The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 07, 1888, Image 5

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wE- BaaaB BB
9 Absolutely Pure.
This ionU.T utrtcr arle. M:irc! of iurc
4truiiKt!i:iU(l wIioIomhiiwion wore economical
than tin ordinary km'1 and cannot IwmiM in
cimiH-tHMi MtIith3 multitudes ol low test short
Ixhtalimi rIi(isih.ilc jcrodirs. Sold only
lor. Wall rfn-rt. V. Y. Oily.
'the fcd Qjzud ii'jnq.
.'. HOST! Kit,
yi'iilillhlii'ilcu-i the oftlc
in the Moon r.lock. i:-l Cloud, N-t.
Farm Loan.
Interest from C to 10 per cent.
Time from 1 to 7 year-. Call and
investigate. G. W, BAttKElt.
;atli-r-4 Up ljr Chler Hrportern In
And About ike City an Coaaty.
Bulk oysters at Joe Hcrburgcr's.
Extra select oysters at City Bakery
served in yvery st)le.
?. T. VsnIIorn of Orleans was in
the city this week.
EG. Highland's new dwelling will
be a beauty when completed.
For farm loans sec R. K. Stowc,
office over Deyo's drug store.
Mufflers in over one hundred
styles from 23c a piece to $, at the
Golden Eagle.
b Mrs. Bosley, of Fremont who has
been visiting withu Mrs. A. L. Funk
h-JS returned home.
31 rs. F. V. Taylor has returned
liojue from the west where she has
been visiting relatives.
The Chief office does all kinds of
job work at hard pan prices, and in
the finest style of the art.
Head the advertisements in 'iiiE
CmjLr freni this week on until after
t?liri&tuias if you want h:""Ka5,,s-
The uniform rank of the Knights
uf 1'vthias will attend the play this
oening in a body. Dailyllub.
Our rates on farm loans and option
of J.avment will suit you. Office over
Peo's drug store. R. K. Stowe.
Mrs. ?. T. Vanlloni wa brought
to this city this week, where she lice
ijry sick with little hope of recovery.
There was a very plcrsant social at
F. E. Coble's last Wednesday night
a week ago. It was a pleasant occa
sion. Overcoats or suits if you are look
ing for either ytm can save 23 per
cent on the dollar by going to C.
Wiener s Golden Eastfe.
1 can make you farm loans thicker
and with less trouble to youre. man
through any other agency. Office
over Deyo's drug store. U.K. Stowe.
The Felix Vincent dramatic com-
pan which entertained our people
twonights last week war- among the
finest t roups that have held the boards
lor a good whil--.
Miss Culbertson, sister ot Mis L. II.
Fort has been engeged to to teach the
high school for the month of Dceeni
ber during the absence of Mrs. Hurl-
butt in New York.
, The only failing we may mention
of Dr. P. Janss, i that he can't cure
every ailment but whenever he meets
such cases he is honest and frank
cnousxh to admit his inability.
TlicKcv. Mr. Cae. who preached
to the Y. M. C. A. people in this
city recently, has received a call to
preach in the baptist church in lied
Cloud. Mr. Case has a reputation of
beius a VfcTJ r,c ruPlt orator.
Miss Lvdia Huffman who has been
' an efficiant and competent teacher in
our county sciioois nas acceptea a
i 1 . -
three months school in district 41
; -irrnss the line in Kansas, Mis-s
J .V '-
Huffman is a No. 1 teacher and al
ways aives satisfactiou.
We omitted to mention the newly
elected K. P. officers last week iu our
hurry to get out ahead of time. They
arc as follows:
K. D. Yeiser, P. C.
A. J- 'elch C- -C.
Wiener, V. C.
H. H. Easterday, Pi elate,
A. H. Howard. K. B. S.
31. S. Marsh. M. A.
V. B. Fulton. M. F.
E. Parkes, M. E.
Tli lodtre is in a flourishing con-
ditioa and the aiembersaip increasing.
Charley Ball was in Bed Ckd txer
Mrs. Prof. Curraa is viiitiiig in
Novel jackets and jerseys for Men's
wear at C. Wiener.
