The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 07, 1888, Image 7

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PMSlMiTl'S 1
President Cleveland's Recom
mendations to Congress.
Tariff Iterorm Apln a Leading Feature
The UViit Incident Iterli-w of the IVa-
ion I-aws Iu title lainils Kestort-il
Other iErrommrDilalloui.
""asiiixgtiw, Dec. H Conprchs opened
nt l.'S) to-Iny for its second nooiioii. Trie
President's inessngo was presented to both
bouse and read.
I 'resident Cleveland opens bis message to
onf-re-ss by railing htlciition to tne faci that
with the expiration ol the present session of
tt'prei.s the first rontury of our constitutional
feustory Is completed. The time admonishes us
to soberly inquire whether in the, past wc have
-ilvvavt. close liept in the course of safety, and
whether tie have lie-fore us a way plain and
dear which leads to liappine-s and perpetuity. the experiniei.t of cur Government was
t-n(lTtaU'n the. chart -.dopl d for our guidance
was the Constitution. Departure from the
lines there- laid down Is failure. It is only by a
strict adherence, to the direction they indicate,
nnd by restraint within the lirnltatio s they
fix. that no can furnish proof to the world of
the Miiess of tin- American people for -elf-Kov-
The equal and exact justice of which we
Uiasl as tin underlying principle of our insti
tution should nut 1: cotitlne-d to the relations
of our citizen- to each other. The (Joiernniciit
it-i II is under bond to the American ieoplc
that in the v rci-e of its functions ai.d iiowcn
it wi.l deal with lle lody of our citieus in a
irantH-r scrupulously honest and fair and alisr
ul Ij jtiht. V.'e-ii-iv with pride, aiid satisfac
tion the bright pictitn of our country"1 growth
nod lirosiH'ratr. whila onlv a closer si-rutim- d
vi iojrs a Mrmher shading I'pon more careful
ii-ie-i tn n we lind the weallli and luxury of our
ties n.ijigled with jrfAcrty and n tchedness.
A tied :iideiiistantlj increasing urban pop
t.,i.Ti(u suggi sts the itnpoer)s!inieu! of rural
ct ii.i.s and dls onteni ivlth agricultural pur-i-.ts.
discover that the fortunes waltzed by our
a'a'.u'-ctuierers ar no lougi-r t-ole!y the re
ward of -turds indiistryamlenlighted f-tn-sight,
t .'. ile r suit Irom the disennti atingfaiorof
it oeniiiiei)t and are latgely liuittniwn un
4M ij(;i.:i from the tn.s-of our people.
1h" gulf btiween eir.jdoi'' rs and emplojed Is
or.siaiitiv widening and rla-se- ar" rajadly
forming one compiling the erv rich and on
irfil while i:t the other are found the toiling
jrioratSoriK which should if the carefully re-
rallied creutur-. of the lai." und the st;r-ants
J "lh ji.iiile are fast beroiuin the people's
i..iirs Still congratulating ourseHe, upin
TheMealth and prospernj of our country, and
fimplaceiitlv contemplating very incident of
huagt lii-epanii H- from the conditions,
t is our duly as patriotic clti
.ns to impure at the present stage of our pro
tcss liow the bond of the Government made
with the people lia- t'een kept and performed
Insiead of limiting the tribute drawn from our
lt7ei- in the necessities of its economical ad
mi l-tration, the Goxennnent jersis-ts in ex from the people million- vhuh. utiap
idled and useless, lie dormant In its treasury
This fl.tgraiit injustice and tins breach of faith
nd obligation add to extortion the danger at
tending the diversion of the currency M the
viuitry from the legitimate channel- of busi
ness. Under the same laws bv which the results
ar. produced the Government j-nuil- manv
million-more to be added to the cost of living
of our people and to be taken from our con-t-uimrs,
uhuh unrc.iMiiinhy swell the protlts
i f a mall but ponerlul minority The jM-ople
mu-t be tnxt d for the support of the Govern
mem under the operation of tariff law-, llul
tf the extent that the mass of our citizens
are inordinately burdened beyond any
c-iful putillc purio-e. and for tin iKine
b' of a favored few, the Government
jiiu r pretext of an exercise of its taxing jiow
er. enters gratuitously into partn"r-hlp with
tliese tuvoiites to their advantage and to the
:i;urv tf a vast majority of our people. Tins
- not jiuililv In fon-the law. The existing
-ituutiou is injurious to the health of our entire
ImmIj potilic It stifles, in tho-e lor whose bell-
t.t it i- permitted, all jutnotie love of couutry
and sub-titutes in its place selll-h greed and
grasping nvaicc.
When to the m lll-hness of the Irfmetlciancs
of unjust discnniinatioii undi-r our laws there
hall te iidiled the di-contenl otthc-pwho
-ulb r trom such discrimination wo will realize
tb- fact that the henctlcciii purpose of our
l.ivertiiiiel.t. ilependetit tion the ii.itriotl-m
..nd conlcnttiicnt d our people, is endangered
Communism is a hateful thing, and menace
to immcc and organized govcmuienl. Iut the
commuuiMii of combined wealth and caultat.
the oulgro" tli of ovcrsv caning cupidity and
ultlshne-s which insidiously undermines the
jjstice and integrity of free iublitutioiib. is not
le dangerous than the communism of op
pressed lmvortv and toil, which, exasperated
iiy injustice aim di-contenU attacks with wild
di-oider the ctadel f rule.
He inecks the ieople vvho prooosi's that the
(.oveniuu-ut shall protect thi rich and that
they in turn wib tare for the lulHirtng jxMtr J
At.y uiteniiediarj- between the peoide and their
;overnment. or the legist delegation of the care
and protection the Government owes to the
humblest citizen in the land, tnaUe- the txiiist
of fn-e institutionsa glittering delusion and the
prctt tided IsHin of Auieticati citizenship a
shameless iniositiou.
