The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 06, 1888, Image 3

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The Court tire or the Third vnnt...
.... " T- mP,eo,
ruillUl It til.
Tun life of tlie Empress soon ljccnmc
utterly monotonous ami wearisome.
She rose at about half-pan nine, aud
took the late breakfast replacing lunch
in France, with the Emperor alone, at
half-past eleven. At two her ladies
came. In Paris they slept at their own
homes, but in the country residences
they had their stated turns "of waiting,
and during that time lived at tho pal
aces. Amongst her ladies, of course
:ome were more agreeable to her than
others; but she must accept the inex
orable turn of precedence, and could
not choose her companions. Day after
day she drove out with the ladv'whose
privilege entitled her to a seat in the
imperial carriage; day after dav she
went to the Bois de Boulogne' and
bowed incessantly to the crowd; dav
after dr.y she returned just in time to
dress dinner: and then came tho
weary ewning, where nobody had any
thing to say. or, if they had. dared to
say it. No one could sit down till she
gave the gracious permission: but this
she ilid invari ably in the case of ladies.
Her ready good-nature would have will
.. ciiciiiu-ii me pnrucgetoiiie ircn-
tlemen in waiting, but this was con
trary to rule, and must not be. So the
ladies sat in a circle and the srentleniuii
stood at" tired out before the j
dose of the evening, heu her Majesty
retired, scarcely had tiie last fold of
ner Kin. passed tuc door before all tho
weary attendants threw themselves on
the sofas. The presence of Majesty
necessarily prevented all animated con
versation; every one awaited the ideas- I
lire of the sovereigns. Ihe Emperor
wTtikl-A skv l!ttl.. .....1 . A ,-r. i........:.i i
.-j,., ... .... .w... 1U s,u laugum peaceful settlement. Neither might,
voice; the tmpress feeling that the in:ljor;t;es nor numbers can change an
general dull would be unbearable if , ctllie:ll principle, nor transfer an in
she did not uike the lead, chatted Hires- ,ierent jnoRll w into the domain of
.-antly with a sort of feverish vivacity. I ,.:i. ir .., ..7,...i ...,
Her voice did no
eeni l JL-loni? to
that sweet face: it was the Snauish
voice, guttural and harsh. She spoke
French with perfect fluency, but with a
decided foreign accent.
Tno weariness of those evenings be- i
came so unendurable that all kinds of
experiments were tried to vary their
monotony. One night the Empress '
suddenly took a fancy to make artificial
flowers, and a chamberlain was imme
diately despatched, at nine o clock in
the evening, to procure the necessary
materials. Another time she, who pos
sessed the mot beautiful specimens of
ceramic art that France could afford,
was seized with a violent desire for
potichomanie." and this again must
le satisfied immediately. Reading
aloud was proposed. But what book
could be chosen for such an assembly?
Some one proposed Jane Eyre, the well
known novel; the Empress was amused.
but the Emperor utterly wearied.
Then they tried Joscphus and the Wars
of the Jews. Here tiie Emperor wa in
tensely interested, but the Empress
yawned, and the attempt was given up.
The Emperor was in general more '
p4pular in tiie imperial household than ,
-ttie Empress; his languid gentleness J
was in nobody's way, but the Empress '
was often irritable and capricious. She
was certainly intelligent, but her edu
cation hail been neglected, and she
cared for no intellectual employment
or artistic occupation. She hated mu
sic; she had no taste for the fine arts;
even a well-written play at the Theater
Francais did not amuse her. She would
have liked the small theaters any
thing, in short, that could make her
laugh; but this undignified kind of
pleasure could not often be enjoyed,
llcr life had been one of constant
amusement, the empty existence of
Avatering-places, and now she was in
fact a prisoner. She gave state balls,
but they were filled with such a motley
crowd that she could only dance the
opening quadrille and walk through the
rooms. Then she gave select private
balls, but the absence of the French
aristocracy obliged her to invite a large
proportion of wealthy foreigners Rus
sians. Wallachian?. and also Ameri
cans. These were unknown in French
society, and splendor of dress seemed
the only means of being remarked. To
attain this end no extravagance seemed
too excessive, and the Empress was
blamed as having originated the love
of dress, which spread in all classes
aud bectme a complete mania.
