The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 27, 1886, Image 4

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A. C. KOSHER, Publisher.'
In New York a careless handler of
the whip has been made to pay forty
ilollarM for bespattering and ruining a
lady's dress.
The financial embarrassment of I.
Parker Veazey, whose resignation as
Postmaster of Baltimore, Md., was de
manded by his bondsmen, caused the
failure of Goddess Bros., who are cred
itors for 106,000 of Veazey.
The Premier of Victoria stated in
Parliament during the discussion of the
New Hebrides question, that unless
the transportation of French criminals
was stopped the Australian colonies
'would unite to protect themselves.
An imbecile widow of St. Denis,
"France, with a reputation as a soreer
tss, was recently burned to death at a
Make by her two tons, who sprinkled
lier with holy water and tried to evade
rrest by pleading religious motives.
It has been decided to alter the plans
If the Garfield monument at Clevc
ind, O,, and make it 150 feet in height
instead of iiUo, as originally designed.
The architect came to the conclusion
that the tower would be too high if ex
pended 225 feet. The height now pro
posed will be sufficient to give a com
manding view of the country for miles
around, and when completed the mon
ument will be plainly visible from any
portion of the city. The change will
effect a saving of 20,000. This will be
expended on the interior and in pur
chasing fine statuary to be placed on
and about the tower.
I!i:ci:nt reports from the Lazaretto
at Traradie, New Brunswick, state that
every thing now points to an early ex
termination of the dread disease, lep
rosy, which for thirty j'eara has baffled
the efforts of the best medical men in
the country to eradicate. There are
now in the hospital only twenty-one
patients, nine males and twelve females.
Thirteen of these are in the early stages
of the disease. With one or two ex
ceptions of late, sufferings of patients
liave not been as great as in the past.
To the indefatigable efforts of Dr. Smith
n charge of the Lazaretto, who has
made a life study of the disease, is the
-judical change no doubt due.
Colonel Chough Noule, Ceneral
Agent of the Tcxxs & Pacific, at Dallas
Tex., has received a jug of water from
the Texas & Pacific artesian well at
Feeos City, accompanied by a note
from the Superintendent of the Kio
tiirandc Division to the effect that the
water has been thoroughly tested on
the road and that the engineers pro
nounce it first rate. The well is 21.'
feet deep, and the water Hows from it
at the rate of 7.000 gallons per hour.
The water is clear as crystal and has a
tdijrhtlv brackish taste, but is good for
drinking purposes. The .supposition
is that water can be reached at the
same or probably a shallower depth
all over the Pecos Vallev.
A telkguam from Zennatt, Switzer
land, reports another fatal accident in
the Alpine district A party of excur
sionists comprising one Cerinau. two
Knglishmeu, an Italian, his son and
live guides were engaged in the as
cent of the Matteiiioru when a heavy
fall of snow on the mountain tops
blocked them in. They wandered (lur
ing two days through live feet of snow.
Buffering lerriblv from hunger and
cold. At last one of the guides man
aged to get down to the foot of the
mountain to tell the tale. A relief ex
pedition rescued the remainder. All
were in a very painful state their
bands and feet were frozen and swol
len. One of the. frost-bitten English
men tlicd from the effects of his suller-
The prevailing impression at the
ffavy Department, according to a
AV:udiington dispatch, is that Secretary
Whitney contemplates the. reorganiza
lon of the Navy Department on his
awn responsibility, and that this will
1h. one. of his first acts after his return
from vacation. Ho is of the opinion
tinder the law he can arrange the
duties of the bureaus as he sees lit as
long as he docs not change their desig
nation. He will apjtoint a paymaster
funeral and chief naval constructor.
Irot will transfer much of the. work I
ii-retofoTe. carried on under these olli
crrs to other bureaus. Higher officials
rf the Xary Department tay they are
of the opinion the Secretary will wait
until Congress especially authorizes
him to reorganize, but they eeaa to
think a reorganization at tbc present
time would add greatly to the efficiency
uf the department.
Among the ollicial rvoordu nt tne
Dice of the Now York Aijucduct Com
tuisisVin are rejiorbs from the engineer
of construction and the division engin
eers to Chief Engineer B. S. Church,
showing that in the interval betHeen
Hay 1. 1SS5, and July 22. 1SSG. lo2
ycisons have been injured along the
line of the aqueduct. Of these 52 were
ithcr killed outright or died jdiorilv
jtftcr receiving injuries. How many
uf them survived their injuries for a
few days only to die later on, is a mat
ter of conjecture. In addition to the
.above unfortunate, scores of vorkmcu
-JhaTc iucurred trivial injuries which
-were not considered of sufficient ini
ortanco to warrant a reporL Tlicse
50-called trivial injuries often consisted
of the crushing of a finger or hsnd and
similarly painful wounds. ind which
compelled the suffer to apply for surgi
cal or nicdical treatment. Thysiciaus
ho have treated patients of this class
atimatc the number from 100 to 700.
Gleaned by Telegraph and Ma.lL
The notorious Orth H. Steiu was arrested
In San Jose, Cat, recently for attempting
to obtain money under false pretenses.
The President left Washington on the
lGth for bis summer vacation, proceeding
to the Adirondack mountains.
Ex-Congkkssman Thomas, of Ohio,
met with a terrible death while returning
the other evening from the Twentieth Dis
trict Congressional convention at Akron,
to which he was a delegate. He was lean
ing from the wiudow of a car, when his
brains were dashed out against a girder on
the bridge near Peninsula.
CHACNeer M. Black, of York County,
has been nominated for Governor by the
Pennsylvania Democrats.
The President of Uruguay was shot fu
the cheek by an assassin on the night of
the 17tb at Montevideo. An infuriated
crowd ieizcd the criminal and beat him to
The Irish National I,eaguo of America
closed its session at Chicago on the 19th.
John Fitzgerald, of Nebraska, was elected
The Missouri Democrats, at St Louis on
the l'Jth, ni'opted the Stato platform and
nominated the following ticket; Supreme
Judge, Theodore Brace, of Jlonroe County;
Superintendent of Public School., W. E.
Coleman, of Saline County, present in
cumbent; Railroad Commissioner, John
Breathitt, of Saline County.
Mit'HAEf, Davitt denies the receipt of n
cablegram from I'arnell culling him home
at once.
Tim: Michigan Democrats resolved in fa
vor of the free coinage of gold and silver
at the present standard.
Hon. Ezka Mn.urit, ex-Mayor of Omaha,
died suddenly at Syracuse, N. Y., on the
20th, of heart disease. His remains were
sent west. He was president of the Com
meicial Bank of Omaha.
Major A. J. Holme has been renomi
nated for Congress by the Republicans of
tho Tenth Iowa district.