A just und sensible revision or our tariff laws
should be n.mle for the relief of those of our
(ountrjmcu who suffer under present condi
tions. SuriWTCvision should receive the sup
jsirt of u1l wfcelove that justice and cciuality
nu to American citizenship: of all who realize
that in this justice and equulity our Govern
ment t!niR its sticngtli and power to
proict t the citizen and his pntjicrty:
d alt who believe that the content
ment, competence and comfort of manv
accord better with the spirit of our institutions
than colos-al fortunes unfairly gnthorod in the
hands ota tew; of all who apprecato that the
lorlt'uratiee and fraternity among our people,
wliu !i recognise the value of every Ameri an
iniei"st are the -urest guarunfv or our national
progre-s. at.dolnll who do ire to -cc the pro
ducts of Amcriraii -J.iil and ingeuully m
wery lnarUet of tiie world, with re
sulting restoration of American commerce.
KMsting evils and injustices should bebouestiy
recognized, tsildlv tio-t and effectively remo
died. There should be no e-es-ation of the
-truggle until a plan Is jierfected, fair and evn--ervattve
tovinn'- existing industries but which
will ivduce- the co-t to consumers of the nece's--anes
of life vihi'.ott provides lor our manufacturer-
the advantage of free raw materials
mid permits 1:o mjury to the interests of Amen
can lalsr. Tlie e.tuse for which the battle is
wiice-d i- contimsi within lines clearly und dis
ttnctlviiettned. J t should never be compromised.
It is the ;x-ople"- cause.
It cii not bedruicd that theseltish and pri-i-.te
inteiv-ts uhu-ili are -o ierlstently heard
xben e-florts are made to de-al in n just and
csimprehoiisive manner with our tariff laws, are
rotated to. if they an not rcspon-IWe tor, the
sentiment largely ji-Viiting among the people
that the General Government i- the fountain of
individual and Jivate aid; that it may be
expected to reUe've with paternal care
the J:-trt- citizen- aud communi
ties and tht from the fullness or
tt- treasury it shonld. upon the
-tighte-t jo- ihlc iretext of promoting the
general good, apply public fund- to th bcnetlt
eif localities and inrtiv iduaK: nor can it lc de
nied that thire is s. growing assumption that,
a against the Gorcrninent aud in favor of
private of private claims und interests, the
usual rules and limitation of Itu-rac--' principle
and just dealing should he waived.
The-eidea- have been unhappily much en
couraged by legislative acquiescence. Kelicf
trom contract made with the Government is
eablly accorded m favor of the cltizer. as the
failure to support claans aguiust the fJovern
meut by proof is often supplied by no better
con-iJeration than the wealth of the Govern
ment and the poverty of the claimant. Gratui
ties in the form of pensions are granted upon
no other real ground than the needy condition
of the applicant, or for reasons less valid, aud
large sums are expended for public bnildings
and other Irsprov emcats upon representations
t-carcely claimed to be related to public needs
and necessities. The extent to vtich the caa
s,ideratioa of such matter subordinate and
postpone action upon subjects of great public
imjKrtance but involving no special, private or
jigrtisas interest should arrest attention Bad
led to reformation.
A few of the numerous illustrations ot this
condition may be stated:
The crow ded condition of the calendar of the
Supreme Court, and the delay to suitor and de
ntal of justice resulting therefrom, have been
drongly urged upon the attention ot tac Con
gress, w 1th a plan for the relief of the sitaattoa
approved by those well ablo to judge of its mer
it. Whi e this subject remains without effect
ive consideration, many laws have been passed
providing f pr lie licldiis ol teres of inferior
I B A-W W 1 " r'' ! ... - I ...-W W. f -- """" . - .. .....,,.. .1 l.U A
itics or to lay the foundation of an amplication
for the erection of u new public building.
Itepoated reoommendations have b-en ub-J
nutted for the amendment nd ohungc of the "
laws relating to our public landi. so that tbeir
spoliation ana inversion to o.ner unes iow
Lome for honest settlers might be prevented.
While a measure to meet this conceded neces
sity of reform remains awaiting the action of
the Congress many claims to the public land
and applications for their donation in favor of
States and individuals have been allowed.
A plan in aid of Indian management, recom
mended by those well Informed as containing
valuable features in furtherance of the solution
of the Indian problem, has thus far failed of
legislative sanction, while grant of doubtful
xpediency to railroad coiipantes. permitting
them to p.i through Indian rescnatfons, hate
greatly multiplied.
The propriety and nee ssity of theerfctlon
of one or more prisons for the confinement of
United States convicts and a post-office build
ing in the National capital are not disputed,
but tliese needs jet remain unanswered, while
scores of public buildings have been erected
where their necessity for public purpose, u not
A revision of our pension laws should le
made, which would rest upon just principles
aud provide for every worthy applicant. lJut
while our general pension lawn remain con
fused aud imperfect, hundreds f our private
pension laws are annually passed which are
the -ourees of unjust discrimination aud pop
ular demoralisation.
Appropriation bills for the support of the
Government are defaced by items and provis
ions to meet private ends and it is freely as
serted by responsible and experienced parties
that a bill apjiropr ating money for public in
ternal improvement would fail to meet with
favor, unless it contained item- more for local
und private advantage than lor putillc benefit.
These statements can lie much emphasized
by an kscertttinment of the proiortion of
Federal legislation, which either bears iinon
' its face, its nrlvate rbjrnrtr or which, ution
examination, develop- such a motive iKjwer.
And j.ettho jh-oji'o wait and expect from their
chosen representatives surh patriotic action as
will advance the- welfare of the entire countrv
ii'iu tins ex j cctatlon can only be an-v. ered by the
performance of public duty with unseltl-h pur
pjse Our mission among lb- nation- of the earth
and our succ--s in ucrcjiip i-nlng the worl: God
has given the American people to do, rerjulre
of tho-e intru-ted with the malting and execu
tion of our laws, perfect devotion utxtve all
other thing-, to the public g od. This devotion
will lead us to strongly resist all Impatience of
constitutional limitations of Federal power and
to persi-tently checl: iIim increasing tendency
to extend the scope of Federal legislation into
the domain of State and local jurisdiction upon
the pica of subserving the jiubiic welfare.
The preservation of the partitions lietwecn
pnisr subjects of Federal und local care and
regulation. Is of such imjrtauee under th
Constitution, which is the law of our very ex
istence that no consideration of exedieiuc or
sentiment should tempi us to enter uiton
doubtful ground. We have undertaken to dis
cover and proclaim the richest ble Ing- of a
free Government with the Constitution as
our guide Let us follow- the way it jMitnts out
It will not mislead. And surely no one who
has taken upon himself the solemn obligation
tosujiport and jireserve the Constitution can
lind justification or sol.ue for dlslov.dty in the
excu-c that he wandered and disobeyed in
search of a better way to rearh the public wel
fare than the Constitution offers.