So far as she herself was concerned,
the accusation has been greatlv cxag
gerated. She certainly liked dress,
and preferred fragile clouds of tulle
and irauze to tiie heavy but durable
magnificence of valuable laic and bro
caded stuffs worn by the Bourbon 1'rin
ccssps. But the light clouds in whieh
the l.tit Empress appeared like an Un
dine or sylph were very expensive, and
could only be worn once. Every one
w-hed to Iw like lhe Empress, and at
every ball fiinn' dresSLS co-tin fabulous ,
prices were torn to pieces, and had to be
r.'piaced. Husbands grumbled, and the
Empress was accused of ruininjr fami
lies by setting the example of xtraw.
gariee. Anna L. Jiickncll, in liarjxr's
Magazine. '
Five veers ago the increase of
wolves in France had become so serious
Chat the Government found it necessary
to raise the awards for killing them.
In 1SS2 $2:5 wolves were killeiCin 1SC3
l.SIC. in 18S4 1.0:3. in ISSoDOO. and in
1S.3 7G0. The awards are now 200
francs for the killing of a wolf which
lias attacked human h-ings, 150 francs
for one in young, 100 francs for a male
wolf, and 40 francs for a cub.
A jrenoroii concession: Lynching
prirv (aiwl-'etic.!y) "We've come
to tell yer. ma'am, that we lyncbeu
t-r husband. We admit we ot the
wronjr ma::, but year got the kiuL on
us this ihini.".fttdgc
' CaB Nnt " Controlled by Laws, Xor
. Suppressed by UespotUm.
Suppressed by Despot!
No man borrows unless he thinks it
to his advantage so to do. He realizes
that the use of capital makes an in
trinsic product, as truly as does labor,
whether manual or mental, aud he
borrows and pays interest in order that,
through the use of capital not his own,
he may make a greater gain than other
wise would be possible. If he borrows
at live or six per cent, interest, he ex
pects to make ten or liftecn by the
judicious use of the extra capital in the
enlargement of his business, which, in
the absence of such enhancement of
his "stock in trade," he would be un
able to do. On the part of the possi
ble lender, if he is debarred by arlfi
trary power from selling the use of his
capital at such price as willing bor
rowers arc anxious to pay (for their
own advantage) in a free and un
trammeled market, it is certain that he
would not voluntarily lend it at all.
Business aud modern civilization un
der such a regime would come to au
end, aud the whole population would
be forced to resort to agriculture, and
to return to primitive conditions. As
v-ell try to regulate the height of the
.1.1. 1 .....- 1 ... !.. . 1
uues iiy siaiuic taw as 10 uusiruut uy
artificial force transactions inherently
right and voluntarily entered into bj
free choice on both sides. The so-
called tyranny of Russia would be mild
j:irctl with that of a Goverumeut
Lvhich shouM throttle all frce aml
voluntary contracts and inalienable
rights. The principles of right and
wrong are immutable, and the Govern
ment has no more moral right to con
fiscate private property than has an
i ,,, ,,nn(-rif , dosnoll
i ai- ist. ai ji,iwiii3 suiuiuuuua . tioauuiu
j lhe dcfense o Sllch fundamental and
almost axiomatic principles as these,
and it is only excusable because of the
fact that a multitude of pseudo-political
economists have risen up recently,
who insist that the world shall be re
created, in order to give their pet
theories a fair chance to operate.
Hairy Wood, in Boston Ilcrald.
kittle Children Rented Out to Attract
Ceylon Lazy Crocodile.
"Babies wanted for crocodile bait
Will be returned alive."