John A. Lovei.t has been nominated to
Congress by the Republicans of the First
Minnesota district
Dit. Oi.ivm Wknijell Holmes was given a
banquet in Liverpool, Eng., the other night
by tho rhilomethic Society, and then fin
barked on his return to America.
I'ltor. C. E. Stowe, formerly of Andovcr
Theological seminary, ami tho husband of
Harriet Reedier Stowe, died at Hartford,
Conn., on tho 2Jd aged eighty-four. He
had been ill many mouths.
Pkinci: Ai.k."aN!i:k, of Bulgaria, was de
posed by a rising of the militury at Solia
on the 2!st It was thought that Russian
agents were at the bottom of tho conspi
racy us Russian troops wero reported en
tering Bulgaria. The Turkish question he
came seriously complicated by the event.
Tun 1'opu has asked Franco to explain
why her representative is to be withdrawn
from the Vatican.
J. Ke.voall, of Roston, successfully swam
the whirlpool rapids at Niagara in a cork
A TEi.r.GKAM has been received from Lon
don by Mr. Dodge, statistician of tho De
partment of Agriculture, stating that the
shortage of wheat m Great Britain for the
present year was estimated at (W.lXKJ.OOi)
Tin: Acting Secretary of the Treasurv,
Fuirchild, has issued another cnll for ?1,-000,00-.)
:i per cent, bonds to maturo on Oc
tober 1 next.
A sitciai. from Sandusky, O., says: A dis
nstrous incendiary lire occurred in the Mas
sillon Steel Works, built iu 1S72 at u coit of
JlHW.OOiI. No insurance.
Tun Lewiston (Me.) Steam Mill Company
has mndu an assignment, with $l,l!7S,00'J
liabilities and assets unknown.
James Scott, a fisherman, of Lewiston,
attempted to swim the whirlpool rapids at
Niagara Falls on the tilth iu a cork suit.
His dead body was picked up at Lewiston
nn hour later.
DritiNo tho two weeks' fires in Juneau
County, Wis., ten thousand acres of cran
berry marsh and timber laud were burned.
Many farm houses wero burned and slock
Ox the 10th two mora bombs, one gas
pipe nml on round, wero discovered on
the Luko Shore tracks at tho stock yards
4Y." Chicago, and taken to police head
quarters. A iusi'atcii received at tho War Depart
ment states that Geroniiuo, with forty In
dians, is endeavoring to make peace with
Mexican authorities on tho Mexican fron
tier. Jrnsox & Co., carpet dealers in Chicago,
have made an assignment with $75,000 lia
bilities and assets of $70,000.
Tin: Swiss Rundesrath has adopted strin
prevent the imporUition !
gent measures to
of cholera from Itnl
Hrxiu:i:is of sparrows were killed by hail
at Carlyle, 111., recently.
Tex thousand pilgrims arrived at Lourdes
on the 20th from various cities in Franco.
Eight hundred cures of invalids were an
nounced. The trint of the anarchists, at Chicago,
after lasting several weeks, ended in the
following verdict: "We, the jury, find
the defendants August Spies, Michael
Schwab, Samuel Fieldeu, A. It Parsons.
Adolph Fischer, George Engel and Louis
Lingg guilty of murder and conspiracy as
charged iu the indictment and fix the
penalty a death. We also find Ocar
Neelie guilty of murder in tho manner
charged in the indictment nnd fix the pen
alty at fifteen years' impriMUimeut"
Tun Xurth (Senium Gazette, of Berlin, states
that Prof. Braekeubush, the German ex-
plorer. has made a large annexation of
territory in parts of Patagonia iu the name
of Germany.
Tin: Weymouth (Mass.) Iron Company.
nail manufacturers, stopped payment on j
the 'JOtli. The trouble was licought nbout by I
MMwes caused toy the Hood last spring and
the tsuspensiou ot tho Bridgewater Iron
Company. Liabilities, f:W,(K); assets the
Tne newspaper of tbe conatrr generally
expressed sntisfactioit witk tiie verdict
agauiKt the anarchist prisoners at Chicago.
A Ciocs gale ravaged Galveston on the
:20th. Six live wero rvivwted Wjst.
Bourg St. Augc:
A scvkue usil storm visited Hancock,
Jtle.. wceiitly. JUnny windows were broiru j
and the crops were serloasly JatungftL
The next day was so cool that the bail
which Lad gathered iu the gutters did not ,
IxroitVATiox has been receivetl atTomh
stoue. Ariz-, that Captain ltwtoit and
Lieutenant Gatewood would be bom- from
Sonora iu a few davs. Lawtou founa no
Indians in tho Sira Madres-. Those sertt
recently at Frouto
n m . TTi-iawF-ik& . t- i f tii iriti .iiiiit no ri" -
lutw.iiueanionu.ritociaii.necon- "-'ZurSZJ aberration. t r,Kht ci-nspiratom. Chris &m, the I--.Vr ' c-..l to .- :::,...' II.-. C.turt..' r. j ,- cilaru, wr. at U dt to ,-
venuou m -lunura. . i.. m uiooiiaaieoi "'';" T ,,' ' AN editor in Northern Nebraska whr ',f .,.. ciereland anarchi-t- will . l"--. --l I-""1 -bw '..' i r i-..s m,f i Him, uu It - iniTl , ,. ,j , ,
September, at ukich. it I, ep-ted over Bussian ugfuu vrre at the hot-, . t a wwI , " be I i taa.I ana ch, w l b, , ntUinitauJ?'S from all ,aru of the conn- ontof the whole bus,n-o, report b?mg - lM,imtion of a Mil .ton, j ?"l?J!ai!ZuZl ' ,lr,TC' "f lhe W' J"h" ,l'" ' ?"" "- -a U! ,1
tryUlbei..tU4ai.ce. jhat the Prmce wa. a state prisoner ,n -k s,,,,. u.t. C..o,i. ,! a, l,,t- U a T 0 . K t L ' U"- V,il,1:f,:";, V r! , COfW,'I', U t -lr Atthd'
Tiie Ceatral Thi-Hc A-ci.tiaB has or- 'Ku. tl whereouts wa notdetm.te- ate, ,y us tlwn nnv 0.h,.. nbc JjXr " l fii .ideVt w?t he ' ?"T "t ? l?' "' J'V " t"M1 Z"Z ""jr'?- ' '"-
dored therogatioa of Pitching charges ;l.vknon. IP ,.,..,.-: bu,i, ! rri -.11 I, ,,;i,I i ! : ;':;; "i" ,f 1 ri j 2' "
of $0 erir on ir-aiu Tiiis wili hwer I t-tKVTT nnner were onou-!r injur?.! J , . ". . ., , . '"r'r"- " " . "r. righr, ft s vtif xinl IJr-. Jfd clJ Mr-", wl tUt ihutiri Irihmn v.
s.1 . jacaruiis-aiii. wu ww-r .... ... ," . and dciiendent upon the generoMtv of tht marttr-t to the can-- and Mm: a new uh- t ,, ,k, ,.,.,, .i.. t .,. , , .., . -.. i , . M " nnmn
the Uxx oa tin storage of graia ia eic-v-Uori , the other day at Lykeus. Pa., by twoex-, , - - ,, , So nrciil.m b their ! w ,B :.: ' , 7'" -: W fUt "Wi b-or. islr 4
forshort periods in Caicaco. s plosion-of Rr.s, caueJ by lighting a lamp . ,t'tj1"- . . I.ti?' S,f. h.,JL ill tlJ '.. . ' "t4. tU .k, dr- ef wpIwjm. mrf teJwU , ;f.
