The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 13, 1888, Image 1

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The Snoare Deli
ell you
Boots aiul Shoes as Cheap as
House in the country.
stock of other goods such as Furnishing Hoods, Hats, &c. we will give
vou better valiR- :it les price- than ever before. Remember I buy
nli "ood- FOR CASH, PAi NO KENT, and can afford to
Sell vou goods at BOTTOM PRICES.
Please to'ir.vestiirate for your.-elf. look us over and if we can not convince
vou. you will only be out a little time.
C. WIENER, Proprietor.
Jited Cloud and Wymore.
j .
Fine office work a Specialty
Laughing Gas always onliaiid
Will compound your perscriptions and receipts accurately
ana witn
Will show you the finest and latest patterns of "wall paper
and window shades m the
lYillssU on mixed p am ts tinted leads oils brushes etc and
warrant them
as a complete stock of books stationery and fancy goods.
-hi treat all alike and be glad
iThatare in "want of machiner of any kind this spring
invited to call and exanine our goods before buying
"S. '
Brows, Plows, cultivaiors, Planters, and checrows, maxe
good corn
if m,;,nn4- -firsif flnftfl-mnliinft nf anv "kind "will fin"! if t
r .Bm 41i?t o1-rroTkf
- ? . t MW;iX .
lv- ua nra nil nsir nn
r 1UHI gww - ---
Stcotrf to PIr Crawford &
the best $. Man's Suit, in all "sizes
.New goods jast received. ill
Sell You
Tbc best S" Man's Suit in all sizes, ever ofier";
td in this niajkct. "Will sell you
Mens Suits !
For $7.."0 that takes the shine out of every
thing For Style and Quality.
"Will sell j'ou a better suit at $10 than jou can
buy elsewhere at SI 2. Our $12 suits are -claimed
by all that have bought them
to be the best value
has ever been Offered
We are selling
tne purest drugs.
market and guarantee prices
to show you goods at an times
orro s ia11 run no
w. - c
cfnnd Tinnd or MTTipd nvtT trnnAc
-- c-w-o.
Palmer & Fisher
Co,firt door west of Miner Bros warehouse
h ' ":rE,i-!-'lj;'
. &'.
he td hiut Mi$.
. C. nOSXER,
Her Street Railway, Electric Lights
Her "Water Wous and
Enterprises Generally
m Red Cloud, though scarcely over a
dozen years old is one of the bright
and shining lights anions Western
Nebraska cities. Her enterprise is
wonderful. Four years ago there
wa not a foot of sidewalk in the
city, tc-day there are many miles four
3e.:rs ago there was not a sign of a
street lamp in the the city, to-day
she has one of the finest systems of
I electric lights in the west, four years
ago if ynu had said that in the year
-'SS there would be a costly system of
vwatcr works in operation people
would have laughed at you, but to
day the stand pipe, engine house and
four miles of mains arc living wit
noshes of the fact that we have a fine
system, four years a so nothing but
an old wooden bridge spanned the
great Republican river south of tile
city, to-dav one of the fiuest iron
bridges in the west stretches across
its placid waters, a monument to the
enterprise of our city and county.
Four years ago if a person had talked
about Red Cloud having a street rail
way he would certainly have been dub
bed a fit subject for the insane asylum,
yet the track is graced, the iron be
ing laid and the cars en route for the
city, the whole line to be completed
by Maj 1. a first class line in every
particular and a credit to the
growing and enterprising city
of the valley. Of all of the
above enterprises there are none that
the people take more pride in than the
street railway. It shows that foreign
capitalists have their eyes on our grow
ing city and purpose to invest their cap
ital where it will do them the most
good i e in Red Cloud, As to manu
facturing capacity Red Cloud has in
the Republican river, thousands of
horse power easily obtained and as for
location for manufacturing there is
not a city in Nebraska that has better
advantages, and as to inducements,
our people arc always ready to assist
in all that come this way of what so
ever character. The city is located
on the famous B. & M. railway and
in about 90 days more will have the
second line of toad, the Missouri
Pacific, and then wc shall be prepared
to compete with many of the laiger
cities. Other railroads are heading
this way and our people arc willing
to aid them liberally and will give
them money to come. Red Cloud has
only about four thousand inhabitants
yet she has all of the advantages of a
city ten times as large, besides being
located in one of the healthiest por
tions of the west, naturally drained
beautifully situated, taxes compara
tively light, fine streets, substantial
brick storerooms, and a host of other
advantages that tell ef an enterprising
people. The population will be near
ly doubled this year and people who
are desirous of locating in the west
stould come to Bed Cloud as she, is
hound to he the coming city of
Western Nebraska,
If you want to see a foe display of
clothing and furnishing goods step in
to the Golden Eagle you will find the
largest stock in Southern Nebraska.
