The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 25, 1886, Image 4

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J .
B has lecn discovered nt Jack's
tain, near Huntington, l'a.
Misk Maky Hki.en Kki:i:son, for-
TUcrlv of 'v York, was buried at Hal-
tiniore recently, having died very
.suddenly at Jacksonville. Fla. for
early two years she conducted the
tmcrican Quern almost unaided, and
her hard work on litis position devol
ved consumption, from which she
dASl. - .
AS Ar;m:i:i) upon in committee, the I V-n Appnipriniion 1.11' ' rm
' . ., i t'orteJ frorn the ronim tt'-e Tn
Sundry Civil Appropriation bill appn- ! Arndeinv Appropriation l l 1
iii -i- o.i "fi ,, i Thf repeal of the Pre enipfnn
linales fl1,lu,KL I he estimate, f c-tur nr,s wn, ,!
aggregated ZX'.J&lSAti. Tw appro-
r" r ... j i
firiation for the present veal was "-(.-
-..r . .... . .... , . ... i
tWi.t-ii. Ihts lull shows a lar-rri n j
fllictioil XS -onitiaiXil with the alimales
1 . .
man :mv oilier P'porten ims se-iion
from the A))roprintion Committee.
Aitri.s irom r.ui 1 r.m h(o si.tu .
Tt vas fcare1 the north wind which j
prevailed alon- the coast during last
ii ... .... ... 1
vcel: had seriously uijureii :n P'""
K-'ctfi of v. jjootl wheat crop, llcports I
, , ,1 .1 1 , . I
reCVLX'cd from all the wheat cotintic I
of Ihc State -how that only four conn-
, I
Tin: Northern I'acilie Land Forfeit
ure bill as pas-ed by the Senate de
rlarcs forfeited so much of the lands
j-anted to that company as are cotcr- .
tuitions wr:i
;V i..., ....,. .f ilc ni'iiii I
lbMf vhiidi OXtejnls from Walltlla !
. . i, .1 1 1 .1 . r '
Junction to rortland. and that pait tf
the C.-.s-cade branch now completed, j
nnd makes the riht, of way in the Ter
ritories subject to tavation. Nothing
in the act i.s ti be con-trued to waie
nnv rilit of the I'tiited States to for-
jiny other lands granted by them
hilurc, past or future, to comply
the conditions of the grant.
uk I.tdands will short 1 vacate the
rtcvant Hou.-e, New York, ami so
lice to three the number of hotels, ,
Ivc in all. that hae at difl'ereiil ;
K been managed by this famous
Vkcetii'ig fatnilv. These three
is arc the Ocean at Long Branch.
.eland at Chicago, and the Leland
riiP'liHil. 111. Front a humble be- 1
ill"" ill a remote country tavern I
rs - 1
. ... til al '
by Simeon Leland among the ,
Ii M..iiiitiiii 1 if Verniont siintn"-'
r . . '. P '
I lis. son. Aaron P. Leland, '
ii Leland. .1v William V. Le-
h.irle.s Leland and' Warren Le-
nine famous as hotel keepi r.-
1811 and 18 l.r..
tf lieers at New Vork ort are
:cr the iiuhli.shcd tories of
e rccenth along the north-
rsey coast. 1 ney assert
tted Mates navy is enutleil 1
... .1.... ..1...1 : 1
in ma., .-...iM.iu "is..
oop-of-v,ar Juniata did it '
I tie guns, which she fired ofl'j
Puis 01 ine avesniK at me 1
the earthquake is alleged to;
Itreil. 1 lie .111111:11:1 s 1 :i 11:1111
lit he says hell go down ami
lollN l AbiiWKi.b, i onstu at t niro.
. . m a ya
L-pt, sends some particularly inter-
ig figure- to the State Department
trard to American commerce dur-
past Near. According lo these
, deried trom the records kept
Iniouth of the iu. Canal, it is
Ijlhat only three American vesscl-
id said port during tlu
e "20:;. Cennany l.Vi. Hollaml l:?i.
10i. -Austria JL Kussia :.l. Spain
iw. Austria 1. Kussia :il. Spat
'"':i? -'". Kgvt I-'. Turkey 1(
?)'.! '' 4?M"-,Jt'ii Knglaml set
foils- ,. r.
lit, while America
vn irejo
h u u ; rorrpt
Vl1- W,s .f,J
J lv ionr ;r i
dent telegraph?
onceal the mis
n that city that
flieientlv guard-
1 , ? 'Hup,
e corri'spondent
V'MVsvd jv-
searchers were
hat detained the
It in Vienn.i that
. 1. : 1
'Iff 1 oi'cu r.wi i-is-ru
'.tlight have been
orresjindent main-
King Ludwig's- cx-
jr.m to make trouble
it was given that he
insanitv. and adds:
tieccssarv to obtain the. contract.
understood on good authority
the present idea of the English
flice is to send letters always by
Fastest steamers, and Jims stop
(ican complaints. It is regarded
iiblc that a, combination of At-
incs may cause a failure o:
r a fast mail service front
, but prospects are better now
t?r before.
1lCS tinvi' lici'ii alleeicil, and nie-e mil) Crent the Stiiti; or Kariin wltli'?: i tn for 1 I.i". t 11 i:a.:roal oinpuav cimuetl n re ..!.. im.ui-r j .is vif-iiu. i.k , tfi,r.i r. .-u-ar ,.i. it .. . f if , :r -. Sa
in -i ,lifhl fleece The incent. re-' "',"""',5 " ,!n,wn '" a ' '""'"J" ' ct on i I or.'ai..' it ion of tlioCm.-t.imi!. Ham-Itou o: J Akn fiom hiaoilir. atri.iml bun an-l i . J .n.i: I-.ijri.e.r , ,. 1.. 1 ,. , h . . .
in .1 hitin nM. in' 'i ; airamst Indlnii nvncions; nlo a bll ...v,.. , . . . . ., ,. . ., . . !liiI,P(1i1.ff,r,1.if.,i,. r .. .11 , ,,!t " ' Mj : -u Au.-u.t ! amt I !--. si.
Doris conform to tin- previous ones , Imr lor an m!ni..nal A-ltHt,t ,tant ,! -l.iantK.liH and the .minnat:. Khmond " t "Maraud feather., for. itibim j WP tr ,., ,..t.r. -h -1 tu l.-.,.,6
1 . -n 1 j 'leneral: a'o 11 hill author lu tl Pot- f. t.'i.'-no railwnj' hv tbo ele:ion of new 1 'it jioinl of rt-v.i!Trr-'to nsi in lcoratin wllU-fu.. r-ir u .! h. r. ..?
that the ycr.r ? wheat crop j,ill lie one , Ilinfc.r r.enrml to tiy rent forb !w ih.,,j, ' ' lumeif. He xx as then marched thronuhtne A!l ' ""' - ' '- aft'-at.-t 11
t .1 1 . ... . i..ii.i-li,I ; i'.,i; I leaned a po!-olIic-: a o a ri'll thor . ..... . . ' ' ie.iciu- tnat h - tt. r ' r-.--.r e
of I he heaviest cer hane.ste.l m I all- , , , ,.,x.r,Mon f)T . ,,.., r ,,.1 j, -. Zrnvru. oti of the v.ealtrie farm rt'W " Iroad daxhKht to the aittr of 1 fr .. .-urr. i.t rar. ..r t...-. . .V t . . .