Deyo's prices on holiday goods are
lower than any one.
A fine line of fancy baskets just
arrived at Cotting's.
I-ook Here. Only one more week at
cof-t at Markell & Son,
The largest line of juvenile books
is to he found at Deyo's.
Money to loan at a living rate of
interest by I). M. Piatt.
John Shirey wa out in the ''wild
and vooly west" this week.
Men's fine suits worth $25 for $18
and $20 at the Golden Eagle.
A good safe for sale. Call on Sill
& Stowe, over city drug store.
If you want holiday goods you will
save money by buying of Deyo.
For extra select oysters go to E.
Welsch's, Dickcrson's old stand.
There have been reported a number
of cases of diphtheria in the city.
Palmer's Frangipanni the best per
fumes made in the world at Deyo's.
Corn husking is about over and our
farmers arc beginning to sec a a dol
lar or two in the future.
Dr. Larabcc, a homrcopathist phy
sician was in the city this week and
will probably locate here.
Miss Minnie Poulson who has been
visiting with W. R, Chaplain and
family has returned to St Joseph, Mo.
Will ParkcB wishes to announce
that he is not a candidate for the
post office. We are glad to hear
Will's denial.
II. B. Simmons received word Sat
urday that his mother had died She
lived in Pennsylvania and was seven
ty three years of age.
C. Wiener has taken out his oil
lamps from his store room and in ad
dition to arch lights will put in a
number of incadeeccnt lights Mr.
Wiener believes in making his store
as light as day.
The Chief hopes that the ladies of
Bed Cloud will give New Years' calls.
If there is one thing that is proper
that is the thing. We would be pleas
ed to publish the names of all the la
dies who will receive calls. Let there
be a large number who receive.
For dressmaking call mi Mrs. Mal
pocr in W, Houghton's
old tailor stand. Artistic dress and
coat making done in all its branches.
Evening, dinner and street costumes
and tailor made suits, also cutting
fitting and designing without making
Patterns cut to measure.
Ira Edgcil, concluding that single
blessedness as compared with conju
gal bliss was a delusion, decided that
he would unite his wishes and for
tunes in wedlock, and consequently
was maried to Miss Ella Emick on
Sunday' evening at the residence of
Judt;e West, who officiated. TuE
Chief wishes I ra and his bride much
Our townsman, Kcnyon Skecu, was
recently over in Kansas. While there
a dog bit him ou the kg, not thiuking
anything about the matter, left for St
Louis the other night, and arriving
there his leg began to swell and he
has not been able to walk since, but
expects to get around in a few days.
He is under the doctor's care for the
Those who attended the opera last
evening were unanimous in saying
that Frank Lindon was the best actor
that has tdaved here this year. He is
well supported, the scnery magnifi
cent, and the orchestra ranks among
the best that travel. In the exciting
drama of "Monte Christo".lasf)cvcn
ing, the house was taken bj stohu at
tlic close of each act -'The JJVotld is
mine!" "One!" "Two!"' "ThreT?!" were
all received with applause. Kearney
Daily Hub.
Miss Hurlbutt, assistant principal
af the lied Cloud high schools receiv
ed the sad intelligence on Monday, of
the death of his mother. She left
Monday night for the purpose of bc
inc present at the funeral obsequies
It was a very severe blow to the lady.
Before going a number of her pupils
presented her with a few tokens of
- . i .
i friendship, tuat wnue tne was goiug
1 cn the sad journey she mightjthink of
the many near friends that she had
made hcr6 during her short acquin
tacce in thiis cty.
Dr. P. Janss of the Nebraska State
Medical and Surgical Institute docs
uot pertend to be a cure all but
claims to have better success than the
general practicioncr in chronic dis
eases on accosnt of devoting his total
time to smeh diseases and the large
n amber he treits. He has with him
three thousand dollars worth of in
strameats for all kinds of examina
tions and operations, among them is a
microscope, costing in Europe $350
Consultation free at the Holland
J Houc Salardaj Dcccahcr 15.
E. A. Stowell liu rctsnei to Cal
ifornia. They will gire you close prices at
Markell A Son's.
