The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 10, 1888, Image 8

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Nave m Fnr Penates.
A loeacial us tells the Boston TVaa
dipt Listeaer iaterestiag stories of a
YeaeraUe Boston capitalist, whMs use,
if pablished, would be "well known aad
widely recognised" aa tke iaterviowers
of aaoaymoas persoas always say aad
which, for that rery reason, will mot be
gives here. The capitalist origiasted la
a Massachusetts country district, where
ideas of thrift are instilled into people's
minds in their altimate New England
miauteaess, and in this man's case the
seeds of iustraction in economy fell upon
friendly grouad. To what extent he im
proved upon his education in that diree
tioa one story will illustrate. He
once Tisited a dentist, who filed
dowa a tooth that bad been giving him
trouble. Not long after another tooth be
gan to give him pain in somewhat the
same way; whereupon the capitalist went
to a hardware store, bought a cheap file,
took it home, aad had his son-in-law
file long aad patiently apoa the teotk.
Bat there is another story that illus
trates perhaps area more strikiagly the
eld geatlemaa's thrift. He ased to drive
his ewa carriage, a two-horse top-baggy.
One day. Jest before Thaaksgiviag, he
areve dowa to the Faaeail Hall market to
bargaia far aad get hie tarkeyfor the
fragal haft traditional feast at hishoase.
As he drere ap a boy started eat as if to
eftTer to held his team. At the same mo
' meat ha saw his cashier arriving oa
"Well, Smith, said thecapitalist to the
cashier, "where are yea going?"
Oeiag to market to get a turkey for
Thaaksgrrmg" l the cashier.
"Yesf Well, 1U tsllyoa what well so.
I knew 'em la here, aad If you'll hold my
horse, I thlak I can ge la aad bay two
tat keys ea that they'll come cheaper to as
baa if we bought them separately.''
AU right,' said the cashier. Betook
apaisstatiea at the horses' heads while
the aid maaweat lata the market. Ashe
stood there, kiekiag his feet against the
curbstone to keep them warm, a horrible
aaspieiea came ever him that his em
yleyer had ao idea of buying two
tarkeys, bat had simply adopted the
plan as a rase to get him to bold
the horses, aad save the five cents that
weald be expected by a small boy as.the
miatmam compensation for holdiag'the
horses 1 The old man was gone for a Ions
time, looking for a bargain, no doubt.
After awhile he hove in sight through the
door, aad with bat a single turkey, done
ap in brown paper under his arm.
"No ase. Smith," said he; "I couldn't
make it go. We can do just as well to
bay oa oar own account. Seein' that that
was the case, I thought probably you'd
want to bay yoar turkey yourself."
He got iato the carriage and drove
away, leaving the cashier the happy con
sciousness he had. at the sacrifice of
his i.ine ami comfort, xsred a millionaire
five cent-
A Bralwr Tackle a Countryman aad I
Knocked Out la One Kuund.
There is a small-sized tough in Scranton
who, accord nz to a New York .Sun cor
respondent, has developed into u bruiser,
and he makes it a point to pick quarrels
with peaceable strangors, just to have an
excuse for fighting. In the men's wait-lag-room
of the Delaware, Lackawanna &
Western station thj other (lay, tha small
sized tough tackled a raw-boned resident
of the backwoods, who was waiting to buy
a ticket. He was a swarthy,horny-handed
man of perhaps thirty five year of age,
and the tough began at him by joggling
the tottering railing against which he was
leaning. The backwoodsman took his
elbsw from the railing and stood up
straight, without appearing to notice the
preence of the little meddler.
Then the bruiser, who pretended that he
was in a great hurry to buy a ticket,
jostled against the countryman purposely,
aad the countryman backed away and
gave him more room. He again bumied
agaiast the backwoodsman, and when the
latter made aaothor effort to give the
tough all the room he wanted, the med
dlesome pugilist bawled out:
M8oy, buckwheat! ye step on my toes
ag'ia an' I'll give ye at amp Inde snoot!"
I didn't step on your toes, young feller,
if yoa mean me," said the countryman,
"Well, if ye didn't ye tried to, an' I'm
goin' to lick yer fur try in," the littlo
tough yelled:
The other paaseagers stepped oat of
the way, aad the slugger pat up his fists.
awaag them aroaad his head, and said
load encaga. for them all to hear:
UI doat let ao hayseed run over me,
aa ao backwacat Is go!a' to git away
with me, aa' dan yer fergit it.