Pin anothVrearlh.prkeanv time: At Colon. Cnited States .Colombia, r. gl,U ' l" ' "'' Co,,,- L.r,.t . ,,.., ..Iritt " y ' I.tmt.ists oce,.;;u,l ,,:,,.,.,,,,:, bf,rte '.Tbhint'V;' ? "m in.V' JV'?' "- '
loos- UetKirts of the eirth's cent ly. the authorities ttd the a- ' "J. T f the upper part of the $V(tkH1. WJ1..,rttlllljH ,..,tt. S(X ,iri,.. , ;. he war wh.le the LP era s b ne I , r,n . .. (.ir.. il .'.!- I torn t.ldH.,.l bit. f. ,
lotis.. iujr,ins i tin i.uiiis . j budding. t-H".' n. .iisunu .ii.itH c ., . -......, , '-vo.itK.nM Hon to !hem that tl.c Republicans had to- s. fur a- I , nform-. the t- -'l",f !-. lb mir trl mn t
dionsatthe. moment of the shock n-t of nn tinrtily Miilor o. Amenci. . wS,.-b .si,....,, ....., ul rrt ,.,..,. ' T , " T1 "U!,,,r" ', u.ud-Abo.f,o,Sts. n,e ,.,e.eIi: c,rt,,. of ..... ,.t.!:.r. .r.'riV JJtt'Z -af-..,t trr,t f.a ,r-ra ..4 .aa . ,
I ncvtd-iv from -isftr as lift v miles ,,nrk ,on ,,"t- ' h r,",t. If 'K n'?V r . a frop. aptam I aw,., w ho h,.s been '. , "" "n,,n ',""s !" "' " ,,',,-i'- The ,ow ,, , ,... t ,. ,.Ia, h. :o,.raat p,Vva,.:s u.n "'""-I-tM .n M. m.h, ... h ,. ili4f. .br. th ,..
next il., irom .is I.t .1-11113 milts ,,.,1, ul).n lhl,v w,.re liiu,.o by r. . f .."2,, 'y-'" ,-w'-'- "'''"' '" is l.und,n-bJ;htlvbut lirinlv ot, th bil- t.-b,,tcb aiidtbe Kadical taitt I, the rrsult ""IZK h lh4 ,-77'-' ' rat ftr,r rrf ., d.f, r...Mf,e ,-rf . 1
when, the .limi'it-i biv . 1 i.t 4t i.iii. following the host des in Sonora. that he ,.. f , nun 11. aim mt pai.v is we rrsnn of o r r annum and tbowah the t. .tnta ' .F . " nm ..riir.ieit-"tt ,.- I
...... . .1 , ... : I ----- - .. - - . ovagey : I'liiul. . clicolinteie.l ne.ivv , .. I"""" , to,,,,,.,,,,,,, .m iimsii t i.iii uuv
...- ohm 1 . . ,..,....,.. .0,1 the lfth. I ,.,ahfi , -ti,.x A .H-cnrrc' ' ,"'p, rr"" oui.d Hale ,e Irom one for many vears.
1 me scale, viz.: UenmarK live 1 nr Knights of i.aiior or vjonsin Hare f ,..ontll.. ,, , k .,.i,,,t..l.l .,,, ,1X nt,rt. J"'"" t. ;.i.k n. e,p..(-,lh f -mall
ipan two. Knghind leads the list .ealled a State convention atfrt Hovvard , ,., ..,. ,, ,,. r ', ., 7,f'.h- dc k rai-v T"1"' M,"! ,h" t,,,:,""k " ,r,"'ant. Tw.,-i a DREDGE ON FIR.
T::n si Tl,..., follow 1 to nominate a full State tictS . ,tKi..T .1 1 1... .': .r thinl-of " nler nilin art m i. :i.antI .
a . - cimiiiiv 1.1. a 1 a.'- 1
I fear will never be ! rrato tnici:le. ami but for the Ival of I u.e V N to- Uu-e Ar. I,rr. of ngitcrl lttr. s,ol irt coat. a at:s"a ' ? tne terrtaMr ""wr"' " M"T .r T,r. -.S-!aff- J ttfa by r- Naatr. aM ,'
veitement -it Munich retnforeemeuts the pos- of ev.I,t,ieers br 4V"t! a j.r..Ht:t.n U amend Ltrsi of ancv. aaJ ail recp;s of 10 I" upm. lUrr. Isrkiaa j r ' ri Pw i ' ar a. talo..:
xcitcmuit at -J;MOU,dhave,H.onlimlemI. ciai-rwas th CeU. -..s.r.l.H A r....tin to 1st postmaster P Altop. a fpt:; pradr. by a last " '" r; . to ! grta f fH f W IT m
-r..m.l-TAvvv...ut tsiou- t.,t. tv , fatanv bounded. Two other intfemers it tali. . is....fMld hr If to: I Ta vo; of CMrsinsr Contr a'mo-t ntifr!:- '" (of HHK !., 4-r, ---.. moo; ,B ..a,,,-. -.RUtrta f. al Hsa fa A . ft
lige manner of the King s taking . wcre hurt. nlo a deputy named !.. , -mU . is :, b- is rP.raac in uaaaimoasly rjtd ;b T-n-n.t.-."-n o htnio!.' in a mK jnt-aw ZZ' '? UTHi rr-t t t u.t.. Cj0iw4 jj . ' ,, v
liroiitens serious CoixseipieucS.' At Paint creek tre-tle. near lburg. er, .mklfi -m n tl . :10a JlcLeaa t4oc:v. , 50 ta-eatT taonaa4 4otlars ta bonds for ? ih ratabef, f bb floe labf i!Tt 1 " ''V1' th' rr lt J L,.,- .1 li- 1, .
' .!' '"Vmi was recentllrowu Ih ,i " . bnild.agr.aad hr . ,a fcidl ateferear f t a whWw fa rZZt iMCrl --- - '-
f tHmnection with the Kn-lish Post- jnto the crecK. lour of the crl were j Uraf.v r -,' 'i.rhatv : commit' ; It stati that ifr Scbarr. pewn-tor anm !. has-1 a farto. It mgNI a aw ' : l'att4 5aa iv, W. It MrlUt -
aer Ccnerars circular, annouticttiff I L,i! ,,, - ., ,,-.r,, ww- I ' n .'if1 ' s7r ' K.aff Uii of ;h turn: H wr mill in i;rir.. of ak arlgblaw ;r biia f r im loaa ! r. Cit?le maia ih otnr- ("--'
Ls:,s,;, f tbo tl.,i,,. w,t;i ll,c (-l,,cn? I-urntture Workt-rtmon ' ,t. ' l : ''i ' '!ac. .huh pnvr,! ibra;e to w ib citv for his :. I. i, ,. mm. 7. , . ... r-,IaiiTtr. - , " . Stiy .. i j. Lrtfajtf
expiration of the Atlantic mail . . a rwlusI JK.r. .j.,- wan.tjJ;. n TJirta catbwa:ra.rksMr aot cmplel TTh tT !i ! 7 r L fiel rL . Z?T " "". f - '- -- .' W.
enooLrC rr;-----:; - - --' -3ai
contra will ! given by bc t DJgJu. oj -.j . , . of . Lr Colatabt. . J--J - , ,
tcr to the fastest .stoantct. sailing Z $ J . nf;lT- Tar r nr .- ba.Hv ,3 Co.a-toa. .jU p. atJS 1 .
uesday, Thursday and batunlay. , SoM7. HunK. The tIW was A. ' -a--l..s:..,j. a,'Ta'ia : Already in u-aisi'r ha- oe J ... Mrai-r :,h. ap. IUm; n. ti.- .--t. ...
will lu the Tirmomal ntiahiirn- 1 t:v..r.. . .- .11 : . .. 4 T 1 12. . .. .... aiove.1 and ii t tmrl i! i:..!.. . ' i '., Jane Z I. HaminL lb" . , j
', -
Gleaned by Telosrraph3.-d MalL i
i '
Arrnurr.utine business n tl. -rna ,..,
th J.!h the Northern Pacific F rMtureb
a ega'n taken up and after i vderal
debate was brouirht to a vote j paaacd
yH". ": ijnv.s. 1. The b'H repeal'.. thePr--emptinn.
