The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 04, 1885, Image 6

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    S flfc J&o-. '
.t??C 'A
. ffrAarerMntMiioatta'iMinr
trly from the HUffJce. whether directed tc
f nine or whether ho I s a subacrlbor or not.
to responsible for the par.
The court? have decided that refuelnjr to
take r.ewapir-cra ttotn the pm-nfl'.ec. or r
taorlnjr mid leaving llieni tinea cl for. r-
fcrm far! ..Mr,
Whca Dav h'a uurden of toll and care
IU laid at the golden trntc or tho west;
.And (he nurpUntr hazes till thu air.
And the bird and the tea have son to
1 wonder thon. 'mid tho tender Hsht,
Vho'8 taklnjj caro of baby lo-nlgbt?
It MCTCwhcre above, in the far-off sky.
Is tho home here ai7 !mbv ttavA to-nlgbt,
A I natch Uie sphere of light on lilirfi,
f wonder wrh!cu ravi of frolaca llsrut
Fall on that unknown dwelling where
Llvetli juy baby, Colden-liaSrv
. .
iriinci la tlm vn'.c.n that lavlnrir
Teu wrnt her questioning eoui wouia
. Vho Is the hand ilmt tenderly
i Ijad4 her.wucre Jale:eM uipMoms iticwr
tin that liiumy lurid. b fair. o bright.
'Vhf tncluf irn rs? habv tO-nllfllt?
.fi. - " - w - .
cnt awayl
'-TThc new, now onir. the Glorious Xiame.
Tjio hurji. tho croirn, and the tea-like tlumel
3 Wonder If. when the burtof tonjr
2 "ront Heax-o'ily choirs llr-a met l:er ear,
Afttl she hiw the countless, white-robed
1 throng.
Ijfije thought or the lovo of ber mother
IT her-:
Ar., in her fenilcss Innocence,
jh(nct the kuzc of Omnipotence.
fc'ioVcnt in I he -jirliig-tlino awny from me:
Aavl oit, jih the sklci brini; the tun- spring
itirne. 1 J for the hour when I Htnll mm
'"hit tiaiitdi-r land. Uut perfect clime.
V.eik thchO weary anus t-lmil fold onco more
j c(icn-hnirfd ono as In years of yore.
Gcurjs I.. JUalli. tn YhuUi'b Companion.
Ponoof tbo Expenses of a Posai-
bla Dudo.
Al-lit? tlti? time of the year the friv
olous '" iikui resl.s Iiis lierul upon
his ha!Li:intl wonders what he ought
tortVc:i. l here he e:ui get it and what
it will Oh- He lias perhaps invested
sixty-liv! lollar.s in :i uit of clothes,
niid'foH tat. as far as tho fit of his
-oat and tin: cut of his trousers are con
cerned, lie uced fear to look no man in
thcfacc. .fut still he is passed every
day by oihui young men whose gor-gi'otisne.s.-.rcit.s
heavily upon his heart.
"Whatsit is ican not tell. They have
not paid mora for that hat than he did;
his cost; eijtdollars, and that is tho
top price. S(K are they heller looking,
nor taller, aoV have they handsomer
legs. In sitrt of all, however, they
Jiave reached a degreo of perfection
-which tho yoiYitf man feels that he can
not reach. Tiefclower in their hutton
hole .seems at Vita o there; their collar
iseems made ly;w artist, and the splen
dor of their yeflow gaiters escapes com
jni'iit, so well 1 ee it corresj)ond with
the splendor of tfi;ir gloves ami trous
ers, cravat and rane.
If the young iiMin thinks long enough
and is bright he ?fll arrive at the con
clusion i hat the .tfn;r young man owes
his superiority tttheso very things
thu jraiters, cravat, etc
and tho vouno;
man will bo right, ifor these things are
the triiniuings. '"fcW lift one youth
above the other, luftfie little slices of
carrot, bit.s of raw ootato and delicate
K) Foti! of mine, couldst thou only :
A What -ha Ims learnod since Mie w
1 lVonders moro ?reat Heaven can
? V 'j'lian have met the Hunt of an e
carving of tho rind y&ich decorate the
ham ministered to $y a French cook
render it .superior toits plain boiled
ljrolher. although tluyimay have been
mates roaming Uie s..m pen.
The representativeUfre in the city is
on Hroadway, not f:i- from the Fifth
.-Avenue Hotel, and neirjiiough to Dcl
anonieo's to be casil reached in bad
weather. Startling scaks and blinding
cravats hang in rows nlthc windows,
with here and there : Unk dressing
jxown to tone down tin orgeousness.
As you enter ou are n?2tand beamed
upon bv a vo'ung man wo combines
all the most startling pohtsof the show
windows, the cravat of rfKiizicd red,
.the ear-rasping collar, rfi tho blue
.silk vest. Une glance cuvinccs you
-that to remove his sliees Vdd reveal
:i wealth of blue silk BockA Villi lillies
of the v:dle embroidered Vpon them.
You ask for a handkerchief or three
' collars, and o:ir modwt ofirfer is filled
with dtfrene and ' pHaiure that
' .sci'ins very miscciv. Tliebmldlp is done
up. and the )ung mailjheg.nC bowin
yon to the door. This rphaki.ou sa
Dear. dear, tin vounffjnaiA
uld not
work in in store: helfcns -jj
w the
Hut you do notyet k
young man. Hi are nt lHi'yulgar
method. of the every-day e.u, who
tumbles owr a pile of gojU aniUrattles
off: -Socks, shirts, undonrcar?; Any
thing else I can do for yoiP"
The young man is an artist, and he
waits for an opening Itwonus Jrhen
your eye fall upon silkjunuurjK'car
'marked -eighty dollars atuiU'"and
you strangle and cough. An 5tres
jjjon of deep pain settles onXthc fdfeng
man's face. lie. taps his sillLYCs. 4fch
oately. murmurs tearfuliyi "JVJak
chest, dangerous weather. frcss sit,
jjurc death." and pulls dowi a afcy
box. Tacked away in it are Cufler
things made of quilted satinand lp
sombling vcrv lar:e chest pfitcctorl.
The artist takes "ono out, itrapi ft
around his neck. and. while ySi stnd
fascinated, explains how admvaon m
would nroteet vour lunrs whilt. wcira
in"- a dnvw suit, ami how it wolld Jc
.serve vour shirt bosom from daTt. 1
A-onr ovivs do not express admhBtioiJ1
his words change from loudestjirahe
to biting criticism. l
"You do not like it. of coursai n,
pavs. nor do I. to be frank. Moffun
idcasant lo advertise tho weakndti ol
one's lungs to the world, and aft to
act as :f damper upon the anilof
1 1..a- 11,11 1AAt-taf
ones nancce. uui muuij iuugi.
And then he drags down anoafaW
box. and arravs himself in a ganutjit
queerer than the chest protectors, tit
is a vest, cut as all vests usually m
-oxceut that it is wonderfully high M
the neck, and is nearly all "back." ta
onlv substantial part of it being;
piece of flannel, oval in shape, nieaaft
to cover and protect the lungs alsoS
That, the artist explains, is to be put.
under vour dross shirt, and saves v,iur.
lunss without in any way undermining
th.Miffections of vour loved one.
Vrtir to tlie .-best nrotector is a box,.
1sp ver- orood. with a lining made of J:
liaser which looks very much like lace.