What has been said is deemed not inappro
priate at a time w hen. Irani a eenturj's height
we view the way alrcidy trod by the American
people ami attempt to discover their future
paths. The seventh President of the United
States tin; soldier and statesman and at all
limes the firm and brave friend of the pe-ople
in vindication ot his course us the protector ot
the popular rights and championship of true
American citizenship, declared:
"The umbitioti w hich leads me on is an anxious
desire and u fixed determination to restore to
thi people, unimpaired, the sacred tru-t they
have confided to my charge, to heal the wounds
of the Constitution and to prevent its violation.
To iicn-nadu my countrymen, so far as
1 ni'y. that it is not in a splendid
government sujiported by powerful monop
olies and aristocratic establishments that
they will ilnd Imppwe or their liberties pro
tected, toil in a plain system, void or pomp
jirolectmg all and granting favors to none, dis
pensing its blessinsjlilte the dew of Heaven,
unseen and unfelt afcve in the freshness and
beauty tfccv coiitnyttv to produce. It Is -uch
a Government the genius of our je-ople requires
such an one only tinder which our States mav
remain for ages to come united, jiro-perous and
tr e."
roici.iitX AiTvtt:-,
The President announce-that the close of the
year lind- the United States in theiiijuymeni
of domestic tranquility and at peace with all the
Nations. Foreign relations have teen strength
ened and improved by performance of individual
good ofllce- and by new und renewed treaties id
niiiilv,. commerce and rtsciprucity and extradi
tion of criminals.
The Fisheries question has not been
satisfactorily adjusted, but since March
-Id, 17, no cases have been re
ported to the Itcp.irtinent of State
when in complaint has been made of unlawful
or unfriendly treatment by Canadian authori
ties in which reparation was not promptly nnd
satisfactorily obtained bv the United States
Consul-General at Hall nx. I continue in the
opinion that the treaty of February last, which
failed l rvceivc the approval of the Senate,
did supply "a satisfartorv, practicable and final
adjustment, on a basis honorable und just to
iKtlh parties, to the difficult and texed ques
tion to which it related." and having subse
quently a d unavaillngly recommended either
legislation to Congress which I hoped would
sufrlte to meet the urgenev created
bv the rejection of the twaiy. I now
again invoke the earnest and iinmediute
attention of the Congress to the con
dition of this important question as it now
stands before them and the country. nu for the
settlement of which I am deeply soil itotis.
The West incident is treated us follows:
"Near the close of the month of October Inst
occurrences of a deeply regrettable nature were
brought to my knowledge, which made it my
painful but imperative duty to obtain, with as
little delay as possible, a new M-rsoiial chan
nel of diplomatic tnt-rcoutse in this country
with the Government of Great Krita'.n.
The correspondence in relation to this incident
will In due c ear-e be laid before ou and will
di-closc the unpardomiole con tuct of th oCl
cinl referred to :n hi- interference by advice
and counsel with the sitf.ragcs ,,f American ci:
i . .,... . . ... M..( ,. .1... iH,i, I..,. i,.i ..i...
izc-ii -..., v. .-,-. ..w --"- "Y"
tion then near at hand and alo in hi- -ub-e-
quent action, superadding impugnment of the
Kxecutivcatiil Senate of the Uaitril State in
connection with important nuo-tion now m!
nip in conlrorrrsy between thr to eJovem
tncnts. The offense thus committcil wa most
rrave, involving ilisastrou- po-Mt'illties to
the pood relations of the United Suites and
Great Hritain. constituting a s-oss breach of
diplomatic rriviletw and an inva-loa or the
purely dome-tio affairs and s-eutlal sove
n'isnty of ibc Government to which the envoy
was accredited Harinj: first fulfilled tlie Jiii
demands of international comity, hy afford inc
full opior:unitr for her Mnjcsty's Government
to act in relief of the situation I considered
prolongation of the suhjtct to be unwarranted
and therefore declined to further reco;misitbe
diplomatic character of tae person vrho-e can
ttnuanre in such function would detrcy that
which is essential to tho Rood undertandine of
the two Governments, and was inconsistent
with tne weitire and self respect of the Govern
ment of the United States. The usual tnter
change of communication has since continued
throueh her Majs-:y" legation in this city.
The Prest'lent call attention to the eed of
measures to prevent the destruction of fur
seals in Uchrins's sea. for a survey of the
Ala-ltan boundary, to prcrent new complica
tions witn Kneland: for measures to alleviate
loss or lit acd projicrty on the great lakes,
especially a concession from Canada allow
ing American vessels to go to the assistance
of wreck- in Canadian waters, as Canadian ves
scls are allowed to come into ours: the prof ee
Uon or citirens of French onein from demands
for military emcc when they return to France;
the return to German steamship lines of inter
est npon tonnage illegally exacted The Presi
dent calls attention to our relations with
Samoa: says the fund to recompense Chine
citizens for iryurie received in this country
a wait acceptance- by Cfciaa. and the exclusion
ot this class will probably prevent repetition
of such troubles Japan UU wants oar pood
offices in helping Iter establish her right to con
trol her own commerce: the establishrrest of
consulates in Corca Is recommended: the
United States is loolanjt after her citizens in
Hayti, bat is endeavoring to team
taia proper neutrality: the treaty
with Hawaii having been extended
calls up the commercial importance of a sub
marine telegraph to Honolulu.
