The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 04, 1886, Image 2

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The Red Cloud Chief
A.C.HOSMER - Propiletor
Tho President Married.
(.1 rover Cleveland and Mi-. 1'rance.
E. l'ol.-oni were luarricl in the White
House. "Washington, I). C, Wednes
day evening, June 2. We hope now
that G rover Is-, married he will he a
better man.
The hidewalk on Cedar .-tract is
being put down ilowly.
Sunday. June KJ.will he Children's
Day in the M E Chureh.
Hami'EL UltUNKR expects to gather
l.'iOO quarts oflicrrie-: rroni hi- straw
bcrry patch.
L. II. Hi -T has our thank- for a
box of home-grown strawberries mam
moth in size, and nio.-t delieiou- in
1'nele George W'inton. during the
toriu of la-t Saturday night, had his
leg cut by gla-.- from a window blow
ing in
Thk aecuraey of the jrophetie
progiio-tieations of Tl!K CHIEF rela
tive to the strawberry crop, have been
amply verified.
TliKKK will be an iee cream and
strawberry festival at tho residence of
Mrs Wm Gate- on next Monday even
ing, under the auspice.- f tin W C T
A. I'uosKuVK'' ha- returned from a
tour through tin state in tin intere-t
of Brown's marble and granitd work-,
ami reports the crop looking fine and
business, reviving.
Klder t A Hooped and G E Lang
don will comineiiee a series of lree
free lecture- on biblical subject-Wedue.-day
evening. Juno 1, in a large
pavillion on Seward street and Second
The wheel of mi.-fortune young
man, the buggy-whip young man, and
the little nutshell young man all did
a thriving businc?- on our -treets yes
terday The eredulity of their victims
is remaikable, and the fool-killer ha
evidently been direlect in hi- duty of
SKI.I.s Hums" eireii- -bowed to an im
mense erowd ye.-terday. lully live thou
and people were pre-eut. The eiicii
is the be-t one that ever exhibited in
till city and gave entire .-ati-l'aetion.
The nienageria was partiettlary line
lu fact Sell- Urn- .-how is a iir-t ela--outiit
th roughoiit
McEw a v. Tks.w. May 2 3. 1 SSG. RcdwNet.
Our spring has been very jflcartnt Wanted. A girl to
and wa-in. but summer is at hand
Rather warm, but plenty of rain to
keep crop- growing. Wheat id headed q -
., ,.' will lie readv tO IiarVCit fOOIl
""'", - a. i(t line ui ui owia mu w. '
OaLs and millet doing well; corn lookfi ut verv cheap at Mrs. NcwhoiiseV.
verv well and had been cultivated twice
It does not grow here ai rapidly when
it first comes up, as it does with you,
but it grows a considerable taller.
Tame gra-s is fine; clover is in bloom,
and stands three Icet high. Vegetables
are very fair. We begin to have new
peas and putitoes. Peaches are a
failure. The winter was too warm for
them; they started to bud and then
there came a cold snap and froze
them. Apples, pears. plum, and all
small fruit will be a heavy crop this
year. The Mowers are very fine. The
South may well be termed the land of, the door yard-. ae full, the
garden fences are covered with the
bushes, all colors in bloom together,
and the roadside is lined with wild
roses' They are a singular ro-e, tho
ou-h being about six feet high, and
flower- are very fragrant. McKwan
just now i.- a dull town in matters of
trade, but candidates are on a boom;
we have seven for con-table in the lOh
district, and mx in the fifth. Whereyer
a group i-: seen on the street you will
find a candidate; they do a good share
of their own electioneering. Election
is only held once in two years. If a
man is beaten he has to stand off and
try next time. If this was the law in
Nebraska it would not be quite 0
hard on tho.-e politicians near Inavale
as to trot around the circle every fall.
A meeting of citi.en- was held in Mc
Kwan la.-t night to take some action to
liuiltl an academy. $0'J W:i sub
scribed, and soon wo hope to have a
line school in good i tinning
onb r. At present we hayo a good
di.-tiict school, which run-, ten months
in the year. Many thanks for the
package of papers from the ollice last
week. We greet it with joy as we
would an old time friend. L. A. A.