Tlv salesman pulls trom it "'
isnfrtli'.s i. :l tcnderlv as inotign
it ivcre his last one, and begs of you
td look at it, as the light shines tnrougn
it. You observe thatou can see about
sis well as though the handkerchief
iwerc not before your eyes, and that
jjhethrods that cross each other with
Surprising regularity suggest the
threads in a couweb. This makes vou
think the Endkerchiefs are probably
Terv line ones, and that $9.80, the
price rou paid for your fine handker
cjicL would probably not buy you a
dozes of tkeae. But nothing in the
... .
for the stsirEerinff remark bv In xatm
man. His' face light up wlh jotfat
trie Dargsm ne is ouenng yo, una uie
says: "Those beautiful haiii-'rorn
handkerchiefs arc only sixty iol Ian
dozen. Please look at thenias tlw
light shines through them once i.)re.
You do so this time with mufti reT
a l . . Jl -jr
erence, anu asK, in an ou-nan varA ,
what jiosc requires sucn pamfc'rmg.'S
-Aiany noses, tne cierK win teu vou;j
among them that of Mr. Whitney, the.
Secretary of the Navy, who knvn i
good thing when he sees it, but wfco is
sometimes satisfied with goods as Iw .
as forty-eight or fifty dollars a doa n.
Some of their best customers wouhljii t
condescend to take up any such ba--gain.
and would fail to be suited inTihs
store, which just happens to be ouK of
the very finest grade of linen. Thi
grade, with a modest profit attached,
costs one hundred dollars for a dozgn
handkerchiefs, or more if Ja n:onogr.mi
is desired. You sternly refuse to inveit
in a dozen of the bargains, even to pre
sent to a friend, and then the vounr
man. rather more cheerfully than bo?
r- i,.-.i. :.t. .li:Anr. n.l .ZZ
n-uc, iciusjum jiii uviiuiij anu ..uu
to the rear end of
himself in a "arnie
wrapper, and wl
been made of a slice of rainbow, cut off
when the rainbow was in a particularly
high-colored state. The main color is
a delirious sky bine, with flowers of
all the colors 3'ou ever saw blos
soming on it, and vines of an aesthetic
assortment of tints that balk the
imagination. Tho young man explains
that the gentleman who has just laid
it down is one of a family of Herman
bankers. He wanted a present for a
lady, anil wanted something a trifle
richer. The price of that work of art
was only ninety dollars, and it would
soften the heart of any living female.
You explain that ninety dollars invested
in strawberry and vanilla mixed would
beat any wrapper in tho opinion of your
girl, and the young man, concluding
that, you are sordid, turns wearily away
gui- aw;iv wiutouL wotiiimng mi; oitng
man. Hut in the midst of vour hanuv
.. .
.1 1 . 11 t - 1 "li it .1
thought your blood is chilled by the re
. . - - w
ouest to look at tho?c socks as the hirht
cldiwu tlirnnrrli tliom Vnn L-iiniv v't'lt
S1I11CS tliroilgll lOU KllOVV
that means, and. sicc at heart, vou in-
ouire "How much" without 'carin-r
whether the light shines through
or not. "Uiny thirty-two dollars ti
dozen," the young man says; "abso
lutely the finest thing mado in the
world," and he calls your attention to
the fact that with a pair of the socks in
your right hand and a piece of tissue
paper in the left hand you can not tell
the right hand from the left. No silk
sock could be woven as fine as that,
and many gentlemen will wear nothing
else. Their feet are so small that the
size of their shoes renders such socks
"Certainly, if you prefer a silk sock,
you can have it," ami tho young man
plain piece of linen, with ndpr
hnta hemstitch border, nrafca
the store, and array.,, i to tin: - nucn: for niiiroai-. ?a4i,.ii,
nt vliiph ho p-ll al ronei.'t-u or a- t'.f-:u-t :or
iich seems to haveii-nnaiifantii-'JT ?i.';..i,u which
and pulls down a pair of cotton SOCkS. un.lcr l ips :c m,.-.-teJ him unjier ln-
At last you feel it home. Hero is a JSeAfflWrSrri
Cheap aveilUO of escape; VOU will hllV nual l.quor tiilL Tm- Kru. trn nsr- of nil j
all the cotton socks in the store and "iSfi S?. i!rJ, "I ):d X?Wl
hauls out endless pairs, each a dream 'tho entire robclUot nod twice a- much a- i though gifted with read witaudatiuu
of loveliness, from the rather inferior, war durlnjr it; tnaat oxpen-iv., Br. f sur:iK.sed grace of addre. was not al-
! a 1 Itl lIT i t I t..t.l
article at three dollars a pair, which no .
could, of course, not recommend, to an
article that you will find serviceable
and sati.sfactory at seventy-two dollars 1
1 ilo7un
,, A, ... , I
If you escape the Silk sock snare, you
aro dazzled with a scries of snowy
.i.:t i,r.( i,-,..n . ..wt-.r..i ,,..
white shirt bosoms of wonderful pat-
terns: some curiouslv embroidered.
which you are confidentially warned
against wearing; others with littlo lin
en knobs slicking out all over them, to
imitate the fashion of rough goods for
ladies, and other in the, good old
iityles that yon have been used to.
Then oomes the ordeal of gazing on
what seems about ono million cravat,
even one different; as many scarf
pinsj and twice as many collars and
cuffs. Everything is from London or
Paris, with all sorts of coats of arms
stamped over foreign names. Roaring
beasts prowl around, uttering the sen
timent "Honi soit qui mal y pense,"
which is a thrust at any one who may
not approve of their actions; and tho
statement, "Ich dien," is always to be
found near the lions, with three littlo
feathers backing it up, the young man
tells j'ou that "Honi " soit qui
mal y pense" is the ma of "lch dion,"
and that both wear just such gloves as
he is offering, you. Under theso cir
cumstances you knuckle down, invest
a week's fun in a pair of gloves, with
three small mounds of black thread oft
the back of each, and escape with a siffh
,.0.i fi, ,1- f.. ir :c i.,:n vmi drt
toward the door, nut it is plain ou do
not yet thoroughly know the young man
whom you despised. You flit nervous
ly past the eighty-dollar underwear
which first unsettled you. and glancing
timidly around as you pass a case filled
with canes x'ou meet the smiling eve ol
the young mai. and it pins you. Ho ,
hands you a ncauiitui cano Wltn a
chanically you raise it to the light and I capita. $40.aooo: tati- af ion, f,-rin- timiinf sron- -mU
boo-to know how much i dozen But ttl- flTc tons per capita at jr.. l ll. oj-tiox s nndt.ig s.ron au
Deg to Know now nmen a aozen. mil barrel of u- , j rocate.4 n Kng am . and h- op; o t on
as )im irauiu iuv ijuiisiiuii ym jiusu "
w. v.. ............. a ...uv.. ,
hA r.innmnn'a .innna iioi imm tup i
w........ ...... ......... .- .- w- -.- ,
iinamnn a mourn i inr m viiorTin i
spray bursts forth and snoots into your
right eye.
As ybu fly out into the cheap world
once more'rubbing; yonr oyc, you look
fondly at your handsome trousers, won
dering how much they would be worth
with the light shining through them,
and contentedly wipe the tears from
your eyes with the. handkerchief that
came at the rate of nine dollars and
thirtv cents a dozen. A1". T. Sun.
Original of the Coney Ialaa Ele
pkaatiae Dlaiaa; Parlor.
