The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 11, 1888, Image 1

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VOL xv.
trj..:,;- .atu .mum
ots and Shoes
I u
I k
House in the country.
I f
Onr ctock .f other --nods such as Furnishing Goods, Hats, &c, we will give
you U-ttri valiu-.- at less prices than ever before. Kemeniber I buy
all .'mis FOU CASH, PAY NO KENT, and can afford to
Soil j ou goods at BOTTOM PRICES.
Please to in vc-tiiratc for yourself, loot us over and if we can not convince
vou. you will only be out a little time.
1 Cloud and Wymore.
f?:-ty-' DENTIST.
V-s -- RD CLCfD rEBHASft.'-..
Fine office work a Specialty
Laul-my faF always ou hand
..:.. - ' .r- .-.
Will rampmiBri your pcr.-oriptiona raid receipts accurately
iinrt Vvith the purest (Iriigs.
Will show v.j.l ilio iiufst-aml latest patterns of wall paper
and vrindow shaft's int.lie siiarket and guarantee prices
Will $eU" on r.sixi'd paints tinted leads oils brushes etc and
warrant them
as a complete slo-k of books stationery and fancy goods.
ill treat all alike and be glad
That arts in -want of macliiner of any kind this spring
-. ' ARE
invited io call and exanine our goods before buying
"Hiiro v,?. Plows. cultivaioi-A Planters, and chocro vrs, niaxe
hatwnii a-lrsi das? ir.achine
. . . rlteir advaniage to cail on us. . ,
f Qar '.onr- c-r-' all n4?'". n I hand rr carried out goods.
Palme" ' Fisher
:fC5Sort IIn.4 1 (jj i I o.Lrt
re Deli Gin i !
Sell you the best $3 3Ian's Suit, in all sizes
.New goods j.isc received. WiU
Sell You
Tl e be.-t $5 Man'? Suit in all size, ever offer
ed in this market. "Will sell you
Men's Suits !
For $7.50 that takes the shine out of every
thing For Style and Quality.
Will sell you a better suit at $10 than you cam
buy elsewhere at $12. Our $12 suits are
claimed by all that have bought them
to be the best value
has ever been Offered
Them. We are selling
as Cheap as any
C. WIENER, Proprietor.
te show you goods at an times
of any kind will find it to
coor west ci .-simcriiros warcnouse
J (?
'-. V. XIO'ttXKXt.
Mrs R V Shireyis visiting in Dcu
What is being don about Decora
tion Day?
d. Messer, of Clinton, Illinois, was
in the city Sunday.
Seed corn and potatoes at the city
feed store oposite P. O. 36 w-tf
Children's suits from flOcts and. up
wards at the Golden Eagle.
For the mother's friend, boy's shirt
waists go to the Golden Eagle.
Arc wc going to celebrate the 4th
of July? Now is the time to act.
P. A. Wells and Col. Hoover, of
Blue Hill, are in the city Saturday.
The Red Cloud Tank Line will fur
nish you with coal oil or gasoline.
A fine line of men's and youths suits
at astonibhing low prices atthc Golden
The copious rainfalls of the last few
days are worth hundreds of dollars to
Nebraska farmers.
Boots and Shoes were never sold at
such remarkable low prices as at pres
ent at the Qolden Eagle.
It. V. Shirey, president of the First
National Bank, left Friday night for
Albany, N. Y. on business.
When the road is graded between
the depot and the bridge it will make
a fine drive to Riverside Park.
The Golden Eagle carries more hats
than several other stores combined at
prices that will gladen your heart
Married, at Red Cloud, May 9th,
by Rev. Geo. O. Yeiser, Mr. Walter
II . Megary and Miss Alice E. Sharp.
The Knight Templars have been
increasing their membership in the
last two evenings. They have been
engaged in '-putting through" several
gentlemen from neighboring ttmns.
Aid. Van Wert, of Guide Rock and
S. Croxton of that place, had a legal
s'ct-to before Justice Barker an Satur
day evening. Croxton charged Van
Woi-rt with c.-sati!t. The -:se was
Aid. Outlier's hat is about the aver'
aire size, vet it seems that lie can
carry several hundred yams of ribbon
panel besides- a big duck, at least that
is what the showman found on the
in'de Satuiday evening.
Vi:: J-Ti.urs h.'.s received word that
his'iu f"i- MUiictithig like
$2.5(10 ha been It iagnod
pile and we ate triad to hear of it.
He will get $12 per month from this
date on. If anyone descrvi-s :: pen
sion Mr. Flhors docs.
Miss Pearl Skeen was presented
with a handsome set of silver spoons,
knives, fork, teaspoons and napkin
rings, by the manager of the Hindoo
Oil company, as the handsomest
young lady in the hall, that cvoninc.
It was a deser'vrd compliment to Miss
John Tomlinson and J. L. Miner
came near haviim ;: bad accident :m
Sunday. John's white horse ran
of the dump at the bridge. Fortun
ately John".-; prc-onee of wind ::ved
an accident. Tin- wmnty should put
U'j substantial r.tiiia: at e;ieh end of
t'iie bridge.
