The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 27, 1886, Image 7

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City Drug Stoke.
Get our irice M
neforc jurcha.shi elsewhere. We arc hezi
yuarters lor all kinds of
At ItoUoni prices. .Tttst received it fine quality
of linjwKlfd DalHiation liuect Towder.
0ari Gnreii) Lotidou J'urple.
I can Joan -money on imr roved farm
too nnd vou can pav up the dcDtat the
end of any year and cut off the interest J
ray up tue aeui in
a great deal easier way than to leave
the whole amount coming due, all iu a
chunk. Consult your own interest and
mike your farm loans at the best
terms to yourself and you will get the
beet terim in my office.
G. W. Barker.
Red Cloud Markets.
"Winter "Wheat iMlir,.
.Spring Wlieut .T5ai3.
Corn lf!le
(ats vfti.Yl.
ltorley ajc. (& zc.
Cattle .1 f&4,
Kutcliers Un:k ii MUX
8 Per Cent Farm Loan.
The Nebraska Farm Lo.n Co. will
make you a loan on you farm at
traigbt 8 per cent and furnish the
mone3' without any delay. Call on
them in the Red Cloud National Bank
Bail din:.
Has Moved to New Quarters Just
Opposite Our Old Three Story
Print Shop.
The Chief and the American Fanner
one year for $1.50. This is a rare bar
gain for all those who desire to get a
good journal. Don't forget it. Come
right iu friends, and give us your
T ere will be a meeting of the
Republican county committee at
the office of J. S. Gilham, Red
Cloud, on the 4th day of Septem
ber, 1880, at 2 o'clock p. m. AH are
requested to attend.
A. M. WALTERS, Chairman.
Ed. Hioulam) lias returned from
Kansas Citj.
C. W. Kalev's handsome new house
is about completed
We are indebted to Myrtle Mayfield
for a handsome boquet
J. E. Kidd has been on the sick lift-
for a week with a lame loot.
Call at the First National Bank for
8 per cent, interest farm loans. 3tf
.Iames McNExr will have a very fine
residence property when completed.
Rev. Geo! 0. Yeiser will preach at
thc"Baptist Church Sunday morning
August 29.
Ed. McCuxe has our thanks for wat
ermelons. Also, J. J. Mayfield, Mr.
Snyder, and many others.
Will Emigh left la6t Tuesday for
Burlington, Iowa, where he expects to
attend college the ensuing year.
TheA.O.U.W. of lied Cloud is"
flourishing finely. The order now has
nearly a hundred members in J?ed
M. W. Manx, who has been visiting
Frank Taylor and wife, has returned
to Kansas. Mr. Mann contemplates
moying here soon
Our young friend, Bert Cromwell, is
now happy in the thought that he is
the leader" of fashion, havine donned a
verv landsome Filk hat. It is very
Pcor. Picking returned home from
3Iinden Friday o as to be present at
public examination. He is acting
as county superintendent while
Mr. Springer is in the east,
J. J. Mayfield brought us a sample
of his listed corn, planted .May 15,
which we think beats any thine cf the
kind we ever saw. The stalk "Was
about 9 feet, with enormous cars at
tached. Quite a severe hail storm passed
near Catherton last Friday afternoon
stripping the corn of its leaves and do
ing considerable damage through its
path. We have not been able to glean
full particulars.
We would respectfully: call the street
commissioner's attention to a danger
ous hole on 10th Avenue, between
ijwiar and tewara street, which may t
some day.
Mr. J. Hblaniski, who for several j
months hns been one of the B. & It's j
important officials at this place, and
railroad man of years standing, has
been promoted to station, ticket and
express agent at Oberlin, Kansas. Mr.
H. is a worthy uentlemon, and the B.
fc M. have justly promoted him to the
responsible position. He will move
there at once. We wish the gentleman
success. :
In a little while The Chief, proposes
to make some radical changes in the
paper. We propose to dicaid "patent
internals" and print our paper offset
home. This will eosspsll us to lay oat
coaaioerawe wooej bat
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Hot weather is still with tie.
It. V. Smirey was in Chicago this
The Baptist Church bat been re
painted. Tox Poyjter, of Arkansas, was in the i
cuy row week.
Ed ouxg is prepared to do all kinds
of sewing machine j-epairinf.
Call at the First National Bank for
81 per cent, interest farm loans. 3tf
Schroedek Jt Meyer have moved to
new quarters with the batcher shop.