Thea he danced ap to the oocatryman
aathoagh be was goiag to blacken his
eyes at the first blow, but the backwoods
man pat ap hit brawny left arm, aad with
the fiat of his calloused r.ght band he
gave the tough a slap oa the left ear that
cat him sprawling to the floor. All the
pesseacers laughed, and the Scraaton
toagh picked himself ap aad slunk ont of
the station like a whipped car. Thea the
countryman coolly turned to the ticket-
8ay, mister, whose little boy is that?"
A Yeaag Wemaa Wit Wean Diamonds,
Bat Uvea ta bqaator.
Doctors make strange discoveries out
side the field of science sometimes.
"You have noticed what superb dia
monds Miss wears," said a -ell-known
family firactitloner to aa Albany
Telegram reporter, "and Just as I have
beea accustomed to do, have no doubt
drawn the conclusion that she is wealthy
aad above all the trials which slender
meaas aloes can thrust apou a mortal.
She is not a patisnt of mine, though I
have beea slightly acquinted with her for
years. Her diamonds I have seen at the
theater and nt many a reception. A few
days ago I was by accideut called upon
to visit her in my professional capacity.
I foaad her sitting up in a rocker with a
wrap thrown around her. The house, I
was astonished to observe, was
brave enough oatside, bat within
shabbily famished ea all bat the
first fioor. lly patient's room was oa the
third fioor. The wrap she wore was little
better than a rag, her clothing not eves
clean, aad fall of rents aad buttoalsss.
The commonest necossaries of f araltare
were absent from the room. la strange
contrast to the almost squalid character
of tbe'r surroundings the famoes dia
monds von aad I kaow so well lay la their
velvet-fined casket oa the dressing
It has beea accessary ferobvkms rea
eoas ta disguise the identity of the wearer
ef the diamonds, bat the story la tree in
Ms geaeral drift. Kcither did the doctor
tell the story to the writer, far the etl
aetteof medicine womld have f erWddea
Suit. Yet thepablic kaewsthe wearer
sftae dlameeds. though very few are
ware of what it has cost the iedivJdeel
fa has ap the iasigaJa wealth.
The Senate la executive sessloa ea tht
8th further considered the British extras!
tioa treaty, but tuok ao positive action.
One maa was fatally aad fear other
badly hurt in Allegheny City, Pa., recently
by the fall of timbers in aa addition to
The Afghan Boundary Commission has at
last completed its work aad the Britist
members have left 8U Petersburg for Eng
Senator Blackburn, of Kentucky, whe
has been ill in Washington for some time,
is reported better, but ao one is allowed tc
seo him.
Dr. E. Miles Willett, supremo medical
examiner of the Catholic Knights ol
America, died suddenly in Memphis, Tenn.,
First Assistant Postmaster-General Ste
venson, who is confined to bis home in
Washington by a severe cold, expects to
take a vacation shortly.
The swelling in the lover part of the Ger
man Crown Prince's throat has increased
somewhat and interferes with his breath
ing when he exerts himself.
Fire at the residence of George D. Hill,
three miles west of Bolivar, N. Y., burned
Mrs. Hill aad two small children. The
father was also badly burned.
Mr. Watson, the designer of the yacht
Thistle, has completed the drawings for
four new yachts, one of them a center
board bout to be built ea the Clyde.
The Chamber of Commerce of St. Paul,
Mian., has appointed a committee to coaler
with a committee from Minacapolis regard
ing the consolidation cf the two places.
The Methodist Church at Fremont, O.,
waa destroyed by are recently aad two
persons in the parsonage adjoiaiag were
injured by falling walls. Loss, f35,UUU
The British bark Abercora has beea
wrecked oft the coast of Washington Ter
ritory. She carried a crew of twenty
seven men, of whom only three were saved.
E. L. Spencer, formerly auditor of the
Americaa Express Compaay ia Chicago,
tried to kill himself recently by taking
laudanum and stabbing himself with a
pocket knife. Ha has beea out of work
for four months.
A dynamite explosion at the works of the
Hancock Chemical Company, near Hancock,
Mich., recently wrecked No. 2 packing
house and blew down No. 1 adjoining. The
workmen, J. A. Armotul, John Olsola and
Adam Ytsels, were instantly killed by the
explosion, which was of terrific force.
