The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 06, 1885, Image 4

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1 c i. Red Cloud Chie
I B fc -THE
Thin medicine, eorobtr.lnfj Iron trlth yinre
Teyctabla imil-, iiilrHy and completely
t'rr tfpf-pm, I ncilftratlea, WVakwrta,
1 mpnrc lllocxl, Jf alar I,CfaiUa aad Fevem,
rrt NfnrnJfr1:t
It Is an unnllln? remedy for DSteasca of tho
KUtaey Bud l.Ircr.
It Ic Invaluable for peculiar to
Women, ati'l all who lead pcricntary llc.
Itduv not Injure the tcetlitcaiijheadache.oT
produce rontliation o(At irtm medicine tlo.
Itcurlrlic aii'I purifies tbcblood.rtlraulatea
the appetite, aids the nrainiJIation of fowl, re Heartburn and IJtlchinjj, and strength
tin the muclcs and nerves.
For Intermittent Feicra, Lassitude, Lack of
Xinrrjrr, &c, H bos no equal.
The Tannine !iaa a!x)ve trado marV and
rocked red line en wrajjr. Take n other.
Vat tmlr f ailOW CHEXIC1L tO, B1LTM0U, BO
II -
Want Place of the World.'
Tbo Russian explorer Prejcvalsky
said, after his rcccut journey to North
era Thibet, that an enormous amount
of animal lifo was supported by tho
scanty herbage growing on theso
bleak half-aterilo plahid that form tho
highest plateau in the world, some 13,
OXW feet above the Bca. He said tho
wild yak there must number millions
and that a full-grown j'ak weighs from
1.C00 to 1,800 pound. Nature's chem
istry evolves theso great masses of flesh
from tho poor hcrbago of a region so
lofty that ita lakes are frozen over until
nearly June, though they aro 600 miles
nearer the equator than we are.
Explorers toll us that not only does
animal life abound, but that man can
lire in eomo of the most desolate parts
of tho globe. It L a mistake to sup
pose that tho Sahara Desert is merely a
sandy waste. Much of it lacks not so
much cultivable land as industrious
bands to mako tho vast expanse of
withered oaaea blossom again. Tho
MuBscIman sect known as the Seuous
lans has for years been digging wells,
Irrigating the laud, and turning many
hundreds of barren acres into gardens.
Twenty-four years ago It planted its
headquarters in tho desert near tho
western border of Egypt, bu;lt reser
voirs, begau plantations, erected con
vents, and now a population of 8,000
ieopl live at Jarabub, where tho fcoil
ian been restored to fertility by theii
labors. There aro large areas in the
Sahara that need only rain or irrigation
to cover them with verdure. Through
these regions pass tho caravan routes,
along which the camels engaged in
the Saharau commence bear their bur
dens. Mr. Anderson, tho civil engineer, whr.
last year completed sixteen years of ex
ploration in South Africa, between the
Orange and the Zambesi rivers, saye
that the ra;n that falls for a few weeks
cverv year in the great region known as
the jialahara desert covers tho black
lined, eniureless plain with splendid
Vegetation, tiamu is abundant thero,
c&peciallj fp.)iis, leopards and ostriches,
and he has counted in this desert twenty-two
lions in a troop, aud has seen
200 ostriches in one flock. lieats aud
birds find sustenance in this region
where only a few bushmen hunters live.
Far northeast of them on the semi-arid
tteppes of Ivor.ictan aud Darfar mil
lions of bheep and camels exist on tho
canty pasturage of that docrt regiou.
The earnest Arctic explorers found in
the iittlj h'piticbcrgcn Archipelago
where, ft is beliuved, no human being
bad ofcr lived herds of reindeer up
turning the snow with their hoofs and
b V&y&&Qyl g 2
-noses to get at the lichens on which
they fed. 31 any reindeer live as far
north as UttloUm Island, and several
score of them were killed by tho Hayes
and Polaris expeditious. Musk oxen or
their traees have been found along the
shores of the groat frozen tea as fat
north as explorers have attained. Lock
wood, far north of tho supposed limit
of animal life, found traees of this won
derful quadruped, which grows fat on
the tender shoots of tho Arctic willow,
and plows up the snow for inods and
Of all parts of tho earth the Antarc
tic regions alone aro comparatively
destitute of life. Few species of living
things in tho vegetable or animal king
dom can endure the rigor of tho south
polar regiou. No terrestrial quadruped
inhabits the laud within the Autarctia
circle, and whales aud seals are tho
only mammals that euter its area. Sum
mer in the Arctie regions, with its abun
dant life on laud and in the air and sea.
presents an animated aud cheerful
scene compared with, the utter tlesola
tiou that reigns perpetually iu Antarc
tic waters. .cio iork Sun.