If newspapers abounded in Ceylon
as much as crocodiles do, advertise
ments woided like the foregoing would
be common in their want columns. As
it is, the English crocodile hunter has
to secure his baby by personal solicita
tion. He is often successful, for Cey
lon parents, as a rule, have unbounded
confidence in the hunters, and will
rent their babies our. to be used as
crocodile bait for a small considera
tion. Ceylon crocodiles suffer greatly from
ennui. They prefer to lie quite still,
soothed by the sun's glittering rays,
and wile away their lazy lives in medi
tation. But when a dark-brown infant
with curling toes sits on a batik and
blinks its eyes at them, they throw off
their cloak of laziness and make their
preparations for a delicate morsel of
Ceyloncsc baby humanity. When the
crocodile gets about half way up the
bank the hunter, concealed behind
some reeds, opens up fire, and the
hungry crocodile has his appetite and
life taken away at the same time. The
sportsman secures the skiu and head
of the crocodile and the rest of the
carcass the natives make use of.
This way of securing crocodiles
might be objected to by American
mothers. Tho American infant imagi
nation might be shattered by the de
vouring gaze of a healthy saurian who
hasn't had his dinner, but we are
creditably informed by certain English
crocodile hunters that the average
Ceylon infant displays a passive indif
ference to his advances, and that the
only thing which frightens him is the
report of the" gun. I'all Mall Gazelle.
Whtoi the averafro rffice goes out to seek
the man it never needs to carry a lantern.
Kentucky State Journal.
a e m -
A WOMAN'S admiration of a sealskin cloak
can be said to be f ur-t:ve only when tho
cloak is worn by another woman. Sew
Haiti Sews.
A last resort the shoemaker's shop.
Kidicule is no argument, but it tjenerally
wins the debate.
It matters not how worthless the book.
It U " bound' to be read. liuighamlon J!c
A satpx: room is not a place where they
give away amp:o copies lroc of charge.
icchani 7 rattler.
" With all his faults I love him still."
ejaculated a j-onnjrfatii.r as hehimledover
his heir to the nurse Critic
One of the saddest iliinrs in life is to see
a pretty iri wuh a new-focn 1 modi tryiuj;
to make a pair of eycfjlaes ps sit astride a
robypoly snali nose w-tu no backbone m it.
S m Krauchco A'ta.
Genxkiii business carrying a sword.
Motto for sn Arab
Beuouin. " Til-li, u.
tribe "Up and
"Witx the coming man use both arms?"
asks a scient'st. lie will if he carves a
boarding-house duck. DzmtrXU JJreezu ,,
Xnwi.T-MAnr.iED couples should be care
ful no: to extract so much -sweetness from
the l.oueyinoon as lo leave onlv the
whacks. Etnton. Trante'ripL i
- 1
Titeiu; sre foaie fond, foolish, trusting
men who will lead over a recipe for niiuce
pie and then think thev reabv know what
. j j i-
j it is made or. Merc. Sni'i t Irani er.
A still hunt A .-carch for moonshiners.
This is the season when a man who wenw
o remember the poor can sit down and
th.nk of himself all titty Itsns.S'io: awl
LctilKtr Ileporitr.
Voices, Catarrh and False
A prominent English woman says the
American women all have high, shrill, nasal
voices and false teeth.
Americans don't like the constant twit
ting they get about this nasal twang, and
yet it is a fact caused by our dry stimulat
ing atmosphere, and tho universal presence
of catarrhal difficulties.
But why should so many of our women
have false teeth J
That is more of a poser to the English. It
is quite impossible to account for it except
on tho theory of deranged stomach action
caused by imprudence in eating and by
want of regular exercise.
Both conditions are unnatural.
Catarrhal troubles everywhere prevail
and end in cough and consumption, which
are promoted by mal-nutritioa induced by
deranged Btomach action. Tho condition is
a modern one, one unknown to our ancestors
who prevented the catarrh, cold, cough and
consumption by abundant and regular use
of what is now known as Warner's Log
Cabin Cough and Consumption Remedy and
Log Cabin Sarsaparilla, two old fashioned
standard remedies handed down from our
ancestors, and now exclusively put forth
under the strongest guarantees of purity
and efficacy by the world-famed makers of
Warner's safa cure. These two remedies
plentifully used as the spring and summer
seasons advance givo a positive assurance
of freedom, both from catarrh and those
dreadful and, if neglected, inevitable conse
quences, pneumonia, lung troubles and con
sumption, which so generally and fatally
prevail among our jicoplo.