Tunl.r Culture and I '"rt Lcl
j.cls .ns then lad before 1 h .u. yl
Journal . In the House Mr. iSt" ' r cV.ff "
the Committee n InvaJ il pen!o' report' 1
back with amendment. tlr Sen . Mil r r
the relief of diarh-d soldier wl ' wereV's
charjred after three months' ic ,ce. 5"h
llo'i" then went (nro commit- oa"t'-.
IVi'i-lnl'Vc Apprnpr atlon foil' rh- lebat
which took n wide. ranre Perwl g- )hN u
nlon the coram. ttec rose and the I (oum to
Jourm-d. ifc
Is the Senate on the lolb a pe' Hon vas
rere veil from tho Massrtrhutt 1 4 gialat' "
In n-irnrtl to the flsher-.'-s trouble Aft- .x
brcf executive session, the !i;ntl
I lie 1 11 to repeal the pre-cmptlt
Culture ami I)ecrt Land art !
tooa" op
Inra' .
'd M r
HMi .
Id Til
njn, adjournnien In the ft- s H'
Mo.-r-ialriTi from ftn. .Tnni'tl f n Va.
nnd Mean, retorted hack ailver .,.y .
refcoluttori of Mr fir-Tior of hfo: !
,.,HrJnr lfHVr,f Cwr
tariff of W. and the reM.intioii ' ,.reJ
Mr. U'lkin. of Oli.o. ipre'-'iln the ;ne- '
fopVrefii a adir-e to nnv flmnpi fn tl
prevent wool tar IT. The Jfoue then furth' r
in.lderMl the I.ejr'Tnt w Arpr r at!
hill which xra" fltinl'r pii"-ed. At tie- -.-en'r).-
lh ,.m a ,, lflt n ,hf.rr,.nk t; woX.,
the widow of (Jitieral Crunt. AiJoi urd.
'' ,,,', h,,,al "" u"' UUt Mt ""
offered n resolution reotiet ti the "5 1 Idcnt
n, fnriu-li the s-ant.-inforn-ation -o tho
appo ntment ntl removal of ch . em-
1-rnro.i wiijiiii 'lie irnv i(tli' OI I r- Civil
.-,.rvl(.,. ,., a linr.-ntuiiW..f bill ..,
"';s,lv of 'H'"1 tu-rest oulr: a mom em a
Mil author' mr the -eeretarv of . ir to
pa 1 merit of the iiiitohif.e money
Mile of Hie rferMtion of the Ot
Mv,,iiri trilw of Indians iti Klln
Nehrawka: a'o ?enntir I n ' s .
1 tho
II to
promote the poi ileal prosrc arm ci uner.
c al prosper tyof the Anu-rleiin nntion- Ad
tournei In the !loue the l.uudor'- tnrc
i. iii ..t. ..... .....t 1 m o iiiifd .. f.A..'
Mr . Morr,H ,.ie.i up h- mot .11 tl. t the
House iro nto I otiltiittee or Ilie 1 no tor.
the conslderrttou of the'tf hill Tl. roll '
rail wits watched with irreat Interet. an I the
motion was tost hy vn", 1 10; tmslS7 The
.. ,,. w,.n, J ,-,lto ,l)mmiu , 10
Naval Appiorir at'oii Mil. penumutlii- cott
Kideratlon d which the Hoiihe adjornt . the introduction of rodtr ons
and other routine business In the Snn' on
the 1Mb, hill on the calendar w:s i ken
nt and the IJoiiw Mil pa"ed redoli' to
five ceuta the fee tor moiiev iri!er-oi Cvo
iloUats or less; al"o Mr l'r e's hill tiv n
for the imvmeiit of tlfty cents a mdfo' -ar-rvinv
the foifiuii mails of the lidmSt -s:
aNo the hill to provide for the mile o"h lte
or I'ort Omaha. Nidi.: also a Mil autir njr
the trcetrniisiii'fisioii of weather repiti- nd
the hill to iucreae the cHie'cucv of tla n v.
Adlourued In the Hoife eommlH' ie
ported and the private calendar ticn 1 .
pensed with the Nimil Approprlatn II
was taken up In ommittee 01 tliol.. o.
The hill was about half completed wt -
committee rose ,l II)'' even iiL' -f-
twenty Hit private pension bills pas-e
Tiik Senate was not in session '1 1 he
I'.'th In the House a message was- rsi d
Irom the President nuiiouncliur h's ati 'il
ot the Slilpiinie bill, but point nir fta ;
-t "'";" ie-cove,e.i iomh m tni, s-
Iliduile on the Naval It'll was tbl e.
Mimed and a contest arose over thed. in
...i.t.. 1. .....i... ................... r..H 1. .....
".I'.u iiiiini-" iiiiiiiiii uii'.'ii 1111 ii. rwi 1 11
. ,,. ..tmervatorv Mi Idlnir at Vashln n
for which a site has been ptircJa'cd.l 1
111 ti tiu t i um in iiinL tin a,.. .
pi-micn for tln obiect f.'iiiin tart 'p i.
j ami iiiloptctl. Adjourned wltluif llmil aco 1.
1'RltSONAf. AND lMll.TlfAl.
Tin: House Committee on
lias .substituted the House bi
rite bill forfeiting the Norther
ublic Tm- s
for tho Si -Pacific
In 1
grants. j
Tin: North American Tuni'tuind has o
'ided to use both Kni;lish al (Jerntan 1
the Turner hchools.
Tin: trial of the mnchinpr
of the ne
Covernmeiit stentuer At hint
ir.veu vei
..-I :...... .-,-
.-"o.-i.e ...... .
Wimvs. the Hiltimore mil.naire. linn'
lv . in tlu. ,ivo,-,.t. suit luij;ht hv A lie.
O'lCcefe. j
m. .mss,,,,, , , , mi., ion., .-uw,,. 01
Louis- Wir" he recently
Loss, nearly fiJUUm); ti.-irti.-f insured.
,,...., ..i,...i ... .
iiM .hbh llll.blMl) !- ? 111 iiu
, ton bv 11 trades procession.luiilttury pu
rade and open air concerts.
HllIUC lllt-u .011 1- nun i...o- illlVlll
Three others were ilnnK'sroif wounded
Tun House Committee oi4u cation me
on the 1Mb and at once nijViied to th
last day of the ses-ioii. a eniled tie
ltluirbill for thi-session.
Tin- First Comptroller o Trensurj"
Hon. .1. Durhiini. was ntarri at Washing
ton recently to Mrs. I:irgntt.ctchor Car
tor. of ICenttiekv. 3
Aia iiniii.P l'oitr.r-. the wSknown En
I ilih wnr correspondent, w:$iurned toa
Tin: Holland elections resiJ in the re
tarn of forty-seven Liberalfclid thirtv-
nine anti-Liberals. Tho foif standing
was ftirtv-thrce each.
