The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 23, 1888, Image 5

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35k !
Absolutely Pure
TliisA!f-r hcht arl.- .M.irt.-1 of jmre
'treiithatnl v.liok-somiiir.s',, wore economical
tliau Uir ordinary kind ami cannui in; sold in
romiiftioii uitlilliinultitudi of low test sliort
lslitalimi oriihosjdiaie jmwdors. Hold only
in; Wall sttwt. ;;. . uy
The vd (Thud hUf.
rulilislK-iIcwi) Kiiilaj morning from tiic oflic
in the Moon '.lode, Kcd ("loud, Xtb.
I'ani Loan.
J nt c-rcs t from (J to 10 per cent.
Time from 1 to 7 vcarr. Ca'l and
G. W. Uauki:h.
":illiorrl p liy Chirr fti-portcr In
A ttil AImmiI I In- CI13- 11 11 (I Co 11 ill).
Hulk oyr-tcr.s at .Joe llcrburgcrV.
Canon City coal at Kdlcman's only
IDxlm .select oysters at City JJaLcry
served in every j-tvlc.
The Y. M. C. A. rooms are being
wired for elcctrie lights.
Vox farm loans see It. K. Stowe.
office over T)cyo urm: store.
Mutllers in tiver ono hundred
stales from 2fc a pieec to $1, at the
fioldcn K:iglc.
('. K. Davis a piuniincnt lawyer f
Superior was in attendance on the
district court this week.
The jrroat rush to Young's C. U. I).
Kmporium is proof that low prices will
draw the crowd every time.
Our rates on farm loans and option
of payment will i-u'il 3011. Office over
Peyo's dru-r stoic. . K. Stowk.
Dave Zerwekli, formerly of this
city, and later of Colby, Kansas, in
tends moving to Washington Terri
tory. I can make you farm loans quicker
and with lc.s trouble to yourM'lf. than
through auy other agencv. Office
over D.yo.s drug store. Stowk
Married at lied Cloud Nov !I)th lv
Kev. Ceo. . Yeior, J)r. Ho :.l
llaxton, and 31 is Nellie Hoyce, all of
Ked Cloud. Neb.
Overcoats or suits if 3011 are look
ing for cither you can save 2. per
cent on the dollar 1)3 going to C.
Wiener s Golden Kaglc.
Married, at lied Clo id, Neb., Nov.
20th, 1S5S by Kcv. Ceo. 0. Yeiscr.
Mr. C. Garrett of Franklin,
and Miss Mary h. Garrett of Pica-writ
View, 111.
The incandcs"ent electric light
plant is being put in as fa.t as possi
ble. A large number of residence
are being wiied lor electric lights, a
well as many business houses.
The Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation will hold their first monthly
social Tuesday evening, November 27
in the Y. M. C. A. rooms. A cor
dial invitation is extended to all.
At the next meeting of the board
of supervisors there will be some ac
tion taken in regard to the county
jail piobablv. The county jail is
something that is auly needed in
this couuty a...d ten thousand d -liar
will build a good one.
Needles. 1 cent per paper, pins 1
cent per paper. :in;l 1 cent per
.-pool. Mipender . cents per pair and
the best thread in the world 2 spools
for T) cents is the way they sell goods
at Young's C. O. 1. Kmporium. Moon
Thuiiief believes that the coun
ty board ought to take some action
towards building a poor house. The
" eounty owns a good farm and it is a
hauie to have the expense going on
for the care of the poor, when a go"d
comfortable place could be provided
on the farm for at least one half the
moucy now expended for the same pur
The M. K. chuich has decided to
have a Dhriatmas entertainment diff
erent from the usual routine tree.
Thev calculate t have an entertaiu
uieut, the make up of which will be t
make a donation for the poor. Tine
is a sensible move on the part of the
church, and the donations thus made
will have the effect of making more
hearts glad than all of the usaalgift
entcrtaimncnts of the kiid.
D. P. Xeweomar was is- Red Cload
this week.