Selling gold peas ana pencils at
coM at Markell Son's.
Why pay 5 for an over coat that
Berg & Galnhba sell for $3.00.
Public services at the Methodist
chapel at 3:30 p. m. next Sabbath.
Deyo ig overstocked on albums and
you can buy cheaper of him than any
one else.
Regular services at the Methodist
church next Sabbath conducted by
the pastor.
Arthur Allen, of Tceumsch, is vis
itins relations, in the citv. the guest
of S. Perkins.
C.Wiener mil sell jou the best
shoe or boot foi less money than any
house in the county.
IJer & Galusba will sell you a suit
of underwear $1.00 less than any one
asks for same quality
Do you intend to have any Christ
mas prescnts'this year. If so buy
them of Markel! & Son.
Taylor's is the place to purchase
furniture. He keeps only the best
goods and sells so lew that all can
On Thankscivinir the Y. M. C. A.
had a most interesting game of foot
ball which was watched by a large
Just bear in mind this one little
item that Berg &. Galusba Lave a bet
ter assortment of neck scarfs than
any one.
When in Red Cloud call at the
furniture store of F. V. Taylor, oppo
site the post office, and fkkijtm oat
a fine kitchen or parlor mYC'
Gloves lined er unlincd that others
ask you $1 .00, $1 .25, $1 .50 for. Wc
sell for 83c, $1.00, $1.25.
Beru & Gallsiia.
Congress is again gathered together
and it is to be hoped that body will
do something for the bcnct of the
people, besides just dnwing their
Do not fail to consult Dr. Janss,
the celebrated German specialist, late
of Berlin, will be in lied Cloud, at
the Holland House, on Saturday,
Dec. 15th.
Married, by Rev. Falkcnburg at the
Methodist parsonage, lied Cloud, Nov
30th, Mt. Herbert II. McKim of Web
ster comity, to Miss Jennie Mckim of
Smith county Kansas.
The Monte Christo Theatrical Co.
carry a grand band with them that is
one of the most important features.
They will parade the streets at noon.
They come very highly reccommend
cd to our people.
One of our merchants is said to
have recently be accosted at his res
idence by four masked men who
wanted Revolvers. The merchant in
formed the chaps that he was just out
and they skipped out
In another column of to-days CniEF
appears an account of the sad acci
dent which caused our old friend W.
B. Thornc to lose his life. Mr.
Thome was one of the first citizens of
this county and his death will be
mourned by many.
Dr. P. Janss is no stranger but an
old and responsible resident of Ne
braska lie has been at Grand Is
land for the last 12 years, that is the
place to gel your information in re
gard to his responsibility as a physi
cian. Consult him in Red Cloud at
the Holland House, Saturday, Decem
ber, 15th.
Hank Ross hired a livery team on
Thanksgiving to co out to thJ uflll.
He arrived in safety and hitched the
animal. A little later on an engine
went whizzing by aud the horse not
waiting further ceremony took French
leave tearing things up in general
and giving Hank an opportunity to
show his qualities as a pedestrian.
The Iowa eviction cases arc causing
a crcat deal of suffering and privations
to those evicted by being compelled to
leave the homes they have lived on
for many years and suppos ed belong
ed to them. This wholesale robVcry of
land is a shame and the government
should reoumerate the people for the
loss. It is only another case of the
rich overriding th poor.
Don't let prejudice keep you
cousultiug the celebrated German
specialist in Red Cloud at the Hol
land House Saturday Dcccnibor 15th.
Ifvouara afflicted with s chrome
disease. Yomr physician is not the one
to iuqmrc aboat mm, write to any re-
sponsible party in Grand Island where
be has been for twelve years He is
a gradnatu of three leadiag colleges
3 i.... I. : ..M.fal ami lfrto
... .
sua iuiu ,. - rt " ,
practice has heeoe oae of GraBd
Ldaads largest property holdet.s.
Fine display of holloware at Nar -
kell 4 Sob's.
