The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 15, 1889, Image 1

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Vol. 16.
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, March 15, 1889.
No. 33.
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The Element to Which the CelUOwThh
Iogcd iMTt For th SelL
Putting minor divisions aside, ad
keeping in mind the two grand dlvi
ions among tho old Irish, namely, th
imaginative, persistent, stolid, re
vengeful, superstitious Ugrian, and
tho quick-tempered hut kind-hearted,
generous, unsteady, quick-tongued,'
pleasure-loving Kelt, wo can under
Htand perhaps better than beforo tho
reason for anomalies in tho national
character. We may perceivo in tho in
dividual Irishman, it may be, the con
test still going on between Aryan and
Ugrian, between Iran and Turan.
Havo we not hero a clow to contradic
tions in Irbh natures, their llory
threats and uctual puaueablcness, their
turbulence and relative freedom from
crime, their reputation for ferocity
among thoso who do not know them,
and the charm they cxerciso through
kindliness and hospitality when treated
with regard? It is not fanciful to trace
here the singular mixture of sharpness
and stupidity in tho peasant, nor will
it bo found on reflection hazardous to
assert that tho Irish owe to tho sturdy,
plodding Ugrian element their ability
to support suffering and their dogged
lovo for tho soil traits hitherto given
to tho Kelt, although history is full of
examples of tho Keltic passion for rov
ing about tho world. It is an element
that gives the counterpoise to the hot
headedness natural to those in whom
Keltic blood is strong; it ex
plains tho caution of many Scots
and Irishmon; for both are apt
to talk with violenco but to act with
great circumspection. It may also
supply tho sad, nodical sido of tho
Irish. It accounts best of all for thoir
essential law-abiding character when
humanely treated, their freedom from
crimes other than agrarian, to which
tho latest trials in London bear testi
mony. It may offer an explanation
for tho petty though vindictive nature
of misdemeanors liko moonlighting,
houghing cattle and destroying crops
traits which seem foreign to tho
Celtic genius. Moreover it affords a
reason for tho virulence of class hatred
in Ireland and for anomalios liko tho
siding of tho Roman Catholic upper
classes with tho enemies of tho Nation,
though tho enemies are all that is
most bigoted in contempt of their old
faith. But it must 1o obvious that the
key to tho Irish Nntion fits moro or
less well tho lock of many other peo
ples. Tho ancostors of every one of
us have fought, conquered and suffered
in that endless quarrel between Aryan
and Turanian, which took placo all
over Europe and a largo part of Asia,
and which still goes on in tho breast
of every American who is descended
from that primeval mixture of races.
Charles do Kay, in Century.
ir. nyv
A Ptttsbarsh Ma Who Grew Fat hy
Waging War om th Buy la cU.
You have perhaps heard that there
is a man in Pittsburgh who makes his
living by destroying cock-roaches. As
there are a good many of thoso troublo
some insects in the city at all times
tho crop being one which never fails
in dry seasons, and docs better in wet
ones and but ono man who is their
sworn enemy, quito naturally ho is
kept rather busy. Fato tried to ob
scure him by bestowing on him a com
mon patronymic, but ho has risen to
renown in spite of it. From tho East
End to tho West End. and from the
bleak bluffs on tho south sido of the
Monongahela to tho top of Troy hill
beyond tho Allegheny; yes, even be
yond the bounds of the county and tho
lines of tho State, the fame of the
Pittsburgh roach-killer has spread.
For fourteen years ho has been waging
war on tho roach tribe, by which he is
doubtless regarded as a veritable mon
ster. Yet he does not slaughter the
innocent (?) insects because he de
lights in cruelty to animals, bat be
cause it is his business and he gets
paid for it. ";
The roach-man takes contracts for
keeping the pestiferous orthoptera out
of public buildings, hotels, depots, sa
loons, stores and private residences.
He charges a certain sum per year for
the work. When he has been engaged
for a job he goes at night, armed with
a dark-lantern, attired in overalls and
a blouse, and carrying with him a
satchel, a bellows and a powder of his
own manufacture.