The First National bank wants
county warrants
Novel jackets and jerseys for Men's
wear at C. Wiener.
We will buy county warrants The
First National bank
A fine line of fancy baskets just
arrived at Cottin:'s.
Charley Watkitis of Indianola was
in the city on Monday.
Money to loan at a living rate of
interest by I). M. Piatt.
Men's fine suits worth $25 for $1S
and $20 at the Golden Kaglc.
Mrs. Cordelia A. Woods, of Wilcox
Neb, is in the city this week.
The board of supervisors have ad
journed until December 13th.
A pood safe for sale. Call on Sill
& Stowe, over city drug store.
Itcv. .1. I). Ftapp will preach at the
Baptist church, Sunda3', Nov 25.
We want eounty warrants The
First National Bank, Red Cloud
For extra select oysters go to K.
Welsch's, Dickerson's old stand.
Canon City nut coal at Edleman's
only $0.50. Best thing out for cook
ing. Eastern hard coal is cheap now to
what it will be, only $11 at Kdlc-
m all's.
Mr. Foss of Crete Nebraska was in
lied Cloud this icek attending dis
trict court
C. Wiener will sell 3011 the best
shoe or boot for less money than any
house in the county.
Taylor's is the place to purchase
furniture. He keeps only the best
goods and sells so lvw that all can
I!ev. .lacob V. Dimou of Wymore,
will preach at the Congregational
church, next .Sabbath, both morning
and evening.
W. A. Uailcv, of street car fame
and. two lawyers of Kansas City
were in Bed Cloud this week looking
after his damage suit.
Major Flaisig leaves for Oregon and
California this week on business con
nected with the house he travels for,
to be gone tliirty days.
When in Bed Cloud call at the
furniture store of F. V. Taylor, oppo
site the post office, ai.d pick you out
a fine kit-'hcii or parlor suit.
W. A. Mclveighau has received no
tice that the government has allowed
his pension claim Mr. McKcighan
is to be congratulated over the result.
Ira Sleeper has opened a nice bil
Hard and pool parlcr in the north
room of his carriage shop. He has
fitted the room up in nice tyle a-d
has three tables.
The W F M. uriety connected
with the M K church f this cit
will hold their regular monthly meet
ing at the church parsonage Saturday
November 2-Uh: A full attendance
is desired.
Do not forget the young peoples
social at, Miss Maud Goble's next
Wednesday eve. A nice program has
been arranged, and a nice time is ex
pected. Ati3 person desiring to do
so, is cordial'y invited.
Married, by the Rev. W. S. Fal
kenburg. Nov. 10th. 1SSS. at the rcsi
dence of the brides parents in Web
ster county, Nebraska, Mr. Klmer De
Long, of Oxfotd, Neb. and Miss Km -ma
?tarks, of tWs enmity.
Having recicved an elegant line of
seal plush, brocade and worsted cloaks
wraps and jackets in latest styles and
designs, wo respectfully invite the
ladies to call and sec them.,
.MlXEL Jius.
The members of ltcd'Clojnd Lodge,
No. G-l. 1. O.O. F. aiejrejustcd to be
present Saturday evening .at which
time there will be buisnfsS of crcat
- ife
importance to the membership. "By
order of Kn. Pakkes, N. G.
The prohibition party in New York
lost 11. 000 votes thi-3'ear over that
of !a.t years clcctio n for secretary of
state. The vote case then was -11,-000
and Fisk received 30,000 or 0,000
more than St John received four years
ago. .
The city council has ordered a hook
and ladder outfit for the fire company
costing $300, and have also ordered
$75 worth of fixtures for the hose
compan The city dads should be
commended for this action as the city
stood badly in need of the hook and
Married, at South Bend, Saturday
morning the 17th insi, at the resi
dence of Bev. S. C .Dean, uncle to
the bride, Mr. Mathew C. Daugherth
aud Miss Emma C. Butler, both f
Crete, Rev. M. C Butler of Bed
Cloud, father of the bride officiating.