Wa asvrcrieTed to eommuieate
!tm sars of the death of Mr. Waa
B. Thome near Bladen last Tuerdaj
afternoon. While Mr. Thorne and a
joang man was hauling straw from
a straw stack. Mr. Tnorne was on
the wagon loading, and some straw
fell off the stack on the horses and
started them. Mr. Thome sprang to
seize the lines and in so doing a part
of the load slipped with him and he
fell behind the horses, headforcmest
and struck bis temple on the end f
the device pin on the doubletree,
thence the wheel striking him on the
back of the head . The young man
hurried to where he was lying and
f und life almost extinct. The team
still running till it got in contact
I with a wire fence and stopped with
little damage. The man ran to the
barn, took a horse and went in haste
to town and reported the accident, all
that could get a horse or aid, with his
son Legrande hastened to the scene
of the accident, and there to behold
lay the lifeless body of the aged
father and neighbor. He was borne
to the tiouse to tne surprise
of his wife who but
short time before saw him strolling
about the barn. His wounds were
dressed by Dr. Kchler and others.
His brother of Macon, Franklia coun
ty, and relatives of Juniata, Camp
bell and Hastings, were informed of
the sad intelligence. Arrangements
were perfected for the interment.
Toe funeral services were officiated at
his tome by Rev. Buzzle, on Wed
nesday at 2 o'clock, p. in. and from
there followed Ly nearly 50 buggies
tad wagons. The Grand Armj men
marehed to the grave on foot, located
in a beautiful nook in the soatkeast
corner of his son Willie's orchard far
the present at least. Wm. B. Thome
was bom in the state of New York,
June 29th, 1815. In 1S38 was mar
ried to his present wife, Miss Deborah
Bowcrman. After nine years, remov
ed to and selected a home in the then
wild woods of.Michigan. He marked
his pathway by blaizcd trees for 80
miles through dense forests, located
near where the city of Jackson .now
stands. In 1870 he and his son Wil
lie took a four to Nebraska, and was
so agreeably surprised with the theu
young state that they each took large
tracts of land and then returned to
Michigan. Thefoilovingseason they
removed to their new homes in the
.west, at or near wcre iLptarfjinw
located, followed by many taorc of
Michigan's good people. Later his
eldest son Lecrandc removed here
and bought several tracts of land, but
through sickness in his family he up
turned to Michigan and in later years
returned to Nebraska his future
home. His family consisted of his
two sons, Legrande and Wm. and an
adopted niece, now Mrs. Dr. ckl. of
Juniata. The father and two sons
own large farms and attractive resi
dences adjoining each other and in
cluding a great portion of the tswn
bile of Wadcti Unci- ThtrneV
motto was '-always do right, tio to
others as you would like others to do
unto you." His house was always
hospitable to all. Himself and his
companion were always free givors to
the poor, widows and orphans in dis
tress. The grief stricken family has
lost a kind father and affectionate
husband. Let it not be forcottcn
that A. K. Burnside Post G. A. 11.
on last Memorial Day was presented
bv hin, the souvenir of the National
Encampment at San Francisco, Cal.
The Post recognizes its maintainance
through him. was ever ready to aid in
its good work as a loyal patriot and
friend to the "Boys in Blue." es,
we sav. "his loss is our loss." The
Post's best friend.
The 20th day of bst March Mr.
Thorne and wife had the pleasure of
being surrounded by their sons and
family relatives of th:s vicinity, a few
intimate neighbors ana old settlers
partook of a bounteous repast and
joined iu celebrating the Fiftieth An
niversary of their wedded life. Mr.
Thorne was over 73 yea's old. hearty,
active and strong. Mr. Thorse is
about the same age and we trust .-.he
mav long survive and eniov the bless -
sings of her old age. We syapa- j
thizc with her in her sad bereavement!
and trust that -All b vdlasGodu;
in the right."
.Viaays in tne leau in sue oi iocki
is ,a JUv;s4 J'nws "' iuu ucaw .uuus
a . 1 jm.j w a m j x A m frv fc Jkj-4
is the motto
Fresh oy
per week at
old stand,
K. f P.
. -i .- .. t
.v special eeunS oi Mem ouj;e
Xo. 14. will be held tomorrow it 3:30
j p. m., to meet Bro. Frank Lindon,
wbo will exemplify the secret work.
l 411 KnTtht kould ttetL Bro.