A vouug woman resident ot asattua
N. if., is now rapidly recovering from
A singular illness. Over a year ago she
bad several teeth extracted by a dentist
while under the influence of chloroform,
and immediately afterward she was
seised with a bad cough and gradually
wasted aud took her bed, as it was sup
posed, in consumption. Several physi
cians examined her case, one of whom
attributed her illness V n ulcer in the
throat and gave her a remedy. Tha
medicine resulted in a severe paroxysm
of coughing, during which sbe threw
out a tooth that had lodged in her
throat while she was chloroformed and
remained, nearly cosily her her lifo.
A lady who has been using your
medicine, Athlophoros, for about two
weeks, fiuds herself greatly improved
and thinks it is a most valuable reme
dy for rheumatism. She says you aro.
all angels for helping her. Mrs. Al. A.
Morford, LiTnc Pine, Neb.
For Sale A good house and lot in
south-west pai t of town. Inquire of
M. S. Marsh. 4tf
JJaLBRIGak hose for ladies in endless
quantities at Mrs Xewhouse's. 44H
Large lineof gloves at Mrs Xew
house's. Call add see them. 44ti
Get yo,ur chattel loans of Fred H.
Bentlcy, Red Cloud.
Alarge invoice of fresh paints just
received which will be sold at bottom
prices at Ferguson & Co's.
Go to the Piatt & Frees Lumber Co
whcii you want coal, lumber, lath
shingles, Ac, at pncci that will pay
you to u
The Square
One Price
Has Just Received a larp
Bankrupt Stock
Boughtat Clyde, Kansas;
300 Coats from $2 up.
200 Boys and Youths Vests 50 cents .
250 Men's Vests from 75c up.'
Overcoats $2.50 and up.
Pants in Endless Variety from $1 up
Suits for Men from 3.50 up
Boys' Underwear from 20c up
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Wool Socks from 15c up
Mens Boots, good and heavy" from
$2 up. Gloves and Mittens
from 25c up
We carry the largest stock of clothing,
furnishing?goods, hats, caps, boots and
shoes in thercounty, come and con
vince yourselves.
Wiener's New Building, Red cloud.
Tho pew GOODS constantly bcinir received at
G. L. Oil
And don't forget that our Prescription De
partment is our PET.
Only the purest medicines being used and
the greatest care in dispensing.
Also a stock of Paints, Oils, Glass, &c.
all and see us,
Warned Agatnnt Persian Reception.
When the Secretary (Bayard) told
him that, above all other things, ho
must steer clear of a public reception
by the Persians, Judgo Hanna, for tho
hundredth timo, looked puzzled, and,
for the thousandth timo duriug tho
week, said to himself: "Well, l'md d."
The Secretary explained:
Several years ago, when tho Persian
Mission was created, a man named
llcnjamia of Ohio was sent out to draw
the $.r00 per year aud to look after the
missionaries. The Persians were de
'ighted over the recognition given thera
by the United States Government. To
have a resident Minister was magnified
by them into a high honor. Mr. Ben
jamin was met ouisido of Teheran aud
conducted into the city with all tho
pomp and ceremony of "a groat proces
sion, in which thero were camels and
elephants aud triumphal cars enough
to outfit a score of modern menageries.
Mr, Benjamin was banqueted and" feted
in grand style. After a time ho settled
down to the humdrum routiuc of hear
ing missionaries' stories. One day a
Persiau diplomat walked into tho Lega
tion offices, and with Oriental politeness
presented to the astonished Minister a
bill for the procession ami tho enter
tainment given him. The items footed
up over $o.000. Poor Mr. Benjamin
received the account, aud. with forced
composure, told the diplomat it should
receive attentiou. Lie cot the location
together ami asked for advice. Nobody
could respond. Perhaps tho unfortun
ate Minister wept over the bill. Prob
ably he prayed over it. Undoubtedly
he wished he had never left Ohio. At
length, in despair, he forwarded to the
State Department tho terrible docu
ment, Ta:ro was more consultation
and liberal abuse of the Persian idea of
hospitality Tho upshot was an appro
priation tjrn the contingent fund, tak
ing the greater part of it to pay for Mr.
Benjamin's reception. For the rest of
ihat year the department was run with
due regard to the fact that this Persian
investment necessitated reduction of in
cidental expenses to the lowest possiblo
The Secretary told Judgo Hanna tho
whole story, aud, in concluding, said ho
trusted that the new Minister would
now appreciate tho imperative necessity
of getting into Teheran without an es
cort of elephants and camels, and that
he would, with Jeffcrsoniau, simplicity,
decline to be made a lion by the. Per
siaas as the expense of his own Govern
meat. -Washington Dispatch.