He wears a sponge over his nof so
that when he begins shooting the
powder into the haunts of tho bugs he
may not breathe too much of it him
self. He claims that the stuff will kill
nothing but roaches, yet he prefers
pure atmosphere for respiratory pur
poses. Then he goes prrinsr around iajU
cupboards, closets, behind, furniture,
into dark corners, and uvory tine he
discovers a colony, of roaches scatters
a liberal quanity of the doatn-dealiag
compound among there "When lie has
fiafched the tour of the whole building
he goes a war, to return again week
families shall move in and make the
placo their penn.ment quarters. Eter
nal vigilance is the prico of freedom
from roaches.
"There are moro roaches than over
in tho city since natural gas began to
bo used," said the insect-slayer. "They
breed faster in warm place, and
peoplo generally keep their houses
much warmer, especially at night,
with gas than when coal was tho fueL
A female roach lays ten or fifteen
eggs at a time, and lays often. Theso
eggs are all enclosed in ono shell; the
powder won't prevent them from
hatching, and of course I have to keep
The Bible has to be printed in
twenty-nine different languages to sup
ply tho people living in Pennsylvania.
The largely varied industries of Penn
sylvania attract to that State a more
cosmopolitan population than any
other State in tho Union.
A rich find almost 12,000 in gold,
bank-notes and silver was made in a
bag of oats by a storekeeper of Brent
wood, Eng. He returned the treasure
to tho poor farmer from whom he
bought the oats, and was rewarded
with a bushel of grain and the promise
of a rabbit.
They live long down on the island
Of Nantucket. Of tho seventy-six who
died thero in 1888, five wero infants ;
tho average of the agos of tho seventy
one is a little over 08 years, forty-two
wero 70 or over, twonty-two wero 80
or over, twelve had passed the 85 mark,
three saw 90 or more, and one, a
woman, died at the ago of 97 years
and 25 days.
Thero is in tho United States a
dog for every threo inhabitants. Tho
cost of keeping twenty million dogs is
at least 200,000.000 per annum. Tho
food given to un avcrago dog every
year, if fed to chickens, would yield a
return of mora than ton dollars. High
toned dogs are vory expensive, their
food costing a good deal more than
that of some people.
A Wisconsin mnn has patented a
fence for intercepting insects. It is
made with boards joi ncd together at
their ends, with a tarredrope at their
upper edgo, and an outwardly extend
ing board made to form a channel,
whereby bugs will bo prevented from
passing from ono field to another, and
will bo received in a receptacle where
they can bo destroyed.
A London fashion journal says that
thoro is in that city a fashionable
boarding school whero young women
aro taught to enter and got out of a
carriage. "A vehicle with tho proper
pedal arrangements for this sort of ex
ercise, which determines a' lady's
breeding and claim to social position.
is kept in the back yard of tho educa
tional establishment and tho carriage
classes aro put through the most ardu
ous training." The information is also
given that "another accomplishmeat
peculiar to this gilt-edged academy is
learning to cat asparagus, oranges,
grapes and other juicy and. unmanage
able viands that shall represent tho
perfection of table manners."
Any thing to save time is New
York's motto. The newest thing is a
shop whero men and women may havo
their shoes mended while they wait.
Customers sco the latest shoemaking
machinery in the window, and behind
the machines a row of lasts at which
men prepare tho work far the ma
chines. A women goes in, has her
shoes taken off, put on the lasts, trim
med of all Utters and shreds, fitted
with new heels and soles, pat into a
sewing or nailing machine, and mad
good as new almost half as quickly
as it has taken to write these words.
Patching is the only work that is done
in tho old-fashioned way. Entire new
shoes are mako to order by the pair in
two hours.
