The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 10, 1888, Image 1

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Supervisor Berg is on tbe ck list
W. W. Gilbert was in Bloaiiagtoa
Bev. Williams went to Superior
this morning.
Miss Eva J. Sing returned to Red
Cloud this morning.
For four d&ys the fog has held
sway in this locality.
Walter Jones has returned from
the east after a few weeks pleasant
. recreation among the Pennsylvania
A new dynamo will he put in soon
by the Electric Light Company.
The present one is furnishing "light
ning" for 4:2 lamps, and as the de-
maud is becoming greater for lights,
the company 3nd it necessary to put
in more power.
Connor & Lockhart, who have been
running the feed staaHt in the rear of
J. L. Miller.; harness store have left
for a more congenial clime as they
state in a letter, for reasons best
known to themselves. Miller &
Denuison are in possession of the
barn, Uncle John Tomlinson manager
G-. W. Knight p. m ot Inavale, was
in the city today.
J. J. Nye has returned from as
extended in Indiaua.
We stop this great metropolitan
daily to note the fact that Chairman
Huuiniel, of the county dads, is also
ida&.of a ueiv girl which he has deci-
. ded to take in. George tried to de
clare it out of the general order, hut
on motion it was duly adopted.
The wifu of 31art Pupkey, an
v -old- pioneer of Webster county, and
formerly a partner of John Berenzen
, in the general merchandise business
in this city had the misfortune of los
ing his wifu by death at her home in
California a few days since. Mrs.
, -v -Papkey is a. sister of Anthony Areu-
. "sea of laavale.
rrrtalala: T Aatiralf are.
Th executive board of the Webster
Cbuaty Agricultural Society met in J.
S. Gflhm office Saturday afienuion
aaa), transacted the following basinet.
Oa:aiotio!i Geo J. Warren was elect
ed tm f II vacancy on the board.
On motion the annual fair was set
for September 25 to 2S inclusive.
On motion the rules were ordered
On Motion O. McCall and G. W.
Knight were uppointed a committee
to secure donations to assure the pay
ments of premium for the cmir.c
The following superintendent were
selected for the following cluyses:
A. J. Wortliinjiton. speed.
L B. Hampton, class I
John McCallum, clas 2.
J. S. Bothrock class 3.
F. C. Buschow class 4.
M. C. Jackson civs 5.
John Polnicky class 6.
Dr. Schenck class 7.
-D. B. Spanojrle class S
3rrs. A- M. Wallace class 9.
L. P. Albricht, was selected as
Bvpennteudent of special premiums.
J. C- Warner was elected general
f A "few other matters were Attended
tcand the loard then adjourned to
meet on cali of chairman.
That Company.
Last evening the entcrtaiameat at
theM. E- church, givea by Mr.
Eppstein, wife and Miss Weeks was a
very pleasant affair. The peoplckave
gocd talent, but the church was too
mall a room for the people to displa y
their talent to good advaatage.
Hawevcr. they are good and do their
variws parts well. Mr. Eppeteia ia
his "Baitsy aad are Vos Oadt" was
excentioaally good. The eatertaia-
ers was geod takiag everytaiag iato
Her Future Froepeota To Become
PriDCipei City In Ne-
For several years past it has been
duly observed by thinking people,
people who are farseeing aad versed
upon sach things, that Red Cloud
was destined to become a thriving
and populous city at no distant day.