,. , , . ... ',, !i..i.iri,nL 1 ANi now ttiev are compj-Kning or toe t ,.,. . . i iiumorr nf w- (in lui-!. ike ta- . rr ir . Jndg- ViiU M-, lnv.-- ,.!
ioi:TT boa s were burueU recenu'r m -"-- i.uiiole. - - for the nrrr .:on i Ui-- Chicago tjiI ; T , ,fJ M.t .. . ,,. ... , -,... .,. .. . ' TT. fs? Iwvc xrl
stine. France. J i,;"- ll'ii-" ot the irrawncMy nrose at! macn ruiu in iae lurjiuoucan van-Mr. ; w r na.,df.r tl r V I Himr. I ' -.".. '.ih-i niu-mtu
: no doubt doubled jiion. J. (3. XXain.'. , i
back between the ciinrtands of Lawtou I Tur eoAntv rihtriciMns: xthn -.?.'. m . two haxniia. a tst3g taxnu and a flci .'" ,,rK ' UJW
and Gatewood. Grass a.,,! water . si- now tb- iiolicenie.i xtoau letl in the H-tymsrLet -th ral- mx.tul ,llr jVrr, prtBctt Vul car-Id -j:
plentiful everywhere ia 4vj n :nr.-ns. riot Lave iadt? a .si.iii forLCM) for nru- .Tkacx lnyir.g has lgnn cm tbe Wart ,., . :.....," ii t. ,t
i tSe hostile a m-jo about tt fess.ona! and th.-Mu Ti.t3iUst extt.on of the St. Paul Omaca road. p--. jiii B-tJ i eiglifer-tt. istUe ilc
I tLsIr plcasais. I the cltv of Cliicatjo ua.eis paid. TLs b.aci is only twenty-two niiltr lois I tlstlls th:rt3-:so year Ltr tz'Jwr.
TnERE were sixteen new cases of chol
and three deaths in Trieste, Austria, en
the 20th.
Tu New York Produce Exchanre has is
sued positive orders against trading befora
and after hours.
The Cambria Iron Company, of Johns
town, Pa., in making war on the Knights of
Labor. Sixty men have been discharged ,
without can bemg asiigned. Half the John RVri,on an,,-Con Sh,ban wcre ln.
employes are knights and it was expected ,tantIv uUM Chr QIoa had hi, ,p!n.
all would strike. ' -rushed and w.ll die.
Wiicx the parade- of Barnum'. circus , Al,M1KKRS of 1Jujralo , n cheyenn.
was about to start at Madison, T la,, th. . c)Untv SUrwt th:tt one of the MI MW
other day a Mrs. Reif, who was near the rounr,- into wbJclj CheVenne wlU be dl
panthers cage, which contained four am- ri(lpd ca,Ied -
mas ami trie keeper, Had ner nat mown
under the cage by a sudden gust of wind
,,,u iie iu Kcurc it. " - -
large panther put his jaw out and caug
her by the hnir and, with the other paw
in her face, lifted her from the ground.
She was neriously injured before being
The report is confirmed that Kmpp ha?
secured a contract to supply 1,500 tons of
hteel rails for the conitruction of railroads
to be used in the development of milling
industries in Tientsin.
Tun Treasury Department on the 20th is
sued warrants for nearly fS.OOO.OCW for pay
ment of pensions.
Tiik oflieial returns of tho vote in Yazoo
County, Miss., on the local option law give
a majority of 220 against the sale of
AX archaeological discovery which has
just been made at Athens is exciting much
interest. A number of columns, in utate
of perfect preservation, were uneartheJ ou
the Acropolis. They belong to a period
before the Persian wars.
Kkckxt ud vices from Constantinople are
i O i
to the effect that the insignia of the "Che-
fakat" has leeii bestowed by the Sultan
upon .Mrs. drover Cleveland. It is an or-
der of benevolence well known throughout
tiie and at u recent entertainment
given by the I'orto the same badge was
conferred upon the wife of Minister Cox.
A Tni.r.fii'.A.M from the Governor of Saint
Pierre Miqu!on ays a most violent storm
had swept over the island. Two vessels
vere driven ashore and wrecked anil many
men drowned. The damago to shipping
and property in different parts of New
foundland was very great and eighty lives
were reported lost.
A iiiH-ATLit from St. Petersburg of tho
2ltKays: A passtnger steamer plying on
tho river Volga, at Saratov, capital of the
province of Saratov, has been burned mid
two hundred lives, lost.
A jnTKTCTivn lire broke out in San
Francisco, in Small's machine shop. Bran
nan street ou tho night of the 21st. Two
million dollars worth of damage was done
before the tiro ww subdued. Insurance
not stated.
A smai.i. sail boat was upset on Lake Min
netonka, .Minn., during the storm of the22d
and three of the four men in it were
drowned. Tho drowned were Itolert Thul-
burt, a prominent real estate dealer; W.
B. Jackson, Jr., secretary and treasurer of I Ai.vix Hanson, aged twentv-two, was ro
the .Monitor Plow Works Coniiany, and a ' cently drowned while bathing iu the upper
hired man in the employ of the plow works.
A roitninx lady who lost $12,000 at tho
3Ionte'Cnrlo gamingtables has committed
suicide in a village near Grenoble. This
makes the seventy-sixth wise of suicide
owing to losses nt Monte Carlo since tho i
beginning of the season.
Skvhn persons were seriously injured by ,
... .. y . ..... .. .
a collision on me Laninvii ec Atlantic run- "" ". nminy. me ooiuisineu nave em
way nt Aucorn, Pa., on tho 22d. ployed several attorneys and undoubtedly
Timm: vouii"' Scandinavians were ,
were ,
drowned in Lako Pepin, Minn., recently .
by the upsetting of a boat.