The huge structure of wood and
in which an American speculator has
nstructed in the shape of an ele-
lant on Coney Island is said to be al
tering vast numbers of sight-seers;
the capacious aming-rooms are
V hllcd XVith crowrts lor Whom tne
-.-. - .
eltv of dinintr in the interior of a
eiry oi niningm ine nw ' '
u suius, pviuaj.3, it.u v nit
,i. xac niOHsirotis siruciurw sianua
.e t, Vnomo Pnlnmi. .nrt
.8" rv ""-""-" --.
nimseu couiu nnve paseu a
between' its legs as an ordinary
;1 could nave walked between
Os T,a i1n ?s 1ac nrimnnl
r ju aiiv mt o ..a.MM.
lost of those we owe to Ameri-
igeauitv. The great itapoleen
a Similar sirueiurc tai a ana mu
of which is to be found m the
hapter of 4Les Miserable."
'a elephuit. "which was only
.i f... ;.. l.ntcrUt' am mrm
iftenffe, a pifair iu coaBariOK with
Mr. rby's, was still ataadlBjr.
laWa&lak a ruinous conditiosi, im 18SS:
5--T v- m .... ., .. .
Bottui taeerectjom ot uk
Colsmm im its uuBcdUto
that the last Tcstices ol
cpt away. The ummj
hant is a coauerctsl atar.
Frcack oolotsas, whieh
-, .4 J mm. mM - - - ft wa
" ummmm '""
tksm that ol srvhai
Sorai-Stnrtlntr I'act and Tlgurr Tonrh
Ing xli- I.lquor Tr.tntc-Ku)ii;h Sprnt
AitnnaMy fr Strong Drlu.'c to i'nr for
X;arly All the rrItl- of 1.1 fr.
In a lengthy ami carefully-prepared
article in the Chicago Inter Oaan Vmv.
D. Uall. .Mcrheron. Kaunas,
jives some authentic statistics which
ougl.t to arret the attention of every
.thoughtful "person, and carry convic
lioM to the minds of all intelligent
fl Jl Alii.iia aitu irr '-. v ?wj
Slanil-point u!on of the rum curse in
mh countr.. Mr. Hall says:
la il A 'AV I Coroin:'.rmjr of tbo Tr-as-
Hf-1 t; artnu-n:, iu hH ifo;t f Im ihiI ;
thwim(. M Kw.-r. now i: hni Kow..- j
ju. nd t '. S'vi't tr witte of une, 1
coaftt f n an.ty. S-S.'VW'. fr idiocy. tvL
300JP . lorcrnsc ? K.i.iW: ho-jital ervefi
asdH -r.'"4.$I ,r."
&. imvr r r t i mil hi -' tip unm nir
acc'W'M. - ''. "' '' maicm iho totaidrinx
exffa-!. r i-"in the rmte! Mat-4.2.c..
."- ff igou- i-urp.j-r inei-xi-na-
rvj tbBt ., r j.,,.i.ioj; to:
Hq.tor. tw-nfy-
ut one half the cost or nicobo! for one
1 'ow fcr n .rr-iit'l total that ire may n littl
av-re d:- -' v.- utt a HniwiHal mnplie thy
Uit or tre r.r i- lh i.nter ;rs:nc bih of l-77
T i take ti I- year inj'iv Ltcau- hi ihi.
lcntMl.- ir. it niKdaUf would twy for 1
iUl t tofoHr -f - s r-iiiict-Hot n-liisirv im! wc- I
jjat.i'C of4 1'iatMi for lvi All nfiiMtnd
"oii jn'i. 0:- rton v"o.:- iniMftJl.-.
ilk tioiitr. a '1 Kn t pood. w-ortd (kx1s. j
andM ocs, !.i k'-'i- n.'. tanked lctthci. iroi
and' -el.Mr c .uin nnnl. meat-, turmture.
burin ire, sl.t- lor :mtil.o .-cbool-
and.t.i icot f iu . ' cU.. i
To,j locottd. "i1i- product valuf of :h In- '
flU'dTli-Jor all t'e niHlllltNCilirlllK' e-Uihli-h- .
"7a.m. .r onl tw e our annual lienor lull.
Tho tnt d vahi-of :i lnrmin hinds tn the
I n tod tales k n tor IKJ'J wa,u:'l...rt.
nr hat llvotire- what t tx nt y.-arly
for alcol o!. &" -e wl i.le ainoen: of perma- ;
in th
junwr mi an me m;i) -j-i--i3 .
lulled -tates. eon-tttii'.iiu In !-'. I
i. w -.
Which. tB i k yon, w
of dtversloi ln'thc
; u'ht Ihto ly way
led 1 111 tildiitiv! nut-
nnrtitii nw 1112
iioiMiiy 01 n ci 11 'rv, 1. nil or i.uinoni.-
Thi-n- wrt to i 1 j . ...'. -h-p- oi t- eirmph
tines, anl . .2i2li 1:1 d t.n. Tho .-'-
receipts dor VCd jllo'll ,. Mlt IU thi'M illIC
for10 y0Br HbOjvre Sin.i";-5I.R or o-u-
om. huniired md sLi t:i oi tii-.-uni anntjiuiv
paid for alei! oL Th.-n.-t ntdpi- wit.-only
an actual il.vuSend
about one -l
bundrea and fiftieth o the yearl lt(ir o ll.
U hich. we imk viaia. - m Iv to iar the ueiiiot
onv of nxure ntvet oinmere at an I
Intctc-ts inovt lo fear, ttie Ue-icrn I'n.oii or
tho whNicy On on?Jf T 'ejihone stut -tic- in
Is-hi were no conixti- icpect to
tho miinbcrof u ilesai wne. hut the net t
celptB or tho. J ar Were $7;ii.."ilU. which sum
tnako scjirowy a dfOp m tho teai liquor
bttckot. - "
The entire cxti no 0l our Into clvtl war for
tho live yeart.ii.cludad be. ween the hein j
ninRnt Ib'Wand tl ccloac of 1 il was .Tl--'.-i'M.Wn,
only alltlH our lnptor ev-
penso for 18C7. ai ar of pe-iee and lro-lert i
in which our uovornai nt s war e.v.n-ei 1
woro ?i5."M!". or IeSth:tu onetueutt -ie- 1
oud ot tho Uquor,c-' nente of the Stun torthe
same year,
n'oYhmjr of
CO IfCI HYUfll I Hill llll I ir.l IIIIIH'
annual! cosll 111 In money, to b.iy
nothluir of aorrowb. i nHltb iw lour tilths of i
Thcro areto-"ny3'),oamn'nnp!oyed work-
niKinon in tnis cent trjr.fvuaifcii emier m
tf T'ThS TuSih 'ilowtarinj
them in tho face, and Mth H.-uHermi,'. tarvu-
t,on ftiio. StMtpon tbase JW.tKt-i uufort
u nates had tit" u derated iiiiiiiiully to
drink equally alatrtbutcd ilunonjr them. If
nuch was tho cast evan rnaa of ihem micht
haven ban nccountor fs,fll. and it, a tho
(luvl, n)ld Tom Wftlkw ttd B i,om01li ,he.
nhould uo West and laa tkafc- money at two
percent, a ntontn. may ,Bi-aMioriiy uecome
rich. i
Let n dovoto our fw -nmaMiusr wordu v
thotran?ot or pniliUm-s that of nverpr'
auction a nt least rel!QVr,l. If not roIv-.-d. anil
we pretend to nothlnt.' aavo rellol n- Is -lur-restoil
by a legitimate, 11 o of. tne nmiivu-u
treasure, woro than waxtd ! the traftic in
In tho same iana nimnvonw tne utrciui
crv of novertv and draw 1 1 near.i a erv u
. .. .i .
human Katnst ovor-produc tloni T01
Ton much
to oat, yctniativstarvlnirJ"r)o inach c otbltu.
yet ninny naked. Too nitK'i labar. et n any
crymr Tor work. Too roe 1 fBwl. jet many
freezing. What mentis thia poradov cal w.-.i.?