Her position and surroundings are
such that she cannot help but grow
rapidly if her natural advantages
are comprehended. She has an un
limited water power in the famous
Pepnblican Hive, . enough to propel
hundreds of manufacturing establish
iueBts and an adjacent territory that
will be populous enough m a few years
to support any and all such institu
tions that may or wish to locate with
in her borders. Tbe city is located
four miles from the Kansas line and
can, and does control a good portion
of the trade in Smith and Jewell
counties, the present population of
both counties can be-safely be put
down at 35,000 souls, besides our
own county has a population of 15,
000 inhabitants. Think of it strang
er and when you are hanting a place
to locate remember that Bed Cloud
is the best location in the west. No
other town .of any cote is near as,
hence the truthfulness of our pre
dictions. Bed Cloud itself is a beau
tiful cityi of nearly 4,000 touls, na
turally drained, is lighted with elec
tric lights, has a fine system of water
works, a street railway under con
struction, Sne school houses ?nd
churches, numerous brick business
houses &c The famous B. & M.
railway, runs through the city and be
fore the roses bloom again the Mis
ouri Pacifc will be running trains
into the city, and also the Union Pa
cific. A caaaiBg( factory will be lo
cated here ia a few weeks and many
other enterprises arc on the tapis.
The picture of Red Cloud is not ovct
drawB, and if you are not located
don't do so uatil jou -visit this city.
JfovrmeMtM Of The .!floHrl PaclHr.
Last Thursday a committee from
this town, consisting of I. W. Crary,
R. S. Proudfit, T-1). Doudna, C.'t'.
Bradford and T. Auld, and commit
tees from Red Cloud and Bostwick,
had a conference with Col. Everest,
at Superior., the last nataed gentle
man representing the Pacific railroad
company. Briefly stated, the com
pany will require from this precinct
bonds to the extent of $20,000, right
of way, through the precinct, and de
pot grounds in town. Red Cloud we
understand is ready, willing and anx
ious to give the right of way from
the west line of t his precinct to sad
through Red Cloud, depot grounds in
the city, and 52,S00. A railroad
meeting will be held in the iiBk bail
ding tonight." which it is hoped every
citizen of this precinct will find time
to attend. The proposed road, whea
completed, will form a part of the
great Missouri Pacific system, and'a
worthy competitor of the B. & M.
The benefit this coaatry would de
rive from it cannot be overestimated.
That Oaljr "If."
If Hastings gets the B. as M. cur
shops, it will add 2,500 to its popula
tion in all fiom 500 to 1,000 more
families and cause as an Baal expen
diture of money for labor of from
$350,000 to $500,000. Hastiagsla
deacadeat. , If the dog hadn't gottaroagh the
bars, he'd had to gone through the
gate. Red Cloud stands a- better
show for the B. & 31. shoes thaa
Hastings does.
iBHHHPI9imiJiu 7.,' ' i'A- .' - " - -'-'- ' ' " -", ?..- -
The Bntrrtalaaaeitt at the Opera
Heaae a CSraad ftaeeeM.
On last Saturday evening as an
nounced the entertainment at the
Opera House for the benefit of the
indigent poor of this city took place
with a large and appreciative audience
present. It was probably the largest
crowd that was ever present at any
like entertainment in this city. The
voung folks who took part in the
comedy were in training for about two
weeks, under the management of Mr.
W. F. O'Brien and Mrs. Sill, and to
say tnat they merit great praise in
tbe matter would be putting it in a
light form . Every thing seemed to
be perfect, and the various parts taken
by the young ladies were rendered
with that case and perfection that
only characterises the most perfect
training at the hands of the instruct
ors and the adaptation of each part
best 'suited to the individual who
would be most apt to go through
with it without failure. For instance
took the part of -'The Merchant" and
carried it throagh with such grace
and ease that she called forth the ad-
miration of the entire audience. It
was a difficult part and well rendered.
Chimpanzo" a prince transformed
into a beast, was an excellent char
acter, and as she appeared upon the
stage representing a bear, it was the
signal for a general uproar of applause
If she had been "old bruin" himself
she could not have acted her part
as "Goblin Page" performed her part
of "Attendant on Beast" with per
fect composure and good judgment.
as fint and second daughters of
Merchant, rendered their several
parts to the utter satisfaction of the
audience, who applauded them fre
as third and favorite daughter of
Merchant, played her part splendidly
and without fault and come in for tbe
share of applause.
as ''Little Fairy acted her part
charmingly, and looked a veritable
fairy from fairy land as she tripped
lightly to sweet strains of the piano
in the mazy waltz.
as "The Fairy Aunt of Chimpanzo"
rendered her part without a fault, and
fe?n:el "Monarch of her Fairy
Garden," as at her will princes were
turned into beasts and vice versa.