CoamidoEii Fisher, of Salem, Henry 'Co.,
Iowa, served four years in tho late war and
contracted a diaeaso called consumption by
the doctors. He had frequent hemorrhages.
After using Warner's Log Cabin Cough and
Consumption remedy, he says, under date
of Jan. 19th, 1SSS: "I do not bleed at the
lungs any more, my cough docs not bother
me, aad 1 do not havo any more smothering
spells.' Warner's Log Cabin Rose Cream
cured his wife of catarrh and she is " sound
and welL"
Of courso wo do not like to have our
women called noso talkers and falso teeth
owners, but these conditions can bo readily
overcome in tho manner indicated.
Qaer Employment of s Generous Num
ber of New York Women.
The very latest occupation for 3'oung
women who have been delicately
reared, but who are compelled by
changes in the mill-wheel of life to
earn a livelihood, is to clean bric-a-brac
in the mansions of New York.
They have brushes made expressly for
their duties. Not every young woman
can become expert at the business. It
requires a delicate touch, the greatest
care in handling the treasures, and the
knowledge how tastefully to arrange
the dainty ornaments iu a way that is
most pleasing to the owners. The
work is refined, and just such as a re
fined young woman would like. There
is now a generous contingent of young
women employed in New York as
"gray-hair pullers." What the red
flannel garment is to the round-eyed,
shorthorned bull, the first indications
of silvery hair are to some of the
fashionable women of New York. It
is then that the "gray-hair puller" is
scut for. and from that time until
society is called upon to notice, for a
moment the death of the fashionable
one, the "gray-hair puller" is with
her at certain intervals. X. Y. Letter
Tour Friend Committed Suicide.
You never suspected it, none of his friends
dreamed of it, he did not know it himself,
but it is exactly what he did. nevertheless.
Do you remember his sallow complexion?
Do you recollect how he used to complain of
headache and constipation! "I'm getting
nuito bilious," he said to you one day, 4but
I guc3 it'll pass off. I haven't done any
thing for it, because I don't believe in 'dos
ing. " Soon after that you heard of his
death. It was very sudden, and every one
was greatly surprised. If he had taken Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets he would
bo alive aad well to-dav. Don't follow his
example. Tho "Pellets"' aro easy to take,
mild in their action, and always sure.
It is no wonder that some people are
talkative. Five gases enter into a man's
composition. Pittiburgh C'hrvnk'x.
SieTes That Filter the Blood.
This rough simile describes the kidneys
pretty accurately, or rather indicates their
function, which is to separate from the vital
fluid, which passes through them, hurtful
impurities. If their activity ceases, they
are liable to diseases which prove fatal.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters gives their ac
tion the requisite impulse without irritating
them. They also benefit by its invigorating
effects upon the system at large. Malarial
and nervous complaints, rheumatism and
biliousness are subjugated by the Bitters.
Ton often hear a woman say: "There's no
csc talking," but she doesn't think eo just
.Wu accidentally overheard the following
dialogue on tha street yesterday.
Joit. Smith, why don't you stop that dis
gusting hawking and spitting?
Smith. How caa I? You know I am r
martyr to catarrh.
J. Do a? I did. I had the disease in its
worst form but I am well now.
'. What did you do for it?
. I used Dr. 'Sage's Catarrh Remedy. It
cured ma and it will cure you.
. I've heard of it, and by Jove I'll try it.
J. lso. Ybu'il find it at all tho drur
stores in town.
A rrofiurssivE dinner party the tramp.
Uurluiyloii J-':ec 1'rtss.
