The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 01, 1889, Image 4

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Golden Eagle
Clothing Store 1
Overcoats !
Although having but very few on
hand will close them out
Attention Farmers !
And Stockman I have just received a fresh steok of
" Ravens Horse, Cattle and Poultry Food
I hare sold in the last six years hundreds of this condition powder, and hare ye
to hear the first complaint from nny purchased. It will keep your hogs in health and
increase tho fat. It will make the hens lay. It is the best thing for horses there is
in the market. Try it. For sale only by
For the benefit of the Rivcrton En
terprise, we will eay that Judge Gas
Iin adjourned court on petition of the
Webster couaty bar. Whatever ay
be Judge Gaslm's faults Tur. Chief
believes in giving him his dues.
The democratic pirty neTer were
very inueh on war as their record
plainly shows for the last fifty years,
that is as a party, hence the people of
the cotstry oaghtaot to expect Cleve
land aid Bayard to bristle up to
Gemaay over the Samoan trouble to
any large extent. The policy of that
party has been weak-kneed all through
the put four years.
The submission amendment has
passed the senate. Now let the house
of representatives do their duty and
give the people a chance to vote on
the subject for themselves. The leg
islature should not put themselves up
as bigger men than the people who
elect them, but should remember that
they are only creatures of the people
to do the bidding of the people. The
Chief is not a prohibitionist but be
lieves in people governing, and if the
legislature docs not acquiesce in the
matter there will be something drop
and drop heavy some day. '
Ducker's Cash
"i 9
t I
Dry Goods House
- N
Morhart & Fulton's Old Stand, Webster St., Red Cloud, Neb.
Fine rigs, good horses, board by day or week. Your patronage solicit
ed. Don't forget the place, cast side of Webster
street, Red Cloud.
Our remark some few weeks ago in
reference to state and private banks
being duly inspected by state examin
era seems to be the prevailing idea
among men who ate familiar with
those institutions. It is an absolute
fact that there is no responsible man
agement of these banks by the state,
and if those kind of banks wish to de
fraud their creditors it is a very easy
matter for them to do so. The state
legislature should by all means pro
tect the people by passing a more
stringent law governing state and pri
vate banking institutions. It is an
absolute necessity.
Waateral Winter Partarlnz.
Kveiy time the ground is uncovered
in winter some farmers turn out cows.
sheep and other stock to browse on
frosted and innutrius herbage. Some
of them think they save by them, but
they ara greatly mistaken. Frostei
grass quickly has all its strength wash
ed out of it and becomes a drastic vit
iatorofthc stomach of any animal
tempted by hunger to cat it. Left
where it lies, it has some value as a
mulch for the grass rootsMrcr which
it grew. When removed iris only an
injury. The winter pasturing on fur
western plains is not comparable to
this. These plains arc, or used to be
rainless, and the herbage dried into
tolerably good hay before freezing.
Of late years rains have increased
on the plains, and the winter hay no
longer possesses its former hnrativc
Interest Straight 8 Pkr Cent
Caa pay part or all of principal at
aay year and stop interest Well se
cured notes bought. Insurance in
good companies.
C. F. Catuer,
Red Cloud, Neb.
Ofice over post office.
Dr. Jaaues' German orm cales destroy
aa4renove wen iron ucsyMvsB. aaic
Tho sale of tho Stich bankrnpt stock in
Hastings still going on, the goods con
sitting of tho finest grades of dry goods,
boots and shoes, clothing and fancy goods,
will all bo closed ont within 30 days at a
reduction of frcm one third to one half of
the original prico. All goods marked in
plain figures, so that each purchaser can
select for himself. In order to give farm
ers a chance they may clnb together and
purchase $100 or upward and I will give
them time until after harvest to make
Among tho stock are $13,000 of shoes of
tho following popular makes: Korbash k.
Brown, Pingree A Smith, Bradey wet
calf, P. Cox, Williams &. Hoyt, Carlisle,
James Parsons, Aeiiich fc Co., Wrigh
Peters, B- Gannon.
To merchants and dealers I will hold
out still better inducement, xerchaats
desiring fuller particulars will address.
Ikaao Cahh, Hastings, Neb.
A literary and ice cream social win be
held at the residence of xrs. Sherwood on
xomay evening. February 4th. Enter
tainment furnished by Mrs. Sherwood's
clas. Admission r. cents. Cake and
cream fifteen cents.