An elegant line of wall paper at City
The best mixed barn paint at 7 cts
per gallon, at Cot ting's.
Something new tho-e silk finished
wall papois ju.-t received at Cutting's.
Koi: -ale or rent A good .-tore room
in .-oiith lie 1 Cloud. A liisi-clas- lo
cation for a competent busine.- man.
Inquire ut W. K. .Iack.-on. :'.:5tf
New ceiling papers and decoration
:it Cot.mgV.
Jf you wi-n lo .-el! your farm or town
propt'itv call on .losmi Gkwks.
.jo,j " lied Cloud, Nek
Ih.M.Y Cook now b:i- the mo-t
jj.leto stuck of wall paper, .-bade.-,
etc, in ill Republican Vallr-y.
I'-e the Senour tloor paints. Make a
period cement, at Cutting'-:.
J am piepired to furnish door plates
whicli for durability, cheapness, beauty
of design and tiiii-h, cannot lie excell
ed. Samples on exhibition at the
oilier .!" Tin. Ciiikp. Your patronage
respectfully solicited. C. K. Wool. " tf
Siui:r. loom ior rent; 'Sls feet, '.'.
door-s.outh of pototHce. In.jUire of
I). Feat belly.
Hath sponge--, a line a-.-ortment. at
City riruni.icy.
iMirnlure ol all de-cription-s at
Tinker's old stand, at price, that defy
competition. A I way.- iv u- before
vuu buy, a- we buy extensivi W, and
"can theiefoie .-ell cheaper than .1:1 y
huii-e in thev.illev. 15o .-uro and .-ee
1 (J-. I 1 I "'
Patent medicine- of every kind at
I'arn or- are smiling again ince the
rain of Satuiday night, over the prop
ped uf another bountiful crup of -mall
grain and fifteen cent corn.
Tho rain w:is accompanied by tbu.i
der and lightning, and a .-eveie wind
which a far as wi have learned wa--111
ore severe nortboast ufCowles than
el-ewhere in tin- county, pa--ing from
wo.-t to ea-t. or a little south of east
unroofing houses, barns, -nod- etc. ami
.scattoiim; overv thinir ''enoralv that
wa.-lying around luo-e. duing a meat!
deal ol damage in tho .-mall way, but City Pharmacy.
without lo. of life, or any damage ( 1 A guarantee with every can of the
.-lock. Peter Mill's wind mill' ., I fheiuin William-, paintr, at the City
.-.truck bv lightning. Theodore Cole- I ,l,----,y-
1 r 1 -t - t 1 - large uuantitv ot o(.eiient jic.
gretly damageil, L 1. Well-: house un
100 lied, Mr Sea rles stables demolished
J. T. Robinson's house ruined, and
his household goods .-eatteicd over the
prairie: and the Cood Temolai- Hall
in that noigbc-rhood toin to pieces.
The Good Templar-1 of Cowles ha.l
a grand supper on Friday evening la-t
in Turner".-h ill which was veiy cred
itable to those who prepared it. and
wa greatly enjoyed by tho.-e piv-ent
judging from the maunci in which
they disposed of the rood things.
The Kev V. 1). Page preached the
memorial sermon at Cowles on Sunday
to a large audience. The sermon wa
well prepared and well received. Ilev.
.1. Iean also preached a good sermon
in the afrernoon.
M. .1. Turner ha- ono ; Kansas
City to spend the summer.
K Anderson is we uing a bland -mile
woieh gives place occasionly tea
grin. Its a girl, and armed on Sun-
day morning just after the stoim. All
doing as w oil as could be expected
Emanuel especialy.
P.orn to Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Ma-ten,
a sou, June 1. Standard weight
Xext. L. H.
A tn.vl f:irm frtiiiKi&flr;rftVt. As
T mm ":JP ' "'
furnished. A,TfTV.ta Jw. pn
40 tf
1 j:
housework. Inquire at M B McNitta j j7i$2Ci'
housc- J2&P:T .
