The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 23, 1889, Image 4

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D. G.Gtice takes tbis method of announcing
to tlw people, of Webster county, that he will
he a candidate before the republican county
eoarention for the office of sheriff. If nomina
ted and elected he promises to All the office In a
first-class manner.
For Jadse.
Believing tltat the people ought t have an op
portunity to discuss the qualifications of candi
dates for public office. I take this method of an
nouncing that I will be a candidate before the
republican county convention for the office of
ceantyjudge. D.F.TacxKEr.
For County Clerk.
I desire to announce myself to the peopte of
Webster county as a candidate for the office of
county clerk subject to the will of the republican
convention. All rumors that I am nota :candi
date arts untrue. If elected I will do my best to
till the office In a manner that 4wiu 3e sausiac
tory to my constituencies. H. E. Pokd.
mcNeay for Coagrraa.
Now that there is a vacancy in the
2d congressional district, brought
about by the death of Hon. James
Laird, The Chief desires to suggest
the name of a man from Ked Cloud
who could fill that important place
with honor to the district and his
name is the lion. James McNeny.
Kr. MeNeuy is iu every way tuny
qualified for the position. He is a
lawyer of ability and gained a state
reputation for being among the best
legal talent of the west. He has a
thorough kuowledgc of the ueeds and
demands of the "Big 2." There is
not a man in the district that could
fill the vacant scat with more ability
and honor that the Hon. Jas. McNeny.
Johu Sull.'van was np before a Mis
sissippi court for prize fighting. The
judge sentenced him to one year in
the county jail. However John ap
pealed the case to the supreme court,
&e bond and loft for Boston. It
will be an easy matter for him to for
feit Lis bond of $1500, than go to
jail for a year. It should not be said
however that he docs not deserve pun
ishment, tor he docs as do all prize
The Lincoln Call's low-bred assault
on the Hon. James Laird, should be
frowned down, and a paper of vhat
character should not be countenanced.
A man's faults should be baried with
him. It is anything but brave to
make an attack upon a man's record
or character after bo ha been con
signed to the tomb. Peath ought to
settle all questions and the mantle of
charity should bn thrown around the
life that has passed to the great court
on high.
Hea, Janca Laird Dead.
Oar community was somewhat
tartled on Saturday afternoon by the
news of the death of the Hon. James
Laird, congressman from this dis
trict. Mr. Laird bad hundreds of
friends and admirers in this city and
eounfcy who will fed greatly grieved
over his immature death. He was a
soldier true, and the G. A. R. boys
Had become used to looking upon
him as a great leader, all of which he
was, never letting an opportunity
pass to help the boys who wore the
blue. He was a whole-souled genial
man. wbose big heart went out in
sympathy to the distressed, in fact
he was one of the people. Lofty po
sitions in life did not bother his head
to that extent that he could not ap
preciate where the honors came from
that were thrust upon him time after
time, lie appreciated all of those
things, and his elevation to such high
and responsible places did not make
him feel above his fellow man, hence
his thousands of friends and admir
ers among all classes rich and poor.
Alas! he's gone, the angel of death
has come and taken one of the shin
ing lights of onr state. Let his body
rest in peace while his memory will
be ever cherished by those who knew
him best He was a brave soldier, a
noble man, a true patriot and a citi
zen of inestimable worth. Thus the
bright and promising career of James
Laird is suddenly cut short by the
hand of.death. Peace be to his ash
W. W. Gilbert,
Wishes to notify his friends that
he has leased the
Watson Barn !
Located east of Piatt & Frees Lumber Yard where
he will keep
Boarding Horses' Feed Barn
At reasonable rates, rose one and all.
Fort Abstract Co., Red Cloud,
L. H. FORT, Manager.
AfoiitFaetsi of m ft
Famished to all Lands in Webster County, Accurately and
Having bad ten years experience in county records and ono of the most complete set of Ab
stract books in the state, we guarantee satisfaction. Yotr favors solicited
All orders filled promptly. 10.000 dollar bond tiled
and approved. Address or call on
L. H. FORT, Manager, Red Cloud, Neb.
Prices Knocked Out
For the next 60 days.