Ci.iMuixtt houso returns for week ended
August 21 showed nn iiverngu increase of I
i:$.'.l. In New York tho increase was 13.5.
(lv tlm I.otuI.Mi KrehMi..-.. iinrinn tli i
week ended u-tist "I American securi-
wllk LiiiiLu .utibi -i, aiiiiniaii secun -
ties were depressed in tho early days, re-
covering toward the end. Business ou the
Berlin Bourse was active. At Paris it was ,
.stJignnut. At Vif.uia brisk.
A wwoiin containing four girls was struck
by a tram at the grade missing it mile be- i
low HilNboro Bridge, N. II., tho other
nfteriioou. Jessie Colby was instantly
killed. Blanche Colby fntallv, and Nellie
Flanders mid Nornh Colby severely in
jured. Tin: Galena and the Yantic have ro
t u rued from their cruisn among the ilsher
nieii iu the Northeast.
A iaiu.i: nie.s,age from Dr. rvrueger, at
Kiel, announces tho discovery of Win
necke's comet fmm the observatory at
Capetown, Africa. Tho following is tho
discovery: Positions August 2d. 2 hours, 4
minutes, lti seconds, Greenwich mean time;
right ascension, II! hours, 10 minutes, 21.5
seconds: declination south 1 degree, S iniu
ute, 17 seconiN.
Tin: Peruvian budget for ltli ?T s!
a deficit of S;UK.Vl, '..
s !
EioiiTi-Tiiur.E new cases of elmlera and
t,li't-v sevon ,W'ntl, Wt,' ".-port..,! on the j
gun in tue var.ou, miecteci districts ol
Ai.i:.tviKU ICkai'Otkink. brother of
Prince Krapotkme. and the translator of
Herbert Spencer's works into Russian, has
committed suicide.
Caitaix Mooiik. with his wife
and five children, of Dentin's Bridge, and
Dolph Moore, with his wife and three chil
dren, of Klliot. Tex., were drowned in tho
Iat storm.
Tiik National Butterine and Oleomarga
rine Association, iu session at Chicago on
the -Uli, decided to contest the Oleomarga
rine act.
Kt.l'or.Ts from Washington discourage
hopes of Secretary Manning's early return
to his duties.
A STitiKi: occurred nt John Drake's
Quincy. Mass., ho, factory b cause a iat
iug mnchifie and non-union men were in
troduced. Tiik Treasury Department has decided
that Canadian vessels can carry passen
gers from Cleveland to Chicago, using two
Ttir. rear car of n Gulf, Colorado A: Santa
Fe tram jumped the trnck on an embank
ment near Brenham. Ter., recently. One
ljoiy was killed and about ten persons in
jured. Tin: people rf Bulgaria were reported by j
riorueaiis satisOeil with the deposition of '
,, . , . n.. . '.. , ,i
Prince Aievander. tne minorttv of the
. . . J , ,
ariu ifiiisei iiiriuiesire iu uie rr.oi.i-
timi. and tne tuil.ti.t threatened to over-1
., - - , , .'
tur it the provisional go ernment set ut bv ;
., '. . ,. , ' i
Vniidalav. Buriaah. reccnClr. causing a j
t-rnble fliMx:. in which 1.0J lites were lost ;
and -f.stiOu,(.oo damage done.
Tse Bot Brewing Company, as repre
tentative ot all the Loyco;u.. Jlfhvauks
jbtoaerics. has notified the King's of l-t-
bor that unless the Uiycott ts u lihdra n
every Kuight in their employ vxld be
discbjtt-g-yL This affects iVXl men.
Tiie lLptib!:c-m campaign iu ilain-r jtw
nn.Mui.! n r wl .1 fr 1-t. o. it- "Jr. l.v
.f...V... ... ...r -Jr I I .... . .. .. ...
. -- s - - - - . -,. -- -, ...,....,-v - . -- w s .- -f .if . j- - -r a.
James Shields was found dead ia l bed
it Omaha the other morning.
Br the caving iu of an embankment on
the Mnuouri Pacific near V.pill.on, recent-
!y, fourteen men were leaned under forty
feet of earth. Eight of them escaped with-
Lv a well at Burnett Ole NeNon ;
j TewnUy tnick ft Vtfin of pun. waler at a ,
jell.h of fortv f, thntllowcl over the too i
' ,'., .,
ji iuu vtru.
Faikicxt i anxious for the extension
of the St. Joe &. Grand Inland road, and is
ready to vote $'0,0"O ju IhjihLs, the amount
tkked by the company The projxned ex
inch was in the allirmative. in tne mean
time the contract ha been let for the con
struction of the works, and interesting liti
gation may result.
Tiiuiik or four soup men recently worked
Hheltou very succes-fully, leaving for tho
! next town before it wa dt,covered that
they had taken out no license. An oilier
was ilispatched to overhaul them, which
was done .successfully. A good line, soiue
heitv" costs and a lecture m:tv pusdilv
j cause them to hereafter respect the diguitv
oi municipal law.
Wisxint offers a bonus of $1.."'W for n
j flouring null of a capacity of 50 barrels
Ier i!a.
W'hkn the porter escorted two guests to
n room iu nn Uiimlm hotel the other night,
as he opened thu door he was horritied t-
iind that tho room had a dead occupant. Lv
mg on the bed. was the lifeless form of A. J
Anderson, a guest of the house, with blood
oozing from u bullet wound in the head,
The victim was a young man, a Dane, not
more tlian twenty live years of ag
smooth shaven and neatly dressed. A 1
ter told the story of disappointed love and
his desire to live no longer.
Tin: old settlers of Dakota Countv re
newed old acquaintances at a recent picnic.
Nohkoi.k lias been declared the county
seat of Madison.
So.mi: malicious wretch recently threw
dynamite into George Oelke's lish pond.
,ltfar -selnaska City, killing most of the
n!,u- 5,r- Oelko offers n reward of ?50 for
tho arrest of the scoundrel.
Tur following Nebraska post-oiliccs were
established on tho Wli: Shickley, Fill
more County, Robert B. Campbell, post
master: Van W'yck, Lincoln County, Hen-
' r3' d. Williams, postmaster.
reservoir at Kearney. He was unable to
swim and waded beyond his depth.
Tur. county commissioners of Otoe
County nt a recce t meeting in
sti ucted the county attorney to bring suit
against Duke W. Simpson, late county
treasurer, ami his bondsmen for the sum of
' Jf-sJ.W, being the amount claimed to be
.U n- ......... .