Fakmeks and others who have a little leis
ure time for the next fow mouths will liud
it to their interest to write to 15. t Johnson
& Co., of Richmond. Va.. whoe advertise
ment appears in another coiumn. They
offer groat inducements to persons to work
for them all or part of their time.
Love requires a hand-to-hand action to
Win. -
CoxsUMirio-rmay bo avoided bv the timety
use of Hale's Honey of Horehou'nd andTar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure iu one minute.
The first of the family " circle "the wed
ing ring.
Time, Pain, Trouble
and will CUKE ""
by usixa
Ely's Crtam Balm.
Apply Balci iato each nostril.
ELYEr.OS.JC- Grecswie&EO'-X
,J'r,'rI "rcirneror :lio ISr3 editien cX fTIKJC'S
:u..r. A Z.. Jui Nyacl st;t. tlil. nn.I thd con
tent cfxlie work meet thj rant of all cl.ies.
itsf.ilei-.aiain.'. Anyone cans-ell it. Ueauttfnl
pr,jI-,UH;,ini2!loii:. C'rrniii-sfroe. AiMr:u
once l.r terms, NTA"!.! l"CJ BOOK
CO.. Hi:: Nt.jie (rcrt. Cl.lcieo, 111.
ir AXE IJU3 TiTtP. rr t-a jr. nu.
Edtvla Forrest's Secret
Tho great tragedian. Forrest, had a secret
which everybody ought to learn and profit
bv. Said he, " I owe all my success to the
fact that every thing I have undertaken I
have done thoroughly. I never neglect
trifles." That's the point don't neglect
trill3s. Don't neglect that hacking cough,
thosa night-sweats, that feeble and capri
cious appetite, and the other symptoms,
trifling in themselves, but awful in their
significance. They herald the approach of
consumption. You are m danser, but you
can bo saved. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery will restore you to health and
vizor, as it has thousands of others. For
all scrofulous diseases, and consumption is
onoof them, itii a sovereign remedy.
The man who married his Ideal for his
first wife is looking about for a woman lex
his second. Hoiton Ccmmonuxalth.
We would be pleased to know of a man or
woman who has never had headache or been
subject to constipation. As these seem to
be universal troubles a little advice may be
in order. Why should persons cram their
stomachs with nauseating purgative pills,
etc,, which sicken and debilitate when such
a pleasant and sterling remedy as Prickly
Ash Bitters will act mildly and effectively
on the liver, kidney, stomach and bowels,
and at the same time tone up and strength
en the wholo system, causing headache,
constipation and 'all such distressing evils
to quickly disappear.
The locomotive engineer dreads a mis"!
placed switch; children don't.
"Brown's Broxchul Troches" are wide
ly known as an admirable rcmedv for Bron
chitis, Hoarseness, Coughs and Throat trou
bles. Hy.d o ily in Loxa.
Tax tea-kettle is said to be the only
singer that never gets a cold.
Is prepare)" eolely far the
enre or complaints watch
afflict all womankind. It
rives tune and trength to
tint nterlna orzmna. and
corrects daorerons displacement and Irregulari
ties. ltUofrreatvaltielnchsniteorilfe. Tneuseol
nancy sreatly relieves tbepsinsormothernooaanu
promotes speedy recovery. It aslsts nature to
iafely tnafee the critical chance fromrnrlnoodto
vomanhood. Itlsptrasanttothetaiteamlinay he
taken at all times with perfect ssfet y. Price, 91.
The best and surest Bemedy for Cure f
aTI diseases caused by any derangement of
the Liver, Kidneys, Stomach sad Bowels.
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Cosstipatioa,
Bilious Complaints and Hslariaof all kinds
yield readily to the beneficent fnflaeaco of
1 ltd preasact to the taste, tones ap tie
systeia, restores and preserves health.
' It Is purely Vegetable, and csaaot fall to
prove beneficial, both to old and young.
An a Blood Purifier It Is superior to all
others. Sold everywhere at $1.00 a bottle.