31. Wm. Bareett sold 1000 bushels
of new corn the othei day for 15 cents
per bushel.
S. T. Vak Hor.vk Is improving bis
property bv building on additions, lay -ing
sidewalks, etc.
John Docker has returned from the
east, where he has been laying ' in. a
large stock of goods.
Vint Williams, from the south side,
scores one ahead on the biggest melon
yet received at these headquarters.
The SonB of Veterans are about
making arrangements to rent tbs
second story of J. L. Miller's new
brick for a lodge room.
E. F. Cavasaugh, the Riverton
horse-shoer has moved to Red Cloud
and is located opposite Howell Bros'
lumber yard on 3rd Avenue.
Frank Mickly, the popular hotel
clerk, has returned from McCook to
his first love, and again poses as chi el
clerk at the Gardner Houee.
Red Cloud i now rejoicing. She
has commenced to enjoy one of those
wnole-soulei7 booms that makes her
citizens' hearts glad. Blue Hill Time,
Out in the cold world, out in the
street, is what 'the merchants are sing
ing who are being moved out into the
streets to make room for the new brick
Ix the last few days Mr. M. R. Bent
ley has purchased twelve farms in the
vicinity of Red Cloud, at a cost, wc
presume, of twenty-five or thirty thous
and dollars.
A sidewalk has been ordered laid
on the east side of Seward street, and
will ultimately connect with the Cedar
street walk running to the depot. It
ought to, at least.
A new abstract "company has been
formed in this city. Messrs. Gump,
Fort and Willcox are the proprietors.
They proposn to have a fine set of
books. We bid them God-speed.
"Hrsii little babv, don't ou crj-,"
sang John Storey the other day when
his first heir made its appearance on
this mundane eohere. John now
smiles very blandly and keeps right on
compounding drugs.
The following is the official a$orc of
the game of ball at Bloomington last
XAMK. 1 2 3 4 .r 6 7 8 D RUMS.
Red Cloud...
0 ft 1 .t 1 1 0 3 0 9
O. R. Downs' youngest child died on
Saturday after an illness of several
ays and was buried on Sunday after-1
noon. ir. Downs anuiamtiy nave me
sympathy of the people of Red Cloud
in their hour of affliction.
R.vnce Ports, the handsome clerk at
the Holland House, has been 'rasselin'
with a mammoth carbuncle on his left
elbow during the pnst week, and is
now convinced that Job was made of
sand instead of the dust of the earth.
J. L. Miller, the veteran harness
niin has not left town entirely, but is
located in the suburbs, (the old Helmet
office) where he is dealing out harness
cheaper thin any house on earth. Call
and see him, across from Chicago
Lumber Yard, and be happy.
We are glad to note that our farmers
are beginng to get their eyes opened
and have quit borrowing money at
enormous rates of interest from un
scrupulous money loaners. Five and
six per cent, per month is too much,
and mo man can or ought to pay it. If
he does he might as well go intoank
ruptcy at once.
Rev. Fulkorth, of Red Cloud, was in
the city the week, moving in the line
- I of securing funds to build an Episco-
pal chapel. The Tribune would not
interpose a single objection to sucn a
laudable enterprise further than to
observe the indisposition or inability
of the people to well support the pres
ent gospel force in our city. McCook
Tribune. s
Mr. Muelleh, of St. Louis, has been
in Red Cloud this week, looking after
the water works. TnE Chief has not
learned what conclusionjie has arrived
at, any more than that he will be able
to put in a good svstem for us that the
town will be proud of. This is an im
portant enterprise and we hope the
citizens will 4ook the matter squarely
in the face aud vote for the interest o!
the city.
We are pleased to see the young city
of Red Clona not oniy "spreaaing
herseif, but building nearly a dozen
two story brick business houses in one
season.. The work of removing the
bid buildings is well under way and
the work of excavation for cellars is
being pushed rapidly forward. The
subject of waterworks is also being ag
itated, and ths city council at a recent
meeting provided'for a survey for that
parpose. Um uenuL.
JsMrasJ was in tle cUrlst week, and
he informed one of oar citixens that
ke had lately seen the jAt of the
Bock Island Road in Beatrice, where
that company are-at work, and he said
the road to Kearney had besa aean
doied and that the road 'would .ran
from Beatrice to Ilea Ootid via Fair
bery and Hebron, and-on west un the
Valkr to Orleans and then np the
Sanfia Valley to 3)enTsr. JiwaMTs
I - ,
- r, .
ir -vwi" '
- -
-dti- 5rsi-
JcnE McKxmyax was in Hasting
tkis week.