. , t-t-i jj
Liadoa coaw highij reewaateadei-
bv all the raad lodges and s.nprca.e
j lodge, and i casidered the fcrigatest
, aid best posted Ksigat teat travel.
j Kearney Daily flai.
of C. Wiener. . " 1 ,l - . w" -OH "l ( )Ph I A H ) IS ; I P'"; w. hk
sters received three tiacs) Henry Cook's. He haa iu I FORTHKEE XlCBTS ' l! 1 I .??'
E.Wclsch, IHckcrMin': . , , .... . t H : . 7 . . Wfie S
After Saaaarr 1, 1889, the sab
seriptioa price of Trk Oxief will
probably be pat back to $1.50 per
annum, instead of $1, as has been the
price for the list two years. One
dollar is too low for subscription to a
country newspaper the size of Tut
Chief, and cannot be run without
loss. Wc have decided nowever, to
still give our subset ibers a chance to
renew at $1.00, if tbc sitae is pud
by January 1, 1S89, after that date
we shall go back to the old price of
$1.50 per year. Come riht in if vou'.
want to get thejiapcr at one dr.llar for
the ensuing year. If back subscrip
tion is not paid by January 1, 1S39,
we shall collect $1.50 per year for a!l
JllnrriTif innc llist nm,in tininid f
,... .., ..j
that time. A. C. Hosmeu.
tf Proprietor. '
mil 11
IVkil Arc We Calas To Bo.
The Rock Islaxd officials were re
ported browsing around the South
Piatt towns last week h search of
pointers for a route to the northwest.
It is said the company contemplates
branching northwest f-om Nelson
next season. Hastings is confident
of a connection. Superior Headlight. I
There could be a tiosible chance I
for Bed Cloud's getting the llock
Island railway if a proper effort was to
be made by our people. The Rock
Island is bound to move out of Nelson
and why should uot Red Cloud gf t it
as well as any Other town in Nebras
ka? Last call let the people go to
work or give up everything and call it
a "gone gosling." Enterprise is what
wc need now more than most anything
elc in Red Cloud.
Oar form Prenalaaa.
Remember that the liaic
nr corn premium is aearly
Those who want to show
what fine
corn Nebraska can produce ought to
take advantage of this opportunit
For the first premium we give The
Chief one year free, and for the
second picmium air months and third
three months. One hr.lf bnsbel of
corn in a sack is the required amount.
Mr. W. W. Gardner on Tuesday
was fixing the railway over the doors
ou his bara, when a board nailed to
the side of the building, upon which
lie was standing, gave way, letting
him to the ground, He was consider
ably shaken up and has n bad loft
hand from catching on the end of a
board standing upright. A sliver
two inches in length entering the
be of the thumb, wliuJi .the doctor
had to cut ut, while the little finger
was cut in a frightful manner. It is
a very painful accident. Orleans
A a Iriah Setter Lost.
With a nicklc collar without a name
on it. Finder will be liberally re
warded by calling on Frank Bhoton
at the Golden Eagle Clothing store.
Santa Claus has taken up his head
quarters at the Fair, with a large as
sortment of Christnns gools at prices
to suit the times.
Consultation with Dr. P. Janss,
president of the Nebraska state Medi
cal A: Surgical institute is free, at
Holland Hrue Saturday. December,
15th, 1?SS.
The highest n.arket price paid for
tuttcr and egirs. live turkeys and
chickens at the Western & Southern
Mercantile Association, Red Cloud,
The great slaughtering sale is still
coing on Piles of good are old at
an enormous reduction at the Western
6c Southern Mercantile Associativa.
I have three houses and ten lot in
Guide Rock which I will trade for
land or horses or cattle
Ladies rubber boot. at $1.50 per
pair, also woo! lined shoe and
j P in great variety st Wiener.
! For nice oyster te. fncs,
-. t
call st the West Side Restaurant,
EkNT WeLsCH. Prwp.
When m -ant of parlor or kitchen
'fuxaiture call on F. V. Taylor. He
i keeac the finest lines in the city, asdf
e.ii. ;. .. ., vrr init nn
i " - '-'j ------r--"
lani w :!-;.
