The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 12, 1886, Image 2

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IE Red Cloud Chief
Propi latoi
tIDAY. FEBRUARY 12, 1880.
Fetitioxs arc being ssnt into Gov.
res for a special session of the"
islaturc to redistrict the state. Tins
2ms to be unwise, and we doubt very
tuch whether His Excellency will pay
ly attention to the call.
An Omaha lice cerrespondent writ
ing from Bloominton says that S. V.
'Switzer is a candidate for represen
tative, and that he can be counted on
a a Van Wyck man'in'case of his elec
tion. That statement would kill him
if nothing else came up.
The state of Nebraska should at
pic next meeting of the legislature pass
nor amend the present law giving more
power to the sanitary commission and
State Veterinary. At present these
official) arc handicapped by cumber
some laws which are inoperative. The
State Veterinary should have power to
stamp out all contagious diseases,
and the State should back him. He
should also have power to appoint
district agents, and condemn animals
without, being compelled to have the
sanitary commission lollow him up at
a great expense to the state.
Thk suspended republican office
holders arc sendingiu numerous appli
cations to U. S. Senators asking for
information in regard to why charges
were prefcred against them, and why
they were ousted from office without
even a hearing. Many of them are at
loss to know the reason therefore.
They have no objection to being
fired if a democrat must 'nave the office,
but to have trumped up charges pre
f erred against them.and then to be deni
ed the privilege of what they are is too
much. Cirovcr has got his foot into it
and there's a chance for some fun ere
long. If the president is honest in the
matter he should divulge the faets.
The people are entitled to them.
The annual meeting of the Grand
Army of this state will be held in Red
Cloud next week for the election of of
ofliccrs for the ensuing year, and to
make selection of the place for holding
the reunion next fall. For the position
of commander, Gen. John M. Thayer
is being very generally named, and
probably no election could be made
"t!int-iould give such general satisfac
tion. Gen. Thayer is one of the
pioeners of our state, has contiibutcd
to make a large prt of her history, and
served with distinction during the war.
He would wot be more honored by the
choice than they would be by his
election. Let the old veteran lead the
other veterans in peace as he so
worthily led on the fields of strife.
Omaha Republican.
Death of Oon. Hancock.
The sudden death of Winlield Scott
Hancock at Governor's Island Tuesday
removes one of the three m:ijor gener
als of our army lo the retired list of
eternity, where so many of the dis
tinguished commanders of our armies
during the rebellion arc already en
rolled. While so many perished in
the struggle and so many more passed
away soon after its close, it has been
Gen. Hancock's good fortune to live
until the fullest reunion of our warring
sections had occurred, and the bless
ings of profound peace and unbounded
prosperity everywhere prevailed. Gen.
Hancock was a brave and skillful
soldier, and the taking of Richmond
was atone time within his grasp. In
June, 1864, the Eighteenth army corps
under Gen. Raldy Smith, during
Grant's movement to the James river,
advanced upan Petersburg. Wnen at
nightfall it stormed and carried the
heights.about the citj, Hancock came
up with his second corps, and seeing
the advantage urged Smith to advance
upon the city, oilering to waive all
question of rank, as Warren did at
Bunker Hill, and place himself and
troops under Smith's orders. But the
latter declined on the ground that his
men had fought enough for one day.
Fclcrsburg lay at their mercy then,
and with its capture Richmond would
have lallcn. Grant held Smith re
sponsible and remoyed him from his
command, and that ended his career.
In the reconstruction Gen. Hancock
commanded one of the five military
divisions ot the south, with headquar
ters at New Orleans. His policy and
theories at that time led to his nomin
ation by the democratic party for
president in 1SS0. Through a heated
political campaign he bore . himself
without reproach, and dies honored
and respoctcd'by all his countrymen.
Omaha Republican.
This lias beeu a cold winter; Water
has frosen. in a 30 foot well sl$ inches
thick, But at n0 cIose of the .week the
weather begun to- moderate- some so
that farmers can bgin to travel the
roads kgaint-Sonie of the roads have
not been traveled sincojthe storm.