Stomach, Liver
W and Bowels
Pilj. Sick HBADACHB.HV1R Complaints. Loss
or Aprrrrrs. Biuucs-iiss. NiRrocsNWS. Jal-x-Dicx.
Etc. PKICEt as cento.
"Bt-o--i- THE
L'Art De La Modo.
WOrder It of urXw.w!oal-
er or tend OS centa lor latest
number to
V. J. SintK. PotilLhrr.
.. CEart ltl.8L,3ewlrk.
W5AXX THIS fAFlXmij us.,m ru
ForLlerr. Hilr. Imliption. etc. !' from Jfrrcnrr;
contain onlv 1'urtr VeselaMe InjrrrUIentii. Agent
affw aATb TOU
(Ire pro nipt aad poaltlrereltariaeacryeaM
.andCUKKSsllCCBABLKCaaea. rieaaaet
andaxraaaMaUBM. CtasUaoad T WJSTY
T BAIIS. and IJ by alUDratjUt.. TRISX
PACKAGE and F.rachlet FBEE by
ijallU. UendforFre racAaftaadTBVlf.
t. ruraaa to..
To ITouiekcrpfTSmiil
1'armnr.n. It s impor
tant that the Soda you
nj shouMbeAThilc and
Pure ame ax all sisilir
a-auatincra UHod for
food. To insure ob
tainitiBcnlrthe,,Arm it
llamuii. r' brand toda,
t.:y it in "pound or
haf posnd" rartcona.
vbii bear cur lama
tai traJcriniri-, .as in
ferior gooili ara pome-tlmcssul-stifatedfortho
"Ann Jtltaiutner ' bend
when Lo&shi in bulk.
Parti.v ,uiiii, Baiins
ri"w;r li9uJd rcarm
bcr fh&it- foTtf nsis
prcprl? ccDsiEts cf M-
1L rTbHio
nviPM ft
" crnEs
Cats, Swellings, liruises. Sprains, Galls.
Strain. Lameness, StifTneM, Cracked
IleeU, Scratches, Contract ions,FIet
tVonads, Strinshalt. Sore Throat,
Distemper. Colic, Whitlow. Poll
Evil, Fistula, Tumors, Splints, Ring
bones and Sparta In Its early stages.
Apply St. Jacobs Oil in accordance
with the directions rrlth each bottle.
lnvslRabte for the Use ef Hortene,
Cattlemen, Stablemen, Turfmen,
Uanchuiea, Stockmen, Dro
vers, Farmers.
Common Herds.
Sold by Druggut and Dtalen Everyichere.
TO .plrodxl, (olid p:d, huotiog4M wstch. ! Bow toM for
SSS: St that pnra it to thtbnt busamiaASMTV:sBtUUttIy
It cwiid not h purclwMii for 1 ttaaa Situ. W h both bv
tin'' ata with woriu aad car, of equal ralna.
OSE FEKStO'tf la .! locality caa annraaBaaf thrM
aktant watcati abaolauiy PJKKE. Tbna watch may ta
6piradadon,BotaIjraadlidgvIl.tataa Handing ataonartka
oat ptrfert. comet and nliabl tua.kats in tht world. Too
ak bow i tai waadnfal affrr poawbl.? waantwtr w want
aar panoB la rack locality to knp la Uwh kanaa. and toow to
Uoa. waa call, a roarJata Una of oar ralaabl. aad my lawful
Uoi-stBOLOSaMIUS; tacaa aaaaiiln. aa writ aa th. watch.