Mile. Corlin, who won tho prae at
the late beauty show in Paris, is twenty
years of ac and a native of that city.
Oolden h.
Nothing Nw.
Paul Boyton's prank in placing a
dummv torpedo tho BritL-h war
ship Garnet in New Yoik harbor brings
to mind Sergt. Lee's attempt to blow up
Lord Howe's ilagiip, tho Kagle, in tho
same waters iu 1776. He ued a torpedo-boat
invented by iJavid Btishnell.
afterward a captain in the patriotic
armj. It had been tried with success
experimentally, and gave promise of
being useful in serious warfare. Tho
lirst opportunity for such ue occurred
when tho British tleet took possession
of New York harbor. The Bushnell
boat was more like a barrel than a boat.
It was of oak. iron banded, and only
large enough for one per.-on. hen
floating upright, the navigator's head
was a littlo above the level of the wa
ter. By means of two force pumps,
worked" by the occupant's feet, the ves
sel could be made to sink or rise in the
water by forcing water out or in, and
so changing its specific gravity. Its
progress horizontally was governed by
two revolving paddles in front, turned
oy a crank inside. The torpedo w as
fastened to tho back of the boat by a
screw, the release of which set in mo
tion a clock connected with a gun-lock
and Hint. After the predetermined in
terval of time had elapsed, the clock
would strike and ignite the powder.
The torpedo carried by Lee against
the E".gle was charged with 150 poumls
of powder (some say 130 pound), and
the clock was sot to explode the charge
in thirty minutes after the torpedo was
placed. Lee was towed to the neigh
borhood of the licet by r. party in w hale
boats, and then proceed.Ml to attack the
tleet alone, lie succeeded in reaching
the Eagle, a sixty-four guu ship, unde
tected, and speut a long time in a vain
attempt to Xtcu the torpedo to her
bottom with hooks and screws, a band
of iron at the edge of the copper
sheathing proving an especially sonous
obstacle. As davlirht approached ho
was compelled to le;tve the tleet and re
turn to the city. Off Governor s ulacd
he was intercepted by a British targe,
when, to avoid capture, he explooed
his torpedo, es -sipin .r from his pursuers
during the panic which tiic explosion
excited. It the torpedo had been pro
vided with 5. strong magnet, the strip
of iron which thwarted him would hae
insured the success of his undertaking,
and the use of torpedoes in naval war
fare might have been hastened half a
century. -etic:fxic American.
m m
Experiments made in Paris show that
the crocadilo can bring its jaws together
with the force of over three hundred
1 mM
List of Elegant Prizes to be given away to
our customers in appreciation of
taeir generous patronage.
One elegaat Music Box value $75
One very line Stainer Violin S20.
One elegant German Accordian value $10.
1 set of best Silver Plated Knives value $7
1 set of best Silver Plated Tabla Spoons
value $7.
Ono Sot of boet Silror platod Toa spoons vain
One Handeomo Scltl Gold flnsror Ring- valuo
Ono Handsomo Laiies Brooch valuo
In appreciation of the generous
patronage we have received from
our customers we will positively
GIVE AWAY the above list of
Any person purchasing ONE D0LLAK3 worth of Good- at our csUtbltshmen;
between the second of November and January 1st, Ism'.'Js entitled to one of
the prize dNtrihututinn ticket-'. Kemeutber for EVKll Y DOLLAR of rath
purchase you arc entitl-:d toa ticket.
Wright & Wallace,
Geo.'O. Yoiser.
Goo.W. Ball.
Geo. O. Teiser & Co.,
MEAIL lififf
30,000 r-cros Land for Salo. Improved Forms, ur.imnrovod Lunds.
j Businiis Housos, KomIouc js, and Town Lots.
CoftoBpondenco invited. 5v
- . -
I x5. ? r ? 9 5 j.
ui moor, i ttshicnt. Tr"?,Sr- rn' k - vS&
i:l)t. V Hhtie. . a-Hiior. 4iW .4- S-S. ls- nitS&.
Ji.oi:.blifceJ..visIsta:itCa.ilor. K V.. V- W- - ' '
CapitalS50,000 ftM0kFm
Spocialttcition Clvon to -MWSM ?T I
ciioctions fs3&Wii'iy 't y $'& :m?,: j
X,ni.,.n. fc-KSltlKHSSK?iCW r !!iJ rf:LfWL'2fl I
tfftLrMi Witm&JiWs&u Mfi Afe,HJ52
Lev i. Moore. '. K. Murey. WS&J!hitAmw
Buy aSl s.Jl Exchange lffi$m
MakJ roller. hi -in,! do a llffitfifSKfeS V ll'N
General Ban ,Ag Business. TJL
I uteres al.owcd on all h?X? ffk'" 4 T'TT 'T
time .b.posiu' tmdrl
ifyijakery and Besfgymn
Keeps constantly on hand
Fresi Brectd ake5 Cigars Tobac
" cos? anatd Fruits,
Confactldbcry, Scc. Broad delivernd to any part of tho city.