Mf y Ua&LUl iBBoaaoc tht
ihe preparc,j lo caTe nrpets of j
!n classes. Leave orders with C
Schaf aiu ai Mawn's old atand. tf ?
j - j l.vmi.vitJs . fMl.j MlMi(re.- V, - - wo f y
m. u A &-i- m.7 A mm -- w w itti i -i in w i nr fr-i rr -IT' wm -M. r. Ji a &- 1 1 . jr . x . T t nr r. inn i a - . t m
!lOOS S.
S&ecil ratts ci"en m PUnoj and ...
Jac Uu pun.o!d fori51 -7 hut v! '
,nm3nlhlj pJIaeats co-uni , T- Th:s eoatpaay carry thr o.
e lhml Onrana &l ai fe5al sceterr for Mosrr Czisza
JX,lciA3aU castoBers.
Sam. J., Art.
. i s r-ixi ir.
i' V?K -C-j
. i r i i
I I' (;X- 1
a UPi i
L T-7
""m m
i i
While out lookino- for your Christmas Presents
Call and see the number of Elcgvir.t and
Useful presents displayed by us.
Over 200 Styles of Mufflers '
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Linen Hemstitched
vine peal bkm and rlush Capffr
Silk and Satin Suspenders.
Children's Suits and Overcoats
Boys' Suits and Overcoats,
Mens Suits and Overcoat
A,t our usual
Red Cloud cind Wymorc.
. . o i . .
n ,.!. nf i'.Mi rinA iA .
v.. ri ...:r.,:
tint tk ..!!.
Ml U,UW(J -M. -. ... . " .V6...
lieciluL lursuay, weecaon ine
r. a .i .
Al: ii.iiiihvr.3 art noliupd ibsi Ms
nrcs of icijKTtano will be before tbc
lode? at ut regular meeting. Tne
day decerabcr 11th and your aU
ancc is rcqucited
Miss Clara liecker. of Liuo4a, is
visiting in Rftd Cloud, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mitchell.
Special attention to ccerAtic
and embalming by F. V. TvJr Iti
dence 3 blo"k? : t'arring? Fari-j
New hnc of cer $ol. ist for
decoration asd Atiuonery jct ;ccrr
ed at Henry Cook'.
"The Mother Friend" bj an
nel shirt waist. No button to jir
on . At lh Gftldes Eagie .
Oloves icti Ei::teu at ai! pno at
the Golden Kagle.
' Hot isc ro!d iaccbci at sH hmm
,at Ernst WeUch rcataarant.
j We are hTc to do bouaaa aMd
mean boiiaei.
Cae and re n.
Makxzll t Sor.
sue oityrsT actoc
jBaad wrade at 110. Raerrv
imit M je at City Fa mcy.
1a. l,
-- ja.T-Ji.z-iA r"i
;;i Ja i
--ft' eft
is Coming !
land kerchiefs.
LOW prices.
N"vij bB x ctava.j tfc0 Jfy?g
"" " ir Jiwt mrmm.
&fcb! thrtr ftrt
. -7 ' i" -
vhrt ntl Aam wriatf m . mlki df .!-.
tmJj. .tRlM iii0f )Uc!rt
ajKMHw Win wm iilt of ti.w ;
mem al w cvatictit it nm
''-wn taMvmi&L Jltetfc
am 1 1 wnirs mhmmct: U la iofi
th tnrridr mysum. VV a htKf4
aid ',cu . -Jt& Vkf 1m
mzvtnvni wkwrit a ers!tnc(
and rtasm'.tet 4 hm hizk vwt
jKod vomttvn otwpi
km hf uw Etr oit&u. Th -m;
rMiuuatt HtQoyuG alone l tin; J
orri rpr 0t & Tcsn
Tbi h h:nr lurnt a fiitnuSf b!i '
fcaiarr. IVrfwtcn ,a ia4tnat. jcr. ,
foctton iz, 4rii u oat u t&z . -jenorKj
vex U . (nxr.t. t
car tolt, Hfs.. urtefig
vuhtzu Cajramstothej-ai
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