
As I never like to speak of it,
It makes me rather sore.
A wondrous tale I did invent,
It caused a heap of bother,
Fd surely ne'er had said it though,
Had I known she had a brother.
Dear comrade take this word of mine
To the boys in Inavale,
Be aura you're right then go ahead,
totalling such a tale.
Ah, the whole thing is slowly drying out,
Why was I such a loon,
To jump upon that wayward youth,
That wicked Man in the Moon.
His voice was getting hoarse and thick,
He sadly dropped his head;
Says he, ''Let's go across the creek,
And paint the country red."
His comrade tried to stop him,
But he found that he had fled;
He left a word behind him,
And this is what he said,
I have monkeyed with the buzz saw,
Found it running on fall time,
And I wish I was in Guinea,
Or at "Bingen on tne Rhine."
The comrade rose up slowly,
Says he a mice I've smelt,
I Ions have thought and now I know,
Caesar wears the .belt .
The Man vx the Moos.
New Era Expedition, StJesnb, 3Io.
Owing to the fact that corn has not fully
matured In certain section of the country, the
Board of Directors of, the Exposition Associa
tion has decided to extend the time of making
entries in Class A (Individual Exhibit, Best One
Dozen Ears of corn,) to September 91th. All
entrles'made on or before this date will be
eligible for competition for the premium.
The following dass has been added to the
Premium list.
Class T.VzarrABLms.
All entries In this class mast be made oa or
before September 25th, aad the goods all in place
on that date.
For largest and best display of Vegetables,
all kinds, by society or Individual.
First premium fioo 60
Second "
Third "
Fourth "
Sixth "
Seventh '
Eighth "
.. jse)
sa oo
..25 00
.. 29 M
..15 60
.. 10 00
.. 5 00
- .2
. -V?V
A. Calmes will leave for Denver
The board of supervisors meet on
the 17th.
Capt. Munsell has returned home
from Milwaukee.
A fine lot of carpet warp at the
New York Store.
Mrs, M. B. Edleman is visiting in
Blue Hill this week.
Geo. Warren editor of the Argus is
in Lincoln this week.
Mrs. Morn art and son George have
returned from Omaha,
Walter Curran has accepted a po
sition in Deyo's drug store.
All goods arc sold at the New York
Store at the lowest cash prices.
A fine line of jeans, cassimeres and
flaunels at the New York Store.
Corn huskcrs' soap, pine tar, rub
ber finger cots, &c. at Gotting's.
J. M. Young, A. J. Kenney and
George Young were in Lincoln this
R. L. Alyea"took a fine herd of
thoroughbred cattle to the state fair
this week.
Don't forget the soldier's reunion
next week. Every body in the
county should attend.
Are you going to bay a carpet. If
so do not fail to call and examine my
stock and prices F. V. Taylor. "
Mrs. L. Baum and childrea have
just returned from Chicago, where
they have been for two or three weeks.
Mr. Harris, B. & M. station agent
has been very sick this week, but
hopes are entertained for his imme
diate recovery.
Boy Hutchison has returned from
the Black Hills and hes gone into
partnership with E. L. Smith in the
barber business.
The old frame building belonging
to Senator Moon, on 5th Avenue has
aeen moved on the vacant lots ncrth
of the Moon block.
I can save you big money on f ami
tare and carpets. 100 different pat
terns of carpets cut without waste at
F. V. Taylor's.
The following young ladies have
gone to Lincoln to the state univer
eity: Stella Ducker, Carrie Brown,
and Cora Garber.
Do not fail to subscribe for The
Chief and Omaha Republican fo?
$2.50 per annum, and get a premium
Every subscriber draws a prize.
Wednesday night the city council
grantod a petition for a walk on Elm
street from 4th avenue to the north
end of the street. This is
needed improvement.
a long
We again call the attention of the
road overseer of Red Cloud township
to the bad condition of the approach
to the river bridge. It should be
fixed up so icaros could pass conven
iently. Attorney General Lcesc has been
mentioned as a candidate for the
supreme court. Mr. Leese is an
able lawyer and jurist and would
mako an excellent justice of the
highest tribunal in the state.