Geo. Yotjkg has moved into the Bal
lard property.
Mas. R. P. Hutchison was in Ster
ling this weak.
D. M. Platt is resjedeling nis res
idence property.
Mrs. Emich starts east on Sunday
evening for a visit in Iliineis.
Third Aveanc has been nicely fitted
np by our street commissioner.
Call at the First National Bank for
81 per cent interest farm loans. 3tf
Wm. GATBshas moved into the conn
try and has again become "tiller of tbs
Miss Mary Crujkhhank of Pitta
barga Pa. is visitiag her ancle, H. B.
J. Campbell's house, at Hicks, was
struck by lightning the other day. No
one injured.
Rev. J. G. Aikmax will preach his
farewell sermon Sunday morning, Con
gregational church.
Rev. R. C. Barrows will preach in
the Court House Saturday evening
and Sunday morning and evening.
This afternoon the Red Cloud boys
and the Bloomington nine play the
return game at their grounds near the
Mrs. Dccker and daughter Jessie,
of Joliet, Illinois, mother of John J.
and May Dnckcr, are visiting in the
The Gazette Journal of Hastings,
says the VanWyck meeting at that
place the other day was a complete
J. M. Mayfield has again remem
bered The Chiepites in a melon-choly
manner, for which they are truly
Ed. Hilton and Frank Busshow, two
of Blue Hill's prominent citizens call
ed on these steam headquarters Tues
day last.
J. S. Gilham is tho happy father
of a bouncing 'little lawyer' which
was admitted to the bar this week.
Usual weigat
Mr. Moon has one of the finest im
proved farms iu this county. Fine
barns, residence, etc., are being put
up, and the property fenced.
Wc call attention this week to the
advertisement of the Red Willow cat
tle sale in this city, September 4th.
It will pay all to be present.
The annual election of the officers
of the W. C T. U. of Red Cloud, will be
held Wednesday at the residence of
Mrs. G. B. Gates. Ail the members
are requested to be present.
J. R. Howard, late lieutenant in the
regular army, who has been living in
Red Cloud for several months, has
lately received a pension of $1685. T:e
Chief congratulates Mr. Howard.
Don't forget that Athow & Young
will receive their fall stock September
30. Hold your orders for this house
and you will make money by it. Don't
you ierget it either. Come and see us.
M. R. BeStley is a large owner of
city property in St. Paul. We noticed
the otner day tbat he was offered $5000
for a town lot, but "smelled a mouse"
and concluded to hold on to it a while
J.A.CR.vwFORD,"mineho8f'of the
4th Avenue Hotel, while sinking a
drive well the other day, was injured
by the pipe falling across his 1 rehead,
which cut a severe gash and laid him
up for repairs.
Ludlow 4 Sox have the contract for
furnishing the brick for the five new
buildings in the middle block. This
firm has so far furnished all of the
brick tnat has been used in the erec
tion of brick buildings in this city.
M. R. Bentley has been engaged
in the chattle mortgage loaning busi
ness has finally become disgusted with
the business and has decided to quit
it entirely, and is shaping his affairs
in that direction.
All delinquent taxes must be paid
by October 1, 1886, or Trevsurer Mc
Nitt will be compelled to collect them
by law. There is no use fooling with
the "buzz saw," gentlemen, come right
up and pay your taxes promptly.
Wc call attention to the republican
central committee to the call for a
meeting in another column. It is im-
?ortant that every member be present
'he campaign will be an important
one, and the work, shonld be carefully
Geo. Holland is now a bloated ho
tel owner, he having lately purchased
of Mrs. Andetsou the property owned
by her and known as the Gardner
House. Mr.IGardner will still run the
house as of yore, irrespective of the
This weekM. R. Bentley purchased
all of the lots north of the rink to 7th
Avenue with the exception of three,
for which he paid $4,000. Mr. B. is a
wit speculator and his purchase
wouia maicsie nts nenei in uie busi
ness going nerth.
The Red Cloud team are negotiating
with tne Hastings Reds to cross bats
ontbedismend in this city for $100.
The "Bads' say they will keep our
boys from making a score lor $100, If
they do they will have to hustle, and
don't yon forget it, .
There h to be' a cam .meeting in
theRed Ckmd circuit September 5, at
Willis Fuhen's grove, Warnnt Creek.