Tin: President ha sigu2dft Dingley
Shipping bill. 1
IfKoitia: VT. Hvitr.rtanv, tf "41110. Out.,
has been elected supreme tunl w-orkmati
of tho grand lodge of the Amlt Order of
United Workmen. f
IloiivKT Pstu, the well kifci Kngli-U
otlieer in the Turkish army. id.
.tl it;t: lhvm Dvv is was rerigd on the
:3Jtb. at his residence nt liloonton, 111.,
to be in a serious condition of jplth. Ho
was suffering from a malignaigrbunrltv
Tiikkk was qu.teu lively rowf an elee-i
tton nieoting at Islington. Lomf ix'cent-
ly. Aiuottg the parties h
1 and
30 Duke
ktuH-kcd around was hi- Urnc
.if V.irf.ilL-
v.. --V-. .v.... - 1 .
A nnrtTY marshal unined
-k vvr.s
fatally wounded in an attempt mrrc-t a T"
moonshiner named Chandler ntlvv MJ- J
ford. Pa., lecvntly. The affair v
des- J
ax appalling monniiiy is epfo.1
M......V .t .. lM...t. H...,.k. .K.?.,.B I u A. .
auivun wic uiiiuu iiui'p JkauuuM --
I iliiutrlitcr of ttfiit-ral Oleics. a aslutiirton . r . 1 n-hfn inntii. ;,: f-rii: h ,.,1. .i,-ai, ,. .-i.i. . .....
ert regiment died in two welaVe- -1. heaaV-ssi,.,.. -aail! ,al- fo. t a-. velv through tb- roantrv w-: U:-lv CompAay 1- extendm? :u at be o Coaa- !!! .r "r eT' l I aUy. bat aa r,c aa.raP.a .
A TUsvrtru from .XScarapi. stattsi L, ng.inr;! in ?""''?' ' -- -' , men:, brbtol the ga aear the IWk 'tes. I TWnX'rUatJ.r .'-llJLTl '11 ! STS1.!- r.1 ? TT ""
centlv that a ten tble eruptioa of the rv ,, ot WlKarvl -t W.hingtoa reca'v . s.. . denrc. The roarag of the ttaioet. voa.- .. in . iT - 1 - "" -" aai .- aaaar'
cno 3Iomomunbo occurred May A g .omriSg thea-. ot " "1 of ' IUv,P l ,TT !-.:! induce, of g. 4 xLTLni 'it-US T IS? " ?U "? H41 "U f " UtU
The capital citv w wrecked bv the earth-X-JV do t, the Voat ,N i.-borvT .t ura:rpri.geaataU.:K tJ ja,: p thertik -to . w ,1 tJwii J, t fc - -JSaatr. 5rJ,T! "L fT,
quakewhich fohowe-.. and Realjo wa, :a) . ,:rac Las Ln rLirtC!, Jn j., 5nd oralc there a giao- fceiorv acd a and w .U. a rar, ery of -llx-, wi ''CA ,1 ZtZl -JT?t 1-1? atT aal
danger of beins huriel ia ashes. Man.v. agate "- iftogrSp!:.. alleged B'rT- . , , .. I't ls-m bant r wa .t aJ, !. -0r lttaiS 1,- .pn,, an ' IJu v.4.'wa tiT. Iaa
lies were lott and e-itetaeat w l..fllrtukS' i.!-vej ,. i. -A 4.vr,vr . on foot i O'Ni: C :y tr ;toa oar Uie-i la a fe- ,tr.. T. .f- !- arf ewlwtLter. I i
Si M 1 lv w
I 1 r m
Ha. 1 i aa
B j.IV.v; - -WW.-.1w ssay-raastTMtms -t; , : U aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaM
T -" nT-ionof u,,i w-'a.
njj.j Fruit tirowerV Awciavm of in
I'ni'.ed Stt'- jK-niI at tl. Neil Hoti-.
Ui,am,'u" - on lh" I7lb-
.i r i'.i fKtiiT; iotk.t in ok ani 1
Denton ( ounii-s, T-jr Sallo Prtgraore '
ua fnSAlly injurel at
SfHj'-v. Denton i
t'ounty. and several otter jter wre j
kti'inn tohavet-e:i Vi1ImI Kuttber irrt im ;
i:-nv Ifim&' msi donj Uih crop- ind j
farm uildmj;. '
Tim ptano facJorv and ale Tnia of i
AntiIl fc (.Vi.. Han FnuK-jm-o, were de- '
stroje.! I,y J!r laly Iji. fi'.A; In- !
nirani not latji.
Iiie linni of jmpriona':,.i for debt In
New York wr.4 rceaUy reduced U mi
i.t iithv
Tiik Ifarrartl OTiTn hv alolJii-J
'"inj-uhory at;eudanre ai ir-hi'Mii tar
v. .
Inr lliilaiielphiii cabin: makers, who
.trt2ic for e:eht bour. on Mv 1. Lave soue
t. uork .'Kain l tn hour a dav
Sim Wii.-on. a i!!i of '."itujp.t;a. j
.' who wa onlcrl ;a leave thai town.
r.. ..r.t v L-illi-.l 11 nii'inl-r nf IhiMhiHiriiit!-
wii h .-nll.-S on hirn fo-nforrt. the order.
TtaKiBir atfrnv 'iHHoc-urr-! .it Ifajo-
. .. t ,: 1 -
tn th" etipijal of toioinfota. wwea te
.ruard of th priori and :ninlers of tho ,
..i- onal hattalior One onernl. -everal j
'.).- -rs and tli;rL' mMits wej-. killtnl.
Ic. S A lit i"im. the n-.t"r:oui jfay- '
- ' .an of St Jnfoptt. ilo . ent.-re the Ar-
!!.- of thtt cit- on the niormue of the
:-ti and ln and 'tiled 'i!on-l .1 W ;
Str-.n-. the K"era.l maimer. Uiehmoad
fi.-ti tri-d V kill hi:n-e.f. l.-it fa:lx The 1
inuid' rjr' o-it of the Hut. hard AIvertis.
.n" tiv s,n.t lti-hriijn! rra!! e. ti.
at...n a f'liort titn a-. l.v tnv-terioudy
-I .--ipj-n nisr. nh-n it thoij;bl thai he
-.d -ijud.d or had b-en u-trIre.l.
Kr-rju.'i at Hamilton, o. in new uuta- t 'Jen-e and then oiate.t.nj; their i-taim- lv 1 ' P r- -.r tk- '" .-of--..,,t
of the cwinn.111. linm.iton A i "a "' tnfo,-n:at,.m tb.:a Burri t.ti,.t,,,T VM'.'V: ' V1 ""uln '? um! ! ' ",r
op near Mtincie, Ind.. was htunt; t !
iv'i !e working with ht 1h--m reecnt!v. anil
ti half an hour died frtiat the pffert of tho
-"ii in intent afjonv.
"mi eohteii of tie mxtv seven ptilit'o
'heers wounded ut the "hiea,; Havnmrket
...t have returned to dun. .Sixteen are
''H unal.lo to leave their beds and fort- .
two in all have not vet reported for dm v.