. the county. The bondsmen have em-
the suit will bo hotlv contested. The bond
the suit will bo hotlv contested
's " good one and the county attorney is
contideut of winning tho case. Hkkv, uf Belvideru, recently lo.t
n index linger while examining the mo-
1"S of n family
Tiik lntes,t swindling gng is contlncd to
the wealthy and intelligent class of faun
- "
"sof " St,lte- V. ell.lressed "represent-
"t'Ves of F.astern business houses" call nt
l" Iarm s. ilioy impnru into the
condition and quantity of the harvested I
cr,J'' carefully note the answers, and wind ,
. i j .. ... l
"P ?tting the farmer's Mgnaturo to the ,
........, 'I'l.i- ,.. e .i...... :
t-...,. tu..-. iuiii7,iiiot uirn Utij,i in uu
iron-clad promissory note. :
Ox August HI u shooting affray occurred '
In the Boteu vallev. about twentv live
miles west of Broken Bow, resulting in
the death of Enoch Young by one Vinson,
Theaffrav was the result of a eontest ovei '
n pioce of laud.
Cam. i wav was lately swept by a brisk
breeze, inflicting it loss of $2,000.
Axi.tTiM.of the board of inanngotB o. ,
the State hiur Association was held nt
Lincoln the other night for the purpose o.
formulating final plans mid issit ng various ,
contract" necessary for the opening of the !
lair, winch oecurs September inth. 1 he .
premiuiu for free-for-all pacing race was j
inciensed from f-KKI, the original uiuouut,
toj-siM), the same to be divided into four i
purses, fifty per cent, of whole for first
horse, twenty-live percent, for second. Hf
' teti lier eeut. for third iind ten ner eeut.
for fl,urth. A further sum of fjoij will be
Bllk.,, rovI,
provided a time ot .':"Uir better is j
. . - . .i
made. The secretary reported that all i
towns throughout Nebraskn had been li!- i
orally supjdied with cards, bills, posters,
hangers and other devices advertising the
fair and that the supply had become uenr
ly exhausted.
Tur. Nebraska State Prohibition Conven
tion met at Lincoln on the I'.'th, with over
40) del gates, representing forty-five conn
periutondeutof Public Schools J. A. Smith
After the ndjourniuei.t from th State con
vention the delegates from the several Con
gressional districts mt and placed in nom
iuation the following for Congress; Firs;
district, George E. Bigelow; Scond. Ry.'v.
C. S. Harrison; Third. W. G. Olingcr.
ScitiiiNsn wants a pork packer.
Fli NT Pinter, a young man of twenty,
four, has wandered aw ay from his honir
. .. , , , . " , ", s
in Graud Island, and his
, . . , ., . , ,,
friends fear that harm will
pn rents and
come to turn.
i Pierce received a touch of sunstroke come
. .
time ago. and h
is mind .showed signs ot .
A CiitonoN female sharper ree-'ntlv
playe,! it slick on the conductor of an Elk '
horn Vallv train. Her nocketlioo s! !
ont through a window in tbe presence o; j
the autocrat of th punch. Of c.ure thc
pure contained her tv-k-t and all the '
wealth she ios-ei, and her tearful div '
tress evoked practical Kvmp-tthy from th J
occupant of the car. She wx permitted ;
to ride free, and telegrams were sent to)
the nearest station, ordering a search for
tbe tost pane. It was found, and co&Utin-sr
sion will nin direct v north from the- t -Mini,terol finance, .m. iturnmi; .m ihmt .-in.u -..... v..-.--. - ... - - ; l Tn kl(2, .rw vt,s: "i: u a ..
in line in Thaver cJuntv through Fu- ! ? Wr. M. Nek.foroll; MliiWer of Jntlce, the deciec to t he Jef;i h. i..c. n .rn. , A,rmJrr w, de,.r.vr4 , f
ore and York to a Junction with -M. PtloioM)lt: .Minister or hducation. ai. onc worn urn n m ii. ..-....- , br ,j,r dir.i't orders f ts i ,
oreanu iork uounues loajuncuou wiwi . ti.. i....... t... r....,'.r Cmtu i.u H,wtv v i ue util'mj " l""' . ' ., . ... . .
Omaha & Republican Valley TOad a ;-
sburz. I ,, ,..'. .... ,,..,......7... s .. ' I M..-i ,,.!.., vt... I Mi.a a!! th:. has to do ' 'ra"in -," " "..; -,V-
. , , , , . . ., ""-ii utnun me nuis.iii.iiiiu-'ij. - - - -- -- it w i.l not deceive . enwu. I r?rc .
kater bonds were defeated at the )K, K Autf. .ja.Tll. ,,,,2,. are trnn. , n,u, my rnl in Hie M Fam, Uer,l2, for ; J u' '" ? . . rJw.. j:-. art
d election. This election was made 1 null Tlixniv u ilintntniml ! i rjlir . xdrlv I was 4rn-sit. for four weefes i ..".. .'' ...... .i .,....
es,ary by the illegality of the tlrst one, decorated with Hairs. Premier Clement has inra:crr.u.M and a l.iu: trlisl at the ' a ' ' ' ' , of ,fa,, ,iu.
Ife. After the ...lo.t,on of. l-nstl,;-,.lt ..rlily i.. Il. 1h al c, 11, il-r . . ,,,,,,,,., f .,r a .'.., , , , , ,J ," " '""'' "
v.ews..,,, and a ta-t .b,d of .ul7.i...i l on that tli &? t""
! dav observance and other questions. :U 1 'f t,ie lnTe Va,C J 'Uw ''l1 ?" , ---. -l-n-al y among the u-tu- h,,1 - rv.r h-l l,. itlluu ,",Z"
following ticket was put inSiommation f ' ;-.-- ' ' M,y b,.n Ly ,1. "J"'
Governor. II. W. Hardy, of Lancaster Coup - "" ai . ,-ar j J ';"- tUMnHnmivm,,,,,,,,, y.n on ,, w , iBil
ty: Lieutenant Cov.-mor. E. B. Grahr.,,,: nV wlndl Conn . " .er "pl7k's ,"d '!"" l ,",,"MM- , '"' Ut"" ,""' "' Y'l''l " " Um"lt "1 "- t t,.t
Secretarv af State. E. J. O'Neil: Treasurer. r, t ,, , title, ik-cr -tare Lamar I, ! iV" lUU" i f" 7 - l"'-t but. 'I h- cdjr ul Uw,,r , ,h,,
, . . , , t. i . t l" it .. rein.eo i . .nr mo. jwawii i.iuwi, hi UUy jj,p ir mising atnl nothing cn be Mtma nimM in hi. lutiu.r .. . .