The bridal party left immediately for
Omaha, their future home, after a tour
both westward and eastward. The
presents to the bride from friends in
lOaaha, Crete, StLouis and Collins-
villc, IUiaois were clcgamt aid ctitlj.
Meadota, JUg.. coal .at Kdleaasa
I only G.
Fresh ovsters received three tijcs"
per week at E. Welsch's, PiekersoaV
old stand.
F P. Shields of the Blue Hill Lea
der was in the city this week atten
ding court.
Canon City nut coal at Kdlcman's
only IC.50.
Best thing out for cook
ing stoves.
Fred Wintoa has moved his furni
ture store to Henry Cook's old stand
on -1th aveLue.
l. anon City nut coal at hulcman s
only G 50. Best thing out for cook
ing steves.
If you want a gold pen or holder
buy of Cotting, every one guaranteed
The ''Deipnology" social at the Y.
M. C. A. hall, on Wednesday was a
very successful affair.
Geo. Scb roth of Beloit, Kansas,
was in the city this week looking up
a location for a bakery.
Always in the lead in size of stock
as in lowest price3 for the best goods
is the motto of C Wiener.
The pay car visited this city this
week and dispersed the usual amount
of shekels to our railroad boys.
Ladies rubber boots at $1.50 per
pair, also wool lined shoes and slip
pers in great variety at Wiener's.
For nice oyster stews, fries, &c,
call at the West Side Restaurant.
Ernst Wei.scii, Prop.
J. H. Drain, father of Mrs. K.
Skccn arrived in the city Monday
night from Nemaha Citv, Nebraska.
The district court was in session
this week, with Judge Gasliu on the
bench deciding the peoples grievan
ces. On next Thursday Nov. 2?th, will
be Thanksgiving, and we presume
that tb.2 people will try and do justice
in cvcr3" instance in this matter.
A little free fisticuff occurred on
the streets Monday forenoon between
two railroad bo3's. They were parted
before an3 damage had beeu done.
The great slaughtering sale is still
going otr Piles of goods are sold at
an enormous reduction at the Western
& Southern Mercantile Association.
W. S. Peck, a prominent attornoy
of Hastings, and several other legal
gentlemen of that city were in Bed
Cloud this week attending district
The highest market prijo paid for
butter and eggs, live turkeys and
chickens at the Western & Southern
Mercantile Association, Bed Cloud,
Those who have flambeaus in their
po-sos.'ion are requested to return
hem to 11. 1. Fulton. They wire
oul hoi rowed and represent 11101103.
Please return at once.
Two mad dogs were killed near
Amboy during the past week. Both
were in the last stages of rabies, and
had attempted to bite scycral people
in that vicinity.
rOn last Saturday eveniug Miss
Montie Tulleys gave a party to her
young friends. It was the occasion
of her 19th hirJida. A very pleas
ant time was reported.
J. K. Cowgill has again opened a
meat market in this city, opposite
the Chicago Lumber Yard. Mr.
Cowgill is a first class butcher and
will receive a fair patronage. We
wish htm ucccss.
Owing to the recent break in our
press which delayed Tmf. Cmr.F sev
eral days, we have been unable to
catch up so as to get our papers over
the country by Saturday, but b3 next
week we hope to be out on time.
The little panorama, -after moon
light'' in the west end. the other
night was considerable fuu for un
willing bystanders. There was said
to have been a dreadful rustlincs of
dn bones, it was so very sudden, you
F. F.ibieid-of the Blue Hill Lead
er who was arrested some time since
for criminal libel at the instance of
Geo. Burr of the Times- Winner, had
his case called up in court this week
and after a slight argument the court
decided that Mr. Shields should be re
leased on his own recognizance in thr
sum of $300. We presume this will
ultimately settle the case, anvhow un
til the March
3 term of tbe District
Tk :: r .1.- :
a uv -i-ii.ii.iuu ui me .American peo-.
pie over our presidential term of four
rehersalof our urcat nolitiel d Jcpl-int-. Sold at tSfy a loUt
moo tn. nf.n m tr.on h .,.