Judge Nooaan, of St. Louis, has decided
the celebrated Iron Hall iusurance case,
the defendant, M. S. Cooper, being dis
charged. The decision is a victory for the
secret organizations, all of which were In
terested in it It is to the effect that the
order of the Iron Hall is not Mibj -ct to the
State Insurance law.
P. Donorun, a lineman of the Electric
Light Company, of Denver, CoL. while at
work on one of the high pules was suocked
by a current of electricity and Tell to the
sidewalk. He struck upon the side of his
head aad was killed. He had incautiously
caught hold of a wire upon which the cur
rent was still in operation.
Will Summcrville, an eighteen-year-old
boy, was killed the other night at Memphis,
Tenn.. by coming in contact with an elec
tric light wire. One of the Brush lights
was ou the grouud auu u lot of boys were
naving fun with it by tnuchinz it und being
shocked. Summcrville touched it with a
piece of hoop iron and was killed almost in
stantly by tho lock.
Grata aad ITorlaloas.
Kinu Ctxr. Feb. T.
fLOOa-Firm: XX too: XXX. mod
1.05: faaUlj; 91.15Q1.SS; choice mac
Whxat Nominal; No. i soft winter. May, 80s
bid, 81c asked.
Conn Weaker; No. 8 cosh, 41c bid, lc
asked: February, 49c lad, 48c asked; March,
43e bid, 44c asked: May. 43Se. No. white,
cash, 47c asked; May, 48fcc bid, 49c asked.:
Oats No. S cash, 94c asked; February, 80s
asked: Msy, 30Jc bid. Site asked.
STB No X cash, 60!ic bid.
Paooccs Uuttei; sUudr; creamery, fancy,
tTc; good. Sde aae dairy. 16330c: store
packed, choice, 1419c. Esu. ftnnai9i
PaovuiOMS Horns (sagar cured). Us:
breakfast bacon, HWic; dried beet 9c; dear
rib sides (smoked). ttSSU. loag clear sids
m,H; shoulders. 98JS0: short clmr side 9M9;
mess pork, t14 (JO: tieroe lard. 95.73.
CAma Steady and higher; cows. tl.eo33.QO;
butcher-, SS.30it5.70: snipper. Bt4t.43.
Saasr Strong-; sales at94.15tt4.SO.
Boos Weaker; packing aad shipping. K9t
5.43; light, eLwfeeiss.
a. ocm, Feb. 7.
ruWB-Qulst; XXX. etaflU.40; XX. M
ajSJB; family. aUSa.1D; choice. tUsvAOU;
Whbat Lower; No. t red, cash, SISalKe;
March, tlKc; Msy. MiWao.
Cobb Slightly cater: casa, mvWAar.
March, c; May. MWic.
Oa-Uarely steady; ease. tJic: Max,
Ba Nothing doiac.
PaoDOCa Batter, arm; creamer N99s:
dlrr. lSfrrto. Bags. Mc
PHo visions Porte. aew. 913.00. Lard. 17.45.
Dry salt meats boxed shoulders. 99.7558,00;
loagclears, 97.374i7J0; clear ribs. t7.50Q7.Utt;
Short slears, t7.7SQ8.aa Hams, steady at tKLM
)HtKT-teady atfl .
. Catojc Stronger ; choir hesvy aatlvc steers,
94.403SJ0: fair to good. f3.90ftM5a
Sbbkf Steady: fair to cheioa, 139035.40.
Houe Stronger; choice heavy aad batchers'
selections. .45sU3: psrklsK,
Chicago, Feb 7.
IYoor Dull; winter wheat, vi.SUOI.S5;
spring, ll.73iX4.50; rye,; buckwheat.
Wricat Weak. No i'nn. 7eHQ77Me; No.
3 spring, AC -Kc; No. i red. TSTttc
Cohm Dull; No .- 40tt
Oats Jjower: No. v. x-aiasoc.
RVE No. -i. COc
BAKLar-No. S, ei&ttic.
PaonDCR Butter, tame: creamery, 5fcS8e;
dairy, lftai-. Km. dull at 9ilc
Provisions Mess porn, 114.80 t!4.4l Lard
t7.77SG7.6a Sliort rib kifk ihims. 97.75. Dry
salted shoulders, boxed. 0WC.0. Short clear
sides, boxed, I8.00&8.03
WH18KT Dlstlli.-r' llrnvhiM eorxls. Si IS
CATTUt Steady to strong: steers. tS.00 3 5J5;
Blockers and feeders, 3.1(135.