It ; ll shame tu:: disgrace to r.v.y
i. fA-rfi. tu i ??: fnr : iM:iiit? ii''-.
. i . ... .a
hellgointoti:,. sterj and de-lif they rt-nW bund a ,-.U; .team.r aU. .. j c ZQ , tsa , c; ,,yable all or in
fare ard dosrcn.te the graves and ami . 'a m? the place, i.wit-.ui. vc ;';-1 ( V.W- thr mi- ilmen:i it any interest pay day.
, t. ,;:.. w5 Tf ;r tf i, n. -t;. . from ail wr the st:.te would eiingotea too ba.i. .Vt-oo... u. . aut 0 suit most
monum.ntsoithede.ur. It -to be p..t In a . t,)VVfoSs ,. though ,0uT. CM t u or address me at
k,rdt!n; the mar.agc-s vr:h fence cine here. It i .. 1 c. .ii.... . j ' - ljmo day iko Vcd Sn 2 Neb, Office in north end
tbewy d make it t penalty i ice-on for a j.lcasme r,sor, the LiV.. "o . .; . G. W. Barkh,-.
- v
Another good rain last night.
F. R. IIoi:e was in Hastings Fri
Mi.-s Eva J. King has returned
John M. Young vrns in Hastings
Mrs. Dr. Deuney left Saturday
for Denver.
Will Worthman was in the city
Friday Horning.
Fred Peterson doe.-n't like whisky
seasoned with guiena pig.
31 r. Harmon, train master at Mc
Cook, was in the eity Saturday.
M. R. Bcntley went to Minnesota
the first of the week on business.
The report of the First National
Bank will be found in another col
umn, i
E. L. Austin drew the gold watch
Friday night at the Hindoo Oil Co'?,
The concert at the Baptist church
Friday evening was a grand affair and
largely attended.
Charley Garber's old horse "Billy,"
an old pioneer turned up its toes to
the daisies Friday.
J. S. Dew, of-Tecumseh, is prom
inent candidate for commissioner of
public lands and buildings.
Bible studies at the Baptist church
on Friday evening at 8 o'clock, sub
ject Matt 20:17.30. All invited.
The city street commissioner should
commence at once and grade up the
(streets along the line of street railway.
Owing to the difference in eleva
tion the electric light will be put on
North Cedar Street at the corner of
tenth avenue.
The Knights of Labor will give a
grand ball at the opera house on the
ISth. Mycr Bios, of Inavale will
furnish the music.
The Ladies Aid Society will give
an ice cream sociable in the Moon
block Friday cveninji May 11: All
arc cordially invited,
$101.00 is the Muouut of tickers
purchased by the business men of
Major Flaisig. lor transportation oyer
the street railway line.
There is not a vacant house in the
citv that wo know of. R?d Cloud i
row;r.r ranidiv. new families are
moving into the city every day.
Mr. Hoyt, sister of Mr.-. Geo.
Lindscy, started for Idaho Thursday
in"- where she. expects t remain. Her
many friends re? ret htrr departure.
Our next fraternal organization will
be the Modem Woodman. This so
ciety has an excellcut record and will
commend itself upon investigation.
Let the board of trade make ar
rair'-rnicnts at once to celebrate the
Fourth of July ou a big scale in this
pity. Riverside Park woxi'd be just
tiie'plHce. Fishing.
lie; aail a
il a central jrood time could be
ha 1 there.
Mis. A.
. A. Welch. o5 K:"isas. is in
the' soliciting ,'-seiiptioK5 to
i .-.; popular work of tire late Hen
P. rley L'oon. It should be in every
h'U5"huuu as a wurk of true merit
and one thai is i-f general hueicst to
the public generally.
Some of our cnterpiisingmen cotild i mint cf money and a tine
(ir.t or luvewae ::i-:;
f., , ..r
MAY H. 1888
Pwight Jones is on the sick list. I
Mrs. D. M. Piatt left Monday for
J. N. Ilickards was inQBloomington
Supt. Calvert, of the B. & M. was
in the city Monday.
O. II. Maryatthas sold his residence
property to Sill & Stowe.
W. B. Thorne and wife, of Bladen,
were in the ity Saturday.
Mrs. Dr. Bon drew the gold watch
at the show Saturday night.
The Tiver is bank full this morning
caused by a heavy freshet west.
A $25,000 post office building for
Red Cloud will make things boom.
County Treasurer McNitt is build
ing an upper story to his residence.
G. W. Lindsey lost a valuable
Knight Templar churm on Saturday.
Gro. B. Gates left this morning
for St. Louis, where he goes ou busi
ness. Extensive arrangements should be
made to celebrate Decoration Day in
this city.
Rev. Geo. Yeiser will preach next
Sunday morning and evening at the
Baptist church.
F. E. Goble was authorized to pui
chase for the use of the city, 2 wheel
scrapers, 2 drat: fcrapers and 1 road
plow at the price of $100.