A.S Leach Aud.tor. J. L Hooper; Attor ,,,, comments i,.o ,e f I ltaiIfti uJtl, U)U n,f). lrri rw ,,,. uri,ortlm. J " f ", J, . f
nev (teneral. Martm 1. Brown: Lommi. .Sparks. esu'i Isheil a precolmt ,,.,.., -,.. i .-.i..,- ,t . i,n, ,.- , , i , , , "'. " WM
stonemf Public I. :,d, L. B. Palmer. S- w'hich ,. of the .,.. mu-.rtance in a j ?&??i U c, S "U i" "l 7, UT
rintendentofPubltc.SchooIsJ.A.Smith large el. f Mm II .r case, 1 f dc- t' ,hr... or. th. who.. p.n.ala on -loch and hr.rly . .. , I tnL, f
After the adjOimn.ei.t from th- State con to ..veiride a .b- Uion of the L ,te,I ; ImianoU MlMte a,urr ., ft , m , J fr.Hn lliSi I nr t ,
vention the delegates from the vernl Con- Males biipr-iinj t:irl. which lidrclm bi j Ha,rn T, p.U fos a. now .6;Tr. Khi, IL . ,. ,
gressional district ,.t and placed in , br at cry . nd .r ;;" ; -Vxa, from the rulf .form .: l;rth$".
TroofM turrvaao the rle" or llatcrU
1'rlur. Cxpturr aed tcrt Iflaa to tka
Losiiojf, Au& 23. A d
uu!i:arJa. dated
. th W-ce and the
Uie troop
the r!.ltAl surronnded tile nalace csrlv
.,.-. t 11 ) -.A lt.t.l
uianaormuz. iiiiicb aicuuvi .lt...
procrttled to the pa!co of the Lii.sln
agent of the Czar and utuuit:M
to him the resolution, all kneel ntr. '1 he
a-nt anred them of the Cmf ! friend
hip. The followliisr pruriMonal jrovern
incut has been furmei: Prime 31 mister,
llonslicnor Clement, MetropoHUiii of Tinio
va; ilmNter of Foreign AtTalrs. 3L Su-
jjnotT: .Minister of the Interior. 31. SankutT;
issued a iiroclauiatiou announcing ttm
formal thiicatuni of Prince Alexander,
who renounced the throne forever, bctn.:
1 convinced that Ins re ku would be fatal to
. Bulgaria. The Premier stato that the nciv
cabinet will setve until the uieelini; of tin
i im A.e.nbly and rtiyi. the !io
that ail parties will co-operate to maintain
i the law and assures the jn-ottie that
J will not leave the country without his jw-
erf ul piotection. Priu-c Alexander was
1 escorted to .oui en loutc to Botimauia.
, The (t-riuJii duvcriimciit has onlcied Heir
I Thiciuiaii, who was recently anponited Uer
j man airent at :nii.t, to remain a: Constant!
! nopie for the piecnt. .Mr. btojojtnoi!. tho
, new Foreiirn -Minister, lias notified tho
asreuts of the jntwers of Saturdit's events.
Bl.Kl.l.v. Aiu. 23. -It Is stated hole that
1 Prince Alexander, of Bu'ir.ina. was de-
, posed aul maile a piisoner duiiin; an ln-
i spectumof trooti at Whnttu. The Cologne
tj'tzcttc and Berlin '..: express the belief
; that the event will tend to preserve pence.
j 'j,eV j;ay tiat I'fince Ah
J cpial'itics diveitcd a bet
Alexanders personal
ter fate, but Kn-
hind refused him active Mipmut Hjaitisl
' Buss.a. Tut key was afr-ihi to risk war ,'
iu behalf of Bulgaria and the (astein meet- ,
Ing showed that the alliance was unbroken, j
Hence his position was a hopeless one. A
report has reached line that Kuvdan troops
aie proceeding to Bulgaria by wiy of
All llopr of the Anarchists on t lir Siiprrme
Court The Wl Il.te .tlrrlloc.
Cnnwiio, Aug. -1. Fiicml.s of the con-
victcd aiiaichists baso all Iiojh-s of saving
them on an appeal to thu supremo Couit,
believing that that tribunal will reverie thu
verdict. They claim that If tho State JNi-
prciiiu Court sustains the iMdict. the c.tsu
wid he carried to ttie I nited Mates .u-
- . .. ...i .. ,An.M ..k ffti fwntUr ' W
There w no disorder. The populace then The decfadon of the court U Buln.. , rtamt-r ftr.I P" '
avsenibled and adopM rrUlnUou pr-y ba-ed entirely n,on the fxct tlut Mr.lla. Wty. aft.1 h ormxlnc HJ U. .
Ing the Cr to re-extend his ,ympathy o f.e r.ttcude,. pa,tr. had wairrd hU n?ht to . . iJi.'li.V.V
the Bulgarian people. Tl,an,Wa, a c v,I ,n.i for d.mMTrs, the court ho dm,- Mat J "wl I .!."
i ' """ ".'". : .. .. : . .. ... j- -I,. ...,,l . ,r (if iM'urT.i",..-r. -
preiuu Court on the grounds that .ludk'o vest l-uIk.m at Chihuahua. A tiimr i rwr
i (iaiy refused to iustriii't tin; jury for do- , rent anions the A met leans hete lh.t Gen
I fense that the law allowed men to cat her : era! ie;::v.ick cairies his rinuiiiissiou ait
peat-rainy, aim hm: uieiii a usui in irpri
by foico any attempt of the nuthoittlcs or
citizens to break up a meeting. Last iii.'ht
secret uieetinir of the tcmnle telativvt
of the condemned aiiatchists was held iu
which all determined to Maud toircther. and
do all thev could for their tttifoi tutinto
, iiri.,',iri,ll Imii ,r, ,.., ,:,.; a violent
speech. State's Attorney GilnneM, stateil
that no more iun-ts "would be ninde at, but that other nnaichists h:id better
behave, tor a I thu leaders arc now iteing
watched and would all be arrested at one.
The Arbciter Zeitung will hi; snppiessed if
ituuiKe.s any fuitlicr leteience to uiihery or
any thing improper in the nial. (!eneial
"; ""dhcr of tl.econv.cte.l am
declared that every tiling will be
,ev.M. t,,c Vt.r,!lL.t
Parsons, brother of the convicted aiiaielu-i.
lonu U)
San I'raiM'iseo Snlt'ers Very Sertoli I.or
Ity Klre.
C?... 1-..... 4 ., .. .1.-
r,l. IIIA.mimu, iu. -.. win" lit um
I'gest firo which has ever visite.l ibis city,
occurred S.iturday night. It slatted short. y
after six o'clock in SmaT.s machim; shop, ,
on Biaiinan, between Fointh and Fifth J
streets, and with such rapidity that j
second ami third iilniuis oiiiekiv followed. '
I : he tire ran noith for half a block, cross ng ;
Ktyaiit. Braunan nud Bluxomo stieets, and
extended from in dwav between Fotirtn
. .