A commercial treaty should be coaciaded
with Mexico and appropriation Hiade for a pre
cise relocation of our boundary with that coun
try. The Mexican Government shows a very
ineadly spirit ta lu co-operattoa s the
I - ts.. PntllMt thi ll sib'nilna tn ocr I ue aoaiuouEi ioor wry .i.. - ,
I . - - . n . . - .,1I.. . inii pyif l iffMiLrTS lif
relation with Ontral ana Mourn Amtntan "" " - - --
tt.t r th. nf n-rtMin of our rttiaeaa 5 partmeiit for the three jear esdri J
against Chill. Ecuador and Venezuela
As authorized try the Coo-Tress, preliminary
slept have been taken for the assemblage l
this capital during the comleg ear of the rep
resentative of South and Central Amer'can
1 States, together with thoe of Mexico
3 and nan Iomrngo. to dlf res tundry important
monetary and commercial topics. Excepting in i
those cases where from reasons of contiguity of
territory and "the existecce of a border line in
capable of being guanlcd. reciprocal commer
cial treat cay be found expedient, it
is believed that commercial policies tsdudng
freer mutual exchange ot products can be roost
advantageously arranged by independent but
co-operative legislation la the mode lat men
tioned the control of our taxation for revenue
will be always retained in our hand, unre
stricted by convention! agreements with other
With the rapid increase of immigration to our
shores and the facilities of modern travel
abuses of the trencroas privileges offered by
our naturallzati n laws call for their careful
revision. The easy and unguarded manner In
which certificates of Americas citizenship
can cow be obtained has Induced a class, un
fortunately large, to avail themselves of the
opportunity to become absolved from alleg
iance to their native land and jet by a foreign
residence to escape any Just duty and contribu
tion of service to the i-ountry of their proposed
adoption Thus while eva-lin? the duties of
citizenship to the United States they
mav make tirornin claim for its national
protection and demand It intervention in their
lie-half. International complications of a seri
ous nature nrie and the correspondence of the
state iK-pariment di-close the great number
and complexity of the questions which have
been raise J.
Our laws regulating the issue of passports
should be carefully revi-ed atnl the institution
of a central bureau of registration at the
capital is again strongly n-comniendrd. Hy
this means full particular- of each ca-e of
naiura'tzaiion In th- United States would be
secured and prone-ly In iexed and recorded,
and thus many case- of spurious citizenship
would be detected and unjust re-jionslbilltle-.
would Ire avoided.
The maritime jsiwers have also lieen invited
to confer in Wa-hington In April next regard
ing uniform rules for the security of life and
projierty at sea.
The reorganization of the consular service is
a matter of serious importance to our National
interests. The wumtier of existing principal
consular oJtlcef. i- ln-lieved to le greater than is
at all necessary for the conduct of the public
businc-s. I reiK'ttt the recommendations here
tofore; made by me that the appropriation for
the maintenance of ntirdiiilomatlcund consular
service should t: recast, that the so-called no
tanal or unotncial fees which our representa
tives abroad are now enabled to treat us per
sonal jierquisiies should bo forbidden, that a
system of consular inspection should be insti
tuted, and that u limited number of secretaries
of legation-at large should tie authorized.
Preparations for the centennial celebration
on April 31 1W, of the inauguration of George
Washington as I'resulent of the United States
at the city of New York have t-en made by a
voluntary organization of the citizens of that
locality, and believing that an opportunity
should tie afforded for the expression of tho in
terest felt throughout ihe country in this event,
I respectfullv n'comniend titling and co-operative
action by ("ingress on behalf of the people
of the United States.
mi: Titr.APUKT.
The report of the Secretary of the Treasury
shows that the Wtal ordinary revenues of tbe
Government for the fiscal year ended Juno Si.
1-U. amounted to;4 TO, of which u; was received from customs duties
and lJl.-.lrt.iTl Hi from internal taxes The
total receipts front all sources exceede-d those
foe the fiscal year ended Jane 21. 1HC, by
?7.H-CTUT 111. The ordinary e-xpetidltun-s of the
tlscal j ear ending June.t'. lsvc, were iVjA't,-S-V..C7.
leaving a surplus of ( m.rt 2,lir..(fJ. The
dccrcu-c in the-e expenditures as com
pared with the fiscul j ear ended June
, l.j7, was t-.-.TS,'.'-.'! 31. notwithstanding the
payment of more than fVkU) for pensions
in exciss of wh-tt was paid for that purose
in the latter mentioned year. The revenue- of
i he Government for the year ended June .,
I "H, ascertained for the quarter ended Sep
tember to, . am'. -sliniard for the re
mainder of the time, amount to I77.M. and
the uctual und estimated ordinary expends
turcs for the same yi'ar- are 1:57.5 o .mm.
leaving an e-timatod surplus of IIUI.miO.o o.
The estimated receipts for the year ending
Juho-'KI. 1-c.n. ure t-'KT.iKH.M'O, and the estimated
ordinary expenditures for the same time are
.';.i.7iT7.13. showing u surplus of flM.-.'.i.v
Ml o The foregoing stateno nts of surplus do
not take into account tho sum necessity to lie
expended to meet the nquircnie!its of the sink
ing fund acl, amounting to more than J7.0l,ttl"
annually. The e ost of collecting the customs rev
tiue-forthelast tlscidjearwus ..41 jer cent:
for the j ear lKi ft was .ITT per rent.
The excess of lnterntl revenue taxes colli cteo
during the last tiscul veur over thoe collect! d
for tin year ended June . 1nC, was .'..jhu.
174..1. and the iiisl of collecting this revenue
decreased from S 4 percent, tn I.-TU les- than
3.S ti-r cent, for the last vcar.
Itond- of the Government not yet due have
be-cn purcha-ed up t and Including the . Tilth
day of November. lWv, amounting to!U.7ti.4 ti.
the premium paid thereon amounting to
l7, The premium, added to the
principal of tbee bonds, trprvsents an
inve-tme-nt yielding about : pec cent, interest
for the time they still had to run. and the sav
ing to the Government n'prescnted by the dif
frrence lietwii-n the amount of interest at s
jkt cent, upon the sum paid for principal and
pn-mium and what woold hae paid for tnten'-t
at the rate specllled in the bond- if they had
run to their maturity is about tS7 H"-i.. At
tlr-t sight thii wexild -em to he a profitable and
sensible transaction on the part of the Govern
ment, but as suggtstcd by the Secretary of the
Treasury the surplus thus expended for the j
pur huso of bonds was moiicv il.-j.wn from the
jieople In excess of any actual need of Ihe Gov
ernment and was so expended rather than allow
it to remain in th- treasury.
