The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 05, 1889, Image 5

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r.Ht.. - KyK vit . jl. - SS J-W Jj 4 J ' "
-iT'iifli slft t
."! '
SOTAL (AftsalntriyPgn) l
LEASTS Ufcan. Powder).
ZTJITOKD'S, irbea fteh..
MANFOEirs, Vba ftv..
-'-' -f-'-
AJLLZON (Ahi Powder) . j
PIONEER (SttFrascisco)...
PEARL (Asgre-ra 4 Co.)
wn. ....
UtlJOi W-.i
VUJUUK (Alcra Powder)...
. 'ilA.1' JTV?VI
f jjp--r?jEFinBB
V -y TaEsmememei
BULK (Powcer scM lccee). . .. H
BUiirOEDS,So:fre!: B
"I nave ics- 1 a clears cf T.rjs.1 Bjhiaz Ponder, vliich I Tarchasa'l ia the
open market, ct i 2nd it eomposMi of pen." and wLolesoaie iacrediems. It is a cream
of tartar powl.r of a hir-b Je 'if merit, aai docs not contain cither alaa or
phosphates, or other ibjiirijc sul-stances. E. G. Lo Fh.D."
" Ii is a saleailfic tie; that the Loral Baking Ponder is absclatclv pars.
"IL A-Mott, Ph.D.
"I have examined a packac? cf Eovsl Bakiar Ponder, purchased by myself fn
the market. I Snd it eiiti sy fr-v frra sicai, terra alba, or acv other insurious sub
stance. Heskt Hostus, Fiv., Irtsidea: of Steveas Institute of Technology."
" I hare analyst a package of Koval Bakinr Powder. The materials of which
it Is compoeJ are jera airl whiles-jzae. 5. Dasjl Hates, State Assayer, Mass."
The Boval Bikinc Fo der re 'ived the highest a anl ever ail competitors at
the Vienna tt rMs Exposition, 11; at the Ccatenaid, PhiladplDhia. 15TC ; at the
American In.- .. ate, New York, aad at State Fairs throushout the eountrv.
No chcr a-. -J ; of hyrar. food Las ever received such Lih. emphatic, and uni
versal cn-Iursrmcac from emmam chemists, phvsicians, scientists, aad Boards of
Health all o er the vrorld.
Note The above Diagea Castrates the comparative worth of varices Bairn
Powders, as shown by ChemicalJL2alysi3 aad experimeats made by Prof. Schedler.
A pound can cf each powder was taken, the total leavening power or volume fa
each can calculated, the resal; Uulj as indicated. This practical test for worth by
Prof. Schedler oaly proves what every olservant consumer of the Royal Baking
Powder knowr by r-actical err ;- -hat, -fcile it costs a fcr- cents per pound
more than ordinary kinds, it is far more economical, and, besides, tffords the advan
tage of better work. A siarle trial of the Royal BiH Powder will convince any
fair-minded person of these facts.
"While th; diarram shows some of the alam nowders to b of a hfc-hsr Arvr
f itrensth than other powders ranked
sg mat xney uive any value. Ail rcn po
nuoe avoiucu aa ;,i-jeroaa-
ghc gcx (tsju'J (Tlrrf.
A. c. nosnrr..
pnblished every Tn Jay momlna from tbe ofnee
ast side Webster sL. Ittneen 4tli and jth
Avenue, lied Cload, Xcb.
I have the agency for ten dinerent
lnin crciTiiriTns fnr fnn rr'.r-n -,-n fTlf
" !.. c f ,!,;, Mi.n" u .
f making farm loans." Therefore 1 1
can make a farm loan quicker and at ,
lower rates than auy other agent in j
"Webster county. I make option j
loans or straight loans for 1,2, 3, 4, 5, j
C, or i years, also on first class city
rropertv. Comrire mv terms before J
placing your fan- loa-,and save mon
ey and regrets. G. W. Barker.
Bear Red Cload at'l Bank.
.. , . , n . ... ture and carpets. 100 different pat--Gathered
Up by Chief Heportcrt. In r
And AboHt tlie City ana Coonxj-.
Jelly glasses at ol). per cozen at
the Fair store.