In fact every one of the young
ladies did their several parts so
well that it would have challenged
: the most careful ciitic to observe a
- m . a
single tauit in any ot tnem during
the rendition, of the drama and es
pecially was the dancing one of the
most noticeable and pleasing features.
The farce "In Want of a Servant'
was produced by the same characters
with the exception that little Irene
Miner took the place of Nellie West.
It was rendered in keeping with the
During the entertainment the or-!
chestra rendered delightful vocal aad
iaetruraental music. Indeed the
whole affair was a great success in
every way. The faad raised will be
weed ia relieviag the waats of our
city poor. Great credit shaald be
givea to Mr. O'Briea, Mrs. Sill and
leers for their maeeasing efforts to
alike the eatertaiameai z graad
Rev. (Ico. O. Yeiser will occupy
the pulpit in the Baptist church
Suuday morning.
We arc indebted to Hon. Chan.
Manderson for a copy of the con
gressional record.
If. M. Tringley has taken the posi
tion of night car boss in the placeof
J. B. Wright.
Mr. E. J. Curtis and wife are vis
iting in Kansas City. They expect
to be gone two or three weeks..
Warner & Wolfanger, our enter
prising boot and shoe men have re
ceived one of the finest lines of boots
and shoes ever brought to the city.
The people of the city should call
and see them at their quarters on
south side of south Webster street.
M. L. Thomas, formerly editor of
of the Red CloHd weekly Chief, has
purchased the Dundy County Pio
neer. Here's our i" Merv, way
you live long and die at your pds't,
editing a first class newspaper. Tf)e
Pionees will be much improved uudfer
his management. Success. ' r.
- It woald not cost a great deal fofa
building for a canning factory. fc
believe that the washing machine
factory owned by E. J. Curtis could
be rented for that purpose, andl"
would be consequently located. Let
the board look the matter up at once.
Now is the time to get the canning
factory in operation so that contracts
ean be made for crops.
Cuckle Burr of the Times-Winner
gfes out of bs way to give "Our Noser
Man" a little send-off. The poor dyr
pplic editor of the T-W evidently had
heen indulging in "bile beans' and
while engaged in pullincthe old h:imi
r ess became so turbulent that be
was compelled to rest his mind by
sticking hi nose into "our Noser's bu
siness." Don't read it Burr if it shocks
pour modest).
The firm of Codman & Whitney
is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The affairs of the firm will be
attended to by C. G. Codman.
Dated Red Cloud, Xeb. Jan. 19,
1888. 3w Charles G. Codman,
Ellerton P. Whitney.
Mr N. S. Frohlirhstein, of Mobile
Ala. writes: I take great pleasure in
reccomrnending Dr. Kings new difcov
ery for consumption, having used it
for a severe attack o: bronchitis and
catarah. It gave me instant relief and
entirely cured me and I have not
been afflicted since. I alo beg to
state that I had tried other remedies
with no good result. Have also u-ed
electric bitters ami Dr. King's new iife
pills, both of which 1 ran recommend.
Dr. King'. new discovery for con
sumption; coughs and cold, H sold on
a positive guarantee. Trial bottles free
at Henry Cook's drug store.