Bring yonr tents and cotsted wagons,
and prenatn mr a goad meeting. Xe
freshmen will he serves by the ladies
aid secietr.Geed water, etc. Several
noted nianchmi will he
Rnr. Gne. W.Hummbx.
this nleos was etmck tor
liar i -yw qiw
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JTH. ; W. LT
SLJ4tt.Jaa& :.
. rrwiti3 -&.? ,-j..
9- -E.n.fc.?J 4 T
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f L - 7. WV in jTrH
T- wi i- - "' . ...
f r.' .?.-' ' r.
CA . t . irf i .j- a .
' 'I
The north
go 1 1 f I
Tuesday morning as the west hound
express started out from the depot, hot
before it had gaiued much speed, a
lady with a child in her arms, who had
been in one of the coaches saying her
adieus to a departing friend, rushed to
the doer and jumped hurriedly from
the car step to the platform. It was
not much of a jump, nut the lady had
made no calculation for the motion of
the train, and not alighting fairly on
her feet fell to the ground and rolled
toward the track: with the child still
in her arms. Fortunately Agent Pow
ell and the conductor of the train were
standing near, and rasdr a ftanticgrab
for the lady, and succeeded in pulling
her from under the wheels just in
time to save her from a horrible d?ath
Bystanders who reported the adven
ture to the Signal say that the woman
and the child must both have perished
but for the promptness and activity of
the agent and conductor. Guide Hock
Sleeper's cat riuge works turned out
this week some very finework, iu the
shape of an elegant coach for Clinc &
Stroup. It would be hard to conceive
how a person could find a better class
of work than i done at Sleeper's,
these gentlemen arc experienced
workmen and fully know their busi
ness Their work far cxcells eastern
work and is being sold do cheap that
all can buy if they so desire Jt wilj
pay our people to see Sleepers before
sending east for buggies. It will pay
to patronize home for the reason that
you can get better work at just about
the same prices, and know just what
you are getting. Give them a call. The
institution is certainly the equal of
many .so called "big concerns" in the
east, as The Chief can fully testify.
One day this week, through the
courtesy of Mr. C. C Johnson, a Chief
reporter.took short but pleasant trip
towards the nt rth and west. The corn
crop in that direction is looking es
pecially fine, and promises a large
yield. The farmers nro busy cutting
hay, while some are engaged in fall
plowing. Doc Boynton has a fine
ranch at the head of Indian Creek,
which, he is extensively improviug,
and is now having a first-class dwel
ling house bui't. John Murray, of this
citj' has charge of the carpenter work.,
and is aoing a No. 1 job. Indian Creek
is one of the finest streams in the
count', fed from never failing streams,
Sand would afford a splendid water
V ma m, b & V ftfe 4fe & 1 a jjm
,uwur Jur " u"uwu'
Another Brick. The oddfellow
of Red Cloud arc maturing plans
whereby they will soon ercet a hand
some brick hall on their lot just north
of the rink 25x100 feet two stories
high. Mr.3IcDonald the architect is
now at work on the plans and specifi
cations and we feel certain that the
the new hall will be a fine specimen
of architecture and worthy of a place
iu our growing city. The Oddfellows
lodge is iu a very prosperous condition
and The Chief is glad to learn that
they have the enterprise Jk erect
a new hall fitted up for the great work
that they are doing daily.
i . e e .
The probabilities arc that the Moon
buildings will still go up, notwith
standing the failure of the contractor
to come up to the contract We
learn that other" contractors arc readv
to do the work. It is too had to let
the buildings go by default now when
they are in demands We have been
unable to learn just the exact reason
for the non-fulfillment of the original
contract. Wc hope the trouble will
be adjusted and the building boon go
on as anticipated. We hope Mr.
Yeiser, who has keen formost in get
tiug the buildings planned will be
also able to get them built this sea
son after all.