A laice number of our people have
returned from Crete.
K. Skeen and Dr. Emigh returned
from Beatrice on Friday last.
Mrs. M. H. Abbott, sister of 3Irs.
F. V. Taylor, h
returned to Abeline
B. V. Shirey and wite and Mr.
Clark and wife are visiting in Denver
this week.
John B. Shirey, cashier of the
First National bank returned Friday
nl"ht from the east where he had
been on business.
This week County Treasurer McNitt
is settling up with the county.
Messrs Frame, Thomas and Cather are
representing the county.
We again call the attention of the
- city dads to the fact that there sholud
he another pomp pot in at the engine
house. This is a matter that shonld
not be delayed.
The eiitor of thisFaxnily Journal was
in Beatrice lst wee. Beatrice is one
of the prettiert as well as most enter
prising towns in Nebraska and will be
tne third city in anothei year.
rC. L. Funck, known in the princi
pality of Line as 4tJedge" is probably
the happiest justice cf the peace in
Websttcounty, or for that matter in
the state, and all because, because
we hate to tell but then we must !
ause it is the first baby. When
ihe squire found out for sure that he
was pa,le waltzed up before his judi
cal bench and cave himself six months
of h? pinera to eUrt ca- Cigars C
-" -"---
b-low them, it is not to be taken as indleat-
waers, no master sow fiiga tatir i
Hoofing p'tch and coal tar at Dejo's
Bird cages at 45c at the Fair
Drink California orange mead at
Cotting makes the hesi stickv 3y
paper in town.
White Rosk mineral -water, ginger-
eIte at Cotting s.
als celebrated carriage paints at
eJi a" colors.
j)Cy0 has the largest .stock of of fire
orks in town. Buy of him.
The finest line of silk ribbons in
tfcp Clt7- Mrs- G- - Alde-
F. V. Taylor has returned from
Lincoln where he was in attendance
upon the undertakers association of
! the state.
I can save you big money on furni
j terns oi carpet:
F. V. Taylor's.
On cur local page to-day will be
found a striking and instructive illus-
I 1U
ration of the comparative worth of
the various baking powders now in
the market.
Earl Pond, entertained his young
friends Monday afternoon at a party
in honor of his 7th birthday. He re
ceived a large number of presents.
i All had a pleasant time.
Mr. Molpoer is in the city.
D. F. McFarland, Bfc M roadmaster will
soon more back to Republican City.
The marshal wishes to notify all people
that fast driving will not be allowed on
the streets.
The city council will purchase another
pump for the city water works, It is ab
solutely neceasary.
Oar people should follow Mr. Bentley
in the good work of catting down weeds
over the city. His lots look 100 per cent
nicer with the weeds down.
Jim Johnson had the pleasure of "abid
ing at the csge1 this week, for tunning a
bagnio. If more of her stripe were com
pelled to lay is the calaboose for awhile,
there would be fewer in the city,
A fellow known in this city as "patch-
eye' was arrested by Sheri Scott ewe
da this week and turned over to the ten
der mercies of the sheriff of Harlan coun
ty en information filed by W. W. Gar
The city street commissioner has been
instructed to have the weeds cut down in
the streets and in front of all lots in the
Qty. The people of Bed Clond should
fall in line and do sack- work out of
pride for the looks of Red Cloud. It will
onlr be two weeks mor9 before the eity
will be swarmed by thousands of firemen
visiters, and oar people shcnld take a
pride in making the cirj appear aa nicely
la Cease Bxeiteaweatt.
The following epistle received by
the sheriff on Tuesday morning caus
ed quite a commotion in this city.
The note was addressed to Sheriff
Scott and started out with the ex
clamation: 'IIOHEOE OF nORXOES.
We have just discovered near Bur
tis house in the weeds, three dead
bodies, apparently mother ani three
children. Some one at Burtis' home
or barn will show you the place.
In haste,
Lutz fc Patjioe."
July 2, 8:30 a. m."