At the clo-e of the tlscal year ended June 8 .
lv7. there had le--n coined under the compul
sory Silver Coinage act S.'-'J-.s.iin svor dol
lurs. ''.loi.31U of which wereir. the hands of
the ieopli on the "Pill dav of Juue Is-s There
hid lieen comeil m.T-itt.TH, and of this ',.-ju..
.'act wa-in circulation in coIpand.'e,.tr7'CJ in
silver certificate-, for the redemption of which
slver dollar- to that amount were held by the,
' , , 1
Tin Seen farr recommend the titension of
the further roinace of silver, and in such recom
mendation 1 earnestlv concur.
The Secretary of War reports that the army,
at the date of the la-t consolidated re turns, con
sisted of .'.is. 'officer ard 34.M9 enlisted men.
The actual exin-nditures of the War Pepart
ment for the Deal year ended June . lKfs
amounted to ftl.lft.Vl T."7. of which sum 9 S..
M4 ns was expended for public works, including
river and harrxir improvements
1 earnestly requct that the reccanrnda
tiocs eontained in the Secretarv's report, all
of which tre, in my opinion, calculated to in
crease the Usefulness and disci jdtne of the army
may receive the consideration ot the Coturrr.
among these the proposal that there should be
pruviueu a ian j or ic uimimuoa oi omcers
to test their fitnes tor promotion is ot the ut-
most importance This reform has teen before I
recommended in the reports of the Secretary.
ana its expediency ts so fully demonstrated by
the argument he presents tc. its favor that tt
adoption should no lonsrer ts neglected.
The death of Genctal Slieriditi in August
last was a National aSiction. The armv then
lost the grandest of it chiefs. The country
lost a brave and experienced soldier, a wie and
discreet counselor, and a modest acd seuible
man. Thoc who in any manner came within
the range of his personal association will never
fail to ray deserved and willing homsg? to his
KrcattiOs and the flory of his career, nut they
will chensh with more tender sensibility the
loving memory ot his simple, generous and
considerate nature.
The report of the Secretary of the Navy
demonstrates very intelligent management :s
that important department and disclose the
roost satisfactory progress ia the work cf re
constructing the navy made during the part
year. Of the ships in course of cossircctloo,
Ave, nx.: The Charleston, the Baltimore, the
York, the Vesuvius and the Petrel have tn that
time been launched aad are rapidly approach
irg completion. The Philadelphia, the Saa
Francisco, the Newark; the Beaaisgtoc. the
Concord and the HerreshcB torpedo boats are
mZl uader contract for delivery to the depart
Beat dunn the next year.
The pree-ress already tBadeaad heing asade
Cives pood grouad for the expectation that
these eleven Teasels will fee iaoarperated as
part of the AJftericam aary wtthxa the mext
twelve tBouth.
The report ahnt thai. artwUhftaadisc ts
jaew trmttrzmon. atari
the d-
ue ai
i-w aw less br more lets 3 vt oral, taan
such expeoditare for the three years ended
June 3t'. P. The iariou steps whirl have
tusrij taken to lmrrore the rntdnrs igthod '.
of the Itepa'trnefit are renewed br the Secre-
tary. The purchasing o: supplies n mo-
aolulaieu ana piaceu uaucr it:j"w
rcau brad. This has resulted is the curtail
ment of open purchase-, which tt the vers :
and IS.-."! amounted to over M per ccgt ci all the
purchases of the department, to less tha I per
cent,- so tfcst at the present titr.e about f) per
cent, of the total departmental purchase are
icade by contract and after competition. A
the exoendtture on lhl account exceed on ss
average of te.W). annuaily. it i endeat that
an important Improvemrat on the system has
been inaugurated and substantia! economies
tjie PtPT-or rtcz.
The rf i-ort of the I'otma--UT General shows
a marked increase of business in every branch
of the postal service. The number of po-l-o-lcrs
on July J. 1-V wa 57 37B. an lncrran- of 6 Ui in
, rears und of 5.T10 for the last yeir
Free de.ivcry offices have increased from 'J w
the Cscal yer ended June 3. 1T. to -T in the
yar ended June J, J-v. is;acri:af kji
seriro there has b-en Increase in one ycarcf
M routr-, and tn tac numoer o; ircvcicu
per annum an tccrcs-e oi i ... ji...-. "
estlmateo increase oi rxuroau ctu .ui iw-
jear was Ciri miles nut uie umnni o. pr,
radroad tenice actually put oa wa- ti.O-VJ
Thevjturceof business In the money order
division including transactions in postal cote. I
reached the sum of upward of HT million for
the jcar. I'urirg the past jear parcel pl cou-
vcr.tlon- huvc been concluded with liarladiev j
the liahatna. Iirtt:h Hondurus and Mexico
und are cow under negoti-Mon with all the
Central and South American Stall--. The in
i reasc for correspondence with forrljn
countries during the post thr e years i gn.tit
ingund is especially notable and exceptional
with tho Central and South American States
and Mexico. As the greater part of mall
matter exchanged with tin se countries is torn j
menial In its character this increase is evl j
dence of the increased bulnes relatlcnts with
The practical o'leratlon of the parcel jcst
contention so fru- negotiated ha- served to
fulfil the mo-t favorable prediction as to their
benefits. In January Inst a ge:.rnd postal co:,
veutlon was negotiated with the liou.tiiiou of
Canada, which went into operation March 1 and
hich practically make one postal terr'tory of
the United States and Canada. Under it mer
chandise parrels may now le transmitted
through the mails at fourth class rales of post
age. It i not possible hero to touch even thr lead
ing heads of tho great jo-tal establishment to
illustrate the enormous and rapid growth of the
business and tho needs for legislative p-adju-l
meat ot much of Its tuachiuery that It ha- out
grown. Fr tlie-e and valuable n-ccommenda-lions
of the I'ostma ter General nttenllou is
invited to his n-jwirt, A department whose
revenues have incn-ased fnm lV.T7i.o In 1-Tb
to SVJ.7 II.Mil in lvt. despite rnluction of ;xst
age which have euonnously re-'ueed rate of
revenue whtlo daily incn-aslcg Its business de
mands the careiul consideration of the Congress
as to all mutte-i-i suggested by those familiar
with Its operations und which are calculated
to increase its efllcienevand u-i fulrw-s.