The mr.oonfcs b Judson regularlvv
now. (
J&E. Wahter hd adabcp at his house.
"on WednfejjjUtfJMgbt. , All had a good
time, i ,i . -
Reselling isflayed oinV "
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-. - TU..V-
San Fjiancsco, Cal., Jan. 31, IS86.
FiriEN'i) Hosmi:: Leaving Salt Lake
City and Ojgdcn Jan. 24, we skirt along
the shores of great Salt Lake, perhaps
the most wonderful body of water in
the world. Nearly 1000 miles from
any other body of salt water, having no
visible outlet its waters are intensly
salt, although 32 f-esh streams con
stintly pour into it. Nevada, as we
see it, is a desert until near the west
ern part we find some stock is kent-
We decend the Humboldt Valley for
near 300 miles. This river is noted for
having no mouth. Although it be
comes quite a large stream, it finally
sinks away from the face of the earth.
Monday night we cross the Sierra
Nevada range, the dividing line
between Nevada and California. Were
it day we could see but little mountain
ucencry on account of aiiow sheds, one
of which is 45 miles long. We awake
Tuesday morning in the wonderful
state of California of which it has been
said that "every brook ia a river, every
pond is a lake, every tree is a forest
and every man is a liar." It has
rained incesantly lately, and Califor
nia looks too us like a drowned rat.
The low lands of the Sacramento Val
ley are under water, and as vc glide
along but for the noise of the train we
might imagine we were traveling oy
boat. Travel south to Los Angeles is
interrupted by washouts, and we go on
to San Francisco, 833 miles from
Ogden and 1977 miles from Ked Cloud.
I cannot do justice to this wonderful
city, and the many objects of interest
in and about it, in the limits of this
letter, and will only add a few remarks
about climate and products. Since
July, 1840, only 132 days the mercury
went belon 32s above, the lowest 20.
198 days it went to 80. highest, OS3.
At present the average temperature is
about 45. Geraniums, fuchsias, callas,
etc. arc in bloom in the open air.
Nearly all trees are evergreen and in
full leaf. The grass is as as green as
June in Nebraska. The market is lull
of green vegetables all the year, one
crop following close upon the another
Strawberries are in the market always.
From June to November, cherries,
plums, pears, poaches, and grapes
abound, and from December until lato
in the spring the market is filled with
citrons fruits such as oranges, limes,
lemons, persimmons, etc. English
walr.uts, almonds, pecans and Italian
chestnuts arc largely raised here. The
citron fair of North California is now
in progress, and shows conclusively
that citron fruits can be raised here as
fur north as Philadelphia and New
York. Some of the finest specimens
on exhibition came from Shasta coun
ty, which is 150 miles north of here.
The weather is far from nice is warm,
but damp and foggy a poor time for
sight-seeing, and an excellent time to
take cold, which we lost no time in
doing. Shipping and business in
general seems lairly lively. Tuesday,
February 2, we leave tor Los Angelc?,
naving spent just a week in "Frisco,"
and a very interesting week it has
been Yours truly,
A. T. Okmsijy.
UI Id '
This medicine, combining Iron with ruro
vegetable tonic. ouicVly miul completely
Cam !Tnprpaia. IndlrtloB, Wrakiffw,
Impure Illeed, .Malaria, C'hIIUaad Fevctn,
ami aralln.
It la an unfailing remedy for Diseases of the
(Mary nitd I.lvrr.
It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
Women, an all who lend tckntary Uv.
It does not injure the teeth, caue headache.or
prol ice constipation Xh.T Iron mtdictn't do.
It enriches and jur!fes the Mood, Hixnulatii
the apjx-tite. nl !i the ImiIatIon of food, re
eves Heartburn and belching, and itrcngth
e .s the aiiwln and nerve?.
For Intermittent Fever. Lassitude, Lackl
Lr.enry. Ac., it has no vjual.