The sheriff like the good official
that he is, promptly hired a rig, and
with a number of his fellow men, sol
emnly entered the vehicle and pro
ceeded to the residence of Mr. Lutz,
and asked that gentleman to indicate
the position of the dead. Mr. L. did
so. and upon arriving at the barn the
sheriff and his deputies jumped out
of the wagon and thinking of the
ghastly find they trere about to be
hold (and at the same time holding
their noses to prevent tne fumes of a
distant poVcat from entering therein)
indicated to Mr. Lutz to lead the
way. With slow and solemn tread
the party started in the wake of the
guide and when Mthin a few feet of
the barn, :n the- weeds,behold: lav the
tnni rk aV n .. 11 ...!-- . . . . T. nM .1m..
.. . . , , .,
Iritmne 'nninar thin r-n niil " A
smile was visible on Bro. David's phiz
but the sheriff's brows knitted, and
the fee was demanded for his servi
ces. A serious look is now worn
by the practical jokers, who we pre
sume did not imagine that seadinc
the sheriff on a wild skunk chase was
no laughing matter, and it may cost
them some money before they are
through with it for triflinc with the
majesty of the law in such a frivilous
manner. The ioke was well conceiv
ed and worked to a charm, the boys
oiting like little suckers.
Vonas'i C. O. X. EnporlBM.
Ladies hoe 7c. per pair, worth 10c.
Ladies fine fast black hose fer 17c.
per pair would be cheap at 25c Chal
lies at 6$- cents per yard that sells
for 3 and 10 cents other places.
Fans 5c, Se. 10c, and 15 cents that
are worth twice the money. We
carry the largest stock of ribbons and
sell them cheaper than any other
house. Our whit :oods and embroid
eries, laces tf. are the best value for
the money in the City. When you
want to save mey call and see us.
YorNcs O O D. Emporium.
31 r-. C . Al Jen.
Millinery ar I iiJies' furnishing
goods, 4th aven". ?. doors east of
McFarlands. Y.i ill find in my
stock silk glrtv..-, ;s. dress shields
bustles, plain at-d i-ted vailinss and
the finest line v
-,wers in the city.
I will sell my r-u .tinr goods cheap to
make room for a ge stock of fall
millinery and -t.e work matirials.
Examine mv before buvins.
Furniture f hree room house.
Good dres mak"r- -land and good
trade. Reason f - Hing poor health
Possession given a' nce. Apply to
Mpp L B. Molpoer.
Webst.r St, oppo":-1 Moon block.
i:-dCInud, Xeb.
The matrimonii' ta trket for June. 1889
was rather dull. I;ren-e to wed having
been isued from the county court during
the month as follows:
CA-H-Byrum 30
7 Jennie Chapman 26
(L. A. Harrington 26
7 Amanda G. Bowen ...19
( Louis M. Vance 2S
( Carrie D. Newhonse 12
5 Orange P. Taylor 25
I Clara Hnrray 18
(William C. HurJ 27
(Lou Wright 21
The entertainment committee of the
fire department wish to extend their
thanks to the ladies and gentlemen who
attended their beiltaJely 4. They es
pecially desire to thank all for their good
conduct on that occasion, and will say
tfiat t no lain r? will ers lnn(hr haTI
and hope all will attend. The fire boys
are always thankful for the liberal turn
outs at their danees.
: TKZ.
The 4th of July was daly observed here
yesterday and over the county.
Lou. Kenney, formerly foreman of
Tee Chtkk office, and now an employe of
the Belleville, (Kan.) Telescope, is in the
exty this week visiting his parents. Lou
is a good printer in whatever position
you may put hint.
Geo. W. Hutchiaqoa, for the sat year
with our popular artist, F. Bradbrook,
has gone toWilleox. Neb where he will
opar s raCery for himself. George is
good photographer, sxd we wiaa i
scseess in Lis W vertnre.
Tlie TearaaaBcsu.
The tournament committee are
building a big amphitheater and are
getting everything ready to entertain
the fire laddies and the thousands of
people that will be here during that
period. Red Cloud is making every
effort to give the people a grand ova
tion and we feel the tournament will
be the grandest affair of the kind ever
held in the state. The departments
from all over the state and from Iowa,
Kansas and Colorado will be here, be
sides a large number of spectators
will be variously estimated at from
five to ten thousand people. If you
want to have a nice time be sure and
come and puc in the four days. It
will pay you and you will see some
thing that you only have a chance
once in a life time to see. Since the
copy of the extra premiums of the
official programme was placed in the
press the tournament committee at
Red Cloud have received several
special premiums from various parties
which now swell the prizes and pre
miums to the amount of over $2,000.