8hxsf Slow and lower; natives, SS.O0S5J5;
lambs. 94.73692.
HOOs-MUed, 159095.40; heavy, cM09)5.7a
Fima Firm; superfine, 9143" 8.00; comsaoa
to good western extra and state. tJCSOfiAS;
good to choice da. 93.40
Wheat Doll aa i weak: nagraded red. 8W
c; No X red. Si!40fc; February. 883(9
Ssttc; March. 9Jia Ho: April. 98XfcKc:
Coatt Easy; UBgrade!. 90a!e: No. 3,
39c; No. 2, M46a)!4c: Februsrr. 57XW4c;
March, COJiftoetfe; April. 90ji&mjiti May. Wi
Oats Weak aad duU: mixed westers. :t
tw: white western. 4ft47c
PSOODCK Batter, easy; western. MdSm.
Eggs, quiet and weak; westtra,x:Z3e.
Caxtu Heavy: common to prime steers,
a739)SJ9: aTewtops.95.a3ft3.9t; caDsaaddry
MBBr-Dutt aad weak; shrep, 94.U3CMH;
lambs. 95.9Si7.ia.
aVms Nominally steady at tMaaaJm
BOU AHifator Attacks Btcdof
A Haagalaary Battle Waleti Eaacd la aa
Dostraetlcsi ml the Asssllaat Bam
Seme cf the Assaad-1Jati
voted Animal Pafeaeitr
Avery exciting aad Mngoinary coa
test between a huge bell apigator aad
several head of cattle occurred receatly,
a few miles from Kissemm, Flo., on the
bank of Lake Tohopakaligo, ia which the
alligator was killed and two balls so
badly injured that they had to be shot,
and another wns rendered almost hors de
combat. A party of hunters, scven.1 of
them visitors from the Tropical Hotel
here, writes a correspondent of 'the St.
Louis Globe'Democrat, were camping oat
on the lower shell mound, eight miles
soatheast of here, which overlooks the
lake, though several hundred rods from
the shore, which is marshy and grassy.
Cattle gather near there by the hun
dreds, as the grass is always fresh,
aad black lies, their bane on most
lake sides, gcacrally absent. While
eating their dinner that day the haatcrc
ere startled by load bollowlags that
came from the lake, accompanied by the
well-kBOwa "cry" or grant of alligators.
Oa hastily getting to the bluff a most cx-
citiag sceae was witnessed. From the
appearance of the f sld it would seem that
oae ef the old balls went to the shore for
water, aad as he wasdriakiag a big 'gator
ram ap aad seised his nose. The spec
tators came oa the field just a momcat
afterward. The ball, a big black animal
with a pair of magnificent sharp horaa
slightly curviag backward, was takea at
a terrible disadvantage, aad began bel
lowing loadly aad endeavoring to shake
eff his antagonist. The 'gator had se
cured a firm hold, however, and he cluag
tenaciously, churning the water (ate
foam with his immense tail, the blood
streaming from the bull's nose already
dyeing the waters red. With a mighty
effort the bull plunged backward,
aaaliag his "attachment" partially
oa dry land, aad then the fun waxed
furious. The bull, rendered frantic from
the pain, endeavored to hook t ha 'gator,
aad, tailing in that, stamped at him aad
plaagcd around madly to get rid of his
foe. Attracted by his bellowing, two
other bulls came f urioasly down the side,
and seeing the 'gator plunged at him. Ob
serving his new enemies, the latter ea
deavored to escape, but too late. -Oae of
them caught his horn near the 'gator's
fore leg, and with na upward tois tore a
big hole ia his side, the saurian respond
ing with a deep roar of eager and pain.
As the other bull came oa the 'gator
thrashed around with his tail and gave
the animal a terrible blow, knocking him
over on his side with a dull thump. His
first victim was aow free, and the three
now thoroughly-infuriated animals sur
rounded their foe, bellowing, and with
lowered heads, presenting a picket of
sharp horns which the saurian didn't like,
as he attempted to crawl in to the water.
But his three opponents now began a sys
tematic warfare. First one would dash
at him, escaping the flying tail of the big
reptile, and give him a dig with his horns
and endeavor to toss him. The 'gator
was getting weaker all the whiK, and,
though still game, he seemed anxious to
cry quits. One of the bulls allowed his
anger to blind him finally, and as he came
on without his usual caution the reptile
whirled and delivered a sweep ing blow
with his tail that canght the animal's
legs, breaking them like pipe-stems, the
bold fellow falling with a roar of madness
that could have been heard a mile, while
the saurian's eyes seemed to gleam with
triumph as they glowered at this enemies.