The legislature should avail them
selves of the opportunity to correct
our election laws. There is altogeth
too many chances for fraud under the
present law. In this county
for nearly every year fnr the past
five, there has been large sums of
money used to defeat the regular
tickets and thwart the will of the
people. The Australian law or some
other law should br enacted to pre
vent election frauds, and then one to
prevent electioneering and otherwise
influencing the votes of the people,
before election. It would be the
means of knocking some of our would
be political steercrs in the head and
give the people a chance to elect their
officers without interference of cranky
pleasant Prairie still exists after the
good hits given its "moonshine" by tho
''man in the moon" its dark nights will
come with the warm weather.
Change is busy as else where.
S. I. Umphenor'a sold out to Mr. Mad
ison who is now a resident of P. P.
Wm. Rankle will vacate the farm of B.
K. Orchard soon, and Mr. O. and family
will again be among us. Who will make
the next change.
Bnt few of the first settlers remain here
but they are bonnd to stick.
Mrs. J. a. lleguorn is in very poor
We learn the sad news of the death of
Mrs. Iney. . Springer wife of J. L.
Springer at their home in Bladen after an
illness of a few days. Mrs. S. was form
erly a resident of this place and will be
remembered br the pupils of our school
as one of their number four years ago.
50 Pieces of Checked Shirtings !
Which we are Running at 6c pr. yd.
Best goods for the money you ever saw. Best Ginghams 8c yd.
Just received 25 pieces of Plain and Striped (to match) ;
In the new spring styles at ten cents per yard, never sold for less
than 12 l-2c before. We are filling our store up with new
goods of all kinds and are going to make the
This year that you ever had. I have started in to double last
year's business and I will do it or quit the town.
Yours for LOW PRICES,
Old Postoffice Room next First National Bank .J
Official Recapitulation of County Treasurer's Report.
Showing the amount en hand July 1st, 1SS5, the collections since made, warrants redeemed and amount remaining on hand at the clo of the iU.t Jay
of December, 18S8, in each and all of the several funds and account of M. B. McNitt, Treasurer, W'ubxter Couutv. Ncbravla, toft-iUtsr with the
total amount of the scleral items stated.
aleasaat ami e uve.
Uncle Sam'c eondltioa ponder will 'euro dis
tesapers. couch, colds, tc ere and mo-t or Uie
ill nasi I to which hones, cattle. sheep, linn
aad poultry are suojeet. Sold fty all drnbu
trade Saaas nerve and bone liniment will
leiiiin mrnlm. bruises., neuralgia aad rlieuma-
1 vj jui biws;is-
SBeriaT. Sale.
Notice is hereby ptwa that underandij ir
twefH order ot wlo Issued out ot the district
riMBrtef the etsht Judicial district In and lor
Webster eeuntr, Nebraska, upon drew lit
aa actio, pending in Mid court wtienln lorzc
O. YcMer h pfcUMtf.ane Uoattas Yensun. rt ul
aredcfe.eatif, I haU offer for fate atpuW.e
vMHtaeforoash in nwwlirt the east deer or the
eewthease in Hrt Oond. aaM county, (that
flat; ran rlace where the last term of court
washe&leB) on the 4th dsyot M?reh. MW. at l
o'clock p. n. tte fnHowlnr decrilU
coscrty t.vivit: Lois K vC and
Swa a iu block nineteen J3
la 8salth& Moore's addition tothetnwn of ;.,-1
Cnmm ia w cosier eonnty. nernusa. iwtt;
tiaeerinybnd this 5tb day or January. issa.
Joaa O. Yeier. 11. C. -nt, sheriff.
Ksiatifl s attorney.
School Report for the month ending
Jan. 25th inDt. Xo. 36. No. of days
taught, 20. No. of pupils enrolled, 28.
Average daily attendance, 20. Naais.
ufpnpilfl no) nbeut during the nvoath;
Katie Ailc. Susie Amack, Wlw Amack,
UortnaSwearimjen, Clarvac Hweariagsa,
Frank Anuick,leaB Smith, Alva wefford.
JcMio Mcfford, Orvillc Holiagraln and
Charles llolingraiu.