We know that abundance n nat make u
jioor. If properly d tributM Iiilu'iit'i Ian e
there should bo atlsfnrtloa, 'olsiMre neudh,
elcfranco. hiipplncss Thora 1 unttioo 'iit.cii
There aro too many why iia ;i tt t 1 1 .11.
How to send our product tfcu "irnal v dd
channel.- to all need ng num. i the t oveted
oal ot political ocnnoml-ts.fe !'nppa-e very
family in this land could hav a'l thaj w.mti-1.
or actually ncciled. nit they wm tcdr needed
to wci'r.'to livo n and fit wu" l tot
wntehoue, muMy and burjt.: ff .) pro !
net-, be empt ed: all our spin ! cs ta t' e rae
torles. and lathes in thu hoiitj nd.fn .111 .
in tliouilll. befct roiininr. and lithe i
bo rentanned. Think of tho lfquirhW o. the
United Slate for ono year 1;pJk iRlaje t to
pay 2,'t!,Ss."i men, women, andcli 'droaa-t av
eraeu dally wase for one year Of X a. d
Suppo". for a limit showlne. of the eao "tn
leal siitintlcaucc of tho rum Jraflc we fi 1 -h
tliese laborers a venr r sunf 1 fratjn fli
Honor fund of 17. For the sake f coi
ence we will deal.n round numfeet-.
SM, ...,,.. .. i, .inr. tor L'.oiiwa
cm ii-
woa x
men by a Judicious u-e of theaf rc-Bdfct-l
sum. In provldinsr. :s shall MneldM'ir
estimate, lor the fam'les or Air aieaBjwe
may lx; yrojerI colldereI a ptuv dlnMor
the rntiri? roree of J.7 ss leforoe ntloajed
Un nleafoil and careful to keen IB n "'I '
--- - - - - . m
tan .1111 our
inir the uccec lltn; estlmnle to wll "Xldtit
7". .. .. . .- Jk.
tlie variou- industries therein rj i"Mjfati
SJJ".. nS. TX
nt iu e-
estimate be considered In its larnf U 'onale
barrel per capita, at 7. ni.uu.iw:f '-'v
niin.ift nr TMixurnf. .i iiukhcii tiit cii. h t
i. Hi
ftaianiino; inftteaoo nnundbf cof-a
-----.- - - . - . - -- -- - -..iW..
T- vi nnnniKi tur ratmn. m "ll rem.
W: 4.0U0.O00 barrel of suiror. - barrets
tr ap-
lta. at KS. I2.'.UUO.0(W: WaOlaW) pound
23 pounds per capita, at SO cents, S40.
B0lt.000.oao pounds of butter. SO poun
capita, at i cents, fioaononi:
of fruit. 100 cans per capita, at fM.UW.0i .'.'.-
010.000 caDbases. 2M heads r capitaa
cents, ?Si.0X.iJ: 4.0uo.O hats, l per canaja. "
. fs.O0e.iW: 4.0000 bonnets. 1 per cap la. t 1 1
a. lfl.0O0.COD: 4.0tUO0O ralrs boots. 2 icch i
lta. at ?5, --UOU0.0fD: Nauoii vwr-snoes-tr' r
cn!t at 12 50. fc.Uiro.000: 1 103.WIOJ
meat. &J0 s wr eanlta. at 10 cents. tmXat
" 4 .
000: 4.000,008 aults of c!oth?s. r per capilajra
f 10, f40.HH.eaj: s, suits or umierwe
oer capita, at f li f l.0D10OJ: S.tiOW dre
4 per capita, at &. f!0.CO,l. KOOA
vards of muslin. 50 vanl. at 10 cents, ?10j
tM: I00.00aax) vanls of calfco. .Vi ynrds
eanlta. at C cents. ffiamonO: 0(0X00 rnrd
HanncLtS yards per capita at 4) cents, f.
0D0.0U1: 8,00a.U pair of rlvc. 4 per capita.
ao cents. H,W.Hi: 4o,.u.uw pair oi stocxim
Per eanlta. at 25 cent. 10.i10: S.01J
Ilibtes.4 percap'.ta. at ?1, fS,OC,0iW: 4I.WX0
! school iKsiks. id per canita. at 50 cents, fi
OD,tW: 2Jn.(0J.tW library IkxiXs. 1W per capj.
lta. at $1. f3n.ouo.0in: 10U.OOU.000 yanls of caryd
pet. a) ards per capJta. at .a ct-nt. ja-.".-
t. i0 ards ver capJi
080: T.0t0.tO0 bedtead. 4 per cnp,
" f4S,0CQ.O!i0: 4.00.UW bureau. 2 per capita, at'1
, aiu. awiOulCft): 4.0un 0l tables. 5 Percap.ta. at
w-r hvi-v ,"v,ww .' k.-iM -
I f KM,ni: aj.M.(w cha-- !J pe? cap.t.
at:iwnt5.fn.:Hfw:2i...oit.0Wlkbes, Jtwper
capita, at sa cents. waoJ'toii.
inc jum oi mwe rjiiira-.'- . w uc ..- ,
.ww.w. leavinar our pie a ctia. . rraaur
aecn. not oulte half spent, uur ncoc- ?row
lamr burdensotne Let t. nenceiortn ns- with them more rapiairana lavisate.
Let us jnve each one nf thc-2.0HU.O wborar
nation will take S3iU.OO of our remainder
We wCl prc-ume that thinir- are as they
enouia ne. ana nence a cery uin oi jbciw.
f Tnarrtxl. Tt 1tl not lu such evnt b totsr-
able to forget the futhful -w-.v-, so to eacS
oae of Uem we ?lve on Christinas a
f 130 reatskin saeiue. whfch wilt take JSM.OXX-
000 more of ourum. Xeithrr dare we sl.'yht
tkesiris: but,preuta'.aj;twofoTeveryaooe-
fcold. tkejr ahnll hare erenr oae a f26
4olmaa These will cost ttjuua.oeu- To tie?
rolncJdcc Boys, every aiotker's son of taea
aal two to ererr BMtaer. aaall be alvea a
SM orercoat. ThU last xaadnar wfil
BtMf4e.wa.WB: out taere mayoeaays
tm nmnrr aad autnma waea a aac-
'-niewaMbrt rreat treat WtM faUf.
elL we will try aad aford tmrr aaaa a f Ut
arse sjm a ITS Onciaaati
shift far tke aaraeM.
two liUBrXwlH
It win.
BMwawmriaftaDtaoktoeaaakaeeMat. DC
tarlenstat aaev aww aadam saam.MSjai,
laaTtaw ta1oar eredit SJf1B.aaajBjs or SjSSt t
i art
We wi
VM IMU'lll 4 -'' t - -
He Nerrr Cotild Kr Iiidnrr.t to T5c
Second CLi of ;"b!!.-y.
Mr. Poland, a noted Tcmperanrv .-d-
vccite, tat that, in hu drinkio
day-, he was tJe confaniou of a man
in Arundel LVinty. Md.. who had a
rnoiikfy whii-h h- valued at a thousand
dollar-. W always took hira out on
our c'lcumt parties. il shook off all
ot:r chrstnuts for u. and when h
cnuld not -hake them off be wnt u
the very nd of tb linih and knocked"
thern off with bis iit- On ly
w -topped at a tavtrn and drn
frel. About half a glas- w J.'ft
and jark took the gla- and drank the
liquor. Soon h waa merry. kiipd.
hopped atid dancetl, and -t n all into
a roar of laughter -.lack was dninfc.