A white pine tree was cut recently
two miles south of Shade Mills, in Gar
rett County, Md., aear the site
of the old Braddock road and con
verted into shingles. It was a large
tree, and by expert woodsmen esti
mated to be at least three hundred
yeart-old. la cutting it up the saw,
going through some tough snbstaacc
then supposed to be n kaet, attracted
attention, and investigation disclosed
a bullet imbedded within two inches of
the heart. The ball is supposed to
have been shot from a musket by eae
of Braddock's men during the cam
paign which culminated in the disaster
at Fort Du Qucsne. In this event the
bullet was imbedded in the tree 133
years ago, cacu year's growth burying
it deeper. It is a mot interesting
Bcaaento of the iU-etarred campaign
of 1755.
m m
2ne Way notrn.
Adam Uorhart, our popular hardware
l dealer, says now that tka republicans are
in power again he has determined to
knock the bottom out of barb wira and
from this date will sell painted barb wire
for $3.75 and galvanised for f 4.25, and
will throw in one pound of staples withv
every 100 pound of wire. This U the
cheapest that barb wire has ever been
oold fn Rod Cloud,
Farm - Loans - Farm.
SILL & STOWE, Red Cloud,
Ice tet'.l Ire!!l
!. IJarklcy has a 1000 tons f
PCKEIUVKU ice put up for the
trade Unring the heated month?, and
is hound to ilitpone of. it, and Las
therefore knocked the bottom out of
hih prices Ly putting the price down
to 25 cents per hundrod pounds.
Give him your order. Iteuiriuber
that it is no tainted creek ice but
pare river ico. P. Bauklev.
For Sale.
Any one wishing to purchase a No.
I. stallion 3 years old, past, half Nor
man and cnc-half Kentucky Grey Ea
gle, weight 12.50, would do well to
call on Wru. Huffman on A. rleyH
arm, 2 utiles west and 1 mile north
of ICcd Cloud. Term.- easy
Notice irf hereby j;ivcu that I
examine all person1 who may desire
to offer themselves as candidates for
teachers of the public sebools of this
county, at lied Cloud, on the third
Saturday of each month.
Eva. J. King.
Count) Sup't.
Save rerets and purchase from a
home dealer, who will give you dollar
foe dollar, 'old pianos, old organs,
bought for cash and tho same applied
on a ii cw instrument, satisfaction war
ranted. Sad.. J. JIailrv.
r c'3fT
aw- i
al llfsrfHfs
- . zzsi r s
XIA rijaMl'inw asaasai
TjhS m ' &Z- ap"i
s!l.knr; Tig z
e !.! MBk VifH '$1
nts3-f?i2;i filk 9 "
a ",rr"" f
-.-: Zrir
AtftPi Sale.
Notice h hrtl.y o veB that vadtt aad tyvjr-
nf sa orlrr ct a tuI ly J.. H. Fort,
r!rk ol tin- district court In asd for wbtT!ra.fc Jn an artioa jwaUlns ta ai
ro'irt. tnrln Auturt-xUdtadm H p'jUaff ac4
W It Meaner and Amen lie aner arc icru
AatA. i shall offer lor ie at ixiMlc rJac for
uh In trin-t to the IilcbeJ Wd
iddrr ax the
r ol th coort how. la KM Ckwrt. Wefrater
county. Nrkx it&t brtn lbearebr
tht Urt fc?raj el court wa fcoUlcn) va tfce iSth
day of April. l$, at two o'clock, p. m.. the fo.
lowlns decHbe4 property to-em Tfce aertk
t trtnuartr(ne ) o tcttoa tamajr tixxr (M)
untwe(Taacf teatetet oiit P-,-In
a etxtcx cxar, 'etraVi. iot , twe 1. oa
i. 3,. 14. 15, 1C if. t, .N?ck S. ttNt
ct lot II. Mock 4- Wt IX WoclE. lots. Mock &.
loUl. bl.'i. T. lot J. Z.3.4.S.