Visitors; Lod Amack, nits Ida craft,
Kutsxertlc Ilryaut, Walter Teacaworth.
charier Amack, X. L. D. Smith aad viss
Swearineu. Patrous are cordially ia
ited to call aad aote progmwef sehoat.
Eco. H. Fla.
Jlemcmhcr this, that V. Barklej
will pat up a large ataoant of river
ice this winter and will be ready to
serve the people with part river ice
instead rf creek ice; Hold jour or-
uers for him. 21-tf
Tafc. Xotlz
SavwTawr where job caa baj goods tha
i;iiti. uvoi yam sv cewta id.
A spleaara Jeaas for SO etit a vard. at
- S1.1 " i .
the t extern de 9.)t&ern
Association .
Therfc will be a special ateetiag el
the First National Bask ef Sea Clewa
at its baakfnjc hoase 4 a'eleek. Satar-
I. Iaaa. Twa arc teeeay netlfed
i ath day, at Jaae. liwt. I. L auai.
r. ut xvm ewt
for flwtaanar
a . the teMmrtae
arsattsr asaaajr, Sthia ha.
mt Mnaut u. taeeto-wit:
wTumk. tew. s.aaae tl.s
wa'.aafcw- , it,
m r?.r-.i:a u jy Tehraarr 16tli lar the aaraeaa af
UutaiMM 1 -1.1 IllEC 3IW ,.. '. -.
HTO l.-"- . ---" - -.
The Ljoeam last Friday night was well
attendeded not-withstanding the high
wind that was prevailing at the time.
Mias Georgia Booth, who has been vis
iting her aunt, Mrs. C. W. Fuller, retaraed
last Saturday to her homo near Long Is
land, Kansas.
ar. Daarerg of Iowa who located here
some two or three months ago, has pur
chased of C. W. Fallsr the property in the
west part of town, that was formerly
owaed by Dr Hard.
O. S. Gibson went this week to Omaha,
He expects to remaia three months as
ageat for a Inn there, after which Be will
visit soma of the large cities of the mi
ia the Interest of the same firm.
A.J. rTorthington has retaraed from
"vV. were pleased to see the faaailiar face
ef J. C. Chamber's ea ear streets shakiag
aaaes with eld f riead.
C. Haater shipped a car load of eattl.
to Oaaha.
C. R. Pitaey is makirg a visit to the
castera part of this state.
A. J. Worhiaroa left this aoraiag
(Tarsday)for Iowa his fatare horn, tak
iag with aiat ea. ear of yoaag aorssa.
There was a daace at Joaaai. Taagha's
Monday aight. Pnu lor.
t"-t-tt ttt -rrrrrr-r -r - - . - - - .. ' ' - ....-.-.
V Amount ' Zl C w
r r "liter a; s S- ;j
niuu m (uuu, -iV imirw. 11 i uuuuiiviiiniiiii ca trial j j.J I UUii inRII'irrii Ul if 2 TIJ
." - Tax Int. 3 ' "
ConsoliJa'ed state let 31 TTs IT 5s-t 'j Interest and rntnaUstlo&t. 3" 57JI ' rii I 5 am&u w -,
County Ceoeral t itw kv- u unla Uenenl a AtCT T lti zr i cl 3 ims af: ,
Milking I3 12m 7 v 2 31 ;i t 1 H tl
Koad ITS 7 7-' U 7 6 3) w - 3 Ko,j Uititet1M.....J cc M il J
Drlds 134 CO !?'.-W 04 K2 JOBTTSI &' Vi - -m m w m
K it. Iion.l i. i-o loiis.c rrw IIiob I ...I J ij5
Jail 1 !4KH3n7 s 73 3ES I iU, 2 STT
Insane A tl T rr, 41 Tl 1 jmuu g L , T! fj
rooriioue 4: soii: 35 14 53 ' rift s J L LH
Kuadlngbond v are. 1 4.; C3 4 14 1 u R
Rnd Wrraut. 54 tl 1 9t s H ii
Bridge Judgment 41 M 2; i. i jj si if
- roil t House a 39 TO ,j JS 7 I i ali .
Safe lf. 2i ' aia I II 2 . 1?