'Jin ebd-ra hiiK appeared at t'oilKpiro fin
he p. ejht miles from the A.lruitic At
lll'-r tlieilailV a
veiaeof now cu-i-, of tbo'lse I- s t"'C!.
riii.K t of i:: i:tl jr, was civ.'a at Fiir-
C... Jl T. Ill the stilt lllllist F I'ettlUtew
fr uialieio'isK lil. oiling 1 .em-inl Kice. At
t- rne Ceueral of Makota. l'.ttirew m
making I he Torritorial census enumerated
Itioe a- a bastard becaue of n private
gtiide. Suit wn.s. brought for i'iTi.O'.o dam-
I M.rit the new law against iniprison
ment f.r ib'bt x-.Maor lie Henoise. of
Lon Island Citv. ". Y.. coulined m jnil
..... 1 i.t. 1... :...i '
-" "" " ' " """ '" tM, ""-J"":-,
nient a-anist htm for .-bUM. ,,,les.-d
rei'.iiiiv. iiii. was imme!mteiv rerreaed
on ciimmal proceedings.
Hrivv 1 inns, near Alexandria. I.n . the
otbi r iiioriiiut; c.-iu-ed heavy dauuie. Sey.
era! person- weie drowno,.
Ci r i:i m. house letiirtis for week ended
June I' showed. mi average increase of
Jt4.1'i compaied with the con cspoudiii";
we.-k of last year. In New York the tn-
let body ,.f J Iavis Hiitchnift, a
ma ..11... r I f-. .. .. r 1
.... 1
J. , , ".' ' -' """ ""'and it pi f.-n red
in the bil.e near ( lucao reeentlv. His .. ..
bodv was bruised, and if was thought he
.,, 1111 ti 1
hail lioon t'lililioil um mill . I.. I... I I
. 11.." 1
fi .ti.ii.ti. imii.i uiki llllll stj jiasseii .
OTer l lie interior ot lexason the 'juth. I In
lefs in Parker County wa- put nt clfi'.i'O.
Si I l: l persons were tujuied but no one
ws killed bv a collision on the railroad
near Last Peppenll. Ma-, . rccenth
Ar Posterville. lb. rccenth. Ibivid and
Wiliiam Williams, broiler- and coal nun
ert. attempted to open a kee; of pnwiler
vvltl a pick, when the powder exploded,
horning both men friKbtful!y William
ilied from the dice:- of his injuries
A riit'it - t'le took place m San Fmn-
riscc on tie Juth I'n t um (V l.owen. d"al
rs iii lubi ii-atin 1.1U and machinery, lost
3l3ft,('. in-iirauee. t-:."iii: and the
Indian ate making tlioir wa
to then
-itouCBoi'l in th-S'erra Midre
' v;oa .r in . I v ii- in ar Mt. I'l.ieiins.
l"e., WW-. ! tied IrollI ll's home bv s(ivetl
... 11 ,rec. .i.v whi dmvi'i! bim. cut his
cur, ?. sti .pped and beat him. bo.-.-nie
i maltri -it. t an orphan j;ul living with
M I.
1 UK LI 1 in sTeatner (
1 itli8;-'ii :-!i c.irte-ha- retitsed tae n
iest of t'let'i ban I'eputie for l.-itne rub'
lunlfiii.i .III 15
S.. tfi . I".. ...........
'jt-. . .-.. .. .. .-.. I, . ,. . l'lll".l.
ofJtti.uis. Vew York atid F-rtunuMico,
1 leujon me ...i tor -i.i" '. .et5
led To 1 1
M fo
1 llE'Frepch Senate, bv a mnjorttv of 'M,
j . ssedtb bill f -i the expuisiun ot the
ench princes ,
I- l)r.Bllis ii -r. of the Sttpirane Court
f NetirJSo'k City, has t'eenletl toe now !
" t v intwbit on ti impri-onmeut for it-bt
, istititio'"... :
rIro5v a luburliof Toledo O. re
t e ily. tfjii- v ' tive v nuag men gvj into ,
; irrel,w'in ie of the !ii:mli' wa
I I. Tl:e ie-r t-ik t. n lea', v. hicli
' 1
is Stat -I w ns , .tm,,,! m ti,t. iak,. Rn,
parties ir t.e.l I 4'T
-.10 att-aipt.l to Ivacb I
mob of
I intet
w otrlfivii. - tl... I......I l...f..,-.. , 1.1... . '. ' I-"'. : 01 ilia, toieiaiee. Il is tlitriisi.l in late r natural ... rifle, that H- aa-1 h . f.o- ' lC t.tarh uaar.t. II Oidat I
I li.l tiiitJlt i.;ie 1 ....
t . sts ,t ci,.. ton. Iowa, rrw," "' ' " ,,w,,k" '" seial far-
. . .r .. 1 1 . u ItlaeI th combust !-ss
. ': I 'ltd deputie.-, however. 1 "
.' n ' :i'; I- it Them to tbght. 1 VVr T i''NT is to bar a foaadrv. t.rtj aiMkr arre-t , P& ofnee nt Hla:r wa ontor, tBP
' -a'Alitt
in tbe seaat on
a., vraJaW' ouuy v.-r,, ,,.-.,. .1,
- ' . , .
rtc 's v.- -erv oi-isf. .ne or i.ore
la ties-J -artlitt... ws ;..nt in :ae raate ob "orthof stamps. fi".i , m,ueV. afc. 1 T . . ' " "T "I' w : ! f-fc-LT. . " ; '" ,,,,n "T"1: wjpi.i.. ,-i-T .'
,,. leaaaT-i' 1-Hev mo.un,cn:,,,, 1 a - a; crj, every w brr ar lonh , , ..., .a o. . a, ,. . ' T- x"-, - c a.. , ,atfa af taa kst ,,, fttj ,
nekraska state news.
N-fork rrr.
Rr ixz a.Iv.r rr-,rl .v lb" Hniai
7 from 3f:y two rrunti in .Vei.raiia in
dirn:ianti;ri.Srti: '.Bilo5: f..raa aMiod
tnti:i of JJ :h primnpal rrtf". In
aenrh all ih rouati of tb Hyit ik?
walbr a reiort! j bpTrp-ia. w;h
tn ahorwian-- of r n )alr tervx rriit-
". t'lar. HalL JetTrwxa. NaokolK.
, saftVH-nt ria f ,r ih a-l -f rrxtu. d4 ia
hiiv oaeor tiiof;hw. ba ai pj.ri-
i l!Han)ia- ?: rMtt!tt In Vmm C'n
-. oiR aod .b.a; an rriM Itcht.
. n..N,,rr.j.,v-l ,.; 3 JOOr Tnt la V
nI Frauk' n ('unu-i icinterbt tbotrs
up poor V;jat u aIo in j.r cmt.t.on
In ilrrriek County, and ..,! not er two ihitxio of a -r,p ..n arNiunt t-i Un
inuehnet wvatber Kjuw Cjant m-.ri
; Latnlotu m. lo-km-r rr In Bt-
hr and I'iatte (.'ountiM rat k rirlM a.
laatafftae the tmilo f.i? n-bM? t nm
exWut. In Sb-nIni Cnuntr ,.r M Wm-
. - -- . .-vM.
1 tilrt) t K'pb.-r Kn-I ronnU -iur-
- .-., . .. --. mwm.
' " uft l",f "s't ;. howTr. tow
crop OUti'Vtk k nor hMn t.r...t.- ..?
rrop outio k ha-. nevr bea nj;btK and
nurr, are Ju. ;Mt over tb. pnpeeu .rf
inrgf yi.-ll..