We all agreed. ix f u. that w would
..n. u, thi-tavrrn th. t day and
cyt.Jack drunk again and asvc -port nil
r, ,jj,v j C3;KhI at my frienl hmise
nt mornm; and we went out lor
.lack. Instead of being as n.-ual on ht.
box he wiv not to be ?een. We looked
in-ide and he wa- crouched up in a
corner. "Come out,' s.iid hi uiatr.
.lack came out on three leg-.. hi '
forepaw being on hi h-ad. .lack had
a headache; I knew wh-U wa the mat
ter with him. He felt ju-t a I felt
many a morn'siur. Jack was sick and
could not go; we waited three da . .
We then went, and while drinkjnjr a
:rla.-. wa provided fr .lack. Kut
where was he? kulkiair in-hind the
(.hair,. -Com.-. .lack, and drink.' said '
, ... ... , .
hi master, holding out the j;ias-. u
,;,. .Jnek retreated, and a -ie door
moment was on the top of t'te hou-e.
jj ma.,t.r wnt oil I to call him down,
... , . ,, .
but he would not come. He got :t eow-
j.jji,, aml .hook it at him. bill .lack .-at
, ,.;.l.r,..,r,J.. -tml r.fiWfd to iib-V
Hi ma-ter got a 'xtn and uoiiited it at
j ;, , A ,nok.v is llltioh afraid f H
. , ,. - . , . . . ,
gun. .lack slipped o." the baek Mile
f the hou-e. Hi ma-ter then got two
, 1 1 nointt-d from i-irh
Ulls .Uld nau om poinu 11 irinii . n
KU 01 llie uout, aim tne inoiiKey see-
ing his predicament, at once whipped
upon the chimney and got down into
one of the tlue-. holding on by his fore- ''
law! Thu-. the ma-ter wa- beaten. 1
lie kept that monkey twelve year.-, but ;
In- ecuihl never jiersuade him t ta.-te ',
anoiiier drop of whi-k-;. The bea-t j
had mo iv sense than many t man who
has an imui'irtai -tii and think- him-
seif thehr-t and b.-l i.M.od s. ereatur.s
on eartd. lnh H ; .
Hoiran Old-Time ::MiTM. V. lrrtnally
Sileiieed by One of I1U Clergymen.
before the Temperance
, , . .
vor,:eu u- way mio re-
Iigiou- circle, a Iti-liop of .Nov.- Jer.-oy
u-ed to furni-h wine when he rnve din- j
ner-paities to hi- elerjry. One of hi
elergymeii. a total-abstainer, wa- --orely
grieved at the I'i-hop.- habit, and sharp
word, half in jest, half in earne.-t.
often pa-ed between them. The P.i-liop.
the victor in these verbal con-
At one dinner-party he said pleasant
ly to his gue-t: "Mr." . plea.-e help
your.-elf from the decanter before you. '
The answer came, prompt and clear:
"Iook not upon the wine when it i
red. When it giveth hi- color in the
cup. when it nioveth itlf aright. At
the last it biteth like a serpent and
stingeth like an adder." The lii-hop
bit his lip. Wit said gracefully. "If you
have scruples for yotir-ell pleas pass
to your neighbor."' Prompt and clear
.titne the second reply: "Woe unto
him that iriveih hi.- neighbor drink,
that puttcth the bottle to him." The
Ilishop paid, a little tartly: "Ur .
if you will not join us plcn,-o keep your
moralizing to your.-elf." but the reply
flashed back "in-tantly: "Thou -halt
in any wi-e rebuke thy brother and not
sutler in upon him."
The re-idtite pn-byter Iid ripjht in
adhering to hi- priuc:p! -. bit perhaps
it would ii.tve been ln-tter if. like the
late Wendell Phillip-, he had refused
1 to accept an imitation to any company
where strong drink w.i- to be served.
Yontu's t'oiHy'imfti.
C'Mllltle 111
... .
haxe bani.-lid driuKing--aloon ii'viu ,
their border-. '
Twi;ntv-ki:iit congregation iu
Kdiuburh. Scotland, have atloplcd an- ,
f rmentid wine. i
A ivumv; can kill her ehihl by drink- (
"uy. I .-uiijiti-e that if women know ,
that, they would be laore carefuL Dr. j
J.. M. A-cjm. ;
1'iiKtwo oides: American Temperance
-"cii tie -till exi-t;tig are the Mns-a-
ci,u,,.lt -?,H-iet ami the 'onre ioual
lo the rum TaSiic i increa-ie'. The
temperance Mde i n ni. ld it
. ....
aae. ae
n all b-fore it It i hi:h tine
to i in trie e re e.w.ty. Krhawjt.
fe 6K of tiie cause, of cc s-ive infant
lortnitv l the iier:t:eum hal-:t ;;
rink ng large .piiuite-- o ale or s:oat ing li ures ami all raking. Caern u
v nur-i g imdh rs under the id a t nt i Iv. lime induce- d-ony in organic n .t-
ey ereln merea-e aad
re on of milk, whcr.a-
hev arc
ilv d '(ror.-. i-:g the iiualitv U that
oi which the inlanf mns depend for
'h and life. .Ur. lutrruon IlmuL-
low f.KEAT an evil intemperance is
r . '. B-.Min. and how j; lc.v-en- the
Irt- and conflation- : the pool
IK m .- .. Urn.i! in.m th
:!.ie,l to" bv Canon Wilberfire
l-rr.'.'r. on "Some Siu of the
x. - J- --
." out i f $12.Ui xahi a-erklv
T .1 'rr..w-npo-Tvne. $!.'
4MU- i ft-. Vi
-tli d f . -ml it. w,v into tAe '
t t -. . Ami tin. ti. OOIV a
. - . t
r I --- -.- -,
r .i- i -i r f the eviL There i a
- ;p tSe result of the drink-
- .ir r" rrh-tv. 1 A -idft
-' uvtarrf'. '
'vt n ay
Wba doe-
, Tof uhT-... orV;
n re-hor.? ArdtaeuoJ
m hum-i aaerv
ra I
. an
, t - .1
of i lA
. cr" are like
l . ...
vm ...-Ttfnv m
tS laij
o: .li!4.i'.ai ie :or.-;-. ai ;r .
. . . . . i., i
". .... r. . .. .,..
. , , - t
)T tae -nore O. H..ii-a;nwt.
. U..ii3o:noe
I co-t mUl -
, tt
jner. invriads oi cnraiaai-.
f an er-. !lnad- of
r. h'tnJril- of thousand
wom-n g'isl-l or tni-erj
of madne-s. with everj
rhat might hav been the
icirlive: blighted as by s
tb. Shall it b
that the b ool of vonr
lister in this great fam
:ng daflv txored upon
li deadlier Moloch or a
iwful than tha: o! Hin
ihJtf ia dLowaiag tha
thcr s keener, von be-
mSExira-t frz Tan
Car Tlit lrtnlr to ITltIanlr
I'rult nU .lrat Shljrplnc ;
A nanibrr of acntmentans bsd "an
opprtnmty of examinm a -w .y-
Win of presrrring frta frmt. aau
vegetables dttrinr the :mr.a rru tho
continent. Th priacipl- iavoiretl
may b brietly explained ai foliov-e:
The researchs of Tyndall mi other
CentiL have dcoioastrmle! thai the
decay ..f organic waiter is due U bac
teria, ami that warmth and moinre
are condition pecuHarlr favorable u
their development. Y(r mstani-e. ih
ordinary refrigerator ear. with it
quautiiiV- of ice. prfdue STeat deal
of moisture, ami in otd-r lo coonlcr
act ;fe effeots the u-mperatare nut b
kept down to about freexing point.