Special train in charge of Conduc
tor Haynes left Hastings at 11 o'clock
on the Northwestern for York, at
which place it arrived at 12:05, leav
ing there at 12:20 and arriving in
Hastings at 1:25. The time made
was a mile a minute. Agent Daub
ncr, who went out on the special, said
tnat the rate was about as fast as he
cared to ride. The train brought iu
a large delegation from points along
the line to attend Mr. Liird's funeral.
Hastings Nbraskan .
In another place in to-dav's Chief
will be found an article taken eviden
tly from a Hastings paper in regard
to our jail, in which Chas. Cather is
spoken of as having been in that city
and while there took the opportunity
to investigate the Pauly jail contract
with Adams county. The article
tates that the company put cells in
the Hastings jail and more of them
for less money than they put them in
for our county. This w.uld be rather
misleading if it was not known that
the company built jail and all here,
while we understand, t bey furnished
only the cells there. The Chief
thinks the hoard got a better job and
get it as cheap as they would have
done had they taken regular bids for
same from various companies. We
presume that the jail company did
Bake a little money by reason of sub
letting the contract to home parties
who bid very low, in fact so low that
it is doubtful whether they will get
Out whole or not, yet that is no fault
of the county, or the jail company.
The county wanted a ten thousand
dollar jail aid whea it is all finished
a pet coalract it will have cost near
ly that aaoant, allowing, of course, a
good Margin for the contractor's
profit Mr. Cather perhaps can see a
iig bonus in it, being used to bo
sea. Vat The Ciuef can't see any
lie a Ike county jail thus far at
Haw is this. A tablet irith 200
leaves far 10c at Dcjo's.
The Chief, Argus and republican
Red Cloud are in it up to the neck.
We fear somebody will weaken bc-
forethe wrangle is over and restore
to the tender mercies of the law.
Hosmer with his usual vim and vigor
is making a number of telling hits on
the Republican. The Republican
man, like ur chestnut, stoops very
low when he is compelled to bring
outside innocent parties into the
brawl. Stand up and fight Decky,
and win the battle on the merits if
you win at all. Blue Hill Leader.
An advertisement in a Dakota pa
per reads: "If John Jones, who ten
years ago deserted his poor wife and
three year old baby, will return, said
babe will lick the stuffiu out of him."
An ensrgetic man to represent us
in Red Cloud as Sale-Agent.
Waxamakkr & Brown,
The largest Clothing and Merchant
Tailering House in America.
Carpc im Carpet ! !
Mrs. M. E. Huffman, living two
miles west of the city on the Kaley
farm is prepared to weave carpets on
short notice. Orders by mail will
receive prompt attention. Leave or
ders with C. Schaffnit ft
4th Avenue
J.McAPTHUR, - - - Proprietor.
(Successor to J. . Cowgill.)
Keep constantly of hand a full supply of
Pays the highest market price for hides and pelts.
Market, first door west of Post-Office.
to Miller-Cotting Block,
Two doors south of his former store, and vill now sell you
goods very low
B. CLARKE President, Albany. N.Y J. A. TULLEY,
Robt. V. SHIREY, Treasurer.
PAID UP CAPI1AL,$50,000.
Ked Cloud, Neb.
Albany, New York.
H. Clarke, Albany. New York Geo R. Bench, BalstonSps N.Y.
W. H. Robeson, Albany, N. Y. E. S. Francis, Pittetield. if a
R.V.Shirey D.M.Piatt K. K. Highland. J.A. Tulleya M.B.McNit
On improved farms in NebnMca aikI Kjnas. Monev furnished as soon as the
security is approvea. Principal and interest payable in Red Cloud
His stock wiU be much larger than heretofore kopt, and
will he glad to see his friends at his new place
of business.
MiUer-Cotting Block, 2 doors south of old stand .
Reliable Real Estate Agents !
Investments for non-iesidents, profits largo, quirk, and no il!c.