S7r The genuine has iOovc trade rnnrk c4
:roM.'d red line s en w rn j Take n oth-i
UUo-lbr i:i:on. utrsii it eo, Baltixiike,
Euitok Chief: We left Ked Cloud
on the 27th of last month lor our new
home in the South. Nothing of any
importance occurred until we reached
Kansas City one hour late. My wile
hud a fearful sick headache which
lasted for several hours, but by the
time ivc reached our destination she
was about as well as ever. We took
the Kansas City, Springfield and
.lemphis IJy for Hoxie, Ark. The
word was given, and we are on our
wiy at the rate of 25 milts an hour
The train men on the road treated us
very kindly, rendering every assist
ance to make us comfoi table and our
journey pleasant for four hundred
miles in ihe same car. From Kansas
City to Hoxie we journeyed with
pleasure. At Hcxie we changed cars
and took the St. L.. I. M. fc S- to Cirand
Glaise, our journey's end, where we
arrived at 9:25 p. m. the 29th. We
stayed here until morning, then my
three oldest girls, my boy llobbic and
myself, walked a distance of four miles
out to the farm where we met my
other two boys, William and Albert,
who have been here for some time.
Albert had killed a fine deer the night
before our arrival and we were treated
to a very line dinner of venison, the
first I had eaten in IS years. Monday
we finished moving to the farm, and
are now living at home, boarding at
the same place. My familv arc all
well pleased so far. I would nirther
state that there is somewhat of a
chamje in the climate between here
and Ked Cloud. There was plenty of
snow all along the road until we
reached Springfield, Mo., where there
was out utile snow, anu at noxie
scarcely any at all, and none at all at
our place until today, when it is snow
ing from the north-east. Today finds
us sitting around the old fashioned
fireplace, some eating apples, some
cracking lrckory nute and walnuts,
etc. I have a very beautiful farm. In
my next article I will try and srive a
description of it. I am undecided
what naine to give to my farm. I
expect to go to rebuilding feuces in
lew days. In the old of the nioo
this month I shall nlanfe two or three
JosKrii S.U'M, having purchased the
thorough-bred Hereford cattle ol I.
West, now offers them for sale. lie
has 32 fine thorough-bred bulls and
grades and also three short-horns. Now
is the chance for farmers to improve
their stoek. Call on or address him at
Ked Cloud, Neb. 23tf
Itch and scratches of every kind
cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. IJ.-e no other. This
never fails. Sold bv Ferguson & Co drug
gist, It 3d Cloud. " 23-ly
Call at liradbrook's -Ith avenue Gal
lery and have a negative taken at once
so as to give me time to finish them
and not be disappointed.
I'iicIo Sam's harncs oil in any
quantity, at Cottings.
Call at Simons' auction room on -Ith
Avenue and secure rood bargains.
The Nebraska it Kansas Farm Loan
Co. have plenty of money to loan.
Go to Mallard's New York store for
fine groceries.
Loans made with the Nebraska it
Kansas Farm Loan Co. can be paid at
Go lo Forrester's for your colored
glassware. Cheapest house in the
lieauliful yaces, dolls and toys on
the 5 and 10c counters at Forrester.s.
9 per cont loans at the Nebraska it
Kansas Farm Lown Co.
Keduction in cabuets and card l'ho
toes at IJradbrook's Gallery until after
Simons' auction room is open for
bargains at all times.
;sew i oric nuckwncat Uoui ai
Ballard's New York Store.
Delicate and lasting perfumes at tin
City Drug Store.
Cranberries at IJallard's New Vor
Maple svrup at Ballard's New Yor!
The choicest ovstela at Ballard's New
York Store.
I carrv the best 'and
in all grades from nickel goodj
2 for 25c.
3 for 25c.
5 for 25c.
0 for 25c.
Imported, Key West, and domcatu
Kdw. F. Wiener, proprietor P. O. new
Live i'Stcck and gen
ei'al auctioneer-
Blue Hill, Nebl
Harness Shop,
win rs. com its.
and evorything usually kept in i firs
class sh."i).