The goods being bought for cash C.
.Wiener is able to sell at bottom prices
Seed corn and potatoes at the citj
feed store opositc P. O. 36 w-tf
On Monday, at about foui o'clock
Contractor Bailey, in tho presence of
President Flaisig&n& Secretary Ben
son,' and a larnuiabfer- of our citi
zens, laid the first rail and 'drove the
first spike on our street railway amid
much enthusiasm. This street' rail
way when completed, which will be
in about 30 days, will bs one of the
greatest booms ever given to this city.
The material is all first-class, fine oak
ties, steel rails, fine teams, and ele
gant cars, together with a solid road
bed will make the franchise a valu
able one to the stockholders and a
suurce of great pride to our people.
The projectors deserve great credit
for tlii- valuable addition to the num
erous enterprises of Red Cloud,
The first rails were laid in front of
the Holland House. Let the city
W. G. Smith is in the city.
Peter McNitt has moved on to the
A brother of Joseph Graves' is in
the city.
A street peddler entertained our
people Saturday.
A. T. Ornisbj, of Denver is in tbc
city on business.
Children's uit from OOcts and up
wards at the Golden Eagle.
For the mother's friend, boy's shirt
waists go to the Golden Eagle.
Thiccmore electric lights will be
put up in the street this spring.
A fine line of men's and youths suits
at astonishing low prices at the Golden
A. J. Welch the handsome B. &M.
agent in this city was in Superior the
other day. .
Boots and Shoes were never sold at
such remarkable low prices as at pres
ent at the Golden Eagle.
Mr. Steam of Hastings is in the
city. He will probablyj petition the
council for saloon license.
The Golden Eagle carries more hats
fhau several other stores combined at
prices that will gladcn your heart.
Mr. Leo Morris of Chicago has
taken a position with C. Wiener as
A lady's equestrienne club has been
organized in this city. A number of
our prominent ladies have joined the
L. M. Gates district grand com
mander of the Legion of Honor for
Iowa, an old friend of our fellow towns
man. Mr. Titus was in the city this
week with a view of lcoating here.
Our new city dads including the
mayor, will assumed charge of the
city on last Saturday evening. The
present year will be a thrifty one and
we have a good council to help us out
The city marshal and a crew of men
lariated the stand pipe Mnoday with
the new cables. Now let the winds
blow and the rains descend, it will
not hurt or move it from its solid
foundation. Tea, verily.
Geo. Lindsey Jr., of Bed Cloud,
Nebraska, surprised our citizens by
dropping in on them last Saturday
evening. This is the first time he
has visited Paw Paw since his depar
ture three years ago. He is the same
old time Geerge and told many very
interesting stories of the west to the
interest of our people. He is doing a
lucrative business at Red Cloud aad
thinks there is no place on earth like
that section of country. His wife
came with him as far as Sterling to
vist the home of her childhood. Paw
Paw, (HL)TiiHes.
" -
APRIL 43- 1888-
Kenyon Skeen is in Hastings.
D. C. Myers i owner of a very fine
colt. .
B. F. Boyuton, of Illinois is in the
city. ft
L. P. Albright and wife were in
Hastings Sunday.
Miss Hettie Skeen has returned to
Crete to resume her musical studies.
The city iij,'just alive with people
now and strangers are con-tantly
coming here for the purpose of
The streetcars which are to run on
our strcefrawway have been named
respectively! "George Holland"' a:;d
L. P. Albnjht."
It is rumored in Superior that the
Northwestern will have control of the
new railroad to be built from Superior
to this city. That will suit us.
It is rumored that the Nebraska
.Southern inlands to commence work
soon on thIr-Iinc to Red Cloud as all
the precincts have voted bonds.
Superior Journal.
The assessor noeth tin round-',
among the people of out town, l"t
how wonderful 'tis said of tin pco K
who aie sifiaid. nf this a-M - staid,
in the city aforesiid.
Ri'd Cloud had only nine votes
against high licence in the u lyorally
contest, and will have s-ilooiis tliis
vai. One ve-ir uitliut !:" fur"''
Red Cloud completely of l'.na!ic:m.
Orleans Pros.