Of the total n'Ribcr of poslmaster M.74 are
of the fourth class, The-e, of cour- receive
no allowances whatever for expenses in thoser
vice, rnd their compensation is tlxed by er
centages on receipt- ut their resi-ctlve oitUcs.
This rate of cotniens-itton may have been and
probably was. at one time, just, but the stand
ard has rrmained unchanged through the sev
eral reductions m the rates of otage. Surh
reductions have nccv-sarily cut down the com
pensation f thr-e oRlcials while it undoubtedly
Increased the business performed by them.
Simple justice roqutn-s a mention of this sub
ject to the end that fourth-class otmasters
may merive at least an equivalent to that
which the law Itself tixing the rate intended for
Another class of postal employes whoe con
dit on seems to demand legislation is that of
clerks lu iost-omces and I cull e-spect ! atten
tion to the rt-tM-uied recommendations of the
Fo-tmaster General forlheircIasltlcatlnn.
l'ropi-r legislation of this character for the
relief of carrier- in the free delivery erv ice has
Ix-en frequent. FrovUlon i made tor their
promotion for substitute- for them on vaca
tiou; for subktiiulcs foUrtuiul lim'tiff
their hour of lalmr SAa million dollars hi
bi-en appropriated for the current ear to pro
vide lor them, though the total number of of
fices where they are c-rrrp.o.ied is hut -V.s for the
p ist fiscal year, with an etlmateil increase for
the current veir of but forty, while the total
appropriation for all cWk In offices through
out the United States I- V :!.
inn.MiTMrvT or Jtjriri.
The transattioas of the Iiep.utmcnt of Jut
tlce for the tiscal j cur ended June. 5. lsss Mn.
cuntalned In the n-iort of the Attorney Gn-
rat. as well ns a of valuable recom
mendations, the most of which .ire r. p tltion
of those preiiouslv made ind ought to receive
consideration. It Is slated lu this rep.-t that
though judgments in civil suits amounting to
f -viti.'i.'r were recovered in favor of the Gov
eminent during the jear. only the sum of t l.ti.
'.Ml was collected thereon, and that though
tines, penalties and forfeiture wen imposed
umounting to iMl.sii- 41, only H 9.1VS1 of that
sum was pal 1 on urcount thereof.
These facts mav furnish an tllutratinn of the
entimeut which extensively prevail that a
debt due the Government should cauc no in
covcnlcnceio the citizen.
It also appears fmm this rejKirt that though
prior to March, lvC there had be-i but six
convictions in the Tenttorie of Utah und
Idaho under the 1-w of IS and I . punish
ing polygamy a d unlawful cohabitation u
crimes, there have b.-en since thut date nearly
lx hundred conviction under the laws and
statutes of 17. and the opinion is expressed
thut undersiirb a firm aud vigilant execution of
these laws and the advance of ideas oppo-e-d to
the forbidden practices, jolvgamy within the
Utiited State i virtually at an end.
Suit- tn-tltiited by the Government under
the provisions of the act of Mai'M 1--7. tor
:ne icrts'inuon oi me conoraiions Known ns
the penitual Umignting Fund Company and Uf f UJHW k a0(1 ,:n th. ,, a
the Church of Jesus Cbnt of letter Day S4lnt i ;j on ulr,.Jtlv , .,, channel of comment,
have resulted, la a degre, favorable to the, w,th:o,. ..aon- utnet aod ir.dli.-ct lo.e
Gov-nimenu declaring the churter of these ar, a,,y Wxa. n8rit t,r ,v ,v oa,T
corporations foifeited and escheating their ,,. ari pnergetk action (wM X ueces-pn.i-rty
Such property, amounting in value , fol ,hTt, wrn. , . ,hf, St,l0i at t Ja ,
to more than s.j.o., m Ja the baud of an- ...,...- .hu ,terrt-sen' to eraw-nte tbe
cirtT. jh tJlin? frrther (ircedint. an at-real
baviiic Isveri tuen to th' upmue Court of tlie
L tilted Jj'ates.
ritit.:r ijim matteb
In the reprt ot th" S-cretary f the literor.
w htrh will re laid l fore you. the condition of
the anous brioches of our domestic affairs
connected wih that lepartment and lis opera
tiotis durln-r the pat vear are fully exhibited, i
Hut h brief reference to some of the sub;-f t
discussed in :M able and interestmir report J
c .n le het- made, but 1 recommend the entire I
report th attention of Conerr an t tru-t
that the srn-itiM acd valuable recommends-'
tion it contains wl! secure careful considera
tion. ,
I can not to strenuously issit on the m- (
paTtance cf proper measure- to inure a m:bt '
disposition of our public lands not onlj as a
matter of present justice but tn for-ca-t of the
coae;ueocr to future genrrallon. Tae
broad, neb acre of our agricnltnrn.1 p ain have
j been
long prtered by nature to l-rome her
mitte.1 aud stall suffer.
We have no excuse for the violation cf prir
ciple. cocently taucht by reaoc and example,
nor for the allowance of pretext which have
ometirces.c3:pced our land colossal preed.
Laws which opca a door to fraudulent aci;uit
Uon or an adminltratjon which permits the
rapacious seizure by a favored few of the ex
panded areas that mazy should enjoy arc ac
cessory tooffcuses aralnst ocr National wrffire
and humanity and can not
i!iw.i or
i. ..-i -
unimmme.K-o nnw, peopi; "';' J " j pa-meat eek . procr-lve -lerelojm-nt. It
uLIshO0id res: lB BtMiwi-':'''w' -n -
owtiershin. the aoBW homes of ealirhteaed. WBOBS, arlio-aUon of rural j-c
eejual and fraternal citrreus. We came to Na- aarrUiOB of the enJowed caper
tlonal ooeoc with the warefn eTan-nle ia .. :...