6. T. r.V. 14 IU -? 1- hWfc , fctl. IJ.tZMl 13.
Wc J. . hi Uw oHrtasI Kc tr Otddc Uaca. -
nfc. ix pifrertT t w. h H'Znrt aM Aaa-W
u H'.t :-r t.Utti csder ray fc.wi tM is iay
March.1 ,, -.ll.C.'tt.sarUT.
Uas ii. Meeoy. vlalatlS j atnsej".
trea t&at xcsder aa4 W
rwiottw Ortrtd cam: ta aa4 tm
1 ta tc as ofr torn tj
kid telailaa mt a
t Jewelry rsttra.
"3urk tcy Trords. the present
tary will end i'- it bean. It will bn
characterized bj extravagant H ihiosjn
and lavish exriditure. It will be an
of two extremes in taste
. - vainaka. la ma art ae aailac la
ru'WfeeaaiB WQiasi rvrn wUiataat
Jto IV IW-a, ct aU are fffes4aara. Ikl
0grt Ur e at tar be tc4s for o.tii ta lami
to Oi btfi-aC H44er ax la ei Ceor of tk
ctrt xuv. ta fccl CVwi Weaitr coca.?. ?
brsJka(U3Att?tsct!i4actrrt3w lJScr
cfcurt JFS-a"QtV istiidaywf AprC.
lw.a:ccocVeXl.SB-rtetoJ,i Aertt-
toati.pisortIirifipf wtsicti Kia-B,
ta ejrer ccoaty. .Vlata. aeUie fevrrty
ot fHa U rt:a. ct !. Aelra-Lhtto. tiira ca
lcr sbt hasJ Ui J3Biir of Jlrta. Visa.
J Z. Ciisey. jalati2 't aXsrztj.
Ml 8l Li
Of Beatrice, Neb., and are prepared to mali Farm Loans oa better taruie and on
shorter notice than any other tlrni Both iateroet and principal ea a b paid
here. Call t a aa at oar oiSce ever City Drat; Htare.
Insurance Written in the Best Companies.
Hips F. N ewhouse
I have a choice line of Dress Goods ritli trimming to
match, Button, Velvet, Flannels, Hooda, Toboggan, Ham
burgs, Laces, all kinds of White Trimmingx, Hosiery, Glove
Mittena, Ladiea Underwear, Yarns, Silk Handkerchief, Lace
Curtain. All of the above will be Bold out at tho very
Lowest Figures.
Having purchased the stock of
Formerly owned by Fred Wiuton, will Ml yon Furniture of
all kindB, at very low figures. Call and him,
,STORECook'rt old Red Cloud Drug Store Building, 3d
door west of Holland Houae, Red Cloud.
Call and examine our bargains. Correspond
ence solicited,
Opera House Block Red Cloud
Table delicacies a specialty.
Quality tells. Prices sell.
Lower than any yard in the world
sarin f!.
Xertre h becrtyctwa "J 5irr at. y tL-
caart-vafrera Ttceaaa a. r? a ?Jam-ii
? Van Varrt.e at. are toJmUat. iataa
eStrzcTsaJeat paaSc Tala fr cat la t&s4
ttte tar bWcr.a? tka r&s;lorea
eeart &oe ta (J C3orf. 'We9er eay. -kmu
rtimt. Urbtf ta He a insa Sat tena
cfeaert w KwAea) A- uta imjMffir
s. ii::ocJJip. L.efcMwi-eame
r BT06riT wki imc 90MWm. WJ
fsec&aa twfry-BtB aai Ue sccawaat
R. V.StnnxT. Prts. Uxstr CumB-YiM.?r. jmr, m ... rat.!
.. . .-.., mmmwwwn
Hovaa a Catub, Anaktsst Cat nttr
' 'tied Clone, Nebraska. i
smnnnV i
nnnnnT- &S
. - Tf -
CAPITAL, - $75,000
Traaaad a ffaaaral Laal-tm Wmu U -.J i ..
oj " ' B hii.m m f mJ f wh emmm wm
k awm atMi. j m fHfmf
yrt il w 1 1,- . w