Imp fliri-tat KUMarwrm Loans
). have pli&frsof Whey to loan.
A NioHine of dry goods will be old
v'.r f
A rrnrxl te.irn of horses for sale. In
quire of Joseph Graves, Red Cloud, tf
A fink line of baby carriages at F.
V. Taylor's, successor to K. L. Tinker.
For cheap farm loans call at the law
offi:e of Clianev fc Dentlev, Rel Cloud,
Neb. " 3"'f
A good span of horses for sale at
Howell Bros lumber yard. 40 tf
Ladies' cheap hosiery at Mrs. ew
house'a. Paints and oils of all descriptions at
9 per cant loans at the Nebraska Jc
Kansa.- Farm Loan Co
Don't buy your wall paper, paints or
window shades without examining the
stock and prices at Cotting's.
Go to G. W, I'hne's for freh home
made candie-, cigars, etc.
Fre-'n home made candies at G. W
Clint; .-. Lall ami see mm.
I.-t 1:1: your propertv with Cii.u-.
Sehaifnit, Retl Clouu, Neb Jotf j
Thk Amboy Milling Company will
pay CO cents per bushel for good wheat
that will test 57 or 06 pounds 11 tf
Tin. Red Cloud Milling Company will
pay Co cents per bushel for good wheat
that will test 57 or 5S pounds. 41 tf
Nov. is the time to get your furni
ture. Car load just received at
I'oi soda water, lemonade, ginger
ale, birch beer, etc. at G. W. Cline's.
All fresh and nice. Call and see him.
A woman for laundry work, and
dining room girls, at once, at B. 0 M
eating hruse. r.ytf
You Tako No Chances
when you buy Chamberlain's Colic,
rM. ,-.!..... .....1,. Poi.i.i I It i- I
positively guaranteed to do all that is
claimed for it. An attack of bowel
complaint and griying pains arc so
often sudden and dimerous that no
one can afford to be without a prompt
and certain rem edy. Ask your drug
gist for Chmb orlian' Colic, Cholura
and Diarrhoea Remedy. Manufactured
at De- Moines, Iowa, and be sure you
get it. Three sizes. J5 cts., 50 cts and
$1.00 bottles, sold by druggi.-ts.
Good Results in Every Caso.
I). A. Bradford, whole-ale japer
dealer of Chattanooga, Tenn., writes
that he was seriously alllicted with a
.-eveie cold that settled on 1 is lungs.
had tried many remedies without j
benefit. Jfing inuced to try Dr.
King's New Di.-coery f )icons,imjition
did .-o and wa.-entirly lv a u-e of a
few boWii'W. Since which time he has
used it in his family for all cougghs
and coldis with the best rosiili- This
's the expeiience of thousand- who-e
live.- have been saved by this Wonder
ful J.-eove-y
'I rial hollies fr."1 at lleniy Cook's ding
Annual Prii- Drawing of tli.-
Successor to R. L- Tinker,
CarriVs tlu-lartrst .tM-k uf h-(l ruom. parlor ami kit.Ikn
furniture and undertakiTV goods in tin republican
valley. Oil paintings, pi-tur-fraiiR'S ett
in ircat. variety.
Give him a call. Opposite First National
Bank. I3 rices very low.
CLOSES JULY 4th. 1886.
i st Fri.c Sio.oo
21I Prize 5 1 5.00
-rd Pri.e 5io.o
4th Pri.e
Kvi-ry puivha.-vr of Nr.0H in fciKults L -nliU-n! U a t
Ourstook is thfibnyfrt and our priw the k)W-:
that r:i.-h will buy. uit iii- f
Men's, Boy's, Children's Clothing,
Men's Hoot and Sho .
Women and liildreu hoi-.
Men'. KumifliiiiK odf
Mat.- and rap.
'I'nuiki. Vnlit-ii, &m
We iiivitt all lo rail and be on in !