Invest Now to Catch the Incoming tide this fall
Portland property Is rapidly advancing. Correspondence cheerfully answered.
Ikxinl of Immigration. Address firm, 30 Ash St.. I'ortl.inil. Oregon.
The Pride of Woman
A clear pearly and transparent skin Is al
ways a sign of pure blood, and all persons
troubled with dark, greasy, yellow or blotched
skin can rest assured that their blood Is out of
order. A few doses of Eegg's blood purifier
and blood maker will remove the cause and the
skin will become clear and transparent. Try it
and if satisfaction is not given it will cost yon
nothing. It is fully warranted. C.L. Cottimjr,
Notice is hereby given that I will
examine all persons who may desire
to offer themselves as candidates for
teachers of the public schools of this
county, at Bed Cloud, on the third
Saturday of each month.
Eva. J. King.
County Sup't
D. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate
and Loan Age
Red Cloud.
Fremont, Hun i Mo.
(Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.)
J. W. Dauutcb, Local Agent.
Arrive). Leaves.
Passenger 2:45 pjb. 3:50 p.m
Accom. and Freight 3:05 p.m. 5:00 pjn
via Northwestern route.
Arrives at York 5:32 p .m. Fremont 8 05. Oma
ha, 9:50 p.m. Chicago, I2.-oora. St Paul 9:30 gra
Leaves Chicago SUOpjn. Omaha 8 :40 a.m. ar
rives at Hastings 2;5o.m.
Oma ta, Cfciceco, St. Fan, onx
City, and all points
Theolny line to southern Nebraska. Dakota,
Hot Springs, the Black Hills, and
Central Wyoming.
Through tickets and baggage checked to des
tination. For rates, time tables etc, call on
J. B. Daciiher. Agent,
Hastings, Teb.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pas. Agent.
Omaha, 'eb.
At less than cost. I have a few that it will pay ycE it
examine. .Best quality of Paints, Oils, Drugs, etc. Ma
chine Oils, the best at the lowest prices.
C. L. COTTING, Druggist.
Willis G.Brown.
Lafayette Hughes.
Geo. 11-
R. V.Shirey, Pres. Henry CLARKE,Vice-Pn.s. Jno. R. Shirxt, Cashier
Howard B. Cather, Assistant Cashier
Red Cloudy Nebraska.
CAPITAL,, - $75,000
Transact a general banking business, buy and sell county warrants, als
county, precinct and school district bonds. Buy and sell foreign exchange
Jas. McNeny. J. A.Tulleys, G. W. Lindsey. R. V. Shircy.
JohnlLShirey. E. F. Highland.
Henry Clarke, A. J. Kenney.
Paints, Oils, Varnish, Stationery,
Books, Etc.
Red Cloud, - Nebraska,
Wm Mmw1mmBm
Just received a fine and complete line of
Ladies' Summei Goods, Lace and Swiss
Embroider7, Flouncings, Hamburgs,
Laces, Jerseys, Challies, Lawns,
Sateens the latest styles. Shirtings ginghams, dress trim
mings, hosiery and gloves, Goods sold at the low
est figures,
Warner &
We have removed to onr NEW QUARTERS just North of tho F. fc M
Bank and now have the
Largest Stock of Boots and Sh
Ever seen in Red Closd, and they will be sold at prices that will make
them go fast, im fact we are going to
Sell our Goods Cheap for Cash !
We hare the largest stock and warrant oar stock.
J. L. Miller has moved his im-
srwti mi
mense stock of harness under the Far
ners & Merchants bank, where you
PU71MT1 CEafXKw parenase narness, saddles, bridles
PinnnlPrmi II nd "iB8 in the harness line,
UDOOUIOK63ilORC cheaper than ever 4
Adjust ItMlf to any in order tn rmtnri mv low,o. ot- f
Nona's latk, v -- .
CT tWO ROWS Of g X WIU SeU 0fl tune at
Stitching, cash prices wiih ten per cent interest.
Will hold Hmim wu aD see me and I will da you
n disc batter than trocd.
any othar Cellar.
J. L. Mjlleb:
ill aa 1