. ..- .- r ,M -...
!n rri-ii.T rAnrt if irhn tirir.i U- nl
, fs . ,-, "' , ,
woum De tor t coming congress w
make the tenn eight or ten year. J
.u. :tl. . i
tucic"ui cijjuv ur ii-o ycary.
This would obviate the great political
strife leiweea contending parties.
The agitatioa should be kept up aatil
the qmcstioa is fMllj aetUed aad theU'i ciassea. Leave orders witli C.
tern kastacacd. ,
JS-JJoorer tjf Blae Hill was is
J the city thi? week.
Gloves and mittens at all pricea at
tbe Golden Kagle.
J. A. Crawford ot McCook was in
the citj this week. ,
Hot and cold lunches at all hours
at Ernst Wehch's restaurant.
Mr. McGintis of Crete was in Bed
Cload this week on legal basinets.
Wanted county warrants at the
First National bank. Bed Cloud
Several impirtant cases have been
! adjudicated this week in the district
Mr. L. Malpoer and wife of Omaha
have decided to locate in Red Cloud
where Mrs M. will engage in the
dressmaking buiincss.
Chris Kcchlar, of the First National
Bank of Blue Hill, was in the city
this week attending a law suit iu
which there were -10 car loads of grain
in controvers.
The saloon at Campbell was raided
last Saturday lught b Campbell peo
ple and the entire thing gutted from
A to izzard. The citizens of that
place do not intend to be fooled with
on the whisky question.
The Chief hopes the people of
this citj will at least try to be enter
prising and make an effort to get a
bonafide railroad company to agree to
build into this city. This wild cat
railroad business is all nonsense as it
appeals, and as we have had one or
two deals of the kind, it is time now
to turn our attention to something
tangible. Within the next thirty
days is the time to go after roads if
we ire ever to procure an3. Will
our people act in regard to this mat
ter at okcc. and try and do something
for Red Cloud? Bed Cloud must he
up and doing.
A'hile Geo. Starke was returning
fron hi3 sister's weddiug 011 Monday
night two follows jumped onto him
near the -1th avenue hotel and beat
him very seriously over the fsce and
head. Both of Ins ,3'c.i were blacked,
his forehead aud lips badly cut, be
sides being otherwise injured. Mr.
Statkcs as far as we can learn is a
very peaceable young man, and tbe
cnlj cause for his treatment bethinks
lavs in the fact that he is working for
the it & M railway in the place of
some of the old employees who are
out on a strike, the two men who
pounded him being strikcis as he al
leges. He swore out warrants for
their arrest on Tuesday. Tin: Chief
has not much to say in the matter,
but dcplroes in unmeasured terms sach
conduct as shown by the two men in
picking up a quarrel with a man who
is not the equal in strength of cither
one of his assailants, and they should
tie severely dealt with for the act,!
which was decidedly cowardly and
uncalled for if we have the facts cor
rectly. The Chief gis opposed to.
lawlcssncss,let it come from whatever
source it may.
New meat .ifarkrt.
This is to notify my old friends and
patrons, and as many more as wish
to buy meat, that I have opened a
meat market opposite the Chicago
Lumber Yard where I will b pleased
to ''moat" all 1 will also do private
butchering, going after and returning
animals and rctuming meat. Please
give me a call.
J. C. Cowr.iLL.
rirtt.!. K. fcurrh
Kegular .en:cc next sabbath it
1U;30 a. :n. and at 7 p. m. conducted
by the pastor. Sunday school at 12 in.
Everybody and stranger.' especially
Services at the Methodist chapel
conducted by tlie pastor at 3:50 p. m
next Sundav.
Wood Wanted.
A fctr cords of wood wanted
subscription at this office.
Dress Making.
Mrs. Malpoer who came here to fill
an engagement with Mrs M. R. Rent-
ley n ill open a dressmaking shop in t
the hniltlfnr. for-morlr ftcpiir.tmi lir-
Will Houghtun.