The Chief feels" disposed ,te sav
that it is now and has always bees
opposed to (bonas or nennens rates ef
interest. Five ner ceat a month, or
aay other rate above what is allowed
by law, is against the4awad shonld
not be conatenancetL Taking 'advan
tage ef spoor man's necessities jest
because yon can is not manly er hon
erable, whether yen men meney er
whatever yen de. -Arsriee fer gain
hewevcr seems teeafl in afl with
wheiteemswenld sink their
seal te nerdttien ;.t
Jt s certatnly iniflsndmh
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n V -j. -rrJPL v
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mrvsw mVmWmVmVmY '
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B, smmTsBBmmTsKm-'
mVmb. -mmAlmVmlTnM
VmVmmk. WYmVmVmVmmsBBnmVmVmVmVmVM xm
KenUr ban tan oosmmet.
lit, t i
y-l?'- -fy&ZCr WTri-.Taii'? .. -JlZ'j'l.g-. ..MaHf ;
!& f'r'5tv"isf&;4'st'
ism nmmm nan .sanssnw wmssmsf "tt"
As we
,snrvejrtia andaS, 9ee Uysem,
and jmt why it shnnld'hn siessd
can not nwdsrifanJ , Shut this
an and nractisaUy half ef ear
frem the nerth will be driven away,
it m well known tnat no
come across with a lead oeless by the
divide road without a great inconven
ience. An effectual way to kill trade
is to ?1eae od tbs roads leading to -the
city. We understand thai eastern par
ties are having the road closed. The
Chief hopes that they will fail ia their
efforts, not through malice, but be
cause it is a good road and one that
can always be traveled. A great many
of the fanners, as well as our citisens
are very indignant over the attempt to
close the road.
The Republican Congressioal Cen
tral Committee of the Second District
Nebraska desire to express their sym
pathy with the family of W. H.
Strohm. late of Red Cloud, Neb., in
their sad bereavement., knowing that
his actions with this committee were
always wise, patriotic and honorable.
Sincerely believing that the State has
lost a useful citizen. Webster county a
reprcsenattivc man, this committee a
prudent counsellor, and his family a
protector, the chairman and secretary
are hereby unanimously instructed to
forward to the family of the late W
11. Strohm a copy of this resolution.
Hastings, Neb., August 18, Jj8G.
1 1 . BooTWiCK, Chairman.
V. 1.. Stark, Secretary.
supervisor Wilder ordored the lum
ber this week f$r a bridge across Elm
Creek at Waller's fold, one half mile
south of Cowles.
Geo. Laverty, one of the pioneers of
Webster county, but now a resident of
Yuma, Col., was calljug on his eld
friends here last week.
Mrs. Dr. Schenck is making a pro
tracted v'sit with her daughter, Mrs. C.
E. White, of Garfield.
We are pleased to note that ML
Amelia Cupperncll is the happy owner
ofa new gold wateh, which she pur
chased last week. It a "daisy" or
'just too lovely for anything," or some
thing of that kind. N. B. 0. 1L
Maryatt has a few more like it which
he could be induced to sell.
L. E, Hinman, of Stillwater, was in
Dundy county this week looking after
his claim there.
H. M. Staler has arranged to go to
North Platte to grow up with the
country. Mr. S. and his excellent wife
will be greatly missed by the people of
Happy Hollow.
G A Latta brought eomc fine onions
to this market this week. He has
three acres which he estimates at over
2000 bushels.
jCuiter & Best sold ten heifers last
week to G. Martin, of Blue Hill.
Butcher would do well to give them a
I). 11. Huzick is a successful bee cul
turist, and will this season hayc some
300 pounds of very fine honey.
3Irs. T. G. Wilder went laut week to
Republican county, Kansas, to make
a protracted visit with relatives there.
Three weeks ago, farmers in this lo
cality thought they would not have a
half crop of com, but siuce the recent
rains they are epecting a full average
The not proceeds of the sociable giv
en last week by the ladies of the mite
society amounted to $280. The la
dies of the.society wish to express their
thanks through Tin: Chief to those
who aided them with donations, es
pecially thewe from the country.
H. T. Rose, who is a reliable farmer,
estimates his present crop of cm at
more than forty bushel per acre.
Little Hatchet.
Mrs. John Sellars has returned home
not improved in health.
Willis Fulton has moved to the oth
er side of the river and rented his farm
to Mr. Joseph Paul.