Then ensued a rough-and-tumble contest,
which no description could do justice
to. The bulls plunged viciously at
him, oftentimes hitting one an
other in their mad rushes, while the alli
gator swept his big tail around in endless
circles and inflicted terrible whacks oa
their sides and legs. For over twenty
minutes this was continued, the mingled
roars of the infuriated animals produc
ing indescribable, ear-splitting sounds.
Finally the 'gator again seised his first vie
tim by the nose, and with a death grip.
The other animal planged in, and, catch
ing both horns auder the 'gator's side,
gave him a toss, rippiag him ap so that
his eatrials protruded. The effect was
seen at once, aa his terrible flail played
more feebly, bat bis hold on the ball's
aose could not be broken. Several more
agly wounds were made, aad the reptile's
roars of anger changed to those of pain
aad fear. His antagonis t charged at him
timeand time again, lacerating him ter
ribly. Finally ao resistance was made,
the victor tramping on the bloody car
cass, though the terrible grip of those
iron jaw s still maintained their hold on
the nose of the first bull, who
had been forced to his knees
aud was fast dying from the terrible
blows he had received and the great loss
of blood. Several of the watchers thea
went dowa and mercifully shot the two
wounded bulls. The alligator, which
measured, as well as they could ascertain
over seventeen feet, the head aad jaws
being six feet, was a monster, but was lit
erally torn to pieces and disemboweled.
The blow delivered by the 'gator's tail
broke several ribs of the bull, whose legs
were also broken, while even the victor
was badly injured. The one which had
been seized by the nose presented a horri
ble appearance, the flesh having beea
stripped to the bene by the iron bold of
the saurian's jaws. It is seldom such en
counters are se?n, and the siKjctators to
this unique fight said it was the most
thrilling affair they ever witnessed. The
'gator? attack young cows and calves
very ofton, and the annual loss to the
catt'e-owners amounts to hundreds of
dollars. Rut it is seldom a bull is attacked,
as they are so wild as to become very
ferocious and dangerons.
Organized Fm:Ue Thieves.
A new method of st?nlins lias jost beea
detected at Vienna, An-tria. A number
of women established employment offices
for placing shop prls and succeeded ia
gaining the confidence of nam cross store
keepers. The yoang ladies they recoav
monded were first instructed to rob their
employers and hand over the proceeds of
their thefts to th sgeats. The latter
made their regular roumN every day. Oa
cuteriaza store the agent woald make a
small purchase, for which she woald pre-1
tend to pay with a large
x.i. . i. 4- Fk.
w p iiu m ,, mns.
flctitioas difference, consisting of money
stolen, was then openly placed ea the
counter and pocketed by the agent The
latter retained CO cents or $1 of erery
day's t&kuigs of each ghi and paid the re
mainder tu the latter. The whale gaag is
bow ia custody. The occarreaee saey
lead to the geaeral latrod actios of oar
system of a cashier's desk la every stere
to replace the ordiaary moaey-drawer
accessible to every .employe. The losses
ef some of the storc-keepcre are cstimatcsl
Firmer, ul Herfats
genexaJbauridnclKisractta trans
acted in all ita branche.
Three or five years straight 8 pe
cenL single mortgage. No delay
ui securing money.
Silas Garber, Geo. B. Holland.
E. B. Smith. G. O. Veiser,
W. 8. Garber.
Kouatz Bros..
First Notional Bank.
First National Bonk.
New York, City
- Omaha, Neb
Lincoln. Neb
Firmtn Ddrr-Mm
Gardmn PoedtrjmM
Fralt-rrowtrs stoek-rmlstra
Hout-ktptrs WOOl-fTOWtW
li Otemfcy, laaafa at CKy.
Prairie Farmer
mate retsced to !. a Tear.
Highly Useful la alL lavacd
Even- Week, well lllat-
trated. finely printed; mr j
peg. s full of reliable, practical,
useful Information. Everjl
reader wUI act many Hints i
and Suggestloaa, Each worth
a whole year's cost-Edited by
I whose Name l a cherished j
'Uasutekatsl Wr" icl
Mll.ions of American lU'ia-s.'