Tlte oalv anatfactr" fea-
Hire n-M.rtI 1, the hw i-:ce of trn "'" ' ifJiUn.brr K.titu ;iuia r
mtv rr.l. n . . . , . ,', ' trif ur.uffhoii Ir-i-' o.r p-i e
.naavcrdofI-tst tw crop lmg hid h.v--. ,H n. at 1 a-th t- . .-t! . f
.'" a i-?tr market, with no iruiscta of
foein h.-iknLio.
ts eic'tinj: tarr nz and feather-in? nva
inee nan I.M at UuhviMe N..rtbwtt Na
lraka. re.-!tiv. A man aaml Ake,-..
J a ,sn'1 a""t- t:ir ib virtirn Akea
j J,f"1 Ie bunwif ..hno-ciou to a !rc
. """' ' wui-ri ov ettin!; tier
drum, which headed the procession, and
he va th"n ordrel to leave ;h count rv
The Iiclr of the unknown man rwentlv
drowned at (' luml.iis has been reHverel.
jrld wat h and Jliwere found, hat no
' uiarks ;.. lead to his identilicatinu
The as-esd aluatiou of We-t Point
'bows an increase of liftv thousand dollar-
over ln; year
A itrn stoiui tlstrovI 11 lnrge -treteh
of '-rowine crnin in t v.cinitv of I'tica.
Fruit trees were bnrke.1 tiy :l:e hni! ami the
fruit destroyed.
Tin vouni: town .,f Iteompr it tipotint-
, . "
mr- for a tu thoasawi dollar piu-biut;
LViir irvL..c if.. ..... , 1
t i.vK.irkt. llften vars old. was re-
t o,.Llv urowii.-c near Kenrnev.
A w tii:-i-iii tof erivat volume Imrst over
1 1 1.
r ......' . 1... .t ii .
Msee.i.a :!, other eveniue Hie .Tfi'V 011
which the piun is liH-atisl hi'mmI twenty-
five fee
in ten minutes The lo-.-es were
Tin voiiu son ,,f .Mj.
Wej-eiier. a Mer
nek County fanner, was dru.-d to den'.li
1 v !t nitmwav team recently.
Av adopted sun of Mi-s. Conner, while
bathin" recenth near Phi tie Center, was
It instated thei Wheeler Count v contain
1" acres of ...,d fair. uns: and Krainj;
iitiiu.siinjec: to iiomestead entry.
Tut , 1 valmuion of Cass County
foot- up s'.'rr,.:.;: The eoimrv lev..., , ,
ei"h: tuilN f.n th.. dollar.
MiNNir I,hn,',; the famous sleep,.,- of ,
. 1
I lalte uiMity. is said to be in poor health 1
'an not survive nianv
..1 ..1 . ..,:;. , , , ,.
l-,T ,,s rejic and b" Kind,
"i- " .
- 1f'"e I "IllltV J.,h,h! sj0 fr ,.,, J,,
tied ;h tin.-iuei.-il -tutus of Nance Coun
ty ranks ahead of almost anv other count y
in the State, and tips is somewhat ivnrtrin
Ide cmisidertni: the fact that the county has
been olanved but seven V 'Ill's."
A i vui.r ice house wish a l-r -toritce (it
tachnien: is to be planted in Nehrnskv City
bv u Chicago 1 rewiiie compMiiy.
Vt 1 mim "-nUitu.le i-:i.)vvi feat above
sen level
.lv ott STiTTri;. of Valentine, has been
(iwartleil the ...,.f contract for For: Nio
brara at $7 I". per hundred.
Ilrti I'iM. improvements now- in sight in
North Platte will cost $i:e,.iioi .iiimi;
the number ae th- ICsth I.lofk f.1111,1
l;rv lur llni.iv. the secoo.! '.. .-....
national minister that settled in Nebraska.
iee-nt!v celebrn:..l his golden wedding a:
'"' '' Mr. Heaion nud wite are still
h-ile and heurtv and moved to Nebraska
thirtv vears ago.
Cunt- report- from Cup.r County
Wheat, corn and -iiher small -rains are
onkingg.Ml rn, ,a j,.t.. i,ckwnrd en
nccoiia: of the late s,.,,,,. although ram ,
plenty and weather is nil that con!.! In.
to corn a:nl balance mMtini! grata.
; .Tosttit Shirk, who left rCenrney a short
ttm ago with a surveying pnrtv. cornmit
tetlstiicniei,! Wyoming a fet davs -inre.
Tin Platti- County Hank t- the aanie of n
new bnnn.-ial institut:ou which has jn-;
Matted at Platte Center
A riK'Jru in Ctrlield County in brak
ing prairie lecrtitiy j.b.wod p a nest ,f
I Ar the recent election hehl in Chase
Countv to deci le .n .-. county st.a; for the
, new- county, no selection wn-nmde. t Im
perial received :'.i- mo-; votes nmonj; the
T-- lit. , SK--. . .
.... ....i.-sllns inni. .tnotlier eieeiioa
w ill It held.
Th Congregation a I Churrh at Karnv
i.j ...
un" "" e-oape .r-un lining tletniy.l
'" - ir,u S"niaae,Mi- cmbu-tioo. :h
?r uhi A a1 "' mM cbub
otfccr atgut t.y tmrglar a ad n-bl-si of Snto
worth of stamps. ! in mouev.
movnl aad it t tm. if 1; erattaas m '
ca: :b- m a :rck ilt be :ta Np aad! oaetdc-k ou:ii.
is." bi ha :rarrl! quit?
", Anirrrn ltrHf tl- tri Ntlnit
l.-ire j..u-. .nir..
- Ij.i N. Veh.. Jin- il.-Th f::..tns
- !:wun; cimlT h :-rn wnt oat k :n-
ircu'ivtr tf Ifte IrlsU .N'BUooai fx-xtt ot
A u:tca :
ii.Ti.. Setv, Jnoe IK.
Tn fV --r M Vm,-n . tfrf
tfc.e p;fvt! 'p jr(..r r! !. Tl
i'c .,t a'Mn-iutcl "a In a J
B,rt" -enl a -i y ? - !.. . tj. t i
jran.j ty jj. ,m. iraj.-rt .f h -
i,t- A'tr tie yt oral ---t on. m at- t
' r. ' .",V.?r
brmiRx a j rtr . tn- c '. ui. i a .-
tfcnt jrr ! 't'eian t.u. f l. fc. re,; i
llr Miilli'oi'i tnilj .! r ! H
pler uo.on i ! bir f r-- ar4 f -ttu't afHl
ffpr 4i:M.t nr!i r .- ikci t ta lrn
Um l no.
Mr (i:lfti !f. f li. m- 5rl -r-!.-'.-j
tM-rtaanrtS iwt'-- ant . ?
lTn !T'Br? n ' I" . :", " h ' "" '".' ",,'r
. - . . . i .,. . , . ... . .. ...
.mmi..,. !" iiarMpaiiin i ' tth
fr .J. j.U fru.1 fln that e r t-f'r r
lirvi f'r-n th t" umii'r r ar, B
paall t y .,.t-jti-T- b h r h. r
. ! t-rt.. .. f.-.ii t.f tuwaon - 1
iir 'lrl rr Tti- .(ii ft. ,kl l'in t'ro
P'r t-p or.-
Tr.- t'l-iir t. .at l'in t-e
ZiZZT ' Tn
. .-L -.. . at. . . 1
' n are un- rtftf
: d 1,.t -fi att-ieM.t f ti 'ur',
a aaodfu ii;iirt .,.. t I. ?i.
t. tle . i that the da ! '; -1
t rf'ifmt' fi'tfitr aij-t r'l-tfjiacr aim';
lr)ninen hat r- for. -r iard av
J I br. (:,- i t.,ifr- rw tor In- nl ' n -w
' fa r t J..r tlir Kngt b w-.t. r -! , f.. :
-ondi-it II11 th- tfrv' "S ffi l- r
Hi tj't-t Wto iltfor t 1 ffc- !: 1 i !! t
Mr ..!:o'!r. a..d l h-..i i: h 111 1 at k
Parln.-i! 'th n !i.'o i.'. 1 r . t .
r tw .tr ( ' fli ' i i,tt t.
lr-iaf -t tho r .i' t i!t : .. tMOjf.r'i.
pri't. n th- Itr t ! .-mp.rr fiu ad ! t. jI
in in .-i." .r.