A Mrs. Holcomb, who moved with
her husband to Walnut Creek about
three months ago, has suddenly left us
after selling part of her husband's
Mr. John Mitchell has built a new
Threshing machines are running,
tons of hay are being made, corn is
famous, in fact all are cheerful over
the prospect of good crop of every
With bright hopes concerning this
world and the next some people from
our neighborhood attended the basket
picnic on Fenny Creek last Stinclav,
and all enjoyed a grand least for their
souk. It was aanoonced that there
would be another basket picnic held
somewhere on Walnnt Creek flepissa
hero. We hope that it will he wen
attended, and that these whole Gad
may again haye a grand opsoctnaKy
to araw nearer him. ntA.--
mmrng iSic tf mMiiM'. MX tMmilkmn Hi - fkiimj
the read hes nsen a nssfss had nnt 1 1 stmmnfa s jst ton U Xpstt
read, nrwd and atl, Jbr H'yenm.1 f mnmrjat f mm ilW V At
-...-, -.-.-- -731 -s a; '7-r- ft - .V1 - -
; ; hx -st5
j, i
30s. John fusty
etnsr hmv ant
Ufa, Wv IP
Jlr. Tern Peyner and family new
rttnraW to GW eenatry again. Ar-
kansss has ne cknmss fetr thesa.
Jnd White and Wether are in the
washing msckine hatiasss entt ex
tensively st this writing jmd the ladies
thronghent this viciaity art
K. White is six inches taller
he was yesterday, 'cec' a Wan new girl
with very red hair, made kr appter
aace snddealy at his hense.
Oh where, Oh where did these twe
-yoang men go, Sutaraay nigat. xaeir
horse heads were tamed towards
Walast creek. Caa ne one tell? We
woeld like to ksow.
The lawn social given by the ladies
aid society at the residence of G. W.
Knight was a decided success, beth i
nanciallysnd socisily.
A Mr. Hayes and wife, from Geauga
county, Ohio, relatives of J. O. Cham
berlin, are visiting here.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Worthington and
Mrs. G. W. Knight havu returned from
their visit among the Pacific slopers,
and report having had a splendid time
L. N. Edson is going iuto the -vbecp
btuunea having traded property in
New York for a large llock.
Marsh Hurd has rented the livery
and feed stable here. We wish him
A. J. Worthiuglott has routed tho
Pitney residence and will inuyo into
town. Saxie.
This is the '-magic tows"
Valley. Since the suddlc of June
they hive crcctid ibout forty laild
iagr, and h&vc contracted for mere
Tho B. & M. arc building z depot
about twenty-four by cighty-iix. The
post office was started last week, and
F. O. Climcr & Co. lisucd the first
number of
bartlev inter-ocean.
A real estate agest, city dray line,
toneerial artist, sign and omamcatsl
paiutcr, brick yard, physiciaa, black
shop, meat shop, general merchant,
boots and shoes, jeweler, drag stere,
grocery, agricultural implemests, two
lumber and coal yards, three hotels,
three contractors and baildcrs, Bart
ley, and,
advertise ia it The University will
open September 30. Reams are now
ready fur several of the departments,
and they iHvite bids for erecting, next
summer, the permaneat bnildisg
which will cost more thsa forty thens
and dollars. Some say the plan as
adopted will cost more than ffty
thousand. In addition to the leag
university course there will he severs
short practical coarse for these de
siring to prepare forbnaiaewf er teach
ing. Professors Smith sad Werley,
lately of our isstitne go there and will
always be ready to give oar yoang
people any desired information. The
professors desire to cMconrage study
ing at home. They invite those who
find dimculties to corrtipead with
them. Saeeess to Bartley sad Mai-
lalicu University.
Fsask DfCKEnson has come forth
from his hiatus and new holds the fort
on the east side ef Webster street one
door north from Kaley Bros often
Frank has everything nicely fitted np
and has a arte stock oi
cigars, tobaeso, choice
drinks, pop. sinner ale.
cider and lemonade, all ice celd and
pure. Fresh peannts resiled daily
everything choice, fresh sad pare.