A htaatea4 CItrgymaa'a Tartft
Br It M. Tiekntf. Frcndeat of tat
MelWUt rrotetaat Church t4 South
Carolina, writ ham Omvnlle:
"Afoot four year ago 1 vu attacked
with what the phrnciaas proaoaaced
aniralgfr rheumatism, accompanied with
errmpel Mj appetite failed ne entirely,
and I had an intcrariUiag palae and vci j
irregular r-utettioaa of the heart. A ter
riWe pain aa raau iato my chert and
nhrnldcni. and T henaie mt hclpleM that I
ioulil attmd ti to burfneaa at alt Thr
pain wrtr mumble, and waald KMBctiau
Tn from i.r iart of mv lody to aawthei
Finally thr rrTipeljlntl;r aut Miaylett
hand and arm. na.l pn-.ii:-d antch wdl
iug. 1 trait le vightcen awatfo afliricd
i). lhi way. and of ctiurxe afl a great
many hind of medidac. bat aothraggav
ae relict Friend finally persuaded a
t. fry Swift' Specific I n.riicrdadc-cMfcd
irriptnTrturnt wbtlr takiag the first Kittle.
1 cotitinntd it ar until thai taken . v
nednxva Uttlc. ahea I f-aad Myself
naad and aril agaia, with uu stga uf da
aa left except a atifaea ia 2t haatf. a
resalt of the erysipelas. While takiag
ite monetae igaiaeaaa uim
"! " wm nn
I gaiaai aa aa artraaa twa
sdieiae. aad I ftauaeaUf
. L! -
pound ! a
a valuable
maanacaa-n la san
Write ta the ftwnrr aarrc Cat,
AUaata.Ua. far a Traatim aa
-" J -i
Mr. JIadly was buried at Mt. Jlope
cemetery. After burying the corpse
ltcv. Hummell preached the funeral
sermon at the school house. It was
iuite a large funeral.
The ground hog failed to sec his
shadow, so we might expect an early
spring, which will help the farmers
to prepare for work.
(Jeruian preaching next Sunday at
the Star of Hope school house, all
are invited to attend.
The literary is held at the same
place every Wednesday evening with
good attendance.
Mrs. Zion is on the sick list, also
Grandma Graves.
Miss Emma Barrett has returned
home from her trip north.
Line, Neb., Feb. 7. Special Cor
respondence A large crowd was out
at the Hummell school house last
Sunday but no preacher.
Our ex-commissioner went to Smith
Center last Monday- -T """
Literary is just a booming. Last
Thursday evening the Louse wa
chock full.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney who have
spent the winter with their daughter
Mrs. Joe' Norris, expects to return
to their home in Iowa this week,1
Mr. Ground Hog failed to see his
shadow this time.
Line is perfectly safe with two de
tectives in the township and one on
the west line. Look out boys.
Tncle Billy.
Pleasant Grove, Kan., Feb. 7, 1888
Special Correspondence I will try
and give you a few items from these
I see that Mr. Bat is dead, I guess
the cold wave froze him to death.
J. S. Wagoner is getting well
Mr. Ground nog failed to see him
self on the 2nd of this month.
The young ladies of this neighbor
hood are taking the advantage of
leap year by taking gents to parties.
W. H. Sr.unders is the happy pa of
a fine girl. Usual weight.
Harvey Merrill lost another fine
Young horse. That makes two for
him this winter.
This warm weather makes the far
mer have the spring fever.
If this don't lad the waste basket
you auy hear again from,
Uxclc Tom.
Guide Bock, Feb. 3. Special
Correspoadence Mr. Garber is still
Mr. Corwia, it is feared has typhoid
Mr. Jackson, the new merchant
has come on and is overhauling the
store room, preparatory to pattiag ia
a $5,000 stock of goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Perry Sawyer
are ia towa to-day lookiag after their
in'.erests in legal matters. They
hied aa afidavit' for a coatinaaacc of
30 days owiag to the impossibility of
the atteadance of owe of their wit
Baaat. whose baby, they had heard
aetMoaa say, has the aaaUs. " Case
caatiaaad. Rocket.
w"""""rrrT? -i
w. i. uoyt uk. WMaaaaia aa aa.
havaaeew "Way JPr.agBarV ;waw dtr--crveryLahcrifS
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r- .-X" i.- i-
' &i5wr ?