Wto ., UIM,.r Co,,t,l two hours after
,t s,arL Tu. ,,s .irii ,.s. iUm1 nt I
ahmjt cooyooo. Tho Iosi-m
.in. .McHawIc-y & Co., agrcultural Im- i
,,,..t,,; V. p. Brailhury, planing milt ;
r.ii. I I-if I i slr.-efs to the I:Ot..r sti.-.-f t:
Gilbert v 3Inisc. school furniture; I
Sculler wagon woiks; Baker t Ilamli'tnu,
fgTiCultural Iiiipleinenls; II. W. Bice, agtl-
cultural machinery; Walker A" Son, wool
waieho ; Whittb-r. Fuller A- Co.. paluta .
ami oils: Fuchs t Kiihler. funiitiiie ni-iiu- j
larmiers? ICrelbin; Bros., fiiridtniu mauu.
' - i
SerrrtMrr t.inir Think the Itrrl.iona of
of the Hreioe Court Worth Itr.prrtOiK.
Washington. Aug. '."!. Secretary Li
mar has made a derision in the Farm Mort
gage case, which has attiacbil o much at-
tentioii hi U icois;ii. slurpiV overruling;
the decision of Conimissiniier parkii. of tl.n
Iiollrio-iit .1 ii r-h..
Cixvki.m. ").. Aug. 'it. Circulars
hate been distributed here calling a me-;-iisg
of the lfcal anarchists this evening to
express indignation at tl e conviction of il e
V..UII-- l.lrf. '..llr.
Vaxhau.v. HI.. Aug. 21. New of a
urnsatioiiat e"op-mnt comes from JIox.
ird's PiitnJ. alitt.V vitlars fourtern rade
, of the Natlonat rnad. ltx. llanrarrt
Tregarden Kept Isvtrd'T rnl had lrm j
with licra force, 3Ji 3Irgie Ibsrd. B"tft J
Jlrj. Trrgarurii and h-r ni-c. f-jocrir
lid in th c ty. ArHjgiIferxrder ma; j
c Jam-s Stt. win took r.ulu- s fancv to j
-w -' --,- -
t' l I ..ii.l f 11..... n.t.f .1 ,. ...,.a... !.. ,..
i tu. Hi iiiii rn ,-., ii- Ho.e 10 nve aiiv roll. Iil Iin.Oi.. m.ui.l I ........ .1. . i,..o W...IV. ...i.i ,......f iihu ... '
- -, , ---- - - - - iitsjos:. u.iriyeiyHT;o ii.rro;. 31.1'ki.. , or Ui jw atvl Ordrr U,u n ,
miMhs to have done. Not o do or to , Mar w. ;.-, toU.y a..d .own pto.-rt,. -XW. ce.-d urrr- aUllTYuJl
utiueo-sirilythe doing id it i. l viol,, WJ. ,,. , p,jMJ. , mtor' lu , u itSal ei.iiTU A".
the statmes, and involves a grave tiultuu UMll.t 6wt0. many Sra Jrh.Wr".. U" ,M
:i I I I !! 4.1 IS.. la L 1 V uLI iur & r-m K 1 h .. a a 1 . . m- - . . - - ------ I.-
I " - I w ,l11" use. aa. a.
r mJe love Ul l.r. "' v"l '
;i to the cort-h.P.1-1 "-';--;
-- r l.. ,., tt.- '-nti of h
J.I". lir-.-lKiril fUK"-'
Th s:nrm Court ,f.:tlHha Kl
th IJrlUrnl Trwt t.lior-i.- -
... .. -.u.i
Cln U ! Ir
minutrs of the Chin
f -.. rrtr.1 trirv frd tO him.
..-.. ....v. -
in- ,i.Hrr, rViinit him Horn iur-
ti.-it ti. . .mml ihn nnxvettinc o. in
. .
Sutc. When rcicvd by the cour' Cut
tincreplod. -As Ionic a I am not far
ther dttainr! m a prisoner 1 accept my Bt
erty. and 1 request cny
of the decrw of the nprrmo
Court U civen tuc for my future
uv." This the court consented to do in
tunc in t.einiHe,u u.c . ..r.-..
on i.n.,Miat, rceavt It I- .d on ti.o
other sWe ot the Bio that the MeMcan en
... I ...I ..
titlit.', tifoh biting the residence
of &
tatot-. ainl wther dancenftts ciMwacirrs With
in the icpub.K-. vtll t enticed e,ut
AiJi :m:i run njtrnnsuvKNT?.
After the ilecieo had been rd to Cut
tins and a cony ss to bun he wt c-r
lied to t!.e :Ke of Mt Pmteiicjo. !! e
lie w.s ftttM!!v vt at lderty. CMinl
Bristmm, with a numUr of American,
were with t ito. A oudtnJ stakin-j of bnnU
between tl.e Ainercaiis fei wei. anl ad
.sdjoi.tiHit t4 a rastiHt on the corner, cu'Vl
111 Pr'i.rHnV, kept t a Mat) Under. Ilefe
they were riiiiiprlatl i wait a tew imtitiles
for a street car. on winch tl.ev cM-ectrsl to
!eae M. v.cttll soil. Il.iuUll, the olMctl til
tetpieter, the mayor and s. eial 3lelcnn
tiie a!s entered the ami a few words
j were eehoi;ed between th- parties, tho
etiuoui inieiu ii-ing m aires; i usun?.
i i he Later In rejiy u some temnik shl
' b P.iniiu with tinker rai'.-ir "I wi.I nu-et
, the tie punc t!s In this niaiter inter.
l his was sani In an '.uiiresM manlier,
just as a man inlaid say, "When I jret i
alone wo will h; this thlin: out." It was
li.stautly tiitetpieted Hint the major ih1
Ihuilui cued out: "Plies ja es nu utiito
delltos!" which In 1'oK.ish is; ", n.-w of
fuhse.' eveial of the Mi'Jkleilis tepHi
towaid Into. hut. the car IiHt.nir iMsi:nnly
arrived. Cutting's American fneitd closed
iu aioiiud hint, and, hurry Im: hiiu tu tho
car, he was as r'jpidl'v as the tunc table a!-
lows di i en across the Intuler.
i,iM.i:i. s-mh.wuk a r nu: lUi'tiAt.
ClTV ol .Ml Mi o, Aul. "t. - (.elieliiedR- j
wick arnved I. etc tiotcrday uiniutiig no I ,
was met bv t oiisul (.eneial Poicli. He
j Shnl t. ll;u xuJl Minister .l.chs..n! IU
' ,;,s not i-! vis, ted .Minister 3lanvnl of the
ForeL-u Depart inent, but wi.I prohoh!) do
sotodat. He will make lus iitturiont in-
i muiMii 10 Micceen i,eucru .incksuu.