Wiener's Now bhw-k.
i'-riiier- of Ntlir-k 1 n.-uri " ir gioum ( rip- m tl.e
Nebraska and Iowa Insurance Co., I
Aaint 1- 01 damage l.y Hai l'lii iomp:i iv i tin ild-t, l.iign-1, ;ini oot I
in the shile, with (ah 'ipilal ami i l- aiiiuntmg to i.r
'...r. ..,..,.- .. 5t t.ioii'nrtiietii i will iniL r;le to e.xeeeil lr0 neres in :in
iv diitv to let siiiienng luunanit Know .;;.. -.....- - - . .1 '
- . . ? Ueeiinn. eoii.-jiiUent!y an eatly .ijipiie.itiim 1- nece--ar.. J.a-: i!i-rm tln
. ll:vehad a innningoie on iny(.ojn)!tMvinH;n(raoJJil.ij;ilArr f,;louinj: ,.ro,w flir Hie fanner- of
'X t..i' eight ye ar-. my doeters told me ';i, uml paid il IIllluerl.i !ims promptly ami Jiler.illy and to the
would liavL to have my hone serapod entire -atiVaelion ofit m my c!uiru.t 1-- : :"i-rih.r part:-ular- in.jiur" o
C. L. WINFREY, Agent.
Red Cloud, Neb.,
An End tc Bono Scraplny
Kdwurd .She dioid, of Jlarn.'-hnrg, III. I
says- 1 laving rereiveil rn iniien
henlit from Kleetrie Iitier-, I feel it
my duty to let siilfering luunanit know
tor sale at riunili 'liro- hriek yard. v
'lhe large-t as-ortmcriL of -oap- in
t'.e eitv at Citv rhainiacy.
llenieiuher the City riiurnnuy eur-
l'us onlv the he.-t giade- of medieinea
l-'ifty emptv barrel- ior sale eheap at
(,'ily rharniaey.
Try the K-tey .Sewmg althme. It
i- the line-t nniehme thai i made.
F1.1 ale hv F. Y. T.ivlor the ea-t ride
j lutniuie man, Ked Clone.
The K-tev ruing Machine the hest
in the wiiild lor t.-ile ly I'. Y.Taylor.
A rosy fr ale. Apply to I'luiu'o
U10-. at their hrieK yard. A'.w4
Toilet article-! Toilet arliele: of
various kinds', at City Pharmacy.
Ye mx receiving fiirnture daily
don't forget it. and we are hound to
sell it F. V.Twiok
Money to Loan.
Ir. Schenck ha- heen appointed ly
the Neluask.i ami Kansas Krm Loan
( as their agent at Guttle-,
r.irtie- wishing loan will do w-eli to
see the doctor. The comnanv i- nre-
pared to make loans at per cent, and
m sum- to suit. o'.ui
Money to Loan
In nut it:itf iii Xelirji.xk:! or Kan-
v" " V . ...... 1
sas. interest at y per cent. -o oomis
charged. OlM:vt Rkntlky,
:J7tf lied Cloud. Neb.
Mr. C. Schenck w.i in Uhie Hill on
bu;-ne- l.-t week.
There is considerable talk of stalling
a weekly paper in Cowles. Ye think
thi- should he eneour.igtd by our Inline-;.-
men ;uul by every propeity
owner in the eily. by ail mean- Vi
have it.
le iininiita ted. 1 u-ed. in-tead '
threee bottle? og IClertric Outers and
-even boxes r.ucklen'- Ainna Malve,
.ud my leg i now sound and well "
Hlectiie Hitter- are sold at fifty cents a
boitL", aid Ihuklen's Ainita Salve at
lo r. per Inix b Uci)ry Co k. (
- -- j
Koop Qulot
And take Cliambe rlain'- Colic, Choi-j
era and hiarr lioea b'emedy. It cures 1
paih in the .-torn aeh nlniost instantly, j
get a !'." cent bottle, take nothing else. ,
You wiil need notpi ng el-e to cure the '
wout ca-e of diarhoea. elioer.i mor
btii or bov.ei J omplaint. This medi
cine i- made fo r hiwal to;njlaint onlv.
and ha- heen in constant, u-.- in tlie
west for neaily fifteen yeaie. lt.
has been unbounded and its name
ied.nie a household word in thousand',
of home Try it Sold by druggists.