Awo aocrs north of 1st Nat. Bank
Sheriff's Salo.
J mic1 out of tlu lt-tru't roiirt of the L'iclitlil
.niiiti'i.u iMotrlct in niul lor Webster countv.
enra-Ka. wherein Asa I. IKeiUien U nlalntif
and John Il'atten. Anna r.uten. V. Vamtlin. A.
Uarber ami H . Millneran- defendants. I shall
oner ror aie at mimic auction at the rast door
of the court houe In-Ked Cloud in .said county!
(triat beintiie lat place where the la.-t term ail
sain court was nciii '.0111110 i.itn uav 01 Jiarcii.
l!!. at one o'clock i. m.. the followins docril
ed proerty, to-ult- Ixt 1 in Mork I. m VanceN
1st addition to the town of Ci tilde Kock. ami lot
IS amLthe north tX fee: of lot 1 In block 4 til
ftuideltock inj-ald county and state.
liiven under my hand this 10th day of Kebni-
'J, lsw. ., "!"rH-u.'r'
jS-oy iicrm 01 i I'icf iuiiui,) .
Final Proof Notice.
Itiiil Office, Woomlnston. Neb. Feb. 3. !.
. follow-ins-named settler has nleii notice ol
hi, intention to make final proof in support ol
nim claim. :uitl that the testimony ollJienuesc
uiBaid proof will be made before J. ". KlckardJ
a Notary rtibllc ol Webster county, at Kedl
Cloud, on Welne"lar. ilarrh mil. 15. and
trial testimony of claimant mil lc made befor
Lter:uiu iJecelter L. ?. Ind ufflw. at
Bfoominston, Ncb,on.aiirua.Mttn:h -jo, 1nw
t li.V.'N IV I . ts
... . . ...t? V. f. m I. r .m
ot l re. i. i. -" s-i7. in Mi j tr'ArLrkL
lHnUoL ranee iJeut uciwkiwb:
..lmi"vw ?nti' hlS tOBMlQIM 1
v.m . . .' . - . m . .
on ami cmurannv5aRi aw tix;
-iiWir i nomas n i ii mai i win
: ..,.. t. 11 ..ti t u cj
. ;ui ui pi! v mm. -vr
i yli.
.Clothing suits
for men and
overcoats at
bottom prices
Dry Goods and
-Furnishing goods.
Gloves Mitts, Hos
iery &c
Boots and shoes
coarse and fine.
from 50cts
Wool boots a
I will positively!
sell goods forlcasli I
after January 1st.
.AH those knowing
themselves indebt
ed to me, will
please call and set
tle by the above
Groceries, provisions, dry goods, ;md all artirh's usually
found in a iirst class country store. Produce taken in ex
chance for goods. Cash paid for grain.
Store in Cheese Factory Building.
it Piniiiiif, ii
For w.
In and around Red Cloud;
Of the great Republican valley. Buy your
homes while property is cheap.
- Real Estato and Insutanco Agont.
Farm Loans Negotiated. Offlovor First National Bank.
Square Dealing
Clothing House,
Home Bkery
And Restaurant I
At All Hours,
Fresh Confectionery
Bread. Cakes, See
Alw.iyi on hsunl. CM aiid n.
FOR 5ALEOwinj; lo the fuel thu
Ij wish lo KO out of bufiine.-.". I otrerthe
'.ihovt- ("talili-ilinient for .ale on en-y
tirins Any one ui.-hinjj to uo into
llmainess will do well to sc' me soon.
Wiener's New Block, Red Cloud.
Western Cottage Organ
Mason &
Lrticlos of Incorporation of tho
lora and Merchants Bank
ing Company.
fit- ! '.! r '! 'I. W h r !.
hts :riel .iK t rns who m.ii
l In r i,l Lit .i I) irwiir.