The tournament committee have
purchased direct from the manufac
turers $l,a00 worth of fire wor
.'- rvf
the finest kind which will be
l played on the grounds on the second
and tcird ever. ni;s cf the tournament
r - w
(July 17th and ISth.
One of themost attractive features
of the tournament will be the $29,000
art and brie a brae exhibition. No
finer exhibition of art has ever been
placed before the public for inspec
tion west of Omaha than this will be.
Vinong the works will be seen pain
tings which won first premiums at
ihe New Orleans exposition.
Fire departments who have been
making preparations to attend the
tournament, and are prevented from
doing so by the want of proper apper
atus, will have the same famished
them free by making application to
th" tournament committee.
Death of Wilt IV. Kin?.
Will N. King died at a late hour
Thursday night at St. Joseph's hos
pital, of consumption. Peor fel'ow.
natumlly very bright, he would, but
for his weaknesses, have been a mo.e
than ordinary successful business
man. His last days were anything
but happy. He had beed released
from a charge of petty forgery to go
to his death bed. He was impulsive,
and at times would do anything for a
friend. At one time he was editor of
the Red Cloud Helmer, and has for
several years past beeu an advertising
solicitor for various papers in this
city. He was a married man, his wife
beint: in the east, dependent entirely
upon her own exertions for a liveli
hood. His father, living in Ohio,
was wired as to the disposal of the
body, and the wif e replied to bury her
husband here. The funeral occurred
at C:30 last evening
from Tagart's
undertaking rooms,
to Forest
cemetery. Omaha Republican.
Gus Boats is one of our leading far
mers and stock raisers. Daring the
past winter he has Jed 140 head of
steers, as fine a bunch as you would
wish to rest your eyes on. He has
fed the steers 1600 bushels of corn at
a cost of nearly $4,000. W. N. Rich
ardson has fed 300 head about 40,000
bushels, making a total corn cost of
$10,000. Webster county has a large
number of men whe feed from 25 to
150 head of cattle making an outlay
quite large. There arc over 21,000
head of cattle in the county. When
it comes to stock Webster county
takes the cake.
Chas. Schaffnit who for many months
was the well known manager of the
Southern & Western Mercantile Asso
ciation has purchased that stock of
goods. 2nd is bow in full possession.
Fr c? : z 3 a J
Mr. S. is an experienced dry goods
man and will make the business
"hum" from this on. We bespeak
for him a good trade and in return wfi
can assure the people that they will
be treated in a first class manner. He
has had years of experience in the
business and will proceed at once to
put in a good sew stoct such as tne
trade demands. The Ccicr wishes
him szeess and prosperity in his new
role as proprietor.
X. Trade.
V rat tsvc ycc tc oaer tor a gooa
lecT? end caif. a Bnckeve mower, (goodlosaach, of long or short standing y
f c 2..t-.i. . JwiUsttrleyfindieBefryuwnfE!Hi
las zewlacds bteeJe rate. Adawmt-? cm .cv ..a t
W. care Caar.
Sonare Dealinc GOLDEN EAGLE
An immense assortment
emmrVLV mKyV
bbbbC'Tbbbb! bbbbbbsbVB
amemeKamV emmB
emml emssaTxl
Flannel coats and vests,
Seersucker coats and vests,
Alpacca coats and vests,
Prices from 81.25 to So.
I guarantee you bottom prices on all goods
sold by
Red Cloud and Wymore.
IFcnry Clark, president of Com.
Nat'l Bank of Albany, f. Y.. and pres
ident o 3eb. & Kan. Farm loan Co.,
of Red Cloud, Nee., and F. V. Wiley,
a large :ipitalist of Dallston, K. Y.,
accompaii.d by R. V. Shirey, mana
ger and treasurer of Neb. 4. Kan
Farm loan Co. and president of 1st.
Sat'l Bank o;' Red Clond, were the
guests of I. S- Shirey laat Saturday.