n araa absolbki.t rucsaaaiuryoaaar ktpttBam la
your bom for nwataa, aad ah own tbrat to taoaa who may
aaTcalld.thTy bacaiaa aatiraly yenrowa proptrty: ltlapoa
ibl. to leak. Otis prat offer, aandtaf th. Hoiial Gold
Watch aad Ian Ha af ralaabla aamplta Fkke. fortha
rauoa thai tha ahowinf ef th aamplr la aay locality, always
faults ia slarg trad far aa;aitrroaraunplthaa Vera ins
locality for a aronta or two. w nasally grt from fifX) la
(JJUDUIa trada from tha aarroaadlar cooatry. Taoaa who writ
ts aa at ooc arlll rartiraa frtat for aramly any work
aad tronbl. Tai, tha tanatmnarkaMaaad liberal offer rr
kaowa. la mad ia order that oar valuable Hooaehok! Samples
BiaybpIacdtoncwhritayraB baarra, all or Ameri
ca; will ba hardly aay troabU for you to .how them to
thost who may call at your bonw. and yourrewaol will ba moat
aatisuctnry. A poMal card, on which to write . cuata Lot 1
cent, and if. after yon know ail. yoa do aot care to go funber.
why ao harm ia done. But If von do end roar aJ.!te, at
once. you caa arrnre. rt. AS KtSOAJtr SftS, MUO Uold,
L'3iTta.CAsWaTcri and oarlaraa, complete valu
abt Houiholo Stunt. m pay all espma &ciC2,cu.
aVil Iran, arunos SCO, Cos iu l'orilanil.Viina.
r-.XAMI TDM t IPCr. ner? Qm;n mta
Neuralgia, Headache. Sere Threat, Sprains,
Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Lame Back,
And Ail Pains 01 An Inflammatory Nature.
Sold by JDrassUts. SOe. aad Cl.OO.
mosa book utajlto free.
Almost asPalatableas Milk.
The only preparation of COD MTES Oil that
ran be taken readily and tolerated for a lung Usw
br delkate stosiarlrs.
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A'rescribed and endorsed by tbo best K n"f siclaas
la the countries of tho world.
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on receipt ot $Z3B. C. H. FAKGO AV CO, CUcsato.
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Any book learned lo one readlnff.
Cliws of 1037 at Baltimore. jfJQ5 at Detroit.
1500 at Philadelphia. Icrce clae of ColamMa
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ty of Penn.. Michigan rnlvrlty. Chautannm.ia.
4c EtidorM! by MARK T'.VAIX. KlCUAlut 1'UOO
TOR. the Sc!eti Hon. XV. V. ASTOi:. Jri).n P.
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Matw Normal College. Dr. KRowx, ic. rrosiiectus
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WELLS, &c. for our cataU'tue. Ac m "Well Bor g
and Coal Prospectlns Mnchliiea, c.
LOOMIS & NYMAN, tiffi.v, ouio.
s:rA'ia T315 rArX&.rrty to. a .
carbonate of s oU. One
tea.poon fn!of the "Ann
At Hammer" brand of
Sod .siiied with soar
mill eqnaU .four tea
cpoonfnls of tho Tist
Baking I'owder. Krting
twoaty times its coat;
besides being much
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ln Powders zr6 made.
Iuirymn' ami Tanners ,
,i Jlctoratr; brand for
cleaning and leaping
"init'las- Sweet and
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And Hypophospmtes of lime & Swa
sHOE.,ggJy Jl
wets PILLS.
BelBsr entirely- vegetable, they op
erate without dirturbance to the s)stt-iu, diet,
or occupation. Put up in Blase i ia!?. iirrmeli
cally fcaled. Always fresh and reliable. A3
a laxative, alterative, or purjatiTP
these little Pellets give the most pcrfeeC
Bllloas) Boadacke,
Dlzxluesa, Constipa
tion, Inclliceatlou,
nillons Attack, and all
deranpcmenU of the stom
ach and bowels, are prompt
ly relieved and trn:anently
curea dt ine ruu ut ir.
Pierce Pleasant Parf atlvc Pellets.