The regular fmit ear fe bat it -bell. 1
lov.jttg ventilation und ravins -
to out-tdeair. aad it u the wwl experi
ence of shipper that one very bol day
in transit will oftea rain the jfnaiet
part of a shipment. The arw car re
ferred to projor to do away with
both olj etott- by alhwiit? no aree-j
whatever to outride air, preen ng i
uniform teitiu raxnre throughout tha
ear and" a free circulation of ver dry.
cold air.
The car itelf U n ordinary in-nlatetl
refrigerator ear. whieh L- elonl at ih
lieginning of the :rip and not opened
until the erihbl gooti reach ther
de-tination. The car weigh- ?s.ittl
jnm nd-. some .S,m) pounds more than
the shell fruit car, but con-idorably le.
than the ordman- refrigerator our with
ita load of ice. In one end of i; u? the
inacbine.ry for reirnltting the tempera
ture, tHoup ing juit four feet, -o that
iu available -paee. tw. it ha an nil
vantage over the refrigerator cir. A
long pipe punctured ith manT h!w
run- along the car at the lop. and br.ek
into the inachinen end where a -n .!l
fan supplier -notion 10 draw the .nr
from the car into the pipe and it 1- tl. -u
enrried down. pa-!'d among pije eon
taininir the cooling miid and ibroun n
upon the fruits and meal- again. M!
moL-ture cling to the cooling p -
ami the air circulating i kept dn and
The cooling thpihi i made of ah!id
and iiutriatio aeid. ami i- known i-
chloride of ethl. It i? a neutral lluel.
h-m .-ing neither the corrosive pi.iu
ties of the acid nor the inttamiuai iiit
f alcohol. it boil- at .' drjrr
j i.-.tiri.uheit. and the iUr
, ,)a(1 ,.. rnr:H! .nviliM f .e..-g
' -ome of it loil in the palm of his hand.
j 'j'j,,. -iutple evaporation of drop- of tin-
,iMi,i IM bulb of a thermometer
j forced the inenun down to IU deg!. .
.'"V. 7A , ' y
1 this InMiid over the ammoniaeai Minds
, ,. .
in refrio" raliiiff appar it-
use.- lie- tn me met inai 1; oitty n-'pnt s
a ore ure of !. to .'. imiihI-
!. to .'. immiikI- to fie
. .-qua re melt to transiomt 11 11110 aj-r.
while ammonia requires J.Vi to '.
pounds. Thi- ehbuide of ethvl in pa
, ing through a labyrinth ol pipe- is
! vaporized and allowed to eonden-e
; again, thus produoiiii; the degree of
cold r quired. The power is tak u
from the axle of the car. ami
ingeuiou- device- are resorted to. to
counteract the pulling and jumping of
the c:ir. and again to obtain the exact
degree of power requited, no matter at
what -peed the ear moves.
In practice one man can manage an
entire train of fifteen of these ear, and
by mean- of levers and attachments on
lop of the cars keep the tenipcr.ituru
regrtlar by regulating the -peed of the
machinery in-ide. Thi- pnrlienhir c r
brought through a lot ot meat from
Chicago iu excellent condition, and
where ordman refrigerator- were com
pelled to keep the temperature at .n
leg. let the meat should spoil. und-r
thi-s -tom it i kept for four or m dai-t
at A .rl eg. and come- through in l tr
shape, while the woodwork of the car
remain- as dry a x chip. It i" claimed
that this y-leui will re obit ion tr fnut
?hp:te nt-. a- it will land fruit- in V
, cagoaml New York withoiil decav r.inl
aJmo-: iu the rouili'.ion in which tb v
leave hen. The eo-t of t'ie m.i.h'ii
is so -mall--not to excee! four hundr 1
ibdhip a ear-and the running x
)t'ii." -11 light that it i biievtl l '.e
patentee that any slight exe - 'i
charge, out that paid for oplm-i-,
( fnrit ram will he returned many fold
i the shipper in the fruit prcervel tr '11
iliWHir 'l'Ien rv ittaliT inter. t
..-.v.... ...... -.- . --
. ...:,...- .I.,!ail miIiv.!iI trilll lh HI r
ing of the -inij Ie but very inp?ie
iiihchiiierv to whi-!i we haT.j wi p...
to refer. Fa'T'itm nto .
if ii.. ...,-- . ..,..- - -. - .-. ...-
tl i:erllfiiey n n IVrlllllwc Aant X)em-
i.litr,ited l I'ntH..
Lime is a speialiv vnltjnbJe agett! jn
the French mJ of farminiC- Inquir-i
have lMen in-titutel to pdl. a it w. r. .
Krvnch agriculturists a- to iWtr ,
on that -ulitance. Thir rpli- he
lnen -ummarized. as Waring on the
phy-ical and chemical artion of litee
on soil. The expliealioa- of -ci. t..
an- not rtitite -ati-faotorv -j far. Ad-
i ,!,., r0 elav land- 1imi' open- and r : -
l ,Ti .j,..n' more friaWe, p'nwiting n
. dry ea-on- the aioitcn' bo acend ? I
, i,2thr the parched -oil. wntie r-i. -
? d'ffK.'iflt to le direomtoMi. iff
forming th sa into
a-itni!abl t
! Perhap- it facilitate- the limitation - I
i tvota'-h in clay. In the form of -
bonat it favor Uie pre : mir-.n- t-
tion. bin intt .-'. prw-nuij jo -
' -uipaai a.e. vwh-lo- - -
' trarily. A inixlare of lne aa'; inane -
v tita oy rr i " - "
it rtw - ammwita. twit ome rein- r.
berinc that axt ai-U in thrr-
; in manure, and in that rnntarFi .
aseiaailabl wwe acaL aoe wrox-
' Uon lime proBte. arb a gam i n-.l
U be urnored. Ara- w"'- an. ..
' . . . ..'...mA M. ftd.r
JO COJMMnii piimi", .'
, t
phoidione aMt atmiiao
trJt;Jl-- hold liuio as or-rT ij t
eni tn iiutW. thf l-rlion id IHt!V Ot
' peatv Und Uae corrrO ac:Uly: in t .
f-" ,l " pp." "' -
. larm. :or aaw .v ---.
ever W sUM ,a y
- If farm-yard mH a.;
!?M rw 11U1 ftllBI? Ii2ZCnBftrrSW. -
. ... - - .- --.-
mired soar! JOffl Usae !
TT Tx.iitmr.-m ol !sormadv atv-si tt
. - t 1 . ,. ' . :.
! -wlhmn- of Uki- iertila-g pt- .r
Ue a.-e ol :tt aa ie -aw -apphed
in swali Md r4paU?d d----In'dienftpoiis
Favorite Cake: AiaK a larer o
.-.. .V. . . v Mfnfnl. nf UK.,r ari
third- of a wofal of TattWer. hl"lf a cup-
fnl of milk, three cupful of Boer, toer
- ;.cpoonfal of oi and two
..jrtw-nfnt n! mim of tartan thea
-, .-! -mfva-m mrnm.- --r m, m m , - ' -- n
spread between the layer asd over the
lop of the cake, a dricg of a beaten
egsr. half a pint of whipped cream, a
cupful of grated cocoannt. half a ccp
fnfcf ingxr. th-t juice and half the
grati rind of one orange, stirred up
together. Boston Bvdgit.
rjrt a ltst. TJv vi.ii. Thc Trcr
llt. Thra a a4 ri.n m Ir4.