I suffered with ir.MUu:ati-m in my
knee joint-. After tiseiu Athloluoros :
for a short time I could bend my knees
easily and could go up or down stair
without inconvenience. Mrs. II. F.
Rowers 90-J -tate -treet. Racine Wis
At Sheriff's Office.
il:i- llarlx'r. Pre- I :'. 11. HoU.iiki . J
U it.ul r. ( Ni
Farmers ui Merchants
V linw ju.-t Imnn'd ;i kiln
f X). 1 Hrii k. w!ii li i-
Red Cloud. Nebraska.
A. iVev Invention
A goneral banking business trans
acted in all its branches.
To partie-j de-irlng tin
! -(.I .t
1 1
Reasoable Prices !
And Umbrellas
,Ik 11 not Hi' iot ' Udn iivvn I'att in
at prirv that vim not hv DitH I1
ISTERES7 ?AI3 it TiKS SS?0a.
And a -o anl at rolu. e.l r -
1 i.rliirtii" tfti iMr.iilKi irl itti
J t nil -n ;-. before j ir l..img
a- r guar w- -itif.i tim
! W. H. Ludlow & Son.
i-A ty ljjans a .nriAirv.
Three or five K.irc .-ti.vtJi n:nn pe
rent, .-ingle mortgage. No delay
in securing money.
J: or Sale at a Bargain. 1
A new .-even room house with four!
lot-, situated in the most desiiable '
iianof the city. Can be bought on
long time. Inquire of I). .M. IMatt.
Farm Loans.
r.irm loan.- negotiated. K.:rm loans
. .-... 1.1.. . ...... 1 .-..... ......
I Oil III 1 t i:iV''li- innr. i'.iii- .!
Mr. Ueti. Hani- will in .1 few day- l,e imid rv "iving r.O lav- notice with-
I " t
out etra eo-t. i.vk 10 your i-i
interr-t-; and call n meat my tftice
Liver 1'ir-t N finnal I ink.
t I). 1. SrvNott.
I ..-..-
open up a grocery tnre m the Turner
buihliug. Vo be-pe.ik lor him a liber
al -hare of the patronage ol
the people ol Jowles avd viein
MoNKY to loan ut rox-onable' on
Ked j .,00l fUMCnal orehr.ael neurit v. Also
! tarn, loan- made at lowest rate- of
.1. D. Fuller wa-i:i Iilue Hill on intere-t. C F. kkk.
. , a.V.f AU.tract Othce, IUv. v tCtiul.
r inlay. , . .
.... ,11 . 1 . ' Itch and .-cratches ot overv kind
Thos. licvL-son contemplates gomg ..(, miIos w, vrAfoTlV,
futherwe-t. Hetter stay in Cowle- 1 0111 ! Smutjiry Lotion. I"-4 no other. This
Thos. l'aul an I K. I. (.iauce were in ; never fjiil-. Sold by rYrgu-on .v Co drug
lied Cloud. 0.1 Montlay ol tms week. j ui-L HI Cloud. iS-Iy
.-. 1' 111 it-ii I Tin- I .ui .....I .....! rvner linn itC lif
W fil ROYAL Rl B
Oarl-jr. i'.iM. 1L HeCasd.
K.n.Miiik "' ' THsr.
W. . CurtKT.
Final Proof Notice.
I-iii.J i3kx- at IM-MHin2tiM. -! . Mj i !"
V'l'lirK I- HKUKm t.lK TIIT 1IIH
ll f'J...n.- .!- l ttlkr h ! i-'U "j
Jjt. 'I.O.u Mil l'l3i -JJ T"i '. " "-- -
I i.n-. U rV t O. .IH."! . I A'-7 "
t, I tin! Iiwi " -juriJ. jhw -".
VIIUAM 1 M'Mlt.-.