Satij-iaction guaran-
teed. Open Monday, Nov. -Gth.
Set . California Bear.
Anybcdy cn catch a cold th kind
of weather. The trouble i to let co.
like the man who
cs'jcbt the ler
e advbe our readers ,to purcW of
Henry Cook a bottle of aanta Abie, tae
Cahforuia King of Consumption, j
Asthma, itronctmis Courtis and Uroap
Cure, and keep :t handy. Tu pleas-
t 3 for ?i 5a California CAUaCttr
ijrive imnnt!i-te reli
M ThOiumal
by its heal.u
viru :. xon di?pUce
, and p-neirattiis nature,
jive u a
xxx.. 0.
is r.nnth treatment 1.00 hr
Jmll f I 10. -
...... -
Mrs. M. E. Hmffaa aaaoaaeea that
she is prepared to reave caraeta at
SshafaxU ak Xaa's Xd iUwi. -tf
- . . '!. --... -.
Miss Gertie Pod acta as organist
tais week.
Two new pupils were enrolled this
week making the toul enrollment
Instead of the drawing clii
Wednesday morning, Miss H albert
i conducted a class is music.
The junior Latin class i progress
ing thoroughly and npidly unicr the
: 4 r . r
lupirucuuB ox irui. turr. 1
Miss Myrtle Hines is missed from
our school owing to a slight attack of
fever. We hope she will soon be
well and with us again. '
No visitors this week would sees: ,
to indicate that the public is a t as
much interested in educational mat
ters as the importance of the latter
Prof. Curran give a ialk on
short method f (multiplication
aud division Thursday morning which
was enjoyed by all the pupils- The
Prof, also conducts the geometry
class on Friday afternoon but owing
to his visit to the first ward school
last Friday, Miss Thomas conducted
the class as usual.
Miss Lul Barber is not attending
school at present, on account ef a
very sad accident that fctfell her
brother. We are sorry to lose Miss
Lulu as our scboohuate, but hope she
may soon be able to return to our
A new ordinance in regard' to
whispering" has been passed whveh
we think will prove succcuful. Jt
provides as follows: Whispering
first time a repirmand; second time;
ten minutes standing on the floor;
third time the parents of the pupil to
receive a written notice of pupils mis
The philosophy class apprcctlcs
the new apparatus and has already
derived some good from it. Prof.
Curran explained very nicely the
principles eonucctcd with the hydrau
lic p:Ci5 using the lift and force
pumps in connection of the lame
The Friday afternoon exercise
were conducted as usual, the most
important feature of which was the
excellent rendition of 'The Curfew
must not ring tonight" by Miss
Rachel Letson. After the excrcisis
Miss Hurlburt cave a very pleasant
talk on uI)uty," which was highly ap
preciated. Next Friday cvmiut; will bo the
regular teachers' meeting, when an
interesting program will be given.
Teachers and pupils will take part in
the exercises.
( Fidelia Schaff.vit.
Charlks Garrer.
Strayed from the undrsigncd on
Mor.d ay uicht, Nov. 12th. nr.c hlack
Gordon setter pup. ahnut 0 inontli.
old, -having on plxin leather collar.
Aoy information leading to his re
covery triil he lilcraJly rewarded.
A. A. Teak,
.'owlet, Neb.
Twa CafrtaMt Mt by Arritfcrat iH
Learn I rity .tUM-h Other.
A stranger with, tired look and
manner indicating that ho wished to
escape general ob.crration. came
wearily iato a Iittfc Western town the
other day. Ho tCoppctl at the town
well to hinkc his thirst and bathe hU
flushed face nndlrow. and while he
drank a denizen of the tovrn drcw
near to quaff thoKOolinsr water, tie.
too, had n carewcarn faco and air of
general dbcouragcaicnt.
"Stranccr here, ain
't you?"' he
aked of the wayfarer.
"Yep stranger now. but I ued to
live 'round here."
"No. did you? Lately?"
"No; it's nigh onto ten vcar since I
"And you ain't been back since?"