All expressed tht mselves as very much
pleased with this .-tion of Nebraska
and especially wit' Red Willow Co.
Mr. "Wiley holds a large number
of Nebraska farm Ioa:: and is pre
pared to invest all his surplus fur.ds
in Neb. securites. The Parties were
joined by their wives, in tne evening
and proceeded to Denver 'or a brief
recreation. They instructed Mr.
Shirey to take all the applications he
can in Red Willow Co., Courier.
Their Bafttaea Boosalac.
Probably no one thing has caused
such a general revival of trade at
Henry Cooks Drug store as their giv
ing away to thier customers of so
many free trial bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery for C-nsumption.Their
trade is simply enormous in this very
valuable article from the fact that it
always cures and never disappoints.
Coughs, Coulds, Asthma. Bronchitis
Croup and all throat and lung diseases
quickly cured. Yo'i can test it before
buying by setting a trial bottle free
laige size $1. Everv bottle warran
ed. 3
A Sew starter S8a.f.
S. T. VanHorn who is well knowm
in this eity, and who for the last year
has tried his luck elsewhere, has re
turned to this city and has purchased
the barber parlors of Robert Barkley.
He has fitted them up m nice style
and invites his old and new friends
to call and see him. Ho will give
you a shave or hair cut in the latest
style ef the art, 47-tf
The transition from long, lingering
and painful sickness to robust health
marks su epoch in the life of the indi
vidual. Such a remarkable event is
treasured in the mesaory and the
igency Whereby the good health has
wen attained is gratefully blessed.
ieuee it w that so much is heard in
iraiseof Eieetnc Bitters, go maayl
ieel tkey owe their restoration rolf.-,?- . f v. V. Tvlr onr-
healti, to the use of the Great Altera!
I lis end Tnrie. If vna- mrm tonMA
j with asy disease of Kidneys, Ltrer
Sold at 50c. aad ft oer
J at Bear? Cocke Itostora. J
or a
Dr. Jaque's German worm cages
destroy worm and "-emor-a the:n from the sys
tem . Sale pleasant an- effective.
Good mothers use Dr. Wlnehell's
teethinar syrup for children with colds, ore
tarcats, and to resuiate the bowb.
Uncle Sam's nerve and bone lini
ment will reliet e sprains, bruises, neuralgia and
rheumatism, Ir. D. L. Field, So. 3 Eat Ma
ple St.
Uncle Sam's condition powders
the best for horse.-, cattle, hop aud poultry.
Get the best. Eilerts daylight
liver piEs. for soar stomach, torpid Iiveraad
Cure your cougns and colds with
Eilerts tar and ild cherry. All drasists keep
it, Larjre bottles fifty c-nts aad oae dollar.
Home blood purifier is
the people's popular medicine for purifying the
blood and malarial diseases etc. Lar?e bottles
fifty cents aad one Collar.
Cancers can be cured
havinir deve-
ted a good deal of time for the last
33 years to the study and cure of can
cers, and having never in. one single
instance failed where I had the pa
tient before the cancer commenced to
eat and agrate. and many where they
had commenced. Come right along
dear friends to my house and I will
send you home in five days rejoicing.
If I cannot cure you I will tell you so
like an honest man. References;
John Stoddard. Walnut creek. Neb.;
Mr. Bear'lej, Logan, Kan, Mj
house is 12 miles south of Red Cloud,
ia Smith county Kansas.
45-tf J. L. Elliott.
lee! IceU lee!!!
Fred Hummel wants his friends to
kaow that he hxs piles of fine river
ice for sale which he will offer to the
trade in season. Reserve your or
ders for him.
Mrs. 31. E. Huffman, living two
miles west of the eitv on the Kaley
farm is prepared to weave carpets cm
short notice. Orders by mail will
receive prompt attention. tf
The greatest wonder of the 19th
century, a carpet exhibitor showing
just how a carpet will look when oa
the floor at F. V. Taylors.
When ia
Red Cloud call at the
-. .- v ik- . 1 ;,V . .
e the F.N. bank, aad nick you out
a fine k:fhea or parlor I
July 4tL just reccivid a :
line of
owers as nee, sew w
r f
. fls.