Our old friend R. D. Andrews of
Bladen was in the city Monday en
route fo: Kansas, where he went in
search of peaches. He was, compell
ed to stop several beers in the city
on account of the sickness of one of
his horses.
The Chief is pretty well crowded
with advertisements tkis week which
goes to show what newspaper has the
circulation. When people want to
advertise their wares, if they con
sult their own interests, they will
come to this office. Our circulatioa
is bonafiile, no sample copies arc issued.
w Pinwx.-" H
If you want a good pocket knife go
to Cot ting's.
The New York Store is headquar
ters for the the best makes of boots
and shoes.
Ranny McNitt has decided to be
com 3 a lawyer and has commenced
his labors in that direction under G.
R. Chaney.
RibbonB, ribbons, ribbons. A
bis lot of remnants will be sold at
less than half
at the New
York Store.
Mr. Frank R, Robeson of Albany,
New York, is in the city, a guest of
R. V. Shiiey, president of the First
National bank.
The B. & M. R. R. will sell round
trip tickets during the Inter State
reunion at Red Cloud for one and one
third fare fifty miles each way from
Red Cloud. Tickets on sale Sept. 17
good to return Sept 21.
Soon the Big 8 will have to put up
another salary for a McKeeby. Dock
has an eye for business and proposes
to take in the interest in some
manner on the money he has invested
in the Republican corpse.
The reason the big 8 can't get their
paper out until Saturday is because
they have to wait until The Chief is
published "in order to get the news.
Oh, we torgot. thy dont read the
Great Family Weekly, but somehow
they are awfully anxious to get hold
of it, Friday attcrneon.
Thorc will be a special meeting of
the Ladies B. H. M. society next
Tuesday afternoon Sept. 17 at the
residence of Mrs. Sidney Perkins.
Ever member of the society is ear
nestly requested to be present as there
is important business on hand. Bus
iness will be attended to promptly at
four o'clock. By order of president.
Mr. A. H. Jester who came among
us about one year ago, in the capacity
of prescription clerk for L. H. Dyo
has severed his connection with that
gentleman and wiil seek other quart
ers. Mr. Jester has been many years
ia the drug bnsinessand is a thorough
and competent registered pharmacist.
He is a very pleasant gentleman and
while here has made lots of friends.
Both ho and Ms cstimabh wite will
be missed in our musical and social
eircles. Thf CniEF wishes Mr. J.
success where ever he may looate.
Take in Tne Fair.
O, the pumpkins will pump, apple
dumplinga will dump and pears will
joyfully pare, and the people will peep
at the beautiful sheep, and farrows
will happily fare. Cucumbers will
eome and girls will chew gum, no
matter how people may stare, and
beets will turn red, to be pulled out of
bed and get on a horrible tear. To
matoes will mate on that auspicious
datet and carrot? will have not a care.
Riding sulkie3 that sulk are forbidden
to skulk on the premises everywhere,
and chiggers that chig arc requested
to dig to" the prairie so brown and
bare.. So hasten ye all to come at the
call, O, hasten the way to prepare;
thuugh laggards may lag get your
wagons to wag you along to the Web
ster county fair. Adapted.
Republican Caneae.
The republican electors of Red
Cloud township are requested to meet
at the court house on Saturday, Sept
14th, at 2:30 p. m. for the purpose
of choosing seven delegates to the
republican county convention which
meets at Red Cloud, September 20th,
and for the transaction of any other
business that may come before the
meeting. Joseph Garber,
Central Committeeman.
1. Tv.&Bt; nt i. f.. TktiM.
day eveningfin J. L. Kalefl office they
" -. .
endorsed Hon. J. R. Willcox, for county
Lloyd Craybill has purchased the
street railway, paying $1,500
No. 7.