We sincerely thank ear
and friends who have se
patronised as ia tkis and tne pest
year lor year Kind fevers. w e ap
preciate them, we assart yen, and
shall always strive to make y
iaga with -as beth pleasant sad prsit
able. We hope to hear frem all ear
old customers daring the sessen. and
and from as many new
make it an ebject ttoengh ear sssisit
en and slhsrwise te kindly
with their etners. We give ear
tontien whellv te
therehy enstssners mnjr Fsry inn as
v vwwsh sa immis es
. - . i" UlitM
- a . - "- maaaaaaaw -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamM maBBmmLk--n.- rm&jri. m fa
ear pattens it ts steams, anntk and ' , ;: fHirBV,j9& .. iMk
trastwhen i T iW wEl- leak :-vVWjBiSfe'3
araamaai smammn nnsy wmiians tLwmmKiLmm.jrg kt'mk
threncb it nrnl att wmag tmmatav Ems &&mmmmWmm ? .T '. lm
pga nam w w aamw.iamr w-wjt, EEBBEBBBEBS .- r- ?& -Xmnai
amjnmamE-tm BaBaaaaM v snl EnaEmt EmEEK 'maaaaaaaat aBaaVEnEc 's mS? 1Csnaaaaaaaaaaaan '' AaaaaaaaaB ''C'- ."-, ' 'Sl flHB
': ad'EtdClnmi tlimrf sim m tmmt 'ilVH0Ji:C
Zj: '.- . f-. -. - , -,-- jkt yf.tjZ '-,.Bma v ir-- mBBSPr - .imsaaaWvS--- sr- ' tlml
.j"--' amsst smansms. msmaaaamTammj;' fa-, assa ;,c msmsj. Sam'''aan,naaaBaaaaaaaaaa '-' J-3-aj
f - vmmXJ mmM aUafml ''::'' Ml
,. ;mi-'mt-:0r BBM EEB" . ; i; '
T mmm mm maaaaaaamai ;'SBT''-naaaBEat ' 'aaaaaL'" - - rEBPat" "--" tr--B-3a 'E- '-Ssi
m'- T-Si Jrmjaj . appsasjam maaav . v . .' -i-- . - . -j IPmBt--- i
h" z? tanw tn BajBrn-Bamps avmr , EBEEjEMBH . !t ''M
i2s?5-S'- fnysi
5ST! vS
.-' - 'r-r'mmsLssrmmmn 5. --2Jisn
-M2&&?2tr: ,-jfc -mmmikm&Sm
maaMa . j- " , tmsslsmmnL - s
ammjsjass as msn vsnwn mwmmywrnss.-:;
mmmY Aasmst mV M9$v nsi,AAm
smmn-TMin. L. PmmV Mm flu masrtfc
MPs.Jfarm JtnrmT J. T. sSmi - J
thnsmVenhimsmwillhe ssn mTffsnr
mmn lsmnr' ssnsn asysssssmr m ssmi. .
if nntdsAmjend nsnssn, - "?&
i , H .. -cr-'.i-.' S
MbH em "EEEj EEErm xVVffnEaEmnVml
alt atUmChssami
smmX - mP'fe- v1
K. -
sn ---:
GettO. W, danss
-. nJ2.
le lean at
nt lewsst
We are
ami mvxe
sett it.
JEEjtpan EV EjfcUP EEe
her Yard.
r. f.iavMai
ass man ami . c T i5
Call at the First?
81 per cent, interest mrm leans. Jsf
Brick fer sale at tat fhieasn Lnss-
k x-.j .
Call at the First national Bank mr
$f per cent, interset farm leans. Jsf
Having need John a en's Vy
for ahont eight yean. 1 etaand
best work nublished for amstf
I take pleasure ia saying that I have
ued Johnson s lmversai c
for several years and eatsam it
highly indeed. I knew ef nt
that could take its nleee tor my
HE. Pmm,
Pastor l'reabyterian Clutrch, End
Cloud. Nel.
Farm loans negotiated. Farm testa
on tuut favorable tcrni Limns sen
be paid by giving .T) days notiec with
out extra cost. lcek to yenr best
intcrt.-u and cull tMi meat my t.Mm
over F?rt Vatioual Biuk.
II. B. grAXuOLK.
.oi A valuabb coat, just croo
the rivsr bridge, acar little hridgt, ofi
road to Guide Rock. Finder will ne
rewarded ou leaving sxre at Valley
House, Ikd Cloud. S. W. Scxuv
Owinci to my contemplated absents
from Red Cloud i o!Tr mf hotel aiwl
fed barn for sale at coat for the next
thirty day. S. 0. lUatt.
Ilouaefor rent, Apply to C H.
Potter. Good bt'ildingt, tdenty tf
water and near tha luineaa peraioft
of the city. 4s-tt
GAftou.N'e in 2 xal. lota 20 ots. per
gallon delivered free in any part ef the
city. Two ddivrie daily. Cans must
be at store by 0 a. in. and 4 p. m.
50 tf R.K.SEnjm40n.
A good team of horses for sale. In
quire ef Joseph Graves, Red dead, t
Fresh home-made candies atG. W
Cline's. Call and see him.
Brick for sale at tlie Chicago
If you wUn to sell your farm t
property call on JoecfH Gauva,
42tf RedClond. Xetr.
Try the Estey Sewing Machine. It
is the finest machine that is ansae.
For sale by F. V. Tayjer the east side
fumture msn. Red Ootid.