Warm and co meals served at all hour's. Ico Cream and Oyatora
soasou. 5 1
A)ri.irjp l receive my full aeration. Citj cnIaorIs a Siwcfettj.
AM r- box 10, Iteri.nouil. Xctraska:
Proprietors of
RED glsOUr
Vclmve in swcl ?rowinp one-half mie north of Kd Cloud and thrcc-fourthi
of a mile ciit (i.jGeidc Rock, a fine feortment of fruit, forot ami orA-
JMc ,1 tree?, flowcrint; olrubs, vinos, eerp-eer, tc
B'lieviiic if i it do as v.-ell by you li any tirm, wo very respectfully Pwk
your patron age.
The only JExciuztrc
f ;r- hirchbergs
T B , mC " .rm-- - u . V
- i ,! vrr a vvV-n l
I H!V r T JKK' I
. .mnmz. nri u ar-. -i.
iWlHi.JHt TIJi ! 1
VMB-Wr ? - I1-wrv Vcv" f ? VWlk
A..xte.i:MjiBim.. -- i
t &iSaN h & W
sb n' ra
65 00
65 OO
65 OO
The Jewelers
S. D. Yoiser
- Nebraska
Webster County
.ItcLicnre UircciiuW tait ot It t CVmhI.
& HA&AN,
Jezvelyy Store in lied
a- rr ir ? r? L T"rr
4 -, i " . -
r. . x. jl
Work a tipeemtty.
wiir3 K-mL U( ezt"4
k-.:am-( Basfi
JtrkS lEra&W
You can .GstGenuine
A. PI. Kalcy
I? filer
a a ir 1 J w
is:ts j;:i ref?in:rl f'ro:;i the I'Jast trftre he
p:i relieved s? Ltizrye Sloviz of
EFRspffB ft r4
ll R?
Li u,' ui L -j
Onslstins: of
nr 7
3c:ts. Shoes, Hats, Caps,:
And are now seliinp; them cheaper than goods
havu been said iu this city
Good I'rutls fi'um. ,j I-:J to Jets, and up.
Jersey Caps Jfjjls. and up.
Whcc Dress Goods J, S. I Oct s. and up.
Ladies line- Coats $ and it j
Alt kind of lUanhels from $1 and up.
Remember "Wool goods never wore so choap
as now. we have a large stock of Hats and
C aps, oots and Shoes that we are selling
cheap. And tho highest price will be paid
for produce.
Come cno and all and examine goods and
prices. Remember the store on the east side
corner opposite the Red ( loud bank.
mir i--? p $ n d m b
aH" :m,
t K .
w&,'' !-Ti10 iai;fre?t and best
T:f- ' fl-flW vAM lci'tjd stock in tho
GfsfTy v.:zm4 nNfiTlSi1--publican valloy, A
CQirSJI i.ijiu.'Jll it-- l.-..-. .-C
scljooi shoes,
.adics' custom
I i-ien and boys
In cB.ll" ".'.':-. which wo propose to d!nrxo of it low tloi
:v n. u-t r-nn glvo yn txrUr u cxl .nd bottor irlco tbaa
any hrak i : t:4! city -? oxotealro tlwilrn-
RedOoucVs Exclvsire
r e l
KRdju.rtr?i for
For Millinery Ladies and children's
fnrnishing and fancy goods.
1 i
all and
PlJWir, biiu. Props-
1 II- !. t , IB
3S-S2 UM --jert S---U
Nov rcsdv for sale. Gonulc your own in
ccrc.ts .aiul cxanine our work, It will
plcasfcyou. Half Mile cas of lib
erty pole.
i.'ju-s's -4kwmm .Toil qwaw vi
"of the firm of
&a s-r n, C if s is J h . i
p jffc Bjj
i a 1 1 p . J o a d
Reynolds Bros. '
'. tti.rknow; nwl b.ttor tnndn thnn
uny LtuUoH idioo mr.nirur'turoo.
boots and shoes,
Boot and ShoeDealer
u CuilTj
... Jr
5 .--- "V
. rV2.i
.. "
""""" ii 1'iiU'rrr-imiivijijriij.iLH -njii-nn-
i. -. icrt. Viirk"tt. ?3jsle
" " ' 1 1 w irrrynj-tiiivra
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I k
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