Our friend, Wm. Irons, of Inavale.
recently purchased of Sigmaster &
Sons of Kcota. Iowa, a very fine
thoroughbred Norman horse, that bus
a pedigree as long as the moral law. It
is a fine speciman of horse flesh
Hugh Reed, Fred Reed's little boy,
while playing with matches the other
day, set fire to tho rick of hay and
burned a hundred dollars worth that
Fred had just purchased. The little
fellow said the match got so hot he
could'ut hold it and had to let it drop.
Report of school in district 66 for
the month begining March 5 and end
March 30 No. of pupils on roll 24.
Average attendence 19 No. of days
taught 18. names of those that have
not missed a day. Ada Skjelver.
Grace Skjelver. Tilda Skjelver.
Mary McKinnie, Teacher.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M.
E. church have elected the following
officers for the ensuing year:
President Mrs, A. II. Brown:
First Vice-Pres. Mrs. D. B. Span
ogle; 2d Vice-Pres. 3Irs. A. 0. Berg;
3rd ! Mrs. Wm. Parkes;
Secretary Mrs. G. W. Dow;
Treasurer Mrs. A. M. Wallace;
The bonds of Victor precinct in fa
vor of the Missouri Pacific andrecently
issued by the county commissioners
ot Nuckolls county have been attached
by garnisheenient in favor of F. P.
Bonnell to recover his interest in the
same. The case is docketed for the
next term of the District Court, and
promises to be an interesting one in
case it is allowed to come to trial.
Lawrence Locomotive.
The Webster County Teacher's, As
aviation will meet at Red Cloud,
Saturday, April 14th.
The program is as follows:
How to Teach Geography in un
graded schools,-Mis3 Genie MoMillen.
Teachers. MnTrenmor Cone.
Some of the Essentials of an Educa.
tion. Miss Carrie Brakefield.
School Goverment Prof. W. C.
Picking and Mr. L. C. Bennett
Essay by Miss Gertrude Sherer.
I), M. Htnter, See.
w I
NO 37
Mr. C. F. Cathcr i in Omaha ..
The express company have a new
A. J. Means v.i- - Hasting to-
Beulah Stmiim v-nt t Pennsyl
vania this wei-k.
The new pittcitit in wal! paper are
finer than ever before at Cuttings.
Will yuu paint. Cutting can supply
ynu with any kind you want and of
the hcM. 2W-W
'CJie Y. M. C. A. is flourishing fine
ly ami is a source of much good in
this community.
The republican central committee
met Monday and called Tthe county
convention, for May 3.
James Emigh has moved his
meat market to the old stand two door
north of his pte.-ent location.
High Bedient started for Orleans
Mondav afternoon ith the Gardner
1)U. a buggy and throe horse.
The Uariie's Lumber Co.. of Little
Roc":. Aik .received judgment against
cite Nebraska Lumber Co.. formerly
of this city, for li7" on Monday.
ThoG. A. II. b. s held a public
meet ii. ; Monday t wh -h time and
p'ace several of our prominent citizens
made speeches it was' a crv pleasent
' v ha- ii gJ' niil eagerly
v- 't- to ' vi..isk. rout hern
in i i- -ti i re.nh n :ii!" to give more
o ! r i 'road tii -wn.M to come here
and don't you forurt it. She has plen
ty to u'veantl wri give 5i-
Thc excitement about coal near
Orleans continues. Mr. Louis Cramer
is working hard to get the vein open
ed on his place and the newcompay
ju-t organized is making arrange
ments to push work on the several
places leased by it. Let the good
work go on and let us have coal and
plenty of it at a living price. Orleans
Where Tascott is Hiding.
Detective Eureka! I've struck it
at last.
Wife Stuck what?
"The reason Tascott has so com
pletely disappeared for public view.
I know where to search for him now.
I'll find him."
"Mercy me! Are you going to the
north pole."'
"No indeed. I think he must have
get a job as clerk in some store that
don't advertise.''
Seed wheat,
Seed oats, '
Seed flax,
German millet, w tf
For sale at the Grain Elevator
The old reliable Smith Bros., Loan and
Trust Co., are making farm loans at the
lowest attainable rates. We require no
appraisers on our applications. Loans
completed quietly and quickly. Call on
heir agent O. W. Barker
Several Span of young work mules
for sale also some seed corn warrant
ed to grow by J. D. Post.
w-tf Cowles, Neb.
If yon wish to buy or sell property
call on ms.
Gump & Warner,
Opera house block;.
j -
BrsflMkln1.' '
. .. .
By Mrs. 31. L. Beadle, ( up stain,
Mpon block . Cutting and and fitting
of ladies aad children's gaments,
specialty. Ladies desiring switches ,
woven on short nt.tice will please
call d-2tw-tf ((
, " ,,