Incidents of the Rational Convention
W. B. C at JtlllWankee.
Some of the delegates met the head
quarters train at Omaha, in which we
tound Mrs. Morgan the department
president of Nebraska with a part of
her staff which wis increased by oar
presence. The gentlemanly passen
ger agent of the C. M. & St P. R. R.
was with us, and fcunday nc lnvueu,
the department president and her
staff to take dinuer with him in the
dining car and set before us the best
menu which we all enjoyed immense
ly. On arriving at Jlilwauljcj we
found no arrangements for our enter
tainment, so. each one had to look out
for herself. Five of us found a place
where we could get three adjoining
rooms and we had high times. Mil
waukee is a clean, white beautiful
city, and it was beautifully decorated.
On Tuesday was the great parade, but
it was only about half as large as the
one at Columbus, Ohio. Wednesday
morning business commenced with an
open session of the convention. Wo
were addressed bv the governor of the
state and the mayor of the zity and
seveial others of the u. A. it. aiso
some of our own distinguished mem
ber, were presented, and made short
speeches among them were Mrs. Joha
A. Logan, and the famous Clara A.
Barton. The second day came the
interesting time., the election of offi
cers, I have the assurance to believe
that I aided materially in electing
that grand old army nurse, Mrs. Annie
Kittenmcyer for national president.
She was elected by only two majority
and iust as we were coins: to vote, I
found that two of our delegates had
their ballots written for the other
otndMftto ami T n!cad with them to
cjange .to Mw. WliittWMjCT m
thnc riiri Knr nnfinnnl sfthinf Vie-
thev did. For national senior vice-
preaident I am happy to state we
elected Mrs. Jelmma Manchester of
Lincoln, Nebraska. How much of
that election is due to the delegates
from this state. You can imagine for
yourselves, wse succeeded and that is
all that is necessary to state. Friday
night at twelve o'clock the committee
adjourned to meet next year in Bos
ton, Massachusetts. After packing
our grips we slept an hour or two and
started on an early train for Chicago,
where we commenced reluctantly to
separate; one going one way and one
another until there were only three
of us started for home together, and
came as far as Marion, Iowa, when I
took a train coming to this place, Ot
tumwa, Iowa, where I am at the pres
ent writing. The fruit crop here is
the largest it has ever been for years
but I have seen no corn like the Ne
braska corn. 1 has been dry here
for the past two months till last week
there was a little rain. Ottumwa is a
beautiful city being sitnatcd on nearly
as many hills as Rome. But with all
its advantages, and it has many, I
prefer my own adoptel state, Ne
braska. Emma B. Knight.
The big 8 outflt are not contented with trying
to get their hands into tfcu county treasury
aloce, hut in order to do so they arc knifing
their own men ia order to make the treasury.
The following comersaUoa was indulged In
during a little attempt to capture a certain op
ponent: Say let ujioh old and lot him
come into the convention with as many votes
as he can, he can't get there anhow and III
be d d if I wnll vote for the old under
any circumstances. The above N a fact and
there is not the least doubt but what thcyare
kuiflng every friend for the purpose ol getting
control of the treasury. Wo staud ready to
prove the above as an assertion ma Je by one of
the big 3, which we :onii!er a mean, low, dirty,
coutemptable underhanded ;nune. It may be
politics, but It Is only the kind that comes from
such unprincipled men as eoinjKwe the big 8.
The district conference of the Young Men's
ChrNta'n Association of this district will be held
here Sept, CO to 22. This district embraces
Adams,"Clay, Nuckolls, "Webster, and Franklin
counties. Hastings, Fairfield, and Kcd Cloud
are the only places in the district having asso
ciations, but In a number of other towns special
and dePnita work is being done for young men.
In one or two or these towns thea.expect to
rganize association this !all. State Secretary
Nash will be present and everything possible Is
being done ta make Mm conference a suacess.
mi II
The Priae of Woman.
A clear pearly and transparent skin is al
n & tin nt nnrc blood, and all persons
troubled with dark, greasy, yellow or blotched
NsHwanrest assured that their Wood Is outof
I . . a,. .. p.- blood nurifler
order. A few doses of Eegg's Moon punner
and blood maker will remove the cause and the
akin will become clearVid transparent . Try it
and if satisfaction is not given nwiUcoityou
nothing. It Is fully warranted. C. L. Cottlng
druggist. .
;? r
- --. -
v t