"... .... .. . , . tstsUl statloa ytem receaity provioe,.
our eyes or theentatlor ineduHie of Sanded, t, ftwetion ot the drpart-
a -- 4ii . va4-. .v--. um w - f
Itlstrratifytturto know that saaeji;' ba acu nrr i-.- i
been don- at list to redress the tniune, to our - a proboMy ts th on y metbcsl emu jyeil
people and checS the p-Ocrs tendency of the . " thc " ; v?ar - sac -
recklev waste oTNaUona! dc-maia. That over I The CoTercaxst reiaticB with land rra-Jt
eighty mUlioa acres have bees wreste-l Xrom . read are taiea upaai the D-trlct ot Csra-t-a
tlsal usurpauos. Improvident srants and ' a2oir treaxed at Irafth. The PrrsJt cca
trauCjai tatrtes and cJatass aiust afford a efBdes
profoend Krati2ratinQ to rich: feellus eftisras The ccacicsaes that I have j-rest-i b
as tt is a recompense tor the labors aad an tsperfect state Kit or the coattltiou oi c3r
strsrjrie of the reeovery. eouatry airf tu wauts occasions so fear that
Owr dear expertecce ouihl sufTcleaUy tonrrol ST thta? oxtrted i cot knows aud
the speedr eaaetsest of erasure of kia- arcreciated ir the Cosrres vsa wboa
ticm which wiU confise the future dspontioG
or ocr remaiaiac acncultural lands to the uses
of actual husbandry mad genuine toKes. Nor
sheald ocr vast tracts ot so-caQed desert laad
be yelde4 a to the aaosopoly of cerporaaoa
ori.iiHwiiCiadivl'uals as apeears to e sark
the teadetsey u-aler the exstiac statute. ;Tke
lands require but the suppiy az water to
fertile aad praCcctltx. It a ,-. ot
ort:t hc saar wlMfy for th pnMtc ?
, tSai factor s&aU be rumUatot I gas sol Xtsi
think it prritou so tj3er rtlhr hAr !&& or
I the ource of tfcir Irrtj-aUoo to ! lau tt
ha&d of nKOoptlt-s wnlch y stcb ra'ass.
may exercise krrlhip oTer r dcjrftlrot oc
thetr treatmst for prodocUreacss,
Alrrady step Issve b-n tiira ta -ae ae
rurae it4 sciectlfle tatormitioa of tb rocd-
tios wbici t tie? prir-ct&al U-t Jr.ta grnt
acton. UaUl ttl shad t gath-rrst. Ue core
o' isionj appears c earjj to c is a r;--iJos
of further disposal wh'ci osly protrudes to
create rights aaiarcKusUc to the coa:oa la
tercst. No harm as toUow thi e-ictty
coed act. Tne land will rem aad the paaou
gtxid pretrsti no demand tor hxty dtio ses
sion of NsUosU o rcrsh i i4. coatroc
I commezrd alo the rreoeBdatMra tait
appropriate ra-jiurr l tahrn tewxaflcl tae
adpi.tmeot of the ranv: grstst tasmt W t5
States for intersii taprore.-iea aad : sip
and crcrflowed land as;;l a te ady 4cate
and Cually determine the validity ted eiVeal
of tb' Dtatntai private lind eiafn AJ the
are cltneEl of rtrat It-JetUre and t--nl t ihr
settler upon the JociJiti aSeotct. waft r
that their rxlt-sce can jt be avMd t -Salt
Is more pressing than to ax a sooc as r4'
tfceir louods and
J :roub.e w alch cne from xixrm
th threat
Thecondiiii of our Iu&Llz. aMitino-i'
i tinUe to lmjrove and
ptt tcslllpir that
ransforrsicg cha.i-e so murtj to be 4-tm,
which shall suostitute lor brbsrtsm rnitghtrn-
( t rivtltztng education. 1 1ft faerUe
j Iirocn.kV Auoirt.rat ta severalty have tn-n
tnade on some reservation, until all the ca
ll led to land thi-eoa have tad ILrir shares
asi ned. and the work 1 ' til continued. A
soon as possible community ia Und shot 14
ccae. by o;cnlrg up such a- remain uts4Jottc
to settlemeuL Contact with the waj
of industrious and OTeful farrarrs
will jK-rhaj add a healthy msslatxis
which ill both instruct and illuoili'.r.
Hut no agency for the amelioration of this
eople appear to te -o promising as the ex
tension urged by the '-rcn-tary of such com
plete facilities of education as hall at the
the e rPe-t oibJ. diy embruce sit tearh
able Indian souths ot loth cxc and retain
thrin with a kindly and bottencenl hold untd
their character .r? iermod aad thetr f:.cait,o
traine 1
The Apache Indian at Mecial Vrrao ?ar-rack-
Ala-are teing well cared fora4 th lr
children core'ullv edcntl. and there is Me
good reason whj they bouldlK- turned to the
reervatlon. They s!hu1 i bo kept la rostraMt.
The number of pension nrtded to the rotl
during tho tlscal year ended Jsne ,i j-?r. i
t. .. and tnciiaseof ;on:on wusgrantit in
f.7lri cae. The name of 11.7X1 KnorM;r
v ere dropped from the roll during th" jear for
various caue-. and at the cke of l!.e ytar Ihe
nuintx-r of j-nsioner- was tliV)7 Of th-p thrr
were H. survivor of the war ot l-TRf.
10.787 widows of tho-e who sorvint la
that war: ltltv.) soldiers of the Mexican
wur and 5.1'ij widow- of said -oMier.
One hundred and two il fferent rate- of pen
sions are paid to these benrhcianf s, rungtog
from t"i to 416.wj ier moroh. The amount
paid for pensions during the hcal jear was
7s,77" ':l 91, le-lng an tncn-a-e over the pre
ceding jear of F.Sie,.-) . The rxit.e at
tending the inaltitenenci and operation of the
IVnion Hureau during that penod wa $t,.fsj,
Ik'J C, making th enttn i xpcndlturc of the
bureau Jciic..tso 7 teing SI', ier cent o tho
gross income and nearly SI iercent. ot the i
tul c-Xenditure of the .oi eminent during tha
I am thoroughly convinceit tht our giirral
pension laws should n-rlsed und adjust .1 to
meet, as far a possible in the light of our e
perience nil nil ritoriou case Tlie fact th-t
one hundred and twoctderrnt rate of jietilori-
are puld can not in my opinio, be made con
sitent with Jusv'im to the pensioners or to th
Government, and tin- numerous private pet
siou bills l at an jmssed. predicated ujei'i tli
lmM-rfectlon of gent ral las while they lr
crease- in many ca-es cxltini Ine-iuuli:
ai.d injustice, lend additional force t
the recommend ition for a nilvon i
the general law on thi utJect,
The lixlty of Ideas prevailing among u la-.