SMI oKA.vP. jrnn p:-d f-
25 rears, and Mnu etl wuut u!ll up
IheoM Ai.ierlctn -tie it .!:. t-o i
a diminutive tbtrt w:ih only nil isV
kscrtber. t- t-e the fr niu' JnurnsJ
?cf lirl. In tsod:liiiiat;' T
was tnttreiy the mutu v: y.r Ji i
wun.Ke Ai.-inu cil. w ruir-
aaderliU i..lmtiua a.dfi lecitua.
Mr J. is ww at hisbt. with
a long experience aru murn
, information, galn-d t- a per
jsonal studv -t th whole
fcouDtry. lie s tlso !.- - k.
FstdbyniMW.-(ou:ysONS f
TOIT van Th
FaraBrx Vm
n . ;, .-
wans : iill:
RCIf .'.. Ki-i vi.
haTeapain-u.'. h.m !-.
PoIIe .! nut. uIm
In - . '
i , a. n
,.ti l: HOrtS ti
i. :.. Isi-: -
of Ltc oi L.
tiaurs fti
Pran' Fr,nir.
I'll li -ii .
The Prairie Farmer
City Harness Shop
dvary thinsr nnlkept tn
. llarlle sop.
first cl;ss
SherfSPa Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that under and bv vir
tue of an order of sale Issued out ol the district
court if the eighth Judicial Uiitrlctinand for
Webster county Nebniska upon a degree in an
L-iioii Dendint: in said court wherein Thoau
A Stecpalunllaaa MattleE. Feihtand
Harry Fekjat is defendants I shaU offer for sale
itniAiip vviMlue for cash in hard at the east
rirrr the coart bouse lu RedCioud. in saw
.mintvfUiat beinK tlis place where tlie last terra
t Maid court washohli
.ii.iA.irt iuhdkleu)ontlie 1-th day of
innh ISM at 'l o clock p. m. the foUowing de-s?rKyroPrtyto-wltj
Tlic wtrtliaUojthe
north-east quarter, and the west half of the
MShit iiwrter of section twenty-two. in
toft vko. naa. "-. -
ni mii i". "Bi".-.."-:"":' -;----: .t.
Clvennuder mybandtWsGtu uayoireura
air ism.
ce& McNenv.
Attyi Br riaiuuina.
uantn'SiuwoH. Office opuusltc First
al Baak. Ked Cloud. Nebraska.
ic diseases treated !' maU.
aa sr a a ait am alas aaa lailiiinl
.iL!Mh amine and Webstar street. 1
Bcrfticai, Nebraska.
Wants B This.
t iay-.
Palmer, Crawford & Co.
windmills, Pumps, Moiwng Machines, &c.
Make a specialty of Eclipse Windmill repairs,
licited and Promptly filled.
Geo. O.
SO OOO acres Lasl for Sale. ImproTed. Farms, usimproTsxl Loads.
BustaeawHoasem, Reeridencem aad Town Lota
general hardware, $toyjp !
Iron, Kails, Tin and Copper-ware.
Keep on hand the celebrated Sterling Stoves, Ranges and A
Base Burners, the beet in use.
Superior Barb wire always on hand
Old stand on East Side Webster street, ed Cloud
R. V.Shirev, Pres. Hknky Cl ark e, Vice-I'res. R. Siiiret, Carti
Howard B. Cathxb, Assistant. Cssaier
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
CAPITAL. - $75,000
Transact a general banking business, bay and sell county warrants, also
county, precinct and school district bonds. Buy aad sell forciga exchange
Jas. JlcXenv. J. A.Tulleys, G. W. Lindsey. R. V. Shirey. -John
R. Shirey. E. F. Highland.
Henry Clarke, A. J. Kenney.
New stock and almost at your own figure.
Come and get bargains.
Opposite First National bank' and Post Office.
Special attention given to undertaking.
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LctI Moure. 5ldSi,,,Mlt.
W. K. Jscsaea,Vlc.ftsluent.
L. P. AJbrUht.CashJer.
Capital $50,000
Saaelal ttaitian 3i
J. W. Saenrood. II. Wrtm ood
L. P. Albrtgbt. lerl Moore.
W. E. Jacksea.
Buy and sell Exchange
Make eoHections and do a
3eneral BaakingBueineas.
Interest allowed on
.me deposita
Lower than any yard in the world.
Waraer & Wolfanger
Fine Boots fc Bitoes
Orders s o f
Seiser & Co.,
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