Webter street from (ith avenue to
2nd avenue should be paved. Stone
suitable for paving could be procured
near the city and The Chief thinks
that it should be doue soon. Wymore
has about fifteen hundred feet pav
cd with stone is said to make a
fin street
Editor Plumb of the Cowles Herald
is daddy of a little girl. Daily Chief.
Hi! hi there! Bro. Hosmer! Phil
opena! It's a boy! It's a boy!
Might know it's a boy a young pro
hibition editor don't forget it. At
present it""5 a little devil, and dos
chore.-: about the establishment.
KePort of school in district 7G. fur
the month ending. May 4th. .No.
enrolled -'.'. Average attendance 12.
Those who arc HO and above in thr-''r
studies are, Alice McCartney. May.
Alice and Winnie Pope, Cora Street.
Charlie SchultK and Lulu Honch'n.
Those who havy not been absent dur
ing tiie month are Cora and Iienry
Street. Leigh and Alice Pope.
The cvmeii i.o--d ne ttef'i"
lijrh:.- m io'.' tn-on tnc corner .r
( und 10th avue. and one at '
corner of Seward and Avimuip B.? on.
nt point on high ground opposite
south Seward nd ii'rjh of f'ivision
street ir. the alley, nun at the onser
oi 2nd and south S-"wnrd street and
om; i the corner or Web-t r and 3rd
street on Webster street st n noirit bt
tween avenue A and Division Street.
Riverside Park, just over the big
U idjre. is the place for sonic entcr
irisisiir man to make u'nty. Let
some of our people lease it and give
us a place to hold picnics, 4th of
July celebrations, &c For a pleas
uie resort it can't be beat and to an
cisiernrVng man t line's money in it.
Excursions! and pleasure parties could
be secured all over the state. Who
will hold of it? '
Red Cloud city built on a hill,
u -Tier works and street e:ns at will,
,.1.-bI U FiKhts ht spark!- at night.
NO 41
The Street Car Track Com plated
to the Depot.
LEf H.srBOlV.
By the time that this Great Even
ing Metropolitan sheet reaches its
numerous readers tonight the street
railroad track will be completed to
the depot and by Saturday will be
ballasted and ready for the cars. This
if an enterprise that TnK Chief feels
proud of as it will be a big thing for
the city. The cars will be shipped
the 12th and will he on the track by
the 20th. then we shall lay off a day
to ride in the new street cars and
glorifying generally.
Perley's Reminiscences .or '-Sixty
years in the National Metropolis," il
lustrating the wit, humor, genius
eccentricities, jealousies, ambitions
and intrigeus of the brilliant states
man, ladies, officers, diplomats, lob
byists and other noted celebrities of
the world that gather at the center of
the nation, describing impressing in
auguration ceremonies, galadajfes
tivities, army reviews, .etc., by Ben.
Perlcy Poore, the Veteran Journalist,
clerk of the senate printing records,
editor of the congressional directory
ami author of various works, in two
volumes, oetavo, about 550 pages
each, picturesquely illustrated. Mrs.
A. A. Welch, of Cedarville, Kansas,
the authorized agent of the firm of
Hubbard Bros., Kansas City, Mo., is
soliciting orders for the work, and wre
recomaicnd ''Perley" as a book of true
merits and one that is of great inter
est to the people generally.
The fire department at its annual
nicetin elected the following officers:
Chief A. S. Maish;
Assistant Chief E. M. Perkins;
Tr.'ausurer And v Warner;
Sec-rotary J. L. Miller;
hose ro;:i.iyv officers.
No I. Forem.Mi Andy Warner;
Firs Assistant J. O. lt;tier;
S.Tosid As; Harry Sowter;
No. 2. F.'.'-imn M. H. Wnrner;
Fir.-r Assistant M. S. Marsh;
Second Assistant. F. J). Hummel!; V. J), rlummoll, John
Tiialii:)n. L. II. Wallace and J. O.
IJoporr of school in district GO, for
t.!n mo"tri Cfrting April 23. Number
if pupils on roll 25. Avenge attend
ance 2!. Names of those who have
not missed ". day durinir the month
viz: Nellie. Thilda and Julia Wai
st ;d. Ciara. Jennie and Chas. Holt,
Bertha Oberg. Thina Johnson. Ada
Filda and Grace Skjelver.
MAItrMrKiNME. ;r
James A. Garfield Post No SO will
hold an open meeting at Masonic hall
Mav 14S nui, for the pvrpn-" making
propari'titiiis for ufaionV) .crvices to
wh'-h ::11 persons inteie.-td pre cor-I'-'Py
Mivited Come ail wIo an
wi'l "L' to aid in making :bc . rvsers
ot tisis dry a success.
D.tedMayS, 1SSS. 1
ilAUKV'K. 7'O.N'D.
Post Commander.
' Lrts of money t' Loan on farms at
I'.. 7. 7i. S. B-'.. 0 pnd 10 prr cent in
;. .." fijv f. 2. . -i. 5. 1), ov 7 years.
for :ng.