numterof our people n'gardtng inlon 1 14
coming every daj more mskcd The princip..
u;oti which thi y should I" granted aio in il .f
ger of liewg alteUr tgnorrd, and alrescr
pensions an often cjv.tned beraue the apjf t
cant ure a much milled a other sur-cf 1
applirnuts. rather "an vjm any diut'tl
lty reasor.nb'y pnbuinbi.. to mllllarv
rrrlv- tf cl4hllhuint
varum- pn-i d.-rf l" cojiti u.i if
the granting of ;i tvn be not I'Svorced !ntn
partl-an arid othr- yiworthy and irrelev ant c.-i
-lilcraslon-, and tl hotiorable ttume of leter&e
iintatrh In come tx thi uh an but midtl t
term for one wftioni-tantl ciuraors lor thr a t
of the Gov ernnnt there -s danger that ltju-
ill tn done ij the fame mid pair otlm of ti.ur
whom our ir,z,n dedghl u houor. anil t-
a pnJudlivwiU W1 uro'fc.l un)ut to mu".i
ou apparatus or rrrion.
The I ejvnrt mentof Agriibltureha eontHued
with u ccisl mriisure of ucres in It So, Is t'
de-telop the pnc,e. enlarge the result" and
augment the pniflis of Amencon husband')'.
It has collected an I distributed prai ttril
Information, lntnslu-ed ai.d te-ted new plants,
checked the spread of contagious di-ea-
of farm animal-, resisted tne advance of
noxiou lnects and destructive fungu
growths and soucht to emre to agricultural
lalsir the highest re wan! of effort and the full
est Immunity from loss It- rrconl of the year
show that the eaon of 1" ha ten one of
medium pnilnction. A generous npplv of the
demand of consumption h l--en amil nnd
n surplus for ex;ortation. moderate In certain
product snd touallful in olherv i!l prove a
benefaction alike to buyer and grower
Four ea-s ago it found that the t:rrx
catt'e lndutry of the lountry endangered
and hoe engaged in tt wi re slarmr I at the
rapid mention of tr-e Kuropcan iung;agu of
pleuri-pr.eumoniri. r-enou onttccsk e xl-t-d
tn Illinois. Missouri and Keatticky und n
Tinaes-ee unitnal- affected wen he)d In
quarantine. Five cuntie In New York sod
from one to four cs unties each sa the St-tr. f
New Jersey, Fenasyivaaii. Iejowan &sd
,, .. . .. ,nM, ,-uutir e-:o.L W-th
j rojJaJ r L.u
. , ., .
MU,n-. . na, .. - - t- " ' .-
ing th state oracial jwer to co
operate tor tut- purpo i oe epn-
j raent even laesed tih th" rerjawte sp-
proprtutiitri nl authority. II. ecun g
j State ci-opi rslion la coonecUor wth
authority from Cinsre.s, thr trorU of era lie.
tion lia leen pretend ucceftiHy and to
! drea.let disease ha l-ci extirpate! from tS
J U"etem S'ate. III. te exception of a fe- re
i stricted arri whk b are ..iu under urx-rv
Tne ilarir-r has thus tw-n rrmoml and trade
and conmirw have lieen free I frnra tb
veiatlou State ret'r rtious which ere deetxeJ
oecessar)' fr a time
An exhaustive iuJy ha a!o within the sa-r-e
peri'id te;3 undrral:erj of the subject of toJ
ad-.lterat!on and Uj- bri onalTtac-vJ method
for drtermintns: it- A r&rt of the rea!ts of
this orS ha alf-adr teeu pablishe.1 or
j the department, which, with tho matter In
coure of prcparatios. will make the tno-t
complete trcatie tn that ubet that '
t ha been pubi.shc-1 la any country The il
cent and i new ,n op:
Dunns the pat four yeir
the procs" of d J
fu-ion a apheS to the manufacture oi
fnvm sorsfcum aac scear case has tes
duced tato this coutttry and fully perfect- by
the experiment carrW oa ty the Uepartet.
Thi proces l row oa.erallycoti!erel to
be the so, ecoaomtcxl our, asi tt t throsra
it that the scr-paum suar idc.try has been fl
established upoc a Irs. bat aii the road to
JJ. icwrr- suiVT ni-ijcvi.
The a-Vptios hi
I CiSasios process l also eitcixiisj ta !osSu:a
I -... . .4.... KM.. -Jk ,-..-v
Jse repeethlUy cf laKIilrrrt
iefislatica is tchar of a area. Nation
asd a oscJEias Po9- As Fhic s-rr-Taxts
we shall do ssr oa duty weH H w- rco
staatly raard the rectttade e eer lateaiic-n.
wnita'n t-rscfted our lore ol rowatry. a4
wit TMseTf-sti purpoae stztte ter th jnttix
WtammrflT, Dec 2, a.
She Hzd Hi -
"Alxa3t" '""' bri.sfe
dfrit aun'.. as rUsma - I"
juiv cla..tod In ' arm " s y83
mas t-lu . WlUr MT ttb
in.HIVnn 5neU Jv4 aUHS
j jVjJt;. pnwHse-T. ' oa BS ""
tMa BHHUl?"
j "Nistijloc - - coSe;
j f heroic. BH-t rrSii3
! h t.. u f."I Ut. U -Ma. Mr
I MUt W-1 -
v,irk y Utr -
Puttfv Tnt
r niLaat' ?! frtm: cfcu -
vta cay br -Rkarawrst u;-r
rttZ listsv tViKlttya- kr. j
comptoui'Ji mrctT -"-- '
ho trv.i peautc mJ wtaMf
rctr ac r vrt w-",
ta! ion tar" ' T--. ." ua;1 :''
icitrllro feaa'V
A rSTrl roir t-:TT htrvrnTt Hn
.wrr..-ii,.-""i,u.Tr lp,r,, l'
-so: -s3,'r -f J " r 'ex'c
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A Dicticnpj-y
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A Gai2tiesr of iho World
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A Biosrapl.ical Dictionary
A Dicticmry ot Fiction
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A!! in One Book.
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A Noted Divine Says:
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Tiffs Pills
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Diamond Vera Cur
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