A rWldlc had bo
l . .
0. Wood, the nai -:.
that he be!iwYv A ;h i;
Kve4 Hii twv tl r:.i ,
hail ?hc profMMat- ' t,
her own ratWr dm s
querr nm tho:
which ' fir a bont.
larger boat, then a
lrd" How natiy '
ot the pur of thw i
niter deliberation, t&a
Th liay tec4 is -.
water during the wjt
L-teoce. and oaiv ac
when U aaaias It wha.
the gnat are detiacd '
watrr. ia order to be
. a gKtr
- f Hhi
ta? av-
taat. ae
hi W
they are very amaJl. t.
liable to deiirWuu If :
ply placetl ihere mi rati
left alone. Thrffir
wbn about to drpt
tM)s erwif on a
w .
H. mU I
I iwvhr.
ts". SlaV
! aMf.
or other convenient m, - r:
log ta it K her fore leas, -nl
ing the hind leg a far a? .-.' .vcr
the water, and eruaaiaf t a a: .tajkr
ny meana oi tneae ajwier tint .-
.-ho guide the egjr ha h dr mm
nry -noum e. arranrsiaw , m , , .
it in ine n-rw . a ooj. bu u,i,.
them toother with a pettl xt w f
pnH aecreuon
m 'i"ii fiatt- B;ier imm rzr rna
iieen lata we young gtuam wft.s-.n i .
are devehipsi! hy the warm'.h f ;,.
nn that thfi fore- ot.t the Ion r I
of Ihrir sh li-, dr.j n'.o the m.r. . it
SWllll JH .11.
Tin- future C' nW rorreji.nd le
t'- .. :! it ..f i'i. nioiH ,-r i':itt r.t
.! .
i icii .4i,bi--i'uriiitr-lui i--Uv
rt .fclJTS!ivsTa:t-tlroc !to
it moult, it soMpiun u lw i a
J: lion; it dons not -nun
remains at thu -urfa'w of
where,- pre-ently, lt rku
tne pup K-ute.
creature now wtor dlvtf.
I r-'
Mi alarmed, but tnerulv llnt.
hrfnre of tho water, obrnia-
puppl) by tneannof two littlo
utiuicating with the attorn-
x I
ltr .
tso l '
1. i .
!m ,
r v
to '
tn i ,
lie ;tn-t noticeable, alteration
I taken place in it. since Ui
H tho eiilartjetnenl of tho
of th IkmIv; and if this por-
ti ...!.. 1 f L '
mined umiiM-ihetnicro-cop
1h found within it. elorlv
'cllier. the w inss. lers. head,
jcatiiMrei anionuie, anu toe i
V - f -
h1 mouth orgaiii belonging ,
pure gnat.
'short time passed in lhi
i pupa, remaining periHuiv
('I .. ti
! -ieeral deep indration?.
t ills -Wi
mg tho hotly of the enclosed
nt. i !
h ! by thi time piite ejra-
tho pupal envelope,
crack.-, the ;nnt enierceu.
. I .
iris himself upon his disrard.
-ir. until his nines nre tlrlrsl
I , to take to the nir. Aa the.
r.i on which he rvta U sotlrled
:t- ' i i'i
umero nhell, he mav bo aahl, j
lor fl i
( jimd lime in his life, to act a
-, t n ll
Uuan. Presently, however,
and awav, to bejrin a now
he -tdits
existence as a perfect winged
in-iv t.
fvuttii CotnjMttiton.
trorl llitntratle tlrrlarra Tlit i
1 Uurrltalilf anil llf c-rltnit.
rger advertUeil for a colored I
and Matilda Jackson, fresh
'i-otLnu iiehl.4. ntiolloil fur th .
.- rv.
f want to hire out, do you?" ,
lvc you ten dollar a mouth to
do t
jpking, wa-hing And Ironing.'
. niiffhiv littlo monev lor a
Jinnl work," rcplic! Matilda.
, I'll irlvc vou ton dollar a
jid clothe you.
(.:! Vouyjokin."
L am not. I II aijree to clotim
Mi will not have to clothe your-
n ii."
de be offer 1 had In a
f.H'. i ou is a laiiy, you t. ion
k ctillud folks lik? day km
IS, vou doc."
la went to work that afternoon.
.rs ww none very wen anu
rgcr thought aim had a trca -
I .- .. .
i .Matilda retired for tho night
rersald to hor.
ilda. we will want brcakfat on
4 by aoven o'clock."
fight, mttm.
worning Colonel 1 crger aaid
"'t hear that now darker mak :
fus in -the kitchen. I don't !
fsho'n up vet, and It b nat i
'clock alreailr." i
i go and ce what U tht matP'r
. Pflriiap she 1 tlrk." afd
:crrer. iretnr ncrscii aauiv.
Ig to the. door of the arraal
Site knocked loudlv at Uie floor.
W dar?" -aid Matilda.
Sa here," replic! Mr. Verrer.
sae right in. raoa. Vn been
m 1JI1.
..lor ve foah de la bow.
fVeTStfrdid o, aad 4mcamtr4
stilda hal sot vet searacd the
iir duin i you get an itmr sro
..... .
tmk breakfast? ft a tMt s-rten
' aald Mr. Terrer. iadl-
r.n fftln vt-r ! I JUa't vet
v.... ..... j m J n
vou didn't.'
I dhl. I tola ver I waa waiUa
t'ler come Ir hcah aad keep yer
at proralr
4T nrotaisfd me tew dol'jir a
t aad Mr clofo aae. Whst'a d
pe gittin onl of bed ef you ala t
liar out de clofe oa e ntison.
JVQ4 iCSfcJ ai 4: fV't V -
. - Jii a Tir-- 1 - ml v-2 V ja
3ar. Iar y col on us eauar
- . s a
SIda pv. on her awu clothe that
iT. sod a hc hook the dt f
ia..' .. ..v.. . iST 1. I.m. mmJt
,. IUllWO H' 'J "4
TSiu feet, she was hear! to say-
at dc -ajr all d-s white wiaa-
.1. lrr nrowlueyer asd proa
it when hit come. tr Eeepiag
rir dv aba't ilar. Tat
- hc.
tA Bright -New Ycrkar.
I" -
'H vo think Slat Pei. U a ctxrt
.'p'MkrdtBe Xew Tark gati -
p,u v. -....
l.w fr i, -. !.
I think be u not rrrr Inrht. 1 ca!Irl
'. h x. oa JC a3-T J
to a;i ;i; t o uar ia jovt nau vsii
! you can l ce yonr hcl before yenr
face A oaa nxtrat ireak hi aec ia
: the dark 'A hat do yoa ???
t replied'"
1 have no Idei.'
He repeti 'there i no tlaarr r
that. I've put sp a Ign ia the hfl
warning peotdc to bs cartf al-' S
r. Ttwa.
by Mr. J. .
, ami.
rht bar.
neaad of
- aatu Ul
1 i th:
' V. km r.
tSMM a
ir w
K.i Osear. of Strewn, i
a h:rr ot KrofH from lU-. 1
-A rman rleffytnaw awl niv
K2j wt vitk racaatM id -ft'
married mi an Ireberw ut ih- .r
Ocean rrwtfy.