. Bond liT r.i en HI l r
., Poor io 9 fc ; I s , wm&t .! nt of im'l l t,J !2i
Surplus OnerU JTi Tf "1 , 1 TX T W oc cJ rtiU mat fv... if ' 1 m S
Siert)d "23 I 221 .. ! 1 I M 1 m3 (k
School lUstric: .".""."!"! . V l 01 73T3 4t2 e itonditxo e0C i in ima H ,2K "K H i c-ii c3 mml
Bond...., a r. 3J 32 01 nowI w" yo- ,U53D mi -o t immM IK.un i J lls: Sj S Tf
- Mandamus .V 20s si X i 21 C TJ .'A 3rt U f " 1 m
Fines aaJ Uce vs li sec U . ... ' . J
tat. m nnnlnnmrtti vIV (U ,t 1 f 1 ' 1 i w
Twnhip 4.' Tti4Ji:?5i i7uijorTxrii L jj sort s srxt u rv-SJ .,
:ulde Kork Treflnet liond . . 2 2m 2fJ 17 li 7C Ch rttund. 7! 141 ra i: 5 11 j! ! LI ii
Red Cloud City Jk.nd ." l TO t 7 t twi 71 14 at H t UI Ji! 1
4-'4 ZZ2 fii,12M 32 l m H 1573 ISI 4 f 8 2 1i J U
Blue Hill tiUe 42- id 7v tx 41 zi v. ,! ei 14 ots Q iS 3 '5? !
Ouid Kock vuuee 4S !Tfi i-J 4 i M t, itc c g ' J! "
Dtrtrlet l-ad 227 422 2 i Corotv fcd st U c ss .tzlu'' H -at tl it. 1
labor tax 2 is 1-774 !iWTMLa Hi lmm vx Km i-u, rt 2,. ' 4 il
Iatemc K4 i:o; iuiwtmuh m JTV v . nmd j
Adveitlsns 1T5 31 70 3 ; I U c Twtt r4 ottiJ f4 M 7W t ,' . t
lsfJ-.7 J7M 5 fsTOTJ 43 77 712S1 t U.XX X i5 O H lya kv ,w, ,'. m"Z?.'Z
LessoTerdrafMUCtkmen:.. 2S-. k.. h Xm tis It&i 'jfrn nl t
. ! H '
! I--7'3! I- 1 1 i wrl
mmFmmqmm.m i i i "as ii , ii- i - I, ,.i, , ,, ii
Fee. and commi.ions collected from Jelj the 1st t the 3It of feeemh?r. Iv2 Jccfeirer J33.5J.
Registered warrant of 1S" unpaid $ 515 25. ) -,, . . - , . , , A.J .
fc 1SS3 3252 32. I omat of regiiUrrfrd warrxst sepJd $37C7 57.
Hondod indebiedaeM of the eoaatt is $47,500, dae Jaacsrj Ut, IS3I.
I, M. B. McXitt, Treasurer of Webster coantr, Nebraska, hertwj eertifj the aWre to he a eorrret 4Utrnt of ail taaes, fees aad re.aiiMta n- A
ml aveatjs tobiraed hj ate, as coaaty trcasnrer of WeheUr ceaatj. from the ?? e JaJj to the 31t daj of DrccaWr, If&g, iaclatire. s. ifc ft.
debiedaess of the eeantj, eaording to the record of this eelee aai ike beet ol mj kaewledse an-i btief. J . HnSrrr, Treat trer
To the hoaorahle board of sapcrvUnrs. We, joor ceaiaiuee, de reaert that we hare cssiad the icci-i, rcccrd. acetate aad vwacht ra f ti '
treaHireraad find the abore itatement i correct. J. J, PtJiMg 1
!.. Taowjn.tce.
ert'enarte MJJ4 22
n . ani"- x
- a aaniEH f -r- - r. m
-t--. n aeaae. cejaaw
iBAVii electing aiae direeUrs Car the
is- jear. Ja. Jt. pamr.
, 5Mt jCahiar
The eerknaeb eerer tries to vote
Xor seek aadytag auae;
If haa a. hwslaess "la ahe swap"
yts there jest the t
Dr. Wlaeheirs
yg3jy ; aa ta.1
Drags and Medicines
PjGtints, Oils, Tarnish, Stationery,
Books, Etc.
Having purchased the stock of
by Frnl Wfartw. wiM dl yoti Fw.itare of
t verr low Iratju GUI aad klem.
imhU4MM MOomd Ih Brim- 3d
i I w
- V ,
asTrreiarH Teyl!