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- if - -- "J --.-
C?Jr-'-r' I
a aa jtMftxfr i-.'. rt'Vf . s.iji. wk-v"' L. -J aaap. . , y ju
NO 28
Nat a California Bear
Anybody can catch a cold thir triad
of weatner. The trouble is to let go
like the man who caught the bear.
We advise our readers to purchase of
Henry Cook a bottle of Santa Abie, the
California king of coemption, asthma
nmncnuis, cougns aau croup cares,
and keep it handy. Tis nleasicg to
the taste antl deaw) to the alove com
plaintg. Sold $1.00 a bottle or three
for $2.50 California cat-r-cure gives
immediate relief. Tbe catarrhal virus
it oon displaced by its hetlint: and
penetrating nature. Give it atrial.
Six months treatment $1.00 sent bv
mail $1.10.
We will fill your prescriptions ac
curately and with the bst goods
mdc,a Deyo & Don.
On or about February 10th a rep
resentative of the Bed Cloud Taak
Line will pass your house daily with
a complete line of Coal Oils and
Gasoline 101-t C. E. Webb,
Mock Turtle and Okra, and Tomato
"(up at Hacker & Parker's the gro
cere. 42tf
Wanted Quick, a car load of old
machine castings. Hizhest aiarkei
iprioa paidr i A. L. Funk.
Am Aaaelae Care.
The original Abietine ointment ia
only put up in large two ounce tid,
I'oxes, and is an absolute cure for osl
-ores, burn, wounds, chapped bands
and all skin eruptions. Will positively
cure all kinds of piles. Ask for.tbe
original Abietine" ointment. Said
Henry cook at 25 cents per box by
mail 30 cents. tf
See that cur trabe mark, 8ANTA AB
IE, is on every bottle is is on every
bottle of that pleasant California rem
edy. Satisfaction guaraateed or mun
ey refunded by Henry Cook.
By dispellina; the symptoms so often
mi'taken for consumption. SAXfA
ABIE has brought giadneas U many a
household and by promptly breaking
tip tha ooogD and cokl Uut too often
developes iato that fatal disease mil
t yve thouaanaa from aa un timely
g:ave. You make sowis'uke by
keeping a bottle of tais plaasaat remt
dy always in the kouaa. '-w '
T: awljr jpaji iBHiil vtrm for awaarrb.
c'i ia Ufths ii; iaty ? ar rPasaanpL
atar4aphafaaa aiWI'soar. a$aa,x-
torta was' satsM of laete aad aaaaU
raasovaiaai uwU aad alaaaaat
is warraaial!!ay
aaasi'fiDr aataaiiar aa
ati2iCaX 00. JuvilU
ax Mf as' tawfiat for -
wESek . -,
5$ 4
LaaaaxmiTal at MwlW&k
PffiStBfel tflalafHaai
raajjoaa) aad araaw
t. . - laillAaaiarLl"'
). -Trlk?Lmii?r?rmr .-ji-.7wT'- -. . a
n, &.' -.-. koU'.J. :B L.. - . . Ti. a r tf.BBBBBBBBBBBr' SSBBBBBBBBL.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBK rL
MS. . V
7k- j?
liueaaav Mai arte to aayn
v aasrs-st-1-
fear" .-"
-'-- -v
1Z--- Jr 1-
3s e -rfM&--&
i-v x 'safctc?
s,y i& st,. '?ai7
wr.' . r- -": or -.-s.-i -zj-
- '
". f'
:. ,; 1 uiaL
SMWittw .
mwmn aaaaac y,1', STMil2aaaaaBaBaaaaaaTaaa
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.. mmmmmmMmam'
V 'f t'.3K5BaB",-5ariia'e?ai
r ' ria'ecs4aaaaai.'Vc-5I.;r'as
s ' .iA!msss3Sk3is&.
jtliit-r. rtuY?r--i-;-rart: ks &