In explanation of the remedial power or thej
Pellets over so great a variety of diseases, ic
may truthfully be said that their notion upon
the system is universal, uot a eland or tisuo
escaping their sanativo influence. Sold by
druggists,25 cents a vial. Manufacture at tho
Chemical Laboratory of Wokld's Disi-cnsahy"
Meuical Association, Buffalo, N. V.
is offered by the manufactur
ers of Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remetfr, for a case of
Chronic Nasal Catarrh wtUcla
they cannot cure.
heavy headache, obstruction of the nasal
passages, discbarges falling from the bead
into the throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
and acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucous,
purulent, bloody and putrid: the eyes aro
weak, watery, 'and inflamed; tbcro is rinKinfc
in the ears, deafness, backing or couhm to
clear the throat, expectoration of ouVnsive
matter, together with scabs from ulcers: th
voice is changed and has a nasal twang: the
breath is offensive: smell and are im
paired; there is a sensation of dizziness, witla
mental depression, a backing cough and gen
eral debility. Only a few of tho above-named
symptoms are likely to be present in any ono
case. Thousands of cases annually, without
manifesting half of the above symptom?, re
sult in consumption, and end in the grave.
No disease is so common, more deceptive and
dangerous, or less understood by physicians.
By its mild, soothing, and hcabnsr properties.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Kemedy cures the wornc
easesof Catarrb, "cold in tho lieai.,'
Coryza, and Catarrhal Headache.
Sold by druggists everywhere; CO cents.
Tiitoltl Agony from Catarrh."7
Prof. W. Hausner, the famous mesmerfrt,
of Ithaca, y. 1 writes: "Some ten years ago
I suffered untold agony from chronic nasal
catarrh. -My family physician gave me up as
incurable, and said 1 must die. My case was
eucn n bad one, that every day, towards sun
set, my voico would becouio so hoarse I could
barely peai above a whisper. In themorning
my coughing and clearing of my throat would
almost strangle mo. By the us .. of Ur. Sage's
Catarrh Itemedy, in three months, 1 was a well
man, and the cure has been permanent."
"Constantly XIawklus; and Spitting-.'"
Thomas J. ItcsniNO, Esq.. 0? Pine Street,
St. Louis, Mo., writes : " I was a great sisnerer
from catarrh for three years. At times 1 could
hardly breathe, and was constantly hawlng
and spitting, and for the last cict monu.4
could not breathe through the nostrils. 1
thought nothing could be done forme. Luck
ily, 1 was advised to try Dr. Safe's Catarrh
Itemedy. and 1 am now a well man. I belicvo
it to be the only suro remedy for catarrh now
manufactured, and one bos only to give it a
fair trial to experience astounding results and.
a permanent cure."
Three Bottles Care Catarrh.
Eli RoDniKS. Itunuan P. O- Cnlumhia Co.
Pa. savs: "My daughter bad catarrh when
she was Ave years old. very badly. I gaw Tr.
Sage's Catarrh Kemedy advertised, end pro
cured a bottle for her, and soon saw that it
helped her; a third bottle effected a perma
nent cure. She is now eighteen years old aud
sound and hearty."
HaTetrcattlDrap7 and tt complications
wilhniowon!erluI success; usevegeta
ble remeiiies.eiitirel y narrates. Reciov
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Cure patient trn!io.inceilhor)cles'ty tha
bct physicians. KromuWtdoeyajpMin i
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taro-tairtls of all ayraptorusare removed. Some maj
cry bumtiujt without knowlncany thine about it. Ke
memher It cots you nothing to realize the merit of
ourtreatmeniioryourelf. Wiare constantly curine
cases of long standlnc caves that nav? been tapped
a numberottlmesand the patient declared unable to
Uvea week, (jive lull history of a;p. box.
how long affllctco. etc Send for free pamphlet, con
talninjt testimonial. Ten days'treatment furnished
frp by mail. K yoa order trial, you mast return
this advertisement to us with IU cents In stamps to
pa7 postat-e. Epilepsy (Fits) positively cured.
H. H. ORCCN A SONS. M. Os.. Atlanta, Oa
Two-Horse Power Engine, $75
Automatic Boiler Feed. Aetomatla
Pop Safety ValTe. Steel Boiler. Cot
of rnnnlng guaranteed not to exceed
three cents per hour. Nothing equal
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AjtiKer sixes equally low enu
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