;, J.WIt I. tMWtll II lC- i-' II" r
(.i&mlu? wHn- I?w rwJ w rr-
Met- iii- rtun40 ' '. 1
jlw.t, riii..O. ln.r J: !vti-. Jutu lUMm-
. MkIiIiu rMlil. ! "t li-4 t .
(JuM nnt Silver Whirls ar Lh5 IWt !nl.
I KtMint Ilr..
1 Kir-t National UnriV.
i Kir-: N.:ioiwl Hank.
vw Y. my
Uyrei. .
Wj liavu ttargains that irn nci )i Urul nnwlrj ofa
a. ivnr1.1:. t
Lcifal Notice.
- 11 rx.
l .M t'jr tnfc !
.. I I.. f T
t..1 P w
, pH. E .JORDA.V.
! KKIM'Lorn - - MiHKXi-KA
All urk gnarJntee.1 Il.x.m- 'e.
First National;l
L. C. Cilbeit spent Monday in
Absolutely Pure.
Notice 1- heren' g;n ; the mi
I i . ..
.. .m. .1 r it .--3 iv - -'
I W.Urfaln .- )uiSMrt rJOc rorh 4 ) tr 1
i -im .H - .T- l. b "".! vn "Pt
I at U.- rat t" r " " ,Jf'" '
i g ..i i- ib- f.-j ":"- ,jiz t
;-. n (&- IkJU rfcirt'8 r j.rd Ih m ,
. J i-i r-S '" I. l"-i
' i-HStM r I- iff IW Z- ) t Jt. " I
(,.M4ril TI"-L noo.fOmiu.l
11'. tolCfW!nj
Paraila. (.Hurt of nil K little
Kan?. I'd jnai.
AVhito (!.. I'flUnv- SInumh
B&i in ! n i ot i r tc-ri? pf '
lis ir M!rr nrver Mmilcl ;ninl
-tri'ii.r'ii -a lit w!i.ili--.iiriit Mirf eitUKMHlcal i!i iinlituirv Vliui-. mu caiiiu: t- -'il m
Weltrr County Al-:ncl Oiltfi tm
eom;i'.i:in uii xhc inuuitut rf low :-i -brt Montlay evening. June ,. i?t
v.eishl .tliimtir jiu-iliaJi j-iJtir-. -M onlv) . p I.-Vrrr 1'rei
ia -:tii- Kit YAl. RAK1M; JliWIlKB TO. ' -' -rrr "-'
1 ..s.;.w n tti.t .trV'iMilfr- 0: tul '
Uetl Cloud Home-ten.l. Unildtng und Cvt
t . .... ,k ,Uii nf' A I llr.i wan M,tiare n.i on Uk: :
Loan Ao,.;ition l..r jbl '' . . :o ,i,fi .1 fWumm W a rail
officer-and the tran.-nct:on of chr , Jva M ftJ )ttmr.,
important bu-inf ;, ui'd Ik heW in "he ysK Krx. V-niUne. '
Umrli ol T l,4 of - -lorl
bocs oowstoUnv W WchI :, er. Ar
le. 1 intr of
3U Jt WH (jKAVPd,
Mr. ciuner 01 nine mu wa- m in --.. .... - ... .
.vles ,h rt W. I $Ml?aUng ,r""m,"S8 I
Wall Si., .v. v. I A Hovrp,- iecretnry.
. M - ta.
t- -jt' 'i .
.- -"A
r-?- "JV-1
JgMfwii I'jtyww. jiig
C jfcw a- "" - - - - v. k
iiiiiiiiHPPt'iMrFvNBawii i i -r - i-?r'ir'afTrfctfta-ai-nnTrwriTrTTrT?i,nfiiMi-iit ii iriiwirrrii-' ni
'i III I I I Vi '""iImii i' i il'lT" ITiBi-" . .. J I
MjE 'Cyjtrrjjfctjwdff' -fpPJBtfy pB " tSti? eES.B' w WQd& 'pyBBMMJf KSttZjftrftKHMr'jtf iBbflt
PH2i;i mmmmmi&2immmEMeg&