In f iri:li o -.f ?'- i'cr rif-rn-t
m t-
!.- i.f if I., mr i.e. h. rt i.tin . 1. tte
the Par laiiientnrt md a mu .-,..: . in
count 1 t uiies. nat: t.f -ii; 1 .1 t. r-jr -s
n'at 1 11. and tt. !-. ot r. er--iiii ,.-i
stm,, fo'io oik iir f;ic fn; ,--rv
llfty ir: int.ers in fim 1 ntH'ul t.. pr !..
however that 11 coinirir .i sir t h t. tt
iiun.i-i-r o? tiftv nienitw-r can not - -a v
i a ht-d ate. mimt r from ent avi to niiy I. eiil tle I.t one -! fate
We k for tho att ndan. of an Htirr
taiit dc,i nation from the Home i iip and
Pari mil. atari All arranirenx-uis lor thr
i 11 V out ot. !;' l- unOt r tin- xnr 1 hri-f of
tt.e 1 oiniii tte i ariRivt menf at 1 Inmo,
a.n-ady o i.-nfi d. of w U ch n P.--:di-lit s t.
livan Hint the ofl:-i n of the league for th
citv of t hua-o and Mate of Illinois atv nirm-l-r
! I-yry branch .' the lea-cue h..nd ! to
I work to prepare for the conni.-
, i-r and -b.iii.t remit ail f "!. oi. band
iinmtifiatelv : the national trcMsorer ol !-
iron. o tin. itioiM'v mat Ih torwantnl i.t liiiit
... ior,.t n.t 1.. .,.. !.i... :f n.
10 irc:nnt and made ava !at.. . if n-c-!-
j fary. for the apiTi.-ii ncrcampu an All tnip
I r.i."...i. ...' 1.. i..., .,.....! 1.. ....... .. ...i , ..
' "' ereninBi iofi in inaae ine ap-
..u..i. ..w. ... ..... .
. .... . .. ... . . ..
n hU h we arc ens-awed -ile -aus of Iumi
V.'o remain nmr. ver faithrultv.
PVTMH K I.I.IN, President
1 11 .i k 1 ICi it 1 v . l r-i.rer.
.I..IIS P sTi.i. !.'iiUri.
A lleilteit 11 eslilent I.t I I llllliliIo lletncoll
I Ii-iI.iiU. I.ili.-r.ils iiihI K.xlo il.
W.sini,t.. .lime .'!. "he Ptiidfti.
ttal eiis-tiou is to take p!at-c in t'biii doting
! u-,'"1" u,,'k' "", ,,'' " "' ""
,-v, '""f h'M;Hi was ti.e ri-e in
Aiceiitine. I here arc three candidate foe-
Un. the p.H.p:,-; one tepr olm She Cl.-r-
led partv or the Catholic ('hutch; 11 secoml
i..I.i.u:imrtheL.l.ei;.L.,..I a third il.u
hntl.cals. 'lie latter parties are buiu of.
posed to the li,Je,fer.tice of the rlmirn in
.eculur m.ttt 1-. but .lstler in f.:.iti.t4i as u,
' tiie tie:. ire to which the author;. shall be
. rede. t'd. K.ul.. .ii- ujhI the monks and
' iiiiiis tirivc'i out. the pi "petty of the
1 church conl'scjiteil at d !iirind oer to the
liovetiitiii-nt. the coiii. -ssionul abolished ai.d
the ptlests plllblhltcd Iiom teach. ine relic
ton in the clioo s. "lb" L' lartv jIat
forui iiicinile- the etertii.iialioii of all or-
dfts of leiici'.us Mvliisjoii. the divorce of
the cdueal.oual sv-P-in In. in the churrh
...,,, , , , . . ...
and Ibe t.i-tio!i of tb.;n-h tuopertv. If.,t
111.- u-.i'iei- o, mis ii.ui) are ntn n
to adopt the extreme 1 1 re s tie-
luatuletl bj :l IfadlcaU iti the-.r
VMtr against I'athoUcs. The Uadi-
cals st.tnd in tl... I - l. on j't. .ta-
1.. 1 .i. ... . . ... .
eta's Will be siccevf uJ, a- tltev bae Ctm-
ttol of the election liachll.crv, nl
Ihoiieh the Catho ic-. who ay that
another Liberal admin. strr.tion meaiK
the em! of the. 1 Iot-r, mc
tiiHkiti a tlejarate ttfort, us;r. nuuiey
tteelv. and are ail thv can to en-
conr.irre JCadica's so as to "pi it the Liberal
strength. The I'mIic'iN are thu simtlles; m
tuiinbers of the three pitrtie-. but make
more no s.i "1 iie:e have .np-mb been v
eral serious tints and there i- a fear ot a
mj tiered
I eurfnltt i:urn-il -.-wii iith.-r ni-j-r-- tr .f !:. a ft.C'ie buMnr f r--t-I
ii.ti-coiiiiteil I i.r. lie ue tnlhr rti- ereter rv.n ! rat t, I
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Vi".SIf. i..
lro!ge in the ttver was -
l. ... 1 1 . 1 . . , .. . . Anc I.t r'.' I, iiara nt i.
burned U nirh: by the UinKling of an oil ' n-e than la .nnu. .. r of a. nt. a r.?
lamp. The Hinic. spread uiih crt-a: rapnl- "', Po'i".i r im k! hx irr tt .
itv. Half aa hour afterward Wtn. chae'er. ' ,"'1 ,n - .
vviio was t..,. p mr on the ves-el nt the time. ' rn. -Mir... ve ,-,.
was found wandetingaiui: sirthntugh the Lvtftv. Ju-v. ?L-Ti- -ninth a
White House grounds, and wa taken to the H,Tt,J,rT "' Q'n Victoria' arewri f
ho-jntal. where u um dicryer.,J that lU" v-u'Ah xr' " 'lebratr.1 SafoMay
he was feaifellv burnsl. If, says night br Jh bnrar of lh tempt by 1
he ua awakened by the riim-s ru!nj mt ' ti! of raateur ctntniatir prforrrin-r"v
tltc'. p:uait .mo ;,, tivt and wm 1 hendirre 'rt a,d itoUb.e Jnr'n.
ashore. Ibere k ...,; m.. on the U W.e Matn of, In at ti-Pim-h-.
tits g wbet, tl.erebf.kiHi,a'tl.Shnef. I,UJ.. He . a. a..! ,.; tbi.r f it
I- .be onlv 00. Uieiu am.,,t. f,. f. i. ,. ,,, .awtro.otaa e-tt f.
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nitali" nn
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fccrwl foe alai: J-s-.tsio. .
ip v- tm n
I:.r4d'ln? 1. .Vttat'Ji'V.