-Mr FrHoa
mi th "-".
that J"
ilaeka. w mtA
4tm'i m a 4rdUr.
Xra. Sally TisAr. Tr
it,. fc -? - yi ,'
aallea t ef h" " SBa. af
wttbb t" 'tafha Jaatw Jr
The ath of Uew 3tralr
d5rl tbe uaal'er aViiaali
ahab to Umt- ts taaw l a.
ta Pnnev ol W!a Loffil V1
Mafdai and &r 1 rat.
4Jliee WeaxleU Bnhkaas e
bright vellow hmm with grewa) I
, Mtlsolb of tswse faa4 wla 1
! fwrial H ail raugwia!:
wonder -hat proSMNlljr sneaitta
tlam b re.n4M-. -r- JWrrt'
CUtwkw Sward
ard'a aoat. I md. t'
aattaaaehe and Ux
fall fHrtirear?y K h
nderaeata hi ulk
tihe a ear -
drea nt tW r;li'--'
. i
i '
ph-tdia Uwur.
K rmrk tfe
Waah.artaHi t...
mmm ,. fc ., . . .
-.-j te ,.. ,,r
n ilv
! W
. lie
Whom he h u rr-
ty to the . rr IT--try
J,!! I' ...t -
.- tr f 1-
f. ti, ! th-
pr. - i!.. - !
y ' ,5 t--.
I '
w . u i ,.f-rL r n
at s.
I ' t
- mm - - L. . t.l I vr. 1 Um. M.
Ill" T'--1 ' ' i !. Wk - -
cartaitt! isim say
prniiait nana ha the OmsawW,
im of tiaam aeeoaaimoed ts Vmn
llarbaroaaa. Ui tfte T'
pw. abl Joah. t h. , .
lonl iSaUwbwn r-.-r i
aftanr a avr aurfte
grmuh da to hi piral.i -rolopuwnt-
Soat of owe f t
and priMMhtol- Lowae u( Hti
rhthniood U utaabasMi he
to pritarioH a at I bardaaip -' U rfar4 hwarar. e
yrn ms trill. t hfht $or
mi T'M
' Ml
" noratkn, ai airaawMi
raner to has alhJeti fcitt
i l.iWraritni the row?.
Iwon kbx to dfevawer
tl. Chrtimf Ofcarreee. ..'
Collegtf i msM lohl
pTiteiit la t f-arh t- i
book. After bmhhaf; fr
year ll eeml Imi
of ( 'hieago, tt eAto hU
he made the dapeovery thai
. 1
net or Ixinti anv tohoae fl. ISM.
20 t)oed vsilh tieeeMhwr. 13!
voluino Ti Vhan wtth .laiMkri 5
the ahfttige l-ltf; niat that thw t
might eorrrpoid h ith th j'aar i
coiitury. .V. Y 'o'l-
Where wjw tout rnhfad? In "
lapse of giW.
"1 upH! yon tienn) nWe
our win?" "Whatl 1 h tfalF
no; he' i inarrle!. Ctmngm L4'j
The race-horde OUtrtKe err h -tin:n!
SehoobuaAVer. II '.'
ahlu to lent lit Hni ptllota tu
ttHtuUe ifttn.
"Sr man apprt4at wore- th"
lncky wretch ho ha jt jri b s ;
, gT caught Mi tho mauaiftAry
fr -h e
viiU Jaunt.
John KiinW7riiprrtraiir'
hi favorite jtart at onanmry tt
and a tnlerr)te! fAm liafca u -by
the s'jtuilthiff nt a fc4i4 in the g
until at I'.Jigla he wIVl 1h
J ste lo lh fro4 af tlo taj?a.
' drosing tho anU-N f n iha mmh tr .
i tones a;ld: "Ijmlirn at f" '
tinier the play i U ypmtj iSav ebU!
not poibly go .
A yMliy marrlod writer la
upper part of Uh tt wa t
worrvd dtirliif lh islurw - '"
i remtlv Her Mtaband bf j- ;
; a eow .inl pat u im tho hm
a it e'ttimet9etl
.jj w teh
; t hrr Mm
that bin 4m. lfUantci
lbuni,rr H m tMeH m .
$j f
i ' .", .tZii .ti.. !-. t
Xf?J l 1
J Mi.i . ..,. ...,j. IT,
llr .Wv,v.r. wLn fc.Ti
uu WJ r j Jm
bun's tr "I bMiM iMaa h
troublrvii ttfth drealf fa
continual tJ Ictf. "1 ; -.
"Ileu h eH iwr fe dflrt i X
table without H"i U ihirt4Ui. I- :
"Soprano aad Wi, i
I mm moti-'' nM fe.
AM nht I l C,
PbfJti 'ih. t&rtr Mxc Ha U J MMT
" I ss a t Jt , r m h.
i aiM.
At4 tf I$Cr too.
itmiK th
a4 irTS Wktir'
i Cty Tnbn
i Jrt)j itillin? wc; askawl: Itri
m , . . .I- III. i . . I
. ia jwr!'i vrTn- i p;
. I that K fat! a 'J
i tit- noiw m re Ulttog aMMi. -II
' sound of tiinnrr hor. fr intnu"4
UztirU half a mile in a -wm1; ir l
...... .
- a i&Tit3tion wv trt on lo h a'.iwt
j Ing I hax? koira t W thrr3f ril
of hour gol ir two ir ml t rf
' and lh? ihA bt trgth esuif r Mr
!'.' 3J4 the Cll.-I w w
fwrr lis CsKforr.U nc It it i
; urI- trUL I dbls'i wjRt th f lrn
bsmr;, aad u ttk oi frsat thi
ibr !? r rie dav. ki.4 M
t - al .. JJ. a4 uu ! -- . . .l-? I
J? J"rJ ayB ?- W-? ' aaS
. -" . - -.-
f -wt brtjri o tetttkrt a pttf
gwJty A4 iar I wa t Hr
wt is Umj 2UJe, "Why, what A?ry
to ad sbont. Cbjn-rl" 'atr U
. L ...1 i ., . ..- .. 4 . -.!
Aax we. venr t;ail tm --A. JT 4M
A Homjm Race Cyrx tn Fr. A
j . ,, , . . .
i ArchIojraJ ?rAh ba rKtUi
rrv-wi ia ;a ri2fter2K5 ni 'x tz
I s f ,1 i t . 1 i j -
: vm rzMirit&r a ?3 eoTr 4 w
sujatwr K3&i ftvjs. xz fc c&i
: ta U ttektp?v4imr.iKvripr a m
' absnit 223 by JT s3Vrr. ?nfii
I d;Tery baa t?a mada la Wi rimftCl
I Ixnirr. f5-aHM baalf wKVi rtvri
ai mi in i
tTM- rf A nwifc- rt ,!i-,T' ?r
rittr A x ?.r-d tt. us-?.-
th -r eari-
.t arrJau. 't -3iZh
l,20 ; -ron. 6 ti br--J
light -' day. A p4itcir '4 n -nrzu
cwe anu pj4tr. a? fc ? t rx
. Jtaw th rnta. Yati tr - a atr
j of cola hx !ra.traid ti- ednr -t of
f utwu earel us asartaia
relic :otablh tbp;h3 tb?ifi-
I receatlr fesad dtv of ths Kociia x;
-x r. .
i? G
nKSl t 1S asaMSBT f
- ,
us2tfi 2f A
r.5 '-zvi, r--t - -!-?
nwsis ; . v.