!. ,if I.iIm at In.llniii.l.t .'1 !
'l'..itt I ihi i:.-.
Four Won in. Tex. Aug. UT.. From In-
) diiiuola comes the saddest tepoit yet te-
reived about the sloini. Diirmtr the heitrht
, of th(. , nH. ic., olJk-e w l..u
down, cat Tying with It Captain J. A IJeis!,
signal otliciT. and Dr. II. Kosicmhi. Ixdti
of whom weie lost. File bioke out among
tho iiiins. which extended fur blinks
hoTlt -ides ot the atleets- destroy-
,. . ,, , i , .. .
ltn rl.llfifl likitc iiioin' nhu-li
. . "" ,, .',; r .
nrii- i'. n. lv1.;. in a iie ,uy cimnm
f.i... n.til I Ir I .... ...' .. f.a.i.t.'.. ilrii. In'
,. ., .... . .i , . . i .
IisiimeiiL Dr. Levels was in the hioldiug at
III., to.... i! I....L I.,.. II.. ..w... I i........
burned to death, hut was subseiiiriitly
iltow lied. Ids body being found yesteid.ty.
o far as can be leaned tho following is a
lOtllplete list of the lives of while peop o
lost; i npt:iii .1. A. I.'enl. signal oit-.-er: Dr.
Crooker; Dr. II. Ko-ecians, l-jirm. JJ., tot
nn-rh les dent of li.di.niol;.; M r-. Ho-igiM
and two children of Dr. Hodge., fotuoiiy
of Cueio; .Mi. Cn.oK.r. of Austin. is-
"nig at ludiaiioht with .Mr.-. Hod.-e-.
f Vi,s- 'onr Mieppani. two ehilureti or .Mi,
'Max. I.uthei, of Cm Mis ( "hnsli; .Mr. Da id
t . . . i .
l.rwii) ailll II I eilllllll. Iiailie IlllklinW II. lie-
."Id.-l!i n-.v.. the nodi--, of ten rooi.d
persons have hem found. The body of
I'r. CiKier. the twent-. ud t c-
tun, wa found yetrdn. fi.ur '
""'"s of trnck arc wa.hed aw.iv, ien-
oenng u,. jot iraiu u appiiMM n ,
Ihiliauol.i. 'I here a grat desi-ttitoHi
theie aiuoug the jmoier clnss,.H, who an
lost eteiy thing they iees-ed. The depth
of water Is lepotted as creat u during hr
gieat hbum of is.,, when Huliuno'a 'i.t
"early two bundled if her cit t-nn.
Friday the Hood of water oer the
'.bxiiued town was o rapid tht within two
hours utter tho lit t pireieii.i,ns wen;
felt every -tre.t w iii'tio rgid inanr fei.
At ran Antonio the os t proieity 1 !
S.'OO.OOO. At Fioresv Hie the loss t Kii.yoo. ;
.-wver iM-iore was me lower lexas e. ;
vlsitilb sotemb!ei.fil ib-sirnrtie.i sti.nii. j
Itext'Uibs,' f,,r -00 tulle hi. ami. ilestio)hig '
tliou.iiels of houses and iutolting j-ciitii-
ary iosn of many ti .oions. Among the
porirer cla-M treat destitution must pr.v '
tfM.ll.f LT.......
St. Ixt:i.
August aX-Atesttt ei;-!,!
i,p.tch from! Kl PA.o. Tex.! Aug. C.-At 11 I.WB r!.n thU l..
, sirs thai tcrday mornins latuns w w"" OT.,..,, ....-.... - --
quartered In Jwlga Cmtann!a court, when tna omn. m. ...-. ..--
.a ... . r..s aa. m-t'-"--'- i.e..;,!.. IH....I.. ..- .. ....!." " "-"- .---JlUM. Jl.f!.
..... . ' . .
"-""" "- "- "'riri-s, whi e pimg
j . . m e -. .... .
tl-, a.,.. ..... .. . .
in tli- .rsrt in front of
OT0 KtoH at,-.
nn". as nofg,t down
b thr
inaM u .
l!ll Unjtf.
La.x:no. XK, Aug. ZZ. -It-sII Vj
th r--6--I spy." .- ba Utra r-3i.'y fix ot
nring b-adrr of the boji In mr sra t" f iyrtw of A ur rio-. -wlMj,tr j..
battle In cr-nnUon it?j oidb-T r- "''' frU tft: Uk alutu b
unions Jn dJfc?cnI tart. of tbj otanlxj, l1 Jiivrm nr.Jr itvj c-fw of Mj-fjtt-cam
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eiiissl a circular to t ib, . .
tur iHtple called a ministerial list !
inc the names of protit'ticnt invti of ail ! J.
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inent. the iiiiiihim lriii; to rat"" a l
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the linear Inn ttoliitii. It Is now U,llrt.
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Boston. Aug. '-'I. Aioin Athons 1
. ' . . "
trnco ilbd .Stiiiduv night at his sum not
residence nt Nnhaiit. Ho wai born In B
ton in IMI, and was Identlftrd wh (n,. ,t
tleiio nt of Kansas Territory and It rwir
flit lli'M'lopineiit tuto a State. He Was !
or three times the CMlidldnle of tho Wh .
and tho V for GoTe,r. At.. -
nd Abbot Lnwienre we,,. U,e iirly ....
mob-r of rotOoi roaiiufarluring in ,
Kug:inid. and .SmuiiH tsn hinoug tin rwi v
ptouiot, rs of w.-il.-n mamiartiittNg. !
tiie .ame iiuirtlnii the firm of Aiimm
Iiwrenee ,V Co ira tin tlif lto.le,r i-.
ro s on tuling the ngeiu)" of tho r .
noils, which wo icKen no br thu ftem f
Juilie 1 Little ,i Co. tju "l.e d.Sltli of ,.
.1. Ikliy I..III.OO.I. .-Vr. Iiwretiee , ,
nnlcot ntM.litiooUt and n. a hhii mIvmi.
ili-thi. Is nml CMiitlrtiims wen. piKb m.t
r"oh t.i ou the sulti of ffrij biUIto i.
! iieti-r Mink his principles.,, o mud,
til. I. Ill th- tltltlg lljIS t.!ort, tlln Vr f-.r
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the i,k
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o. pfouiotiug ouih'u
It Is not foMttf .,
trmli". And
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pr-tiiptlngs of hi heart n the nittor od
that lit r,titd ,ae ta a vihat many nni.d
not. Hint lh b of the patoi,a,- t hf
and there a Southern but rr of rotto,. i.
uho frttntteij r-liUml prejudice jo iro.,i
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itms court, wnicn miuurr mow-" --- " --
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