" WJ--TIU.K. ti.. Jane 21. iiammL !?
tao - Taar - d son of iir. and Jfr Id
Perk. m; a mo; stagtiUr thraih froaa .'rira:
aaar aa. aa. aa. a . vaa. at . a . a . r - -
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st bi. ami lb othrr prvklr im
1- u;tmr at S"n r$ty . la. z Zimv rtkiUtMi
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iiffof ti ?!- oa'M -tI t !.. a.
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a'H!- . tar , rt- h a fr H3 ?
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rpah os at Ur jr- m m u. ?-4 1 J jwt
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f ifr r i;rt nt n. !, ?. a
r m t a -f it -1. t t.t ,r' tr irt.
f Oir-w J., . ta ;w,-r Imk -rtr ttn to t
trajt-r J ' : . rt. ar t-u! r
tfc- riif -f Mm nal wm itoi I f.rtt
r('ti 1 ut j-r f ta r .t -. ras oa 4
altrfnlj fcf.iii. wrti tk- n.tar'V sttl-Jaf ill'1'
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er.r g ief- 1 I hitr int 1t 1 m' :
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r.n t . ha t- t
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mtii't-f e.i'i -p-- -I !' . r. 1
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d -n f.j--l Midi.. .1. ...' r
unit to fj, .ti-.f ..f 1 .-,-. n r
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on l--r ! ! l-i., 11. it.
thi ir .,' , t... n,'. - .nj f to,- ,,
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ri n -f lh .-ft. I i.i tm ;. ,
w-i C A I of tl I. '1
tin ! ti tl il . h t 11. t. e i ; 1. .
Ii o '. e . o j.i r'r- ii a . ,. a f--r,' n nt tfrn. ro ( i" '
(trafrf..: a ad to.ioi.. ,-: . ti.
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p ,,U'h Uletor'l.-s Mir jii! iif ' s.
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Afr Hill' t-n r ! n the ! r.-. .. 1
h i.mirnn.frt ?mj, i a laao h. i...t .,
tied h f i- t . l I ;- n the !. .
w !t tie U" lwii l,it.i..t ,
Ir t i.'r lh. n!ur 11 1: , in ti , '. fin 11. 11. 1
be r to r r nt',, arun lrv t,
l'ot ,.f prior. i.e jn the srai.l'ay r. 1
mvife mi'f -Moti w ihotti 1110 1 m.
lourajfp h.. f..i p o ut,t H. a, 1
ttiei. : .( ,.t ,. .!!.!) . l hn f lh. l
m'.ral :-rf ' m.11 tauirM rhe .-i . itmi m
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t olia .. m'I nt ;p a. oaf..r
l I e President rs-s fi Hgmtiue tin
sicn.nH'an-'w f llu s'arTIm,; inneaise tt
pen-MHi IcisIatuKi and live oHM.SiUrnc.w ia
... . , . .
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HI !I.M. h'R .i ti.
In b to of Ibe SnatH b.'l for a n-ir.
1,- l,r,.i.. r s;,.,, ,.,, . ... ....,
--- .....-..... ..v - v.. '-. ... w ,. fl. M,
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mt-ifpinm in niirnri'Mnii rar h"e
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tertdtn thai Ly the o-fi.ii ,.f tih,
poeuiotc.n f siout Cm wa 11. nr' ioti.
that bjr another ciiumrrat .m inr in
further tait 111 fi.- n-w.ri that for thr 1. of lh !.,.. late.nfhrc i.,,i
tn irn VI t r rk antl .! fmne huii.iinjr It
"" to .- that n the coo derat .-n ,,t th
tm nt of i fee l .1 the no, : rs f tho
t.ovcrrttnent h.m'd coMtrol the .11.;. c.
and that t hould fe deeidett a a buv. I.M..UI.II .... . ... ..... .. ... - '
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IM-. ds of a (iiitrmni'i'i toi!t r
at rfo- fminl protw"t in unlrr in it. the i;v
trrmniit w,ik lh-i srr.j'j r.-du-.- lls
value fif !atit'- hi.inir M.i'rini. -
ten! f t ult.e, .rs(M, r . jrr'iiath and
inater of that k-no h cli. fhoiijr'i e,..f
imsH 'iiiersiin. do noi uiaat . tiRitittrl-
tne neci itr of the ev nt.iure t larvc
".."evara naVontbaV 7.14 ,....
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cmrf arc m-l wr hewl al oov rv lot
v.i..e a..t w to ih, :,
:.,M,:riu..P. tZiTu''':' '
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VCVI.I ine -o;ma-'i f The l-l ol.' .
now i.m at- n a I ord'a.- rn'e. ir th
iioreraae m tint. Jnnuarr I t at th
rite or $wr It, tar . -,.
report of the Mir-rr sn arehlfert t at
pear that ert iNfnlir I lai. lhr w re
unit- fi. w j.ur -.tic.t n in Coiir" "-Il
stru. tti.M anl tke amotiri' etp.-o.Vfl tt .-i. or.
lur ii the frct'i-d r- vrnr was li-rU 1TV.
tMi. ah le lurae afrr.)pr at .e mt-r- ak"t t
t .- -ifriltM! on ihe... I.oitil rt. .nr n K.
rnrrent o-r Iniii 1 1 lament tr
' '. s " t t afiht. i a, h
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ev.t ther. for than . iMaroi rt'h rase
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in. i" mt rsi!
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pabiic luiilttluk i Xa-vill. O.. tho
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li-i! mmiri rt'lU If Mlliea tmKr . ,..t
nrroofvt I kit nioli.uM th rtn n
llttlt e! to root noe t to r f ,,'ovrni
n it pit m fi' iitnttr Tt.- piit.i t it t n.
notr in t-n few of ntrti f Ion r miwi
e htv Ifitro't n-i riiti.litnl n-rr.m.. n ik
ail the 1. 11 t ntr t-r. et iiKli-li..irii
in. nt ought to hat - on hitwt al on- t m. an
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lncra- in th nutn'-r
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intoirea not ottl ;b arn..,., v..
airt'e f..r or rop't . hoi
.orrt' i.n in ibt mr Attn irr
ertato'i thrar-r K'hli a 1.1 i.i.
inent biil'd-ni I !. rat. ort.aie"nl
to an town or ritt. aot at 1... - .r m
of an appripriat!.,., ft .ri-r.-r ..ft-., , . .t
1 "iH a ait ti;iistraf.rt of ri aat aiiti m
the intere' ..f a r..n: tio a. . ti t,i th
. op n on that theeiprtMliriir f -o. r money
I fir net, h li irimt. 'tto'-ld inHl m ir
'' .'! r'au- n th t. p"fi .;
tt.. lht, rhntz hml rwirt, j, nim
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tae, on Wtosfa -j,
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aprnu . a . ara ablb nM . .ik i ' mm mm. . a .
An iSni!'M . ,1 mrll iirK-. '
At thr rrai foatraaaarfit of fi I
oJagfaaKt rrai-.Sfc.-HT Aarav
Ibil aTilar 1 11 ana TT aV. . ft.1
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new, vita a f.-rf
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1 year CImim-s W. (.". and wif. of f.
I'!,l"n' " ,T- !. -M. f ,44r, Ir;
hU'r lot :i Ml
IIiW. at raal tn.;
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' rlrt "fc" ,h U"lT 't at .,.
, ? r mm tM,""-f n'1
'J "-'. .r .-.." , nm mtn
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ttdlowrtl bis ire Into tb pantrt ai. !
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a jtM(l rvfitttation.
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r.iri..t courl bf 'er. Jodf (i r
uataln! tl ttedi'rtis flral aral ar (( ; I
Monday by iff, ilollot.' xUora
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