Snmmer dreaa goods, lawns, whits
goods, hamburgf , great verity tf mats
nwmwnvTy jHamTmjsHtWa KHarTlVf MHtVa fWE ""nmr
etc Will be closed entatn BserWn
at, Mrs F. Newborns, jneatt girt ne
a call.
Itch and scrstchts ef every kind
cured in 30 minnlts by WuilmraTe
Sanitary Lotion, Use no other. This
never fails. nc4d by Fergnstn k Ce drnar
gist. Rd Ctond. 2Hy
The beet and cksansst line tf
sfsmnnrss, and evermasing
nt Mrs. yews enter
Hkxky CooT now has the
complete stock tf wall paper, abates,
etc., in the Republican Vaney.
Pttt strati as. mTaaAjan XMmjamtamm mvimaaaaman
E wT (minst mmqiw t fffsmamsmsBBBasr KMJBRJrBH
ale. bireh beer. etc. at G. W. CMne's.
All fresh and niee. Call and tat hint,
Agtod farm for sale or rent. As
fornishsd. Aply to Jsepa Otawts
Red Cloud, Xeh. ltf
A xscx hne of dry needs will be sold
hat tmy cheap at Mrs. Xewhtnttls.
Ladfoa' cheap hosisry at Mm.
Go to Ed. Wiener's
stand if you want the
diet, the latest
pen and periodicaaf , etc Me aetns tat
best in the city. Don't forget it.
G.W.ih he nasi a ttfer aM tat
leading naaenmes. nnee iMk Fenran
rlaantamiMtng. r3
callonJ. W. Wa
the Fredenia waaksr. Anants. nereis
wish M
C.i; Went, Gen!
0 J J nnmtVVav MarJi OT
Ef eEnEBg i
it-rS-. i.
js jy5
L' - .i ,-.
Btnmraji sBraaBBBBmaas; pg EEvEy BBEEEfl)
'. Warrtn nnd ask in att
gtnettnsry Iry.?1 ,? ?" - ".IS.-Vf
mmwwvw 9 urn wwmmmmm rmm , -3- . , c '
T in Jm CmJ MhMi -'- -" - - "' "5-t. v 'J
J 1 I , "w.w mwm wmtm wnv m r -.
and tJaaa striate, and ast in k qi
tne conditiosi. MhH -;-,--- rvM
' '"'"" ""'"-' ' " f & .-ff
sasaaaah. daaarhk -"" - -j "" '-
maaaaaaaaaaaEnT Em :'V i, ,M
BaaaaamW aaSmaaar.mami .mas. . j- -g -?-
aaaaaaam maaaaaaWBmaBajmaBBBBBBBmBr , mmamsm i. msmnv - T 3- ,v "CZ
etts as wc sen aaanmaamsi' aan mar maaaar mal -.- - -. '
eeH EBB.W eeeeI - - -?& r
" BE ESmEnEnaVrmaanw, f M-MM'-Z -i IB
naf iBC9 ,'IEBiJ. 3 Wm
Bnaami .maBBBBBF' , aaaaaaaaaaamnvA -- '-' t - imeS
..- - . - H flaBBBBmaLm " '-c-BJ j.'VjSJTSSfe jai
aaaaaavaannasmBBBni -. a, .-. j -
naaKuBBJs JMm-. -.. v
j BaaaanasKa'aaanf vessssw"'
tnnttmsms. "mmsBaaamBaan.aaaaa-.' '' --siK-ss v's
'' aaaaarmtaaaahmal - 'Ki:
- -j- . naaaaaafEf maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV-aaaaEE TSp, .-C- s --;3&S3Lt3k. -- i. V----
te?EiimrZSZ2MWmmmanmZ&3t "jmnfkr' -'Brnm
':'' "SmMWmmmmMmMMWMmMMMMmiV'-""-SA- aHBJj
" t.'5.
t" fe
SB, " 38,,. Ft4
" - -v
-3ei ' . ".
WsK r
mi i
--. -saBt "dsm
- ." 1 . mat
;k-r, - EM
Z '.f . -v. i Em
c . -l nV
'?"- 5E '
$ J"fec. B"?.n ' .
-.: BREfl
j ;
'-:- H
t- l i
" -- ' .-'
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-' -'St f v "t n
Vtv-. is
'- --aar- -1
$- ' J
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-?-. " v
aa J8 r. jt:. 3
Ceties. ? ,, - :