"No. TheroV been a good many
change?, I see. since then, and I don't
reckon there's many left I usicr know."
"Mebbo not; who'd you know""
"Well. Icnime see thcro vras a
woman named Watt I ureter know
SalJy Watts."
bidyo know Jjaily Watt-?' aiked
the denizen of the town.
"Knowedhcr wcli. I 1 -tiitl ytu
ever hear of Sally?"
11 iv. v., ;-..,,. c , 1.. iv... .11
I The wayfarer looked carefully
vmxaA. lovtni hi rsk aad aaii
"St ar. ifar; ! a !
It aia't aTOCaV WenW ywa i4
' s Sally Wat that a
bw fc hvea9r nv thi,
Watts. She's aa idee T dead
t-aar was ruad as'Js' far bar?
JLmA ' f
wait her to diaff to that :de. If rwa
kftww Sally Watts, aster, scbhe ye-a
m t
t"tfca4evil. If the ais't a 2apf? I J
-aatcr ss esc.
:cc icre.
aa ?.- .V --- VX aV
apa gr. " I-. ImA aw
ViinMt.M.U.;. c.... r
w"" "j -- k-
be ar-iai to SIir WaCts!
aaaa-L . . - m .. ---- - - .
Ettte ? " !
. wTttwr aaf-aa,T.W4aa1awa
hr" ..
JZjjj' n JT
The Golden Eagle
Square Dealing
C. WIENER. Proprictoi
Will save you from SI to Sr on
Overcoats nnd Suits !
Will sell vou the
Best Boots and Shoes !
For the least money of rmy house m Webster
Will also show you the Largest Stock in strlw. t
from, and show you the best goods IW
Merchant Tai lowing
A specialty. A large line of piece goods ;
ways kept on kind. Wc employ only first-
ctis v.orkm n.
Hacker & Parker,
For the latest styles of
Call at tin Moon Bl-rL
The Largest and Mo.-u. Complete Line
Fancv Novelties in the citv.
For ! r TniJf.
CIO acre 0! land :i Igan coaC;
NcbraAa, for alc or ;xchang- i
property in mouthers part ?f jtii
Alo H head of yuas toci -
whole or fti pnrt i't sa jt srchk5-1
piendid oppoxtnsitr r n or.',
who want, to go wt lock lo!-'nc--
Near to an cttcu'TC racce a a
rood ntlghlKrhood. School ni
j potoict nc half n:.;?. County teat
seven sjaics. utxj . prov2cBi
good oil. Hvic:; vatef. lcrK to l-n
of railroac now tcins htalu ilill ittc
ob the -plae. Ob tare in rcltir-
lion. Call on or addr,
W. F. Kra-wwc.
Kad Owd,
Bcr 135. NehrwU
Notir is hcrehj prcai that I .Ui
examine all prrc wh. rzxr crr
to offer as candidai Jr ,
teach r f the rubhc kthth t$ th-.t
J coaatv
PvciCU. .- the :l:ri.ffCO! U aAOl
I Sit?aT cf cacs aocth.
m - -
.V ti V'
ci. attccuo
f.txsa f- iinr 9
I -a4 asa Jais- by I . V Tifc
i .. . - .- . -..
ueaee a riocrs i iimsczr r --
t New line of flower wt. . fcr
w.xrtu 9 t-s. at7 At jka TT iit -w'"
! Bmt7 C- .
-TJit MKher' Fncad hoj' a-
KI sitn wat. No Vos t cl
1 At'fe GoM &g1.
me 01
ana uonees
Oenvor to Chicago,
0fivcr to KaratMM Cit.
Dcntcr to iJnish?.
Osnaha tc Chicai.
fCansa Ctfy to Chicago,
. amana "" w
, - mp. -aV a1 t
" - -
rat aYa-rrr
Tlarviicrt ck tw '
Cc, aiwaT A W tjrsivte jsr
aw'p ?
ti ITii 1 1 i Ul. 1TI1IS
mw T"
paw nvnar anfaT""aw
.V 1
, t
- .-!;