' 'I s Itliorr tll lit f.
of t'. ' i( N"lirak.'i
dl Ujt iri"ntUiui ImH
iuit I'.aiikni" ( nxn
ki-l i'I )f tKt i Jn
jul Llt ot V-
tUm- for 'h-
An- c-i'Ibrat.'fl fortlu-ir txvtuty ;ind finihli, quirk n t
jiurity and volmnii of Umv. ;wi madr of tin? Iwvt in -
and hy tin- lnvt workmen that can IxIiad. Kviry in-ti
it fully warranted in all ha part for five yearn. " Plea
and examine thene instruments lnf(n. purchaHin.
, J- S. NOLL.
One door north of r gun office, Ked Cloud.
Never were books ho cheap a thev now are. I hau .1 r
consignment of the popular John B. AloVn jmblii.f
at wonderfully low pric. Call and h.m- t!.. ,
A No Alburnnand
Family B
-iil 0(.ill:r?
v Itli a lo.iril of thSI
! 1-t to t itc'Ivniiuifj -ujiiSi
"it ' Ml' lr KIlllfIrk 't.Li.i?
i .. ---..-.- t.
ion i:jfiirt.iin l.irafiT the
I'M -Mini (: r.irii M-ir I,,. ...... ii... ..I..
M. . j . - i.iif'i-r liLT-l
nuirnltiiiinlirot illrtitori. !,,,, hall "l
ft-r-f.rtlirpn,ln-:ir. a.i ,.t.i Vi.. , .
Cp-T an: nl iU.tIih.-t. Ilu. -.- r , I
l-iit anothirrtln iifw..i.n .:. ., "v.". " L r
jMTji.ut a calllrr aul iurh m r itlirT- r-y
flllKtlon lutionrtit In f ..." i.i.t, -vA
ta -thar-fi i,f---...t.t ..... ,.w ."7 t-itx. tor
I'XJt-i;. ""J-nmoa o:jjt tin Jcf-"'" "
I, coiktttoa rvouerl ja thr mnilJ-' cuht oY
im,l . -"iiuru' .. jk. nl
"- Hitrll lr ,J .. . ho.JT'. "- r". -'"-
At much h-. figure than you can uvt them from tra '
rs in stock a comploto stock of Drus and MoUlcinoH. Pnir.u
4" ,
mal Seattle?
acres or Irish potatc
Probate Hotfoaf
iictitioii has Ihx-ii
filef ia the
, " nnm mIk-i: - "" - - U. IIouj-M',
V 5. J ur.HK.
U l t. ItX'fT
m - w. Luniwni irrMSf r-
lDaa toiVTi to lhl. if,. xrttior ti
rr.tXtwl Iter rxccalm ol Uv J iwr l&e
i-aV "TJZ ,l t-irial aL
fynl Jlotr. l'rrUnl.
Jiw U. Slilrry. AMiLut CJilrr
Capital $50,000
Special Attvntlsn CIvsn t
1. M IZxlU I-rJ X4t
.VJrk"t. K.V llicbJLaSI
Buy ml ell Excluw?
Make co'leclion and t.
Ce n era 1 1 Jn kinj;BuijnuM,
Intrst alIotd
time Uet-it
vti a)
Ir J. S KM I Ci H
ling good to eat at ;
wishes to all iuquirm
jam tale.
W I ovrcMASf. irj
4rr IeWic
nf-evaporated '
LJ e .
mam as ever D.
fjj Jn-51
Attention Teachers.
2uvM central y is Jtl Owd nm
Remember it takes
Fine Office Worn,a.pttcilhj. i
to Make rhotograpg.
doaeo, Cards for
. . -or
One six loot 01
V " 7rJtiAs y
S.? .f j srawasyg&TsgJ
w- -v. .i JPL. "i i-ii-jfc-r j
j - m -T-r
- ."fJ3 1i2Z '-tT.S23
.. T .. ji
, rime ,
: &
-... '
JL--9 " . -c -- -L Jm
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